The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 13, 1949
Page 15
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TURSUAY, DECEMBER 18, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS COME ON — I KhOOW n"5 LOVELVAMP 3EAUTI FU L TO LCOK AT, BUT IT'S TWO O'CLOCK ANP WE CAM STT WITH IT SOME MORE , TOMORROW NIGHT/ MARK DOWM WHAT Voa CAM S, LET'S NOT S&T ALL MIXED UP=. BORM THIRTY YHAR^ TOO By Virginia Teale a fire truck. got to look FKECKUSS AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOS8SR . Nice for Men, Too KNTEKS rii ISDN—Former Rep. Andrew J. May (above) of Pveslonburg, Ky.. enters tlic federal correctional institution near Ashland, Ky.. as a prisoner under conviction for wartime bribery and conspiracy. May was convicted more than two years ago, and lie is under a prison sentence of eight to months. CAP Wirephoto). COVER THE EARTH Complete Paint Service On lite Finest Line Available Sherwin Williams BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. W. H. "Rill" I'ease J. Wilson Henry Highway 61 South Phone Mnnl. K.llr. nrmnrr, .r i-tl O'Nrlll. -lit or To«i O'Nrl a ~r>ltbr .rl(.(. Tbr canto »»v> *• 1» IK« pn*nr«j,lo» o t Slcnhnnif Si-llk. t. trhon. II r*«ll, brlonxrd b«-for« fc'rll and fr'MlIrr hnd ll. Number* !• ibr botlnm .1 Ike bo« iile SlnJknnlr • nlll ,b<- dlocnv- ikrAr IHI bovr to oprK Ibe Mr lorkt I. InBldf the 1,/ick Ibe lorkrl IK • pugirr wrilfrn i»iny .olve tbe <•[»*«-. I'rtTi.iuMl? Strphnnlt knd rerr-Ivcd • vlnli from rhr arli.,1 Andrr-y Vnkuv nho .j,ld bp bnd wblrb nould rlrnr Hr,«»r ^ rmplujfr. of der eh.riro. Jle anhi he vrnnld linnfce thrim for . chnnrr ro cxnmlnr the larkrc. S Irphanlr Irll. Chnrlle fteitrfj. Inw.vrr. khe WAnla I. Inlk 1e linear «bont jl. « • • XXVI J-JAGAR shifted uncomfortably on the coarse gray blanket that covered her bunk. Her back wns propped against a lumpy pillow, and she was trying unsuccessfully to capture serenity by concentrating on a magazine story; about a domestic triangle in Connecticut, Repeatedly, she found that she had read several paragraphs without absorbing an iota of their contents. She threw the magazine on the floor and slid ofl the bunk. She went to the door and stood looking out between the bars, her chocolate-colored eyes scanning the corridor: "Hey! Where is everybody in this catacomb? Hey, Chel! I want to make a phone call! D'you hear me out there?" She waited hopefully for an answer but the hall remained empty and silent. Muttering, she walked to the wash-bowl in the corner and turned on the faucet. Sluicing the cold water over her lace she burbled: "Caged itp (ike i perdition monkey. Wish I were a monkey, Rive me something to do—swing by my kail from the bars. Bet i little exercisel- She blotted her face on a nonabsorbent towel: "Always said I'd done everything there was to do except spend a ni E ht in jai] and ride on all I've is a ..." She stopped mumbling as footsteps echoed in the corridor. "Stephanie! And Recidy! Am I glad to see you! Come right in and sit down." Chct, the guard, was grinning as he unlocked the door. Stephanie hurried into the cell and threw her arms around HaKar: "Good news. Hngar!" She stood back and surveyed the older woman affectionately: "I think maybe you'll be out of here soon! Jus! wail till you hear what's happened!" the Chet lounged sociably doorway. Reddy gave him a significant glance and he turned and sauntered off. jangling his keys. Hagar shook hands with Rcddy and pulled him down to sit beside her on the bunk: "Well," she demanded, "what's up? Have they found the murderer?" T.TAGAR'S eyes didn't leave girl's face as she lislcne' the — led to the account of Yakov's visit. Stephanie first related the Russian's questions about the cameo, then told how she had discovered the small bit of paper in the lockeu Hagar excitedly squashed her nose under her fist: " 'The Cherry Orchard'? That's a play by Che- kov, isn't it? Whole thing's probably a code of some kind. Did you bring the paper?" Stephanie shook her head' "1 hid it-" "Beats me," Hagar' muttered. "Could be we're right up to our necks in some kind of international intrigue! But how could that have anything to do with the murders? Nell and Falter were both local people wben all this began." Rcddy spoke: "I think Stephanie and I had better whip back to your house, Hagar, to be on hand when Yakov arrives willi ihoft letu-rs. Chief Pelers'll meet ii< there a little laler. night now lies talking to Arnold Pficiler in IUE oflke." "Arnold Pfic/Ter?" Hagar and btephame echoed the name inlcr- estedly. "Yes. Seems the litllc fellow has sat around and hatched himself a theory. He's now sharing it with the Chief." u "Y'know," Hagar snid slowly, I never thought of it before, but Arnold Pfielter might he in a position to know an awful lot aboul this. Don't forget, probably he put the cnmeo in my collection cabinet and left the silver box in my car after Faltcr's murder." Heddy nodded. "Well, Pctcr« can cope with him. The Chief's a pretty sharp psychologist underneath that bluff, extrovert manner of his." lie turned and rcsled R hand on Stephanie's shoulder, "Wail here and visit with Hagav - few minutes. I'll come back for you soon as I've made a phono call—there's somebody who ought to know about this latest caper ol Yakov's." • * • r pllE two women watched him walk through the door, leaving it open behind him. Hagar eyed the door slyly and spoke to Stephanie hoarsely from the corner of her mouth: "Keep me covered, Dutch. I'll make a break for it!" Stephanie threw her a startlcc glance, but Hagar hadn't moved and was now staring with narrowed eyes at the opposite wall: "Y'know," Hagar brooded, 'anxious as 1 am to stop being a burden to the county taxpayers, 1 wonder if maybe it's a mislake to show Yakov that; paper without investigaling the angles. Maybe the FBI ought to be notified." 'We were thinking about the FBI," Hagar began, when Roddy returned. "Coincidence department." Reddy declared. "So was I. There'll be quite a conclave at your house lonight, and we'd better get up there Us receive the guests. Special Agent Lansing Trotter and Chief. Pelers will head Ihc list." (To Be Continued) It Is estimated that U. S. tourist.1 in Canada spent a quarter of a billion dollars last year. It Is estimated that the United States has 30,000 buse.5 In Intercity sen* ice. FOR SALE Concrete culverts. 12 Inch to «S inch, plain or reenforced Also Cnnrrttt Btiildln B Block, cheap, er than Inmhet foj harns chirken hniues, pump houses, lenanl nouses, tool «hed» »'•' deliver Call as for free estimate Phone 631 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo. Phone 2089 Real Estate - MorfaaaeLbahi-Insurance "SCEOIA - - BLYTHEVIir Hone 521 For Prompt, Courteous FRIENDLY SERVICE • • NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 4474 -Master Plumber- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc. AM Work Gimranlced for 12 Mnnl Its 531 North 10th I'hone 61101 S TUDEBAKE R We Invite Your Inspection Of These Firie Cars HlfS Slmlcbakcr Curmnamlcr 5-.'asscnircr Hetral "cuixe—coniplclely cc/ulppcil will, overdrive, radio, healer, while wall tires and other accessories. CO UJ O Plymoudi 2-door Special Dcl.iixc — nice - n rinisli, has ratlio arid healer. This car is in excellent condition and is very economically priced. ]!)3o Ford 2-clonr—Ynn Must sec (his one. ] is Perfect .tight as a new one '.motor is in A-l snapc, good healer. Only two people have owned it. See these and many more—Also some good Used Trucks. Chamblin Sales Co. Ra.lroad and Ash Phone 888 •S T U D E B A K E R u^l IVV^JK. tn iHtx. , JO&T <JOU(.DN' J WA If.' S • 3 .5 WE RE JUST M/W1G- to USE US S*C*IM<*- AWXJJJO, MOW, • W1G- . CVCRYTHING WORKS' 'Mother, how about givmg me a few lessons on how to be a detective? Dad says you should have been onol"" 1'IUSCILLA'S P01 Husband Knows RY AL VERMERR ""( OH, WALDO! IT'S THERE'S STILL NOW I WOKTT HAVE WHV DARLING! BY JIICHAKL O'ftlALLEYTid RALPH LANB PARK ANYWHERE, VIC. MEET ME AT NICK'S BOW- STORE, DOWN THIS SlRfETONWERlSHT. I SURE MONTE IV oiKMi-rn -I WATCH WHERE K BUCHTEL =1 YOU'RE GOIMS, ni.n.ri-,-.^ —- P—\ YfXlU/^ AAA11 / Hide Him Under flic Hcd? I!Y U5SUE TURNER 01 THIS SPOTTED PUP, TOMttV I WOULDN'T POP BE ABOUT HIM? A. CHRISTMAS PBESEWT FOE VOLIR FATHER, tit J HM.W...A. HUUTIWG DOS PERHAPS, OR. THIS tlTTtE OLE POOCH (S riTOUE POP'D LIKE! WE'LL WATCH W FOUEH US' TH*T LITTLB RASCAL IS SWftRT! frNVSODYCAU SEINE'S A GEU-U-WltJE IHOROudtlBEEPED DOG! VEAH.MAMl BUT HOW WE GOMHA KEEP HIM R STRIS6 FOB. POP TKk CHKISTWAS OOU'T COST TOO UUCFtl HUGS RUNNY IT 01 .-ITA BE EASY ' LATCH ONTA A JOB IN THIS r- WANT A ooa, ooc/ A NEEttS Me/ WHY? WE ALREADY HAVE TEACHER5 FOR EVERY SPOKEN LANGUAGE/ LISTEN, t KNOW A LANGUAGE WHAT MILLIONS SPIELS. BUT YOU AIN'T TEACHIN' IT/ PURE BROOKLYN// I PONT BELIEVE .BUT WHAT LANGUAGE IS IT? MIDDLE OF THE WA<?.THA,T HAPPENED OVER 300O >'£AUS A3<9. D THEN L,\TER I IN SOME TIME'!N THE SVA\K COURT OF EGYP7S " WWTS AM) HER HUDDIES KY EDGAR MARTIN PUC. ,VOO SPM XOliR Phone 3075

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