The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 13, 1949
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILI.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, DECEMBER 13, 19« Window Choice Requires Care Careful Selection Needed for Most Effective Results Windows arc the eye.s of a home, and for their effect, and usefulness, must be carefully selected. Various types and sizes may be used in different rooms of the house. Windows should l>e Ael«fted for operation, it movable, and to lia rmont y.e v.'i '. h I 'no a rrh it PC t u ral lines of the house. A Minll-pnncd leaded glji^.s v.'Iiutou' of the 1 type used in English coitaws Is out of place in a inodorn Amr-iiran ranch house. The over-sized picture window, < either a $in«]e .-.lire: of $.]$£? or - c ec- tionaliwd. .-ometiine.< as much as 20 feet lonjf and extending from fioor to reiiine. has become quite )X)putar and the out doors inside. Another postwar development is ihe combination metal window containing storm -sash and screens. All windows, whether they be of Real Esfate Transfers (Chfc'kn^'ViVbH Dis! fir t ) Jim Duff nnd Minnie Moddall } Tel ford to Harrison and Pearl I*oe Allen, a plot 170.1 fret by SO feet in Section 17-lfcN-tIE. S2.000. j Charley Cook to normnti F. ami ' Ada Marie KoniielL 20 acres In wood or metal and of ihe casement, a wiling, louver, horizontal sliding or double-hung vertical type, are tte- llvered todav complete on a build- , , ,, r ing job. Windows eivre among Ihc ™\ "' 1h J Vi"^ » m i . i n," first components of a to be j ^^V, 2 ^i"^"!^ 1 !: 1 "?,.^? 0 ! prefabricated, and are no longer Section H-15N-8K. $5.000, Cynibelme Phillips Ruruette, Lewis A, and Jean Phillips to Wendell Phillips, their undivided inter- —Courier N>HS Hind? . IIOCSINC DKVIII.OI'.MKXT CllOWS-Sllown above arc six more of the new houses in ihe expanding housing development created in Southeast Bhlhc-ville by Max ljngnn. Blytheville realtor, and Harold Wright, contractor. From lell to riultt. ( are tile home of lams J. /.elk-i, LcRoy Ross, William Smith. Hruiiiey VV. Coleman, W. H. Stanford and George K. Murray. The homes arc located on Southwest Parkway Drive The teller home lias six rooms in addition to ureezev-ay and sarage. The other houses have four rooms and bath and scteeneu-m back porch. All have hardwood floors, sheet-rock Interior walls, m- snlaied walls and ceiling and factory-built cabinets In the Kitchens. built tip piece by piece. Thev should be installed so that Addition, $1 ami other consideration. W. K Siniili to C. K. and Mottle* .. ... . . ,,- • ., . Farri.s. nortii 50 feet of l.ol 18 and the sill and cap slope wffieicnlly to thp Ul M fcc( . of Ij0t 19 m B]m . k Failure to do this LS one of me mast I :i of (hp ,, u nf Ij>|s ]9 tl)rolIBll drain water away from the .siding. > 22 [n BJfR . k 3 uf thc Brnv;[cv A[kii . frequent causes of leaking walls. It . ^ (m JR QQQ " | l& imperative that the frames fit f H H .'and Lucy Hmichins. F. K. 1 tightly into the wall frnmmij. BIK | Margaret Warren to Buford" New Lightweight Fireproof Door Holds Back Blaze for Full Hour All \vuidow .should be weaih- er.strippcd. preferably with metal. On most, sliding as delivered Irom the factory there i.s a metal strip which fiLs into metal-lined grooves ol the window frame. Metal Martin. Lots 6 and the West feet of Lot 7 of the Witilbite Subdivision of LoLs 7 and 8 of the amended plat of Block 1 of the Jones Addition, 45.000. W. G. and Maybell Seyinore to casement windows ordinarily do not ! J. T. and Victoria Kennedy, require this protection since they \ plot 100 by 190 feet In Section 16- nre machined to fit the frames [, $3,500. tightly. 1 K\\rl and Rosie Gann to Viola recommended on double-hung staliations. State's Public Construction Up This Year WASHINGTON, Nov. 29. Jlf|n William c. Reed to Ruthle Mae nped. Lot N'« •£ ul H int.-k '1 u\ liie C. D. Ashabranuer Addition to Manila. 51 and other con.sfdfration. .Max and Annie Laurie Lo^an and Harold B. nnd Marie D. Wrltcht to | Fri'rl and Sallyc Slcvenson. I-ot IT I nf Block "K" of the John B. WaJfccr j KPCOIK! AdilEtlon. S800. f Phillip C. and Ruth H. Hchu to Ben White and Sons, part of Lot 12 There's been a^blg upsw-in?" hTpub- I " f .i'^'"!! 11 ' ' ots in SE --» of Section lie construction in Arkansas this ,?,.'' ^ 3 ' 700 - vear I I-ilia B. Sfiiufleiiiiiavcr to Athcr- * , ,. . . , ,, , .. , ] ( "" "iid Glndvs C. Hill. Lots IS G of For tne first eight month* of this , hc rcillatfi a j , (lts l ., 3 ' 5 year, state ami local public con- I thrnuch '.'] of rhr f/lla B. Staudr'n- structlon in the state totaled S21,- I 205,000. compared with SK).22G.OOO for the correspotiding period in 19-18. This increase of 100 per cent, as shown in a report by the General Services Administration, a federal The day when a< fireproof IIOIIAC v.iJI he commonplace -not a rarity —may come sooner than you think. Great strides have been made in the jHxsuvrti er« 111 perfecting fire- resistant building materials. Some ;.ie in comrneifial produciion today, others -.vill be avaiJiiblc shortly. One important development Ox it -should reduce the .stagKering annual tire loss of life nnd property is n new f reproof door .stii table for use in old or ne*A • houses. Modei lit ely prii'nd. it has been given a tme-ho»r fire raiin» by the tlndfj \vi iter.s' Laboratories, Inc., of Clii* ago. ijn imjuxriia] (e.stincr agency- To rercive thi> rating the door \\itli.siootl RO uiinuto.s' exixvsiire to a icinppL'iiiure which readied a peak of !.70fJ decrees Fahrenheit plus a oue-mnnite buttering from the st i pa in or n f i i-p hose wit hou t a 1 - lowint; f James to pass to the un- expoi-ed side. Fire anil building experts who have .seen thp new door testrrf predict it Mill reduce sharply the f;Ualitie5 of those trapped in burn- in^ buildings. Under lepentctf test."; H held its orisiiiiil shape, providing a solid bulwark against fkirnes and Tests demonstrate, these exports say, that had the new door been used in the Winecoff Hotel in Atlanta, Ga., the fire that swept the 15-.story building in December, i94t»- would probably have rionr litlte damage., if not al] f among the 120 fatalities from fire and .suffocation could have been averted, it was said. The i e v. door resembles any other flush-type, wood veneer tioor A grayish-white core of cellular, non-combustible material called Knylo insulation is its hidden power. Tills material was produced in j limited quantities dining the war ! but is now En commenca! production. The new door offer*, many advantages for the home owner It's natural wood beauty complements the home cle.sign or decoration, ] Thus, it can be installed where [good appearance as well us proiec- Mkm fire is important I The stability of the door is many ; times that of ordinary wood door.s. j It is guaranteed against .sticking Tips Tell How To Keep From Going to Blazes More than T50 fires will bi. out in American homes in the next 24 hours. Many will bring seriom loss because of poor construction Here are 10 ways to build more fire safety into a home. 1. The chimney should be lined throughout with fine tile, thc chimney top should extend at least 2' above the highest part of the roof and he screened to prevent the escape of sparks. 2. No wood .should touch a chimney; allow a 2" clearance and fill this space with naturally noli- combllstibte mineral wool. 3. Install a furnace larse enough for sufficient heat without "forc- Interccptor for Grease Recommended ior Sink A grease interceptor is required to prevent the automatic dishwasher or kitchen sink from clogging. The device can be placed .aider the sink or farther along n the drainage system, but should )e accessible for occasional cleaning. Modern interceptors have >aff!es and channels that force .he grease to the top and keep it otit of the v/aste pipes. Grease- free water, still carrying other wastes, flop's across ihe bottom of the device ami out through thc waste pipes. Cabinet Is Handy Place for Keeping Washing Machine ing." 4. Place the furnace and water healer on i\ lion-combustible floor and at least 18" from walls and ceiling. o. Install rirc-resiMive material on the basement ceiling above the furnace. \ Kuiy n:l tiink.s nf over 215 gallons t capai itv: do not store coal near the \ furnace. • T. Hollow walls and other spaces [ thiousri which flames can spread should be fiiT-stopiied at Ixjth ends of each -stud ajnl joist space with solid blocks of wood or gypsum; or the hollow spaces should be filled with mineral v.ool insulation, which cannot burn. 8 Use solid, flush-type doors Instead of thin-paneled doors. 9. Place a self-closing metal-clad door between basement stairs and living quarters. in .summer or rattling in winter. Its din ability is also remarkable. The Underwriters slammed the door moic than 2.000.000 times— thc equivalent of 410 years use in the average home but found it apparently not weakened m any way. Unlike the fireproof doors heretofore available for residential use. the new door is lightweight. It can be installed by a carpenter. A washing machine often de- 10."Provide ventilation in Ihe at-j ll ' lu ' ls fram tne appearance of the tie and basement storage room to , ™ om '" which it is kepi, especially prevent spontaneous combustion. if that room is the kitchen. For I,. K. 01.1). Jr., SpeciHl Agcnl Phone 3SS3 — Wythoville COMPANY W AMERICA " - Subdivision (o Ic SI.600. i K N ami Lucille Webb to Hershel i M. and Ola Mae Garner, all of Lot 1 of Block 5 of the David Acres j Subdivision. 56,500. agency, reflects H hike In virtually! Vs' c Cates to Thimn- y cl all categories of public construction. fl) ,./ j ',„ ]8 of mmk 3 '^ (ll( . Nationally, the increase has been ijott -\dditlon Sl>50 from S2.305.06G.OOO for the first | j c ,,„,, 'MjJ I( , r ',. n FubanH eight months of 1!H8. to S2.8-J5.- J Vmion T. and Opal Hourhiiis." plot in Section :I6-!GN T -10F, .'ll.OQO. ansas- Lou Koonce. Opal Smith. Carlos west ]and Ethel Cable. Willie E. and [ Vashli Cable and Bovce and C'on- to np to lust Sept. 1. Despite the increase. Arr remained lowest amont; the sotlth centra? states. Texas with SI61,588.000 in public construe- 1 nle Cable m Vircil F. and Gladys i lion for the eight-mouth period, j B. Sien-art. East half of the Kiisl ! Louisiana had S48.3S5.fiOO and Okla- ; half of the Northwest nnarirr of! homa S40.26&.000. The biilk of public construe!ion the northwest quarter of Section 33- 15N T -11E. 55.500. in Arkansas for thc period was rep-| Ju[1( ' Pinkerton Martin in Kvle P. resented by highway construilion, i ^ att^ and Oert'r Mnr \v-.'i< a which neenunted for S9.B91.000 of Plot -WS.B feel by 100 tcct In Section Ihe total, compared with 53.200.000 ! for thc ctiriesponding period last, j educational 54.708,000 and 4:1.003.- v '' ar j OHO: other non-ie-iiientin' 54143'- Other tv|icr- of public cons;run- i ooo and SMSOOO- inilltie« ?10000 tion for the e.itlit-iilrintli period ' and ni.:hiri[i; teweraae -V-IMIIS lllis year and last '1^49 fimire ' 5^.-ip, (,oo ; } n ,j <r,.;^ (ir)y- \i~alr! -li-iplv Residential JlSfl.OWl and S146.000; ! (.'iher'sitfiT, Ol)o' < i l nd Sl"i7:i.OOO " 1-15N-10E. SSOO. Eva and E. Freeman (o Max antl Kertha Jatkson. part of north half of the south half of Section 7-15N- 8K. containing 80 acres, SI,500. Fred Patlon to Thlrlnw anil Juanita 4(1 acres !n Section 26- 14N-8E. S 12.000. \V. P. and Winnie .luanita Chit- nion to Frnnkie J. nnd Ella Crn=e, plot in Section lO-tSN'-HE. S5.800. Ckiyton aiui Jnanltit CIrace Holder to T. C. and Lro7,i M. Brnnnnni. west )ialf of ihe northeast rtunrter of Section 29-16N-10E. ?6.100. Susan McHjie to Sliolby and Rosa Byas. Lot 18 of Block 6 of thc W W. Hollipeter Second Addition. S200 Hd C. Hampton, Jr., and Verna Jo Hampton to Lynn \V. and I.ila M. Bro\vn. Lot 1 of Blnrk 3 nf the Counlry Clnb Drive. 51.050. W. T. and Leona Marshall t" U A. and Mapsie Marshall. Bl 66 nrrc.< i in Section 30-10N-9E. Sfl.OOO. K. N. and lAlcllIe \Vnbb lo Ciiarles] Ernld Rod^er.s and Fthrba Hndtrci.= , all of I.ol 7 of Block 5 of the navid • Aires Subdivision. SS8CO. Richard D. and .liianila p Day lo I James N T . and lt;i?..'l Day. I ,,l 6 ot t the Jackson Addition. S0.700. tlial reason, American Builder magazine suggest concealing the waslier in a cabinet. The cabinet door Illustrate.! abov. Is hinged so that It can be opened and pushed out of the way when the washing machine Is In » sc •IM,. top Is hinged at the back , 0 ' that it can be imed and pushed back against the wall. When the washer is not | n llse the top becomes t handy working counter. Read Courier News Want Ads vty THE BATHROOM CAPACITY OF YOUR HOMC . ADD A Tl . -n Hav« you an available closet, an unmet) space under a stairway 0 / at [he end nf a hallway.' Just the place for a powdef room! You will find that a Crane powder room will bring you new convenience—relieve hathronm congestion—add 10 your joy of living. Illustrated here ,ir« ihe A'tW,// lavatory antl toilet —two of lha many fixtures in ihe complex Crane line. Drop in and talk over your remo.Ielinjt with iu. We can giv« you prompt .service—furrmh you with neuly styled, highest quality Crane fixtures, and jmure you ihe hest values in plumbing. "PETE" The Plumber 10!) North 1st. No need to stop here— she already has an . . . Electric WITH THE FINISH USE VANE-CALVERT'S PAINTS fok, od.^logo O f , hl , ,«, eo , ch by .milling .on Vone Culveil po r n i, E. C. Robinson LUMBER CO. 00% LOANS FOR VETERANS Only 10% Down For Non-Veterans -Insl think, fur n ?*ni,il] tMriicsl-mnncy doiiosil you m.iy novi si-Hire (me of ihoM- nru niitileni two lied room hunirs. now timltr tonstriH lion Mam am making tbrir .srlu-iiun sti rnmc vthilr vim in.i> innrtsr. WiMutifullv «l^io-,,i ., Ttl ii[ v huill, some have pit in re win- rious. In neu suhm'tKion. Call or Sec MISSISSIPPI COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY or Holly Development Corp. 1811] West .Main l>l\onc- .1115 if vnu haven'! nne—why rion'l you, like hundreds o Col hers, pul an clcdiic borne freezer a I Ihe (op of your Chrisdnns Day "wishing list." The new cleclrir home fvcc/.c!- is a modern miracle in convenience. fciiliinn K f,,,,,. |,J K snv j nR values. Snves you lime. Saves you work. Saves you food. And il saves yon money. Sec your favorite electrical appliance dealer today and discover (he many advantages of (he new economical electrical Home Krcezer—a gift that will keep on s ivinir all j car long. Ark-Mo Power Co.

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