Lubbock Evening Journal from Lubbock, Texas on January 14, 1954 · Page 7
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Lubbock Evening Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 7

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 14, 1954
Page 7
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DEFEAT ON BRICKER AMENDMENT COULD THREATEN MAJOR SEGMENTS OF LEGISLATIVE PROGRAM Libbttk, (Tex.), Evening Journal, Tfiart., Jan, 14, 1954 Sh. 1, Peg* 7 Ike Facing Test Of Strength In CongressI^^C^shois By JACK BELL Ition on the amendment, listed as Fathers wisely had provided that said he wouldn’t go back to the ititution of the United States.0 which would impose civil rights I lSHINGTON m — President the Senate’s next major business j when a treaty was properly rati- system under the Articles of Con- Partial Raking Promised measures on the ctate« mio-ht «lin I ihower’s efforts to tone down after current debate on the St. fied it should take precedent over federation—before the Constitution ~ m j I By JACK BELL WASHINGTON M — President Eisenhower’s efforts to tone down Sen. Bricker’s amendment to limit treaty-making powers pointed him today toward a critical test of his strength in Congress after current debate on the St. Lawrence seaway. The Bricker proposal thus apparently will provide the first test of the President’s Capitol Hill The weight of political opinion strength within his own party and here seems to be that if Eisen- j as well as gauge to the amount hower fails to convince enough; of Democratic support he might GOP lawmakers that the Ohio Re- expect on some other issues, publican’s proposal is bad. he may j Eisenhower told his news con- suffer a defeat that would dilute ference his prestige and perhaps threaten major segments of his legislative program. Bricker at one time had enough avowed support in the Senate to put his amendment across. Democrats said privately they intend to sit out, for the time being, the backstage battle over Bricker’s proposal to amend the Constitution to (1) spell out that treaties should not override domestic law and (2) give Congress power to regulate executive agreements not submitted to the Senate for ratification. Let »Em Fight An influential Democratic senator, who asked not to be quoted by name, said he is not averse to letting the Republicans cut each other up politically on the issue. He said it seemed obvious the Bricker amendment had been aimed originally at a Democratic president and that some GOP members were embarrassed now tliat a Republican was in the White House, adding: “If A tty. Gen. Brownell and Secretary of State Dulles can’t keep the Republicans lined up on the President’s side, then maybe we Democrats will have to step into the breach later to save Eisenhower and the country." Have Been Negotiating Brownell and Dulles have been negotiating with Bricker in an effort to get the Ohioan to modify his amendment, adoption of which they contend would hamstring the President’s authority to deal with other nations. Bricker has stuck to his guns, aided by strong backing from the American Bar Assn. and a write- in campaign. Some senators said they are receiving as many as 200 letters a day urging approval of his proposal. Eminent lawyers disagree as to whether it is true, as Bricker contends. that basic guarantees in the U. S. Constitution could be whittled away by international treaties. Good Chance For Agreement Some lawmakers say there is a good chance for an agreement between Bricker and the administra- yesterdav fied it should take precedent over any state law, including state constitutions. When he deals with other nations, he said, he must speak for one government and not be involved in representing 48 states. Glad To Agree He said he was glad to agree that any treaty or executive agreement that contravened the federal Founding : Constitution was void. But said he wouldn’t go back to the system under the Articles of Confederation-before the Constitution was adopted — where individual states could reject treaties. Bricker, in a statement, said he disagreed with Eisenhower and he added: He believes that the federal government, merely by making a promise to another country, should be able to clothe itself with authority inconsistent with the Con- stitution of the United States. Partial Backing Promised Sen. George (D-G&) said in an interview: “I am going to vote for the substantial parts of the Bricker amendment, although I am not prepared to go as far as Bricker which would impose civil rights measures on the states might slip through the Senate unnoticed. There were some indications Bricker might have difficulty getting the required approval of two thirds of the senators voting. Three of the original f>4 senators I is m giving Congress the power who joined in offering the Bricker to regulate executive agreements, i proposal have died, reducing his George said he and some other j public backers to 61. Some of the Southern Democrats fear treaties latter are reported wavering. Conversotion More Important Than Glamor Actress Roberta Haynes Finds Gl's In Korea Don't Care For "Sexy” Approach PACKARDS TO BE DISPLAYED—The Packard Patrician four-door luxury sedan, pictured above,., with a new 212 horsepower engine features the new 1054 Packards which go on display Friday at Cole Motor Co., 2312 Texas avenue, and in dealer showrooms throughout the U. S. In addition to the luxury class, the Clipper line with major style changes and mechanical improvements are included in the ned models,. ★ ★ ★ • Packard For '54, Featuring New Series in Clipper Line, To Be Shown Friday NOW YOU CAN TAKE OFF UGLY FAT FOR JUST $1.69 Bareentrate is the original grapefruit juice recipe for taking off ugly fmL It's stanple. Just ask your druggist for (oar ounces of liquid Bacentrate. vtg with grapefruit juice as directed on label. Then take according to directions. If the very first bottle doesn’t show you the simple, easy way to reduce, return the empty bottle for yonr money back. Over five million bottles said to Items in nine yean. Nothing harmful and no starvation diet. Ton wont know a hungry moment taking Bar- A new series of cars in the Clipper line and a new, more powerful engine in the over 200 horsepower class for Packard cars in the luxury field feature the new 1954 Packards, which will be shown Friday by Cole Motor Co., 2312 Texas Avenue, and in dealer showrooms throughout the nation. Packard’s two lines of cars, Clipper and Packards, now bracket the price range from the lower medium price class to the most luxurious custom-built models. Both family sedans and sports-type cars are included in the various price classes. Choice Of Engines Following a year marked by the re-establishment of Packard in the luxury car field, the company will move toward the pattern of auto in their individual cars. There will be four engines: A Clipper special, with 150 horsepower, a Clipper DeLuxe, with 165 horsepower; the Cavalier engine, with 185 horsepower; and the Packard engine, 212 horsepower. Four Axle Ratios To go with these power plants, buyers may order standard transmission, overdrive, or TJltramatic, Packard’s automatic transmission. Completing the selectivity of power combinations, the company offers four different axle ratios. By combinations of engine, transmission, and axle ratios, owners may obtain maximum economy of operation, or at the other extreme, top performance. Among new features introduced are tires with squeal-resistant making which once gave it domin- treads, available as standard ance in the top price group. Buyers will be offered a choice of engines; equipment on all models, provide better traction and eliminate the power arrangements especially de- irritating squeal most tires make signed for open road, mountain, 0n corners. Small Crowd Attends Second Night Of Play A light crowd missed the Texas Tech annual Junior Stunt Night to attend the Speech Department’s second production of the school year Wednesday right in the speech auditorium. The play, “A Phoenix Too Frequent,” preceded by a curtain- raiser, “Red Peppers,” will run through Saturday night. Curtain time is 8:15 p. m. Reservations may be obtained by calling the speech office. Admission prices are $1 for adults and 75 cents for students and children. holsteries. In a new fashion approach, Packard makes available a line of linen upholsteries of top quality, done in smart contemporary designs. Upholstery fabrics include the new nylon matelasse, broadcloth, cord, nylon, and top grain genuine leather. Both lines have as optional equipment a new four-way power seat, adjustable with a touch of the finger. Other recent Packard contributions to easier, more luxurious By EMILY BELSER HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 14 INS-Actress Roberta Haynes declared today it isn’t wiggles and lowcut custumes that catch the fancy of GI’s over-seas — “it’s sweetness and sincerity and just plain talk the soldiers crave!” Sleek, smoky - haired Roberta, who just returned from an entertainment stint in Korea, added: “Those boys are lonely and depressed. Most of them are very young and very shy and afraid of actresses who try to act like actresses.. “They want us to act like people and they’d almost rather talk to us than watch the show. They’re hungry for girls to talk to and they don't really care how you look. Wears Sweaters, Skirts “I wore sweaters and skirts most of the time and couldn’t even keep my hair combed because the boys were always rubbing it ‘for good luck’.” Roberta’s haircut these days is a first cousin to that worn by comedian lshkibibble. “They kept asking me what was wrong with my hair!” she laughed. The actress said many soldiers are “suspicious” of visiting entertainers. “The question I was asked most,” she recalled, “was why had I come to Korea? These boys have the idea most entertainers come for the publicity hoopla rather than for a sincere desire to lift the morale of the troops. Like To Talk “They don’t like to be taken advantage of in this way,” she added. She discovered the boys weren’t much interested in Hollywood as a glamour village. “They love to talk but not one of them asked about Hollywood. They prefer to discuss everyday things such as crazy haircuts- like mine! “This is why they don’t like the actressy actresses who show off all over the place. They can’t possibly feel a camaraderie for this type of phony. “In Korea it’s better for a girl to be just a girl!” From the safety of her snug, little Hollywood home, Roberta didn’t mind recalling that most members of the troop wore long, red underwear as protec t i o n against the sub-zero Korean winter. One notable exception was Terry Moore who preferred a two- piece ermine bathing suit. CITRUS OUTPUT RISES WASHINGTON. — World production of citrus fruits is estimated to total 405,000,000 boxes in the 195253 season, a new high xecord. This tops the previous year’s crop by 25,000,000 boxes, the previous high «et in 1950-51 by 17,000,000 boxes, and the prewar average by 131,000,000 boxes. Ma Pay R Parrish, 621$ Lovett, TIiIm, Texas, wrote m as follows: *T lost 27 pounds on my first two bottles at Beroentrate. I weighed 152 pounds. I now weigh 125. It also m*h«i me fed better and keeps my weight at 125.” ED RIDLAND TELEVISION SPECIALIST Here’s another Radio Lab TV Specialist • Years Experience In Electronics. Graduate American Radio & TV Institute. • ALL BRANDS • ALL MODELS Work Guaranteed RADIO rough terrain or city traffic driving; more than 40 selections of interior trim; and 23 exterior color combinations. The luxury line of Packards will include seven models, ranging from a new deluxe hardtop, the “Pacific,” a convertible coupe, two family sedans, and an eight-passenger executive sedan, to the top of the line custom built Caribbean sports car and a chauffeur-driven model priced up to $7,250. Packard’s medium priced Clippers will be built in three series. The company has added a Super series at the top of the Clipper line, which includes the Panama, a hardtop new to the line, the Super Club Sedan and the Super four-door sedan. Other Clippers are in the DeLuxe and Special series. The De Luxe series includes a four-door sedan, a club sedan, and The Sport­ ster; and a club sedan designated as a Clipper Special. New Straight-Eight Reverting to the time - tested Packard philosophy that in higher price cars people do not want radical changes but rather a quality product which retains its style value, the company will maintain accepted styling continuity with attractive exterior appearance changes in its 1954 Packards. In the Clippers, however, there are considerable styling advances, particularly in the strong new accent for the high, long rear fenders to give a more youthful appearance. Leading mechanical innovation for 1954 is the introduction of a new engine for its Packard line. The new straight-eight delivers greater •passing ability at the critical driving speeds of 40 to 70 miles per hour than any engine the firm has built in its 55-year history. It has a horsepower rating of 212 and is in all models except the Cavalier sedan. Ultramatic, Packard’s automatic transmission, is standard equipment throughout the Packard line on all models except the Cavalier and the eight-passenger cars. The wide selection of mechanical and styling features in the 1954 lines gives purchasers of both Packards and Clippers the opportunity of choosing the features they desire motoring are continued in the cars. For the first time on any Ameri- Tiese include Ultramatic, Packard’s can passenger cars, tubeless tires are offered as special equipment. Advantages of the tubeless tires are their lightness, and cooler operation, a safety factor. Throughout the line, the company is offering a choice of 23 exterior color schemes, five of them new for 1954. There are nine two-tone color arrangements. To blend with external colors, there is a wide selection of interior trims and up- automatic gearshift, power brakes, power steering, power windows, air conditioning, dual heaters with un­ derseat outlets, and a selection of four different radios, which may be equipped with manual or electric antennas and front and rear seat speakers. A British circus performer proposed while walking the high wire, and was accepted. MERCHANTS TRADE-IN Those Old 48" Fluorescent Glebes 25% Savings CALL 4-174* COOK RE-UGHT CO. Our Globes Unconditionally Guaranteed One Yearl r BROADWAY AT TEXAS PHONE 5-8521 SINGER HEAD BEAUTIFULLY RE-BUILT • NEW MOTOR • NEW FOOT CONTROL • NEW BASE CASE • 5-YEAR GUARANTEE Limited Quantity 3 Day Offer Order Now Special *21 Mm m Amount Down $1.25 Per Week 50 FREE HOME DEMONSTRATION PH. 2-5603 Western Resale Co. 1923 AVE. Q DIAL 2-5603 REGULAR 12.95 DYNEL-RAYON Pepperelf made I V/* / # hull size Look at these important features. This Blanket is as strong as wool—as warm as wool—shrinks less than wool—mothproof—mildew end stain-resistant. Ordinary washing removes ell dirt. You save money, too. SEW FOR SPRING Favored Fabrics — At Wards ACRILAN AND RAYON CHECKS ® A wonderful synthetic blend that is hand-washable, crease-resistant ord I Q Q permanently pieatobfe. 45-in. width. # REGULAR 15.95 WOOL BLANKET Bound 4 tides 13.66 Full size The seme quality Blanket sells nationally for 17.95. Warm, fleecy 100% wool. Wider than usual for more comfort, protection. Gleaming acetate-satin binding, TWIN SIZE. 66x90". Regular 13.95 ...............11.66 COTTON CHAMBRAY (3 Combed for silken-softness. Permanent taffetized Everglaze finish sheds soil, wrinkles. Matching stripes, solids. 36-in. 89 e yd FINAL CLEAN-UP SALE AW #■% k Wm FRI. SAT. MONDAY Brands You Know In Quality Shoes COME EARLY FOR REST SELECTION ONE BIG GROUP Ladies and Big Girls Shoes VALUES TO 10.T5 ONE GROUP LADIES’ SHOES VALUES VO 12.95 ONE BIG GROUP T Ladies' Selby Shoes VALUES TO 18.91 Ali Children’s And Misses Fall Suede Dress Shoes VALUES TO 6.9S CLEARANCE SALE GORDON NYLON HOSE VALUES TO $1.65 BRIGHT COLOR PLAY DENIM @ Stripes or plaids to mix and match with solids. Sanforized. Washfast. 36-in. 69* MATCHING SOLID COLORS.. .59e yd. LAST WEEK OF WHITE SALE yd L U £§^e*Ä^SHOIS QUALITY SHOES CORRECTLY FITTED 1306 Broadway

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