The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on September 4, 1953 · Page 1
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 1

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Friday, September 4, 1953
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Late News SporUStocks n Edition! OTTAWA FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1953. PRICE 5 CENTS ON PAGE 29 mh YEAR-228 mm edition kjr earrter l eeata weekly, fo) ImuauJuv m I I V But Woman' Sets Record To France Florence Chadwick ' Gives Up on Return Journey . DOVER, Eng., Sept. 4. (UP) Florence Chadwick, v San Diego, Calif., secretary, .'. V. made swimming history to- - day when she smashed the France and swam 2 '4 miles -,, back toward England in a' game attempt at a round1 ' trip. ' ! ! She waa forced to give up ' the round-trip attempt when' CORNWALL, Sept. 4. he ran Into a big school of (Speci,iA family outing In ' stinging Jellyfish. the bush ended in tragedy yea- r-.The game" American girl terd.y afternoon when 10-swam ' fronT" Dover to the; year-old Paul Bourdon fell SO Trench coast In 14 hours and j feet from a tree and waa kill-S3 minutes, smashing the of-ied Instantly. Jleial record by minutes. Police said the victim's ; She stood knee-deep in the ' XJJ1 waSTSS ehM water for 10 mlnutea. ... 1 r,N'Bl.h( !!t . b.k h ,j ,htiH in wel.l brave attempt to breax ner an orange and chatted to wel- suffered a frac- lully Clothed, and plunged back : fc fcer I It we. reported young Bour- ver. . . . don landed on hif head on a Thousands of people were, pMce th Ud crowded on the aea front here.felI when , brinch broke ,ud. with the excitement mounting He .d be picking steadily, when the newa came from the trM that Mlsa Chadwick had been y0ung Bourdon, hi. mother, forced to give up after iwlm-L ,unl ,nd two Couini had mlng tVt of the 20 miles back.!one to Woods bush, just No one ever has swum the northwest of the city limit. Channel both ways In a round to have a picnic 1 trip. T The victim was born in; Miss Chadwick smashed lhe:CornweU and attended Sacred : west-east speed record made H"rt School by hetty-vTE,gli.hmaiv Tom He ' v'd b hl P": lent., two brothers. Roger and '"-" Then she smashed the .record Blower made for an attempted round trip. She did it, because Blower had given up aoon after he left the French coast. - A. ahe defied ; tradition by battling .the. Ud,. Misa Chad-. wtck atefted it u by hiring a Navy navigator Irutead of a Dover expert - to chart ' her course. She told him te luat draw t straight line to France. Miss Chadwick Started out from the Dover coast at 11.00 last night. In bad weather. '; "Vm not a bit tired", eht said a. she stood In the water before she started back. It. TORONTO, Sept. 4 (Spe-! waa raining lighUy. telalj The Liquor Licence .r I.W'm.niv"ll?!Bo decided Ontsrlo stinging jellyfish which Stung pubi m. lood iuch my eirnia uauijr , iqm viieiu- wick aaid when ahe got back here tonight to receive, a sports heroine's welcome. ' "I was so cold that the sting weakened me too much to go on.r J She had Intended to await better weather and tides. But the found out auddenly last night that her vlaltor'a permit enl that of her trainer, Vic Chrjsty, of Woodland Hills. Calll, had aspired. Carried Extra Club US. Walker Cup Golfer Penalized MARION. Maaa.. Sept. 4 (UP) American No. 3 Walker Cup golf team suffered an early setback today when Ml-aourlan Jim Jackaon diacover- mA tk tmt mm .arvln la. (lnh one more than permitted or.D' Pub- ,Jh thory " that enmnetltlnn. ,hy 0"Ii ''n"y be driven Jackson and hla partner Gene Littler of San Diego. Calif., had lot the Aral hole to the British team. James Wllu. mmA Rflv A mTlrnmr both of Scotland when It wa. noticed that Jackaon. waa car - rylng the extra club. Rules call for dlaquallfica- tloa which would have given the British pair an automatic victory. But after a conference it was decided to penalize thf Americans by giving their! British opponents the next two holes. Passenger Trains Collide in London LONDON. SepL 4 . C1 Two paaaenger tralna collided today at Bethnal Green station in East London and two persons, were injured. A railway .poke. man aaid One paaaenger train was "broken In two" and that a number of coaches were derailed. Main line traffic was temporarily suspended. ' Bethnal Green station In London's east end dock area Is on the main line from Liverpool street station to tart Anglia. rn .. .. ' Only Endangered His Own Life OAKVILLE. Ont., Sep. 4. BUP Magiatrate Kenneth Langdon dlml-eed a dengerouj driving charge Hilnlt Andrew Marllees of Toronto yeateT-day despite police testimony he had been driving at SO ml lea an hour. Lang-don aaid there was no evidence Marlleee waa endangering anyone life but hi, own. He fined him S0 for ipeeding. Fall From Tree At Picnic Fatal to Boy - m . -I.. T m... dette. The funeral will be held1 tomorrow to St. John Boaco Church for requiem high maaa. 1 Allow Ontario Pubs to Sell Light Lunches sandwiches and hamburger. On July 10 the Board aen letter to the Ontario Hotel As sociation. Informing them that only a letter of permission W.he Board would be rj Llcenceea may sell sand-: wichea, hot-dogs, hot corn onj the cob. meat pies and other light anacks. On no account.! however, may frac lunches be offered and all food consumed on the premise, muat be pre-i pared and .old by the llcencee ! The Board warned that all rron who Hn aelt fnoH In .h.i pub. muat have it properly prepared under .unitary condi tion, and with scrupulous care . The move ha. long been ursed In the nrovinre aa a mean. of inducing more Tne ranger.' main fear now moder.t. drinkln hahit. snHi" hat lightning aocompany- leaa intoxication. It waa op - nntfrl fnr tlm Km grounds that it would lead' too many people to atay too long in out by hunger before becoming drunk. Liquor Board official. I the Board ha. studied the ques tion ror better than a year. D"rin that time, some hotel 1 Proprietors complained, the' ; Board pursued an on-agaln-off-! again policy. Sometime. OP eratnei war .nm..r.. I- food but more frequently they were told not to. HRAYDON IMPROVING. TORONTO. Sept. 4. ) Gordon Graydon, expert on foreign affairs for the Progres sive Conservative Party, ha. had another satisfactory day in hodptal here, hospital official. Mid tonight. They aaid hi. con dition Is improving. Journal Cartoonist Ron Smith's Story 'Vacation in Korea Begins Tomorrow Tanned and Juat a little tousled. Journal cartoonist Ron Smith has Just returned from his Summer vacation a slightly extended one that took him over several continents and oceans to explore the marvel, of Gelisha and, on the dustier tide, the Korean front Beginning tomorrow. The Journal will publish a aeries Tito Warns Italy of . "V ,',n q j a 7 ' m ! . a , i'. T SWIMS CHANNEL Florence Chadwick, famed San Diego swimmer, this morning crossed the English Channel from Dover to the French coast in record time. She DeaitFellis olNdri-Stdp Grilling After His Capture Forest, Rangers H,0n Heavy Rains NORTII BAY 0t s,p, BUPr Twenty new' lightning firea broke out In t tinder-dry Northern .Ontario today and firefighter, .wane ... ,i , , . ., . 7 ... int" ,he "eek-long battle, J" ' . . . NORTH BAY, Ont.. Sept. 4. BUP) Tired firefighter. eounted on general and heavy r. in. today to help them end the 'menace of forest fire, which already have cost Ontario more than SI, 000.000. !'"' tne nnwer might atart up lew u,.ti .-" uj brouKht outbreak. to a new ,or lnr wc"' The 2.400 ranaer nd vol- untecr. held Urea down to 98 yesterday and reported they were holding five fire. In tliii district not yet under control. They had extinguished 138 In the last .even day. to hold the blackened fore.t area, to 48.000 acre.. The major fire line, were re- inforced by 100 airmen, strik- I - - -1 -I i . t t- Hi'" '"" " . land 20 experienced crew bosae. from other fire districts. More power pumps and another 20, - 000 feet of hose were biought' The General wa. greeted by to the front lines. high - ranking officers and Provincial police were in- fighting men. He beamed a. vciUgatihg the origins of ihr cheer, rang out. several fires, The Land, and H arrived In the last am-Forc.U Department .aid 80 bulance to come from Pan-percent, of the 1.132 fire, munjom and after routine pro-fought this year were caused ' was flown to the evacu-by human carelessness. ,lon hospital at Seoul. The or- article, in which Ron describes hla 2 1.000-mile, tour-to the Far Ea.t with a group of big-name North American cartoonists. . The tout waa designed primarily to entertain Korean troops,,. Ron's version . entitled "We Wogved "Era in Ping Pong", presents the lighter vignettes of his trip. " ""TiTi .--vi' Ji5.?V . IN RECORD TIME. gave tip after swimming two miles and a quarter on her return trip. The swim-i mer U shown here with her trainer at Dover, , (UnltMl frana PhMo.i - - FREEDOM VILLAGE.! Sept. 4. P) Major Gen.! William .F. Dean, white-! haired and thin after more than three years in Communist prisons, today rode a Russia-built jeep back to freedom and te a heartwarming welcome by the first Americans he had seen since his capture. .r .. . , Dean, who won the Medal oi nonor nanuna nesjcie nia men In the streets of Taejon, had aged 10 year, in appearance. He Came back wearing a du.t covered blue cotton suit, brown sneakers, yellow shirt, a red tie and a wry grin. He .aid he had not seen an- other American since July 21, 1BS0. "It ia certainly good to aee so many fellow citizens". Dean said warmly. "You all look better to me than I do to you, I'm iaire." Tell, of Capture. At this procclng centre the tanned old soldier told of hi. iiuiuic in iiic iiiiuii ' ii. . twirling confusion of the war'. 'dark early day. ... of aleep- leas day. ... 88 hour, one 'of questioning during which he wore out relay, of Red In-ternreter. ' . of the terrible isolation of more than three year.. Much of the time, he .aid, the Communi.t. gave him nothing to read and no pencil, or paper. He .pent his lonely a.y. worxing mame- matical problems in his head. Dean did not lose hla dry wit It crackled frequent- ' ly as he talked with reporter.. I Air rorce said uean prortaDiy I would be flown to Tokyo to-j morrow. Hear. ( Questioning. ! The 54-year-old general, a I veteran of almost 30 yeara in 'the army, aaid he wandered a month through Korea trying I to reach American lines. For :20 davi he went without food. Then came hi. capture, long marche. and hour, of questioning. Costeladed M Page It. Col 1. DYcnONAST! rerjery: Something com monly found on tombstone.. Athletics Here to Play Farmhands : ' , A plane-load of Philadeipr" a MMa ndcd . d b . . r.. ....j. tht lights at Lansdown Park, .1'inmie Dyke., chunky man ajcr. sa'd he was iaopy to ' brinf; hi. team into Otljva for l s.uir uui ii-n nir a. e:a were going to find It j little lough flying out of her) .t 3 a in. They played laat nir.-. a. Cleveland, and are rlu ,n Philadelphia for a game tomorrow. "It's rugged travelling", said Dykes. He named Monnhan to start i tonight's game, with Ne'. Wst , lington behind the plat, j" Monohan would atay in as i long as he could keep aetting i the Ottawa team down. Hel would dig freely Into hi. staff of regular hurlera if necea- ry' so there was a chance. Marion Frlcano and Charlie Bishop would get into action. TEAR lip" TRACKS. i ROUEN, France. Sept. 4. ! (Rcuter.) Twelve men were phar-eH . ih.v with le.r i,iid ir.rk. with . i buidoler and selling them for , scrap iron. Inside The Journal Today Pitching Horseshoe by Billy Rose . Page 2 Robe War at Reservoir Opening Page 3 16.500 Pupils Going Back to School Page 3 Churchill Reshuffles UK Cabinet .. ....... Page 4 The Journal's Serial'Story Page 12 Women' News Starts on Page 14 Sports Begin on Page 17 Radio and TV 8; Movies 9; Comics 21; Markets 29 Oaf is fo Tell Journal Readers Of His Trial and Imprisonment by Reds William N. Oatia. Foreign Correspodent of the Associated Press, who waa held for more than two year. In Jail In Cxechoalovakla, will tell his story in a series oi dally and illustrated article, which begin 1 The Journal on Monday, .September 14. Trieste Retaliation Another Record Breaker Thunderstorms End of Summer The record-breaking two-, Thunderahower. will u.her week heat wave waa to wind in the welcome break in the up the la.t day of Ottawa', heat wall and the week-end long slow burn with a aearing,s h o u I d we cool cloudy high of KS. Rockcllffe weathrr-' weather. 1 men predicted, and then blaie The unprecedented lenglhy, out betore cooling wind, bring , hot .pell brought de.Ih to 11 1 ii. g temperature 7-degree tern- person, in Ontario, who dieri perature. for tomorrow. of heart ailment, blamed on' The AS high lod.y would the heat. Seven death, in To i crack the aixth record of the ronto, the hot-box of Ortfario. M-dy .izle The record included William Catteral. 60.1 .land, now at 86 on September who died of a heat .troke, a 13- 1 939. Yeaterday broke another record by one degree ovar the previous high of 91 for tember 2. and Augu.t 27. 2ft. 29 and 30 brought four day. in a row of record-breaking heat, Six Jets Crash In Japan Run Out of Fuel in Vile Weather-All Planes Grounded TOKYO, Sept. 4 (ZD-Six U.S. jet fighters crash ed in Western Japan today after running out of fuel in "vile weather", the air force said. . Five pilot, were reported safe, but the sixth was .till missing late tonight. The air force Mid five, Sabres were lost in one flight i and an.T-84 Thunderbolt waa; lost in another. The air force Hid three pilots crash-landed with only minor Injuries, and two other, parachuted and were li.ted a. "nrnbahlv safe". Th. .l.lh r. nl ihe Sahre pilot. wa. mi.sing somewhere in the same general "MC"' " . u, . , The air force blamed a vio- lent weather front that built up suddenly and slapped a lid over the jet . Japan base.. Unable to find a hole in the dense clouds, the JeU finally ran out of fuel. "They were all equipped for instrument landings '. an air force spokesman Mid, but! they have a very limited fuel c,p,c(,y. The weather was capacity. i ne weainer was .,u. mnA innaranilv thev could not make normal instrument approaches" Rain Maybe n . . a. I a. But MfJVbe NOt 'Possibility of showers after 8 p.m. with even greater possibility after 9 p m.", was the way a don't-want . to . be - a - apoil -sport weatherman at Rock-clifte Airport phrased hi. forecast at 2.30 p.m. today He wouldn't My It would rain when Ottawa Athletics meet Philadelphia A'a in their exhibition game tonight at Lanidowne Park . . . but he wouldn't My it wouldn't. At 2.30 the mercurv at Rockcliffe stood at 01 degrees, while The Journal's own thermometer .ho wed a six-degree edge on ttea-n-heated Queen .treet. The humidity stood at 40 percent., which, with auch temperature., wa. "quite high . . . not very far from the dew point . . ." With the clearness and vividness of a trained reporter, who ha. written despatches of many major world events. William Oatia tells of his own trial and 1m-priaonment at the handa of the Reds, event, which made himself top world news. to Herald Sizzler medical rarity, with a temper- aturc. of 109. It also gave rix to the wor.t Sep-'fore.t fire outbreak, in yeara.'fmntier unless Italy ceases and .moke from burning tim- berland. today hun lover Ottawa. ' " Living Cost Nudged Up During July The consumer price index, a barometer of living coats. (during July to 11.17 from 'US 4. the Bureau of Statistics reported tod.y. It was the third consecutive monthly Jump, powered by price doom, mainly in items other than food. Price In- eratfa wr ihna'n fnr men's IDPP'I clothing, rent, fuel oil. gaso - line. ho.pi'al rate, and knit- 'ting yarn. Blame Heat For Ottawa Pool Mishaps A probe by the city', recrea- ,ion Staff into a rash of acci- dents that have occurred within the past few days at the! "'w MlnDurn Pun"- wlm- action in undertaking a mlli- m,int P00' tody rw"', ,h',lary demonstration along th. blame on the heat and re.ult- "when normal dipjo- ing lar-aoove-normal crowd. mjc ch,hnela exist through of bathers. whicn , pUn,tion Within the past two. day. have been .ought about differ- four ccd,nu, have ocurred. ence. between the two coun- thrpe nt ,nem rui(lng In aev! tries". ere head cuts, and one in the (In Rome a Foreign Minia- Verlng of an artery in a try spokesman aaid "there haa 4 ,rm no mjUry demonatra- The injured: tion on the Yugoalav border", George Granger. 18. of 180 Italy contend, the manoeuvrei st Andrew .treet, who was .m;iii u ...k - ... stitches were required to close. ...-.u iui auiirii-a wnen ne ine theory wa. advanced that dived into five feet of water. lhe new government of Pra-. R. Verdon, 24. of 255 Mont- mi,.r Giuseppe Pella ha. seized real road, who received head upon the Trieate issue to iide-injurlea when he too dived into track lulian dispute, ovar ;five feet of water. dome.tic affairs. noland (..our. 17. of 308 'Crichton street, who injured ;iis head when he dived into 3 S feet of water. ' Paul Dqucet. 14. of 145 Kent Street, Hull, who severed the I artery In hi. right arm yester-jday afternoon when he caught It on a fence poo. Into .hallow a.d deeper ctratiniMia titar .water. He wa. treated but not admitted to hospital. i Cfnclnded Page It. Col. I. , Voyles Fires Bob Celeri, iTakes Heath Hamilton, ont., Sept. 4. Hamilton Tiger Cat coach (Carl Voyle. today fired quar- terback Bob Celeri and an nounred Stan Heath of the 1 Calgary Stampeder. had been hired as his replacement. Heath, quarterback with the Hamilton Tiler, in 19.10. but bealen out forVtrje job In 1951 by Hernle (.u.tis. will to Hamilton today. report ' Voyle. Mid Heath had been off shower and thunderstorms, waived out of the quarter-; and ending the record breaking back heavy western confer- jheat wave, ence where he wa. understudy. Temperatareav ; to Frankie Albert. j Vancouver 92. 7t; Edmonton j Reason for Celeri' dismia- 41, 83: Regtna 45. 56; Wlnnl-IMl was attributed to the ex- peg 45. 58: White River 64, t0; ' Dsn Texan'. Inability to pass. Voyle. still Was Auoura Lambeth a a second American quarterback. - MINISTERS TO MEET. QUEBEC. Sept. 4. Cf Provincial Agriculture Min - ieUf-t eavill a their her fter)t 8 for an Inter-provinci.l con tri enrvw. May Send Troops To Frontier New Tension Follows Note Sent to Rome BELGRADE. Sept 4 (CP) Yugoslavia today threatened to send troops to the I t a 1 i a,n-Ytieoglav military demonstrations in that area. The warning wa. contained in a nole fourth in three day. ent by Pre.ident Tito". Government to Italy', foreign mini.try in Rome aa a remit of new tension in the feud between the two countriea over the future of the free territory of Trie.te. "If the Yugoalav Gevern- mtni eatabliahea that the Ilal an Government continuea to adhere to the abnormal aitua- (ion on the border. It will be (orcfd to undertake correa- ponding measure.' on ita ter- ritory , the new ruoi; , iif-w iiuii Mia. 1 In plain term., tni. mean. Yugoslavia plan, to march in troop, to back up her frontier guarda in the Gorilla region, north of Trieste, unless Italy i withdraws the force, on the opposite side of the frontier ; there. 1 The note, made publl- by the Yugo.lav Foreign Office'. : Information aectinn, described j a. unsatisfactory Italy'e rejee-I lion of three previous Yugoslav complaint, concerning border incidents of the la.t week. The Yugoslavs aay Italy had two divisions (10.000 to J0,-000 men) In the area and Ita- I ia n Htsfx-hm-anfei lw a Kb ars r,yed on , Yugoslav aoll. Th. ni..i.j i..i.,.. are strictly routine.) In kAlk I diplomatic circle, of Belgrade COOLER MONTREAL. Sept. 4 P Dominion Public Weather Office report: Ottawa region: Variable .Ini,lHu. .lau a m. . . . r." 7," with showers or thunderstorm (tonight: Saturday cloudy with , a few scattered ahowers in the i morning; cooler Saturday; light winds; low tonight and high Saturday at Ottawa 88 and 78. Summary for Saturday: Morn Ing shower., cooler. Synopsis: Though Clojdlnets and a few scattered shower, have given some relief from the scorching aun of the past few day. temperatures and humidity are .till uncomfortably high - ' heat However, the end of the wave ia in alght: as cold a r continuea to advance eastwards acroaa the central part of the continent. Chicago yeaterday endured a aizzfmg tiT degree., but yii. morning Ihe temperature waa down ti tt. Thia cooler air will reach our diirit.t eariv Saturday setting Kapuakaeing 65, 92; Sudbury 72. a: Windsor 7j. as; London 70. B; Toronto 74, ; Ottawa 88, l; Montreal 72, 88; Quev 'bee 83. 82; Halifax 58, t0; .Chicago 5, tl; tirw. York ;77 92 t th Journal thaf-nmaiae at asm. 1 TSrZ! M trrT-. The i aw set will geat s tM ajflM. ifMTfi. - L'V,?

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