The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on September 3, 1953 · Page 23
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 23

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 3, 1953
Page 23
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 1953! Heat Slows Down i Marciano's draining . CROSSINCER, NY, Sept. f . UP) Extreme heat forced Iwavyweltht champion Rocky Marciane la cut Ale lour rounde of sparrinf yesterday from three minute each to two mlnutea each. ' 'Mirelint ' worked two round each with heavyweight Willie ' Andenon of Provi dence, RI, and Mike Flacher f St. Paul Minn. He wUt to spar tomorrow and then reel on Friday. Manager Al Weill refuted to ditcloM what Rocky weighed after he left the ring dripping with twett. Vialts Camp. i ' GREENWOOD LAKE. NY, Sept. 1. (UP) - Robert K Chriatenberry, chairman of the New York State Athletic .Commlaalon, visited the train "Salsrao Beachhead" . DANA ANDREWS . ". ' i.i ria . - 'Tasks a Uillion" WILLIAM TRACY V. Chlldrea Admitted FREE ' with "areola if if Mm orrir l I town IkavtlM y.. -Ml -ss. I 1 r lng camp of RoUnd LaSUrxa yeiterday and Mid the heavyweight challenger "obvloudy 1 preparing for the greeted effort of hi career". Chriatenberry watched La- Starta drill In 0defre heat, iparring one round each with Artie Lucido, Billy Mayo, and Jimmy De Lange. "I came up here not to Judge a "Ughl, but W Judge a fighter1 phyiical condition"; laid Chriatenberry. "On that core, 1 mutt give LaStarxa perfect mark from a viewpoint of condition. He i rounding Into shape very nicely and I obviously preparing for the greatest effort of hi career. tiii rttear "TU M'A AUVS LA B" I ' mi Added " I i Jeaa Claada Pascal ra . (TAUNT CINQ" wn (pan - Sat.. we. I.St pja- inn. II. St mm weekly 4.4S 9-m. .... "THE BIG SKY" 9 KIRK DOUGLAS "TOKYO FILE 202" ROBERT PEYTON FLORENCE MARLY CONTINUOUS FROM !. F3I. DOORS OPEN t it TM. pans aTBiai at crrr umits L- TONIGHT and FRIDAY! '.' ; i DORIS DAY and, RONALD REAGAN ; to:'. . . and ae , ?The Winning Team" Second Outstanding Feature ' "FAKILY H0KEYK00N" tU Tkn..(0O u4 r Sun CLAUDETTE COLBERT . FRED MaeMURRAY bUm4 THUKSDAX ktUUAX iaasaaasssaatsavaJ .' ' ? AlKMaXetiil Hi MS MATINEE SHOW EVERT !odsl Psalraan llwSwi Jeaaae CRAW Seett RRADT l J I mi tVtsT MONDAY STAN LAUREL OLIVER HARDY - In f'OUR RELATIONS" Bes Office OpeBa 7.43 .tn. 'Iff " AND WEDNESDAY! V "CAPTIVE i CITY" --toha FORSYTH 1 Joha CAMDEN alW&uJSaiaiA''?' H0NTfAL,K0. i tilt In pte of yesterday lntente . M I V si. i4aVll beat, he worBed with' real vim. He It a very confident challenger." , . , . . ' WO TENNIS DATES. ' QUEBEC. Sept! S. Canadian professional championship will be held here September 18-20 on court of (he Civil Employee Club, It was announced 1 a t , night. Tournament official at Id en trants Included Frank Kovac and Paocho .Gonzales of Lot Angelea and Bobby Riggt of New York.. Pancho Scgura. tingle champion and double winner with Don Budge, laat year, will not defend hit title. PliWl - BURT LANCASTER "the csi::scs PIRATE" LEX BARKER ' "TARZAN'S; SAVAGE FURY" , All -ThU Wk A XToday Til SatX fJS i I f : m72S.Zm I I KTIVHI a 111 7 1 I QUIET HAM" .--s-;.--. ajW BvstrtklMtaTttkalutot Wild Bill ELLIOTT 1 J I " lsi;': : Added Fall Leagth "REBEL CITY" i J I ". ' -O ' V - Hitl , Lteisst riMi v.u onitr ri- - VVrugs bunny's J v ft w-. y I LI' UUXUKf LINER. tintinur 10 JT fa e W Ml k BkMS . wrra SJM ST AM SECCXU CHAUtl lOinTHITCIOM UIMBAIHU 1 r." '"1 JICIMUICE SPIClAb : raictt Wall Disney 3-D Colored Cartoon, "CELODY" ALADDIN MM SM' TODAY v, FOTO-NITE Saturday WIUt TOT O'RKOAM 800-OQ . ''la Cask an Valti.ale MerchaaiM ;-) Feature MICKEY v a t a mjr .iii i. f .t .. THE OTTAWA JOURNAL Melbourne, Australia, wis! wide streets, park land and laid out In 1837 as a city of public garden.: . ALL TKOBNICOLOB HOW "PIRATES 0F KOslTEREY' MARIAN MONTEZ " jON BALL - I Canadian JPrethier FROM THI UNFORGITTABLI 'pAClS OF A :W lfU COMES ONI OF THI MOST MUCsMIHWilT mwiiwn n. THt J- . vr mui ssi I ROONEY in ; una M1HKFY MAR tYN si7 i I I v I f-X I Th ftoc triumph that rocked the nation, for three tolid yeart! SlD HOPE MAXWELL IftW EDDIE MATEHOFF -r atwrn 1- IdALf fll till I Rl DOKALD SINDtN DENHOLM ELLIOTT 11 VIRGINIA McKENNAI trAT'AltTHUt RANDOMIZATION PRESENTATION tom on now! A I I C I I I I T I M El MM FOB T ,: .iiMHljiilil ;(, i'Ji ..AiiaiKH3.3iIiiiP WILUAM HOLDEN-DON TAYLOR ftTTO PRFMINGER MMS MA tiAtsss tatant TODAY ONLY! "THE CHARGE AT FEATHER m 1 RIVER" wejl "l" f CttVK' "SOUND OFF 1 Color Cartoon "Drinks on the Mouse" 91 Feature JAMES STEWART IVVmaiiaeiat TV 2 Shelley Winter in lllnCnBSWr It) Feature' WALT DIneT,S ran Leaitk CsrteM feature , . 1 - 'DUMBO'V .IxUe Special Contest on Stage Sat., 8 p.m. Jack Snow's Longest Married Couple Contest ! A Beautiful 4-pc. SlWer Tea Service te the Lucky qouple! TODAY Till SATURDAYS TWO RIG HITS 1 HELD OVER ! HI ore Dn ys Ohlv! G1DLE toact IlacDOIlALD ru it 1 f MA T iaj'(a It' VnSMYA!. w is. x m iw rvww. rvftTuwRT lovi rroer that ntmoof lovtn LEIGH 'TAYLOR French Program Tedsy "ON N'AIME QU'UNE FOISM "PAS SI BETE" Bourvll Entertainment Directory Movie Tim Schedule ALADDIN: Th Winnin Tsm"i "r.mlly Honcymooo . AUTO. SKY: "IMrstM at Monlmy". Lt show nightly. .UrUn approx. 70. 1 BIUTANNIA: Bo ofnc op.a t 8 p m. Show Urn at t SO pjn. CAPITOL: -SUUf 11" 12 OS - M - 4.43 T OO 1 11. Last show S 00 CABTim: "I Con('' II S - J.M - 5.0 7.14 - 40: VT.Ur Bird." 11 4.11 - 4 it . t.M. Uri snow S04. CEITM: "Cmml Spanky' 11.10 -1.10; "Column South" 1 IS - 4.10 -1.10 - $S. LaM show (.4. CINEMA SE PARIS: Tu nt'ss MIX la via" 5 14 S IS; "lis cinq" .4J - S 37. Laat show S OS. CENTURY: -Taxi" 1.10 - .: " Citr" (.40. Laat show S 40. EASTVIEW: "Modal an Marrtaia Broker" "Captlva city" 1 30 10.01. Laat show 1.04. LITTLE EIXIIN: "Nlnotchka" I.M- S OS S.10 - 7 JO 8 23. Last show t.10. ELGIN: "Lilt 1 4S . S.4S - I II - 7 41 . t 43 Laat abow S.03. ELMDALE: "Tha Oulet Man" 11 43 4S . (.41 - t.4S: "Bua Bunny's Bevua" 1 33 . 143 . 1 00. Laat ahow t.30. FRANCAI9: Trench protram today. Willi. Lmotn on slate. GLEBE: "Just This Once" US t oo - lis: luxury Liner" J 1J S 23 . tM. Laat ahow 00 IMPERIAL: "The- Swor di man"; "Nlht State to calveaton". LINDEN: "Winchester 71" LIS a i a . e "ImiiuI rut- l ail t 43 - 10 00: 'Dumbo" 1.00 - 7.f0. Laat show T.t. Ii AYEAUt: 'The Beetle's Mann' 1.4 . SOS S 20: "Oft Llmlu' 1.19 . SJO . S SO. Laat ahow S 00 MONTCALM: "Miracle or EaUma (.0 - t.13; "Carrie" 1.17. Laat ahow 7.17. NELSON: "Scared Stiff" 1 43 . 13 - tO.OJ: "Titanic" 1.0 4 U . a.U. Laat ahow .!. ODEON: "Charfa at reather River XX.BS X.30 - S.D9 - TU - W.9. Laat show t oo. ItXOENT: "The Second Chamc" . 1.0 - 1.11 . 23 . 7J3 1.41. Last show a 00. ' RKXY" "On Dantcroua Ground" T OA- 10.01: 'Hurricane Smith" tja. Laat ahow S 2S. KIALTO: The Bit Sky" I 13 1.40 tJO; "Tokyo riU 111" 4.0S 1.11. Laat show 1.4S. RIDF.AU : "The Tall Texan" 1.00 s &o jo - ajo: in siren or Badad" 1 IS - - (.00 - 10.44. Laat ahow t.l. SOMERSET: -Waterloo Brides" 1.40 . ( 00 lOOt: "Sen rrandeeo" 4.00 (.01. Last show (.00. STAR TOP: "American In Parte": "Side Show", rirst ahow at dusk. STRAND: "Salem Beachhead"; "Tanks a Million". WESTBORO: "Sprlnefleld Rlfle" (10 - S3; "Lady In tha Iroa Mask" (.1. Laat ahow (.10. Dancinc Floor Shos ' CHATEAU LAURIER Danctnt nlshtly rAIRMONT C.OU CLUB rtaot shews nltbll at I an IS p m GATTNEAU CLUB Two ahow nlj"hUy tnnin and dancin LAKESIDE GARDEN D a n e I B Friday and Saturday only a pjn. STANDI8HALL HOTEL Danetn (roas p.m. T. LOUIS H OTEL Oaactn nitnuy I II rrom ATER1DO bridge. "WATERLOO BRIDGE" 'San Fraaeisro" at MT . IN RESPONSE TO MANY REQUESTS, "WATERLOO BRIDGE WILL BE SHOWN r AT THE MATINEES AS WELL AS IN THE EVENINGS! S P-ra. i 23 r-1 p r : " " ' ?;f 'Uiyialhalrcalfajk'iW W A I Leats BAT ABO. Patriate MEDINA WmF'mmfmmfmtm " lUfl etai ' 2sX70' eOl0 WILLIE LA MOTH g A CO. - we sVJrtt'ar? Oi faes Cmi paMM it vn DJ Oaf. t f . KirjA i- Z' av . " iff l MiIiuMIKIUiuCUIU utfc a. 'i it v IX rskakb. I Es3 j I , lersSrtM-eaaeaj ' CONTINUOUS DAILY FROM l.f.M. SB S till .COOLED BY NATURE'S OWN - AtR-CONDITlONINC! " FIX' SHOW AT DOIIt DOUBLE FEATURE . . , I "MlilllUMII I "VI 1114 V HI III ' -:.v.'-.l . VJ WLa"!!IL 1 I "AMERICAN IN PARIS" GENE KELLY LESLIE CARON FIRST RUN NEWS ! DON McGUIRE 4 TRACY ROBERTS COLOR CARTOON ERNST lUWISCK , iiv ir I ojsuissm nrVtl" ALL THIS WEEK in ' mil - . .: . V- j$ it .. i a-- i ' TECHNICOLOR LESUE GAR0:i MEL FEdiiER c''y Yau'B O. Lima with Laafkurl A FILM UNEQUALLED IN ITS SPECTACLE 1 CLIFTON WEBB Barbara Stanwyck ROBERT WAGNER 1 A f Big Twin-Adventnra Show Starts Today!' arKfTTTsf a. - aawa . j il.l.W- MAZS -la I ,' f.iri i -v-ew f smn w'T, - a if, r iim lt t Loaded With .. Laughter . . . Crammed with Action! T ; i SEE IT TODAY ! ma. jfaja'sweeei'ai,"rairr OTTAWA IS SINGING t HER PRAISES jeaii piebiie au:.:g:it mm cabos . . , . " aapSaa. ' ,4-ti -fc.ilAA. . . s 1 b- r.. w -Week! tyaUaWttslWasa kAikdi VaV A. MLM Iti llf ll A fc 4 tt fc (fc Hi aVaVAjtfAAilkAaBmAfAttA jR-tTJ A 1aVlA-AA4ABfcfciii4li'' f"! 4 4 tfl Jan ijfci Jllr

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