The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 13, 1949
Page 11
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^TUESDAY, DECEiMBBR 13, 1949 Christmas Sales Closely Watched Prices Lower for '49 And Dollar Volume Is Near 1948 Figure * E . W YORK" Dec n *i3. t.v> Christmas shoppers may cross up , e experts by spending a record wiini oi dollars this year—but if : , y 't golns to chalk «p »ny records they'd better get started quick- Individual stores are setting some •1 ,n,ii , s rc ™nts, but a blight has 9 *"'• . "" "tilers, pushing them far • behind in i hc racc fol . chrlslinas business. Every year since 1938 there has "feu an Increase in department More sales and in total retail sales Last year wns Ihe all-time record: nils yrar the genera! Kiiess of (he experts Is that sales will be lower ' ian last year—by a mnrgln of less than five per cent. But Christmas is the WE spencl- "B season. Some merchants have "ten pulled out of the rod at Christ- "ws so many times they believe in =:">ta Clalia. Last venr the unexpected hap- I'fned. There was a final nr«h Christmas week that kicked the year to a record. It cnulil luu>')cn "Cain, analysts agree, but those dollars arc Boiug to have to roll even latter than thcv do now. BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER Business Men, Labor to Push Hdover Plan ^^^••^•••^•^^^•^•1 'MAnA.Mi: AAlliASSADOIf AM) FAMILV—Mrs. Eugenie Anderson, Red Will", Mil designate to Denmark, proudly poses with her family on arrival In New York en route to when they sailed for Denmark. (AP Wircphoto). „ a, s « 0 r , " amb s, fl - ...... (TORY, ucc. i3_r,r,-Thcrc ..i C Federal Reserve rejinits de-'-scnip in the American consulate pantnent store dollar sales the week : in Mukden, but 1K it the way the in,! '' w< "'° e ' Bhl pcl ' cent I Chinese Communi.sts mid it. Consul v tn "i, : i e " r | il? , 0 • u ! nn * B ™'streetjCci)eral Angus Ward related vcs- l,^ s * l(>s for tbl! week | tcrday. illy which finally i cc i to his iction" of bu-atlug a Chinese V/ard Tells of 'Scrap' with Chinese That Resulted in His Imprisonment VABOAHD LAKELAND vie-1 hand to lead him downstairs when OR-* n,.,. i'i_,,,.. -..,,„..„ Wfts a , CM . sm | rlcn! j. j-mbix;,! Ward's coat rmnrirr Another" inde, en ft sur cMes retail sales fo • 1?," be off only two per cent The biggest factor In the decline is lower prices. They are off "n rt Is just about as good or a " d hl5 ex l»' lsl< >» fom Red China: rh'," bCea " ,°" f c|11 ' 27 ' wh<? " " resf-ned as consulate hen;!, came to get his pay. He was offered pay due for nine working plus two months severance ; Federal Aqency Asked fo Probe Oil Sale Methods COLUMBIA. Mo. Dec 13—(,p,__ The Missouri Farmers Association Oil Company called upon the Federal Trade Commission by resolution yesterday to "investigAte and abate trade practices of such major oil companies edsigned to injure and destroy competition in violation of federal laws." The companies, the resolution said, are squeezing independent and cooperative competition out of the market by maintaining artifcialy nish crude oil prces at home, tak- ng profits from imported cheap crude oil and squeezing out competition. The resolution was approved bv 3,->0 delegntes at the annual meeting or the oil division of the federation of cooperatives aflcr F V Heinkel. MPA president, declared that major oil companies own more than 80- per cent ot the nation's oil wells, in addition to much foreign oil products. One fourth of the standing saw timber in the U. S. is Dongla.s Fir. IOUMI 1)1.Al> - Major General ('cnr;;e 1-". Moore lab.ivel. 0^. the ^cceral \\lir» '•ommaudcci Corieyulor (iiirin.B ihc Jiipanese siege o[ ihat island fortrc.s.s. wa.s found dead in " inoimtnit: rond with a bullet throusb his hc;id. Police said an automatic pistol and nolc were found near the retired general's hand. i.\p Wircphoto). Protect Your Family's Health with Expert PRESCRIPTION Service WOODS DRUG 221 West Main pa He refused it On Ocl. u. Ward Insufficient and Franco Cicogna, consulate radioman, found Chi hiding in 1( storeroom. Ward rook the Chinese, by the n'iih both hands, want removed one inind and as^-cd siiii« Tiuniimi, anolhcr employe, to hold 11 while he disengaged chi's other hnnd. Slanriins there, Chi renuwed h;s salary demands, more severance tirement fund. , saying he wanted pay phis his . Ward replied he would have to ask Washington, and started to lead Chi downstairs. Chi's brother suddenly appeared and bceun pounding Ward's neck and right shoulder. Ralph HchbcrB. consular admin- acitigly at Ward. Ward let go or Chi. who scrambled to the irun stair rail and banged Ills own head against it twice. "It was pure frustration," said Ward, "That's the only injury I saw inflicted on him at any iin'ic." Ward and the staff members who had figured in the Incident «':re arrested by the Communists, jailed for 28 days and then "convicted" by a Communists "People's ( Court" of l\vo men and one woman. The court. Ward explained, was "accuser, judpe and jury." | The defendants were not allowed ' 10 plead or have counsel. Many letters addressed to European lowns by pre-war names ^' ! "irf:., 0f ^,^ 1IC l^l l ; s .,' ) ™ tl ! e ': h " c !«">.. "Burned marked such place " off. The brother retreated down another stairway and then rushed w-J, ScidinJ" rhl d ° Wn Wh ' Ch Wi ' r " /'' hC frill?ral e 0 «™""-"t's tele- «ns lending chl phone bill for calls in the city He brandished a three - foot I of Washington aone amonnls to lcl 'Bth of tsvo-by-four timber men- nwirc ihan $3.500000 a vear So Sturdy a Could Ride It! E 1.60 DOWN 1.25 A WEEK 16" PEDAL WHEEL SIZE 17 . 9S This one's built to take years of punishment. Clirome piated spnki-s and adjustable handle bars. It Rin gs . . Soys "HELLO" Jtial Talkiisg E'houc 1.IISJ • Vole* In rece/vsr • Dial reyolvDi, tel/s ring • Sturdy meta] construction It'll be busy jill (he time. For children from I tn 5 yt-:irs of nee. Voii-c in rcceivpr. Realistic HL»] action \vkh sjji-ing^ return. Dial revolves. hcMa ring. Hells arc I,ri"H[K- plated, Watch 'Em Work They fro up and down the trnck in long-lastirif; continuous motion. Stop niul «o feature. .Measures 10 !j " ]ni\K. Treat For Animal Lovers €n >^o »?«**' blocks are transparent, on- close molded animals, birds, fish. Blocks rattle when moved. Rounded odj'es. Jtfp^^-3 Climbs Over Obstacles Tank Powerful enough io move up nrrulos. Sli,»,tj sparks, makes cim noises. Kquippeci with rubber tre.-uls. hook at rear. =. Pouno" To Henri's Content I 1.00 = Hardwomt peg hoanl anil mal= let. Kasy for tots to use. Can Jp bo pounded from both sides 5= of hoanl. Sir colored pegR. , . Works Automatically 1»imij» Truck -_:ZLY* ^_B.. ramoiii Gilbert Brand Tool Chest Just push thft handle— out dumps the load. Sturdy rubber wheela. fl',i" lon^. Green chassis, red dump. Tied metnl carrying cnna Sllitcaan catchei. 18 tool« N6. 7 CABINET B.EGoodrich 417 West Ma in Phone 6331 BF Goodrich — j . _^-* . ^U nuil » ca Bre. atc th ps WASHINGTON, Dec. 1J. <A!>> — Oooperatlrm by both business men ' labor was pledged yesterday | n impulgn to push through Coti- ;.ss the government reorgaiiiimlon s recommended last spring by Hoover CommLsslon. tie drive wns launched at a Nanal Reorganization Conference— two-day meeting called by the n-partlsan, non-government clt- lu Committee for the Hoover iport. The Citizens Committee was nined last .summer as a "lobby" In ehalf of the recommendations (or :deral economy and ctlidency lade by the commission headed by inner prc.sirtenl Iiervert Hoover. Walter J. Kohlei, Jr., Wisconsin - nufaclurer, said In an address epKied for the opening session iat "only !he first sklrmi-lies Imvo •en won. Major battles remain to e fought." Letters to Congressmen and group 'solutions were urged by Ovelii ulp Flobby, wartime commander o[ le Womnn's Army Corps and cx- jutivc vice president of the llmis- m Post. "Tile American people owe It la iclr Congressmen to t,-ll them of icir" Mrs. Hobby said. 'Hi tio R no izens Rep man pr ' be b PAGE ELEVEM Douglas Fir spread: over 70 per ! e u t of Mast. Die northwestern u. 8. leghorn hats take their name from that of the Italian port through wmch iney are snipped. Any celebration of Ohrlslmis r/a* a crime In th« pjrltan England of Oliver Cromwell. ^ * - S •OfT''^ fOt OWING, lOt SHV1NG- th« whiskey thot's AA Si A traditional Kentucky favorilo — in a new holiday package. Tliot'i Olrt Sunny Brook Brand I Erfjoy il al holiday lime and during the year to come, too* tot THII WATCHMAN OK IVtIV IOII1I L^' lK\m&?MV^UI ™ M " «»mi »wim i iMrKc.ssi>n A- Itnliliin.s, Inc. - Inclusive Dislrihiilnrs- t.iUlc Uuck • Kn% CJrnin Ncutra] Spirils »'• ! ?*>*l M-W DELUXE 40-IN. ELECTRIC RANGE .' 239 95 J-p/cc* • Automatic Timer Clock • Electric Oven Light • Oven Pre-Heof Control All the above exlro leglurei... plus M-W> famooi Duolifl Oouble-Sarvico Haol Unil. (By removing Deep- Well cooVar, you con moke a 4ih lop burner, whenever you need ill! Minute Minder nngs ot on/ lima S8 I Irom 3 to 60 min. Fluorasconl lamp, signal lighls Io ihow v/han hoot is "on." Above Coupon Book' included M-W SUPREME 40-IN. ELECTRIC RANGE l-p/«c« (opt extro-bfg o . 274 95 • Clear-view Oven Window • Electric Oven Lighf • Chromium Lamp and trim You'll find all Ihe feolures ol >he Deluxa mode! m Ihe Supfeme, io odcfilion to Phe obovo ipociollies. There'j olio o largo warming comporlmenl, Individual signal lighls, and exlro Deep-Well Cooler accessories, coniisling of Iwirv aluminum pans ond wire basket tor deep lot Irylng. Buy now Io get Coupon Boot Ic/ol COME IN NOW FOR FREE DEMONSTRATION ON TERMS DELIVERS 'fa* 't" M^^^^^ -

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