The Franklin Favorite from Franklin, Kentucky on January 20, 1887 · 2
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The Franklin Favorite from Franklin, Kentucky · 2

Franklin, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 20, 1887
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THB-FRMUH FAYOBJTE. H. H BROWN, Bditor. Circulation, - 2,140. Thirsdiy, ! ; ; : January JO. Mimmakiu s aaal tiiuier. Jioci liiuiu haanl yt resigned. , Hex. H. ts. t'l is very ill of pleurisy it hU home in Washington. K-foitiii.i (nor Turret, who hasbwa daiigrroiuly ill In Louisville lor arm) days, is improving. - - A iiUAKT it out fur an Indiana constable ho allowed a priaoner to wrape B the payment of forty dull. , Mas Twain denies thst be ia worth I l.SOO OOO, and probably no one k more sorry than In- that it (sat true. JUras of insurance on clothing and loot and shoe houses hive been ad- viiuwl fnnn Uiirty to fifty per cent A civiuxkd tribe of Indiana have been crowded out of their landa in Canada, and the swindle k efhmlly approved, It k stated that the oleotnargerine law baa already saved over $1,000,000 to the dairy farmed in New York atate alone. V;ftwantl!:r back ia-4b ,4. and we certainly ought to have her with lit before tn next congressional election. ; T5M4ot. m P. Biarasra is seriously ill on his plantation in Arkansas. F'eara are entertained that he may not recover,' v . Ia'NIhix aociety has no further uao for he has discontinued making a Icxil of biuwelf, - '" Mima than Sl.OUO.OOO, all raised by voluntary contributions, liaa been ex-jicnded on the church of the Sacred SHeart in Paris. "-!.- lNooN has a universal knowledge and information office a place where a person can go and find out anything under tho sun. - A Si; Lows firm has contracted fof'teu thousand tons of pig iron, delivered at one dollar per ton lens than the price ruling in the south. ' Ooi Tuos. L. Jonks is improving in health, and will probably 1e aiifliciently 1'slnnt'MQ make the race for governor. Stranger things have happened. Tub Farmers' Congress, in session at Washington, asks the reeal of the . clause in the charter of national banks which forhiils them loaning money on real estate. " " 7 ' T" It is safe to predict that many counties will go tothe state convention in May uii-iniitructed for most of the offices, and it is very probahlerlliat Simpson w ill be one of them. BuooKt.TS wants $1,500,000 with which to improve her public buildings, and, as said city is in the statcof New York, it is reawnahle to belle4 that the bill will receive the president's signature... in im nnw a Inonl. nntion 1 (,,,n, mm e . pi 1 1 i .1 tion election recently held in said town, 103 were against the sale of whisky and 64 were in favor of the traffic continuing.---- - : .j..., Ubn. W. B. IlAitKN, chief signal officer 1'niUnl States Anny died of -diabetic coma at 8 o'clock Sunday evening, after a short illness. His sudden departure will 1 mourned by 4iis thousands of warm and admiring friends. - TiixRf are 8,000 indigent Boldiens and sailors of the union who arc pcnsionlcss and siipportcil in tliealmjhouses of the conntrj',,' notwithstanding the great amount of pension legislation and the many thousand fiension ai'pnta. - NoTwiTHST.tNoiNQ the f;ict that Chicago has boasted of her ability to erect a Logan monument without any outside help, a bill has been introduced in the Illinois legislature providing for the ap-, propriatiori of $.V),000 tor said purpose. "-Amoxo the many curious works of tliB largestjihrary in the world, at Paris, is a Chinese-xhart of the heavens made about (SO0B. C. In this chart l,4fi0 stars are correctly inserted,; aa corroborated by the observations of modern : nstron-nmers. - : Sscbetarv B avaiiu recommends that an equaliiation of duUeis Temade 6if importation of ruisins and currants in nriler to facilitate negotiations now pend ing between , the , -governmente i of the United states and Spain, looking to the - ' establishment of more liberal commercial intercourse, -v :A horrible fatc'befell four tramps who were stealing. a ride on a freight train on the-C, 0. S S. W'r railroad' Sn nday morili ngJJ&eVenfltf " w Weh they were riding was filled with cotton. It Caught fire near Paducah and was reduced to ashes, the. tramps perishing in the flames,-Jt ia aupposod that thfrj cotton caugiu nre rrom uieir pipes. - Senator Bkcb: has been a member of congress for twenty years, eight years in the lower house and twelve in the senaler lie says TieTTccls' thankfur tor the honors his people have already her stowed upon him, and now, if they prefer Mr. Carlisle or any other one to himf . to represent them in the senate, he w ill 1 content and will gracefully acquiesce in their decision. : ", - ' .. THSirj ah A . Dawsos amveyui . general oi -z tnoraito, ana - lornierty a prominent citizen pf Kentucky, died Sunday night in Denver, to which city heliad just-returnedr from hir former home in Hart, county, whore he was stricken with paralysis some two months ago.r II was 5,1 years of age,? and was always (greatly admired by those who knew him Intimately. ' ,. A apatfAl, from Springfield, 111., of the 1 :1th inst., reads as follows: "The joint republican caucus, to choose a successor to General John A. Logan for the U, S. Senate, was called to order by Charles Bogardus, of Ford county, at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon, and Senator Summer, of WHh1ag(KTj?TperiiMmM chairman. " The " nominations were made without nominating speeches. One hundred and ten votes were cast pn the first ballot necefwry W choice 58. Farwrll rwwJ S7, Hamilton R Hntknu l, lavwm 12, Canm II, Crr X, Ileum 7, lUmbard 5, tluuib 1, tvhti uulb I, MiirrW 1, Med ill 1. llarW B. Kurirll a auminsUiloa the se-oaJ a. ihet.iieJ the tunt(ul rttitli.Ulr. II Ux tuning tkit that FarallJuId--rmlve the j nowtMtlrm rVnatur Jit am withJrvw me naiue w uamiw.ii m t Farwell, and, oo motion of Mr. lirwn, ol W slosh eiwnty, the BOUlilwl'lOB of Farwell-was made u.nauiuHis. The democratic senatorial catirus was called to order at T.30 o'clock, d K L Mr Kinuty elect"! permanent chairman. An informal ballot for U. 8. twostorrvsalte W, R, Morrison ftfc.L B. Stephenson 16; K. W. Townahend 8; Ju4 J. J. Fhinips S; Jf. C. WortWngton, 5; titnral J. O. IUaiM R, J. Prcndcrgaa 11; M. W. Fuller, 1; W. "J. Allen t- The candidatee . being announced by the iufornial ballot, a formal ballot waa taken with the following result: Morrison 33; Stephenson 2, Townshend tt; Pn-ndergaat 1; Worthington 1; Allen 1; 1 Black 1. On the third ballot Morrison received 43 vote, and Stephenson 32, giving the nomination to Morrison. The nomination waa made unanimous, V- liov. It. L. Ta'v'u waa inaugurated Monday, concerning which occasion Nashville . eorresondent aayar . "The members of the Tenncaiec lcgUlature all returned this morning and particinatel in the inaugural ceremonies. lu?"cirji- itol was liandsomely decorated with flowers and flags, and waa crowded to overflowing w hen the speakers of both bouses welcomed the retiring and incoming governors and members of the supreme court bench. " (iov, Bate was introduced by Speaker Clapp, and delivered A short and appropriate aldress. tfcvemoriect Robert LTayfor, afttr being introdwod by -Speaker Kwing, delivered inattguraJ address, which Waitrief and to the point. The oath of office was administered by Chief Justice Turney, the Harding artillery tired several salutes, and the new - governor assumed the duties of his position." Tub Courier-Journal's correspondent in Munfordville says: "To-day (Satur-day) tlie answer of lien. S. B. Buckuer to tlie democrats ofJIart, who had put him in tho field as a cantJidate lor gov ernor, was handed, id' the committee of tlie late county meeting. Gen. Buckncr accepts the indorsement of the neighbors and friends, with whom he has lived excepting about fifteen years of millitary servjee, eleven in the rpgular aniiyand four in tho confederate army since lie was born. Thus you will sec that he has had nearly thirty years of experience m a successful farmer and man of business, administering' a large fortune and cultivating .an extensive - acreage jvith eeaselHssand iirosperous activity! . ; . Politics in this portion, of the state arc in rather a complicated .condition at present. - Simpson -has a candidate for siilierinLendent of pub!icintruction; Warren, a candidate for governor; Ixgan, a candidate for superintendent of public instruction and also one for the senate; Todd, two aspirants for the senatorial honor, and several other counties yet to hear from, each of which" will no doubt want . somethings 11 Neighbors should love each othar: nd ludo eiu;h otlitr,Jiut time, should the present state-of aflairs continue until the time of holding the county conventions, is a question that can not be solved very easily. Si'xiiAV night last three unknown scoundrels painfully, and, it Is feareil, fatally wounded Rev. Steve P. Holcombo, the noted mission worker of Louisville, They entered his study ut the" mission, cursed and abused him, and one ol them knocked, him down witla sandbag. His l'ac:e was badly bruised aSd swollenand both bones of the right leg were' broken three inches below the knee. The discharge of a questionable servant girl is the supposed cause of the cowardly attack and it is hoped that she will fur-nisha clew that -will result in tho capture of the guilty ones! 1 1, 1 'Amoso the new enterprises reported in the south the past year,X'arc 28 iron furnaces, 50 ico factories, 68 foundries and machine shops, 1 Bessciner steel-rail hiiltB miscellaneous iron w6rks, 8 stove foundries, 20 gas-works, 3-1 electric light companies, . ngricultnral imple-ment factories, 174 mining and quarrying enterprises,! 10 carriage and wagon factories, 9 cotton niilli', 3B furniture factories, 1 42 waUsr-works, 158 tobacco factories, 92 flour mills, 448 timber mills, Truly iliesottth Jsjtt a prosperous coih dition. ':" ' - : -. - ICsq. W. B. BHEWKR,Df4lairvli'w, is being urged io make tho raco for the legislature in TcmIiI county. , lie is requested tovofler for said lionor by 145 of the aub stantial t'itiisens of his county; who pub lish a lengthy call in the Todd County Progress. Mr. Brewer married one of Simpson's '"noblest. ladies, and consequently he liasj large "following" in this county also, and his many friends here are willing to go down at any time and lend all the assistance in , their power, inc iAVowiK is lor 'Niuire, Brewcrflrat, lasrtiid all tile Umrj: . Wb underntand that the candhlates for the senate in this district will, begin their canvass as soon as the Logan cir cuit court adjourns. There "are only three- entries so far, namely, Judge Terry and Dr! Grady, of Todd, and Col. W. W."Lylc, of Logan. Unless Logan trots out another horse, wc guess the race is made up, as; Simpson is not grooming a steed, r. Tap the drum and let 'em start, and require all who expect to battle for the honor to bsgin in the? firstheaf. horse - : There should be no dark : A skin in the room of a western "hoto! IsaaidioTeadarfollowsrriidiannclnbscioscd untitlhe first of February ......Mr. and dumb bellg will not be permitted in any of thq rooms. Guests in need of exercise can go downlo tlie kitchen and. pound s steak." The following should have been-' added; Tho cooks in. this hote1,Turfe true of most ull otlierff-how B-aava, are rnu uzy rorai suia ponnmng M . - . , . ... 'Til themselves and that is the cause of .the alarming epidemic, "chronic dvspepsia." lUm un. n,. l,t sa 1,A ... l I ,n' Tii a Tennessee legislature; has not yet elected a United States Senator for the long term. : Hon, W, C. Whitthorne was elected for the short, term. Bate still lead but has not rvceived enough votes, by hall, to elect him. . The Tepublleuna cast a complimentary vote for-.Hnn. A. A. Taylor. . " ' " . GiLLlTtM ITEMS -j (IwoKimni.i Tint akisky tax Uikyuar klM. , , Gallatin haa thirtrva urcret orvamn-tloBa, tea aaioxut nxi tr ea chuniiek. ( Ik) latin bw hat a aril HjuiipeJ fire driarUiMMit, ruuipuMxtoi toruinpani, aiid therefow k well proteili'4 in mm tire. land farm this rraf In rVankhn, Kir Hv arem hongtn thrw-i ing for a houi tt Woodlmrn hist we '.v failnl to Hnd uri for nine Bra "Two epntlemen trom- were here thk mntk U.k to du buainen in. Aa liter one thev were 6rced to seek another place. - Last Thumday uiglit A. Ashworth and Owwv Cmair, iMfrm -priauiutni iu Ut ork-hoiuM, awicd In mi continenwut Hie indicationa are that the cwupe w as nude by aid of outside (uwistaitre. Ashworth is a bad negro and tin I shackles on when b escaped, lie is still at large, tied. Crsar is i loy almut lifteen years old and waa put in tlie aork-house for firing i pistol. Tlie Kpiscopal cliur. li has Utely n-ceived four very liainUnuie pnneula. A communion service, from BuJiop Quin-tard; a complete set of handsomely embroidered chancel Iwnginirs, from St. Clenienti church, Philadelphia, and two seta of altar linen, both beautifully embroidered, one from the church of the transfiguration, New York, and one from the sisters of all saints' house, Baltimore, " President tugene Zimmerman, of the Chesapeake ami Nashville railroad, was in Gallatin this week looking alter his railroad intermits. President fcimmitf- wan said that the road would, at an early day, be extended to Glasgow, Ky., and' from Glasgow to Stanford, w here it would tap the Kentucky Central. Already the road k completed to within a fvwjnilea of Si-ottvilleKy., and fully ,1 gtoel are beingreeeivetl at Gal-hitin to complete this. line to that city. All the bridirea liavo, hta placet and only the track laying has to he done. This line would liave been completed several weeks ago were it not that the weather has been so disagreeable'. Considerable interest has been felt about the extension to Kashville. President Zlm-nieniian r Claims that it will be built to tliat citv. and that ho, with Viee-Prcsi- aeoi uciwe via meet, w 3 or panics .i . .. i .i - n. an., ,K,-Bly .r tensions. Ill'SSEI.LVlLLK ITKMS. , .(iiiMkiti'ii.) ' "" . , Mr. Hite Small has sold his interest in the Price livery stable to C. II. Ityan. Since probibition took ell'ect in llug-sellville we have had one of the quietest tow ns in Kentucky. ' 'ite corner of the m' bnilding being erected Where Clark's saloon burned dowiif fell out yesterday, necessitating Bomeextra work",- KortunaUily no one was injured." ' The report that there is trouble at the ). & X. macliint; shops in Itussellville among the hands because of the appointment of a new master mechanic, is, we are informed, without .-inundation. -Two negroes quit work simply because they could make totter wages digging coal at Mud Kiver mines. ' , 'flic iiostotlico has been settled by the appointment of l'r. Bibb,. gentleman now finds himself ur hot water, owing to the numerous plications tor clerkship in thatdepaiiiieiit. HKhas Imd a dozen or more. andHatill thife is room fw other-- As thev arc aft ffienils oMhe doctor, about the best way for him to settle the matter is to put all their names in a bag, shake them up and see which conies puLfirst. This is "tlyj first aessioii of court at which the new Judgp, Hon, Willis Beeves, has Presided in this county. The people and lawyera both are well pleased with him as a presiding officer, lie is kind nnd courteous and pushes business righUriong. .He has been tip with tlie docket most of the time- - His knowledge of tho law is exix ilent, and if he keeps, in the same groove he- is now ine predict he will lie regarded as a Ve wlll"also mention the fact that the commonwealth's attorney, X. A. Porter, and county attorney, Crewdxon, are con.-stantly at their posts performing their ditties in an excellent manner. j --r- HPKINUFIKLD ITEMS. . - At the qiiarteirly conference last Saturday night, the board of trustees wore empowered with authority to insure the church building in the sum of $2,000; This is a inove m the right direction. The directors ol the new bank Held a meeting hist Thursday and elected Col. W. K. Hutcheson, president; Dr. Geo. K. Draughon, vice-president, and M, P, Woodard. Eso cashier. These men are well known in tliis community there-Jnrc need no word of commendation from the Record. . . . . Crystal Fountain Lodge, Xo.. 282, met in its new hall December 25. After all busitiCHB being transacted the lodge went into an election of officers for the ensuing year, to-wit: . Doctor Moore, of Black Jack, elected W. M.; K. II. Dillard, S. W.;'Ari(Ierson' Dorris, J. W.; T. J, Willis, treasurer; T. 0. Tarpley, secreta ry; G. T. Cook, 8D,rS. A-.-1HcI)oiiald, 3. D.; Bror George' Trennry,- chaplain. W. B. Pitt, "pf Barren Plains, showed us a diary which lie .had .w hile in prison at Camp Butler, and in which he kept the dales of deaths of the following 4toberton coimty men who died in prison; . J . V est, iuesday I March 1". i; Henry Cninmiligs, W wt-l nesday, March 2l; Wr i)r Murrr,- Tnen-fw, day, April 15; AllierT Williams, AVednesH day, April lti; v. il. r, frummervnie, Haturday, April 2li; W. (i. (iarrett (shot by guard) Friday, May'2; M. Y.i Adams, WednesdayrMarfru"i! Jomw, ".Monday, May 12; V. A. Webb, Saturday, Ma, 17; T. Ofeer, Wednesday, June 18. This perhaps is the first time the deaths of-thesa siaiUiern-Jiob!emenwi!re e vlt announced in a newspaper. i ... ItAFIDS. Mr. and Mrs. James gave tlie young people of this neighborhood a party last Friday night.. A great many attended and all enjoyed themselves hugely.-;....-Mr. J. I!. James made a business trip to Richland, T0iin., Saturday James Kobey, - Ksq., of Fninklin,WBs in tills vicinity last week biiving liitiaccQ,,;, Bro. C. W.-Witt filled his appointment Sundav and preached, as usual, an inter esting sermon. .....Mr. Trice Pitt, of West I ienneBwej w visiting nis sister, ilrs, w, T.-Martin. AlSunday-scliool was or? ganired at tilenwood Sunday jith the following Qmcers: Wm. M. Wilson, supt.; Miss Belle King, see'y; Mr.: J. Kelly and Miss Lula Johns, librarians; W. T.. Martin, treas. Sunday-school meets every Sabbath morning at 9 o'clock.Mr. Peter Ray is sick...... The Ulonwood school is still increasing in numbers, fioveral new pupils on -Mnwlny;- , ItOKK BOWER COLLEGE. -ttH Miss Ida Belle Stringer's school has M. M, Scott made a business trip to dal-latin Saturday., ....Miss Lizzie Gossctt is Hie guest of her sister, Mrs. Klla Strin- ?:er, tlvis wcek.,rMii Mary Scott is vis-ling her .dHterj- Mm Uzzie; -Scott, in Sumner county......Mr. Wiley (irovos -visited the widowjCarolinejBpsSctt last O 1.... f,l... ,.,,.. nl,0 r.t I OUUIIUV i.iauuui IUUIUI OIJCUKI, vt - otlieMrwIdiiW - fight soon-We are .1. 1 , .1.- ' XtZ l.'l.'..,. glad to sny that Miss Eliza Bennett, is recovering from a long spell of sickness. Mr. James Gossctt and son,' Walter, visited Mm. Beasley, of Orlinda, Saturday night, : - - - r , PILOT KNOB. J McVaddinVa-nuia pretly name for hiV new boy.,....There is A nice rid heifer about two years old at Will Heart's. The owner can get same by calling on him,.....John Waters sold the boss steer. ti Btk Cliawv. It aeigbw) I.ftW poonds; r'ur, (.Xtai r hundivl poumta, .....Ahir tradera are buying litaja. April deKvery at 41 eta. jier pound, llo) lhtarvitlan will prove fnl..Wn. Air I'nuit, U lUjtifc-1,1, Ttaiiisi mtativva lu-re last wepk....,.Mr. houier'l wife prmrnUwl him (kin last week; both uiiU MeMra. Bub and Bick Chanev hare mited the Joel Hoi-1 land farm this rraf lor $:!tl0."..tahl 4 ' iw-farlwds of hoe" eek, paving a bit price tor nine tiro. Turk will preach at Bethel this year oa the 1st Sunday ia each tuonth.... '...Mr. Stinaon haa a child dangerously sick with iilphtlieria. UaU4 Hatt-ra liippt4 a mixed call load ol stot a Iront Ntutu I mow Ntturtuv night....Bob Hanea. Itufe Stuart anil John Peart aold UieU tobacco last week at Vut. and :cta. Higheat pncea tliat have beeu paid Shelby Breeding and w ife, of Bowling Green, visiwd Mra. M. F. Mct'ulehen receutly..7.iferr1inir 4 Xicoll are feeiling three ear loads of mute for Ve southern Biarket....W. L Peart aold a nice lot of young hogs, to Messrs. Bob and Bick Chancy at 4 cents jier )iouiid. (1LKMWUOD. There is no measles In the school at Glcuwood, nor has there been any, and the principal anys he hopes the com-pondent at Hickory Flat will, in future, seek hk information from a : more reliable source Miss Durham, from Beth-page, Sumner county, Tenn., has entered school at 01enwood"""Itev, CH W.Witt delivered a fine discdureu at liouud Pond last Sundav Sundav school at tilenwood next Sundav, 9 o'clock being the regular hour Mrs, Tom Alexander k improving. .....Mr. Willie Peden and brother Ed. are hoarding at 'Squire .Win. Taylor'B and attending acjiool at this place...... Mr. Jas. Fraier and family, woiuaiiie(l by M.W. W. Hultlnaa,' left for Texas last Tliursday.:...Prof. J. D. (ilenn and Edgar Ijin made a business trip to Allen county last Satnrdav. Bad colds are raging in this immediate neighborhood. ' PRICK'S MILL. Y Mrs. Cole, of Franklin, was the truest i " of Mm X. y. Mxriia hoi week....r.Hm 1Vira lftK been quite sick for sev- .,i ,i,. - ir u i:ni ir., k farm to Sirs. iiicc.; is .Miss Cue Bice who has agreed to travel life's rugged wad with Mr. Horace(jilbirt, and not Miss Susie Price as was heretofore stated. .Ino. Hiclianlson and Peter-Doss will teach you how to ride horseback in the .latest style and :alsn how4-walk4Hwk-- ward Messrs; J. t.-jorn and John Clavpool will crtK'ta sawmill on Col. A. k Hiill's woodland, near here, soon. Little Willie West ia quite sick...... Mr. J. W, Flowers spent several days of last week w ith friends hear ltussell'vi)le. ....Mr. M. L. Freeman is confined ts bed with typhoid fever The messlea epidemic is not so alarming as it was. lUCHLAMV There has been several changes since Christinas in our village. Mr. Hulet has moved into the house vacated by E. M. White, he having gone to ' Mr. T. Harris' farm; Mr. Imiv, from Ohio, to tlie house Mr. Croy vacated, he having moved to tiie place purchased from J. Mcljuestian; ltuhen Tovel has : moved back to. his farm, and W. Reed moved into the house he vacated Xot much being done in tlie tobacco business; bny-ersarc Bcnree nd fanners are not very anxious to sell at auch .low figure....., Wheat- lofiks sickly smcF'the recent freezes Married, at the residence of Mr. U. -HradlPv. on the 9th itmt., MrA. liradlcv and Miss Bradley, who came frem fltinolsB few weeks ago..,;..Miss Emma Payne has returned to her home in West Tennessee. ; ;' .. Miss Martha Bunch is very sick....;. Miss Lou Barnes, of Gold City, k TfisiU ing heruncle, Mr, llirain Backley,,,. Miss iJllir It ewett, ol JWtttn lLnion. is communiiy...... Mr. til Illewe it contract to tukc the timber. crarevaru at uie cnui-cn.,. .t- iuno Noel and wife nave recently niovoo .lire, iiajfiiuy. wnere tney - win mane their future home. ... ..The sueial given by Mies Muhalay Hngins was a succeaa. ......Sir. Tom Blewett has returned from a pleasnnt visit fo .frienils and relatives nt Smith's drove;.,.., Another wedding in whispered around. Three clu-ere for Bennie. -. ' - --'. ' " OKLlWuA. I.' Tobacco buyers are 'eeouriiig the -eoimtry witli one- eye-upott 4he-firice current and tlie other watching the ebb and How of the inl)1i(upul;,,,l,rof. liortlik'k's sctiool it this point is in a very flourialiing condition, l'rof, B. is originalnd hows Bllegiance toi no lord. The health of our emmutiity it improving after a Bcourge of colds and pneumonia Quite a storm visited this community recently doing considerable damage to feneei Bro. O. W, feath- erxton, our newly-wedded : minister, preaches at Orlinda church on the thin! Hnndav in each month. . NEW MIDDLE FOUR. Mr.'J. S. Lewis has returned home where lie expects to remain a short tiuijv Mr. John Murray js canvassing out nciglihorhoodlhirweek, representing work on "Baptist doetrine.','..,...Mr. Soioiiioii Harris and family are preparing to move to their new home in Simpson. We regret very much lor them to . leave this family being oneof ihe leading ones in Allen.. ....Tuliacco is selling at a very low price with the exception of long tobacco, hence Mr,. 'A.'M. Hill wants to know where he can get some ."long seed.- " ' L. HICKOKY FLAT. Mr. Hugh Siuitli'ababy la quite sick. The young folks had a nice dance last Tuesday night at Mr. Will Aaron's. Several from the neighborhood of Frank-lin attendediiunrNew- Roe must have great attractions for certain young gents from tniSi neighborhood,, judging from tlie lengtn ot tneir viwui....rhe only native of Africa In thi Mmntr, aiW perhaps in the state, old uncle Davy Blame, diea yesteraay amis son-in-law s, Bob llnjdley sr j " NHADV UBOVK. . j. Mr. John Gibson is very low and not gxpec-ted to live many. days..,,Miss A 1 ice Pearson will tart to ' Texns soon, accompanied by Mr. Tom Horn and mother Mr. U. I),, Aiken, of Mississippi, and Miss Katie Watson, from Vance's Mill vicinity, visited Miss Lute Ciai nes Saturday last. T ZS- A Verf Romantic Wcddlnf. . - , ' . t AaKXBviLi, Kv.,, Jan. 16. Quite a. romantic weddjiig occurred near this placalaatnightJlie .contracting par. ties to the suit wore Mr. Nat Mallory, of Sturgeon, Mo., and Miss Klla Fox, of tins community. Some rour dt. nvo years ago the groom was charged with tilling a jnan named Harrison, at Elkton, Ky.Hand at once took his depart-nre for parts unknown. Last night, for the first time in five years, ho visited tlie county lor the purpose of claiming the woman who bad remained so true to the man of her choice during tlie t&ji scenes of' manf years. Immediately after the marriage Mr. and Mrs. iMaliory left for tlieir kture hom in Sturgeon, Mo. . . ' A gpotted t'oiuuinuity. Bowling Gieen-DeuuKuat.W.Qpdburn j Is now a spotted community.- a young man opened a gnScery store and Waited on customers while he had measles. It lms, therefore, in the words of Judge Wilkcrson.aiul the scripture, spread, from Dan to Berslieba and is spread upon pcoplo with little or no regard for age, sex or previous condition of servi tude. ' - , In tho harvest season of Dry Goods and Clothing but the situation jn - preiers cutting a deep gash Our $ 1 5.00 Overcoats now $ 1 2.00 12.50 10.00 7.50 ti it Our $20.00 Fine (i 44 15.00 " 12.00 . " $12.00 Ladies' Newmarkets $10.00 iii tii n niiiiiv III VUI UUVIU) PRICES AREt EQTJALL1T LOW, ; And if space would ' permit we would name them' all to you. -'Embrace the golden opportunity and -,-y- . , call to see us and get, choice- ' '-' .:. - Remember DEALERS IN- Stoves, Grates, : .. , ... MANIIFACTUKKR OF Tis, Copper, and Sheet-Iron Ware. Guttering and Itoofiing at Lowest l'ricos and Satisfaction G uarant eed alVH ME A OALL ) CONTINENTAL . Insurance Company ! bw ....;...;;...,.........;....V;..ei,iTT,478.9!i Cll CAl'ITAL....; l,m,U.W AKASTKE WW PEIXWIT... 1.I,(I00.) W. MacGill. Aaent. - . ' rRANKMN, KV. 11 il iwwaill ytvifmmmmFewmm'tm i Katwre' Buildings, Crop and Stock n,fw -r,I Kilnt lo or damage by . e. Lightning, Tornados, Cy-olonaa and Wind Storms. e tutuc l GnajUDtiV Fund Puller vhirh witlaiiiiiteMalt.. Bond. ; latex an ctwaiu uh any Mandanl oomranv. fall or write and secure a policy In the utinental. i- -lH-4m A Yankee Iatroductlon. One time," says Mr. Sol Smith Rus sell,) "Mr; WUllam T. Adams, my father-m-liiw, went np to Kecne, N. H., with me to atslst in an entertainnntt given under t)ie auspices ot Dodge post' No. i, 6. A. R.1 An old gentleman came behind the evrialn and said: 'Now, look a-here, gen-BsBen, I'd kind e' lika to know aome-tbia about this thing, for we thought weli save a little on the expense by not harin' any programmes printed. If you'll Jest-tell me what's comin' I'll step out aniannoancs it.1 'Well,' said I, 'the first nutnber will be a reading by Mr. Adams, f&rer Optio.' With this information tne ojci (entleman stepped out in front ot the curtain, and stood on the step leading up to the stage,' where he rapped , on the flc-t with bis ease, and cried eat:: 'Oh, yest eh, yes I Ladies and gentlemen ot Dodge post No. i, 6. A. R,, ot Eeene, I hflithe honor ot ansonncin' that this thing will be opened by Itt. William T. Adama Oliver Optic who will read r inthin' from his new book. Ice cream in thereat of the hall, ten cents a plater - "This original style ot announcement wal kept np through the evening, the eld gentleman never oiice tailing to preface hifl. remarks with the conventional 'Oh, yelT5h, yes!' or to end them with the reference to Ice cream, ten cents a plate!' But along about 10:80 o'clock he came behind the curtain and said i 'Look a-here, don't yon think It's about time to wind np. thii ehow? I see that some of our old folk ia jawnln' and act In1 as if they wanted to go home.' ' 'Ves.' said L 'Yon caijjlpionnce that the entertainment will cl we, With Mr. RusselTs iinpereonatlpna of curious human character.' The old gentleman poked out to his place at the head of the stage steps, and, having Invited at-teifion with his cane, said, 'Oh, yes I oh, wiles ana genuemen or mage Fost i c. u. A. it., oi juiene, uanua- yon tori KonT attendance here this evenln' I the honor to announce that this thing -nd with Mr. Russell's tmpersona- idt curious characters he has met. i m. in the rear of the ball, five !'" CliicagoNews. A WomUtM Oactaa.Vlut, - - 'ou see that cylindrical koklnsfoautus In the windowr askedaresaurateur -reporter. "Well, there has been s lying about the origin and nativity tat old bunch ot thorns than there ever wo t about the battle ot Shiloh. I have sa that It came from every portion of the g! e, and once .when I wasn't thinking I tu i a fellow It was found growing on the hi kof an ocean vessel.' Ihsdn't had it h' a week before a fellow teld ne that bn ised to live where the ground was cov-srw with them. This was near Jemga-bi, be said. When caravans made pil-rrnases from one city to another and ran Mart of water on thf way, the travelers yp- :i cut the plant open and drink the Ptrathing liquid whien they contained. ALotbsf felloe said that the thorns on the . i , , i . . i . . i . v weie cruus wnco wouiu uiunn iinu 'u,il red .Viw, that old e wudtwr f w,"y n L 'x,pt ta, is f" n c" from Indian .ir fn tts i, and v - i't bVissom, n ft d years, 'V - ,0 herald. , t . rfct-Mhr U mttmnl Cslera. wk ticl IcV is ceifi 4-l ' ny t a L.;jneM grausmsa of mnJ eoluts the ra!lton of j ot all gts photographers from ra i f oVini to oar own, The i, it w to H ksd, If simpler than lie of ti luw'ior, Asnrisawa i Nkhoms S -AElws Xlobasni- photognL' a b. was tits island vIma.-a.i Tribune; . '. l . ' . .:.- time. Foreseeing carrying over mucn Below we give you 10.00 7.00 - M it 5.00 Suits now $17.60 44 . " 12.50 44 44 10.00 a VI riiMVnMiiiiiJiiimivjmnnmp We Mean Strictlv Yours Respectfully . L Tinware, Etc. - WftwUIIIUXIiJ. s , j ' " "-rr i Ms IVIi. UQWSOha OTs large Rto of goods, all new, con- fisting of Alpaiis, Delaln,l'nderwear and .oilier goods euminuuiy wiiaa in a ury gouun uoimc, ' and Gent's Boots tod Stioes, Hata atncl Oapa, OLAS8WAM, 9UEENIWR( AND TRUNKS, which I will sell at col and carriage. 1 have . .. men anu youinn i ...... OVERCOATS LADIES' CLOAKS ftfiktil wlll wlUt Kfw tliAiint until the loth of Ma roll ueit. All thofe I ii debt od to me will fileflw come for-wan! tixi wtlle tlielr notYnintJt, an tliey nnint U paid. Hotie('t(ull)'t . 31, M IAWKON, Br., 1-U(f Cor. Matn ami DiKt Stif. Jirnnklin, K NEW GROCERY J.JF. Mcpherson Has recently added very largely (o his - . ; stock of pure and ' Fresh Family Groceries And Bor htw a well assorted slfwk -o bflTi(l -.i-y-wliich he protista. .to '11 iT." V As Cheap as the Cheapest. hi eoHRwttou'wiiti ihe groewugihetf' he will FINE CIGARS AND TOBACCO A ' '- . ' ASPICIALTV. ' Candies, Gates, Frnits, Nnte, Etc, t Il mi me and , prices ljcfcire boying. 4. F, MCTHKK.SON. Eiut Side Squiire. W8-0m Agents Wanted! We wnt local ajtentu ererynhere In coliclt mh. . crltloii for The Franklin Favorite. Very liberal nimmlwlnnii paid snd we srir vein. , . - okle prcmlnms for r lube, - Zzzi for Terms ri OaUit sj.jonerjearh the price nf TpF. rAvorrrr, and ' no'whtbeflmelonirifcrlBeV Cet Advertising Medium U This Cok(iEioxi. Pinairf-.- DfiY fioons ci i i the coming dullness, the writer in prices in preferences to oi our wmier siock. an idea how we sell. $10.00 Ladies' Newmarkets $7.50 7.50 " , . " 5.00 5.00 " " CSSO 3.50 AU-Wool Red Blankets, 114, 4.50 r" , 104, 4.oo White Blankets, per pair, 1.75 Our 20-cent Dress 15 '':"'-''"''' ' M iTRA'DE I IUIU Ul IU UHIUI UKJVIAI IIIIWIIIU : 4 OUR SLASHING HOLIDAY BUSINESS DID IT! W(J hav0 t(lkfn a u )limt ex,,inring tlie ate oveiloadeii in several important ! mooey to a surplus of - ; If off Hlftlr ttJttlfiii In Ever rnsugiiratod in this section. Coat snd former prices aloolutoly ignored. ' 1 dnmluent thought is to clear out the stock at some price. We are ' now ready for " THE GREAT MIDWINTER RUSH And have plenty of goods to?wnrl on, and Our Stock Has been greatly reduced In the past fow weeks, as we have been, selling them at f greatly rodud price, but we still have an elogant line of stylish f'lnaks - and Wraps left, and will continue to close them out - -- " regnnlless of their cost. ' - - . Ladies' and Gent.' MARKICD DOWN TO LESS THAN CASH PUICK.S, At ridieiiloiisl-ldw prices; in fact the prices will hardly cover cost of the wool In' .. - '' - - thenw '- '' . . '- r ant tie Reduced to a price that liarely Clothing and Overcoats- At unheard-of reductions. Boots and. CLoss, Oats aclC:; Are m indication of their real We' propose to make this lhe lirgotirboiia-flde" cut-price sale oft. record, and to this end will give the trading public all our lines Of goods at prices that seem ridiculous. Nevertheless, tbey.have got to go. " ' FORD & few willTake in Goods now 15c it 12 1 2c Busihess. "Q'ff HALL ';$,- condition of our stuck and find that we t lines, and, as we prefer a surplus of t goods, weiiave prepared the BROKE UP! Tim L'dyHfe'r'v The the prices are sn low that, they can not i . lie resisted. " of Cloaks covers the cost ot weaving.- r Dress Goods The prices we shall name on our .. value, but thty have got to go. BROTHER, it- ,; t I- Z t - y . 1

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