The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on May 8, 1946 · Page 8
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 8

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 8, 1946
Page 8
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- - .i - j jr. 8 THK OTTAWA JOURNAL, NESDAT. MAY I, 1948. Veterans WelcomeHome Night At Christ Church Cathedral A . "Veterans of thfs war are hot a special class and wish no treatment as such", said Hon. Major Jehn Weir Foote, VC," addressing members of the congregation of Christ Church Cathedral at a "Welcome Home" supper to servicemen, of the church, held last nihtxln. Lauder Hall. - Nearly 200 members were told the ex-servicemen had nothing but gratitude to Canada and its people for the treatment accorded Veterans, and were fully prepared to take up their old tasks and join in the" work for the future.', ! ' " look for great things from Canada", he said, "under the leadership of these young men and woinen. anxious Ito serve Canada as well in peace as they did in war". ' j . Turning ta religionIn war and peace, the speaker told the gathering that became greatly annoyed when bearing people speak of "unhappy di-. Tislons-among the Protestant denomination, and said that no each divisions had been found , by him during the war. He added that neither were there any such divisions overseas between Catholics and Protestants. He described the way in which ministers of the two religions aided each other in their duties, and told of a dying Catholic boy in Germany who desired communion. There being no priest in the camp Major Fosti administered himself. " j "In all probability I broke a number of rules and regulations", he said, "but neither he nor I thought of that, and I am. conf i-dentVthat any priest would have done the same for a dying Protestant." i - Major Foote said that during the war he had seen laid the. foundations of a new and greater understanding of. each other's problems, and he made a plea for national unity. He felt sure that the few problems facing. French and English-speaking Canadians, and Protestant and Catholic could and would be solved. He paid high " tribute s at this time to French-speaking Canadians overseas who had built up a record of deeds second to none. j Major Foote was introduced by Colonel Evan Gill and was thanked, on behalf of the congregation by' Rev. A. E. Caulfeild of Church of the ' Ascension. . . The meeting was presided over by Dean H. H a brief address of welcome to the returned men at the conclusion of which the congregation stood in silence, while vie names of the fallen were read Before this, DeanXClark told the meeting he . was nappy to announce that Albert JSpencer, 20 Stevenson place, had been listed in error with thefallenNand was present at the supper. Mr. Spencer was shot down v over France, lived with Maquis for some time aiiu nu nam oa missing. , Bishop' Jefferson addressed the meeting briefly and gave thanks for the delivery of theXworld from war a year ago andwel-cbmed the' veterans back to their homes and ' church. He then blessed the assembly. At "the head table .were: Major and Mrs. Foote, Bishop and Mrs, Jefferson, Dean and Mrs. .Clark, CoL and Mrs. J. T.xJanson, Col. and Mrs. Evan Gill, Rev. A. E. Caulfeild, B. E., Rothwell and Rev. Llewellyn 'Graham "and Miss B. Graham. - DeanClark paidj tribute to the committee composed of Col. Gill, Francis GUI, Gordon Cheney, C. A. Bint and ftev.x Mr. Graham, for their work in making the arrangements for the supper, and to the ladies of the Woman's Guild for their efforts in the preparation and serving of the meal. ' Following the meal, the younger members cleared the hall of tables and held a dance. Delate Some Names -Of War Brides . The following names have been deleted from the list of English brides due to arrive at Halifax today aboard the Queen Mary: . Mrs. Betty Petilgrew, ' wife of WO I D. Pettigrew, 116 Carl-ing: Mrs. Betty M. Hanes, wife of FO. A- L. Hanes, 167 Belmont avenue; -Mrs.v Christine "M. Moss, wire of SgtA. Moss, Cornwall; Mrs. Nora' E. Shingler, wife of Pte. VjG. Shingler, Pembroke: Mrs. OMary W. McGlade wife of LAC A. V. McGlade, Smiths Falls. . WILL TRY GUARDS. , YOKOHAMA, May 7. Yoshi-uki (Pegleg) Ikeda and Tadashl ( Scarf ace ) Takano, former guards at the Mohi prison camp, will go to trial Friday on charges of atro- Clark, who gave cities against American prisoners. MacKay Boys Plan To Enter Track Meet MacKay Street Under! the mentorship of F. G Hallt, with Ray Lebarge as assist- ant, a group of from 20 to 27 boys meet each Thursday -evening. It is a real community group with MacKayl Church facilities at their disposal and games and athletics forming their special interest Newly established, additional leaders are required to organize groups. Mr. Hallt is one of the pioneers in Trail Ranger and Tuxls work, having been asso elated with. Taylor Statten, found of the movement in the early . Ray La barge is teacher of a txjys 'class in MacKay unday School. J Plans are being made to have a team in the Sunday School boys' track meet this month. They plan to have some boys at Wood land Camp and to help raise the suggested allocation of SI 00 from MacKay United Church for the new campsite, j Chalme William Illman, leader of the Chalmers Youth Bible Fellowship, was recently honored when he was awarded a National Research scholarship which gives him a year in the University of Toronto. Active as a field naturalist, part time leader of Woodland Boys' Camp, and Interested in youth movements he has taken an active part in j church and community work since coming to Ottawa two years -ego. Dave Brown, president of the Chalmers Fellowship, and a camper and later leader at Woodland Boys' Camphas advised the session of Chalmers Church that he is offering as a candidate for the ministry of the Christian1 Church. He is one of a growing group of boys who received teir' impetus to give their full time py Christian service through their experience at Woodland Camp andvthe Ontario Older Boys' Parliament Chalmers has an objective of $5oO for the new boys' camp site. St James. The St. James" United Church representatives have accepted the $300 allocation of the Ottawa Boys' AVprk Board In connection withthe! establishment of a new I i-nmnlt -for hnva at I.iikWIH in 4 Uhe Ottawa river. At a supper meeting in the YMCA, Dr. P. O. Ripley, Jn accepting the. allocation, challenged Dominion and Soutbminster to be first to raise the $300 land exceed that amount C. E. Campbell represented Dominion Church, and Willard Blair, -V i - 4 a i Protecting thousands Of Ganadians-uhen aooniej? m v -Accident on d Sickness ploy no fcrrtfrlrts. Safeguard rour savings t ha Continental way. For you, LIFETIME INCOME-PROTECTION whtn disabled . . . for wry tnembtr of your family, th NEW CONTINENTAL FAMILY GROUP HOSPITAL PLAN allows up to 200 Ways' Hospital Cart for insured and for toch dtpond nr. Gt Hit full story today. .'v A . A AIulUAL FCiAfiCIAL STATET'QIT M . . ; V . ASSETS Cash X $ 122,671.81 United States . Government . Obligations 30J77,616S Other Public Bonds - 1,S3,4M.81 Canadian Government Bonds 1433,094.05 Dec. Ilt 1945 LIABILITIES Reserve of Unearned Pramlome tl$fiS7Jt$M Provision for Unpaid Claims 23,MO,007.t2 MitceBaneoas Liabilities ; 4,01753.41 RtMrre for United States and Other Canadiaa Public Bonds. 75,021.63 x General Inrestment Contia- Railroad Bonds. Public Utility Booda x MiscellatMOQS Bonds 5S5.S32.4o $ 677.0080 U80.297.M - gney s Reserre L 7t44MOO, Capital . 5,000,000.00 Sorpns . 12,715,325.83 Capital and Sarpiaa Total Corporate Bond - 2,613,138.61 Preferred and " Guaranteed Stoeks i i 4JS7.444 Other Stocks V.- 13.056.1S3.00 Mortgage Loan . v 213,9470 TOTAL I 17,71S,3xM i ' ' I 966,899.95041 Administrative Office Build ings V . Premiams in Course of Coll ec- tioa (sot OTer 90 days past due) -V Accrued Interest and Rents Other Assets 2,942,781.19 5,196,978.42 212,621.81 . 158,013.93 lllkU bende amortised. knruM tocka Tala.d ob baste t pro rate, hare of capital and aarplne. All etker 'earltlM at market qaetatleaa. Nat PrennisM wnttaa sWrnesj 1.945 L-.$42,524.tW7 ADMITTED ASSETS ,.$68,899,930.61 aeeseSftSjeaaa m 4aLjml rnvrvlVV frw I J "T -1 .- 4,216,43.89 Ntt Premiums wrrttsn in Canada during 1 945 .52,933,269.00 IncrcaM over 1944 L-ji.-i--.. -1 857,701.54 V ' . . . I Canadian policyholders are also protected by Canadian' bonds deposited" with Hie Receiver General of Canada, for their exclusive security. n A YouGtt CASH r CONTINENTAL .'T fay Yar HOSPITAL IIUJ TV NEW Family Crave Hm- X pral Plaa gives roe aae1 yer Hmity invalaable 'protectioa hr A FEW CENTS A WEEK. . V CASUALTY COMPANY Head Office for Canada, FEDERAL BLD&, TOROffTO ' 4 mm a 1 t M k r-: v. '' .. , : : r t - : .v rt T- DIMINUTIVE MOTORCYCLE Miniature motorcyclist rides his miniature 'motorcycle, with sidecar, in Amsterdam. Netherlands, the entire equipage held on leash by his father who pedals alone behind. The tiny "pony-power" outfit was made "by the boy's father- in 10 days. The leash Js mandatory, because the law1 forbids any person under the age of 17 from operating a power driven vehicle unless controlled by an adult. The boy is six years -Old. . ' superintendent of the Southmin-ster intermediate department of the Sunday School, represented that ghurch. . BIRKENHEAD. Enelan 6 (CP)-r- Eiahteen merchant ships are , ojn order at Cammell LaircTs Birkeii head yard. , rs. f. . "7 i. V. i- ;. v r- lelaaerreith caa uaually be pre vented and remedied by con- ihunthf waahiog Baby's napkin ia this entirely new aad acien- tifically forma lated Diaper Taah. ' . . N , -"r Am natreialy snM sen specifically for Baby's petal- MRslua, Another Rock-a-Bye pro duct coauiruag allimportant Lanolin the modern; thorough skin lubricant. 5i A gentle akla-aeftawae ' whipped to STjcn a smooth, light cpnaia tency that no rubbing is necessary. Helps pre vent wind1' burn,- sun born and chap from, hit mi n g Baby'a tend er akin. 13 War Brides Due On He de France Thirteen English brides' of, Ottawa and! district servicemen are scheduled! to arrive in Halifax aboard the lie de France, due to dock May 13. j 1 ' j j . j Brides whose future homes! will be In Ottawa aret Mrs. earl Alt-man, wife; of Pte. H.s Altman, 3Q0 Murray; Mrs. f Mary J Garvey. wife of Pte. G. ,F. Garvey,! 87 Eccles; Mrs. Joan P. Hamel, wife of Pte. A. Hamel, 218 Cumberland, Apt. 4; Mrs. Margaret I Mac Atee, wife Of Pte. J. W. MacAtee,' 47 Havelock.1 Mrs.', Aileenj M. R. Morrison, wife of Lieut. W. R. Morrison, 363 Daly; Mrs.i Beryl P. IMorrisse'tte, wife of Pte! Al J. Morrissette.,32 Bayview; Mrs.! Constance Slrnsr, wife of Sgmn. V. M. iSimser, 125 Harvey; Mrs. Phyllis. Ekstein, wife of LAC L. Ekstein, 210 Somerset. District, brides are: Mrs., Elizabeth Augeri wife of Cpl. E. Auger, Cornwall Mrs. Phylfis G, Lalonde, wife of. Pte. C. Lalonde, Cornwall; Mrs.;Marjorie L. Leadbetter, wife of Gnrj J. E. Leadbetter, Metcalfe; Mrs. Christine M. Kps-satz, wif e')6l Pte. C. Ai E. Kos-satz, Pembroke; Mrs. Amy Con- liffe. wife; of LAC A. P. R, Con-liffe, Cornwall. i Ronald Dodds Gets Public Relations Post 'Air .Minister Gibson, n. Tuesday, announced appointment of Ronald Vi Dodds. 33, : of Vancouver, as, director of public relations for the Royal Canadian Air Force, succeeding Laurie M. McKechnie, 40, of Toronto, who has returned to newspaper work. Recently editor of the research and statist cs branch of the Labor Department here, M.j, Dodds gained his news handling experience with The Canadian Press at Vancouver and Toronto arid with the British, United Press at Winnipeg, Varcouver and Victoria. He enlisted in the RCAF in 1941 and after a period as an instructor went overseas in 1942- as a navigator on Mosquito, night bombers of the RAF. i V QUALITY FURS 181 Rideau St. 3-5379 FT. I is Home Insulation DONE BY EXPERTS L More Comfdrlt Save, Coal and Money IndopondonI Coal and Lumber Co. Ltd. TEL. 8-0495 88 BANK ST., OTTAWA EVE. 8-6004 LONG WAITING UST. TORONTO. May 7 (CP) Waiting lists of persons seeking admission to Toronto hospitals .almost approximate the number of patients overcrowding them. Dr. Harvey Agnew, secretary of the Canadian Hospital Council7 said tonight He said Toronto hospitals, with 3.80a beds, i , need at least 4.800 for 'active X treatment-cases alone. ; ; J Continental Casualty Co, Now First in Accident and Sickness Field .. A Record Year In 1945 With Over 41 Increase In Premiums With total net Canadian Drem- -iu.m written in 1945 amounting to $2,935,269.00, Continental Casualty Company now takes first place in the Canadian accident and sickness insurance field. Registering 'the most successful year, in their Canadian history the company showed a premium increase of $857,701.54 over 1944, a gain of more than 41 percent, while greatly Increasing their sales force and activities in all parts of the Dominion. i . "We are finding that Canadians are realizing the need for sound accident and sickness; insurance and hospitalization coverage, as never before", said R. D. Bedolfe. Continental , Casualty Company general manager, for Canada, jn releasing the annual statement "I believe; that this field holds, one of the-greatest opportunities In insurance today. We are finding the TublicN very receptive to the policies which we offer", The Continental annual report, shows assets of $68,899,650.61,' with capital and surplus of $17, 715,325.83 after all provisions for unpaid claims and other reserves have! been met. The company has over 900,000 policyholders and has paid more than $228,000,000 In claims since its inception. PRESENTS , i '1 ' ). i ii ' 'I 1 ' 1 CANADA'S FIRST COMPLETE GROUP OF PHARMACEUTICALS ANP 1 ESSENTIALS SPECIALLY PREPARED FOR baby ;.: - ;l -.t i , ! with iX . f- ' i ' . -i BBaa-- 'aw H " it : . !' J. ! v ! :. .. 1 . ' -. II ' . A . II : II I. ,. i v . f - . . : ; . i a II i r'T " 7 r """"" I. TO MT MUOOISTi v; ' l! I I j. ' A a purcbaacr of ooa bottle of Rod-a-Bya Btbr OH, I an banpy to recaro i j I hi ! .u. i.. - . .l... c-L ..n.. n.k. r.t l...a. ' i , II mm ..... i .............. .u. ......... i ................ . ................... .. : DRUGGISTl i I THIS WEEK k ! ' " ' : j ; M-' 1 , ; I1' ; , I ,; j .j AdJrU.:. ........ ...........:...........:...T-iN,. j I I ' ' I Attentlen Dregglata I Retura this coupoo- properly sigoed---to Meode. Dem-art S I-iatited. Canadian Distributors of Rock -a-Bye Products Ltd, Toronto. Va will -I tS I 8 I send you 28 ceQts.for it. Phone AD. 2888. ! ' ' ! ' . tCl s S 'zj.---.--i L i j-i i.- Mi j J -A- Too bad Bab fan'jt read! Vour little one; J Rocka-Bye jBabv Produas can be in4 would eurele with delight lover this im- . , stantiy recoenized by their distinctive pinkl portant ' news: At last you jean purchase at ! and blue packages and labels. Each and your favourite drug or department store a - i every one Baby Oil, Diaper Wash, Teeth-complete selection of Pharmaceuticals and ing AidRock-a-Bye's complete group of. Essentials prepared with but a tinglt purpose I Babv Products meet, the most atteative in mindthe health and happiness of Baby! j mother's demand for purity and ueiy. r ;. MOTHERS! CLIP THI GIFT COUPON ::,v .K'-'V''' - - - Tha atrewitli and elasd city of genuine rubber Rock-a-Bye Nipples make it impoaaibie for Baby to pull them off bis Rock-a-Bye Nora, ing Bottle i - Nod collapsible.; Three holes.. . Splendid colic jrmnuri-tl mm tarf rallel from the diacom fona that aaually accompany teething,. tOCX-A-ITI BABY MOP0CTS ALSO INClUDIl Baby Ointment Gripe XTai Baby Cbe Rob Teething Aid didj note iropa uaoy aupposj Baby Skin Cleanser Bottle Cradle Cap. Oil Nursery NOW I .: ; j. To gr yoa ewy opportunity to Judee Rock-a-By Baby Products for yourselfV here's a special gift for Baby. 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