The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 12, 1949
Page 11
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MONDAY. DECEMBER 12, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams IP IT WASN T THAT "jOU'D UMP FOR SIX MCTJTHS EVERY TIME I ASKED XX! TO COAMVTHIMS, I'D WISH HE'D GRAB -iQO By THE Bks TOB--WHM; IF i ASKEP YOU TO EMPANG6R O4E EyEtASH J'D HAVE TO PAY VDO A PENSION FOR LIFE.' WHY MOTHERS, GET GRAY BLYTHEVILLR (ARK.) COURIEU NEWS Our Boarding House with Maj, Hoopie THAT YCHJ'Vfi fSSSJ YOU RATE , TH6 PRETZEL B ArJ EMCOR&/ 6AM6 CLftSS ?/ OfJ TMW 6OT ...._..._. _ ARTISTIC OMELETS "XT COSlSIDER. FRVlMG L)fJDERTH& }} CARS/IMS A OLD HOMBLJRS ?y-/ SIANT FRAWK FURTCR Oh) tUS , SIDE OF SOM& , FIND JW/ SCULPTOR'S MftU&T, I'D CORRECT "tH6 COiTOUR OF YOUR COCONUT HEADS; -~DO^T FORGET \ THAT we HOOPLES TRODDEW UPopO, HftM& AUfJlHILATED KlNSS / Lost Man's Kid Ktovo ror rlflht hand, losi Innrsuny al Doll. REWAH.D. Please uotily H li. Hhciiprtld. I* O i!ox 8W. Hiylhcvllle. 12.10 I* '< Lost chllds yltissrs. plnfc plastic ramfs In white case. I/>si Kn! Plione 832 or a'JDS. 129 y>k-12'n Ladles Blnssrs with heavy lorlolse Itnmrs. Reward. Ph. 2222. 12.9 itk 13 Wanted to Rent 80-160 acre farm. Mississippi County Can lurnlsh references Write E W 4UU-600 acres samiy loam fioil No furnish required Ph 4326 11;29 pk 12;i3 Persona' Inlrt? minute pnnuisinuc fierrlce U'BIKKN ti S'l'UUHJ lia-ck-tJ Seeking Information aa to whereabouts ol mr sister, Edna Jones. <lavi- ^ Shier or Charles W. Jones. 28. I-ist heard or In 1920. Mrs. CJeor&re M. Fox ^,1015 Oak Knoll. I'oiulac. Michluan. 12,7 pk 12:H Help Wanted, Male Boy to work In «hop A" drive truck. Must Vnow city. Apply The Flower Shop, GJcncoe Hotel Blrig. Ph. 4491, 12;i2 clt J2-12 15 COVER THE EARTH Complete Paltit Service On the Finest Line Available Williams BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. W. H. "Bill" ['case J. Wilson Henry Highway 61 South THE STOHYi ll Jnll rlmr^rd wlik Nell O'Nrllt. XXV CTEPHANIE lowered her eyes. When she looked up, she asked: "Would you allow someone else to be present while you looked at the lock et ? A nd will you give me the letters first?" Yakov smiled wryly, "I will meet your conditions. I suppose you will have Mr, Reddy of the police department as witness?" Stephanie nodded. Yakov got up and walked to the door, he paused with his hand on the knob; "H is agreed. I will get the letters and bring them to you. We will get this business done tonight." He bowed. "Until later, Miss—Smith!" Stephanie locked the door behind him, stood there thinking for a few minutes, then walked swiftly to the phone and dialed Charlie Reddy's home number. She wailed impatiently • (or 10 rings then slammed the phone back in its cradle and sank onto a chair. Presently she strode across her bedroom to an old-fashioned oak desk, the flat top, kneehole type, which stood near the windows. Stephanie yanked at the handle which opened the typewriter compartment and the machine rose to a working level. She reached into the hole where the typewriter had been and brought out a small steel box, which >she unlocked with a key which had been cactied in a hollow of her typewriter. Inside the case was the silver cameo box. She began to pry at the cushion of the box. When the .velvet pad came up, sh« studied the numbers ^.raved in the bottom of the box. The first set, 10 and 4, flashed a message. She. remembered Hagar's suggestion aboul the twelve points resembling a clock dial. She pressed down the fourth and tenth point of the cameo frame. The cameo flipped open to the pictures. With trembling hands she pressed the next set of numbers, 8 nnd 2. Nothing happened. Disappointed she studied the engraving. There was still the numeral 6. idly she pressed the point on the frame which, on a ctock dial, would correspond to 6. Stephanie almost dropped the locket as the smooth gold back of the cameo snapped open like an old-fashioned watch and a small bit of paper fluttered to the floor! « • * •OREATHUESS with curiosity and apprehension, she stooped and picked it up. Her shaking fingers smoothed the folds open. A few words of Russian script, precisely printed, met her eyes. Translating, she repeated the words aloud: "The Cherry Orchard, gold and morocco binding, Dr. Otto Urich, SI. Petersburg College." Stephanie shook her head—it was foolish! Why Dr. Urich? Any Russran school child would know that Chekov was the author of "The Cherry Orchard!" She spent almost a half hour considering possibilities: Was this what Andrey Yakov was searching for? Was it a code? Was it of such importance that two people hud been killed because of it? And, most important, was Yakov the killer. She must tell Hagar. She made her decision and left the house. After all, she told herself, the town's main street was only a couple of blocks down the hill. Walking swiftly, her eyes straight aiicad on the cheerful lights of town, she did not notice the tin- nnturnl swaying and bending of a nearby pepper tree, nor the long, narrow shadow that materialised several yards behind tier. The shadow disappeared und reappeared at intervals, always behind her and gradually lessening the distance. 4 • * IJKADLIGHTS coining up the hill threw their glare onto her •ed coat. It roared into a U-turn and CEime to a stop beside her. "Going my wny?" asked a fine stivrdy voice. Stephanie laughed in relief. "I am if you are going to the jail." Charlie Reddy hopped out and held the door open: "Jail's our destination, lady!" As the car glided! slowly down the hill, he said: "May I suggest you don't go traipsing around alone arid on foot while we still hove a murderer at Large? We haven't yet discovered any reason why either of the murders have been committed. The cameo seems mixed up in this pretty thoroughly and—while we're in the warnings department—let me direct your attention to its present possessor!" Stephanie squirmed a bit and told about Yakov's insistence upon seeing the cameo. "Old he threaten you?" "Not.exactly. Hut he did call me 'Miss Screnov' with a kind of knowing leer, as though he'd found out something I was hiding. And he told me that ho had some papers or letters that would get Hagar out of jail." "He did! Chief Pcters'll have that guy for coticealttig evidence. Wonder what he's got? Did he say anything more than thnt?" "Well, he made a bargain with me. I'm to let him examine the cameo in" exchange for the letters." She looked at Reddy thoughtfully for a moment and then added: "Cut I've found what he's looking for, 1 think. And yet, I don't understand why it would be important. I want to talk to llagar about it." Reddy's eyes were reproachful: "How about me? Can't you trust me wilh it?" Stephanie impulsively pressed his nrm, "Of course I can. But why not come in with me to see Hagar? Then 1 can tell you both at the same time." ETo He Continued* The deepest lake in North America is believed to be Crater Lake Oregon, FOR SALE Concrete culvert* iz inch u> 4* Inch, plain or reinforced Al«c Concrete Building Klurkj cheaper lhan lumber for barn& ehirken houses, pump himsei, tenanl housfi loo] shed* We deliver Call at for tnt e-tdmaU Phone 691 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. 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