The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 12, 1949
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

PAGE TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1949 r CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION DBIJJ rtt« p« Une ror «mitcur.v« L rtim« pei line lie 'A timer per line p« day 12< J ,fime»> pt-t lint pei dny ,,,.,. vc 6 jimes pei line per auy 7c 12 time* pci line pti d&y 6c won to per line We ppum rive a'vragt word* to tfat nut At) ordered lot tnree or etj, Hint* ana »toif[iea Dernre expiration win oe crmrg- ed [lor (fit numbei oi time* tut ao ftpfrr&rea ana adjustment oi oui made All classified Advertising cnpy <ut)- mitted uy persons residing oni.«id« oi tfn) : cHj must Qe accompanied u? casb Hajps may taxily b« computed rrnm Uu Advertising orclei roi irrejjiilni intei. dons lajcfA tne one time table No responsiunity will DC takea roi more tJiRo one incorrect insert I on at All Adfi are restricted to toeU piupei classification Ktyle aud type I h t Cojnei N«w* rpstrv** ibe rle'it U» «dH or 'reject any aa JL * triiiHIy of the )Me Mrs .Jesse s ot Tump a. Kl« . wlnlu'S to <•«- slnci're thanks ro tntir Js for UK- niiuiy ^Indm-.s.scs sbown ftt thfi Uine o( hoi rt-ci-nt dtatli. acts \vill IICVLT IN- for^oitfii i^ 10 pk i ; Apartment for Rent "~ ulplicd npt. IlttlltlPii lutnl.slu-d in. 1'hoiu' o;ui5 12 n pit 12:1:- 2-room TiiiniKhct! npt. tJtflUlcs furnished, Couple only. ]i<-asoum>k-. 1601 West Ash, Ptiono 2^19. 12,12 pk 12,15 M od P rn rji hi n s A: apa rt mr-nts C» Te settee Pli 'J51 12jl pk 3i)i5D Business Service ; ; Directory ; Auto Supplies } and Services OHAi'MAN tJEHVKJS tiTATION Mam A: Division Phnnf MB iJon't endangei youi innniy wit: fr.ully tires— BU? LRK Typewr/ter TYPEWRITERS «iyal. Brnltb Corona ana ilcmltigtou Fo((ubJo. DON EDWARDS !•, The TypwrltOJ Man iiq N Secnnci St Phnne 33 Insurance Call 3545 For Complete Insurance 1'rotection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 124 W As I) tit E HOTEI BUILDING >'0t FARM. nUKKAU IN'SUHANCK ervlce. <n\ll or contact II. !) Shrppard. licne '2 157, early morning. noon or Services AUTO AND FUHNITUKK 1X3AN8 I 1'rompt t'erfumat Btrvict <Jenera( Ciintract i'urcJjit** Corp 1UO Sntitb 5th Phnnr «0^ WasliiiiB niaciilru's rcpairrn A I ia>;e.s l»ylhevllle Maclilne Hhop fh ttti 11{H ck tl Kxpurt irtJi cietiiiL/iK oT ccllinns w»ila ilfnits, curnt-ts wlnrtmvs anu ufjholKt- sry KILI'» U1IKA-RLKAN pti KC'JC 10 IV ck u far exjit-rt oil stove dinning and --pauitiK call Jinny Aly«iR 0^-19 Alw> PLAS'IERING BOB MALO'NE Call 4159 Blytheville or •107 Osccnla 10-0 ck I -(> JUST LIKE GENUINE FORD PARTS ARE IDENTICAL "TWINS" OF THE PARTS USED TO BUILD NEW FORD CARS AND TRUCKS That's why you'll always find OIL STOVB SKE1VICKS (Jl) ton!in) vnjvcs uK-itn''!! imd Rt\- isi--ii. cerium u-niovcd by LK-W nioth- ocl unik- licit I'h :iCf>u 11 TA pk I2,l!l! CAKp; rQUIPMKN'r — 2 drrp f»t It) , inbJe Jj uliiih *,els, I pie cxfe. 1 j 1 -slice toast IT, 1 (Jory Coffee Mnkrr, 1 Ifi-Cn. t-'l deep trcc'/e, ] 4 -It CRfiUft Sliow C'ttJie. ^ UnlUrccs. Wnter mtc-lit-rs, and ;ill kinds of dlnrn-rwnro Phone 4!f?6 und U(i74. 120 !2;Kt For Sa/c, Misc. F I o r t- n c e tivblt-top siovo $:)S KLtcm-n catilikta ^20. Klri K -O-Hcai cusil lie liter S'.'i), bti>>y sttollor *5 F utility csihiiu'i ;2, rui;s. 1'Mono U4-U. 22 JO [>k 12 14 New I'.'50 Man Icy pop ror n iiincliLiLn <.'*-n In use three months A-l con- ition. Apply UNION HUS DKE'OT. ynnctt, MO. n 7 pk lain BARGAIN. Lovely playhouse. Deluxe chicken house. McCnU. 1037 Ash. 12-1 pk 15 Wcstin^ nintic. finotl iiondLtEon. ;i2fl Enst Kentucky. 120 jik 12 Kt ASK THE MAN WHO BOUGHT ONE HENRY BERRY Armorvl, Ark. READ WHAT HENRY BERRY SAYS: "Six weeks ago 1 really £«l a "twd Iniy I rum Laniislon-MrWiilers \V|R'IT 1 hiiiii;hl a 1!Mi) Ford. Considering Ihe alltnvance thoy I;;LVC mo (tn my '12 Clu'vixth 1 !. the prii-e I paid lor Hie rai\ and llu 1 yoocl sfrvU'*.' thai I've had futtn U...1 know (hey did mo ri^hl." Buy Your Used Car From a Recommended Dealer! SUPER SPECIAL! T.M7 DeSolo I -door Sedan in very jjood condition, has fluid dii\e, healer, seal covers, s|mlli;jjhl U1095 S l!M7 I'drtl 2-(im)v St'diin in Ii]>-I(i|i niiidilinii. lias new liri's, ntdiii X- hvnli'r .only $1(115. © I ill I Chfvriili'l 2-i!(iur. . .in MTV yiind nu'i'luin- U-al ciiiuiilion hut a link riinsti un I he oulside . . . imly Silil.l. © ISMli I'iyinniilh l-dnor Sedan, as cloiin ;is ;i pin, h;is >ea( envoi's, new lirt's. s|Uitlighl . . .$S!)f). » 1!M^ I!nick Super Sedjiricl lo with new engine, cxi'i-IU'iil nipch;inii-al coiulitinn . .?7!>5. • l!UI Unick Spct-iiil I-dour in exovllonl condition . . ,$7 15. pi Langston-McWaters BU1CK COMPANY Walnut nt liioadway Dial 555 for Service Made Right—Fit Kight—Last Longer 5th of Walnut Phone 4453 USED TRACTORS FOR SALE 1 .Massey-Hsuris "101" Jr. Tractor with disc, middle-buster, cultivator ami planter ... in excellent, condition .,51275 I 1015 l'\ml-Forgusoii Tractor , . , reconditioned and guaranteed 5050 Oilier used Ford-Ferguson Tractors anil equipment Lo from. Russell Phillips Tractor Co. South Highway 61 Phone 2171 for Sole, Misc. fl'.'ctr:c refrlK, E U Gcf Knli II B Used Tractors ALLIS MocleJ WC culllvitor Utsc 1948 AVGKY TRACTOR planter ii CLiltnaKii punv and biiKt UroiLklnt; MASSEV-HAliUlS fony liacuit very siiHtitiy ii^ta wun cumvainr disc breaking plow, umi tJliSter [yg", lU-in MASSEY-HAUKIS JM-K Irrxctor, ahnn^t Mkr nuw ntcc 61 Implement Co. No. Hiwiiy.Cl 1'hone 2\42 -~ ' . to V j ck tl FOR QUICK SAI.U. AT I'.ARGAIN. One Kclvinalor, Deluxe electric nuij;e. Otic 2- (loor IS Cut. ft. Krijjidaire re- rriyoralor. One li cu. ft. Kclvi- 1 " ; "' nator freezer. Pli. All's. K. H. I""" For Sale, Real Estate Want to buy a farm? We ave it. Farm 40 acres up to irge plantation in Northeast, rk. and Southeast Mo. See s for a I arm loan JATKS WORTH 1NGTON CO. RRA1.TOKS 115 So. 3rd St. Rlytheville. Ark. licorge W wig^F or W o Cute? Ph 2751 Help Wanted Can use several neat appearing men who are /tee lo navel. Car furnished. Knrnmgs W e)] above tiverii^e Mxist be Iree to (.tar! nnmccHaleJy. See Itatph O'Nenl ai Miitrl Noble, Tuf-s. evening from 6 to & |> in. 12 10 pk U'M KD-Acrn furni. tw irn, i^ood dram Hia^«:Li1tiL-lo. Mo' Real Estate Farms — City Properly LOANS nieresieo in Uuylng or selling sen Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil Earls F. B Joyner Glcncoe HKlg. IMi Female Help Wanted onnn laciy to <io ngnt BteiiOKraphlc work te bookltcfpintf. MI IB I be gocd ji iKtplione Write hoi 5^3 ICH Inter- 'tow 11.^0 cX LI For Rent se 30'vLO' on tAllroad sh!- Dairy Products Ph ^441 11 !6 ck 11 iiriifr.'is I 0 r all occasions STUJJ1U 4|5-clt-ti flENT: P(t)7en Food ic s Eligri'.vay 61 t'hone Unit Moon. See H Lake 12 LO pk 124 Notice hump on corner lot 60x150 tt. AIL /«m:c<i. CMckcn hoi i si'. sjuniBC, Next to new .sfliool sit p. Priced to E,ell 722 .Ifitni'ian. 12 10 1224 There room house on Lumeratc 31 fart bath, t-ablm.-t sink, apartment sl/e elpmic nuiyp C»\\ Ocle Smith SlUI .V: Young Motor Co. 329 jik 18 Guy property — 7 limits nntl store WlU -sell lor cash or CT:IC|P for farm l'*l •» 32(1 122 pX !6 FOR SALE 12i) ncn»s soori s:mtly Innin land, gond noiise, com-tele MUI m linuse. On yrod road, and fi-ncrtl. $165 per acre. In j?tHHl ix'1'cJihorhoocl, close to gin. 6tor<? mid si-nool. r!U ncn"5 », mile o( highway, on K ra v e 1 (_! CIIH! hoi 1 1?. M •; b-i r n. f« nut cl «(l IUTPS In cultivation. SO.500. 6O acres '2 i til Irs north state Itnc. IHMIM-.S On t;r.ivel, eleeirtelly lo nh Jioi!^?s. il-10 per acre 4 room liomo with complct halli, located hi Pride add Lion. A small down pay men will buy Lhis home. Monlhl pay men (R §^9, Laxcs and insurance included. Modern duplex in very good condition, 2 blocks off Main [2 Slrect. One side available in i 30 days. Approved Tor FHAl Two *-" Him ^^^. 2 nams/on stact- ,, . . * ' - I load, mall route, school bus 5210 01* Lr I l.OiLll. | per acre H sold before- Christmas Modern F1IA built home on | o* Wc»sL Chickasawba. Gas heat, large shady lot. Can be financed. RlH 1 (»!' Call ^^ anr.s ;t mllr-.s sonthciKSt or Bly- M V V T (\f" \V I? Ii 1 \l HY^IJ "'* vltlfl - N " bulletins^ M2S per a^.rc AL.-\A l.Ut.A.N, Kl^ALKHx 4( Wli .,. ( . s adjoiiiini: this with i-ronni Lynch Bldyr., Ph. liOiM JIO! -'~ M: R i] rt b "»- 51-25 pPr 12-0 ck K? rn-s, -] room >IOIIP<?, [artjc iMrn ftveL. i-lpotrlclli'. feiiLcd. 5350000 M«I casli. tenns. 1211 aciifs ft-room UOLIKP. good barn. nc I'd. All creek lj otto m 1(10 sieves ar:tor l^nci. ', mile off highway -.vest iitije itirjins on nice corner tot lui'fULon Voo must sec I hi.-* to np predial e U. lias S Lnr^c s. p:ut rrdar lined F,vr rytlilm; ! new inrlvulLiiK heating ptant. oojii. KHrli on and tlylit Mximrc. liaiti nihhcr Itlr floor Tills nas never Dccn oftorrd for IPJW Slri.lHlo II sntiJ thl.= week c:in be Gee. 2i)S'l. 11-18 ck U id J I. Lewis. jvk 12 : Kf W-iHTfs IjiM \vi-rn Aibyrd ,V IIornrrK- vilJr, Mo ! i ml It- of/ concrete hl\vay Gin- llomnxl Mtnlpl <ii.tnd I'i;,n.» ; Kl«- trlrMy. nuill route, otiff 5-n Kaimif! C'tHH'Innd CuottT, Mn ll 12 10 KASY wnslilni: [iirn-lilnr mttiumn Call Mrs Roiu-h VI LT ROOft -Siiiiutnrtl slvc llotpoltit elrcttn ^ooil tniKlHlnn 570.1)0 Di 22'. 12 ii pic i;{ Soe R. M. BKCK LYNCH .HLDG. Ph. 20&I, Kcs. 2893 Wanted to Buv \VANTI?:I): Wo have buyers for .10 and SO atrc I'avms, .?l. r )0 to 52:7)0 |>or acre. Call <K>27. \\ r . I,. 'J'amkc Real I' lale Agency. 12-^1 ck 13 217 N PrxiLtl, f.' 129 pk 12 16 " ^oJl service lanndy Bost location in yllievillc. Ark [Joins soocl business ciy week in tlit year Wnlk out pro- sit ion Price S14.(HJO.OO Sc H H i moll n* r or>[ J23 or 319 N 2nd St. CHU'KFNS r? * -\!.-ttKct f>!V ck tl Private Rooms on m, ronvrnirnL lo h.iih Sir Til. 3325. fill W. Mnin Si. is Week We Need N:re romfortalile herlrooni ](t07 Mriln "•inlrmrn Phone 67(17 lid pk 1211 ilcmnhlf- bnlrotnu convenient t' Men on]y 310 W Within 12 2 ?25 RKWARD Gel me a biiyev for n clean IfMG Super Deluxe Kord—Ra- dio.<t heater, new seat covers —and the §2y reward is yours. Phone 2501 or 2(>f)0 12-12 pk 15 LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free of • charge in sterilized trucks. 1 Call collect, GM2, Klythe ' ville, Ark. i ARKANSAS DF.AD AX'IMA I | DISPOSAL CO. j I! 21 pk 1? * Loans WANT A FARM LOAN ( I have one of Hie best loans ' lo IJG had. 20 years to pay Clieap rate of interest. Will refinance your place i or help you to buy one. [ RIALOS LAND CO. < W. T. JJarnctt—Russell Rialesl 22U2 two phones 3322 11-25 ck ti Money to Loan uo you neea a lonn to lepnai oi r uel/ Nn ao\vn pajnipnt OD mn ge. nt» ren tspe FHA A! J l'liUViiU RAl'KS 5<7,. ASK FOR UEIAM^ Max Logan, Realtor FARJIS CITY PROI'ICUTIKS LOANS INSURANCK See us -for service. Sec us and .save. \V. L. TA.MKK KK.-U. KSTATK AGENCY I.arry Ingrani-Herm.iiT May Cooper Bid.—Ph. .11527 12-n ck 1-0 Modernize Your Motoring at TODAY'S LOW PRICES See Our Late Model Used Car Bargains Today and Save! ]<)IS Chevrolet Fleet line 4-iloor Sedan, 2-lone grey, deluxe radio, umlerseat healer, and defroster.. .looks and runs like new.. .$1395.00. i!)l7 Chevrolet Fleelmasler Town Sedan, black 1'ihjsh, radio & heater, city-driven, one owner. . .¥1005.00. 1!)JG Chevrolet 4-door Sedan, 2-tone ereen, heater and seal covers. . .a nice family car. . .$995.00. 1D-10 Dodge -l-door Sedan, new molor, clean us can he, 'tires look like new. . .§505.00. 1910 Nash <l-(loor. maroon finish, heater and scat covers. . .special §235.00. 19-18 Jeep, molor runs like nevy, tires Ko«d, a hargain al .?(>05.00. Ht IB Chevrolet I.onjr Wheelhiise Cah and Chassis, 2 speed axle, 750x20 front lires, S2a.\20 rear. . .a steal at $7(15.00. 10IS Ford V-S '/ z -Ton Pickup Truck, red, deluxe radio, healer and cattle rack. . .§9i>5.00. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always Alake a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnut 2 (Confinucd on Next Page) USED CARS Will Pay Cash r Highest Trade-In Allowance on New PLYMOUTH New CHRYSLER T.I.SEAY MOTOR CO. "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main phone 2122 Select Used Cars ll'lii Nash "Anihassador"' Cusloin l-door, solid black color, has many extras, liny now at 5800 discount! I!H7 Clievrnlet Fleelmasfer l-door Sedan, g lossy hlack, vadio v Vt heater, low mileage. . .a very nice car. Ill IS Dntlije Cusloni l-door wilh red plastic srnl covers, radio Ji heater, new tires. . .a real heanly. MIIS \ash "UOD" Club Coupe. lij;lit grey, radio & heater, overdrive. . .this car will gel 25 miles to Ihe gallon. 1!M8 Nash "Anihassador" l-door, 2-lone hliie. radio Ji healer, overdrive, a low-mileage, one-owner car that is exceptionally clean. SHELTON MOTOR CO. 215 South 2nd Phone 4438 IMione 578 PRICES SLASHED! CLEAN-UP SALE ISIS 1'ontiac 2-donr Streamliner "S" with only 19,1)1111 miles, radio & heater, while tires, a clean car . .$12!I5. li).IT Oldsniuhile 2-nnor wilh hydiamalic drive, radio & heater, niiini'u'n color. . .only 5131I5. ]!)!(> Pontinc -l-<l(ior wilh radio & healer, as clean as you'll find anywhere. . .only $l(l!)5. 11117 Oldsmohilc "(iO M -l-door, radio & healer. . .$1()!)5. 1SII7 Chtvrolel 5-l'assenger Co»[)e, a nice hlack car wilh ratlin & healer. 1SI1S I''ord '/j-Ton IMckup ..low mileage. 19-17 GAIC Pickup wilh slock rackl a very clean truck, i 19-lli Chevrolet short Truck wilh 5th wheel . . .only So<).">. Many other good, cheaper used cars J4 trucks. High Trade-in Allowance On A New CMC Pickup Trade Now! Easy GMAC Terms LEE MOTOR SALES O/dsmofai/e — GMC Trucks SOfi East sMain I'll one lilnl 3 DAY SPECIAL! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday • r 37Ford 4-Door - $ 117 50 - • Watch Our Ad Every Day 9 For Red Hot Used Car Bargains l!i!7 Ford l-d,,m, ril( lio & healer. H)Ifi Mcri-ury I-door, radio & healer. 1!HS Lincoln l-door, overdrive, radio &• healer. 1!)I7 Chevrolet 2-door, raclin & heater. li)IO Ford 2-door...l>e sure lo sec Ibis one. 1!H7 Mercury l-door, radiu & healer, mil 1'lyniHiith 2-door, radio vt tieater. 1S37 Oldsmnhilc l-donr, radio & heater. 1!M7 Chrysler t-door, radio & healer. STILL and YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First af Walnut Phone 4333

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