The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on March 8, 1958 · Page 27
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 27

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 8, 1958
Page 27
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Ti! THE OTTAWA JOURNAL1- , x NORMAN S. MARSH r Bar Must Protect Individual Rights I A1.7III (.11 WOOLT Tk Juml. (There--would .'common interest which uniles" 'Lawyers cnni and must lawyers whitxrry to serve, tht not dominate public opinion tradition! of their profession, but thev have' an important 'in every country, Lawyers may role to play in creating a dirty md.,tiir .common meeting ale m which -Xht. rights of ground .in their banc purpose, individual! can-he protecTed'Tio provyie 'for the. individual Norman S. Mann told lawyers a life which adequately gives f Ottawa and Hull at the expression to nil aspirations . Jtideau CJub last night-, and dignity." . - ' , ' .Mr. Marsh, secretary, general1"'' ffhi was 'the theoretical of the -International Commit- foundation which bad brought ion of Jurists, has )ust com- the International Commission of ' pleled a tour of the Near East . Jurists into being. It had not -and Far Last. The trip was only made possible interna-rriade to complete plant for the tional gatherings of jurists in '' International , C n g r t s . of Athens, the Hague and Vienna Jurists tn'be held an New Delhi, but ' had . led to--tht--creation India, next January' and' at of international sections of the which the .subject.- of 'inquiry commission in some 30'coun- . will be the rule of law.'-He was tries 'throughout the world. accompanied abroad arid here Application for incorporation by Edward S. "Koera, lecturer of a Canadian section has jusl in ' government at . Columbia been made tojhe Secretary of t'iflversity and member, of the State of Canada. , ,, -commission. tiiily Pjovoked..7 If Attend, j ' The Poznan riots, the South Honorable Mr. Justice J. T. African , sedition trials and. Thorson, president of the Ex- above, all., the uprising in chequer Court of Canada and Hungary had been a challenge of. the International Commit totli world . community of smn of Jurists, presided at the lawyers. The Hungarian stlua-Rideau Club gathering. About tion, in its legal implications. 60 merhbera ofwthe' Hull Bar had provoked a demonstration and the County of Carleton of unity among lawyert of the Law Association were in at-; world. It enabled the comm tendance, . - 'sion to present to the Uni Fellow of University Col- Nations Special Committee a lege, Oxfprd, and member ofireport on. the Hungarian prob-the English Bar, Mr. Marsh lem which had -heen adopted aaid that efforts mutt continue and incorporated in ttt findings. ' fa be made to formulate ttanij Mr. Justice . Thorsop re-dardt for-the protection of the counted, briefly, the history of individual and to devlttUhe International Commission " machinery-" by "'.which tuch I ot-.hmstt which "standards cart be enforced. But'existence since the end of "such efforts win dlsappbfrifft I !l v ZZ : . J . . u ip 1 rHfT Loses LEG'. .:t g amputaf d' in' Y.vp.'i'l UVlTtn 'NATIONS .jfr ' M .t-r...-Ke..w-th Raytifr-.', ec . .nrluced e.g.M ! , t,eV;M.r.g- . V. a . - p.;ot ' inf. T'-'n'' '. h.rh !u;".o! h"',.':!, H na" t'tv:se Nat.':r. from " Wa '"'. ' j ..'-.irrt m 'he M iv,iii,(.l.' re iji.ek .' coftc:uns -,',(, an1 -1U ' o!!;o. 'irpji I'rtVd. atr Bitter had' h; since the rreri'.-."'- 1 - arrsv.f on r'loni frrfvv. COFWI AND e'tv tl-'pT'fH ij 5ftnl 1o I Mdrrpfrtiii 1n'l,. iiri:Mi Veitcb ' : :: .-' - Evrrj'Tily w-nlj H finest posjibi last tnbjt. Keluri'i, ttiiS itwt . Utendj . SIIAFFEK'S .-. li t not an. extra floor but It's a'nc'' one al Shafle.f t Ltd , bn Rldeau strrct. where -the main floor has been complrtely remodelled and streamlined. Above, in a ceremony yesterday, -Mayor. Nctms n;p Flood of Word s From Soviet . mis-1 W ASHINnTOV. j. ited-i? Russia, hat fired six major note the United Sutes in the last three monuis'a p lts-proposalt ior a summit meeting. r . Premier Bulganin's newest message boosted to 22,- cmimv 800-the Hood- olS o jr. let words on this tingle topic. -In (outrun truiit lattara aspirations of mankind, unless that it was formed of persont. accompanied by a Hill greater in the main, lawyert, acting in effort on tht part of enlighten-: their, individual capacities and ed men and women - in all not at representatives of their countries to create the cllmae!ov. .countries. 3f opinion in which the neces-l It wat for thit reason that tary sacrifices of State : the individual practising lawyer . . sovereignity can be achreyed.Jt !wat of tupreme imfortance to wat here that the duty and task the aimt of the organization. . of lawyert lay. ' ' ' : ' Cites Object. Demand Widens. I 'The object of the commiv "Recent events in Poland . tlon", Judge Thorson said, i'ooodwln nTtwsv" by President Eisenhower and one' State Department note on the subject total 7,450 words, State. Department experts' who have handled the Soviet messages noted today. . MrsvJ ohnGoodwia. FLOOR Ol'F.NS. . the ribbon und- dcclaics the new drpart-I ment open for business.- Members of the 1 Shaffer family look on smilingly, from the i left. Sheldon Shaffer, Milton Shaffer, Mrs. f. Abe Shafler arid Aae ShafTer. i . .Joiynl nhow hv Dnmiriiirn Wide,. tarred, and; put into the inaU Totnc -tr Jj- Hat. cauiht, t"iing. ' ' ,' . . -' '. had been under" .Investigation by the ' Provost Marshal since the disrlosure that Kim Choon L', 14. had been, enrlosed In the box !aft-r being cau'ght with items !o;en 'from the maintenance centre ia.-t month. ' The. incident- raised a ried a Korean boy couped ip.. "'win of protect In Sooth in" a nail-studded box 25 Rosea and heightened the milMliylieUcOpTerTltas been ; ra-mpwn for a ilal'iii-ot.. lfJlevH "f hi pnt, : loreej t eaty whlrh n-otild M to bjiyin;i,'filitifj; lutBmobn,.,,'! n& chap!.' - j-'. U.Sr Major----;Reireved of Post In Korean Case SEOUL, March 8 y. (.r, The United States 8thArmx disc!o.-ed today that " Maj. Thomax O. James, who car- U S. se i vieemea. The Army aaid James ha been transferred as com mander of Its aircraft main- M LLKS OKF TO MANILA, tenance centre to command WASHINOTOS, March 8-of Its transporWtion section. -State secretary Dulles At the same time, he was left by plane Friday for formally charged, aiong with Manila to attend the South-another officer and a er-. east Asia Treaty-Organization "SfiVit with mixtreatlni the mffUTif. TRrT.hfee-rtr"iies ARNPRIOR; March 8. Knmn hnv who was beaten, sion opens Tuesday.-" i special I Mrs. Minnie Tens v: A I:.,.- mam"- .,,t ,1 .1 I ttotV- -' - Ll -j r-r.--'i "rEIICH mm LIDj is proud to be able" to offer the fmesl of Biesf ill incluJive services it prices and on terms to meet the' family's needL "": 1 - - - ;- ' : : r 1 ? ifrm r. rirn f FUNE RAL DIRECTORS (ti.H Mr. Marsh said, "have shown that lawyers, throughout- .the 47 Hutn .lrft, . , . A .. . U . , all .i.n.M ..n.rl... aF , V. A M . ' lawyers would regard as fair item of law under which they legal procedure on an inde-live, should unite in-the battle pendent tribunal to judge , for the preservation and restor-of fences, on facilities for the 'ation of . freedom under the proper presentation of a party s Rule of Law. , case, and on moderate and j "Lawyers, meaning at, her home. , following an of some months. fMrs. Goodwin was born In McNab township, daughter of the late William Runts and his wife, the. former Minnie judges , MicheLson. She, was educated' humane punishment lead' and law teachers as well as in Mcnao townanip ana later "inevitably to I wider demand rpractitionert, owe a special: married John J. Goodwin, of 'for the protection of the rights i responsibility to strive for the-Arn prior. The couple have of the individual. attainment of the aim of the resided here since their mar-I "The very - conception or a commission at expresses in its nage. fair trial is bated on the worth .motto. That every State and of the individual andV the every citizen shall be ree Inevitability of human eefoe, (under the Rule of Law'." "AiOttawa May Play 8HAWVILLE. March . ' (8peclal) Albert William i Bert) Hodglns ' died on Thursda in the Pontiac Com munity HpspiUl after an MONTREAL, March . -illness of one month. He was A move is under way to In New Cage Loop Mrs. uoodwln was a member of the First BaptLst Church. Mr.' and -Mrs. Goodwin were married In the rirst Baptist Church, Arnprlor, August 30, 1940, by Rev. A. E Ja.ter. Surviving, besides her husband, are two .brothers and three sisters, John. Runtz. Arnprlor. nd Charles Runtz, Protection is a Father's job . . . .... - i - ; . Every thouchtful yoking marmd irtan tki pride in nrinf lor hi famil V anticipating their needs'. . . guarding them from personal danger. BUT THIS IS NOT ENOUGH ... il is also fiis duty to provide adequate protection for -'- . . them should death wipe out his earning power -When looking to your family' future, select the insurance company that oflerg family protection at low net coat. That's The Mutual Life of Canada ,:t " '' " the company with the outstanding dividend record. . . 9, MUTUAL 1E . - AttUtANCI COMPANY ;Of CAMAOA . In in his Slat year. establish a senior basketball i McNab township: Mrs. Her He was born on the 5th line lMltu nMt KaMn Wth two'"1 AugusUt flchtel. Arn-of Clarendon in .'the Zlon sec-1 teams each from Ottawa, I prior; Mr.. Charles (Emma) tlon and was educated In the ' piattsburg " NY. and Mont- Scheel, Arnprlor. and Mrs. Clarendon schools. "He was"wic"imrrtf d, first terdgyr to . Madge 8turgeon and to them were born Mrs. Hawley Elliott, of Shawvllle, and Horace, of Montreal. His first wile died In 1915 and later he married Annie 8terguen who survives with one son, Charles, U Jiving on the highway road two miles east real. It was announced yes- Henry tMary Scheel. Kitch ' : ener. . : The 'funeral A spokesman for the Montreal Basketball League said club representatives are to meet here March 15 to discuss- the proposed merger. ' Fellers and Shaffers of Ottawa, YMHA Blus and Lake-shore of Montreal and StiaK fers and a United Stales air was lield from ;tbe Boyce funeral, hoine Friday at-J p.m.. to the First Baptist Church where service jwas conducted by Rev. Frank lErlesen and Rev. A. E. Jaster. Interment was in Arnpriot 'cemetery. r --t--.-U-force - group In Piattsburg Chinese records written 3.000 n w w j have expressed interest, . he yea nut lavnera ' immuj wmwi consisted of seven children. Ha was Interested In agriculture and was for years a 'director of Pontiac County Agriculture Society. He was an adherent of ShawvUle United Church. -' ' ! - The funeral was held today from the O. L. Hynea funeral--.Jhojne to Shawrllle United-Church and burial was in! the ShawvUle cemetery: ; : FLOtwrbVcREASED. - BEIRA. Mozambique. MaTch . (Reuters) Flooding of the Zambesi ; fivefs receded steadily yesterday In southern Rhodesia, but thousands of square miles were flooded downstream In - Portuguese East Africa, About W.OOO persons have, been reported in need of Immediate help. ?; ROBSTLlPERVEkviClt. TORONTO, March . A gunman today held up Gordon Brown. 11, driver for Stork Diaper Service, and e-caped with $300 after firing a shot. Nate Paolettl, driver lor the tame company, was robbed of $300 last week.. SANITONE CLEANERS rr afcTT .' ---4, aK - Jt n tm cunniM I , ; . . .-, VI " ' . .... ... ... ex.: I IV I :- - ' ' -v.'':----.- 4 "V ..-xMf;- I .- . .. . - ' I I . - t f -V. - . ' - - V 4 - -n-r J:irJ :MW i - r'i-.r-.;- ."-. v'; v y lz - "0 . M Sparkt Itreet, Ottawa, Ontarle Ph. Cti-ISM VJJ J V. .J I f 1 1 V f f k 1 L ' J LjTil - Artrey- W. Oia'knat. T.V.V. rnr U1 . mt wm mm Maw - ' ' ' ' '. . ' ' ' , nr'mft! . ; . -j , ' .' ' " - ' - '. . t. inb'-C tl ArrkikaM J. t. B.rrf A Curavlr M Oruia .' . ' . :i ii r r.r-. I t fimum an n4m , . . . ' 'mmmmlmmmmmmmmtmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,mmmwmm . . W. U HmT, C4Uf. p- a. C. VMIet. ' -' rr rvv " ' : ' . v; ": :. A ' rj,, , r ' , .-a. TAmiBT mi mtmm 4 STORES. TO SERVE TOU Loeated In A. J. Frclmaa Ltd. Weatgate 8bpptn- Centre 11)1 Carllng Atcbm . US Mentreal Read . . "and U Ledite t Hal

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