The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 12, 1949
Page 7
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_MONDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1849 Big Three Atom Talks Near End State Department To Make Next Move In New Partnership J '»»" M. HJgMoirc ne s omic P In thc development of at- energy alui atomic bombs c ,, ' 1 ,'i xt movc will be for the f , f Department to take up lhe erj Wiills w 'Ilh Concessional le.irl- -0 proposed plan—ihlch will apparently come to nothing unless » ,„ ngrc .f is prepared In some way to authorize It—reportedly would piouue for continued concentration of atomic weapon manufac- nire m this country. It said to contemplate that British and Canadian scientists would participate '" the work. Discussions of the three powers role.s moved to'the foreground, at least temporarily, with thc lull in the Congressional atomic Investigation. That Inquiry deals with how ttie Russians were able to gej atomic materials from the. u. S. during the war. Congressional prolj- ers said over the week-end they have a.sked for wartime recoitfs of the chemical warfare service as a possible clue. Britain Would Quit Under the projected Ainerican- British-Canadinji partnership in the future, Britain would abandon Its plans for making A-bombs, as in fact It appears to have done already. Thus would end the threat of. a future British claim to a larger share of'the Belgian Congo uranium—the greater part of which now comes to the united States. Responsible authorities say there would be several advantages to this arrangement. First, it would assure the western world a maximum of output of atomic bombs of the kind the United States is able to make in the shortest possible time- Second, it would prevent dispersion of effort as between this country and Britain. Third. It would BT-YTHEVn.T.E (ARK.Y COUKTER . . mean the continued development of ^atomic plants, including weapons factories, in places remote from any possible European war area. Britain and Canda, for their part, would continue fully the kind of experimental work in basic atomic research which they'have been do- Ing. They would have far greater access to so-called atomic secrets than the United states has permitted them in recent years. And apparently they would in cmergcn- 5II.I.1S 1U.AI, 5101 Hbll—Nineteen-year-old Ja.nes K olry (left) accused of shooting His foster mother to death i n an argument over u<e of the lamily car. met his real mother. Marian Pool, 37, (right) at Cleveland, Ohio, from whom he was separated as a baby. They embraced m a court room where it was decided young Nairy would be given a sanity hearing. (AP Wire-photo). 325 Aluminum Workers End 60-Day Strike By the Associated I'rcss Three hundred twenty-fire ivage earners go back to work Monday, ending another strike in Arkansas. The men, employes of Aluminum Company of America bauxite mining nnd processing plants at Bauxite and Sweet Home, had been idle nearly two months pending settlement of CIO negotiations with Alcoa on a national scale. The dispute was settled last week. Tlie Alcoa walkout followed not --'iig after settlement of B strike at the Reynolds Metals Company's operations in Arkansas. Labor-management disputes con• imie at two other plants—at thc Ozark Hardwood Co.. at Clarksville and a basket factory at JoiNwbM-o. The latter is the oldest strike in thc state. About 125 AFL union ,'orkcrs have been out since April. The Clarksville controversy produced an unusual development when cy have demand rights against the atomic stockpile in this country. The beaver is a rodent. representative of [lie ment was charged with violntlilff manage- Arkansas' controversial anti-strike violence law. Mrs. Ada Mills, bookkeeper for the firm, is accused of using threats and force to prevent, striking workers Iroin pick- Irish Orphan's Prayer Answered When Little Pal Also Is Adopted MARSHALL, Mo., Dec. 12. fAP)_ A little Irish boy who came to America a year ago from a Dublin orphanage feels his prayers have been answered. When live-year-old Charley Robertson was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. J. Marion Robertson and brought to this country, he left his pal, Tony Marker, back In the orphan- ago. During the past year, Charley always mentioned Tony, also five, in his prayers. Saturday a visitor showed up at Charley's home in Marshall. It was Tony. "I am an American," were Tony's first words. •Welcome to America, Tony," said Charley. "My name Is Jimmy now," re- Rental Board Urges Filing Of Complaints Tenants and landlords mav ask the Illythcville rout advisory 'board to review liKljvtrliiul aaiiislnmn-i mnrie by the local rent off ce Cnalrman Monroe Cratn said Uid'iy' The advisory board-made up'of county residents son-inn wiihoui pay-will review cases on request of (lie affected tenant or owner but Mr. Grain said it would not rr.coenizc so-called "frivolous" objections to rent office handling oj Individual cases, "Since we meet only once a month, we can consider only tlio^e cases Involving a landlord or tenant who feels that he has not gotten the full benefit of rent control." M, Craln ex-plained. "K the individual can urcscnt nclunl evidence jiisiifv- ing reconsideration, we arc Bind 10 serve as an impartial jury." Any tenant or landlord who questions a new sc t by the rent office may request, n hearing before the hoard at its next i,"ul-r meeting, the chairman sold. If the board recommends further ctmsid era t Ion or n different adjustment the rent director will follow its rcc' ommondntion os IOIIR ns it Is legally Boyle Seeks Way Out of Dog House With Suggestions on Christmas Ties PAGE SEVEN ljc<- bad uoy. have to get house. ..... . And if Santa Glaus !* to come my way this year, you're soing to '•-•- '.o get me out of the dog. can yon help? By K0 i,, K nut d buying a big fistful of Christmas neckties and giving them to thc men in your lives. About a week ago I bemoaned the fact that women were allowed by law to present neckties as Christmas gifts. I suggested the formation of a society to slop the custom. Well, I didn't expect to be nominated man-of-the-ycar for (his suggestion. Nor did I expect grateful fellow men to set up statues In my honor — minus a necktie — on every courthouse lawn. On the other hand, neither did I expect to end up In the doghouse Hut here I am— stuck In It up to my '*«'« 'hem. Last. Dec.JO, they h , w J'enr Byron's blinders. "Actually, a very small proportion Rtcht "" '">' Ol of the eases conic up belurp tl , 0 | ™1<i;nnisl of the Seatlic Times bOniYi " Mr C'vil.. ,_>.._ . Wallfnl In tun,,- Tlie fiiit reaction came from my ov n wife. "So you don't (lilnk women are smart enough to pick out neckties Rover?" said Frances, baring a bicuspid. "You'll be lucky if yon Be t even a bowtlc from me, smarty And whore, anyhow, Is that fur coat you promised mo 12 years ago? Arc you wailing for the minks to tile of old HRC?" Rlcht on top of that. Myron Fish, 'National Necktie Party Day" O n w 'lilch every man proudly wore the most flamboyant tie on his Christinas rack. They were going lo give a Rrand Prize, lint unfortunately the Judges "•""' color blind by mid-day. This to give them Aj If 1 wasn't fueling bad enough, "rang came a telcgrnm from Pele Hoyl, managing editor of the Cedar spirts. la., Gazette, claiming I i )!ul Insulted a fine old Christmas tradition. "Ten men's clolhlug S [ 0 res here arc cussing you." he said. "Richly Per cent of tics are bought by worn- en for ihelr menfolk. Sonic men would never wear a necktie If some woman didn't buy it for him. Think ivhal * drnb world It would he without Christmas neckties." Pete Insisted "some women" have (food taste in ties and said It would >>e a snort Men If r gave a few jointers to the rest of the girls on vhat kind of ties men Ilke/So. on he ct.ancc that will get me out of lhc doghouse, here goes: There Is only nne sure way. ladles to make a man happy with a girt cravat. Us- probably will be already wearing the lie he loves best. Just, Kick his fret out from under him eting the plant. The charges were filed three days after the United states Supreme Court upheld constitutionality of the Jmv— to the expre.sscd disappointment of organized labor spokesmen and the gratification of the Arkansas Free Enterprise Association, an organization of business operators. board,' Mr. Craln explained. "This is because Mr. Cunning],am RCK the board's views in advance of a decision on the more difficult ra«,.s Thus the board has a chanre"to As an example of the type of case handled by the advisory board, the Chairman toM of a case where a tenant protested that his landlord had been given too high an Increase After an inspection and a henrhu- n which the property owner ami tenant were given opportunity to appear and make statements, the board expressed the opinion that „ higher adjijstmcnt was Justified oince. thc landlord was satisfied, thc board advised the tenant to accept In another case, a dispute arose between tenant and owner as to who had made or paid for various improvements to the apartment' lhc board held court and found that the landlord had claimed some work done by the tenant as his own but it did not accept the tenant's' low valuation on other work performed by the owner -- +'**. utinin,- i irilL.1i wanted to know if j was (rylng to ruin his annual Christmas party, It seems that Seattle men are Californian's Luck Scans to Bo All Bad MANHATTAN B E A 0 11, C-illf Dec, 12, <AI')— Lloyd Trout? He's the guy standing under the black cloud, Everything happens lo lilni. Take last Saturday, for instance Trout drove up to a spat called Inspiration Point. Every stale h.-i.s at least one. But this point Is a cliff 350 feet high. With n buddy, Lloyd looked for his last driver's license. A fearsome Rale blew up from the ocean. Both youths got out of lhe auto together. Suddenly the car, Its doors acting as sails, was snatched liy the wind and whisked over the clltl to the be-low. A total wreck. And that isn't nil. Two months a»n. Trout, a likeable chap of 23, broke Ids ankle. Then his wife and son became sc- photo of your Chrlr-tmas tree to the store. Put the color photii on a slack or new tics. If they match, don't buy any. Try t/i select one llmt looks as little like the Christmas tree as possible. Another good way h to pick out a tie and tell the salesman. "If I purchase this one. will you take In In exchange for the one you have on? I can take ft home and press It and my husband will never 1-no-v the difference." If the salesman hacks away hi plied Tony, "Jimmy King Prior." Tony, or rather Jimmy, ciime to America last week. I'.'e was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. W. King Prio'r of nearby Jefferson City. Mo. The Priors are friends of the Robertsons. r ~* * ^* * "^^v^-^fr^" »V^ The Most Appreciated CHRISTMAS GIFTS «*'«'-«w«<a'«'e«<»C!e«««!«isi«c Wft is<«s<s««i«**« lw< «« (ewB(t!t<€ ,i K H A PORTABLE TYPEWRITER ^^^^ » Priced to Fit Every Pocketbook • UnderW °° d Cha -P-" • Smith Corona Sterling • Underwood Universal * £ mith Corona Clipper * . c m - f u r c ., * R °y Qf <2 uie '' Deluxe £ • imith Corona Silent • Royal Arrow ^ ' g • Remington Deluxe $ No. 5 New Adding Machines $89.50 to $346.50 Genuine Leather BRIEF CASES We have the nicest selection of genuine leather hnet esses that can be found anywhere. Come in soon ami choose the exact one you want. . .a gift that gives for years. $2.80 fo $89.50 £ v LAMP SUGGESTIONS • Farics • FLUORESCENT Desk & Table Lamps A Truly Beautiful Selection $7.95 fo $99.50 WARDS 112 West Walnut Street £ Premier of Pakistan To Visit America WASHINGTON, Dec. 12—(/1~ The White House announced Fat- u«lny that Liaquat All Khun, Pi line minister of Pakistan. h<u ;', C ,!' c ; pt f'' a " Invitation to visit th« United states next May. The invitation was extended by President Truman following the Mi°i^ vls i!; *? lhlB countr y of p f '«» Minister Nehru of India. Fried ante, eaten by some pri.ple n South Africa, are said lo have * nlRh vitamin content. rlously ill. He horroived $400 on the car to pay the doctor bills. While digging mussels on the beach two days ago he fell In the ocean. Then he lost the wallet. And lastly, hU car. Pifes May Lead To Chronic Ailments MUCK JIOOIC — Kxplains The Causes ami Kffectrj t No obligation. Write to Thornton Minor Clinic, Suite 1272, Oil E Linwood St., Kansas City 3, Mo. EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR ^ With An INTERNATIONAL-HARVESTER REFRIGERATOR "~ or HOME FREEZER Now, here's a Christmas present your whole family can enjoy all yc:ir 'round for years to cornel And (here's surprising economy besides the beauty and the convenience nf IH Refrigerators and Freezers. For example, for this new low price look what you get in even lhe smallest 1950 Kefrigeralor. holds ,'!S His. of fro/en foods, Meat 1'rigidmwer holds M >A His., there nrc 24 helf nrranKcmcnfs, transparent Plastic Crisper holds 11.3 quarts. IN REFRIGERATORS AS LOW AS $ 214 95 SAVE $74 A YEAR WITH AN I.H. FREEZER! That's welcome news! Recent ft'Sl.s show an III Freezer cuts (he food lu'll of an average site family S71 a year — AND iMOKIO! MiH-h more if you can frce/c your own garden VCRC- ladles, .fruit, .poullrv, .and men!. V cs . it's not only nice fo own nn III Freezer.. .it's downright economical! FREEZERS AS LOW AS 195 For A WISE Christmas, This Year Come To | 3/2 SOUTHSOPSr. PHONZ863 \

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