The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1949 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 12, 1949
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VOL. XLV—NO. 223 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ip^vrain^—ssn^ ^^^^^ Blytneville Courier Misslssipul Valtev r™H,,r PI vnii™,r, T , ™ . , _ . . ~ ~ : — ', MyronT.Nailling, S. Missco Deputy Prosecutor, Dies Osccola Attorney, 52, tj$ Succumbs to Injuries Received in Accident Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Myron T. Nnilling. 52, of Osceola, died at Baptist Hospital In Memphis this morning of injuries suffered Thurs- <I'iy nicht In an automobile accident near Blytheville. Mr. Nsilling had been In critical condition at Baptist Hospital since he accident. He suffered head In- . juries vi hen his car collided with anothcr driven by S. T. Trcece of Blj'thcvllle. who was slightly injured. Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Arthur S. Harrison ol Blytheville said this morning that a complete In- vestigatlon has been made of the accident but that no charges had been filed against Trecce pending Ihe outcome of Mr. Nailllng's condition. He said he would await word from Prosecuting Attorney H, O. Partlow who was rin Blytheville today, before charges, if any. were filed. Swerved to Avo'cl Truck I>fr. Nnilllng's car collided with Mr. Trcece's auto approximately two mites south of -Blytheville on Highway 61 when the Trcece car swerved to avoid hitting T truck winch officers said was parked on the highway. The Treece car was traveling north and Mr. Nailllng's south. 'fhe Trcece car. officers said, swerved Into the path of Mr. Nail-' gjjug's car. Mr. Nailllng was thrown ^icar of the wreckage and was found uncoasclous In a roadside ditch approximately 10 feet from his automobile. Mr. Nailllng was alone In his car at the time of the accident. Mr. Trcece, and Mrs. Myrtle Pennell of Luxora, who was a passenger In his car, suffered slight Injuries. Mr. Nailllng. an Osceola attorney, had been deputy prosecuting attorney for South Mississippi County since 1944 having served also under James Hale of Marion. Was War Veteran He was.born in Maiden, Mo., and is the soXjr* "--'-'-^«—*"-—-- • •• late Mrs.':]' 'line -dicey „ •.- : , Mr. Nailllng ...„,.„ Tfnm Maiden with his Vuicm:, mien he was 14 years'of age and resided there lever since. He served as I major In the judge advocate general's office in Atlanta. GS., durinir World i,Var H. Mr. Nailllng was a graduate of Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn., and was a member of the' 4Bil Kappa Sigms fraternity. He •^ad served as executive secretary for the fraternity since 1933. Tn addition to his father, Mr Nailllng Is survived by his wife; two brothers, Robert L. and Willis of Osceola; and a sister, Mrs George D. Williams of El Dorndo. Funeral services are Incomplete. Sewer District Hires Engineer To Draw Plans W. D. Cobb, Blytheville engineer was employed Saturday By commis sioners of Sewer District No. 4 to make plans anjd sperifications for Installation of a sewage system in Pride and Gateway Subdivisions, The action wns .taken at a meeting of the commissioners Saturdas in the O. W. Cop^.'" "' Highway IB: ...;>j C. s. Bagjett,: 1 Wind-Driven Rain Soaks Blytheville With 2.26 Inches Whipped at times by wind that threatened to reach dangerous velocities, rain measuring 2'6 inches drenched BlytheviUe over the weekend. Rain Saturday night brought 1.03 Inches by 1 ajn. Sunday morning In the following 24-hour period another 1.23 Inches fell, according to Robert E Blaylock, official weather observer. Although heavy gusts accompanied the showers last night, no wind damage had been reported by noon today. Temperatures yesterday were relatively warm despite the almos continual raiu. Highest temperature yesterday was 75 degrees. Tlie high Saturday was 62. Lowest temperature this morning was 48 degrees while, the minimum Sunday morning W as 60 degrees. All Auto Owners Must Prove Title 1949 Arkansas Law Requires Certificate To Get 1950 Licenses Tlie State Revenue Department through Its various branches next Monday wiil begin receiving applications for 1950 passenger car licenses and certificates of title re- latnre, it was disclosed today by quired by an act of the 1949 legis- latllre, It was disclosed today by Dean Morley, state revenue commissioner. The announcement followed a meeting here Friday for revenue officers In this area to explain provisions of the new title registration act. Tlie sessions were held in the office of Oscar Alexander, revenue officer for North Mississippi County. The. new .law requires that definite proof of ownership of a motor vehicle be made before an application for certificate of title and registration can be accepted or license plates sold; therefore It will T*" " T' ^T"*""" » w «r;Kf n 773r| tr- 9 f f^yf "***& __ G u n m a n Wounded. But Eludes Arrest be necessary for the car owner to bring his 1949 pink registration certificate and the serial number of 1 ' (/ .vehicle .when, making applica- ~ "~ " car. license Srtnan of the commission, said today It was hopet thai, worlc could be started Immediately, weathe'r.«erniiting. , .. Tbe commiKlciljbsiso voted to rec- •niniciid to tlft City Council that ~5us Eberdt anrj'H. H. O'Neal be appointed assessors for the district The recommendation Is schedulec to me made at- the council meeting * tomorrow night.*Mr. Baggett also said thai present p!an.s call lor two main Irunk Jig parallel to Hr.rrl- the other along Howard Street. Installation.^^ jhe trunk lines will result in sho?ter laterals olid a reserve line should one fail ,he said. lines, one rtn son st one riiiuvfiig Ireet and th Weathe Arkansas forecast: Mostly cloudy occasional rain )„ south portion tonight and Tuesday. Some freezing ram m north portion tonight. Colder tonight with lowest temperatures 20-28 in north and near 32 in south Ponton. Missouri forecast: pair north cloudy south, rain changing to snow ^•southeast this afternoon. Decidedly ^colder. Fair-north, clearing south continued cold tonight. Tuesday scncrally fair and not so cold- low loniRht 10-15 south; high Tuesday, Minimum Ihls morning—u Maxiinunrv yesterday—75. Minimum sun. morning—50. Maximum Saturday—62. -Sunset today—4:50. Sunrise .tomorrow—6:58. Total since Jan. 1—52.38. Mean temperature (midway be- tn-eeti high and low—615 Normal mean for Decembcr—tl.e This Dale Last y e »r Minimum 'his morning—60 Prr-cipitalion Jan. 1 u, this date j' tiflcate should" immediately w-rfte tha Revenue Department and secure a duplicate for a fee of si 00 it was announced. Owners Must Appear The owner of the car will be required to apply in person for his ISsO license and his certificate of title, in the past, it 1ms been the custom for dealers and large firms or corporations to send one person out and purchase license for all their employee*. Under tile new law this cannot be done, as the owner of each vehicle will be required to sign the application for title and registration 'in the presence of a revenue agent of the department. The title law also requires that :ach applicant show complete information as to any lieiis or encumbrances against his car on the application for certificate of title. Car owners who owe money on their cars, when applying for license and title, are urged to bring information as to the amount owed, name, address of lender, the date the money was borrowed, and the kind of instrument (chattel mortgage, conditional sales contract, or title retention not«) on which the money was loaned. Any person holding a lien or encumbrance on a passenger car In this state Is advised to furnish the TWELVE PAGES SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS . a ™ r r^r 'uir BlylhevilU, Neither tb. trad: driver nor P ,sse * auemptcd to cross the broken sp ; ,n, L'. rrrrir: r, ^--—-- - - ,e "' S ; " l """  1 6l atallt '""« "> ilcs «»''" «" e oo S. 61 Buckles Under Truck and satisfy today before committee. Car Also Crashes Into Washout But No One Badly Hurt -- -.. "„ t -j.,-j coLion aci , . A short britt Ee located on U. S. flood of protests fr, )m the South was the MB cmcstion f'^'J? 61 nb ° Ut " lne milra soul " i hastily summoned session „, H,, „„,, ' "**. :""!" ° ' B ^ 1CV1 ^ c . bl "*'«' «t «» «"<• House Committee Discusses Criticism of '50 Cotton Quotas WASHINGTON. Dec. ,2. W,-How to patch the UM9 act summoned session o/ •h Many irale cotton growers are complaining that the new acreage allotment law wil! force them to the House Cotton Sub- take heavy cuU in their 1950 cotton acreage—cuts as much as 7o to EO per cent. Acreage cuts ol this size, they protest .will force them out of business. Headed by Hep. Pace (D-Oa). lite cotton subcommittee has summoned Agriculture Department officials for a huddle on how the rough spots can be smoothed out. One question w jii be whether the law itself must be changed or _whether revised administrative reg- jgatlons-can do the-trici ,_ V:'One'House memfcei, who declined to be'.quoted by name, said there is some up'preheasioh that-irate-growers might turn down marketing quotas in next Thursday's cotton referendum. If more than one third of the growers vote against the proposal, there will be no markeMiw quoins for 18.50. . Hay Offer "Reassurances" Should the 'proposal ba rejected, the government will support the cotton market at only 50 per cent of parity rather than at 9o per cent. The result, the representative said, would be a sharp break in the cot- Ion market, loss to all growers ami possibly a damaging blow to country's economy. the To avoid this possibility, he said, -here Is sentiment for Congresslon- il lenders to Issue a statement rc- l-ssuring growers that present inequities will be eliminated by whatever means necessary, including changes in the law. Farmers Confer On Cotton Quotas Three Sessions Held Saturday by PMA to Discuss Referendum Approximately 300 fanners in North Mississippi County were In three meetings Saturday hi connection with n national referendum to be conducted Thursday which will Jiolc farmer approval or disapproval of rot.totr-rn SfKettng quoUs.' '£ The' meetings,» held W DeH Leachville and Manila, viere under joint sponsorship of Ihe Extension Service and the Production Marketing Association. Both agencies are urging farmers to vote Thurs- siie rCeardICSS °' ' hElr Stand on tl "" ! It wns brought out nt the meeting that owners, tcnnnts and shnre- cropjiers direclly concerned with vote 0 " ' a$t VPar WCre ellgible to The proposed allotments will cut the acres to 47 per cent of the total cultivated cropland for cotton, or 18.8 ncres for every 40 acre-plot. The referendum, if meeting with two-thirds approval, will permit a SO per cent of parity support for the co-operators; nnd It disapproval is evidenced by the vote, the cooperators will received 50 per cent of parity support. A system of penalties has been set up for the non-co-ofic tors in owner of the car with a certifie copy of the legal document creating the lien or encumbrance to be filed with the application for license and title. Otherwise, under the law ,any subsequent purchaser will not have legal constructive no- lice of the existence of the Hen or encumbrance. When tlie passenger car owner makes his application lor license and title, he n-ill be Issued a JS50 license plate and a certiifcate of registration, showing that he has paid his license fee tor the year The certificate of title will be mailed to him from Little Rock at a later date. Under tills law, the certificate of title becomes a leaal 'document of ownership, the certificate of registration becomes simply a reccip for current automobile license lees Passenger car license fees for 1950 will be the same as they were for IQ-tO with the exception that an additional 50c will be collected for each certificate of title, at the time the application for title and license is made. '""5VO tjl Lilti law. • "•- »v,,,-,.vj-ujjf i <llul s l|] Rep. Brooks Hays (D-Ark) told a 1 , evellt of ""Proval of marketing reporter his study of the situation I mu)tas - Av «age yields will be set has convinced hime some modifica- ,°" ^ °' |)ost Production, tion likely will be, necessary in the B1 """-^-oi'cralors Clo be deter- law. ' mined by measurement alter plant- One requirement in Die law.cans- i')^ 1 ,.?,"'jr'"1° to 1>;iy " Penally at ing considerable protest is a nrovl ° " cr ccnt of I'""* °" aon that a farmer can pta o ^"f^T ?*"" *"' bC 8 ' VCn New C. of C. Directors To Be Notified Today Twelve new directors for Blythe- villes Chamber of Commerce will meet with 12 out-going and 12 carry-over members tomorrow at 2:30 pjn. J. L. Gunn, president, announced today. pie new directors will be notified oday of election and the annoiin- "ement will be made after lomor- ow's meeting relative to those who ill serve as new directors. A list of 24 nominees was mailed o Chamber of Commerce members nd was narrowed allotting. to 12 by the . project committee to act on he 25 proposed projects for next Mr n-ill «ko be named at the letting, cropland In the county br- ffrininH '"•>•'•.-"»«.• i"= win Air, HUSH said it wns hoped that ennifle'r to" sc™ anf coltoT " "* ****-??*<* ""<""« *'«"»l yesterday about 4:30 p.m. as n trailer track rolled across it. Neither the driver of the Iruck nor passengers In nn automobile which bumped across the bridge about one hour later were Injured seriously. The driver of Die truck- O L Meyers of siccle, said he felt the budge give as his: southbound truck rolled across It and then, ns it sng- ged even more, he said lie gunned Ihe truck nnd prnclicnlly leaped to Ihe safety of Ihe highway as his wheels struck the gnp in the pavement caused by the bridge which pulled away from the highway nt the south end of the 40-foot span. A small part of the 500 mushels ol corn In the truck, owned by M. T. utle.y of Holland, was last but t Stale Highway-Patrolman George Jr»In said about one hour'after the truck crossed the bridge. R chr driven by Don Smith, 2113 Carolyn Avenue, was thrown from the highway a*' it crossed the span from the south- Mr. Smith's wife was admitted to Walls Hospital after the accident but a daughter said today that doctors had reported no serious inju ries. Also In the car, but uninjured were Wfinda and Syble s m 11 li daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Tom Poe nnd son of Varbro. Patrolman Irwin explained that :he Smith's car crossed the bridge while he and others were examining a railroad bridge which is alwut 2( yards from the highway. He said highway department workmen had not arrived to put up barricades at that time. Today the smith end or the bridge, which spans recently-dredged drainage ditch No. 31, was resting n good four feet below the level of the highway and assistant dls- .ricl engineer Jess Rush or the Slate Highway Department said from his office in f'aragould that materials 'or repairing the bridge were on ,heir nay last night and that work will begin Immediately. Mr, Rush snid it was hoped that ' Officers Hunt Luxora Pays Final Tribute to 'Sooty', ^ nicers hu ™ Cab Operator Killed by Negro Slayer LUXOra Slayer Tin J"2 *"> 11-1..,._ t • A . . _ .. * * By O. C. Driver Courier News t'orresuomienl LUXROA, Dec. -12.—More than 400 persons turned out In the rain yesterday for funeral seivices In the Methodist Church here for Mrs Effle McDanlel, who was killed Friday night by a Negro her husband' Joseph C. McDanlel, Luxora clty'mnrslinl. hud arrested. And many or the 100 had to) itiind in the rain during the services which were conducted in a •huich uhich has a sealing capacity tor 200, hut none left because" of the wr/ather. The vicllm of the Negro cuil- illiin is Ijcllcr known by the nick name or "Scroly" thiin by her given lliltnc and had operated n taxicab business here for about five years. She was using her cah to take her husband's prisoners to Jail following nn arrest at a. night club for Negroes at the lime she was killed and her husband and Night Marshal Ralph Williamson wounded. Mr. McDanlel is a patient In the Methodist I n Memphis and h I s wounds are .10 serious that he wns unable to attend Ihe funeral. He sulfered two bullet wounds, one of which caused paralysis of his right nrm. The bullet passed through his shoulder and lodged In his neck. The other bullet passed fhrouirh his arm. The other officer siiricrcd n scalp wound, and Mrs, McDantcl wns tilled by hullets llred rrom the Negro prisoner in tlie back sent ol the taxlcab. Mr. McDaulel's condition is regarded ns serious. Simple and brief funeral services were conducted by the Rev. U. I., nobison, pastor of the Luxora Methndlst Church, and he closed with a Christmas theme centering on 'going home.' At the McDanlel lome in Luxora following the shooting Friday night, relatives found other evidence of Christmas. There on n dnvenelle In the living room they found Chrislmns gifts icntly wrapped, piled high and ready for distribution to friends nnd relatives as a grim remindci uun.^ vi riuimnti, was iOSt U1IL lx 6" 1 " i uuiujdui e truck apparently was uucUuuit- of 'Jl e ,P InllK which had been made i < t ' ' •' • t brittle...couple only a short time *_. . _ i 1 - I j *" hprn** if.lio im«inHw See liKlDCi; DEATH CATt- shooting that hAi* <„ iv, i t, delth o C f ™ the city marshal of Luxora, and Ra ph v, m mouth sedan, which Mrs. McDanlel opera a h«l wounded Mr, «,,. lainsol , «„ , he Dame, and the ven.iiator was ahattered V '"" n ght rla^h ^T * ta? t * ,' ° ^ * "" ta -Courier Xews I'bolo ire mute evldcnc rool of the 1918 that killed bU " Cl -^-itlic tragedy. Mn/.McDanlcl was burled In" the Maple drove Cemetery In Blythc- •ille with Swift Funeral Home ol Osceotn in charge. Acll"e pallbearers were J. R, Colcman, O. n. I'lioinn.s, William Dcnlon, Richard Thomas and Wiley Tale. Tiie couple had no children. Mrs. McDnnlcl Is survived by her husband, her mother and a sister. Body of Mexican Is Found in Field Near Little River Soulh Mississippi county peace olflcers today are Invcstlgtllillg the death of a 23-year-old Mexican farm laborer, whose body was found Saturday night In a field near the Little River Community. His throat had been sln.shcd, Deputy Sherif Cliff Cannon of Osccola snld. The body of Pedro Ciodine/. wns found alongside a field road by an unidentified grocery store delivery truck driver around nine o'clock Saturday night, in his hand wns clutched a bloodstained pockcl knife, the blade of which wns stick- Ing In the ground, Deputy Cannon However, Deputy Cannon slated Ihnt it is suspected tlie Mexican met with foul play. He Is reported to have left u camp late Saturday accompanied by two of his countrymen. The two other Mexicans were listed us missing from Ihe camp this mornim;. No trace of them hail been found at noon today. Deputy Cannon stilled that approximately S15 was round In the dcnd mnn's possession which possibly will rule out a robcry motive. Gotlinc/, was employed on the StucMey farm nrar Little nivcr. Supreme Court Upholds Federal Rent Control Act WASHINGTON'. ])rc. 12. M T j— Tlie supreme rourl lotlaj- uphrlil tho Ifll!) federal rent control act. The %-fi rnliiij- overturned a derision by U.S. IIMrlrl Court .ImlRC Klwyn II. Shaw In ChlraRo Hint Ihc act w.ij Invalid. The decision was .innnunrfil In a brief order which cllcd an curlier supreme court ruling In a rent control cnsr. HI AV I XI! It 1 TO Sl'KAK George M. Strnyer, of Hudson, Iowa execullvo secrclnry-lrcasiirer of the American Soybean Association nut editor of Ihe Soybean Digest, wil address at Icnst 1'2B Jnycccs am soybean producers at a banquet tonight nt the Junior Chamber of Commerce Clubhouse nt 7:30. The banquet Is to honor the winner of the Third Annual {joybean Yield Contest, which will be announced tonight. The winner will receive the Ed Crit/, trophy anil a $100 cash prize. Cash awards, total- Ing $218 will be given the producers with Iho greatest j'lcld from the five-acre plots entered In the conies I, Approxlmnlely - • — --., 50 soybean producers In Mississippi County participated in the contest this year , : Records of planting, f W tlltiliiK cultivation nnd harvesting times were kept by the entrants In orrta that n comparison of the vnrloui varieties used could be set up >U.S. to Fight Reds' Threat To Formosa MANILA, Dec. 12. W>,_Tlic Unit cd btalcs tins Informed the Phlllu pines government that It will "tnki positive action to counteract llii Communist threat to Formosa," a high source at Malaci.unu Palace said today. 'Hie source added that It wns un- dcrstood the U. S. would send adequate arms to enable Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek to hold his tftst Nntfonnllst stronghold (Washington sources said Sunday that the United states was prepared to give Chiang economic and dl lonmtic support, but not mw mllilnry aid. In his eflorl to turn Formosa into a fortress agninst Chinese Communists.) The Mulacunan sourc w...ce said "It is very assuring lo iw" to know that Chiang will be given U. S. hacking i'L >'i° r ? 0 ^"', ' nic Lsl "" [ l. nthw-Hrt ine u. S. defense chnin In the r ( , r f'.nsl, Is next door to the Phllip- New York Stocks 1:30 p.m. Quotations: \ T & T Atncr Tobacco Anaconda Copper icth steel Jhryslcr :oca Cola >en Klpclrlc 3en Motors Montgomery Wnrd N Y Central Ir.l Han-ester Vationnl IMstillcrB '!..'..' Sepubllc Steel Radio ; Socony Vacuum Stuctebakcr of N j '.'.'...'., Texas Cor^ , Penney ._, US 5-8 75 27 3-1 Tribunol Denies Rehearing for Rope Case Appeal 'Hie Arkansas Supreme Court today denied a rehearing of (he np- E 1 ;:' 1 '".."»• """»'•*« '«r Holll-s / In Mississippi Sheriff William Bcrryman eci the belief ., 'o who Friday killed a woman and wounded two Luxora officers may have been mortally wounded Saturday night in nit exchange of shots with officers in Mississippi. The Negro, Identified as Mlnas Wilson, alias Eddie Hull, was loc- iitcd In a cabin Saturday night niout H miles south ox Byhalia, Miss., but he escaped leaving a, "ft M 01 iJ^.QQi!, The officers, however, were unable to frail him far In the downpour of mi,, „,,,, crfor[s , 0 if . k up the trull yesterday were without From Warsaw, Miss., today it was indicated hy the Associated prcJ (hat the .search , for the Nesro had shifted to a ,,|,,ce known as ,.Pigeon rtoosl. Bottoms." Sheriff Ucrryman nnd a. halt do/en officers from this county returned to their homes about 'i n m today leaving Mississippi officers' in the nrea to continue the search , V 1 ?. °/f<"=" Indicated that they reel that the Negro will he found Head. He was wearing only hi, shorts and a T-shirt when he wis routed nnd the trnll of blood from the bed to the window indicated Hint he Was badly wounded. Mniiiphts Negro Wounded In the exchange of shots a Memphis Negro, who was assisting tho officers In the Investigation was wounded in [he arm, Sherft iierrv- man sain. He added It was not known whether the Memphis Necro wns hit b y a. i,,,ilct from Wilson's gun or hy a bullet from the guns of one or tho officers. The Negro apparently was caught In the crosa Sheriff ncrryinnn sold that a Negro, woman with Wilson taken (nip' custody In wns .. Is bciug.heidjfi jailVin Osceola She wns using the rmmn of -Mar- Kiicrftc Tcel, and her 11-year old son Is at the tail with her. He was said to have accompanied (In; Negro man and woman from Oridcr to Memphis and later to Mississippi Another arrest has been made. Sheriff Berrymnn said today hub formal charges have not been preferred, .lames Robinson, a half brother of the woman, is In custody for further rniostlnnlnpr. Robinson, the sheriff said, was first asked to aid officers Friilay nlaht linn denied knowng anything about the whereabouts of the two wanted in connection with tho Luxora slaving. Sheriff Borrymnn this morning disclosed that the Tecl tolrl officers that she and wilsim, or Hall ns he wns known In this county, walked nnd ran from the- scene of the shooting in Luxora Ui !liclr home nenr Grider. They followed the railroad track part of the way. she told the officers, and the levee the rest of the way. Kffusi-il To Surrender The Mississippi County officers assisted by stale Police nnd Poml- •cot County. Mo,, officers, Friday light Icnrnrcl that Wilson anrt thn VCRI-O woman were Inkcii from Orl- Icr lo Mnmpliis and Saturday pinned their Investigation Into 'MUsls- ilppi. In Memphis they learned where Wilson had contacted relatives nntl wns taken (o his former home n>-nr l.vhnlin. l.nlc Saturday nluht. Shcr- ff Ucrryman. Depulv Sheriff D:ivc j Yoiinir anil four Mississippi officers IncIiKlliii. Sheriff I,, r siaydnn'. in on Ihe house where tho slaver suspect was htdlni?. Tw-o Memphis relatives of the suspect, who accompanied the officers, were the first lo enlr-r tho Negro house. The suspect, was or- ''""' '" siifrenrlpr, but Sheriff Brrryni:in .viw today, ne Edward Neciihtim of Hlylhcvillc I ,,,,v,i . ',"."•' '"'"" " >u:l i'. ne who is under sentence of dr-ati, or ? • i '''"" '""' """^ fil ''"? - — -- • • • uun lor m (he direction of the officers After emptying j>| s m: bed more ammunition Set' SI.AVKK mi P Hlylhe- raping an eight-year-old vllle girl. In rejecting the petition, the court Issued a supplemental opinion clarifying , mo |x ,i, u „, , w opinion afiirninR the deiiih !lr , and :rnb- flccl hccauw the trial jutl i; c declined' defcn.'.e Instruction concerning the manner In whli-h n confc.vsion Pustmasicr be obtained. Customarily, re- I nouncctl tod.i-, may ,, K ornamcii. customiirllv. re- hearings arc denied without elaboration. Governor McMMh now must set new date for Nredham'.s electrocution, the original date havin Posfmostcr Soys Holiday it Snould Bo Sent Thursday at Latest passed while the appeal' was pend- New York Cotton Open Hi;; I.,ow . . 3021 30?2 31)00 .. .1016 3016 3W .. 3031 2931 .... 2787 27158 2771 61 3-3 D ^C. ]fi2 j Mar. •i! ,^-^ May M 1-8 July 53 I-21 Oct. 10 1-2 I £?.1jN. O. Cotton 23 1-4 I 13 | in 1-2, Dec. K l Mar. MilV crl p.v,t .-hoult) he" i"'t fi,,'."ii^[|''i'y Christinas. " <r In the event til. 1 .; ;>aek:i.Ts n'o no; rc.xiv hy da;e! Mr. Sievras warned that nir paicel pott service slnnild be used. I-ocal canci'lkitlnns :ivei. 1 o.o about IC.r.IX) a liny, and mm arc- i:p to nbout. 4.VIXO. Mr. aiovfris .s.iicf. Hc- caiL-e ol the exti-icordlnnry load he . a.skerl that nil p.ick:i.:c'; DP vvrap- 3018 [ Pert in he.ny corruv.itrd r:;uilh >ard. 3013 with cards ripiMtmj t|,c on 3MO j !he inside. KlIBi He ndvifcd ; oat-of-slnlc 2780. nn ct in ITS should a!=o l w mailed bv 1 'niursrtay, ami ll]O!.-c J,ir !r:ci\l fio- iivery not more Ih.-in a week h.t^r. Open Hi^h Low 1:30 61 3-4 July 54 I Oct. 3505 3007 30uu 3006 ... 3010 3011 2S99 SOW ... 2910 2910 0027 2938 Soybeons Dec Mar Mav 2780 21SO 2731 31601 July Open HJK 231«, 212 234 534 23 .••••„ 232' t,w cio<f 230 230 'i 232 2:!3'i 230', 231 '.i 221H 238',S

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