The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 10, 1949
Page 7
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SATURDAY, DECEMBER 10, OUTOUR WAY By J. R. Williams GAME WARPEN TOLD ME He CAUGHT OUR coo< HUMTIM- WITH A LOADED RIFLE ANT WO HUNTIN' UCENSE- THAT'S TH6 STATUE EMERVBODy'S - TALKIM' ABOUT, A<WOR.' IT WAS PEP. P6TRATED BVAviOLO Wir-SDBAG NAM6D HOOPLG"—BELONGS TO . THAcr owes ctus tue NieiGneoR's ARe ALWAYS ASWKG US To RAID/ WAr^T US TO SLAP A OH, 1^0, SERGEANT,' x KKtcw nooPLe- HE CARvJEDTM/xr FOR trie CIMIC ARTS CONTEST AMD SOLD IT <0 THE PRETZEL TD HAUL H4M BACK TD TH KAWCH/ WHY THAT C^IMA- MAN DIDN'T SVEM KrJOW PACK HOSS HIM TD TOWN WHEN Trey " £€D ME.' ™_ IT ALONie -~ JOB cisicw&s tne BACK (?OOM. VOTE/ THE SUSPECT __.,„., Private Rooms Bedroom, convenient lo bnth. Ste &l. Ph. 332V 611 W. Main St. Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE -flee comfortable herlrooni. 1007 Main Gentlemen. Phone 6767. 12,6 pk 12.14 convenient to Comfortable bedroom convej town. Men only. 310 \V. Wnln_ 122 Personal rnirtj minute pnmo STKKN'b STUDIO Seeking information HJ to whereabouts of my &l$ter, Edna Jones, dtui- ghter of Charles W. Jones. 28. Last heard of in 1929. Mrs. George M. Fox. 4015 Oak Knoll. I'onUac. Michigan. Loans WANT A FARM LOAN I have one of the best loans to be had. 20 years to pay. Cheap rate of interest. \Vill refinance your place or help you to buy one. RULES LAND CO. W. T. Barnett—Russell Riales 2262 two phones 3322 11-25 ck tf Money to Loan uo you neea ft loan to repn&i 01 ra- modetv No down payment on mortgage, no tea cape fHA APPROVED HATS3 4% ASK FOR UETAIiS Max Logan, Realto i>ync» Buliamg Ark FARMS CITY PROPERTIES LOANS INSURANCE Sne us for service. See us and save. W. L. TAiUKE REAL ESTATE AGENCY . Larry Ingrain-Herman May Cooper Eld.—Ph. -]f>27 12-9 ck 1-9 Lost Man's kid glore ror rlglit hand, lost Thursday at Dell. REWARD Flense Dotlly H. B. Shepparrt, p o Box B48. Blythevllle. J2 10 pk M Lost rhlJds gla.Mc5. pink ptRstle frames. In white cage. Lost Sat Fhone 3882 orI393. | 2;9 pt 1 2 ;,J L«dl™ glasses with heavy torlc^i '"""". Reward. Ph. 2222. 129 pk 13 Wanted to Rent 80-160 acre farm. Mississippi Crmnty can nirnlsrt references. \Vrlle E W ». . K.- -Smllh, iitlr . . . In fbr- b»x ^onfnlt>/r(K Ifcr cru,ir« .rrn lo hr . clur In Ifcc ,u,.,rr,. j»lrphiinle Jina found wu c ko>« t<* Olirn tbr- lorkft of rhf. rxiiiro. !• whlc-li «r< rkr iiCrliirm of hrr drntl pnrrnl*. ArMfild fnelTcr, »n- *»(h«T Miinitrri | N ,x* c«.«-, hnd XXIV ARNOLD PFIEfTER paced trie floor of his studio. He paused now and then to stare down at the evening paper which lay unfolded on the floor, its large, black headlines revealing that Hagar Blair hod been jailed on suspicion of murder. Not that he gave a tinker's dam about Hagar, he told himself. Not that old witch! But it was the principle of the thing. He could go down to the police station appalling as the idea was—and tell the ruffians the story, or he. eould wait until they summoned him. He chewed ofT a sliver of fingernail as a dreadful thought struck his brain: What would happen if certain people should suspect he had put two and two together? He peeled, oil his smock and threw it on the floor. He shrugged un a jacket and started for the hall, only to be stopped in his tracks by the clacking of the knocker on his front door. He. stood motionless for a few minutes, his eyes darting from side to side as he considered how to escape. The knocker sounded again, violently this time. Arnold snatched up his sandals and dashed to the window that overlooked the back yard He opened it carefully, fearful of every small squeak. Throwing his sandals out flrst, he climbed over the sill and took the short jump to the ground. Mesmerized by their nriv=.>z disturbing thoughts neither Ar nold Pfk'iler nor Audrey Ynko\ noticed each other \vhcn thei routes crossed briefly on Magnoli., stieet. And neither noticed a third man whom they bolh knew—,1 stockily built man distinguished by a totally bald head and a half- empty coat sleeve that was pinned up neatly below the left elbow. The bald man glanced curiously at each of them for a few seconds from the opposite side of Ihe street, then turned and walked back briskly in the direction from which he had come. VAKOV beside turned Into the drive Hagar Blair's shingled house. With luck" . , though], he could conclude' _ he uld conclude mission tonight. He glanced at (he lighted windows: Perhaps within the next hour! Stephanie answered his ,„,,; promptly, her smile fading as she recognized him. Yakov's chuckle sounded sympathetic: "You were expecting someone else? I am so sorry." .Stephanie stared at him doubtfully then unhooked the screen door end pushed it open. Yakov stepped inside. "Thank you, Miss — Sercnov!" Stephanie sank onto a hassock in front of the fireplace, her wide eyes fixed on Yakov's face: "Who are you?" she whispered. "How did you learn my name?" Yakov laughed shortly. "Who am !? You ask the question as (hough possibly I were a ghost. I am Ana'rey Ynkov, of course, artist and a collector — of cameos," Stephanie stared at him in silence, watching him till his hc,i<l and blow smoke toward the ceiling. "As for your name," he paused and smiled triumphantly, "it was a guess. I am only surprised that poor iVellya did not guess that you were her sister's child. It you will pardon the unkindness — she a thoroughly stupid woman He leaned forward to senrrh lie. lace: "You are a Russian, mv deal Miss Serenov ..." Stephanie line! jumped up and now stood before him, her ev«< like blue flame: "1 am nn Ameri" can citizen!" Vakov nodded paliemlv: "I too can lay i e , :;( ] c | aim t() tnat J.' "anon. However. the molhoi country sometimes finds it mlvis- able to reclaim her children "lings have developed which make it impossible for me to resist her gathering arms." [-J E look note of Stephanie's recoil. "Do not trouble voiirscll over this. R uss i a js no longer'in- tercsled in the Scrcnovs, except for one small matter. 1 have come here to negotiate with you, to Ihe "Client ol both of us, and Miss "Lair. have certain papers. Ict- . which will prove that Miss Blair had nothing to do wji m'irders of Martin Falter and Aem-a. I am prepared lo give you thepe letters in exchange for "(ho cameo. Not permanently. I ask i< for only a few hours, and promise to return it to you in perfect condition." She shook her head slowly, can't let you have my locket. "Locket? You have opened it then? You know what is inside?" "I've always known what is in- Slrie. My mother's picture nnd my father's. I'll not give it to you for even a few hours." Yakov sank back. "Pictures? I'hat is all, you arc sure. No writ- ng of any kind?" "Writing? What kind of writing?" "An engraving, or perhaps a bit of paper with writing?" The girl shook her head. Yakov fingered his mustache houglitfully. "You must be tnis- akcu." he said slowly. "There mist be something. Will you al- ow me to examine the locket?" "No." "Not even lo gel Miss Blair oul of jail?" "Would you give me the letters •ou say you have if I let you look at the cameo here?" "Yes." quarely. (To He Continued) He met her glance Thompson. Star Hoiu« England. Ark 12,3 pk 12]lo 400-600 acres sandy loam Boll No .irnlih required. Pii 4326 11,29 pi 12]13 A raindrop an eighth of an inch n diameter contains a s much water »s several millions of the droplets hat form the average clourt. Since the advent of wireless, later radio and then televisipn, hardly a day goes by without some new technical word coined for the language. KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo. Phone 2089 THE GRA\ ES Real Estate - MortaatpLoam • Insurance DSCEOLA BLYTHtVILL Phone 3075 For F'rompt, Courleous FRIENDLY SERVICE NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners - Phone 4474 -Master Plumber- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc. All Work Guaranteed For 12 Months 531 North lOlh I'fionc 6(101 ui CQ LU Q Z> 10 - S TUDEBAKER- We Invite Your Inspection Of These Fine Cars Studcbakcr Commander 5-f'asscngcr Regal Ileltixe— complclcly equipped wilh overdrive, radio, heater, while wall tires and other accessories. 1916 Plymouth 2-door Special DeLtixc _ nice green finish, has radio and heater. This car is in excellent condition and is very economically priced. ," 35 T 01 ;' 1 2-«>oor-Ynu Musi see (his imc. H,,«his perfect, ti B hl as n new one .motor is in A-l shape, K ,,od heater. Only two people have owned H. See these and many more — Also some good Used Trucks. Chamblin Sales Co. Railroad and Ash ph one 888 • S TUDEBAKER. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS 8Y MERRILL BLOSSE1 No. 1 Myslerr IT OUGHTA Be A. CONVERTIBLE/ THE WAY THEY TRIECI FATHER X»IG T& (5<Ve VOO C«GET1ING RIO Cp 4AT SNOOetE TRI8L=? CELLAR../** WCHSESCOM€ HONESTLY, SON. I THE FAtwresr IOE*. Goes on / DlFfETiEMT MEN KEEP GO( f «, M ^^^^--^ylr "I haven't seen anything hidden around yet too long to start being good?" PKiSCH.I.A'S i'Ol' BY AI, VKItMEER I WA-3 BAKING...SO 1 MADE AM EXTRA PIE OH, MRS. BOTTS! YOU 5HOULDWT HAVE! 'WE REALLY OWr DESERV? 'UCH NICE NEIGHBORS! YOU'RE TOO clboD WELL... PERHAPS »Y AHCHAISL O'iMAU.HY and RALPlTLANE ...AND IT'S PLUM DUMPLIHG BY A i£NGfH, A 20 TO 1 SHOT MIHNIMS AHEAD AIL THE WAY ' NO ANSWER/ THE RAT ' THAT PUtS ME tVEN ON THE BOOKS / COME ON, FlINT. WE'VE GOT TO/WAKE A CALLOW NICK THE BOOK .IDE SLIPPERIEST BOOKr BY I,KSUE TURNER THATfe WHERE THE7 APE WOw!_SWED OUTOF IliniR ALLOWMJCE TD GET YOU OMErHlUG SPEClAl OH. GOSH! HERE'S THOSE \tlwtt[ THETVE BEEW LITTLE PESTS ASftlM, IOOKIUG TOEfJ BETWE6IJ GEt FOR A PRESENT FOR OAD? /IIIJG HIM A SCOOTER, OMB BOXIMG GIOVES OK A DUMP TRUCK.' VIELl, I HOPE VOU BOYS HAVE M<Xt>£ UP VOUR MIUDS AT LA.ST ! W6 HAVE! WE'VE FIMEW DECIDED ON 1WOCOWBOV OUTFITS, SIIS W&SH. THEYME EUEM MEM SHOPPING FOE Iil!t;S HUN,NY HOW ABOUT SOME SUPER |CE\ CREAM PER DESSERT? ONLY TWENTY SOMETHIN'S SCREWY/ AIN'T SOL.P HOW ABOUT SOWE *-p PISTACHIO, GUVNOR? IT'S SPECIAL. TOPAY// T-TWENTY \ CENTS ? I BY V. T. HAMLIN HOOTS AN'I) UKR HI'DDIKS BY KDGAK MARTIN MOftt WooVOKiT Ot9tWO MC.ROG6Vt.S-

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