The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 10, 1949
Page 6
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PAGE SIX CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION I>ailf rat» pw one Kit CODBCCUT; Insertions: Minimum Cbarge ., WH l time pel Ji"6 - ,,,,. Ifte B tun«« per DiO p« day }2c 3 tlm« p« line pei tfay , »c 6 time* per line pei day 7c J2 time* per line p« d&f 6c MODID p« line We Oount live aierage woixis to the ilu Ad ordered for ttiree or eu times am atopped del ore expiration win be ciintR <d for tbe number oi iiniej* tCe at appeared and adjustment oi bin made All classified Advertising copy *ub miitea by persons residing outbid* o tne city must be arcnmpnnied E? cast Rates may easily be computed frnns th a&ove table. Advertising ordei lor inrpulAi inser- ctons takes tne on* time tehlo No responsibility win be mfceo lo more than one incorrect insertion a. any classmen ad All Bds are restricted to men prope; Cltissilicatlon style and type T h i Courier Wewjc reserve* the right to ertl 1 or reject any ad Notice The rumUv of Ibo Imp Mrs Jesse James of Tain pa. Fla., wl«hrs to tx- Jirw, thrlr stnrrr* thanks to tlic-lr irlenrt.i ior the nuinv kLnmu'.s.'-e;" alimvi: them at the time nr hr-i r?r.-m death 'Uiese acts will ii.'U-r bt; /oiymii'i] J2 10 pk 3 op:. UULif!« 2 -room miles lu i-'d apt Cln^e in. lit , I'Jione ainr>2. J2 ti pk 121 y-rootn apt. 1'rlvate biiih. Hot water heater, tjootl location. Call Oscar A!»x- anrtfr. 2,'(il or JjTO s^rrr 5 p HI. 12 « ck 12 11 Modern cabins A; apartments C:\f_ service. 1'li 051 IZ,1 pk 3[l!50 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services UHAPWAN SERVICE STATION Mem At Uivisinn • Phone aiftj uon't endanyei yom (utuiiy wltb rauily tires— BU* LEE g f 1RE3, Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Royal, amltti Cornaa and Keniiugtou T3o'N EDWARDS Tne Typvrmer iian 110 N Second St Fhnne ^3ffi BLYTHfciVlLlR (ARK.) COUH1KK NEWS Insurance Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency • Planned Protection 124 W ARb tit OLENCOF HOTEL I1UI1JJ1NO 4-8-rk-ti For KAIIM HURKAU INSURANCE fprvU-o, rail or rnnlu.-t M. H. Sheppnrd, phone a 157, early morning, nooti or lit. 12.10 pk 1.10 Services AUTO AND FURNITURE Prompt Personal Service tlenerai Cnmract Purchase Corp 106 South 5th Phnnt ' KodaK KiniKimig Obi t-lKN b STUJJJO Wasninc; nincninefl repaired A l • makes UlythevlUe Machine Bhi>p Ph 2KM a ia ck t , amirs K*»rvice 3 ck tf <pm mil creating oi celling wall* noons, tatpttf. window.* aim uphnJAt- ery t'lLl'S UURA-OLRAN ph 36'J6 10 12 ck tl For expert oil .itovo cleaning •pairin« calf Hurry Myers 6il9 . ave B 1^* ^50 gallon water pu nsiaijea tyjui> 11,22 pi 1 PLAS'IERING BOB MALONE CnlJ <il50 UlyllieviJIc or 407 Osceota 10-(i clc 1 -G Oil, ST07E SKRVICKS O1J conirol VKivcs clcniurt ftna ad- ir-tpd Cathojt rt-niovod br neu 1 inflh- ii while not i*h at>io n 2fi pv: Yi\?: f TK r/CK LKTTKRTNO WINDOW SKiNfi Jark T. T«pp HOB W. Main 125 pk 12 12 CAVE ftQIJII'MKNI- — 2 deep fnt ryers. I Royal typwrlter (new), lo ble «t- ctialr sets. 1 pte cn.^e. l slice toaster, 1 Cory Coffee Maker IS-Cu. Ft- deep irre/e, ' 1 -5-ft' nslle Show case, 4 Italltrees, Wnter nctiefs. nnct al] klnd.s of dhitif-rwaie hone. 49P6 and 2R7A_ 126 I2'i:i 25'i-Ji (JiRcnunt on all present stocks I Oeneini Blectrlc ant! Kitchen Kra/t etal liase and tt'itll Calilueus U'p re closing out tlir.^e llne.s of cabinets • brt^d A: Ho'icc Appliance Co Phone ll;?3 ck 12;12 for Safe, Misc. ' 1 o r e n c P tanLciop stove SH5 tenen rnblnet «20. Klng-O-Hfat con) caier 420, baby stroller S5, intliiy t'l *2, HIKS. Phoup ;mi. 22,10 pk 12 J4 ASK THE MAN WHO BOUGHT ONE ,..., R. A. WARREN MfVj .M' 1S10 Hearn Slrect HERE'S WHAT BOB WARREN SAYS: "In addition (,, ,, ly i' ; , mi | v r ^ , |u . c , (| . [(|(|; donal dependable h ansportalion in my business. Thai's why I b()., K h( a I'M 7 Ford Coupe from Lanirston-Mi-Wiilers on Odoher U)lh ...and I certainly wish (o say (\ la [ [',„ vc ,. y bappy with (he deal they yave tne." Buy Your Used Car From a Recommended Dealer! — -- , - CARS AND TRUCKS n ,iMM,|-, K.n.hlmn l,,w m.le:, K ,.. :t |t accessories. . .Si:,H5. S IUI2 SliiriolKiko,- l-do,,r Sedan will, rvulio & I'i'iller. n, „,„„! mndilion Ihro^hon! . .Soji". O I'M? Clunrolel r : ,l,-«ver-r:n,,i, ic Truck in ex- "•llenl condnion. medium whcell.nsc, ? o,,«l "ires •> I «>d. « IHIfi Hnitl Super |.,| 11( , r jScdan wilh radio, iKMli-i. and while (ires. ..'.is engine. . .51 1!I5. 1(117 .r .npe. ; , tni «•«•• will, boll, radio £ |,c,,ler .?1H5 Langston-A/kWaters BUiCK COMPANY Hroadway Dial 5.i5 for Service JUST LIKE GENUINE FORD PARTS ARE IDENTICAL "TWINS" OF THE PARTS USED TO BUILD NEW FORD CARS AND TRUCKS That's why you'll always find Made Righf—Fit K.ght—Last Longer 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 USED TRACTORS FOR SALE 1 Mas.sey-l Inn-is "101" Jr. Traclor with disc, niidil e-bu.sler. culiivator ami planter ... in excellent condition ........... .......... SP75 Tractor . . . reconditioned K)id guaranteed Olher used . lo choose from. rs ;it ,,t ef |.i!|)moflt Russell Phillips Tractor Co. South Highway (il Phone 2m 12-9-ck-13 For Sole, Misc. eiccirrc rolrlgenitor t; ti Gee Sales Co '1:9 ck cf Used Tractors ALL1S CHAU1EUS M<meJ WC wild cuictT^tOf disc an 19-18 A VERY TRACTOR UASSEV-HAKIUS JTactot very . 'j * ink.LUL very SlI£[|tJy M'tlJ R-1T h °'"";. at0 ' ni " °"»^"8 P"™ »n" 61 Implement Co. No. Hiway Gl Phone U 25 ck tl LI-T AT N. One Kolvinalor, Ueliixe electric ranj;o. One ?. Uloor 15 Cut. ft. KYigidaire rc- fi'iKcralor. One (i en. ft. Kelvi- nator freezer. Ph. Mrs K B ^. 25S ' 1 : nj^cit tr R^'^lstcred hlotul rociirra. Ph ^4(]fT New ISJI) Mnmey popcorn raaclilnt i'ii in us,- three inoiitlis A-l condition. Apply UNION BUS DEPOT Ktmiftc. Mo. 127 pit 12[H BARGAIN. Lovely play- liouse. Deluxe chicken'house AlcCiill. J037 Ash. l^-l pk J5 Want to buy a farm? We jiuve it. Farm '10 acres up to large pljtntation in Northeast Ark. and Southeast iUo. Sec us for a farm loan CATKS WORTIIINCTOiN CO RKAI.TOKS 115 So. 3rd St. Blylheville. Ark. Uenrgs W WIRK^ ni W o oatof P>l 27SI ttO-Acrp lariri. two good Iinnscj; I-ITKO oarn. KOOM clraliinst. on school bus n«l in*H routes. P-, miles iiorthvvMt Reof Estate Farms — City Property LOANS ' U mtufeMeu >n Unying o^ wMlng ««« Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil Earls K. B Jovner Glcncoe Bklg. PI,. (j 838 3-room home on ronirr Jot «. All imccd. cWeKcn 1,0,,.,° B Help Wanfod Ciiu n.sp .several n^at appearing men \viio arc Iree to travel. Car furnished Karmiti;* »r|| above av<ragc. \uist hu jw tl) B ii m linmedlulfly. Sec Ralpji Ofiral ai llolrl Noble. Turs. evening Tom s 10 a pin. 12 10 pic ]2,H Salesman Wanted AK WANTKD /or 1500 family liaw- fli huslneifi In City of lilylhevlle or niral Mtssiw,,,,,! county. Permanent II you arc ii hustler. Write Hawk-Ji's. Ucpi AK[.-2iy-l^J 15 1» Pk 12 11 12:11 i AIU. voii A noon SALESMAN? Would yon Uke lo xel Una B busl- '<ns ttiiii » inino national COIUTII. QiialliicBiions n, c _ to bo since™' no'l slrnici ol talkmi; to business mm: Not seasmiiHile. (i,.,, c ,ous weekly '»d- ^t Her- against o:ii]Leil roitinilsslons «rnc- qii:i1lf>riulima to: liox 51 a^ r . wo °". """>- 2MB ,,k iVl SAI.K.HMK.V — ATI'KXTIOM ,vo n eyo,can «H. H'or* » fo,v Lours » dly'.loes U J;«e.mal proilu, t by -u-yor old ma*-' *-r. Uiawiiii; art-ount under sneclfli-d Hox" ^""V""" 5 " «" M «™«°™ BHJ "ox [, 6t> , cicvelanrt. Qlilo. 12 Iff pk II Female Help Wanted niis Must be .'noil Wme box 53a for Inter- II 30 clt tl - ^ Saoo per ae owner, d linn 217 w '•uraeotilii, Arkansuii 129 Kelt setvlL-e l«tln<l r . Ucst Inuuion In "^rs ™ ti "<>""= r 1 " u "° ;; "-" ranee. Good ranrtlllon. piuitlon •• " l " Ilro - J26 E»st Kentucky, 12.9 pk 12,13 For Sale, Real Estate Uiuncu. r 3,9 ^ lC i,. 1 f- r< S/ 1 l , T ?." 5 . c ..' l ' r ?" lot, aV •I room home with complete, .-,„„„, ll), located in Pride addi-j™- 767 (>i«iya iLnci tion. A small down payment'— will buy tin's home. 'Monthly payments S^!), taxes awl insurance included. -- t houses a[it| st « rasli or uudf (or la 122 pt"i« . . 125 i>k 1212 J-'OK SALK ^(l ncies norm snndy loiiin laitrt. soot Kood nritilibnrluxKl. close 1" u . . re Modern duplex in. very good » B na" s " 1 'r, 1 ;,i b " m<> ""- c '" se ln ""'- slnre c-iiudition. 2 blocks off Main' m " crcs '> mllt "' nuhway on Slivol. One side available in ^V^r cBu S t ^ SSb/" 1 '" 1 30 dnys. Approved for FIlA or Gl Loan. .Modern KI1A built home on 2 "Hies no.-th sliite line -i Houses. Olt Klave] eh-ctrtoHv in 1.011. nmis?s SUU per' acre BM acres 8 miles west or Blythevlllc l»o 1-rooin nouses. 2 barns, on stale .„ ,,. . ' ..«,i.^. ^ « 1-^,0111 runises. -2 bariis on stale Ucsl Clm-kiisawbn. Gas heat, I":"';,'" 11 " r °'! u ^ sc "™' '»«. s^io l««-«e sLarty lot. Car, Oe rM^'f ^'^nr^^rC^n r , ' il?!.l'il Cii^li, terms. Si'<> or rail MAX UH;A\ T , KKAI.TOR J-yiH-h Bldg., Ph. 203'! 12-9 ck 13 -•^I?.f ""''-'"f , Mr " 1 " 1 ' : ''"»1 Piano, i n'o«?o CopelntHl. Come.. ..„, 12W pk 1217 I :~:^»'^^ 1 _Sl»iinar,l EIM llotpolnt elr 'Ood condition i;o.OO. P)i. . 126 pit 13 o rooms on nice corner rot f.inon Yon must see this n nnproctate It. has S tarue p.irl cedar lined Cvcrytlitn^ , incliirilnE: heatlnt: plnnt i.itnniom. mtclien Hnti llglit Jixtui... »r^e natn ritbliri tile floor Tills lornc nas never been oTlercd tor lest ban sis.uciii n solil this week can be lau lor S32.VK) Mt* J I. Lewis, [realtor 111 E Davis st Phone «5!1 J9 pk 12.13 —••^^^•^^^^^••i This Week We Need i *ay USED CARS —••—Will Pay Cash or Highest Trade-In Allowance on New PLYMOUTH or New CHRYSLER T.I. SEAT MOTOR CO. Chr y sler Dealer" Phoa. 2122 S ;! '""<=•' southeast of Hly. K 0 B,,u,|| nss . SI25 J acres ndjalnliu tin, w m, j.,,.,,.,. «l.U bar,,. 5125 per ac, e. See R. .M. BUCK I.YNCJI HLDO PI). 20;;.l, Res. 2S!)3 Wanted to Buy WT\TI': DTwe~h" i ^ : r~buy". ei-s for -10 and SO acre farm's, ?l- r >() to ?'J50 per acre. Call '1(5:27, \5'. L. Tainke Real Ks- fale Agency. 12-9 ck Excellent po.silion open for young- liidy not over L'5. Who is with figures and likes ling «. ( ,rk, g« 0 ,[ s(! ,rl- salary, pleasant working ,| 0 hollr wock _ 12-n ck II Rent ! IM/j ck tl ^-n;^,;^^™ Kennedy. 823 ck u - Hair Moon. Sec H • 12 1" pt 12 4 ' ^•jSa/e^Cors onrf Trucks «'^" •oT^u^T'S^r' 7 "^ 1 ^ tiiuiij, iti small home. Ph ^J "2 5 T >k 12 Notice LIVE STOCK fvIFN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and cripple,, animals picked up free „, charge in sterilized trucks Call collect, GH2, B| ythe . lle, Ark. ARKANSAS DRAD AN'IMM DISPOSAL CO. "•21 p:< 1221 ^Continued on Next Page) The U.S. Bureau of RpL-Iamatlnn timate., western American r lvm could Kcnerate ns much eleilriclty n a 5' as 600.000.000 barrels nf petralniim biirncrt in stond plants. &/af/ CTfta^ Cars l»f!l \ }is h "Ambassador'' Cuslom 1-door, solid black enloi, has many extras. Buy now al $SI)U discount! l!H7 Chcvrnlcl ricclniaslrr-1-door Sedan, glossy lilaclv, radio & healer, low mileage. . .a very nice car. li>lS Dodge C'uslom 1-door wilh red pliislic seal covers, radio & lie;ilcr, new lires. . .a real bi'Hi'fy. 19 IS Nash "liOO" Club Coupe, light grey, radio & heater, overdrive. . .this ear will get 2.) miles lo (he gallon. liHS Xash "Ambassador" l-dnor, 2-lnne blue, radio >^ healer, overdrive, a low-mileage, one-owner car thai is except ionally clcaii. SHELTON MOTOR CO. 215 South 2nd Phone 4438 SATURDAY. DECEMBER Moderniie Your Motoring TODAYS LOW PRICES See Our Late Model Used Car Bargains Today and Save! /.'MS Cliemilef FJeefliiie .(-duor Sedan, 2-l, me _ deluxe radio, undcrscal heiilcr, and defroster and rims like new.. .S1.VJ3.00. 1917 Chevrolet Fleelmaaler Town Sedan, liluck niiisi, radio & healer, city-driven, one oivner. . .51095.01). l!)lfi Chevrolet .1-door Sedan, 2-lonc j;reen. healer •in.i seal covers. . .a nice family car. . .§995.00. 19-in Dodge .l-door Sedan, new motor, clean as can be fires look like new. . ..?595.0U. ' 1910 Nash -I-door, maroon finish, healer ami seat covers. . .special 5295.00. 19 IS Jeep, motor runs 19 Hi Chevrolel l.onj; Whoelbiisc Oil) and Chassis 9 ' ' 19 IS Ford V-S '/,-Ton I'ickup Truck, red, deluxe radio healer and caflle rack. . .5<I«5.(IO. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always Make a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnut 1'tume 57S -40 PRICES SLASHED! CLEAN-UP SALE 1i)IS I'onlii.e 2-tlooi- Slrcamlincr "S" will, onh- IM.udl) miles, liidio 6c healer, while tires, a clean cur ' 5ivy-, lil-17 Oldsmobile-a-ftoor will, hydramalic drive radio <Sc healer, nijiroon tolor. . .only Si;l!)S. IJMIM'iiiiliiic l-«loor with radio & healer, as clean as you II I mil anywhoic. . .only $10!>5, 1!)I7 Oldsmohilc "(ill" -1-door, radio & healer .Silos 11)17 Chevrolel .VPassen-rer Coupe, a nice black car wilh radio & healer. IS) IS Ford 1,-Ton Pickup . .|«, v niilcaKc. 1S1-17 CMC Pickup wilh slock rack, a very clean truck ISMfi Chevrolet short whuelhase Truck with all, wheel . . .only S5SI5. Many oilier ROI) ,| ( e |, ca , )er used cars & frl|( . ks> High Trade-in Allowance On A New CMC Pickup Trade Now! Easy GMAC Terms LEEJAOTOR SALES ™"" - STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. For Good Used Cars Ifl-IG Konl 5-Passcngcr Coupe with radio & heater. 19-17 .Mercury .|. ( i on| . Sc(|anj vadio & hca(cr _ TaiG Mercury .(-door Sedan, both radio & heater " 0lev 2 - (loor 1037 Oldsmnbite .(-door Sedan. 15)31 Chc "'«lct 1-door. . .for a good buy, sce this car. 19.17 Ford 1-door will, radio & healer. »rii ? n s'T' 1 ? i ' <l ° 01 ' Scdan ' cf l lli Pl' C(1 "ilh overdrive, radio <!i healer. ^'Ifcatcr 0111 '' 1 ' 5 ' Passcn 5 er Col " )e wi(h overdrive, radio 1919 Mercury .|. ( I nr>1 . Sc(lan> wi(h , )n1h ra(|i(> & n STILL and YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phone 4333

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