The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 10, 1949
Page 3
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SATURDAY, DECEMBER 10, America's 30-Year War Against Communism— r • . n , / ^/ou^uuu Lommunist Party s in state Road Espionage in U.S. A ' dExpected Formidable Force (Miter's Nole: Tills Is the last In a series of 12 stories by Washington Correspondent Peter "Edson o n the Communist arty m the u. Si> Us sm^^s and setbacks, ami where the current attacks on j t may | cad-) l!y I'etcr L'llson M;A Washington Correspondent _ 1 iii-re l;a s bC en general belief that American Communist and mis- tf-m dinlotiiatic "information gathering" activities in the United states nave strained this country's espionage laws. No Comnnniist spy, however, has* ever been cauqiu, convicted, stood '|P against a wall antl shot, or even eiccciuly executed in an electric , -. -;•— — --• chair like the six jsjunl saboteurs ra the possibility caught coming ashore' from a U-boat' llllks thro "sh in law. There have been at least three mysterious deaths connected with [lip pre-war Communist espionage. Mis. .luiia stnart PoynU Glaser, Omaha-born Communist m-ganUcd anu OOPi; !i»,vn(. disappeared mys- hi'r has ever been found. Carln Tresca, Italian anti-Fascist. *'«* -'i'M In the back as he was leaving his New York office one evening in 1013. The killing came duriiij! a Cinnniunlst Mrumjle for control iner Italian-American or- gnm;:;uion.s. but ilie killer was never Wnlu'r Ci. Krivitsky, an ex-Red Army genera! nnel Kussian master spy \vhi» had broken with Stalin ••""I sought refuge in America, was found shot to death in his Washington hotel room in 1941. Krivitsky could have been a suicide, but the cither two have teen put down "s unsolved murders. The crimes indicate how far tho Communists will go. even in America, when they think it necessary to altnin some specific objective. II utnild he untiis to assume ^'<t post-war disclosures by the Ts.rtise Un-American Activities Committee, the courts, the FBI. the Immigration Service and otiier government or private agencies have broken Communist, cspionaw in the United Stales. No finger has yet been put on any Slav super-brain directing the whole works. What has been disclosed, however. is the existence of many spy rings, operating in many fields. Just MOW many Communist spy rings there may have been in the United Stales in war and post-war times is unknown. One estimate uy Thomas AI. Johnson, a writer on American intelligence work since World or War 1. is Dial there may have been as many as 50. Johnson lists one each for New York. Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles, with perhaps !0 -in Washington. 'Johnson points to the fact that In 1847 the Russians had 3000 em- ployes in the United Slates with another 140 at United Nations headquarters in New York. The assumption has been that every one was a potential spy, but this does not. in- f rte those American citizens or nationals of satellite countnes .MiO can be persuaded to do the Communists' bidding. A lisl of aclual cases thus (ivities Committee concerning Mrs Alary Jane Keeiiey. have all Inelf- -• sibility of esoiontige Russian officials at. united Nations headquarters. 6. Immigiation Service efforts to deport j. Peters for illegal residence in the United states identified the man whom Whittaker Chambers called head of the U.S. Communist underground. 7. Victor A. Kravehenko's book. "I Chose Freedom." reveals how Russian Purchasing Mission and [.end-Lease officials for itl war-time Washington through the Husian embassy. 8. Amlor S , lh c Amcrlca-lo-Rirssin trading corporation in New York and six of ils officials have been indicted foi failure to register as an agent ol the Russian government. Six days after indictment they registered. s. The import?.-1 positions which Communists formerly held In American labor unions'provided another route for industrial spying 10. The arrest and trial In HMfi of Russian Naval Lieutenant Nio olai G. Redin on charges of trying to buy ship plans indicate naval espionage, though Berlin mis filially freed and allowed lo go to Russia. 11. Testimony of Loren O Haas before the House Un-American Ac- tJi'it'es Commitiee charged that Andrei Schei-echenko had tried to buy jet. aircraft secrets at the Bell Plant in Buffalo, indicating aviation espionage. !'->. Disclosures by former Polish General Izyndor RudoU Moelelski >assy in Washington was used .is spy ring center for the Russians .1 Testimony by a long string of witnesses before the House Un- American Activities Committee in lfU8 and low indicated half a dozen channels through which Ihe Russians may have attempted lo obtain secrets of the atomic bomb LITTLE HOCK. Dec. 10. M'l _ Arkansas counties can expect 54.450,000 in stale aid funds r ()r highway construction during the next four months. This was brought out in a report by State Comptroller Lee Roy Dcas- ley to the Arkansas County' Judges Association convention which opened here yesterday. Pa.inent to the' counties during the bond year ending March 31 J950, will be about {2.000,000 more than was made last year, Beasley Not much in the way o[ business was expected from the county judges who are meeting In an off- legislative year "We are nhvays Interested tu roads." said President Carl Adams of Pcrryville, one of (he first to I'-Sister. 'We will probably talk about •" arts but since we have another meeting and another election of officers before (he next Jcjjishitm-c there very likely wont bo any offi- . cial action by the association on I that subject." he added. lion Sees Marshall P\n n as Obstacle to Reds WASHINGTON'. Dee 10. I/Pi _ An Arkansas Senator who has milch to say about this country's expenditures believes the Marshall Plan has been a deterrent to the spread of Communism and "we have gotten i considerable value out of it from ' that standpoint" Senator McClellau, member ol a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee returning Thursday from a tour of Western Exirope, aid:, "I am not fully convinced that what we have done or may do in the future in the \vay of aid will :irove a permanent barrier to Com- luiuism—we can only hope I hat the result will be that we win the ceiltl war." He also said he could see no rca- •on n-liy the Uuilcel States should not resume full diplomatic and trade relations with Spain The Senator said he and Mrs. Mc- Clcllan, who accompanied him ibroad, will return to Arkansas next Monday. BLYTHFA'ILLE (ARK.) COURIER 1 ' ~ " ' "'" ' Union Head Sees Spread of Phone Workers 7 Strike PAUL T HUBBY" HOVERS NEAR- -•raich actress Jacqueline Plcr- •I'U.v. above, IKIS such a pruvoca- .ivc role m a I'aris stage play :h:H her husband has become :> •Slasc-eloor Johnnie." l| e keeps he wolves from the stage dour }y waiting there CVO ry nijjht and ::iK:na Jacquriino right, str.iiuhl I'-me. (Photo by NEA-AOme fiiiTcspunclcnt llcnu llenrv.) ST. LOUIS, Dec. 10. (,!>)—A local union official says a .strike by 200 telephone installers here may spread to other cities in Missouri. Kansas. Arkansas. Oklahoma and Texas. Those are Ihe states served by Southwestern Hell Telephone Company, and a spokesman sale) tho impany's expansion program ivotild he tied up if (he strikes spreads through the area. The Installers are employed by Western nice-trie Company and are mi'inl-ers ot Local 70. cfO American Communications l-'miipment Workers Union. J. If. Brashear. president of the local, said installers in the either cities probably will walk out If p.-isi union policy Is followed. The installers went on strike Wednesday. The union Is mil satisfied with a subsistence allowance of $4.25 a day Hull Western l-;lcctric wants to pay workers for an Installation Job in Kansas City, llrashcar said Ihc- dispute has resulted in a deadlock Sixty installers walked nut nt nearby Granite City, II].. Tuesday (or Mie same reason. Negotiations for a new contract between Southwestern liell anel another union, the CIO Communica-! lions Workers, are under way and Ihe union is taking a strike vote-. Both Southwestern nell and Western Klectric are subsidiaries of Hie American Telephone and Tele- mitph Company. Form Cos Tax Refunds To Be Delayed Until April, Morley Decides Dutch Gift to Arkansas City Becomes Shrine of International Brotherhood Or farm be m LITTLE HOC-K rkr,ma.s Rev -mi'o Conunho. M,,rl,.v 'a v ,s ,"|"v in .soiine ,,x " re Vu,«lL wi,l no di- until i\uri] T« ..... mer ... ' Vance Cbvtu,, Ihurstlay preclicli-d funds for thnt P»rpo.-e will become available liv Fcljri'iiry. Morlev j;ilrl. liowcvcr, that ue- cause of inc unall number of ri._ fund claims mid to roduee iuiminis- Irutive i:,...t s . | H , ,,!.,„.; i o . w . l!l lln _ til April lo lii's, n making the pay- disclosed makes a much more impressive record of Ihe extent of Communist espionage fronts in the U. S.I 1. The "Ameriasia" irmg.-vzine case of 1945, indicating some kind of a leak in State, War and Navy Department papers dealing with the Chinese situation. [ t 2. The Whittaker Chambers i pumpkin papers," indicating still oilier leaks of State Department documents, through other circuits 3. Elizabeth Bcntley's testimony that she operated as a courier for ihe Communists pointed to still .11101 her chain for communication through contacts in Slate. War Air Force, Treasury, and Commerce departments, anil in Biiard of Economic Warfare and WM Production Board. -). The trial of Judith Coplon .Justice Department analyst, brought to liKlit charges thai, U. s. counterintelligence reports might be finding their way into Russian hands. 5. The Coplon ca;-c. charges by ex-Stale Department visa Chief J*obert C. Alexander, and testimony •• W fore tho House Un-American Ac- : Going into the eleUil of lhe=e cases provides material for a va ' nety of spy stories thai are the equal of anything- dreamed up by ficti.n writers, it. would be thrilling st.u.i if n did not also present a serious challenge to U.S. security To meet tilts challenge, the Na'„",„ Security Council in March IMS, created a highly, secret Inter-' departmental Intelligence Conference known as the I1C. Serving on the IIC arc the Chiefs of Army Navy, and Air Force Intelligence services. They have been made re- far . :po " s( ' b!e for 'he coordination of ittl lllVPKt'.trntinn r\f Hnn-in J : oi oonieslj sabotage, subversion antl all related matters affecting U.S. security. Ifow they onrrafr and what Ihev have done is a closely-guarded and closed book. To reveal U.S. counterintelligence activities, would destroy their effectiveness in future opcra- But enough has been revealed to show thnt Communist, espionage in ihe United States Is a formidable force. This force is chara-teristic of Ihe fundamental false conceolion under which the American Communists have operated throughout their Ml-ycar history They have operated—and have probably been directed to oprrale by the Russians —like the original pre-1917 revolutionists in Czarist Russia. They have used stcath, treachery and deceit. American Communism has never operated as an open and aboveboard political movement. It has To Aid Other Nations LITTLE ROCK. Dec. 10. ol'i- Farmers of Arkansas were (old vc.s- terriay their greatest challenge is assisting other nations. That came from Stanley Andrews, formerly of Little Rock, who now is director of the Department of Agriculture's Oflicc of Foreign Agriculture Relations. Andrews, speaking at Ihe close of a three-day convention of countv form agents and home demonstration agents, said that farm folks "must realize" their job also is to help other nations to become puten- tial customers for tlicir farm products. He said that had not farmers of this country provided Ihe food for hungry Europe during the war; two months years Communism would have been K.,J,I ,, ' V. astride the English Channel. j m ' o en i f AlKh'fm-C t-ni,I +t,^l I,.. :_., ! ."-.'ii-li Ill^i J,l Ministers Arc Asked To Boost Safety Drive LITTLE DOCK. Dec. 10 1,1') _ .Minister. 1 ! throughout Arkansas today were askeii lo help in a ciim- paign against traffic accidents in the state this month. Director H. D. floolh of the Ark- anwis Safety Council, saiii "safety sciimmcttes" were being scut to suggestions for safe driving to bo passed on to the various congrcgn- Hooth said that December Is tin: most dangerous mouth of the year! I raffle because of holidays and hazardous Heather e:on- ditions were cited as factors causing accidents this month. Hoolh said the council hod aelopt- cd ihis sloaan for its campaign: "Don't let death lake your holl- dav." Army Breaks Up Gl's Tent-Life in Forest !T(A,\KI--UIIT. Cicriuatiy, Dec. in , TJ ' C Aine'iie-an Army has pul- ' cd up the .sinkers „„ ., o j. s jdvl , (lf i»vc m a tern wiili hit beautiful Geruum .swcetHKir, a rui baby. Armv officials announced the .soldier. Rcmiil AMI,,,,-,, C. Molliti of Hominy, Okla . had been arrested after being absent without leave since, March ;(|. Moflitl. the Army ^,j,|. i ljir , ,,.,„ j a "wine record." but when his unit I cot ready to head !,„• the United States he appan-ntlv .(.-cideel to pull mil m order to be -,uih his girl i(1K | oa by. The announcement said Ihc family had been living in a house in the Grafcmvocli RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. S;tf in ilav "BULLET CODE" with Cc-nrKi! O'Kiirn C.irln v .Serial "JIGSAW" Slmw , , n ,, '"" lellnr with I'lauchot Tune anil .li-:iu \Vall:ie-c. area imuraboui _ _ AI «»^"""' t"' '"'""' Snntljiy. 'n- - Ttiesflay Andrews said that by assisting - out other nations to get on their feel Iv0 od the American fanners will obtain new- markets for their products. Parade of Christmas Workers Under Way HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. Dec. Publisher C. K. Palmer has given checks totaling s-1,030 to employes of the Hot Springs New Era mid Sentinel Record. The ynletidc bonus Is in addition lo S1.705 divided among employes, of the two newspapers in April and! SI.630 they shared In August. i iu the aieiK Moflitt was .-me.sted after .1 German fnrestrr reported a "strange man who looks like an American is living hi Ihe woods at (.inifen- woehr." "SORROWFUL JONES" Wllli Hob llnpc anil l.m-illr Hull Warner Xcws ,t C'artnnn KANSAS SENATOR -- llmry t1arl).v, above, fil-ye;n-old Knn- sas Cit-.-, Kim., indnslrialist nml Itciniblican tlnlinnal cumnmlci'- nian. bus iieen named IJ. s. Fcnalw (o lill (he imcxpiie.i ('•i in ol the late Sen. Clyde M. Heed. Darby, who hwicls :i Kansas City sice! linn, siiys lie will serve only until (lie I'lso K cn- eral eleclion nml then retire. With the Courts WeinljiMB, doing business Wi-inlKTK Store vs. M. K. Mill to collect SI. 10(1 IS on Circuit: Mrs. Jo as Joe Robins, note. Jessie Cecil Holjerson, trix of estate of l.oron A. Kober- son, deceased, vs. Ken Crawford, .suit lo collect WI.UH3 in rtmnnge.s caused l>y [ntnl accident. Nuvemher 18. 1919. Second count o£ suit, in Cobcn I'ollard vs. Ken Crawford tor S35.IJOO dnmages resulting from same accident. I'mmnnn Pleas: Wheeler Kninitine ami llindwiiie fliniiany vs. liatllv Kubliln.s, suit lo i-olh'ct S7II2.20, on afrTiunl. I!. C. Kurt- vs. 1:: F:. K'larn. still to collect WI1I1.12 on account. li. C. Fair vs. Clay Matthews, uit lo e-oleict $:i:la:ii; on atccinnt. fn\ ll|icns IVi'i-k hays 1:11(1 .Matinee S.ilunljiy ,v Siiinhivs .Milt.-Sun I | c,,iit Showin Manila, Ark. WAIiRK.., Ark., Dec. 10— (,v>— Gifls of Ijftndc.irved furnltuc'e from norculo, N'ctherlantLs. have become a shrine of international brotherhood for this Uiriung lumber town in Smith Arkansas. The presents—10 chairs, eight tables, a chest and chnndflicr—for- mally were presented to Warren Thursday night by (he Ambassador Uxliaordlnary Irom tho Wether- lands, K. N. Van Klcffins. The gt((s were trom the people ol lion-ulo who felt tile ravages of a tormido (hut ripped the small city apart 2,'t years ago. Financial nul frum the united State.s aided in the rebuilding of llorcnlo. To express their thanks for this help, the people o[ Horculo collect- eel money to make and send the furniture to the people, of Warren who went through a tornado early (liis year. The Aifcfliifji.s storm hit thickly popnlalcd .section of this lumber town the night of Jan. :i, leaving 57 leal, scores Injured and hundreds homeless. Hundreds nf Warren residents turned out In Ihe cold, rainy wcath- I er lust night to get llieir first look nt the furniture imd to hear wrnils of good will direct from llorcillo. Ambassador Vim Kleflins who flew from Washington for the dedication event told of the work and thought (hat were behind the mak- .iiif,' of the furniture. He rttso read a message from niirgomaslcr <Mayor) Paul Drost who spearheaded the gilt Idea. Van Klefflns said that If international rclalions svere based on sucli things as the spirit ol the aid the United Stales has given Holland mid Uorrnlo and the Inken of Ilim-ulo's gills lo Warren, 'Then this world would be a better plnec." Accepting the gilts for (lie United State.s. Arkansas and the City of Wiuri-ii were Senator Fulbright (D- Arki, i,l. Got'. Nntlinii Gordon and j Mayor Jim Hurley. The furniture, described by Lieut- enam Governor Gordon a s a shrln« of International brotherhood, will be placed In Warren's Y M C A- Communlty Center building. ' ' Plaintiff Loses Case And Goes to Prison POTTSV1LLE, PH., Dec. 10. If,A (.roscculor couldn't prove; her case in Pottr.-ille yesterday—so she went to j.iil. AI -s. Prnda Thompson brought ax- .s;mlt and battery charges against her husband Walter and Elizabeth leiiblcl.. Alderman William Thompson found lor the defendants »nd oretered Mrs. Thomas to pay court costs. She said she couldn't. So she went to prison in default. Radio Station Okayed WASHINGTON. Dec. 10. Wy—The Conmimmatlons Commission today authorized Cotton licit, liroadcast- lug Co.. |-;| Uoraelo. Ark., to operate a slate on 1200 kilocycles, with one kilowatt (lower, ilnyiline only. Nevada is the only state in the United states in wlielh average rainfall i.s less than a foot a year. SICK? Siilui -day "NAVAJO TRAIL RAIDERS" >silh I,ui]c Also Shm Is S;iliirthi_v Owl Show "CASABLANCA" "ill. IIiiiii|ilire-.v lin; : .,rl Also .Sliurls Stindny 41 JMniKfaiy "FIGHTING KENTUCKIAN" Jin Marriage Licenses . been a super-secret society lor i,,,_ rterhanded eiealing. This is the force that must be met and t-onqueml i the war against Communism In Amene,, is ever to be won. ,i,,c The following couples eibiaincd marriaee liccn-.cs ,-n tin- oflice of, Mi-s Kli/.iibi-lh BKthe. county clerk ! ye.- irrda.v: ' \ Miss Much-lie Wurli-i of Helena ' ^=- Jni-k Wells ami ' Mis.s Maglcan Caherl, ] >( ,|1, nf Illylheville. <•'• W. Ilr.inham and Miss Chris Hlythevilc. LAST DAY 2 Open Sill, (i:no- Sim. (i:(|ll ^•^^^•i Susan liayw;ird 'TIKI Offl' > Hnljerl I'rcsliin In i ULSt|4 .liiiin IJ;i\i s in "SllK "WROt'l-fTHK HOOK" Fresh Sli.rh CJttnranlr.erl Hesi I'rte-cs Drug Sfores Protect Your Family's Health with Expert Service WOODS DRUG 221 West Main RE AssemSiiy o! Cot! Church Children's Church 7 p.m. Evangelist .Miriam Come BringYour Friends Service Nightly 7:30 p.m. Preaching - Singing - Music REV. H. E. SIMS, Pastor Pauline Sawyer, Pianist Two Big Hits Dorothy is Si;i\.-.MON. f^^=:_-—^-^-- Sininnch, jJvcv mul Gall Uhitl- dur upsoL, Tongue coated, liael liri'itlli. Bad lastc. You have liuaiiluirn, ;;as and dir/.y .siiolls, (,'as in your howls, may press upon your bladder, causing haclinchc.s. GeUing up at niulits, pains in your Iti^s, arms, you i'ccl di/xy, nervous, irvilnble. NU-AID Contains l\v£iity-two lici-bs that help to (?o right Lo woi-k on the cause. Misenihlo people sonn feel different, so do not go on sulTenni;. Gel NU-AID — Sold at OVVKNS niiUC STORK, BlyUicville. Dull. FOR SALE ClIMilMiTK Clll.VIJn LUMJ yini ICKfc vcl i;iif^ liinc^t ilian >tij ( nlici linilco mail-rial i i ,.•« s-IO-IZ-lvl»-2l-z.l.2;.JU-Jk itu ncj. VOtitlilKTK si:\vi:n TII.U incliei si:ri ic TANKS llcsf I'rinci .«•» nelin A. H. WEBB Ilislm-ii.v HI al St;itc l.lno I'hiinc 711 RENT A CAR Orivr Anywhere Via Please Simpson Oil Co Phone 937 COVER THE EARTH Ctiinplclc I'iilnt Service On tlte Tines! Line Aviiiliihlc Sherwin Williams BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. \V. 11. "Hill" !>c;ise .1. Wilsnn Henry Highway 61 South SHEET METAL WORIC OF ALL KINDS tuslnm wnrk for Bins . alr .,,, a mi|)s Miwirin}. ti[> lo \/^ inch ihickness Frank Simmons Tin Shoo 117So U IJ L »rondw,,y First Blythcyillc Showing 's Host h*w mi m / «•>' ^ witii^ BVk.^v ^^— .1 IIMAV6 rh»-j^.Tr|o .n^rs Plus Repeat Showing of All Time Hit Shoe Repair THE FINEST YOU CAN BUY! TAXI Call Ask tm cither white or'colored ''riser;ht tivhs at Tour service. .Also — \Viilt Disney's "Wide Open Spates" U1.YTIICV1LLCS ONLY A 1 I XV111T r T H f. AT R £ Last Day * Open \2:',W Alan Ladd "Gangs, Inc.' ALSO Jimmy Wakcly Western mvi, siro\v— I.ricjls .liinf^r; in "LOOK OUT, SISTER" &J."l^' : S-''--'^^^^S ^>'X---MO.N'. PJ^Jjfe!??^^ "v^rl Two Big Technicolor Hifs - - - Edmund Gwenn Janel Leigh Lassie "HILLS OF HOME" IN TKCIIMCOI.OR Also — — ^'nlt Disney Cartoon tracto !.9n&te 3646^2525

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