The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 3, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1931
Page 7
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(ARK.y COUUIEH NKWS CLASSIFIED ADS QBWEV GROVES* Two ceut* a word tor first Insertion »nd one cent word (or e»cti tuhseqiwnt Insertion. Mo advertisement labeu (or less than 60c. Count' the words and Knd 1'honc 306 i'Oit KliNT I'OU KENT—4 rooms and bath, 1JS2 lioily. Seven rooms aim Iiaili, 1133 W. As)). I'honc 101), K U l-UgllSOil. 25C- l-'OR RENT- -ilil. bedroom. Phone 27C-K.3 l-'OR RENT—Furnished house, Mis Sisk, Phone M2. 2UC-K-1 l-'OK KENT—Furnished light housekeeping rooms. 81L West Walnut. C-K-i FOR llKNT—Nice targe bedroom, convenient to bath. Mrs. Nulen, 310 W. Walnut. 30C-TP l-'OR RENT—5 room near high school. 801) lieiiMi S(. house, bath, Rcsso liable. 1P-K-1 nr:<ii.\ 111:111: TODAY Itlillir, ll()lll>i:.V. »rt>r<tlr 1° love ulth '1'0}IMY \YII,S(I\, 4r- Inja hi* eluiirmrJic wllh hrr fcnlt- •i:iirr. IIIIIM: i:\ 1:111:1-1'. bgi fnlli Cu rimvluee Jiliu ihmt It Ji hi* dul/ lo AnUb eallcKe. ttcmt U Jfthiuft when ihr Itilli mid Ueryl Murered* In xecurlMK a r.-nllo ciiulrrct. llor>|-» drliut «In» • lililriutr nnd nru frlt'lid* hull khe (•niiiuit foiKrl her hc>lirle*k hue 11:"ur.h ilit- tor* *o pnrllea iiitu nr.-illliy I'KK.VTISS UAYLOIll). Iri-iir Ir.irKK J'rrnlUi bm otoiirj uiid lrlf* ID ulri him from Hrr>l, llr !• xuu-eiillble, Inkri iler dtlv- Tiimni}'» nmit dlea and be lose* liolh mnnej nnd Jofc (UriiUKh her liuili.itiil. Tummy Iclln Irvni- nj I-'Olt RENT--! rcoms and b:ilh, SIC. 111U Holly, Phone 100, E .D. Fer- yiison. 'JC-liC WANTED POULTRY WAMTED-Markel prl- tes, auy ouantliy. Marilyn hat- cbory, 2lu a. l^urth St. 8C-TP WANTED — Family wushlnss or • General houscwort. Mrs. Dora VJzell, 2207 lath St. Ti 1 HELP WANTED—MALE — There is an opportunity in one o[ this city's largest organisations for 1030 or 1031 hign school graduate who is sober and industrious. Must be in good health and lurnlsli references. Dulles will consist at keeping oj>crating records and statistics. Submit, all pertinent information including photograph. Apply "K", % Courier Mews, oj Idler. 1C-K- WANTED—Two shoe salcimen. li salary of $125. and bonus ap- ueals to you, call from 11 lo 12 A. M. or * 10 U P. M., Room ia- Olcncoe Hotel, Wednesday o: Thursday. 2P-K' WANTED—Salesmen or saieslad; to sell Lux lilectric Hot. Watc Heater. For uppoinliucnl call roon 134, Glencoe Hotel. 2P-K PEKSONAL CA'Sii PAID for second hand fur niture. A. L. Flowers, corner Mali & lake Sts. GC-T: STOCKHOLDEKS MEETI^fG ul The Ulytbeville Cotton Oil Company llie Annual nfeeting in the di rectors and stockholders of til acove company will be held Tlmrr day, Juno 3th at 10:30 A. M. i . Hie oltices ol W. A. Ciace & Co Falls Bldg., Memphis, Tcnn. 4C-KC- Closing Stock Price 8-1 83 8-1 ES 21 ---- st — a-i o Li SJ-S CC VlOI " in •" n — ViBl " pa is 's 'n d.ioo suxoj, jo paEputng suouiuus d.ioo oipuu .uou:oS;uoiv 081 .isddoo 691 uraqnv iMtooeciv .L is 'i 'V New Xork Cotton lurk unil'thi- ljrrak» Ilirl :i|:i-liirnl. Wlieu l-rclill.n „»!.. [it tuurrj- bhii M|IC iirci'iHx. :tf i»l:iit* n quirk uinrrtuue. rlnj; l-rr-nl» Kill Ulteuvcr hi-r ill :i» Klir Iili> lolj 111ni It la •}l iiliiini T.mii.i} lute*. jli-liU c» ilr«li.ilr nnil ill-Ink, huirlly. lh-r>l Hulls tilm null lili-M " r him uii. Slu. cell. Irrne I I'rt-tillMH hiiw ..he hi]« irr.ilril Mill. Jrrn? prnnilxcn bill ^thirii In nul- II Ki-rjl. She rcn-ltrt u <«li- rj!iii frutH I'ri-ntKK Eiiklr.^ her lu MJ\V (.'(I OX WITH Till-: STOUY CTIAPTEIl XXXI i.THS. EVEKETT agreed tbal •*•*- Irene's plan for frnstraliii); icryl's attempt to prevcnl liur mar lage lo Prenliss \vas porfcci. Site . Ireno to dress wiih uniisnal are. and gave her all ttio money he had available in llio house. Irene stayed In her room mull 'rcntiss called and then she wenl own to him immediately so llial ic would nol (alk with licr motlicr the living room wlicre Ueryl might overbear. Irene affected eitreme agitation. 'Is tliero cuincllilns wrong? unuircd anxiously, •'I—I'll icll you," Ireno salil, loud noii;;]) for an eavesdropper to lienr. In licr voice was a liim o( tears and trouble, tliat ought, slit- lliuuglil. to satisfy Deryl tint elio as on licr way lo sacrifice herself. t'rcnllsa lielpeil her lemlerly Into Ills car, Ills I'/opJs at llio iiuiuiriil ICSB bnoyaut tlian ever they'd ucen before. They had not driven far before lie told licr he'il have lo know what was on lier mind. Irene had been entirely wordless during liie drlvo. "ll'a mollier," she uaid. as ll willi great rcliiclaucc. "Sliu thinks wo onulit lo have a fussy wc I'm all lired oul nrKulns; with her Mint Hie senslhtc IbliiK is for 113 to lie. married mitclly and B" back lo O.ikdnlc riyhl away, as ycur fnllic \vauls you to." "Then fciio doesn't ohjrcl lo your marrying meV" 1'reiul^a a^kci eagerly. "Well—she salt! slie'd llko us t< liavc a tonKer enensemcnt," "1 don't b-jlieve ij] lout; engage incuts," I'rentlss stritcd iinniy. "1 couldn't liavc any kind o wedding at all here at liome," Iren sa'il wistfully, "without Inviting hordes of people. We know everyone hi town." ;et a kick out of going back 113 rcno Gaylord? A sort of bnrprlso 'or yourself, you know. And It ivould niako tho wliolo tblng 80 imch easier for me." Ireno Klanced'up tit bhn.' Ho was 101 tlie lover of tho night before. Ic was thinking of convenience— of buEiness convenience. Well, S!LO lldn't mind, but Eho'd llko blm to lie moro ardent before alio ;;nvo In to him. Ho'd never lie 60 ready to_ neglect her then, So sho noil Id not yield until Prenliss bad duly coaxed licr. Slic knew, while bo w.-'S about it, that lie was heading for llio city, bul sbo did nut protest. Se-on after i consented to many him they reached [bo Queensboro Hrldgo. Tlie grcal clly's nortlieru lowers spread out before her lu a manic mist, "Drlvo down Fifth Avenue," nho said aud I'renliss obliged her Their prosress aloni; llio world-fa mou3 street, hailed al fiLlcrnilu b> Iho tralllc icuulntlons, waa llko a trip to a faslilou c.\i)osiliou lo Irene. T ^ had visions of such an' L occasion. "Can't we be married all by ourselves?" lie asked. "I think that would bo llie love- llesl way," Irene agreed, "I've got lo leavo day after tomorrow at the lalcst," Premiss In- formed-lior. "In fact I should Icavo lomorrow. Dad wouldn't send for me if be didn't need me. There was a threatened strike at the factory when I left cud I'm afraid il's been Slio wauled Ueryl, if she saw licr,] called." think she was upsel over licr ""Mercy! Can you handle strikes? coming interview with Premiss. To Prenllss Blio explained nervously bat sbo wanted to talk to him alone—her motlicr bad left the room when Irene entered It, as the .wo had arranged. Sho wanted lo 'go somewhere and lalk wiih Mm." "Ihit don't you want Biieak to your mollier—lo tell iier that we're going to bo marrlcJ?" Preu- .iss protested. Irene smiled vainly at him. "Not yet—please," sho begged. "I have something to tell you lirsL" ''All right." Pi'enliss agreed, "hut you know you saM you couldn't really say 'yes' until I'll asked your mother." Ho laughed. "What mi old-fashioned sweetheart you ore!" lie exclaimed happily. Irene took his arm. "Let's go," nlie saiil, and ushered him toward the hall. became serious. Irene breathed reverently. "Well," I'rcntlss suid. "I have ideas that lit in between, tboso held by dad and tho labor Ip:uicr3. Rul that's not llie Ionic of Ibc moment," lie added hastily. "Will you marry me today, hone?" "Today?" she gasped. "Oh. 1'ren- lifs—not licforc tomorrow!" "Why not loilny?" bo Insisted "Xow[ You look like a bride.'a drive right into tiio city. We can have it'over al city hall In no lime. Ot course, it you'd prefer a church--" "But today!" Irene gasped anew. "Doesn't II appeal lo you?" he asked. "To 1110 It would he a great way to do it. I Ibink people miss a lot by delaying in order to make preparations. Just Ibink—you left tiie house for a drive with me—you were Irene Everelt. Wouldn't vou UT It was not these things that brought on the fever of autlcl- Pullon which bad seized her. As they nearcd Ihc corner where tho famous Icwcler'3 establishment which bears no Identifying sign on tho building Is located slio put a hand on I'lCii- llss' arm and looked up nt him llko a child who seen a big platter of cakes. "Lion't you Ibink we ought to gel the wcdilinj; ring now?" sho breathed softly. "I'm glad you thought of it," I'i'cutiss told her, and turned lulo a sido street at Ibc ne.U coruer. Buying tho wciiiliug ring nalur- nlly led to buying an engagement ring. Iieno was illsapnolnled over iho she of Iho solitaire. She wished she hailn't been FO hasty, tolling herself she might have known that Prculiss' fuiidB would bo low al the cml ot a vacation. It she had waited until they reached Oakdalo she'd havo been able to order what sho wanted. Prenliss surely svouhl let her have accounts wherever she liked. Slie was radiant enough during ULO marriage lo satisfy Prenttss that sho loved him. Ho kissed her with everyone watching, not the wedding kiss, but another. Irene was thinking that she must get an armful of orcbhls—yes an armful— lo take home. They would help to impress Hcryl. Tlie two witnesses to whom Prcn- tisi had telephoned from the jc*vc!cr's accompanied them tt|: toft-u for lunch. Tliey were young non who wcro employed »t th« liolel where 1'rcullES had been slaying. At the end of tho meal Iho maltra il'hoiel brought lu ft tiny gem of i wedding cake, decorated with real old-fatbloned garden pinko plitced delicately among tho Icing flowers, 'itiss had ordered Iho cake- for just Iho (wo of llicm, hut Ireno was again disappointed. Why . couldn't ho hnvo had something that they could tako homo for licr motliL-r lo blioiv lo nil her friends? Sho to-iked at (ho cake, and barely mil pressed a miff. That thing! Kvcryoi:e would laugh rvt It. Why, even Clara DaimlgeH. whose, father was only a night watchman on 5 N'orlh Shoro eslalc. had n cako a tuol high, wllh a bell on U nml aril- llcial orango hlossoms Hint could hardly ho tolil from real. TIIKXK lowered her tnro nnd lo;jkod al her rings. Tho engago- inciil ring nlfroutcd her nnow and io felt her temper slipping, lull It would never do lo show how the felt. Sho had ECIISO enough to realize Ibis and bolb Prenliss and Iho maltro d'hotel wore walling for Rome expression of approval from her. Sho swallowed hard and looked up at Iliein. "ll's lovely." sho said enough feeling to saUbfr Perhaps they were both so sure that she would l!ko tho beautiful little caho Hint they did not weigii lior praise at all. The niaitro d'holel tasted Iho cake -fllli them and then went back to (ell his confreres thai "Ibc yoinip "Monsieur (Jaylord had married tho most charming young lady in theeso world." (It was Gallic and gallant exaggeration, but It reflected the sliicerest opinion of tho bridegroom, if not i|ii!tc of tho nmltre d'hotel.) when the hrido said she would like to go homo and break tho news to her family lie had no other thought than to comply with her wish. It nccmcd to Prenliss a thoughlful and considerate suggestion. For his part, of course, he'd rather lake her away Instantly and keep her to himself, but she'd been wonderful to put Ills interests abovo all elso and marry him without having one of her friends, or a member of her family, prcsenl at the ceremony. Ho owed bor much for Hint. - As they left Iho tablo she said: "I'd like to telephone* Mama before we start." rreutiss offered to do this for her, lint Ireno Insisted sho must do the talking herself. As slio hoped. Beryl answered. (To OUR BOARDING HOUSE PAGE By Aherii 5 ! HELLO, I'M CAULlMGj -TO REPQ-RT A CASE OF 50 FAT? ~~-PQE5 "THE GO I SEE Goes OU-T!-—-tJo —r -TOLD SVCAMfYRC — VoiVLL i i>Re.--r(V \ / HOUSE- GOES l ) -iH 1 . MAtfoT? HAS.-THRee ( GLWS FROM -TH" 1 aiAjf.5 I CLUB OPS-fArRS \ POKER'. BOOTS AM) HER BUDDIES . OH! By Martiii KITCHEN cup graiiulated sugar and one-hall ham, creamed potatoes, graham cnp water in a smooth sauce pan. I muffins, milk, coffee, llring to the boiling point, cover! LUNCHEON": Cream of asparagus ami bolt BVC minutes. Tills is a 15oup, toast, sticks, stulTert egg sal- rather thick, concentrated syrup.' ad. cream puiU filled with straw- One tablespoonful will be enough lo berries, nuik, tea. sweeten n glass ol lea for the aver- DINNER: Blncrisli inked in aje taste. j milk, steamed new potatoes, greeli Most people like lemon with ice:! tea ar.d the more lemon juice used tlie more healthful Ihe beverage. Orange or any tart fruit b- 1 NEW YORK, June 3. (UP) —Colton clOied firm. Open High Lo'.v Close July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. M.iy ..... 830 " 389 921 1)31 858 S93 917 92« SMS 953 827 882 885 897 315 031 855 801 913 920 913 959 Python Worship Is Common in ASrica CHICAGO, (UP)— Serpent cults and MitxjrsUlions cmlxxlying python worship arc common in Africa. Wilfrid D. Hamby, assistant curator of African ethnology at KM Museum of Natural History, reiwrlcrl. "Very widespread is Iho belief that Hie souls of dead people of high rank visit their relatives in the form of snakes," Hamby said. A large collection of ornamental carving, wooden ancestral figures and (he kind of household furniture with which the tribes of Central Cameroon, West Africa, like to purnish their lias bcc-u received at the museum. The collection includes a large wooden stool wit ha base rcprc- s.-iiUn? n leopard, symbolic of royalty. There is also a btrt curved with primitive tools from a single b'.ock of wood in a manner peculiar to that part of Africa, accord- jnz to Hamby. ••The uman figures made by the Cameroon tribesmen, often wrongly termed idols, arc more probably comiucmoratlvc of wellknown. men, or they may be ancestral figures upon which centers Ihe idea oi an ir.-dwelling spirit. A few of these effigies also, possibly refer to a fertility cult," he said, BY SISTER MAKV NBA Sen-ire Writer Most aduils seem lo feel that the "cup that cheers but not inebriates" is essential to their comfort at least once a day, and as tlie weather grows warmer a glass of iced tea does much to cheer and comfort and can do little harm to Ihc average well ijerson. Children should never be allowed to drink tea in any form. If the tinkle of ice and accompanying lemon and sugar of iced tea should prove too enticing for children at the family labte, a glxss of lemonade should be provided for Ihcm. If you would serve your iced tea as fragrant and sparkling as the hot beverage, choose the brand with care and make Ihe infusion according to rule, allowing twice as much dry tea for each cup of water as for a hot drink. Make the lea exactly as if it were to be used hot. Thai is, scald llie tea j»t and when thoroughly heated, pour out scalding water. Put | tea in tea pot and pour over freshly boiling water. Lei steep not longer than five minutes. Tile flavoring substance and stimulalimj properties arc quickly extracted by- boiling water. Tlie short period ol steeping produces a fragrant, delicately flavored beverage, mildly stimulating to some Two .Methods of Making Fill glasses full of coarsely cracked ice or onc-tliird full of or shaved Ice. Pour lea on ice, (ak- _.^r!!: ing care not to (ouch the glass with the hot. tea. Serve with sugar lemon. Freshly brewed, well-made tea (loured at once over ice is not at all the same beverage that made very strong by over-stccpin?. is then cooled and weakened with water and finally served with a piece of ice to tinkle. The first is clear with a delicious fragrance and lastc. while Hie second Is cloudy with a bitter, puckery taste, no matter liow much It is sweetened or weakened, Powdered sugar is bcller to serve with Iced tea than granulated. The advantage of this is that ixtwdcrcri sugar dissolves in co!d liquid more easily than the coarser, granulai- cd variety. A "simple" syrup is oflen used in place of sugar. This syrup is mosl used in place of lemon. Either the jr.iee or sections of lemon or orange can be served. The juice served in a small pitcher o:- bow! with a cream ladle is preferred by many pcrson.s. When the sections of fruit arc used be sure to wash the lemon or orange thoroughly before cutting. Tomorrow's Menu •BKpAKl-'AST: Chilled tomato juice, cereal, cream, broiled coltayo beans, mi>:ert vegetable salad, pineapple sherbet, angel fowl balls, coifec. Rolling Pin 184 Years Old Still in Regular Service ALLENTOWN, Pa.. tUl') — A rolling pin used in making pic crusts in 1747 is still in use today. Mrs. Gccrge Heist uses it- lo prepare p:es twice a week for her family. The rolling pin was handed down in the llci^f family from an Saucon Township, Norlliamptoi County, prior lo tlie Rcvolutionan War. It is constructed of wild cl'.crr; wood, cut lo a length of about 1 inches and planned lo a diamete of 1 1-2 inches. The Heist family also has ainoni (heir prized ixisscssions a cliai buili In 17D?. The chair is constructed of dark hard wood. In the rlglit an there is a hole lo hold a candle fo reading punwscs. On the lower rung there is small worn space where an earl user had formed Ibc habit of rcsl ing his foot as he read. Tno-Hcadcd Siukc Caught MARION, Va., lUP) -- Kennel d;rry of Scott county found a Iwo headed copperhead snake. Hot heads were normal nnd possessed WOOVO "WE WfcXT AFTER P.VV , GUV — -AWO Pi ; VOOl. • 50 '' HEKX' Wt , ViS. t WM , WrKEW-i iiBJWftV convenient to kccii on hand diu'- ing the summer months, because it combines more quickly with fruit Juices than plain sugar. To make simpie syrup, put one FHKCKI.ES AM) HIS FK1ENDS !ie£ HICK Ri-'SV IF TVl LCOVED F03. A MIEEK IXL TORS) )T . PRETTY SMART LITTLE /OO APi MIS MAJ6T° PULL CX)T, FRECKLES...: HOUR LATE AMD IT'S HARD TEU-W \-JVIAI'S liJ STORS f=OR 66T vjlELL,.- LtTS "IVE Pl)i3y /.W, IF NtoO [»!4T WE SAYIW' LOTS BGTTEE. X BIG ,YOSTACHE, BiMnuey - '-D BS,IF 1 HADUT STOPPED YOU THAT COFFEE .'.' WASH TUHBS THRO OiJClt JIM CvJ&R THEF£. TQUST S:MA uBNDER HWJE A MtSSMaE, QP- NEED HtuV-JUST UNCLE \i ODERR, t VONT ^NOW! ALL MV 9tt\MS BUT V\0\MWU\ f\UE Sl^PtV RUINED. BUT aL ViEEP IN Qo^l^J^ BUST EM4 9.0SHE5 To V*!ft' J CtGlE » CRIE.D PIP 60T HE VIQH'T UtiTEM TBlP, ^S. I MN'T TP.K'.N' NO CHftMCES O 1 VOO OiTllN' HUR5 APOOMP RINGS IF YGOTTA 00 WUW;

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