The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 9, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 9, 1949
Page 13
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" FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS RJNN A GUV WHO CAW RUN THAT COMPLICATED cxrrFrr CAN'T RUN ACAR-- OH, •fiOU CAM BB SAV.CT owe WAV AND STUPID ANOTHER AMP WOULP BE OMLEP PARENT THING CM VV/HEELS v\y WIFE TO DRIVE FOR HIM.' THE IMMOBILIST Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople PAGE THIRTEEN ' ESAD.' SHOULD I 86 PROOD OO. SORRY? AWSPLEKSDID ARTISTIC WORK COMMERCIAL OSES OP A. COMMOM STILL,)? OM6 CAfl INSECT HE'S GOT WE" WAVORl PRETZEL—TOO ALL RISrVT f| BAD THE GUY . THACT CARVED IT DlDriT SHOVJ THAT TA^ES// H,S OTHER J USFLAT.'gJHAND GCWOOri&R/ BEAUTY 60S1WESS PRETZEL. SOMeTMlhiS/ Wanted to Buy. WANTED: We have btiy- evs for -10 and 80 acre farms, ?150 to $250 per aero. Call 4627, W. L. Tamke Real Estate Agency. 12-0 ck 13 Hiijnm prlco prim for CHHiKENB- tUfJb AAfi Street Grocery ^ Maiket *W W AJib 511 ck U For Sale, Cars and Trucks I.ale model Plymouth sedan, or will trade lor equity in snmll dome. Ph 463}. 12:5 pk 12 Notice LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen nnd crippled animals picked up free of ..charge in sterilized trucks. JU-. Call collect, 6142, Klythe- ville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL GO. 11121 pk 13.21 Private Rooms Bedroom, convenient to bath. Stccun heat. Ph. 3325. 611 W. Main St. 12:9 pk 1;9 Bedroom for rent. Ph. . 2813. 12:7 pic 1|7 Nice comfortnble bedroom, 1007 MiUn. Gentlemen, phone 6767. 12;6 pic 12]H Bedroom. Gaa heat. Ph. ?875. 12,3 pk I [3 Uomfortftble bedroom convenient to town. Men only. 310 W. Walnut. ' 121 pk l|2 3 bedrooms. Men only. Mrs E 'P. BComeyer. ph. 266fi. 11[26 pk I2|IO Personal rfllrty nunule pnntostatlo Mrrlce O'STEEN'S STUDIO 118-cl-ll at^Seeklng Information R.I to wfiere- l^frioms of my sister. Ednfi. Jones, daughter or chartes W. Jones. 28. Lsst heard of In 1929. Mis. George M. Fox. 4015 Dale Knoll. Pnntiftc. Michigan. 12,7 pk 12;H Loans WANT A FARM LOAN I have one of the best loans to he had. 20 years to pay. Cheap rate of interest. Will refinance your place or help you to buy one. RIALES LAND CO. W. T. Barnett—Russell Riales 2202 two phones 3322 _ 11-25 ck tf Money to Loan uo you oeea a loan lo repom 01 r* miKlnl? No clown Dayroeni on mon Rage, no reo tape KHA APPROVAL. KAl'Eb a? ASK FOR UE'IAIUJ Max Logan, Realtor Phone ttm ' i.ynch Bulldlnn aiFtneTUIe Ark FARiMS CITY PROPERTIES LOANS INSURANCE See us for service. See us and save. W. L. TAMKE RKAL KSTATK AGENCY Larry Ingrain-Herman May Cooper BUI.—Ph. 41527 12-n ck 1-0 TJIK STORVi Two mi:r<1rr a crtn- rrrn » TjilitnhTf rnnirn vrh/rh hit* PAiftril frr,,n hnnd lo hnmt In (he >»rt rnlon.T nf Dntornan. Afler Ike •!<.»,I. „! K,|| n-NH||, hr Ihr .nmr kind of N hnrt) In^lrilmrnl tnnl t»nU Ihr tffe nf Murlln Fnltrr. I~l,i»rl[»- Rr-drlT. Jl TnnniT IfiWTer. nii<-«non B llitKnr lllnlr anrt Hlrph- nnl*. Nmllh. »«l, n l« renMr Nrll'« xlcrr. Hnjrnr «ny* thnT J nl lh« tlntr Af Xcir,, nlllr Hcr xhr *<n« Jilrerl kome dlvlnnrr from nnlo- ro*n )ij • phonr c *n Hn d ihrre n«flhed In fne hf-Md »y M pttlferr JTK. Afler Rrddr )r»T^«, HneMr «>Ynmlvr« «n»- rnmen ho*. In t>i«- hrttrom nf Ihr hnv nre rnjcrnT«-d XXIII J-JAGAR was examining the numbers, once more considering their possible purpose, when Ste7>b.-!nie returned to the room. "He's gone," she announced. "Don't worry, Hagar, everything will turn out all right, he'll look out for us. Wasn't he wonderful to bring me the cameo?" She cnme to lean over Hagar's shoulder. "What are you looking at?" "These numbers. See, engraved in the bottom of the box: Ten, dash, four. Eight, dash. two. And, underneath, .six." ' Stephanie peered at them: "Are they dates, d'you think?" "Might think so. except for this six down here all by itself. Or. it could be some kind of jeweler's code. Probably nothing important anyhow." She placed the cameo flat on one palm and stared nt it: "Pretty bloody process, getting hold of this thing—maybe it's Jinxed; like the Hope diamond." "Let me have it, Hagar. I'll try again to open it." "Be nice U you could. Can't you remember how your mother used to open it?" Stephanie fingered the cameo's surface: "She pressed something, -ineres a little spring somewhere in the frame." "A secret spring!" Hagnr crowed. "This gets cornier all the time!" "I seem to remember," Stephanie mused as she' pressed the frame experimentally, "that one ol these pointed sections must be lushed down to spring the lock, but I've tried all 12 of them and nothing happens." Hagar leaned back on her pillows, "J wonder why your mother wouldn't consider selling it when she knew it could mean the difference between feast and famine for her little girl." "My father told her never to let it out of her hands. It was their most important possession. he said, it would insure our future. Mother wouldn't part with it because she kept thinking father might still be alive." 'You don't expect him to ap- penr, do you?" "Oh. no. I've been sure for a long time that I'm completely alone in the world." J-JAGAR grinned at her. "Except for me. And rion'i forgel your friend. Charlie Reddy. he's very much in the picture, if I'm any judge." "Mr. Reddy—Charlie—is very nice," Stephanie said primly. "Olj. pot! You'd better open up those eyes and take a better look. if that's the best you can say for him! He's smart, he has a good sense of humor, and he's ncrish- ingly handsome. Wish there'd been somebody like him camped on my trail back about 20 years ago. I wouldn't be such a dried up old prune now U there had been." She wagged a warning finger: "Better look sharp, girl, and grab him before summertime comes along and all those long-legged bron/ed blondes start parading the boardwalk!" Stephanie's honey-brown hair tossed silkily and her blue eyes flashed: "Charlie's intelligent; he doesn't go around admiring legs!" Hagar glanced significant^ at Stephanie's underpinnings: "Lei me tell you something: If he's like most men, he won't even realize you have an intellect until he pirns to lake your rlh iraiiied." Stephanie tilted her small nose, hen her eyes slid obliquely to ingar and she broke inlo laueiiter. Hagnr gave a gratified chuckle, 'And let me give you a bit of information I picked up once under 1 haystack ." she stopped ab- 'uptly and stared at the carnco: 'lley! 1,00k there at the pin!" The cameo had opened In Stephanie's hands. Both women itnrt'd at it. tlagar spoke first: "What did you do? Do you remember what you were doing to it when it opened?" Stephanie's hands seemed frozen on the pin. her two thumbs were resting on two of the points of the gold frame at opposite sides of the center • « W J-JAGAR hopped ofl and leaned tensely the couch —'Iy over the girl's shoulder: "Don't move your hands, girl, until you get their bearings! Look carefully now: one thumb is one Ihe second point down from Ihe top, left side, and one is on the second point up from the bottom, right side. Just suppose those 12 points on the frame are numerals on a clock dint— you'd be pressing 10 and 4, Remember that—10 and 4." She raced to her desk, "I'll write that down, 10 nnd 4." She scribbled the numbers and handed the paper to Stephanie who accepted it without lifting her eyes from (he cameo* "Now." began Hagar jubilantly, "we can—what's the mailer? Oh! Your folks—I forgot lo look at their pictures. 1 was so excited." She peered down. "Mmm. Uh-huh. Your mother, there, very beautiful. Handsome father, too. Distinguished. Even with that mustache, 1 can see his resemblance to you. That's probablj why Nell never recognized you, yon look like your father's side of the family. lie looks like some pumpkins, badges and medals all over his jacket Military man, I suppose?" A clear drop splashed the picture of the woman. Stephanie grabbed up a corner of her skirt and carefully blotted it. (To He Continued) FRECKLES AND HIS KRIENDS B* MBRHU.L BLOSSEB That Does It EVEN THECRUMPETEERS AT REHEARSAL ARE FAILING To DRIVE A WAY THE SMITHS' LOt/G-STAYMG FRIEUDSI WEV ACTUARY Y MAYBE .'BUT LtKE us* we |"THe< HSO MUST 6E6£m& /SOUR PKXU GOOD; 1 A LA MOCCI UrVEKMORrT, OLD 8C« You'Rg in A cuss ey YOURSELF/ THATfV THE CPOIESTRA i . r= "Yos, she earns more than I do—but If we get married. she can quit and stay home as soon as the cost of living goes down!" I'RlSCiLLA'S i'OP BY AL VERMEKR HAVE YOU GOT SOMETHING TO PUT ON A CUT KNEE MRS. SIMMS SHE MAY BE NAUGHTY AT TIMES... BUT -SHE'S CERTAINLY A BRAVE LITTLE GIRL LITTLE, PRISCILLA?) POOF! REMEMBER, .^ WHO IT STINGS' //CARES HOW MUCH rr STINGS? Win—Or Lose? I!Y nllCHAlCi. O'MAIXKY and RAU'H LANE Lost Lost chlhls glasses, pltik plastic frames. In while cflse. Lost Sat Phone 3882 or 3395. 120 pk |2|| 3 Parties wltli heavy tortoise frames. Reward. Ph. 2222. 12,9 pic 13 Wonted *o Rent 80-160 acre fnrm. Mississippi County Can Itirnlsh references. Write E W Thompson. Star Route EnBlanrt. Ark 1011-600 inrres jancly loam B Inrnlsft .required Ph 4326 11 29 I2jl3 Comics Get Booted OTTAWA. Dec. 9. w, _ canala has banned crime comic hnoks. The Senate last night passed a bill banning the publication, distribution or sale of comic bonks that depict "the commission of crimes, real or fictional." The Home of Commons previously had passed the bill unanimously. Supporters of the bill said lurid crime pictorials stimulated Juvenile delinquency, violators can gel up lo (wo years in prison. THE GRAVES Real Estate - Viorlcjaae Loans -Insurance OSCEOLA ' BUTHE>ILL1 hone 521 Phone 3075 Edinburgh Is the center of the British printing Industry. RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES iAII I>pe5 Kxrepl (Tanren Cllntr SH Alain llMrtrvilli Ark I'hoTi* Z9i1 For 1'rompl, Courteous |p FRIENDLY SERVICE NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 4474 -Master PI umber- JORDAN* PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc All Yv'oiri Gunrnnlccd I 531 iS'iirllfToih i'*nr 12 iMimlhs | 1'hont (><]<>] CO U4 Q => S TUDEBAKER- We Invite Your Inspection Of These Fine Cars 1!MS ,S(tidcl);iker Commander S-l'asseiigcr Regal Deluxe—completely equipped wifh overdrive, radio, healer, white wall tires and other accessories. 1916 Plymouth 2-door Special Del.nxe — nice green finish, has radio and heater. This car is in excellent condition and is very economically priced. 1935 Ford 2-door—You Alnsl sec this one. Hody is perfect, tight as a new one. .motor is in A-I shape, good healer. Only two people have oivned il. Sec these and many more —A/so some good Used Trucks. Chamblin Sales Co. Railroad and Ash Phono 888 -S TUDEBAKER , KID st.KX.tAeY I'M COMING IM^\ AHSWER IS STILL NO.'I DON'T/NICK -ffillll Mfl'n NEED NOtMIM' FROM VoTHE BEFORE 0 AT ItAST SMUT UP.THEY'RE ON .^_^_ THE FAR CURVE IN THE THIRD AT \ SOUTHEPM IIEMtOCKS.AND SOME NA6 IS TRYING TO IOSE A\Y SHIRT FOR ME. GE T GOING PLUM DUMPLIfJG.' COME O/V/ HE SOUNDS 1IKC A MAM WHO HAS - P1ENTV RICTJ4G ON THAT HORSE CAPTAIN KASi liY LKSLIE TURNER OF F6EOCIOUS \ BXCAPED BV W C GUESS VOU SEE POP DODSED THEIR \ BUT rVWD 8S.MDIT5 CAPTURED \SKIU OF HI POP AW CHMW6D I&6TH Akl— TIME TE.YIW ._ ANYTHING A WOMAM WILD BK.OHCO AN'] IAKE ALONC RODE OFF, WITH THEIE HIDEAWAY / HIDE-AWAY lillfIR HUNNY 'HE'S DRIVIN' ME PAFFV WITH ¥& THAT POUNPIM7 I CANT YVH-WHERe)-< I'M AKE YOU /GONNA PO GOING ? / SWAETHIN' ABOUT THAT WH-WHAT'S > SHADPUP THAT'5 MAKIN' MORE NOISE THAN TH' IPCA?/* AN' Y/ATCH/ ANYTHING HIS PIANO PCAYIN VOUR MOVC./ Ill-ought In the I'rc.scnl <\ND THEN, AT THE VERV MOMENT ALL SEEMED LOST. ASTI?A,NGE i TH:N& HAPPENED,' x sm» HAVE \VE /'NTH c 1-1 — U- 1 , , ftf?- \ CIXi • i > l -~ J - 3JJ -_E1% ivyfr e '^- * -- i•"M nFPPaT'^r^sp n m HOOTS AND IllCR BY BORAR MARTIN

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