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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 25

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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iiinniMM'Mmi lajwwejaewwwpawao'W1 -THVKBDAY, DECEMBER 3, THE OTTAWA JOURNAL Gain on Ganadiens Graham's Corner V- By Frank Graham rrr" Red Wings and Leafs NEW YORK, Dec Another chipter In th lonf winding Vnd Highly impisusioi 1U tory o( Jack Hurler eon-Eluded tba other day when fcls fighter, Hany 'TV' Athlete" MHhewi, retired without wanting, at leatt to hua. Ironically, Jack could have been the Last man in Seattle to bear about It, for Matthew bowed out on television- when he waant looklnc -and ho learned of ft only when Emaaett Wataon the Pct-Intlllgencr a tew hour later. When Wataon told him Matthew mentioned hi name in the courat of an announcement that ended: "I want to et out whU I (till can walk Hurley aald. (lowly: "1 wa not going to let him jet hurt. I ddnt know why he quit.

i dldnt edvls him la- But everybody ha been giving him adrice." It 1 unlikely that Harry' resignation earned much of a jtlr. If any. outside Seattle for, althoufh he had been lucra tively employed lighting opponent carefully chosen for him by Hurley, he long had ceased to an arresting fl(ure on the national prtxe Ifht scene. But be will be remembered a the one with whom Hurley hoped to smash the IBC'a control of the business and make th biggest financial atrlke since the man who broke th bank at Monte Carlo. THtS WAI JT BEGAN.

It wa In 1M9 that Matthew, a nondescript middleweight who had been fighting without profit on and off for 12 yew-asked Hurley to manage him. Th proposed arrangement had little appeal to Jack until the fighter convinced htm, by his earnestness, that he would do everything he was told to do, beginning With the taking of a sU(I course In boxing, of which he wa appallingly ignorant. Then, In exchange for SO percent. Matthews' earnings, jack agreed to instruct him, manage him and promote him. decision over Rex Layne in Portland and Hurley was ready sor uie main event.

WITH A BACKGROUND OF INTRIGUE. Complete jBob.Turley'Deal player for $135,450. Details of the "Turley deal" had leaked out by dribs and drab until only official con- firmation was lacking. The two clubs made it official after the final draft session "unfrose' and lefthandea pitcher bhi Miller (0-1 with the Yanks) go to Baltimoie In the new switch. Outfielder Woodling, Mortstop Willie Ml rand, catcher Ous Triandos and Hal i Smith and pitcher Harry Byrd anrt Jim McTlrinalit had been announced earlier.

The Yanks will get six new men. Including five for their sf arm system in addition to the original package of pitchers' Turkey, -Don Larsen and rwrttop Bill Hunter. Thus ftur deal come down to nln lor nine, although only four actually wind up on the Yankee First baseman Dick XrynosU Tf.200 at Baltimore), former Yankee, return to New' York, Darrell Johnson (352 at Richmond) go to th Yanks' American Association farm, now iDenver but formerly th Kansas city Blue. fielder "STed Del OuerVdo (1 i jiWlchlU is th Western League I 4fo to Um Yasxka rttrarlrrgnaai la th Southern Aaaoda- Another ntarwr to be Jtarred. In JirMl wu.

corn to VtlMYanka, Ttam.wuatcport 'tM ptaycr, who I suppoeed to tj a pitcher, would be Lou -Krwtiow (0-11 at RalUtrior). Um T. VaM4ah laft Uua Rue. Idlam Martyr CWL Leagu with ss 5422. and Mrs.

a. Nadir rolled I7t 215 and won th 1 esrp suid atHr. Mr. P. Bambrtck had lot 34.

LAST NIGHTS SCORES. Detroit, New York, I. Toronto, Boston, 0. Standing. HOU8TON, Dec.

2 'IThe Xew York Yankees and BalU- ii I Toronto mvw Detroit their 18-man "Bob Turley" deal ZT I luncy ucai Mm v.w weaterday after the rnlnor -league draft- machinery had Games This Week. Tonight the rosters of minor league 'cago at Betrotl CIUDS. InfleldeT-Kal-i Kansas City), lnflelder Don Leppert (J13 at Birmingham) WiTGFGAPt 15 7 3 80 58 33 11 53 38 28 13 8 1 55 41 27 8 11 4 51 01 20 10 5 47.59 17 3 14 5 43 74 11 Montreal at De troit; Boston at Chicago. Siturdayl -Detroit -St Toronto; New York at Boston. Sunday Montreal at New Torontot Boston; Chl- ey's Big Seven Standings in the national Hockey League's top polnt-purauer remained unchanged after Wednesday" action, but th gap I rapidly narrowing.

Montreal' Bernle- Oeoflrlon, Jean Bellveau, Maurice Richard and Kenny Mosdell were Idle a their- team Vested from a Tuesday encounter with Chicago Black Hawk, i But they stilt dominate the acorlng parade. OeofTrion. who II goal Is top, lead the field with 30 point. Bellveau trail bun with 2 point garnered on 11 goals and 10 'assist. Richard has scored 13 goal and ha aaststeid Jon 12 other to crowd within '-Mtehae- Ule.

Plni IM Point Of BeilVeatt 1- aiumore oumeiaer Jim ma-1 jnosaeu ixhui a own pre- Tty (Ml at Balumorel and carious rourtn scoring with 20 point on 12 goal and" eight assist. Don Raleigh and Danny Lewtckl of th New York Ranger collaborated on their team's only tally a they fell 0-1 to Detroit Red Wing Wednesday. Raleigh goal and hi teammate a assist ttsovwd them to within, point of Mos dell, Raleigh baa four roal ana, is assists wmi lewtcxi's It poini come tram 14 goals ana nr assists. Alex Delvecchlo- of Detroit assisted on on goal Wodnea day a awosw into a seventh ptac tt In the acortng ract with Hick Msetaaskl the Chi cago Black Hawk. rjierJuo, ha IT potota CM thr goals and frnrteen asadeta.

Mlcfcoakl. who. I th league's leading Detroit Trims Rangers 6-1 Toronto Shellacks Bruins 6-0 wr 11m cm ia Pveas. The National Hockey League la Hearing th one-third mark of iuO-game grind with one big change, Detroit Red wings have to work harder these aays. For year the wing purted ahead of the other' live dub In th league and around this tune of the -year could always look back aU least five or six point before they found the second-place club.

Not any more. Had It soft list Night Th Detrolter had It soft last night, however, a they whipped the fourth place Ranger -l In New York. It wa their ISth victory in 22 games and left' them in third place' an unfamiliar spot lor the defending "'Stanley Cup champions. The Leafs, meanwhile, hum -it costs me 110,000 a year to he explained to the a (-0 shellacklna- on Boston fighter, "so I've got to make 120,000 a year for the two of us. Bruins before 12.41 fans at You cant make any money without me, or you wouldn't have Maple Leaf Gardens to main come to me.

What our contract really amounts to is that you I tain their one-point lead over have SO percent, of me." Red Wings. 1 EVEN CONGRESSMEN GOT INTO THE ACT. By now, Hurley was engaged in a free-for-all with the The Leafs and Wings picked! up a bit or ground on the front-mnnlng Montreal Cana- 1 Uu I1C TC I1KIILS 1.41- I to the use of his fighter to Jim Norrl and Al Weill, then the riding rough arid notent 1BC matchmaker, they were trying to frees him out and had 5 given hlrn the match wUhMurphy only In a desperate attempt! 0tof Irion. Maurice Richard, Matthews was growing rapidly into a heavyweight and dtU jj points. That's five Hurley suddenly realised that be might be able- to more than Leaf and six better himself into a spot where he could break the IBC's hold on than Detroit, the heavyweight title by luring the champion.

Jersey Joe Wal- The last-piace Chicago Black eott, with Matthews as bait, to fight under his promotion In Hawks, with only three vlc-Beattle. It wa a daring scheme, for he must play a lone hand torles and five deadlocks In 22 gainst a powerful organisation, but It might have succeeded games, also rested after play-It Matthews, had been a better fighter. i Ing Canadlens to a J-J tie his campaign was fantastic. By word of mouth, person-to- night. person, or on radio or television.

In letters to the newspapers or Interviews with sports writers, he created such an uproar that It reached the halls of Congress, where Senators and Representatives howled that Matthews was being discriminated against and demanded an Investigation of the Meanwhile, Matthews was belting out, one after another, an array ol stiffs Hurley had lined up for him in the midlands and the Northwest. This triumphal tour was climaxed bv a 10-round lMth for Kelly. Defeneeman Red Kelly scored Ills Mth and 100th goals since breaking Into the big time In the 1947-48 campaign, and Rightwinger Oordle Howe also tallied twice to lead Wings to victory. They were his fourth and fifth of th season. Defence- man Tim Horton, Rookie Parker MacDonald, Leftwinger mwi Nmui ana.

Kiencwinirer klurahv. (Marshall! Ttnn Rtawart arnrarl th nthaea It wa the third shutout of the year for Goal tender Harry Lumley and left him atop the netmlndlng race for the Vealna Trophy he won last season. Big Harry has allowed only 38 goals in 23 games for an average of 1.05 a game. Detroit's Terry Sawchuk Is second with 41 goals in 23 engagements an average, of 1.80 a game. Two games are scheduled tonight.

It's Montreal at De troit and Boston at Chicago. Boelon Goal. Henderaon: de fence. Godfrey, riaman. It Armstrong.

Cjuaraenlmeh. Laycoe. Bol-via: foewaMa. MacKall. Mohna.

Sandford, Gardner, ChavrafUa. La-bina. CoeteUo. McKennay, aaru- aon. Doonar.

Morrlion, Horton, Bolton, Tnomaon, Cahan: forwards, Kennedy, Nee-terenfco. Smith. Marehatl. G. Arm.

strons. MacDonald. Migay. Ifl.tkBV Slnan Referee frank Udvarh Hneimen. fiord revaraau and Jim mmeau.

Pint Parted. I Tin unto Neatarenao (Armeerone, Boltont I S3 PeaaMba MaeKaJJ 34. MMler- enka tjoatray a.aa, u. Arat- vtron iloas. Bart-la 11J1, Cahan Toronto.

Smlt I Neelerenko, Kennedy) Talr PerlaA. Toronto. Horioa (Armatron) (SI IS play-maker, has 10 assist and one goal. Detroit' Terry Bawchuk barely missed another whitewash Wednesday, but atlU pace th shutout department with lx. Pern Plamah of the Boston Bruins, who ha spent 4 minute lit the penalty box, la th badman of th loop.

A He. Ceotrrl Ko treat 1 IS BeuToaa, Montreal i Irh-rd. Montreal IS IS Mosdell, Montreal IS JO Lewtcki. New Tora la a Ralelsh. Slaw York 4 IS laLrbeakl Cltleoe- 1 1 DehreccMa.

Detrort I 14 IV a Teronte, etawan laUaar, Cetiaal II 40 a Toronto. Neeterenae PonaMoo Qodfror 1.S3. Oj. Arm A small crowd of 1,502 Sudbury. 2.

little to cheer about. They First demanding a match with Walcott. which he knew he' -wniMhrewHheTnmchalitch he'tTDeen setting upjpoorejt nights since reporting wvn, tui a wuii jwcKjr marcianu, ine winner to get the next crack at Walcqtt. The IBC didn't want that, but Hurley knew It had to take it, for the heat was on from Washington in earnest now, and so the match was made lor July 21. 1952.

at th Yankee Stadium. from Vancouver Canucks of the Western Hockey League two weeks ago. Until last night game he had allowed i only seven goal In four Seldom had so much intrigue gone into the making of a 1 engagement. pnx light. Hurley Wa certain that If Matthew could knock Vic Staaluk and Marcel out or badly beat up the easy-to-hlt Mareiano, be could force Bonln scored the other Detroit oreax between the IBC and Felix Bocchlcchlo, Walcott'a goau.

Bonea Raleigh Ullied for manager, since the IBC couldn't possibly project another match New York at 11.21 of the third -for Joe that, would be as attractive as the one Jack was plotting for Seattle. Then Rocky ruined the plot. Matthew oatboxed him for roughly two minutes and 50 seconds of the first round, but Just before the bell he landed two punches, on to the body, the other to the neck. These blows hurt Matthews and scared him and he was on the run in the second round when Rocky caught up with him and knocked him out. Jack had come within arm's length of a fortune yet, game guy that be Is, all he had to say In the dressing room was- J.

became amateur again In th second round." jaiiks and Orioles NHL Records period to make It 5-1 but all was lost. Dangling Eric Nesterenko. who has yet to back up the old pros and fans who labelled him for stardom two years ago, showed the benefits of after-school coaching by Coach King Clancy by scoring two goals for Leafs. Score Others, aria mwuhi si.te, am- and on a 1VM. helmer.

Poaeta. ton. ii aii DotloH, Now York, ftetmlt Oael laaHWk: At Kelly. Wolt. Proaevaat.

Oootham. forwarea. Stelael. How. Ungear.

Lot lea. Dereeccfcke. fayla. Skoee wUeea. fWaatw, Sta- Irwta.

Howell. Gedeby. Crystal. Xvana: forwards. Raleten, GulooHa.

Lawirkl, nonty. upreoa. Becfiate. e-rei aeieree new morer; rirst ratio. atlce.

Uerse- 1 Detroit, ataatua iDelrecetilol JTiaa Detrest. Kally IS IS Penalties GuiooJIa I -a. Howe Seeee Parte. Detroit. Kally (Skov) HM Third Porlo.

a IMhII Unmm IRribal. PaveUcbl S.01 (Larwlrk. Pronovoat) .7 Haw York. lUlalsh I Detroit, Howa tProoovoat) 1IZS PanaHy HowcU Stwrhuk -4 Bower 4 1413 Hockey Scores NATIONAL.

Toronto, Boston, Cv. 'Detroit, NewYorkvI. QUEBEC LEAGUE. Montreal, Quebec, 2. ATLANTIC COAST SENIOR.

Amherst, 2: Moncton. 2. -ONTARIO SENIOR "A' Sound. 1. Chatham, Windsor, 1.

NORTHERN ONTARIO SENIOR, North -Jay. Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds, 1. Sault 8te. Marie, ONTARIO JUNIOR Barrle, Hamilton, WHL.

Calgary, Saskatoon, 3. Victoria, New 2. OKANACAN SENIUM. Vernon, Kelowna, 3. IHU Johnstown, Fort Wayne, 2.

WESTERN JUNIOR. Edmonton, Moose Jaw, 2. THUNDER BAY-ARROWHEAD SENIOR. Forth Arthur Bearcats, Eveleth-Vlrginla. 4, MANITOBA JUNIOR.

St. Boniface, Winnipeg Monarcns, u. OHA SENIOR B. Kingston, 8: Whitby, 4. AHL.

Providence, Buffalo, A. Pittsburgh, Hershey, 3. AHU PilUbiirch 3 is iinmnl Sprincttold 10 a 2 77 04 S3 CtevUnd 0 10 77 77 SO providence i 10 i ji BtiiTftio I 11 I Tl Tt It Dr. Frank Madden Ex-Ottawa U. Star Dies in Detroit Word wa received here yes terday of the death In Detroit of Dr.

rtank (Dink) Madden, a former star of Ottawa University hockey team around 1015-10. Dr. Madden, who Baa made hi home In Detroit after previously living In Pittsburgh, had made a name for nimaeii Bowling St. Oeorge Ladles League Mrs. w.

Irvine, 037; Mrs. C. 0 Carte. 024; Mrs. J.

Carrier-, 017; Mrs. K. T. Mc- Evoy, 258: Mrs. E.

Savary. 233: Mr. J. Bcnbow, 231; Mrs. C.

oea a a a High More In Chaudlere Lodg Mixed Bowling League: Men's section, B. Oatea, 71S (245): B. Kllleen. 701 (201): A. Jlnklnson.

000 (203); T. Clark. rn; t. ncnaria. m.

(juiiea-Ktlon: V. Lockarby. 072 (250); A. Ravnoa, 55 (211): t. Oar- diner, 554 Deatv230; A.

onepparo, zo. a a Victory Bowling League n-ralt: cnxs, Mrs. L. Pritehard. 400; Mrs.

il Lindsay, 200. Singles, Mrs. o. Pair, 231; Mr. W.

Caraon, at. i A- Better Mayo IS NOT ENQUGH OTTAWA DESER.iE$ TIIE CESf ot ftK -M NmI wsVapiriiMM NifWoAf CmsM4i Ii phi IW! THEY'LL DO IT EVERY TIME ganlxed baseball probably Is Uague membership since that leaving the home plate of the My representatives said minors' organisation'. cizu A ball would never be Big News In Omaha. acceptable again. And.

it was big news In The Western, then, must turn Omaha, which previously had to. new territory as possible re-only entertained high hopes placement or operate a a slx- that the Cardinals would pick team league. Most prominently up the ball and run with It mentioned in this connection in an effort to get tne Ne- were Albuquerque, NM and braska metropolis Into the Amarllln, both Jiembers higher minors. of the Class West Texas-New There were still a lot or de- Mexico League, tails to be ironed out such w.f Ti. as a reported MOW Prl Mexico League, said no formal tka al at A ldka tl rn t.

had been made in League had put on one of Its trecuon. but said loss of, top gate-producing franchises. mlght war A at Vstaaaaa Ami 4 1 1 1 these deUiU was keep attention ClftUti VMIcio ajaci i(aaaiii8j visa to the minors themselves which had the same goal that of somehow changing the our hip isii TFit in iTarti.t divided today between "'So- h1 400,000 In the Uatlona over the franchise ne head of Vil aivkel IhA vrsif lnew asva that shift and the voting on the amendments, designed to the Columbus franchise ana that "we couldn't stand to con- IOC imjuti. itlnnoll. t.ak eiirk Inaaaa" Actually, there are only 23 uld waJ amenomenis so w- ttat the Omaha negotiations minor league agreement.

ll isible and added that the Cards and the between the majors might be receptive to placing lTT Omaha franchlse ln some other Western League city if a suitable replacement could be found. Ik. game to put the minor on a I. h.j iounder financial Lh -Haog by Slender Thread. jbaDX Kr an1 wukes-Barre, The future of baseball In Pa.

waited word from Albany, Columbus, where the National where a local group was sup-Association of Professional! posed to confer today on pur-Baseball Leagues makes Its chase of the franchise, headquarters, hung" by ai Albany has been mentioned slender thread since the 3ar-i as possible Class" AAA Inter-dlnal could ill afford to put national League site for the an American Association club financially burdened' Ottawa back In the Ohio city In case franchise, but the Internatlon-tbey fall to successfully has delegated a committee tlate for the Omaha territory.) to start looking for replace- coiumous general manager ments by starting with Miami, Oeorge Sisler, who asked for'pia. and received unanimous per-1 mission of the association to WINS YEMEN PURSE. neeotlata for the chanie. aald ALBANY, Calif- Dec. 2.

the Cards -would like much to see baseball In Colum He admitted he'd "heard' (UP) Classowa, dead last as he entered the home stretch, splattered home first yester- reports that some other base-! day wln tne a4000 Yemen ball InteresU had been Inqulr-IPurse on a alopppy track at -7- ing aoout sale or lease or -tne uoioen ssate rieros. players as. Dr. Eddie Nagle, on garnet and grey teams. During World War I he had served with th UM.

armed force. Ut JU1M1 BATLa TTr pm mtm Afm rr I wMiimr imc ituuttc i I 4 i A ausBaaVVflBl MlH I ICTatkl IT. If 1V aa.f UI til I iBHaiTK JOS AND www ihs aUaJTUdfi R3S2 illM vw I SRrrOMTWBARfa.Jk"Ply 2Y IV- COOt ON mE r-VTM6 Aja q-lr aa; mo. St. Louis Wants to MoYe Omaha Into Triple A Ball I KELL- RECUPERATING.

MEMPHIS. Dec. George Kelt, har.d-hlt Jesse Owens Says It's Time to Quit iSRreadingjjlQOiiu CHICAOO, Dec. 2. lUPl Jesse Owens, all time US.

Olympic star who was snubied by Hitler, alter Ills Derformances In the 1939 said yesterday It Is time to quit aprcauing I about Amerlra's chinrra asainst in the 1955 Olympics. "The Russians put their pints on one leg at a like we said Owens In commenting on statements made yesterday by Avery Brundage. president of the International Olympic Committee. Brun-dage said the Russians "hive startled the world" their rrrent performances and that "we are no Joncer ahead In the events we used to now secretary of the Illinois 1 Athletic Commission, said the Russians can get only so many men in each Olympic event. The pressure in those events, he said, is terrific, adding "that's when tlnfc Chicago White Sox third we do our best In this country baseman, was operated on at when the brcjsur; is Columbus Campbells Clinic for knee 0, HOUSTON.

Dec. 2 stadium. Injury, a clinic spokesman dls-1 athiett3 by " them up (UP) The minor leagues vote! The hard-hit Western closed last night. The ipoKes- camps" for rigorous ling on 31 amendments to bsje- T.3. minus the rich ball's governing rules today, inr territory grabbed off but the big news around the American AssodaUon convention was the St ltliaf plct ansa aty.

Cardinals' announcement 'her planned an emergency session wanted to move Omaha lnto to consider the latest Inroad Class AAA ban. on its territory. Actually, the revelation only, But, regardless of whether confirmed what everyone at the Caraj can work out a satls- the convention had known all fartnrv mnnrtan arranaement Kitchener-Waterloo. Owen week, but It was the first pub- wjtn the Western. Omana's lie pronouncemenv mat or- fulur dH not include Western And, It A oaa4 I that will man.

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