Calgary Herald from Calgary, Alberta, Canada on January 15, 1998 · 63
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Calgary Herald from Calgary, Alberta, Canada · 63

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1998
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Entertainment CALGARY HERALD Thursday, January 15, 1998 E3 Titanic Mystery: Who spiked the chowder? S Mature TftQ Atom Egoyan's WSSi Hereafter Nightly at El LATA 7:00 p.m. & 9:00 p.m. r ImtlAwAA (Last day Thursday) 11!! (WhCTON 100 1 W Ml )t)t M V -sou. - JAMIE PORTMAN Calgary Herald ' ore than a year after it happened, Canadian director James Cameron still gets an- . gry about the hallu cinogen-spiked chowder that sent 70 cast and crew members of his film Titanic to hospital in Nova Scotia. "The mystery was never solved," says Cameroa "We never found the culprit. But this was a serious crime. Someone could have died." In the summer of 1996, Cameron was filming key contemporary scenes of his $28o-million epic off the coast of Nova Scotia. On Aug. 9, cast and crew members complained of dizziness, light-headedness and disorientation after eating a late-night meal of lobster chowder. Some became violently ill and blacked out. Subsequent tests revealed the chowder had been laced with phencyclidine, better known as PCP or angel dust Cameron was one of those who ate the chowder. "I got hit hard but I ran to the bathroom and made myself throw up to get it out of my system before it really took hold." What appals him about the episode is the reckless endangerment of lives. Veteran actress Gloria Stuart, who plays a Titanic survivor in the movie, was working that night, and Cameron says it's a blessing that she passed on the chowder. "Gloria is 87 years old. She could have tried some along with the 80 people who did. I shudder to think what might have 111,111 "S W 1 w - "It had to be an inside job. It couldn't have been somebody from the outside. Somebody had a grievance." Bill Paxton, Gloria Stuart and Suzy Amis on the set of Titanic. happened." : Actor Bill Paxton tried the chowder and can't ever remember feeling as ill as he did that night. "To think that somebody would put a drug like PCP into food," Paxton says. "We had an 87-year-old actress on the set We had children." He remembers one girl who was crying hysterically and so frightened that she had to be held down to prevent her from harming herself. Paxton says the drug didn't just cause hallucinations. It also triggered violent gastro-intesti-nal illness. "Everybody was horribly ill and we were forced to drink some charcoal-based stuff as an antidote." The chowder was only one of several foods available on a large buffet table. This convinces Paxton it was a carefully planned crime. Hollywood is moving into a disco mode these days. Filming has already started on 54, Miramax's new film about New York's famed Studio 54 and its heyday during the 1970s. Canadians Mike Myers and Neve Campbell star. Next out of the starting gate is The Last Days of Disco with a cast that includes Jennifer Beals, Robert Sean Leonard, Mackenzie Astin, Kate Beckinsale and Chris Eigeman. Also coming up is a new film about the Greenwich . Village disco scene to be written by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski who scripted last winter's The People vs. Larry Fhnt Robert De Niro not only looks scruffy in his performance as a cement-brained crook in Jackie Brown he looks authentically scruffy. Director Quentin Tarantino says he gave his star a helpful hint on shaping his character. "I told Robert that this guy's body language should make him resemble a pile of dirty clothes, and this is exactly what we got" Goldie Hawn and Steve Martin have signed for the remake of The Out-Of-Towners, the 1970 Neil Simon-scripted movie about a New York City vacation that goes haywire. The original film, available on video, starred Jack Lem-mon and Sandy Dennis. THEODORE TUGBOAT Former Papa lauded for children's TV show The Canadian Press HALIFAX A funny thing happened to Denny Doherty on the road to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The former member of the legendary 1960s group The Mamas and the Papas became the harbormaster on a Halifax-produced children's TV show called Theodore Tugboat. Rocking and partying with music's elite Monday in New York, the newly inducted Hall of Fame member was lauded for both. "I was getting recognized as much for being the harbormaster ... as I was for being Denny Doherty of The Mamas and the Papas," Doherty said Tuesday morning, after a night of partying with Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Santana and other new hall inductees. "It was people like Joe Walsh from the Eagles and the guys in Santana, saying:'Oh man, my grandkids love that show.' " Such recognition was all part of what Doherty, a native of Halifax, described as a weird Denny Doherty and wonderful day for him and surviving Mamas and Papas John and Michelle Phillips. Lead vocalist Cass Elliott, dubbed 'Mama' Cass because of her weight, died in 1974, four years after the group broke up. The Mamas and Papas had to wait a while to make the Hall of Fame a fact that didn't escape notice. Michelle Phillips recently said the honor was long overdue. Asked Tuesday what it means to him, Doherty quipped, "Oh, that they're late. "It's nothing that I was striving for. It's the industry giving itself a pat on the back as in the Academy Awards or any of those things. So you can't really get too serious about it." The folk-rock group's breezy tunes took them to the top of the charts from 1965 to 1970, with such hits as California Dreamin' and Monday, Monday. But internal squabbling, heavy drug use and a web of love triangles ultimately led to their breakup in 1970. Halifax Chronicle-Herald SIGOURNEY WEAVER Nightly at 7:00 & Titr irr rmn 1 1 9:20 a., 1 n r 11 r m 1 1 km -nc.Mi. ma TITTl SIX MEN WHO DARED TO GO... Tonight at iMl'J T"T TT1 TTI TT T I i "V I ThH T.l A 0 O.l A STARTS TOMORROW jjp3. SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET PG 1:00, 3:45, 7.00, 9:45 m BEAN PG "" 1:40, 4:25, 7:40, 10:25 MORTAL KOMBAT 2 PG m - mlmtxenes 1:25, 4:10, 7:30, 10:15 w RED CORNER PG w suggestive scenes 1:05, 3:50, 7:05, 9:50 w I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER HA - -mlenlsceim 1:20, 4$5, 7:25, 10:10 m. PEACEMAKER 14A m, -violem scenes 7:20, 10:05 THE EDGE I4A 7:10, 9:55 """ MR fOKtOHi-violent scenes; not suitable PG for younger children 1:10, 3:55, 7:15, 10:00 m AIR BUD G 1:15, 4:00 - m, GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE PG m. 1:30, 4:15 m, IN & OUT 14A - J M3f'i ?i'75' Home-town critics hail Egoyan The Canadian Press TORONTO Director Atom Egoyan and his film The Sweet Hereafter dominate the first year-end poll by the new Toronto Film Critics Associatioa The critics picked The Sweet Hereafter as the best film of 1997, edging LA. Confidential, and best Canadian film of '97. Egoyan, of Toronto, was named best director while British actor Ian Holm won for best male performance in Fpnvan's film. Rritain's Helena II B.onham-Carter won best female performance for The Wings of the Dove. Fourteen critics voted. John Turturro and Dermot Mulrontry In a Tom DtCillo Film afcCJC OF KATEOl 14A MOONLIGHT Lt.'iwsiMji..a.i.--i.iT.a..mTsg.;.;j .. .rvzzrr. a m. -.i.....-. ,. PvneHASI MOVIt TtCKtTt UP TO 7 DAT IN ADVANCtl CAU THIATWtB fOM DlTAILSl COME JOIN US XT CINESCWE. OUR HEW RESTAURANT, ; MR AND MUln-MbDkA tMltnlAWMtNl LUlHt. -K TICKETS MAT BE PURCHASED f ROM TOUR 50MR. FOR MORE INFORMATIOH CALL 265-4511 uhw n AS GOOD AS IT QETS (PQ Covu LAiguaM) FRt-THURS AT: 1:10 4:00 7:10 10:00 DIGITAL SOUND ASQOOD AS IT QETS (PG - Coarsa Languags) FRt-THURS AT: 1:30 4:15 7:00 9:50 GOOD WILL HUNTINQ (14A - Coarsa Language) FHI-THURS AT: 1:00 3:46 7:00 9:40 JACKIE BROWN (14A Coarsa Language) FRI-THURS AT: 6:30 9 40 No 6:30 Show Monday or Wednesday DIGITAL SOUND JACKIE BROWN (14A - Coarse Language) FHI-THURS AT: 6:30 9:40 DIGITAL SOUND AMISTAO I14A) FRI-THURS AT: 2:15 6:15 9:30 DIGITAL SOUND OOOD WILL HUNTINQ (14A - Coarse Language) FRI-THURS AT: 1:00 4:00 6:50 9:30 DIGITAL SOUND THE BOXER (14A - Coarse Language, Violent Scenes) FRI-THURS AT: 2:00 4:30 7:20 9:50 DIGITAL SOUND THE BOXER (14A Coarsa Language, violent Scenes) FRI-THURS AT: 1:15 3:45 6:40 9:15 DIGITAL SOUND FIRESTORM (14A) FRI-THURS AT: 1:50 4:20 7:40 10:10 DIGITAL SOUND ANASTASIA (GENERAL) FRI-THURS AT: 2:00 4:05 DECONSTRUCTINQ HARRY (ISA) FRI-THURS AT: 9:15 Only DIGITAL SOUND FIRESTORM (14A) FRI-THURS AT: 2:10 4:35 f:is TUUU T SCREAM 2 (14A - Brutal Violence. Coarse Language) FRI-THURS AT: 7:30 10:15 DIGITAL SOUND ANASTASIA (GEN ) FRI-THURS AT: 12:45 3:15 SEE A MIDNIGHT CLASSIC FOR ONLV $2.00 TITANIC (PG) FRI-THURS AT: 1:00 1:30 4:45 5:15 8:30 9:00 FRISAT MIDNIGHT AT 12:00 DIGITAL SOUND HOUSEHUNT (PG) FRI-THURS AT: 1:30 3:50 6:50 9:00 TOMORROW NEVER DIES (PG) FRI-THURS AT: 1:15 1:45 4:00 4:30 6:45 7:15 9:30 10:00 FRISAT MIDNIGHT 12:15 DIGITAL SOUND AS GOOD AS IT QETS (PG - Coarse Language) FRI-THURS AT: 1 :05 3:55 6:50 9:35 FRISAT MIDNIGHT AT: 12:30 DIGITAL SOUND JACKIE BROWN (14A - Coarse Language) FRI-THURS AT: 2:15 6:30 9:45 FRISAT MIDNIGHT AT 12:35 OIGITAL SOUND HOME ALONE 3 (PG) FRI-THURS AT: 12:30 3:00 6:40 DIUI SUUNU LOW PRICING POLICY S2.M MATINSIS PRIOR TO M dw .OJMm, IS and wdar S2.00 .Sh PM I a3-OQ CWAV TWPAYl FOR RICHER OR POORER (PG) FRI-THURS AT: 7:15 MATINEES SATSUN AT: 2:15 THE JACKAL (14A - Brutal Vioienoe, Coarse Language) FRI-THURS AT: 9:25 only THE POSTMAN (SUBJECT CLASSIFICATION) FRI-THUHS AT: FRISAT MIDNIGHT AT: 12:05 DIGITAL SOUND SCREAM 2 (14A - Brutal Vioienoe. Coarse QOOO WILL HUNTINQ (14A - Coarsa Language) FRI-THURS AT: 1 :25 4:05 7:05 9:50 FRISAT MIDNIGHT AT: 12:35 SCREAM 2 (14A - Brutal Violence. Coarsa Language) FRI-THURS AT: 7:10 9:55 FRISAT MIDNIGHT AT: 12:25 DIGITAL SOUND ANASTASIA (GENERAL) FRI-THURS AT: 2:00 4:25 DIGITAL SOUND AS GOOD AS IT QETS (PO - Coarse Language) FRI-THURS AT: 7:00 10:00 MATINEES SAT-SON AT: 1:104:10 DIGITAL SOUND MOUSEHUNT (PG) FRI-THURS AT: 1:40 4:10 7:00 9:25 FRISAT MIDNIGHT AT: 12:00 DIGITAL SOUND JACKIE BROWN (SUBJECT TO CLASSIFICATION) FRI-THURS AT: 6:30 9:45 DIGITAL SOUND HOME ALONE 3 (PG) FRI-THURS AT: 1:10 3:50 DIGITAL SOUND FOR RICHER OR POORER (PG) FRI-THURS AT: 9:35 Only DIGITAL SOUND GOOD WILL HUNTING (14A - Coarse Language) FRI-THURS AT: 7:20 10:15 MATINEES SAT-SUN AT: 1:00 4:15 DIGITAL SOUND FIRESTORM (14A) FRI-THURS AT: 6:45 9:30 MATINEES SAT-SUN AT: 1:20 4:00 FLUBBER (PG) FRI-THURS AT: 1 :20 4:20 7:20 FIRESTORM (14A) FRI-THURS AT: 1:55 4:25 7:20 9:45 FRISAT MIDNIGHT AT: 12:10 DIGITAL SOUND MOUSEHUNT (PG) FRI-THURS AT: 7:10 MATINEES SAT-SUN AT: 1 :30 3:40 FOR RICHER OR POORER (PG) FRI-THURS AT: 9:40 Only ROBIN HOOD PRINCE OF THIEVES (14A) FRISAT MIDNIGHT AT: 12 05 ONLY $2 00 AMISTAD '14A) FRI-THURS AT: 6:30 9:45 MATINEES SATSUN AT: 2:00 OIGITAL SOUND SCREAM 2 (14A - Brutal Violence, Coarse Language) FRI-THURS AT: 7:30 10:10 ANASTASIA (GENERAL) MATINEES SAT-SUN AT: 1:50 4:20 HOME ALONE 3 (PG) MATINEES SAT-SUN AT: 1:40 4:30 i WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER (14A) FRI-THURS AT: 7:00 9:40 MATINEES FRI-I SUN AT: 1:40 I MORTAL KOMBAT 2 (PG - Violent I Scenes) FRI-THURS AT: 6:50 MATINEES I FRI-SUNAT:1:50 I I AIR FORCE ONE (PG - Violent Scenes, Not Suitable for Young Children) FRI- THURS AT: 9:20 Only BEAN (PG) FRI-THURS AT: 6 40 j MATINEES FRI-SUN AT: 2:10 DIGITAL IN AND OUT (14A) FRI-THURS i AT: 7:00 9:15 i WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER (14A) FRI-THURS AT: ! 7:15 9:45 MATINEES SAT-SUN I AT: 2:15 BEAN (PG) FRI-THURS AT: 7:30 MATINEES SAT-SUN AT: 2:30 j FAIRYTALE (G) MATINEES FRI-SUN AT! I 2:00 I I IN ANO OUT (14A) FRI-THUR AT 7:10. I 9:50 GATTACA (PG - Coarse ' Language) FRI-THURS AT: 9:35 ! Only I 7 YEARS IN TIBET (PG) FRI-THURS AT: I 6:30 9:10 MATINEES FRI-SUN AT: 1:30 I I QATTACA (PG - Coarse Language) FRI- THURS AT: 9:35 Only FAIRY TALE (G) MATINEES SAT-SUN AT: 2:00 :mwm -www1 am I MORTAL KOMBAT 2 (PG - Violent I Scenes) FRI-THURS AT: 7:00 MATINEES j SAT-SUN AT: 2:30 j BEAN (PG) FRI-THURS AT: 7:30 I IN AND OUT (PG) FRI-THURS AT: 9:15 I Only FAIRY TALE (G) MATINEES SAT-SUN AT: j 2:00 Only J GATTACA (PG - Coarse Language) FRI- I THURS AT: 9:30 Only I I WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER (14A) I FRI-THURS AT: 7:15 9:40 IN AND OUT (14A) FRI-THURS AT: 7:10 J 9:40 MATINEES SAT-SUN AT: 2:10 7 YEARS IN TIBET (PG) FRI-THURS AT: j 0:40 :to GATTACA (PQ - Coarse Language) FRI- 1 THURS AT: 9:20 Only BEAN (PG) FRI-THURS AT: 7:00 J MATINEES SAT-SUN Al : 2:30 WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER (14A) FRI-THURS AT: 7:00 9:30 MATINEES SAT- SUN Al : z:20 FAIRY TALE (PG) MATINEES SAT-SUN I AT: 2:00 Only i.,,,-.i.i... rz m. 9to Ji n. 1B.1Se t4.00 Tuasdnys umm WUI 111 1 i fJ.U.i (Vfl f "T lLlalJ.1lrf.litT f lal.H Jil KH 165 Stewan Green S.W. 246-5291 t Floor OX MIL HUNTING 1:X3:45 7J0 10:10 IM) Matte Coase language tmufat JACKIE BROWN 1250425 720 10J0 WlalueCoinelirifajetoaifut AMERICAN WEREWOLF M PARIS Mon-Wed 2:45 510 7:40 9 5 Du 2:45 5:009:45 MRMAG00 12202304:356.30 (GjGerea AS GOOD AS IT GETS 1204:207151010 (Pfi) P-CwJaree Coarse language MOUSEHUNT 12:102:254:357:109:30 tKlP-GuOance ANASTASIA 1240(G) General FIRESTORM 1:15 320 7:45 1020 M Mature TITANIC 1210 1220 400 4:30 801620 fG)Pktxnxm siime kfuigaaten TOMORROW NEVER DIES 1204:157:1510:15 (PG) P-Gaance van scenes POSTMAN 8-45 riMJ 2664480 AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS 7209:35 tmiHcrmt6oryVkleoa TITArIC 8,-00 lTOMOflROW NEVER DIES lwai.Tue.lru 70)7:159:45 IMO Wed 7:15 9:15 1010 reilaTO(nlsrer POSTMAN 8:30 I14A) MxLeodTrai8An)erso-iRd. 276-1300 Swap Ira-1 3? Ave ww 266-6166 GOOD WILL HUNTING Mon.WeH.Thu 710 9:50 Tuel 154:107409:50 fMJMatrreftarseiangirftrttijriM FLUBBER Mon.Wed.Thu 6:45 Tue 12:20 225 4:40 6:45 (PG) P-Gudarra AMERICAN WEREWOLF M PARIS Mrjn.WedJhj 720 940Tue3iXI5:l07209:40(l4A)l(faylWan MR. MAGOO Mon.WerJ.TIi 715 9 10 Tue 12.30 2:45 510 7:15 9:10 (G) General HOUSEHUNT Man WenThu 715920 T 1210 225 4:45 7 920 IK) rVxaJance ANASTASIA Tue 12:45 (G) General FIRESTORM MoiWed Tm 720 1 010 Tue120415720!0fl)(MMatte TITAMC Mon.Wed.Thu 810 Tie 1210 4H! 60! iKlP-GjtimmsMtvkxutgeimm TOMORROW NEVER DCS Mon.Wed.Thu 7:10 945 Tue I -00 3:45 7:10 9:45 (PG) rMuaance tan scene POSTMAN (ml FLUBBER Mon.Wed.Thu 7:10 Tue 12202:304:40 7:10 (PGjP-fiurJaree AMERICAN WEREWOLF M PARS 9:50 imihtrmt(Myioleia ,MR MAGOO Mon.Wed.Thu 7:15920 Tue 1245 2:46 4:45 7:15 920 IB) GenenJ nTAWC MonWedThu 810 820 Tue 1210 1220 410 425 420 810 820 (r3P-uWarraNasutatlr(Ounrcfdw TOMORROW NEVER DIES Mon.Wed.Tnti 7109:45 Tue 1103:457109:45 (PG) P-Gudance Wen scenes PCTMANMrjn.Wed.ThutlSTge 12154:15815 2685 36 SINE. 291-0919 S6.S0 GENERAL ADMrSSION 94 00 MATINEES t S3 90 TUESDAY FLUBBER 7:10 IPG) P-uudance MR MAGOO 7:15 920(G) General kmAMCItt IPrjP-SuONastkiiogectMtm TOMORROW NEVER DCS 7109:159.45 (PGiP-Cudarrai'ctMsOTes lir-POSTMAM 8:15 Enter to win an OMEGA watch, as wom by James Bond, at Sunridge and Southcentre theatres! DONATED BY: j. vair anderson & OMEGA Canada j.vair anderson ltd. TO Square 1 7 HI 3C U J H M i WlrftafaeUlaWitiXtM NOW PLAYING! s " CHECK THEATRE DIRECTORIES FOB 10CATI0NS i SH0WT1ME5 rt As Good s A C iTriPTC X RELEASED THH0UQH COLUHOft TFBSTAft FOtS OF CAWOA THIS STASl CHECK THEATRE DIRECTORIES FOB SHOWTIMES ' ' ja EUHCPEAN FILM AWARDS S (L BEST PiSIOOE 1 S l5 "JKHOOS WEBB A5 WtUB S f il i NOW PLAYING AT SELECT CINEMAS Vf A-h'") STARTS TOMORROW AT ADDITIONAL Yi Vl') i LOCATIONS NEAR YOU! 5311 J VfV CHKniAT'$THIAmOIKTCMIraSMOWTlfS f "1 rt T7 1 1 ' 1 1 ' M4 1 Ml ' rT " -rr 17 1 1 1 mm- V W;A A HOLLYWOOD PRO DUCER. A WASHINGTON SPIN-DOCTOR. WHEN THEY GET TOGETHER, THEY CAN MAKE YOU BELIEVE ANYTHING. Dustin HOFFMAN 3 GOLDEN GLOBE NOMINATIONS racLTJurso BEST PICTURE OF THE YEAR mBESTACTOSOPTHETEM S DUSTIN HOFFMAN I DAVID ANSEN OF NEWSWEEK SAYS Wag the Dog' is the most wickedly entertaining movie of the season! SISKEL & EBERT SAY "Two thumbs up! Way up! One of the year's best films!" AND ROGER EBERT SAYS "Watching Hoffman and De Niro together is a pleasure. Two of, the best performances by two great actors!" PETER TRAVERS OF ROLLING STONE SAYS "Outrageous fun!" Robert DE NIRO L "1 n II! mtWMMmimmmmmwn mm mum mm iuikt 201111111:1 Euiiomrfisi ii'i m fjis iiinin.iii'i; MBKirni minimi iiiiiura "i'Miniiiuiiiiiiiiiifl imiiiira no PLAZA T H t ' I i SHOWING CUUlTi WtUW lT: ltd STARTS TOrilORROVV! OMfr-trX OOCON I OMWl nta II C1TLtX O0MN II WMOJ1 VLAYTKS II M"OJ1 MArtasl acmaimmm CMTaIIUOllrll 1QI18CII rwataM II WUTMILU l HJUUn MAU I PRESENTED IN KESENTED M IDOTSS: CHECK FRIDirS THEATRE BIRECTOKR-S Fll SHSWT1MES 4coa UNOUMC 23

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