The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 9, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 9, 1949
Page 5
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9, 3949 Arkansas Pilot Killed in Crash Marked Tree Officer Dies When Jet Fighter Falls in flames ARKANSAS Pit OT 31 HAMILTON HKI.n, Dee. S. <*;A jet filter pilot from Arkansas \vas killed laic yesterday In the (laming era,), „[ | lis ;,.. 8J T(nm <ler- jet near Skacss i s i a nd, some ten miles northeast of Hamilton Field Air Force ii: M . The victim MS First Lieutenant William Jennings Sharp?. L'5. sou of Mr. ajul Mis. A. ,1. Shaipe of parked Tree, Arkansas. He was n West Point graduate, class or Juno, 1947. n e had been stationed here ((ir the (last monlli. Tilt plane was (lying in formation o" a routine nahi'm;; mission. 'The Vnllcjo Tijnc.s-JlPl-jilrl rc- imnod armed Military rolicc prevented it.- photographer, K. H. f,,,)ii passing over a road leading tu ih«- .scone of the crash. (Reeves said u j-.uaid, armed with a pi.stol. stopped him -some three /nilos: from the v.'reck and, svlicn hn. prot'sted. an Air Forte sLi'geant barker! up the g'lard. Tlic incident <"•' inert on land miles from any millMiy reservation.) BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Ouachita River Program Gets Backing of South Arkansas Business Men EL DORADO, Ark., Dec. 9. (AP)— South Arkansas business and Industrial leaders have pledged support to the. Ouachita Riser Development Program. Meeting here Wednesday night, the group recommended a $15,000 [ animal budget for the sponsoring i Ouachita Valley Association. Secretary H. \\. McMillan of the Otiachita* Association outlined the .status of various projects already approved hy a Senate committee. They include a nine-foot channel on the Ouachita river to Camden, a dam on iMudriy Fork branch of (lie Little Missouri, a flood wall extension at Monroe, La., and a levee extension at Gallon. ll \va.s announced that the Vicksburg U.S. Engineers office has promised to maintain a six and a half fool channel to Camrion be- piniiin^ in January and that Dixie Carriers, Inc., a barse line, has promised inlennmetit .service as re- riiiircd ami regular service when the nine-foot channel is completed. Arkansas Negro Is Executed for Slaying Woman TUCKER STATE PRISON FARM. Ark., Dee. 0. (AP>—A 21-year-old Ne?ro man diet! in the Arkansas electric chair today for the mpe- slayini; of a Clj-year-ohl Negro woman. Waller Pierce, Dermott, Aik.. who receive*! mie slay of execution, walked calmly to the chai:- and died ivithout making a statement. He wits pronounced dead at 7:15 a.m.. after being in ih'j chair alunit lour min- ijle.s. .vr He was convicted in Ohicot cimiit ffVpm-t of raping and filially heating Sarah .Jackson, lilj, at he; home in Dermott. Pierce v.a.s »iven a .sfay of execution last month when it was discovered that the execution date set by the circuit court fell before the expiration of time for an appeal from the conviction, pierce, however, did not file an appeal. Senator Vandenbcrg's Condition Improves GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Dec. 0. '.l'i — Senator Arthur H. Vaiulcn- bei(! of Michigan \vill he sufficiently recovered from a recent operation to resume his duties when Congress reconvenes Jan, 3, his wife said today. The Senator has been resting at his home here since he underwent an operation at University of Michigan Hospital. Ann Arbor, In October for removal of his Jeff Jung. '^Aluminum Worker Killed HOTSPHINGS, Ark.. Dec. 9. lAP) —Martin Brown, 26, Hot Springs. wa.s injured tatahy at the Jones Mill aluminum plant Wednesday. ] An employe at the plant electric : -sub-station, he came in contact I wiili a high voltage line while working on a pole, and fell 4f) feet. He I died in a MaLvcrn hospital this j He is survived by his wile, two [stnis. his mother and several broth- i er.s and sisters. CHURCH NEWS Blytheville F1KST CIIUUCH OF THE NAKAHKNE Ho.val G. SclniKi I'asCor Sunrtay School 9:45 a.m Bags to Match - Hosiery to Harmonize 61. SONS S H O E S Sermon by Pastor 11:00 «.m. Nazarene Training • Union 6:30 p.m. Sermon by Pastor 7:30 p.m. Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting 7:30 p.m. W. p. M. S. Wednesday Afternoon 2 p.m. Sunday School Visitation Friday 1:00 p.m. KIUS'I BAPTIST K. U. MruwH pastor Sunday School, 9:40 a.m. Sunday School, 0:4h oan. Morning Worship Service, 10:5b .in Training Uiiioji, 5-30 pjn. livening Worship Services, 7:3u p.m Wednesday Sunday Scnool Cabl- 1*1 Meeting. G:45 p.m Prayei Service, 7:ib p.m, Olfietrt and Teachers meetlnc ':00 p.m. OAI.VABV UAI'TIS'I Itilh ami ChiihasawU.-! I'. 11. Jcrnigau pastor Sunday School 9:4S> a.m Morning Worship ll:uo a.m Intermediate G A s 6:30 p.m »- 1 U. 1:00 p.m Wednesday choli renearsal and EvcniDp Worship 8:00 p.m oificci> imo teachers meeting ai tin same hour 1:00 p.m Wednesday Prayet (Meeting. 8:00 Friday. Men's Brotherhood i ut.S'i .wr.Timinst Kii) ;. llaulej, puslor Chilni) dchuoi U 4i a.m Muriniig Worship 1) a.m i'ouih ction Rehearsal ,i 45 p m <>:30 p.m Junioi fellnwshli). In '.ennediate M y p. : Senior- Younp •copies M Y.J Kveniny Service, 7:30 p.m After church fellowship 8 W p.m Wednesday choii rehearsal 7:30 P.m Bible Study 8 30 p.m LAKr. STRMK'I MK'rillllHS'l Llnza liarrisnn pastoi Scinuii u 4.1 a.m I'rearhlnp Service ll) fih n.m WSC'.S Monday •>, 30 p.m Wednesday Mid-Week Selves ':30 PUl.I. (JOKPKI TAR!--«\AC1,E t.ill.v ami \'ine E. T. Kcllev. I'aslor »:« Sunday School Fay Austin superintendent 11:00 \'. irnlng Worship 8:45 PY.P.A meets with CJine (".noris. < '•harse 7:45 Evangelistic Service wilh choir and Orchestra participating Tuesday and Pri in mphis ^f". vjces a- .5 'nosday nlg , lt " Young Peoplos N'iglit 6:45 p.m. Bible Study 7:30 p.m. Evening Worship Service Wednesday Evening Bible Study 7:30 p.m. Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Morning Worship 11:00 a.m. Women's Missiona.ry Council 6:30 p.m. Men's Cooperative Council 6:30 p.m. ASSKMHIA' OF GOD Kcv. (•:. C. Slmms, rastor Christ's Ambassadors :30 p.m. Junior Christ Ambassadors 6:30 p.m. Evangelistic Service 7: 30 p.m. Tuesday 7:30 p.m. I'rayci Meeting Thursday 7:30 p.m. Bible Study ruts'i riti:snY'ri;itiAN cimitcii Itarvey T. Kidd, minister 0:46 Sunday School 11 a.m. ••The Book or Books." 7:30 p.m. "The lieiumu CUuich." Wednesday 1:30 Choir practice. ninitcii or- CIIKIST II. V. Sharp. Lv.innelisl Alain al lit Hiiihuay Sunday Schoul 0:45. Woishi]) .Service — One service this wick only — Foy ]•:. Wallace. | Jr.. of Oklahoma City, okla . will conduct Gospel meeting, Dec. 11- IHlli. *i:45 Kveninj.; clu-sses. 7::!0 K\-enins Services — Mr. PAGE FIVE Mrs CIIUKCII Of IDE ial.MACUl.ATK CONCI.l'TION Kcv. (I. Francis iMrilevitt pastni Sunday Masses 7-30 and 1C 00 a.rn FIIIF'I I.HTHK11A\ Sixlli anil U'ahinl Itev. G. .llira.sii-r ,wstnr in a.m. Sunday School ana Biblt Cla&5 11 _=.m Dlvlnr Worship FIHS'l I1.M''I IS'! riiAi-Ki MISSIU'N Her. Uttvrd .Sinilli Sunday Sclioo] 9:40 Worship Service I0:.i5 a.m. Training Union 5:30 p m. Evening Worship 7:30 p.m CHURCH OF CHFtlS'l Ultimo Smith Minibler AIR BASE Two Blocks Nurth ot Chapel 10 Sunday School 11 a in Worship Service NEW "o\ O|icns IVert D.ijs 7:00 p.m Jlaliiicc Saturday ,t .Sundays .\Ut.-Suii I p.m. Coiil Showlne Monila, Ark. Prfdav "RELENTLESS" with Knberl V< ..... g. Alsi, Sln.rts Sul unlay 'NAVAJO TRAIL RAIDERS" with I,i nn .Msn Shorts Saturday Owl Shinv "CASABLANCA" with Illlniplircv )ii) S .irl Alsn .Shorts "FIGHTING KENTUCKIAN wilh .tulin Wayne Ahn -Shiirts RI IZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Friday & Salnrdny "BULLET CODE" wilh fJcor?c O'llrirn (.'arlnnn A Sal in-day .Midnight Show "JIGSAW" with Ir.iixhol r.m,, and .lean \Valliirr Also Cartoon Kuiutay. .Monday &• Tuesday "SORROWFUL JONES" with Hnl> H ( i|ir a nit l.vtillr Ball VS'arntr Ncw> * Carlonn Chnrcli School every Sunday 10 a.m. Church Worship Services; 2nd and fourth Sundays H a.m. first and third Sunday 7 p.m. PSCS first and third Sundays. PROMISED I,ANI> METHODIST CIIUUCH I.rKoy Henry, minister , Church School every Sunday 10 n.m. Chili'di Worship Services — tlrst niict third Sundays 11:00 a.m. Scc- onii ard fourth Sundays 6:30 p.m. M. V. P. metlngs second and fourth Sundays 5:3D p.m. WSCS second and fourth Thursdays. WEST ri.VTIIEVIM.E PAKISII METHODIST \V. H. Vonn(. l':is(or Wesley Memorial Chuieli Church School, 10:00 :i m Supt h'loytl Davis. Worship Service 11:00 a.m. Worship Service 7 p.m. 1IAI.1- MOON Ol'UltCll Church Hcliool 10:00 a.m Supt ICiui linker Worship Service 11:00 n.m. Worihip Service 7:00 pm continue series rjf Ics-.' mid-ui'nk classes TIJAII'I.E ISKALl. Dr. Alfrxl Vise, ral.hi Sunday riirhool 10:00 n.m. ti.n LtLl sroups. Sunday C p.m.. Dinner meeting of the Annie WMiibcrg Wuii'i-n'c Chiiplcr of B'nui B'rith wilh Miss Miriam WcU.s ol Memphis, president of the District Women's Graiul Lodge as s])cakef. CHKISflAN' SCll-NCi; SOCir.TV l.'ll W. Alain .St. Sunrhiy Schuul 0:30 a in. Sunday Service 11 a.m. Re:i<li]iy Kimm Weillle.sdav ^:301:1(0 ])ln- Wednesday R:ni) p.m. ••Cinil Tiic 1'ies.ener of Man" is the subject of the Lesson-Sermon which i .vi!l be tcnii in all Chmvhe: and Sureties of tlie Church ni Christ, Scientist on Sunday, Dr.c- ember 11. 1910. I'lliST CIIISIS 1'IA.V CHI'ltCII l.rsler I). Slruliluir, iniilislrr 8:3D a.m. Choir Practice. II:'55 Sunday School. !0:45 a.m. "We Have Seen His Star." 6:15 Chi Rlio Junior and Senior C V. p. Lunch. 0:31) chi Hlio Junior and Senior C.Y.F. I.e.s.s.Hl. 7:30 p.m. TAO films — "Christmas Rhapsody" and "The Nativity of Christ " (he service will be concluded with n uaptism^ .service Monday. ! p. m. — Women's Council annual Chri.slmaf; parly at. the church ultli Mrs. n. 1 J Ded- niun and Mis Albert Taylor liost- e.-scs to Ihc group. n:45 Jnnior Choir. 7:15 Intermediate Choir. 8:15 Orchestra. 7:30 ]). m. Boy Scouts. Tuesday 7 p.m. Worker.-, Confer- HlJItlXCTTJi CIJUHCfi Of «<)» It 1^. Shaw, pastor Sllndaj School, 9:45 a.m Mnrning Worship II a m Y.ainu Pcojile 7:0u p.m Evcnin-j Worship B'Of- D.m 1MMAM1EI UAI'TIS'l A. M. Uiiiislnii p:-'lnr Sul'dav Scnool 10 a.m M.irnlug Worship 11 am rraimnp Union 7 pm tCvcnlng Service. J:3(l p.m Wednesday night prayer service I p.m tlOS.VKI.I. KAP'I'IS'I Carl I aslletnan pastoi Sunday Sclioo! 10:00 a.m Mojinng Worship II 00 ajn rraluing Union 7-3(1 p.m Bvoning Worship 8:00 p.m I'liursdnN 7:30 p.m. Prayei Ser. i'Ice AK.MOUKI HAI'IIS'I ^ U Anlen pastor Sunday School in do a.m t'l'eachlng 11 (XI a.m I'r.imnij! Union 7:Mi pjn Evi'iniio Worship B.lX) pm Wednesday Prayer Meeting GOS.NVl.l .MKTHDOIS'I Let .\ii(fcr.s*in. nnrilslcr Chinch Scnool 10 n.m Worship Service 11 a in M Y F Clroups 6 p.m Evi'inn" Service 7 p.m .VI id-Week Service Thursday p m NK\V I.UilCli'I V UAl'llS'l Fix mitts Si.Illll Hli;liu; t) K] Itussfh DiiMcz liastiu duiiday S.itKKil 10-00 a.m Mormne Worship II IX. ^.m ITiiining t)nif)ri. 7 p.m Evening Worship Service 1:[ NINE BAPTIST Geno Slnillz, pastor Sunday School. 9:45 a.m Morning Worship, 11:00 ajn. Sunday, 2:16 pjn., Mission Arm Sunday School and church »t Var- bro School auditorium. Training Union, 7:00 p.m. Evening Worship, 8 pjn GATEWAY TAIlF.EiNACLE I. G. Hoiali,' paklor Church Service, 0:13 n.m. Evemng Worship, 1r30 pjn. "•".I-' MOON ASSIiMBI.V OF GOD Her. Martin Kc.'igan, pasliir Cluirclj Service Wednesday and Pritlay, 7:30 p.m Sunday Scliool. 10:00 a.rn Morning Worship. 11:00 am C. A Service. 7:00 p.m f.Venmj Worship, 8:00 p.m. Wednesday prayer service p.m 1:31 H'OOI)UINI> CORNER ISAl'T Sunilay Sclu^l IO:(IO a.m Worship Service. 11:00 ajn. B I U. 1:00 n.m Evening Worship 8:00 pjn Wednesday t'rayei Service <;iiiiiu:ii 01- James IVvnt-s. fiasK.r Sunday Scliool !MJ ajn Morning Worship. 11:00 a.m Evening Service/ 7:30 p.m. Y.P.E. Saturday 1:30 p.m Mill I .MAN IIAf'l IS'I David iMrl'eaKr |.UKli>r 10:1^ a.m Sijiicia.v SehcK.t 11: W urn Mor/nnc Service 8 p.m Evening Service 7:30 p.m B.T.O Keeling i'Yiday 1 p.m. choli practice am prayei mecnng ItOIJ.N'U I,..|KH ClllillCIl ()•• Cl.UIS'l 'I'lioina: l^ Coniicl. Allnislcr Sunday School 10 a.m \Vorstiip Service 11 a.m Wednesday NlRhl liitilc stud) 7:3(1 n.m VAKIIKO MI.SSIONAKY HM'lts'l liev. I'arUei Day inini&tt'r Snndav School 10 a.m I'rcaihiiiR Servile 11 a.m BTU fi:3n p.m l j iea)-hlnji 7 30 p.m Prayei Meeting Fridin nlchti Cl.i:AII I.ARl: HAl'IIS'l I I. I !•> nasltii Suridiiy SctJcKil j.45 a.m Worsulp Service 1 1 :0(j a.m t'i;. UIB Union 0:30 p.m Worship Service ' 30 p.m Midweek Service 7:30 p.m wco- Luxora Churches ASSKiMIII V O!- (.'Ill .1 C. DErkinsim pastor 10:0.0 n.m Sm.,lai Senool 11-00 am W'irslilp Service 8:00 o.m . A Mcrvlci 0»c«r [>. H»y«, Mlnlnter Dlblc study, 10 am Preaching, 11 a.m., 1:30 p.m. OD first and third Sundays. FlItST BAITIS1 A. B. Illll, pastor 10:00 a.m. Sunday School 11:00 am Worship Services. 8:00 p.m B. T. 0. 7:00 pm Worship Service. 1:00 pjn Wednesday Prayej Her- vice. .,r.\t»[.\ .• II. Ij. Hij'ilson. nastor Church School, 10 n,rr Morning Worship, 11 a.m. Methodist Yonili Fcllowshii groups,'6 p.m Evening Worship Service. 1 p.m Osceolo Churches I'lltS'l C1IK1SIIAN L. II. SUM Jr. pasloi Mornin: Worship 10:6* a.m Ks-cnlng Sep'tccs 7:01) ti.rr. Midweek Service 7:30 p.m PHIS'! I'lilJSIlVTKItlAN l-i. T. Lawrence, pastor Sunday School, 1:45 q in Morning Worship n n.m Young People 0:110 p.m Wednesday evening sen-ice flKS'i BAI'TIST Russell 3, Clubb, pufor Sunday SchooJ, »:46 a.m. Morning Worship 11:00 tm. B. T. Union, 6:30 p.m, Evening Btrplce 7:30 pm. Midweek Service, 1:30 pjn, C!IU!(CI] OP CIUtlST Morning Worship, 10:45 ». M Evening Service 7:SO pm Smday School, 8:45 am Blbte Study, Tuesday and ST. MATTHKWS KIT. (1. Francis .MfDeiiU rjaslor 1st, 3rd and 6th Sundays Mass, f> p OO a.m. FIHS'l l'1-.NTKCOE TAJ. Norman Kent, pastor Evening Service, 7:30 p.m. KIRS'l MKT:if>l)IS-J II, J. UoucJiman, pastor Sunday School. J:45 a.m Worship gFirvlce 1' a.m. Meihodiv Youth f-ellonship, 6:15 Worship service, 7 p.m. Wednesday— Youth Ohoii practice, o':ii pm. Senior Choir ,-30 prr, I',M.\'AIIV KI'ISfOI'Al, William J. I'lUlniRli, vicar Thud Sunday hi Advent. 0:45 a.m. Church School. 7:00 p.m. Evening Prayer and .Sermon. 7:30 pin ."ice CIKTKCI! Hm urtlfi\ Service Wednesday E'rnyor FREE PIANO LESSONS Used rinnos from C:ish or Ternig New Spinel 1'ianos frotn Ciish or 't'erin.s J'ivLT.vone who liu.vs a new 01 used \i\nnn I'roiii us liufnre Dceuiulivr 25th will receive n ct'rlil'icitlc K 1 ""! Tor 12 music lessons \>y i'liur I'avorile ])i;ino leather. Select your piano now and save A I Beard's Temple of Music PARAGOULD, ARKANSAS Arkansas Oldest and Largest Music Store Since 1903 Wednesday 7:00 Clioir. in- Senior I -ST STKPIIICX'K LTMSCOl'AI, | IVilliam .1. f'it/.hij;;h, vii'ar Third Siinriny in Advent. 1:30 a.m. Holy Communion. j [t::<0 a.m. Church Srhnol ' 11:00 a in. Mornmy Prayer and: Sermon. i The Most Appreciated VAKJ'.HO MF'MIODIST CUUIU'U Lnltoy Henry. Minislcr C l I r*l E r* HRIS C* S**** 1 p" 10 ^ /"* S G FTS ^^^^ ^^fj^^ • • B ^^M^' I-'ri.-Siit. 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