The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 11, 1952 · Page 18
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 18

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 11, 1952
Page 18
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1HUR8PAT, SEPT. H, »« OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with M.j.r INSTEAD Of- COMIM EASIER. MS/ YOOMG AMERICA 1 A 8£ CHAMP|M<3 AT -Tue SIT WITH EAGER AMSITlO^i.' .*-_ JUST KEEP YOUR THS SKISJDSTOSJ& AND AT /v\Y ASE KIND OF BRAlM/% CLUB? t'/W. SOIMA BE AW ATHLETE AMV WAY AMD WORK WAV THROUGH COLLEGE FIRST FOR YOU UMCLfr AMO SWWARD AND UPWARD, FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. ."/ Se// Ffo Stuff" Phone 2089 "Off ice & Bulk Plant—Promised Land When the work's all done...get >' COURIER their tittle minds—now we'll have more time to kMp«* the neighborhood gossip!" A female housefly can lay 1,000 or more eggs In her lifetime. NOTICE ^ Your best investment on today's market is a well- built, well-located home. Johnny Morr Realtor & Builder 112 So. 2nd Phone -ill] No other drink pick* you up life, Dr. Pepper I The .pecial sparkle of Dr. Pepper give. I you new ' r hfe" and energy P fa vSrk or I ; .fun, at home or away. 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Uncle Daniel took I is in. one after the other and I jroughl us up and supervised our J.-ducation. When we finished the I xmrse at the Academy, he gave i.-i^our choice of going on with our (/••cation or starting in business |/inccnt said he wanted to study •irt and I decided to go into busi- icss. Uncle Daniel sent him to >ans and got me well started in l ln °®ce. Vincent never came "I wonder why he's coming I vow." "• "He didn't say. He'll probably I ell us tonight. Give him a good I tinner anyway," I Louise thought about Vincent all I lay, thrilled at the idea of meeting li man who must certainly be so- ihisticatcd after so many years in "aris, She wondered about Vincent's J ppearance. Would he be hand- I ome? U'ould he wear a beret? J She dressed with care in her I icst party dress. She looked in ti>e I nirror anxiously to see the final 1 esult and laughed at herself tor 1 worrying. . "Anybody'd think you were a I Irl dressing for her first ball. i n I lead of being an old woman, mar| ied 17 years." She gave her head a saucy toss and added, "Wen, I must say, my dear, you don't look your age." She was busy In the kitchen when the doorbell rang at 6 o'clock. Eleanor went to the door and soon ran down to tell her that Vincent Weston was in the parlor. • • • J^OUISE threw off her apron and cost a hasty glance at herself in the mirror over the dining room mantel. She had felt all day that this visit was important—that it would open to her an avenue of escape. She was wide-eyed and expectant as she entered the parlor. She Immediately felt a shock of disappointment. Her cousin-in-law was not tall and handsome but decidedly sttibby. He was staring up at her mother's portrait and turned on her rather fiercely. 'They're all wrong, these shadows. The flesh lints are good- very good. The background—a little too flat. There's power here. H should never have been left unfinished." 'It was my first portrait. 1 was working on it just before my marriage. I never was able to do any more to it after that." "You must learn to draw," Vincent said hruskly. "And study your shadows." "I'm afraid I'll never do any more painting," Txmise said sorrowfully. Vincent grunted. "I suppose 'oustn Harry's just the same as tie used to be. No imagination. Why did you ever marry him? You didn't need to marry when you could paint like that" "Well, 1 suppose every woman wants to marry," said Louise, feeling the weakness of her argument. Vincent grunted again and' stared at her disconcertingly. She was relieved to hear Harry's key in the rioor and colled him in. At first Louise was afraid that I during the dinner Vincent would bring up the subject of art in general and of her painting in particular, but apparently h« knew his cousin in spile of many years' separation. He spoke ol Paris with s brittle humor that fascinated the young people and caused Louise no embarrassment whatever. Harry, coming home at 6 o'clock the next evening, was surprised and startled to find Eleanor presiding over the kitchen. "Mother? Oh, she went out with Uncle Vincent. We were so surprised when he appeared at about 2 o'clock." "And where did they go?" asked her father without enthusiasm. "Why, it seems that Uncle Vincent has a picture in some museum in New York—a galicry he called it. He was anxious to have Mother see it. She didn't want to go at first, but I told her I could start the dinner. 1 knew she was really dying to go." • * • r PHEY had nearly finished dinner when Louise came in with Vincent. Harry was not a bit happy. He had found a dinner alone with his children quite an ordeal. It was the first time that such a situation had arisen. The children had treated him like an honored guest, with the aloof courtesy they would reserve for strangers. He was feeling much abused when Louise entered, glowing and joyous. "Well, Eleanor, dear," she said ignoring her husband, "did you save anything for us? We're a little late, but I knew you'd get along all right." She turned to smile swcelly at Harry's unhappy face. "We had tea in such a wonderful place. I hope Vincent stays a long time. He's promised to show me all around New York." Eleanor hurried in with plates of hot soup, and Harry did not need to make any comment Louise knew that to please Harry she should have come in like a :ulprit, full of apologies. But she Nad had a new experience that had thrilled her, excited her—best of all, had restored her self- respect. Vincent had shown her delicately but unmistakably that t« found her desirable. (T* Be Continued) Television- Tonite, Tomorrow \VMCT, Memphis. Channel 4 THURSDAY NIGHT, SEPT II 6:00 Groucho Marx 6:30 Gene Autry 7:00 Dragnet 1:30 Mr. Peepers 8:00 Martin Kane 8:30 Arthur Godfrey 9:00 Racket Sriuad 9:30 Charlie Wild 10:00 Break the Bank 10:30 News 10:35 Film Feature 12:00 News 12:05 Sign Off FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 7:00 Today 7:25 News 7:30 Today 1:55 News 8:00 Prologue to Future 8:30 Breakfast Party 9:00 Mrs. U.S.A. 9:30 Strike It Rich 10:00 Storyland 10:15 Love of Life 10:30 Search for Tomorrow 10:45 Morning M--'"<,tion 11:00 Film Fenturette 11:30 Garry Moore 11:4S Guiding Light 12:00 News 12:15 Farm News 12:30 Homemakers Program 1:00 Big Payoff 1:30 Welcome Traveler 2:00 Kate Smith 3:00 Hawkins Falls 3:15 Gabby Hnyes 3:30 Howdy Doody 4:00 News 4:05 Berl Olssvanger 4:30 Space Cadets 4:45 Hartoons 5:00 Industry On Parade 5:15 News 5:25 Weather 5:30 Those Two 5:45 News Caravan 6:00 Curtain Call 6:30 We the People 7:00 Big Story 7-:30 Aldrich Family R-.nn Oaval^rle nf Sports 8:45 Bill Day 9:00 Film Fcaturette 9:15 Dr. Fixum 9:30 Playhouse of Stars 10:00 Lights Out 10:30 News 10:40 Ask Me Another 11:10 Weather 11:15 Film FeaturetU 11:30 News 11:40 Sign Off H-fl LTERS lUflLITY SHO€ SHOP i •* i w M a i N ST. FALL PLANTING SEED HAIRY VETCH, SEED WHEAT, BARLEY FES CUE AND CLOVERS NEW CROP SEED BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone 6856-6857 COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION SERVICE Otho Curtner Over 1Z ye»r> e.pfrience In the commercial "efrlfrrallon repair business assure! you ol expert service. Phone 2612 Fred Callihan Radio Service • By J. IL WMNwM J^" PAGE NINETEEN \ i.n.fif ky Reading and Using Courier News Classified Ads PIRM YOUIZe PodMINO WITH 6lLE$ VANE f WITHOUT BKOOP, BUT" CONT SET TIED UP WITH THOSE /MEN! SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE SUCH A FAILURE DIDN'T .COLLEGE... AND VOU WAVE - THINK YOU'VE i DONE MIGHTY WELL^ FOR A MAN WHOS UNEDUCATED AND 1 JJNTALENTEO! I'VE GOT (T/WHAT WAS THE- V r> 'MT. NAME OP THAT [TETeCTlVE / VTC " IP- NOU [TON'T KNOW HIM AMP I t7ON'T KtJQw HIM., WHY WOOLS' TME MAN- A&EfT OPOZRiM'S SUP -WAJW6T KNOW HIM? i TWiZE SOtS MUa^V. f LOOKS LIKE WG* C TRTAP 15 G01N6 TO , I KNOWTHE MR. / WHATCHA. MEAN „, FORCE BOra WILL I DO? TMEYVE DONE DO ALL THEY O\M \ IT/ LOOK TO SET THE MACC WORD TO OOOLA VOUCH \INH15ROOW? DID I DO ZI FOR THAT.VfOU 5EE HIM AFTER/CNrr TELL °m^K\J^9:^Ol^^&'^ H£ DID &M»*^tiimiiLs 0 OUT-. m?^3sim3MmaL •**, p^p wmimg^if^ ^i^S^-J^-v^KTf -^a^^Uf^s^^-"- ABSOLUTELY/ G'WA A.6K HIAA <=>OMETHIN'.

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