The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1949 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1949
Page 19
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: THURSDAY. DECEMBER s, 1949. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WHUoms OufBoordingi HousewifhMoj. Hoople BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THAT WAS A i^=-=~ BEAUTIFUL BIRDCALL AW WORD/ YcxJ SAY MV WORK HAS BEE DlMERTC-D TO ADVERTISING PURPOSES BAH.' THAT EPITOK S A BUM.' HE KNOWS KIDS GET A BkS KICK OUTA SSEIW THEIR NAME 14 TT-t' PAPER Akf HE J1S S6Z. THREE BOYS Fit-ID MURDER GUN WHILE ROOTING •4 TKASH PILE' WHY, I THINK HE'S WONDERFUL. NOT TO MENTION -OUR NAMES IK! CONWECTIOM WITH ROOTINO IW TRASH PILES.' WHAT A COMSIP- EEATC 6UV. WAIT.' M-M-M -«- \ BOYS' BUSINESS \ ENTERPRISE LEACS TO DEATH GUM IN HUNT FOR SALABLE MATERIAL... (OUR NAMES} Fk-JD MURDER WEAfCH" V6S. WE COULCA BEEl-J N THERE ReSPSCTASLY, ™ v HALL OF FAME IF YOUR VOUR STATUE GOiMS TO THE LOUVRE/— ^ IT GOT A?, FOR AS tHel <S&TS' A Mew Re CORD SELLING MOST STROLL Dow AWD VI6W IT'- WAS THeae A CROWD AROUND Wonted to Soy Virginia Teale Hlgtlefit prlct pftta 101 CH1OKKNS- KUUH rtsn street grocery & Mh ' for Sale, Cars and Trucks Late model Plymouth sedan, or will >'»He lor equity In small home. Ph. <""• 12'5 pic 12 Lost lost bllltolcl wllb J23. Driver's License and several nther linnorumt P«S>eis. Inez Hood. lit. 2 Box I REWARD. 12 6 p n 125 Notice LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free oJ charge in sterilized trucks.' Call collect, 6142, Blythfr ville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL ^- DISPOSAL CO. NOTICE users of Electrolux Cleaners FREE Inspection on your vacuum cleaner. Cull Guy Wright, i'hone 6133 Give her an Klcctrolux for Christmas. She'll love il. You will too. 12;7 ok 12.9 Edinburgh Ix Hie center ol th( British printing industry. COVER THE EARTH Complete Paint Service On the Finest Line Available Sherwin Williams BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. \V. H. "Kill" i'easc J. Wilson Henry Highway 61 South cnmro J.,,vt hnfftrri Clilrf IVter* A iid din unxtMnii t, (hurl I*- It did r . Miirtln Fnlirr. » Mack iniiitcr pi, «!)>>; n » an nr(U1, nnil .Veil O'Xelll, vihu <-Jtiiii«-iI to • itvn the oiiiMrn. nrt Ihc vli-tlin*. Police ijlJCMioii Tom O'Nrill «m I li c tl f n i h of h IK ,v I l> n n ,1 To i* tcllji iirtlli-e 10 la lit- ihe rnniro li.irk in Scruh.tiir^ Smldi, vvhn im» JIIM lu'i-n roventcd :is NVll's Tilecf. Itcriil)- HOP* in the ho in*- of H:iKnr Illnlr. ivhn VIA* missing when .Veil'- mnrdrr nvi-ii rrt-d, unrt Aniin her nun HI hitni* witk *>iFiihnnIe. * • • XXCI ITAGAR, clad in her usual sweater and slacks, was propped against pillows on the chaise longue, a furry-looking cover across her feet, nn icebaK on top of her head secured by a red ribbon. "Not often I get bashed on the head with a pottery jug." Hagar slapjied the couch indignantly. '•'Right ]n my own shop. Hardly got my britches in (he door when I was felled like an ox." "What time was this. Miss Blair?" Charles Heddy asked. "Oh, call me 'Hagar.' I've jitst come to realize that life can be very short! What time? About 7 o'clock, I think. I'd just got b"ack from Dana Point. I was out cold afterward tor a couple of hours." "She phoned me around 10," Stephanie put in. "Riijht atter everybody left here. I went right down in a cab and brought her home." , "This thing's turning into a .nightmare, Reddy," she told him between puffs. "Murder right in my own backyard. Literally. Who did it; d'you think?! 1 - . >• Rcddy slared down at his chromium lighter: "I may as well tell you the truth. Miss Blair: There are some who think you might •have." She snatched the iccbag from her head: "I? Think I might have? Are you crazy? I can prove I didn't, I can prove 1 wasn't anywhere around!" "Cnn you?" Reddy's face looked hopeful. "How?" at Dana Point yesterday a/(ernoon—at Doheny Park, to I>c exact. Drove down there to meet somebody." "Who?" * * • j:|AGAR impatiently kicked off the fur coverlet, swung around and planted her feet on the floor; "Well, like Stephanie's already told you, I went over to see Nell yesterday about the carneo. Nell got nasty and we took to yelling at each other. Just about when we'd got Eo hair pulling, this phone call came for me." "Who'd know you were at the O'Neills?" "Oh, lots of people might have. My car was out in front." "Go on, please.'* "Well, this voice on the phone, a man's voice, told me that if I'd meet him at the barbecue pits in Doheny Park, he'd tell me something important about the cameo and about Martin Falter's murder. 1 was to meet hitn at 4 o'clock. It takes about an hour and a half to drive up there, so 1 left Nell's right away. About 2:30 that was." "Tom O'Neill says you were with Nell in the morning when he left the house." "That's right. I was. But we didn't get anything settled, and 1 went out, mad as hops, and walked up and down the beach until 1 cooled oft". Then I had a cup of cortee at Mike's and went back." "Then you got that phone call and drove down to Doheny Park, but the fellow didn't show up?" "He did- not. 1 waited until 6 o'clock." "Did you see anybody at all down there?" "N'o. Places like that arc pretty well deserted this time of year, you know." Reddy rubbed hjs nose reflectively: "ft adds up 1 0 this, Miss Blair, Mrs. O'Neill was killed in your studio, possibly with one of your sculpting tools, and you can'l prove your whereabouts at the in^c of the rmirder. Yon cnn't oven irovc you received thai phone •nil." "Why, I can, too!" Hagnr's face reddened indignantly, "Nell was "iglH there when I—" her voice faltered and stopped. * « • JJEDDY looked glumly down at his shoes, then sighed and eot up from his chair: "Just a few more tit!ic!< questions. Miss Blair: Did Nell ask you to come over and discuss the cameo?" "Yes, she did. Phoned me about it." "Do you rcmemher where the O'Neill phone is situated?" "Of course I do, o;it in their front hall." "And do you rememher whether you took your purfie with you when you went out to answer the phone?" Hagar screwed up her face, concentrating: "Let's see ... No! No 1 didn't. That's it! While 1 was' out of the room, Nell stole my studio key from my bag! That's how she got into the sttidiol" "Maybe you're right." Reddy rtii;; into his coa-t pocket and brought out the silver box: "Here's a little trinket that may brighten things up a little. Trim O'Neill ordered thai il be turned over to Stephanie." Stephanie stared at him iti disbelief while she stretched out both hands for the box. He grinned at her. '.'We may borrow it later on for use as evidence, but, for now, it's yours." He turned to leave, Stephanie handed the box to Hagar and walked with him from the room. Alone, Hagar stared thoughtfully at the box. Almost gingerly, then, she pressed the lock and the Jid flipped open. She picked up the cameo and the unlocked pin snasgcd on the velvet cushion, pulling it up from the botiom of the box. As she tried to straighten the pad ( Hagar made mental note to glue il down firmly once and for alL The cushion was now wedged in a slanting position, she worked at it with a hairpin and pried it out. There were Ihosc numbers again, engraved clearly in the bottom of the box! (To Be Continued) Private Rooms Bedroom lor rent. Ph. 2818. 12:7 pk IJ7 ^lce comlortable ljt!ilroom. 1007 Main. Oenclemen. Pljonc 5767. 12,6 pk 12;! 1 ! Bedroom." Oas heat. Ph^ 287S^ 12,3 p>: IJ3 Comfortable bedroom convenient to town. Men only. 310 W. VS'nlnut 12.2 nk 1|2 Hedronm. Close In. Plionc 2101 12 ; 2 pk 12.9 Kront bedroom, prlrale entracne. Llose In. 623 w. Main. 122 ric 12 ; 9 "2 bedrooms. Men only. Mrs E r ilomeyiir. pli 2666 l|.26 pit I2|1U mmu « p t, STIPUIO service li«-ck ct Seeking Information as to where- .boivts or my sister. Ednn Jones. «MI- Ilitcr 01 Charles yr. Jones 28 Last lenrd ol In 1923, Mrs, George M Fox 015 Oat Knoll. Fontlac. .Michigan. 12.H none 521 quick loan on my cart". -Master PI umber- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc All Work (Juarantectl Kor 12 Months 531 North 10lh I'hone fi(l()] GQ UJ O Z) ^ TUDEBAKER We Invite Your Inspection Of These Fine Cars 1918 Sludelniker Commander 5-I'assenfjcr Regal ficluxc—completely equipped with overdrive, radio, healc!-, while wall (ires and other accessories. 13-IB Plymouth 2-door Special DcUixc _ nice green finish, has radio and heater. This car is in excellent coiuliMon and is very economically priced. J335 f'ord 2-<loor—You Musi sec (his one. ]{<„!>• is ncrfcd, liRhf as a new one. .niolor is in A-'l shape, good heafcr. Only Iwo people have owned il. See f Aese and many more — Also some good Used Trucks. ' ^~ Chamblin Sales Co. Railroad and Ash ' Phone 888 S T U D E B A K E R PAGB NINETEEN FRECKLES AND HIS KUIBNDS BY MERRILL BLOSSBB tes^S-,. v 5S MIS ]RK«' us Tb pBACixe AT . YOUR. HOUSE? WWTS HE oor THAT OIHEE PARENTS HAVEN'T? You WANT \ JUST AS LS to TRY Asvfui. AS TO B£ AWF-U-, / YOU kWOW POP? XrOWlbBE MUSIC! BUT KIN DA. SOFT/ corn. m» UY »t> ttcviet. inc. 7. M. p <a u. » rn. ct, My new steady just finished with football and ho's center on the basketball team—I won't see much of him till after the baseball season next spring!" PUTSCH,l.A'S i'OP HY ALVERMEKR LOOK HERE, HAZEL I'VE PICKED OUT THE OLJTBOARD MOTOR WE'LL BUY WHEN I GET MY BONUS! DO >DU REALLY THINK THAT'S WISE, DEAR? VOU COULDN'T USE IT UNTIL SUMMER. . HE TROUBLE WITH CHRISTMAS., (T NEVER COMES IN JULY! \ Rate and a Marketeer TUE^ l!YjmCIiAIJLO'MALLEY and RALPH LANB 'DON'T SAYA^/ THEY'RE LINING _~ WORD.PLMSE. \[ UP TOR THE THIRD/WHY THIS IS THE MOST j\ RACE HERE AT IMPORTANT J^ SOUTHERN NOBODY5 HERE//IT'S KID SUCK. LET ME IN R "" ftONG// NICK.OR I'LL HAVE WE ifc? ££!; / / MWOH W" BffOCE THE 1M BUSY/ ( GEE-GEES COME INTO THE HOME STRETCH.' CAITAIN KAS BY LESLIE TURNER I CRM'T HELP FEELIM' SAD, EASV. WtlEM J THIMK HOW CLOS E ^W LITTLE FAWLY Ch«E TO EIH' LEFT WITHOUT A HEW Of 1H'HOUSE?! If WASW'T sou wj ^ WOULDN'T BE H6M5IM' >' HOME WITH MB. JUMJEZ' IJP.ME ON TH'DOTTED LIME FOR WK. CAROL.HOUGY..,YOU'RE MOT 3UST DR6WAIU'«.ITS REALLV ME! HUG'S BUNNY Carry Your Own Space EHHH/ WHAT'S l'M WRITING UP, POCTy^y YOU A TICKET/ YOU SHOULD KNOW \' BETTER THAN TO PARK) BY A FIREPLUG/ IX N IF YA USE A BUGS)' FIRE PU1G6Y/ A Sti!in)je Noise HY V. T. IJAML1N UGHT WITHOUT DiNNX H\VEN'T A CHANCE ASAINST ri~TY MEN'S DETE AD\A,N^E...THEY \\A JEWELS AND CWL HlfiHTAlL TELL.IN' THEYVE GOT us JH UY EDGAR MARTIN Phone 3075

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