The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1949 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1949
Page 17
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1949 Pork Abundance Gives New Dish Oranges and Raisins Offer Tasty, Colorful Use in Combination A planer of golden brown pork .an" e " UUBh to " lalie a»v°"e glad UK-re's plenty of pork aimmd Hi* season. The abundance of pork ".","7 m .f k « '»™>« that you and >om fannly „„ t ,,,j , rk often in ,ts many different (onus. Wnen cooking pork, remember that norougn cooking at a low lempern- >i[>e is important in order to get tile <f» 1! benefit of its Jine flavor. Here's "". '"tcresUiij ixirk chop recipe which practice.? ivlial we preach, i »c chops are cooked slowly In a i>r:?l!t orange and raHIn faiice. "Tinsc ami Raisin Pork Cllons •I I'oifc chops 1 to 2 oningp.; 2 tabliMjiouns sugar J lab.'a-ipcon conislarch 1-8 leajpooii allspice 1 1-4 cups hoi svFitcr 2 taWL'sjwons Ifmmt juice M cup orange juice '-•1 cup raisins flour chops, brown, and .sprinkle ™li .-.alt. Remove manse rind with sharp knife, cut out sections leaving membrane tree ami lay two on each chop. Make sauce as follows: Mix together sugar, cornstarch and allspice. Gradually stir in hot water and cook until thick. Add lemon juice, orange Juice and raisins. Pom- sauce over chops and cook over low Jieat for an hour. Serve lopped with sauce. Serves 4. Fresh pork shoulder, stuffed and roasted to Juicy tac^raess, will be easy on your purse strings as well as your palate. f\n- this dish, your meatman should be given notice the previous day that you want a shoulder roast boned. Have him remove Hie bone from a five pound pork shoulder and make n pocket for the stuffing. A roast of this size will make about ten servings. Defore out.with salt and pepper and rub .siuttlng, season the meat inside and a cut garlic clove over the outside, riien fill the pocket with a tempting dressing which should be lightly piled and not packed into the cavity Alter the shoulder lias been filled with as much dressing as it will hold, sew or skewer the opening lo- Bctlicr and roast in a moderate ovm '325 p.) in an open roasting pan. Ahoiv 35 lo 40 minutes per pound. All Western Hemisphere nations are expected to lake a census n 1050. Afsnnistan's karakul or Persian lambskins form the bulk ol her i foreign exports. < Special Cookies Give New Spirit To Holiday Food Picture pretty and so tempting it Imos ' (ARK.) COURIER a I or- until ready lo serve. This simple recipe is all you need for these two deluxe cookie treats. Ruse: . —- .—,, ...,„ »„ . C1111 ,. 1I1B lt i ;, cl 'l' '»'"«• °>- margarine is Impossible to resist them—that's ,'' cup co "fee"oners' sugar our special Christmas cookie re- £ "*»)**»« vnnilla c:pe for you. These Heavenly Bars ' cll|)s s " led e " lic '«d flour are aptly named and right In the I " (cils fx>on suit ' spirit of a delightful treat for tlie (l e "l 1 1«lck rolled oats, unwokrd holitiays. | Topping: Heavenly Bar* are a rich short- i i si *-°" n « package chocolate chip.s bread type ol cookie and very easy I '* C1lp ch °l>P ed milmcats to make. Rolled Oats gives texture j „ Cream butler; add sugar grarl- and a nutty flavor while the com- I " ally and cle! " n ll " lil fl »' f 5'- And liii\i I i^.. „( _ _ . .. _ V!) Ilil In . s exure ami a nutty flavor while the com- bmalloii of confectioners' .<ai«ar and bnlier with the other Ingredk-nls makes them literally melt in your mouth. A topping of semi-sweet chocolate and nutmeals completes the Heavenly Bars. A dipped cookie variation of Oils bakin»'pa ecipe makes them pi-en m-oiiinr - " recipe makes them i-cen prellier for parties and sneeial occasions. Form the rtbush into small con<-.s. balls or lo c s, working ciuii-kly for rcpiiJts n:ike the cookies as before and Ilien prepare this simple Clioc-olnte Dip. Melt tivo six-ounce packages of eliorolale chips In Hie top ol a double holler. Add 1-4 cup milk and brat with a rotary egg beater mmi combined. Using a pair of tones or (wo forks dip the cooled cookies into the felted chocolate. Roll ihem tn "'""peel iHilme:it.s or shredded i-n- t if df-ircrt and place on n wire lo drain, store in the renigor- vanllla. 1 Sift together flour and sail; add to creamed mixime, rnixmn itloroilRhly. 3. stir in rolled oats, mixing until blended. (Moiigh will be quite stiff > 4. Spread In a greased Ixll inch 5. Bake in a slow oven <325 de- Sices P.) 25 10 30 minutes. 6. Sprinkle i six-ounce package of chocolate chips on top; return to oven until chocolale Is melted about 3 minutes. 7. Spread chocolate evenly; sprinkle with•nutnient.s. cliill and cut into bars. Make.? 24 bars. The blowing of MB horns lakes the place of church bell"; in Kyoto. Jajinn. One nut of rvpty ,')5 Slvlss wurl; s is in the watch making Indus- UTTRELL'S * FINE FOODS Corner of Sixth & Chkkasawba - We Deliver - Phone 2011 DoJe's Sliced PINEAPPLE No. 1 Con 1 ' ^^^^^^""••••^^MMIM^B Fine quality, Scott's Toilet TISSUE 25 tb. bag fresh CORN MEAL Large, crisp, fresh LETTUCE - Fresh firm SWEET POTATOES i>o. i red POTATOES - - - 10lbs.45c Bush's Whole GREEN BEANS - No. 2 can 20c 3lor33c RK CHOP'S -^—^^^^^M^^^BM Fresh shipment, Ib. can 75c, Old Judge WEE - - 1lb.bag69c Stokely's, No. 303 can APPLE SAUCE - - 2 lor 25c Delicious Frozen ORANGE JUICE - - - - 25c Baker's shredded COCOANUT - - - pkg. 16c Aluminum FOIL WRAP - - pkg.27c Pure, fresh FiRM LARD - - 4 Ib. cfn. 59c Finesf for your dog. Ideal DOG FOOD - - - 3 for 27c Campbell's, 46 oz. can TOMATO JUICE - - - 28c "-/ -^ "T1WI1V/ I^IUIIU SLICED BACON Ib Fine quality, "A" grade Round Steak ib 69c "A" grade, tender Beef Roast - - it. 49c Boston Butt Pork Roast-ib.35c »i *• . ^^ Wisconsin Hoop Cheese ib. 49c Pure Country Sfyfe 4fe 4fe PO^RK SAUSAGE 22 '2C PAGE SEVENTEEN Plenty of Savings in these Mountains of Values. Cornel Take Your Pick ^^: PORK & BEANS 4 Citniplifll's HERSHEY'S 4 ('liocolalc S.vnip ('mis I -II). CllllK Cherries CRACKERS 2 !;'"• 4 pl^rf .SS^™^* ^3i54r TOILET TISSUE 8 «„„.«' UREEN BEANS ...4 N oI49 c APPLESAUCE ...4 N c;,,:;49 c J5ARDIHES 6^49 C -~ AnuM-k-aii in Oil Svlionl Diiy No. 4 Sieve fo. 2'/ Cans HOMINY 6 *S49 C Count rv Club BREAD DOS FOOD 10 li, 49" HAKIMS 3,!f'' r 4q : Tup Kick Siiniiiaid StfillL-ss " ' S ' j PORK & BEANS 5 ^r 49 C LIMA BtA^IS 3 N( ;^ 49 r r ;?{ i\ n>«cr Sl'll (Kll I l-i \' f ?i-.., I Vi ri. : , SYRUP Urn- IvabliH FRUKE PLUMS 5 ^- 49 C PARKAY 2^ 49< It' i-i. Tf 11 • V^Lllh* * V Kraft iMiMKJirine 2 49 C KIDNEY BEANS 6 N f °° •liian of Art PCM LOIN BOflST „'„:-,., 39 1 IFTTIffF !l-l",-l, J,,,, n Bi,il_J.b. .| 5c LLJlUtL Head FIVERS 5'9 t: T °P Q ua| ity Crisp Iceberg. ";;:r^ li;i '"7 i • CRANBERRIES? 7 kJH-jbiyJ Kroner P^c »^Al \\J L.l\ l\ I L J L n,« ,„ ,',„ ,,,,d,-i,;; i v|, i,,,;,-,,!,- 1 '- M f '" k C ''"" "^ Vil« m in.Ri £ h. mtm BACON .. ,„ 40- PECANS %£* i'/t. 35* 1 .tin el linnul r,... _ - l* FUKELARD I nni \\ hile LiUul AT r -"- £d " DflTATnK'ln Ih - Buik w* SP^RERiR<5 -«c |UIAIU " IU^B O , J9^ r". 11 .! 1 . 1 -." 1115 <-". ^ U.S. No. 7 Washed Rods. Selected Waslicd 50-lb. Mesh Bag .1.79 ci.ii Selccred Large Papcrshell. 5 lh. Mesh e«3 U ' S ' N °'' 1 CrispRci] - l.ciin anil M CORN MEAL Honeysuckle 2j -Ib. Bag 99 KROGER FLOUR The Bag's a Ready-Made Apron 25-Lb. Bag 1.95 HURRY! HURRY! Redeem Cook- Ware Cards NOW! Offer Ends December 31 CHEESE FOOD Windsor Club BEANS Great Northern Dry <|jf)

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