Calgary Herald from Calgary, Alberta, Canada on November 6, 1996 · 27
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Calgary Herald from Calgary, Alberta, Canada · 27

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1996
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CALGARY HERALD Wednesday, November 6, 1996 C5 IICIHH and the The Nanny's Fran Drescher spins her own tale for the big screen ENTERTAINMENT j -iMi -: . . J?" -1 III . : - FRAN DRESCHER: I I At the Oscars I 1 II imOTiiiIiMIii i iiiMiliiiiwwiitiiiii lili I illili I lllli II iiiiiii 1 1 1 1 1 iiiiiii I II iiii II 1 1 1 Ia "" 'W'feVt.jfmTi-tfr a3 ran Drescher spent the summer working on her own personal version of the Beauty And The Beast legend. Only this film will be called The Beautician And The Beast and it will have a definite contemporary spin to to it. "Timothy Dalton plays the Beast, and he's wonderful!" she exclaims. "He looks really rugged. They roughed him up and gave him lots of facial hair so it's really funny." i But Dalton in his first big , role since giv- Jamie Portman Southam Newspapers ing up his James Bond connection won't be portraying your nor mal garden variety Beast in this ' Paramount film scheduled for re-lease next year. Instead, his char-" ' acter is the uncouth leader of a newly democratized Eastern European country, a leader with some rather beastly habits. Still, he's concerned for his children's future so he hires an American teacher capable of "Westernizing" them. Drescher plays the teacher, but her character's classroom credentials are more than a bit bogus. "I'm actually someone who teaches beauty culture but I get confused for a real teacher and end up being hired to teach these children. When someone like me arrives on the scene it blows everybody's mind and makes everything topsy-turvy." As is the case with her hit TV show, The Nanny, Drescher is also acting as her own producer for The Beautician And The Beast. It's a job she savors probably, she says, because she's a perfectionist at heart and likes being in control. With both film and series, she imposed her own rigid standards: "I won't do my lines unless they're written properly for me, and we keep rewriting all the way up to actual shooting." Drescher considers herself luckier than most actors in not being afraid to let her own emotions hang out on screen. "I don't think I'm as blocked a human being as some other people are. I don't carry quite as much psychological baggage. My emotions run more freely through my system and I'm able to find them more easily." It seems that Eric Stoltz is a practical joker on movie sets. That's the word from Jeff Daniels who co-starred with Stoltz in the current Two Days In The Valley. Daniels tells the story about one crucial dramatic scene in which he was supposed to be drinking a cup of coffee. He had to leave the set for just a couple minutes and during his absence Stoltz loaded the waiting java with several spoons full of salt. The cameras were rolling by the time Daniels discovered what Stoltz had done. "I didn't want to ruin the scene. So I did it AND I drank .the coffee!" Still, when he looks back on Two Days In The Valley, Daniels feels a lot more posi- w turns I ' t'f'l I -. I 'm tive about his mischievous co-star than he does about the finished film. "I had a good time with Eric," he says. He's less charitable towards the people behind the camera. He's so unhappy with what's out there on movie screens that he refuses to talk about it. "They've done things with their movie that I just can't agree with and don't want to discuss. I can either go into a tirade or wish them luck ... so I guess I'll wish them luck." Film-maker Ivan Reitman on the zany challenge of directing both Robin Williams and Billy Crystal in Father's Day: "It was like driving two Ferraris at once. They blew more takes on this movie than anything they've ever done because they would make each other laugh at the most inopportune moments. They couldn't help themselves." Paramount has set Nov. 26 as the date for the home video release of six sets of episodes from its classic Mission Impossible television series, which originally ran from 1966 to 1973. Fans of the recent Tom Cruise feature film will have the chance to compare its high-gloss adventures with the real thing. Each video will contain two episodes featuring such original Mission stalwarts as Martin Landau, Peter Graves and the late Greg Morris. Among the featured stars are George Takai (Star Trek), Pernell Roberts (Bonanza) and Ed Asner (The Mary Tyler Moore Show). Each video will retail at $9.95 in the United States and Canada. JEFF DANIELS: Two Days In The Valley C B 6:00 6:30 I 7:00 I 7:30 I 8:00 1 8:30 I 9:00 9:30 I 10:00 I 10:30 I 11:00 I 11:30 Q CB News (CC) 72729 Seinfeld Home tmp. Elian 6167 Townies Beverly Hills, 90210 (CC) DrewCarey Men ... CTV News News ;: ;; Q News NBC News News Mad About Jeopardy! Wheel Wings 3rd Rock NewsRadio Men ... Law & Order (CC) Q G0 News 60038 Health The Road Pita & Friends (CC) Callage's : 22 Minutes : NationalCBC News (CC) News Kids in Hall Q (T) News 525 Tonight Grace ... Mad About Traders (CC) 2051 The Nanny Pearl NewsRadio Morals News 6761 Sports 0 News ABC News News Roseanne Home Imp. M'A'b'H Ellen Home Imp. Grace ... Drew Carey PrimeTime tive (CC) O The CFCN Evening News Discovery Plugged In Gov't Hollinsky: Consequences Swap Shop 9690728 Full Frontal Plugged In Events CO Alberta soir Videoclip Virginie Couche-tdt Teleiournal PotntMeteo Ciei variable (CC) MOVIE Les o'seaix se ... Alberta soir Fa chanter O News CBS News News EXTRA Seinfeld Simpsons The Nanny Pearl MOVIE Sleepless in Seattle ('93) 221326 0 fj3) L&iJNews Help Hot! Future - Vintage Horizon 24167 Grow Old in a New Age Abnormal Psychology ; L& J News" Help Hot! CD PBS Sandiego? Business NewsHourJim Lehrer MikeNeun M.Russell Jack Lemmon (CC) MOVIE Buddy Buddy 8636457 M. Russell 03 NW The Lead FaceOff Pamela Wallln Live (CC) the fifth estate (CC) National Sports National ; FaceOff Sports Business C3 RDTV Cheers M'A'S'H ET LifeRoger Rita & Friends (CC) Gullage's 22 Minutes NationalCBC News (CC) Baywatch 23475 .03 VISN Highway to Heaven (CC) Little House on Prairie Skylight Baha'i i Next of Kin Dinner Sing Again' Angel of Death Row Highway ;; 3 YTV Beasties Alex Mack Laboratory A-Mess Anti-Gravity The Dark? Beast ies Top 10 Mad! Tarzan Hometown Super Dave SB MUCH Partridge "f DaMix 459964 VideoFlow 199070 MegaHits Spotlight ;; Partridge ;; DaMix 616457 ., RapCity -SJWTN Strides M.T.Moore Moonlighting (CC) 59457 I Flare TV Metro Cafe Dbl.Duty JaneTaber Rhoda Girls Top Moonlighting (CC) 31235 6S TLC SeaTek S; Ulfscience Schwarzkopf inVietnam . Body Atlas Body Atlas SeaTek Ult'science Schwarzkopf in Vietnam Body Atlas Body Atlas EBTSN Bowling (Live) Bowling mPets SportsDesk (CC) 966631 Gladiators (R) (CC) Fame Golf 63 A&E Biography American Justice ; 20th Century 941709 Law j Order 954273 ;!-f BlographyiS;fi:jife; American Justice 1;;;;: v S3 NASH Soulmates 580728 PrimeTime Country C'try News Club Dance Dallas (Conclusion) Dukes of Hazzard PrimeTime Country BP CNN PrlmeNews Politics f :: Urry King Live (CC) The Weld Today Sports Moneyline Newsnighi Showbiz Politics jSports Late EB SHOW Heartbreak High 574186 Adderly (CC) 750419 Diamonds (CC) 769167 Hitchcock Hitchhiker The Sculptress 742490 MOVIE Unsuitable Job ... - gB LIFE Body Break Outdoor Collector Interiors Live on Life -S ;: g;; ; ; Body Break Outdoor " Collector interiors '- Live on Life i-'i:;;' : ; B3 FOX StepStep Mr. Cooper Cheers Cheers Cops ET Beverly Hills, 90210 (CC) Party of Five (CC) Married Married 63 DISC Animals Nature Wings 396235 Discover Magazine (CC) ; Animate ; Nature ; Wings901341 ;; ;; 63 BRAV MOVIE Richard III (1955, Historical drama) 20255099 Flow Python The Prisoner 249273 MOVIE Darlings of Gods D.Potter 60 CNBC Perspective '96; Election Rivera Live 1286254 i; Charles Grodln 1295902 America After Hours Rivera Live 1285525 ; : Charles Grodin 5266490 63 SC (5:00) MOVIE Free Willy 2 MOVIE Red Hot (1 993. Comedy-drama) 5468506 MOVIE The Courtyard (1 995. Mystery) 9244341 MOVIE Adventures of ... QDMMAX (5:45) MOVIE Goldenrod 49998032 MOVIE Stand By Me ('86) 921506 MOVIE Young Guns (1988. Western) 777186 ;?; MOVIE Renegades ; ; SB WTBS NBA Basketball: Chicago Bulls at Miami Heat. (Live) (CC) 1(8:35) MOVIE Sharky's Machine (1981, Crime drama) 8434148 (11:05) MOVIE Geronimo CB WSBK (5:00) NHL Hockey: Boston at Hartford. (Live) a ; iNews ;j ; ; Martin ;j;;-f Mad About Rest TV Patrol ;;; ;;.;: Honeymn. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. CB FAM Story Quas:modo Van Dyke Space Case" Ocean Girl Spellbinder MOVIE The Prince and the Pauper ('37) 920322 MOVIE Treasure Island 7:30 p.m. On the Road Again visits Alberta to profile a woman who does horse-riding tricks (Ch. 6-9). 8 p.m. KSPS airs Mike Neun: He Only Looks Normal, a comedy concert taped in Spokane (Ch. 14). Neun, appearing this Friday at the University of Calgary, delivers witty observations and songs such as Caffeine Queen, an ode to Seattle women. 8:30 p.m. Now that the U.S. election is over, PBS's favorite singing satirist gets in some last words on the Mark Russell Comedy Special (Ch. 14, repeated at 11:35 p.m.). 9:30 p.m. On 3rd Rock from the Sun, Hollywood's depiction of aliens upsets the Solomons, so they attend a science-fiction convention (Ch. 5). 10 p.m. Showcase begins The Sculptress, a four-part psychological thriller that achieved high ratings in Britain, starring Pauline Quirke as a mad murderer (Ch. 32). BobBlakey TV UPDATES 10:00 a.m. Maury Povlch speaks with rich bachelors, Ch. 8. 4:00 p.m. Oprah Winfrey talks with people who think they're ugly, Ch. 3. 4:30 p.m. Rosie O'Donnell chats with Burt Reynolds, Conan O'Brien, Queen Latifah, and Ashford and Simpson with Maya Angelou, Ch. 5. 6:00 p.m. NBA Bas ketball, Chicago Bulls at Miami Heat., Ch. 43. hew niMtyMiKE LEIGH SECRETS &LIES (Mature) PLAZA Nightly 7:00 & 9:45 '". . I ANTHONY HOi'KlNS Nightly al SURVMNGPICASSO 7TJ.30 A FILM BY BRUCE McDONALD HARD CORE LOGO Tonight at 7: 1 only Mature: Coarse language Throughoi REIMER THE LIVING f EA i THE LIVING SEA DOl'BLE FEATt'RE: TickeB at Theatre Box Daih Noon. pm THE LIVING SEA Office or ftipm. plus Sai, 5pm and CHARGE-BY-PHONE MYSTERY OF THE HtYA WTHEHa aTMo Daily7pm&9:bpin SnaUpm I MAX' For information: 974-IMAX. CALGARY immii! in DATE: WEDNESDAY NOV. 6 TIME: 7-nriPM PLACE: JUBILEE AUDITORIUM 1415-14TH AVE. N.W. CALGARY TICKETS: atthedoor $18.00, $15.00 & $!2.00 aa044 CHBCICE DELUXE Tit Have you had your break today? 1996 McDonald's Rwtauraffls ot Canafla 25 E33 Reason's To Experience Billy's 171 Supper Menu l't! Lunch Menu jtl Chef James Dues PJ3JI Bigger Plates lA'tl Specials to save you $$ pi m Sunday brunch items L13H that are sensational JJgJl Wine List Tasty Desserts EHB Drinks LiiijiiJI Prime rib, excel-CELlii1 er,t as always and All the Old Reasons too! Try to leave brTyinl room for (n M m dessert we Q Jl dare you! BRENTWOOD VILLAGE NW 282-6614 gWW"' Mm I t If PuKCHAst Movie Tickits u to 7 Days in Advance J Cau miAnts ton DetailsI SHOWTIMES FOR FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 01 THROUGH THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 07 COME JON US AT CINESCAPE OUfl NEW RESTAURANT BAR AND MULTI-MtDiA ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE MOVIE TICKETS MAY BE PURCHASED FROM YOUR SERVER. FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 265-451 1 FLY AWAY HOME (PG) Fri-Thur at 2:00 & 4:20 BOUND (RA) Fri-Thur at 2:1 5, 4:30, 7:20 & 9:40 HIGH SCHOOL HIGH (M) Fri-Thur at 7:10 & 9:15 SatSun Matinee at 1:45 FLY AWAY HOME (PG) Fri-Thur at 7:00 SatSun Matinee at 2:00 TO GILLIAN ON HER 37TH ... (M) Fri-Thur at 7:25 & 9:20 BAD MOON (M - Violent Scenes) Fri-Thur at 7:20 & 9:30 SatSun Matinee at 2:15 HIGH SCHOOL HIGH (M) Fri-Thur at 2:30, 4:35, 7:10 & 9:45 Please Note: Thurs. Nov. 7 No 2:30 or 4:35 Show THE CHAMBER (M - Violent Scenes) Fri-Thur at 9:40 ROMEO & JULIET (PG - Not Suitable for Young Children) DTS DIGITAL STEREO Fri-Thur at 1:30, 4:00, 7:00 & 9:30 LOW PRICING WOLICY: adJltS se.oo S3.QO CI HIGH SCHOOL HIGH (M) Fri-Thur at 7:1 5 & 9:45 SatSun Matinee at 2:15 TO GILLIAN ON HER 37TH ... (M) Fri-Thur at 7:10 SatSun Matinee at 2:10 LONG KISS GOODNIGHT (M - Brutal violence. Coarse Language) Fri-Thur at 1:45, 4:10, 6:50 & 9:15 Please note Thurs. Nov. 7th No 6:50 performance ROMEO & JULIET (PG - Not R9ME JULIETG rJte Suitable for Young Children) DTS Sul,able or ""9 Children) DTS DIGITAL STEREO Fri-Thur at 7:00 DIGITAL STEREO Fri-Thur at 6:50 & 9:30 SatSun Matinee at 1:30 & 9:25 SatSun Matinee at 1 :45 GHOST & THE DARKNESS (PG -Violent Scenes) Fri-Thur at 6:45 & 9:15 SatSun Matinee at 1 :50 HIGH SCHOOL HIGH (M) Fri-Thur at 7:20 & 9:25 SatSun Matinee at 2:00 BAD MOON (M - Violent Scenes) Fri-Thur at 7:05 & 9:35 SatSun Matinee at 2:05 THAT THING YOU DO (PG) Fri-Thur 7:05 & 9:40 FLY AWAY HOME (PG) Fri-Thur at 7:05 SatSun Matinee at 2:00 BAD MOON (M - Violent Scenes) Fri-Thur at 7:25 & 9:20 SatSun Matinee at 2:1 0 LONG KISS GOODNIGHT (M - Brutal Violence, Coarse Language) Fri-Thur at 7:00 & 9:30 TO GILLIAN ON HER 37TH ... (M) Fri-Thur at 7:10 & 9:45 SatSun Matinee at 1:50 FLY AWAY HOME (PG) SatSun Matinee at 1 :40 LOW FF1CING POLICY! S2.0Q MATINEES PRIOR TO O PM i'a'do ci'mesavb t'uesdavsI DEAR GOD (PG) Fri-Thur at 7:00 & 9:10 SatSun Matinee at 2:00 ROMEO & JULIET (PG - Not Suitable for Young Children) DTS DIGITAL STEREO Fri-Thur at 7:00 & 9:30 SatSun Matinee at 1 :45 BAD MOON (M - Violent Scenes) Fri-Thur at 7:15 & 9:25 SatSun Matinee at 2:15 3 MICHAEL COLLINS (M - Violent Scenes, Coarse Language) Fri-Thur at 6:45 & 9:20 SatSun Matinee at 1:30 FIRST WIVES CLUB (PG) Fri-Thur at 7:05 & 9:40 Sat Sun Matinee at 2:00 ID4 (PG - Not Suitable for Young I Children) Fri-Thur at 7:00 & 9:35 j SatSun Matinee at 2:00 THE ROCK (M - Violent Scenes, Coarse Language) Fri-Thur at 9:00 HIGH SCHOOL HIGH (M) Fri-Thur at 7:15 & 9:00 SatSun Matinee at 2:10 MICHAEL COLLINS (M - Violent Scenes, Coarse Language) Fri-Thur at 6:45 & 9:30 SatSun Matinee at 2:00 I BULLETPROOF (M - Violent j Scenes, Coarse Language) Frl-I Thurat9:15 1 HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME (G) Fri-Thur at 7:10 SatSun j Matinee at 2:15 NUTTY PROFESSOR (M) Fri-Thur jai r:zu aausun mannee ai .ou i

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