The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 18, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 18, 1952
Page 12
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PACK CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION MHX.) COUKTCT .„, ............... J tlm* jti Jin* ........ . ......... . lie p*r )!•• ^rr dmj ........... lie ft! 1IB0 ftT dlj .......... IK 1 • tiMei per lik* p<r i*f .......... It Iff tfHti f*r Ilni ftt day ........ 4r MoBlh ]wr HBF ........ S»c C«Mtt fifi zrrrMi worfli to th» linr Ad ordered for three or sii limn and *«pl»*d ktfort expiration will be «kaift4 for the nuntbrr of times ilif art appnrrd ati<1 adjiutmrnl fit h1U m«rtr. All rlxfiirirrf advert IslBf cojtr <utt> mlltfd bj persons residing um*irie'r>l thf city muit be atrompanlrd by cj»h Bald mi? o illy fee rnmimttd from th* afcor* title. AtfreilliLni; oMrrrd for Irregular in- Mrtlokt t*Ve (he one ilme la^lc No itipomjjfcJJjfT jriJi fcs i,iit«n for Mere thin onr incorrect IntcrUnn oT tmj cE&iffflftf ad. AH *rti jr» rrjiMrtril to thrlr pruprr cUsifftcilfriM strte and fjpt. The Onrler Srwt re«rrre» ths right tn edH • r re J ret a*r ad. Apartment for Rent COMMERCIAL, RKrUIOERATtON CO. A!r condKlonlne, commercial unJ household mrltfcratlon service. Maurice 8andm. MRC. Phono S391 day, 317* nlghl, 410 E. Main. 625 ck tr Plans-Estimates far nfw cm ri/true (ton reniod«Jlng or r.n.t\ OR O, 1 I.OAKS NO OHUGATION Phone 2066 Frank Wagner Builders Supply Co. i Von mirks finfr- irr-d help » W -i«. J'houc £928. KKFKKJKKAT10N rric on and Tenet hoff And Han-jr Rrookn I'hrmr «9!tft- If no tiinwrr. call 60« BROrt HKFUIGEllATlOH CO., 3337 Blrrh i 31 ck II pi; pMr. CftH 2071 flays, 20.M nluhw. fl 2fl tl For Sale, Misc. Kice, Fmnll furnl'hod [irlvn'.*» a«t., desirable for rmc or two proiiic 1513 W, Ash S! , ph. £67#. Tin pk 22 ; 3 rms.. bath. et«*c, ^ p i'<*r h and b>ck pntmnrc. I hlncfc Ph. 2877. 3- rm. ynfurn. ftpt pvi hv h matlc hot water heater Ph "^2', ^al hnrKoln JL5.GQ. 101 F. Civ Factory irlvillt -1 hor^prn n rxjrirct motor, i'10. I'hon* 1 df 1 '?) ; Pi:robrrrrl Host on Hull' ! r»!d, $2-1 lo £25 Mrs JOR E, D.ivJF. Phone fil.13, apt V.Mth hot w 7'JJ) p)c 2 room him!* ter. Phoiif 292P 108 W. Kjr. Ph 3109' ' T^V Four room.": nnrt hruh, upMnln; furn. up*, to nriults only. 71P \v Ph. 6325. 7il7 i!7 VV, 15 pk 1!) I room nnfurn. npt. with hall. 506 S. franklin St. Ph. 6702 pk 24 ml>k 21 pvt, 7|I5 tl 2 room turn, apt,, clote In, Xii'lIU furn. Ph. 2592. 7|16 pk Smnll apt.. Ph. 2920. 7;iS ck ^ room unfurnished npt. 15!« Hfnrn Phone 4224. 7[IS |ik 2! 4 room unfurn. apt., 103 R. FinnXIIn. Electric wnter henler. Cull 25$] »!jiys 2787-hlEht--!. 7:18 ck If almrlment. Close «-3 ck tr 3 room iinfiirn u Phone 259J. L (iir. apt Ph 2.S9J 01 Modern apt.. 3 room« and bnVh n*-w- lT o>corM*d, JCXM] (nrnltnrt, RBS (•auli- M«nt Ph. 3173, F, fllrnon. 9J21 c* 'if Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per sveek. Redrooms ?4 up single. 114 West Ash, Ph- 2833. 8-4 ck tt 3 room npt. on Fleam Street closf V> school. Screened In bncXporrh, built-in cabinets, Newly deconucrt Hot Wftler. Ph. 2iS2 or 2344. fi 28 ck it 5 fry ices Bob Malone. Ph. 2771. 7J17 ck 8:17 Wundry In my home. Ph. 61-17 7J15 |ik fU5 Room and board. Mm. $15 R week itK> meaU to public. 115 W. Ash. 7114 L)k 22 Expert servlCR on commnrrlnt nntl air condition rcfrlgffrntlon. Ph. aafifl Lr nn ansR-«r 2559. Day or Nlglit Service • tubhs Reirlgerfttlon acivlce 7;16 v\ 30 PHO > fOSTATTC~SBRT- KU. OBTFtN'B STUDIO. US PT MAIN __ 1214 ck if E. R, Allcr— nlr conclltlonluit rrfrlg- •rRtlon cpfTlcc. Ph. 2-178. 102 " E Mts- eourl, Blythevlllc Ark 7:9 il Save Money When You Buy — Soil — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 \V. Ash Ph. 2552 «-3 tkjf TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO Ml W Wklmn rtion* BJft3 Plenty of Parking Space 1 Inmc Cnshmnn scoolpr I fiinnll Dooflltr BUR ficrxilpr 1 \V]ll?7rr motor hike. Used poiver An:] hsintl mo^-prd A]?o power mowrrs for rent WESTBBOOK MACHINE SHOP _ 7j1 cX 21 _ _ Orocrry. fljtiirc. slock, t rooms ^ tots. ScMlns on ncrnunt or hnd hr-nHh 1101 So. 21st, BtytllCTllle. Ark 7|1 nk 8:7 - hurglnr prtxil Bnfrs. i fll factory prices. Vmilt Doors "rl. Phone •iOOT. fliia p v 7:19 Lucian Games Furniture Co. Trade your old furniture for new. I will also buy your old furniture. Farmers terms M, down, bnlance in the fall Formerly Arnold Jt Gnines. Ph. 6367. 4|17 ck tf Clover WBS Introduced Into Etiglnnd as n fnrm crop nbout the middle of tlie 17th Century For Salt, Real f state Attention Cotton Gin Owners: Bpray pftlntln?—Wo Rre eriulpped to paint your pins or flnnhlnir - vo « hire to be sprayed, rh 2359 or Mann* 21*5 7 : 7 ])k 8> Need your radio repfttrrd. Call Rert Walton-S318 Dlsatilcd vMcran repairs radios al homp. 313 N. 2nd 72 pk 82 Watch and Jewelry Repair - n «»lch« »na clocli don« by ««p»rl " cl work Lowrst PAT O'BRYANT Main A Second Dr. rooms J. U. TKIwcll'A Clinic nt IiiclLidlni? ofrin-. Flxtnrc.i' 1 X-rny mm-Mnc ntut irninplrtp t!nii-s, nullilln^ ntitl nil cqul IIP Inchulrd. A linn location f tor. V.'ttlu strppt for parkin room servant house niul K^rn^ \\. ^1. Rums Phon<*~~3361 r a dor- . Thrrn In rnr, 7|15 ; 22 Vncant lot. Flcn larnttnn In town for Hf1c:hrjorhoort urocpry sioro. See II 'A Eagftn. BI store. South Hlw*y 61 7 ; ff pk 23 < room h down and and £(irap;c t*^ , month. Also e w»y and Ash . 1200 Store ann Etntp: t,inp, Phone 8705 of On^nrll 73 pk 3 S for summer safety! For (lie safely of von ami your family anrt other drivers . It's itnpnrlanl to hnvc votir prr|iirrd fnr Ih? <;prci:il linnlrns oJ summer drifinc. Thr tiro. 1 *, tlir coolin? systrm, and of course the tn?inc must he thoroughly r)icchecl tpfore you Mart mil on a trip. \Vhatcvcr VinH of car you drive, you'll like Hie personal ^prvire you always gel at Chnra- hlin's! Aig&ortzed Service CHAMBLIN SALES CO. * Y»*r * Aeh Mf Dealer * C«« , JULY '49 Plymouth $1195 '50 FORD A nice, hile nirnlrl car you'll enjfiy rnvnint;! Special ilrlu\e 4-rlnnr wHIl rn<lin A lioaler, Allrarllvc ninronit finish. $795 TJinl's right: A 1050 Ford Ton I'lckup for Just S")f)St You'll nlwityn save money at riilllliw Motor Co. '46 FORD $695 . Forrior This 1916 Fonl moilrl—rrjulpi^cl uith bnth todf/) anil hrnlrr. fifvft it a Irial drive tomorrow. '47 NASH . . $645 ftarffaln-prlrrd, this 1017 N'^sh 2-rloor Srdnn comes prjulpppij wlih a gfiGil Jieulcr. Tome (o SCO Ilroadway. '49 Studebakcr $695 Another low rrir^rj ^ -Ton PJrUup Mnko the h**t trurk Irarlr of jour Nf« S'OW at thn Fonl plare In Klythevllle. '48 DODGE This $645 he.T.-5'.duty, y,-Tnn ml'i- Plrliup Is Jnsl Sf'f^. lie- rnilior, July Is (ruck |Iccns« lljinj limp In Arkansas. '36'FORD $125 '47 FORD 'f you ivrint lnM--rirlrril (rans- piirl:illnn IhK 1930 I i.n] Tor- ilor nils Ihe liilJ, ,il I'lilllips in nijlllcvllle. $595 Tlir low price Ins on this I!)1B l-iiril 'i-Ton !'irliii|i Is just $.i!M! I'lilllips offrrs a ? ,,otl deal...and a good dcnl mnrel ON DISPLAY ! the Rust Coiion Picker at Jack Robinson Implement Co. Ilh'lhevHle, Arkansas — I'hone 2371 Kstale for JiiNt north of Sale Armnrol Co bi\y< For Kent • Jiiit i-^sL of Arjuof"*!. Kood PiU.-i ronord A; crossed fenced 17ft Ri- t/-i>n»t h piece of l ol niythe | 5 room hr 13291. 3 room furntshrd house Newly dpcoi«i«!(i. couple • 512 So. Ut oi p)j, JW5. •1 roojiiA niii] hruh npntni month Cat] 8815 res nice 0 mom inlntr-d rc?.l- irplls- shnrty yard, Tills place i s • year, run he pnhl off Jit nny . tjnth. 716 Mouitik Ph. 7.J5 pk 23 with bath. •lily. Scp at 7.H pic 21 '•. 12000 prr 6 15 tl rrrom house Mmle let location. L G FrAnfclln. ph 21M 4I> ni-rc-fi 5 rno veil Jnrntwl all i Innri. 13 ai'ipn nil fpurod A n [irtfrrt O!T snnrly lonn^ snll, Nlrr .S room hous _ Ijnrn. I would 11 kf for yovi to P*I the crops on ftbnvp plBCPs. HLythovLlle In Duii'kltn Co.. Mo. nr t t well located . Thompson. 621 G 27 ck If S rm iindirn hoii-'c flnrt baih hoi wnicr rir^i^r. Newly dfrora For Information— B15 ChJck«s,iu-bA, Hc/p Wonterf 7 room rno'!- dreKSRrt Ihr. , . barns, Prlca )I Artvnncc. Mo. roo cm home IntRO 4 -...JHIH hOUFC!. TWO |160—rlBht In Town 2>10 ncrps N'li-p Iw The vrry host of Inn t of Oldpoh. Mo, Kiales Land Co. Plione 3312 Pns^HI ninlf-r. Phone -infi \V, T, linnicit, Plion* 3262 Tin " Wanted: Expprtpncert Rhoa salesman :nr Lutlirs shoe storp. Good opportunity for ntivnneernent. Write to Boi E-I "• Courier News. 7 . 12 c)c 19 niul extra roomy, '1 ruiimt- house and balh on pavftd^streoL at 805 N. Franklin. Tins house, is in tiptop condition inside and out. Kx- tra la rye kitchcii with lots of * ,.-.o cnbincls. Lai'Ke lot. $l.'25o! ",u-one '""thT'^ ca^li, fU.02 total monthly mjRNS payments. Vacant. Move in tomorrow. Modern 5-room house and /nsurance Cal! 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection OLMXCOI HOT«t RTTILDINQ 1>« W Alk SI Notice bntli large corner lot on Adams Street. Attic fan, floor fnrtiaco, disappeariiHT stairway, hardwood floors throughout. ^1,800 cash, maybe loss, handle. . . total monthly payments. See or call JOHNNY MARR Realtor 112 So. 2nd. Phone 4111 Residence Phone 2r>flR 5' 10 ck tf FJsJurr sllrSmp. Jill;- ]R. r Will mysr-lf. J. L. 7 Ifl pk 19 porKtiiclts i fl.24 clc I will buy or sell for you City Property or Farms Goo. M. Lee Realtor 120 \V. Main. — [>h. Private Roams Main. Ph. SMS tn huh fin W. 7 I] rk 8II A bedroom \vlth private hath phmin 7 LO rV 21 . prdtv cam- C '"' Dw 'Sl't ICisc.lhov.-cr. is up i,, l|, c ilir over her job. She rides through Chicago's streets in this contoui cllair mounted alop a campaign car. Wanted to Buy HIGH EST PRICES PAID For tin, wire »ncl ill kinds of scrap metal. Btytheville Iron & Metal Co. N. Bdwny * MouKrie Drive Phone 89G2 4115 ck tf Wanted »lll pl , CASH for jmit old K omrni unit Isniei [or p.r STDDIO, 115 We«t U.ln 1J-1 c* HOT? WINDOW FANS $39.95, ?49.95, $59.95 Try one '14 hours In your own home nithout obliE.ition. l)i p< | 4551. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. I.adlts to do trlpplionp solicll^t'i; in tliplr home. Excellent jiay. Al>o -...> delivery lady. See or contact 1>. o Ba.-ron. Hotel Noble. 7 17 pk 19 Ethiopians Drink Gas, Health Jeopardized ADDIS ABABA. Ethiopia |fl>) — Ethiopians drink gasoline to the noint that the Ministry of Public Health is really Hlarmed. "Gasoline is poison and Inflammable and should never be drunk '50 CHEVROLET A heaufifii] buy if (here ever was one! Here is a shining Spring Green l-door Sedan (our deluxe Styleline model) e< |u ippe<i wilh all Ihe things you likt — f'owerglide drive, plasiic seat covers, Fresh-Air hsaler and defroster ... and 5 extra irood tires! Th« price? Just ... $148 9 1950 CHKVKOLKT ^-Ton Pickup Truck... SQAr motor perfect, tires OK, and low mileage 993 1950 FORD V-S 'A-Ton Pickup Truck. This is $QQA a mightj- clean one—priced a( only vO«l 1949 CHEVROLET fl-Ton Pickup Truck. JHr. 5OAT & defroster, good riihher, maroon finish U9U 1919 FORD V-8 '/,-Ton Pickup Truck—large $OftE heater runs fine, black finish, tires like new.. 09D 1916 FORD V-8 J/ 2 -Ton Pickup — n.olor com' J plefel.v overhauled, tires good—new green finish 1915 CHEVROLET 1 '/,-Ton LAVB Cab A- J sis Truck—750x20 tires all around. . .only... Ii)l2 CHKVROf.KT I'/ 2 -Ton L\\'H Truck wilh 12 fool liculy—2-speed axle, motor less than a year old (and good!). 700x20 front (ires, 750x20 on' JOtft A good cheap farm truck £OU Many Others to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Rememher, you c»n »lw»T» wake • r ood dt«l at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Bi t U«d Car Lot •» W»l»«t Stre«t" 301 W«»t Walnut Phone 4578 in place of mrdicme," the Ministry declared. The warning branded those who "persiiatle nthprs (o drink- gasoline and those who allow themselves to he so persuaded" as criminals. linn | S clue to the widespread Ethiopian custom of eating raw- meat. This, in turn, ha* caused the people to be widely,affected with parasitic stomach \vorms. The Heaiin Ministry recommends ,,,.„ ,. ,. a s»bstitule made [rom berries for psire for gasoline as * po- l gusoline addicts. CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sizes up to :ifi In. Corrugated Metal Culverts SI/C5 ap to 84 In. A. ft. WEBB Artomalic Flood Gates Concrete & Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tite Hcsl Prices We Deliver Highway 61 at State Line Phone 7U Real ESTATE Farms— City Prooerty LOANS Noble Gil! Agency INSURANCE Glencoe Bldjf. Ph. 6S68 B.30 ck tt FOR SALE Cnnrrrlc rnlvrrlv 12 Inch tn <S Im-h. pl.lin nr rornrnrrril. Also fnnrrrtr iluililin. Hlnck-i rhcap- •' Ilian Ittnihrr tor hnrnv rhlrk- rn hftnscs. imnip hdtjsrs. Irrant lutusrs. tni>l slifdv We deliver. Call us fnr free fstimitc. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Fur report tprv chnrirlnf— (or ALT, Minis of lUUomohllc sprvicp, >ou r;m rrlv un T. 1. Sr-av Motor <'o. I'rrtt^ot ,vt»tir hivrst- mpnt in your c^r—come lo as (OT skillful service. T. I. SEAY MOTOR^CO. nt R. Mull rK«M 3132 RENT A CAMERA AM Typct of (\-iinrrai and Supplkj .it Tl.-.rnfv'j Barney's Drug CAMKRA nRAI)q\;.VRTr.RS FARM LOANS ANYAMOUNT .•:.\T •^•01 ^ANYTIME from farm Jncem* without penalty TTiij Famotii FAitM INCOME PRIVILEGE H tfritten into your not* when you Anr* a Icntn from TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 213 Walnut Phone 2381 Mortgage T.oans of All Kinds Television & Radios REPAIRED Any Make or Model Set 1 DAY SERVICE FREE PICKUP & DELIVERY SERVICE 14 HOURS A DAY Day Phone: 2642 Night: 8858 No Extra Charge For Night Callg FRED CALLIHAN RADIO SERVICE 110 S. 1st Blythevilta v --^l JPI v r. ' : e & DRY CLEANING COLD STORAGE FOR FURS, WOOLINSiANO BLANKETS - PHONES 4475 NO-WA LAUNDRY CLEANER W« Give Eajrte Stamps WE MEET ALL PRICES WHOLESALE OR RETAIL VHOT or COLD! A Slice or Truckload! SPECIAL PRICES FOR PICNICS AND PARTIES BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Mam Street Rlytheville HORNER-WlLSON Offers These Cor & Truck Buys! IfloO OLDSMORIT.E "88" 4-door—radio, heater |[y- dramatic, dark green. Rocket power! Drive it today! 995 ]94!) HUDSON -J-rioor Sedan—here's a mighty $ nice car with both radio and healer . . ' IfllS PONT1AC Streamliner 2-il<mr — light <? ftftc blue. White tires, radio, healer, cily-drivcn .. */*/J in-17 I'ONTIAC l-.loor Sedan—In K0od C<M|(H . $ ,. . ~ ~ -• • ^ ,*.""« I.WIKU- $QA0 tmn, with good tires, this car is a buy 099 495 895 KOHI) 1'/j-Ton Truck with 2-specrt axle. $ Has good bed. Now yours for only 1918 G.MC 2-Ton Truck wilh 2-speci! axle. Two S (o choose from at this low price 1011 CHEVROLET "/ 2 -Ton I'ickup. n r j ve u _ you'll agree it's worth more than J950 C1IKVROT,ET !i-Ton Pickup. One of the SfiOC sharpest used pickups you ever saw '333 HORNER-WlLSON EAST— ^gSS^sassims^ MAIN Rocket Oldsmobile — G.MC Trucks Phone 2056 Used Car Lot — Phone 6151

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