The Kansas Free Press from Smith Center, Kansas on April 22, 1881 · 5
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The Kansas Free Press from Smith Center, Kansas · 5

Smith Center, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 22, 1881
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FRIDAY, APRIL aa, i88x. I. W. 8T0HE, ' : Pnblliher und Proprietor tU "Tin Tmt" hit iOlronlitlMrtl.000 lathi feisty Entered at Smith Ventre Postoffiee as "See- ond Claet Matter." ' ! LOCAL AFFAIRS. Ice cold soda water at the Postofflce. Go to Kindred & Sells' for your flour, Dr .Thompson's office north side square. Bolted corn meal at Kindred & Sells', i District Court meets first Monday in May. Hasbrouck h&i the best line of domes tics in town, cheap for cash. . Next Tuesday the Oddfellows hold their anniversary. ' ' Ten pounds of good sugar at the Post- offlce Store for $1.00 Smith County warrants brought 90 cents after the late session of the County Board. A complete line of Hoes and Rakes ai IThl's Hardware, to be sold cheap for cash. , Pickler hai added two new volumes to his library this week, "MeNall on Crim Cow," and "Commentaries on Hides. , Hardacre is selling more groceries, can ed and dried fruit, than any house in towa, give him a call. Webb ilfcNall and tafywas registered at an obscure hotel in Atchison the other night Mrs. McNall was in Gaylord. The ladies will find some of the best and cheapest dress goods in the county at Hasbroucks. We are under many obligations to Mr, B. Stevens our very obliging County Clerk, tor favors in furnishing us with a copy of the proceedings of the Commis sioners for publication last week in ad vance of the adjournment of the Board, We have always found "EI." ready and willing to accommodate, even to putting himself to consideralbe trouble, every one who has business with him, or favor to ask at his hands. When you are in Uhl's Hardware look at those "Boot Jacks," and ponder whe next? .. . ' Report says that F. E. Baker has purchased the right of the Farris Cnurn, for this county. , , Boots and Shoes until you can't rest, at flasbroucks New York Store. J. E. Parker Esq., of Gaylord, has just been granted a pension, the back pay amounting to $1,786.40 quite a, little fortune. We are glad of his good luck, for Parker deserves it, if any ex-soldier in the county does. It Is amusing to see the Wank looks of certain parties who were teady to give Parker a kick, when they thought him going down hill, at his snug little fortune. My Parker thinks of in vesting the greater part of his money in Smith Centre, a very sensible idea. : Rimton Eagle please copy. - A nice line of summer shawls at the New York Store. ; , Everybody in Kansas should keep posted as to State news, and there Is no better way than to read The Leavenworth "Weekly Times. Each week it has four or five columns of choice miscellany selected from Its Kansas exchanges, which feature is alone worth the price of subscription. Besides this, you always find the best farm department, Washington news, Tinging editorials, and items of especial interest to Western readers. Clubbed with the Fkee Press for $1.50. Bring your subscriptions to this office. Groceries almost given away at Hasbroucks. mi. - 1 . . . , I, k1 I . , y n Vt ntm rtrYY a ' 1 The dustiestB of the year, t When Kansas winds gets on a boom And makes a fellow swear That he'll leave the blasted country goon i For other climes more far, : And then he stops to "cuss" awhile And echo answers where. Go to the Po8toflice Store for your can goods, groceries and dried lruits, for they are cheap. After the Secretary of the preliminary meeting of Old Soldiers had the courtesy to send a copy of the proceedings of said meeting to the Gaylord Herald for publication, the editor of that paper, who is a dlrtv little dud dv. was pusillanimous e- noueh to add to said proceedings the fol lowing words of his own, over the signa ture of the Chairman and secretary : "in storing away the bacon and hard-tack, and holding the Governor's horse." Comment is unnecessary, it is nothing more than could have been expected from webb mcnall. Clothing for the largest man or small est boy, at bed rock prices, at the New York Store. Hasbrouck has just received a large linn of Millinery aroods, of the latest stvles irf the east, which will he sold Cheap for cash. W. S. Field lett yesterday for Chicago. There is no denying the fact that the winter wheat Is badly Injured by freez- ng, particularly that sown broadcast. Every "Ainclent" Oddfellow Ii especi ally Invited to attend the Anniversary upper next Tuesday evening. Just received at the Postofttce Store, a Urge lot of Groceries and dried Fruit, which will be sold at cost for the next thirty days. : Some 'cuss" tried to poison El Stevens' doff "Dash." It is luckey El does not i-nnar arhct rh vllfl wrech Is. Dr. Kin dred applied a liberal dose of oil and "Dash" is all right again. Alarjre assortment of the latest styles in Prints at the New York Store, cheap for cash. 10.000 Hedjre plants for sale. Inquire of R. A. Chandler, at the PostofBce. ' Mart Briers has just received notice from Washinartonthat his pension claim, amounting to $1,270. has been allowed Lair Dean had the the matter in cnarge, We are in receipt of the Cloud County Blade Supplement, giving a complete his tory of that county, a careful resume or the business men, schools, churches ana all enterprises In Concordia. This will undouthdly be of great benefit to Cloud County, and the town of Concordia, and reflects much credit upon J. M. Hager- man, editor and proprietor of the Blade, The great perpetual motion now under way. Furniture moving in every dlrec-Hnn in i Anlnr order. Shearer BroB. at MVU vp- 1 the helm. Starting point at Gaylord and Smith Centre, We are pleased to note that these warm days has brought 'Squire Byers, our pop ular County Treasurer out on me streets again. The 'Squire told us what he ate for dinner Sunday. To the best of our rec olectlon It was as follows t Three chickens seven slices of ham, four loaves of bread, two pies and fifteen cups of coffee. anyone dont believe this, we oin prove it by Billy Nelson and John Harding, for John was trying to sell him some mea tickets. 1 he Hazzard Self Propelling Machine Companv, had a meeting at Cawker City, last Monday. . Several of our citizens who are Interested were In attendance. An or-ganiz ation was perfected with the follow- lntr officers: D. E. Kelley rres., Harvey Wilson Vice-Pres., If. D.Jenkins Sec'y, C. E. Frazler Treasurer. The capital stock Is $25,000. divided Into 500 shares of $25, each. Frank Hazzard the Inventor, aells this company the State of Ohio, for $26, 000. and they are to furnish $3,000. in six months to perfect a modle, the other payments to be made after success is assured. R. M. Pickler Esq., has been re tained as attorney for the company. The boys have;strong hopes and great expectations of someday being Jay Gould's or Vanderbuilts, all the bad luck we wish them is that they will make a million piece, and have to give us half of it. PERSONAL POINTS. Hon C. Angevlne was In the prairie city ast week, on legal business, Ell W, Stewart ot Centre, walks up with the cash and gets the Times free, M. E. G rover of Lincoln, i droped Into our easy chair Jfonday, Call again friend Grover. ., Mrs. It. K. Smith loft for Gaylord Tues- daywhere she well take up her perml-nent residence. Wm. McClure of Pawnee, re-news his faith In the best paper In the county, and gets the Timet to boot. Our old friend Wm, S. Pyle of Oak, made us a social call Tuesday. Mr. Pyle Is a staunch democrat, but likes the Frkb Press because he knows just where to find it on all questions. James Bishop of Manchester Iowa, a former resident df Smith County, renews for Vol. 2 and gets the Times free. Mr. Bishop proposes to keep posted on Kan- sas news. Mr. John Hill ot Jewel County ,brofher ln-la'v of J. R. Burrow Esq., of the Peoples Bank, was on a short visit to the Centre last Saturday. Mr, T. C. Gray of Centre, one of our old standbys, came in Saturday and de posited a dollar and a half for the Free Press, another year. J. C. Rider of Beaver, dropped in and renewed for the best paper in Smith Cbun ty, the Free Press. Through the kindness of 'Squire Lane Will D. Lane of Kirwin becomes a new subscriber this week, and gets the Times free. G. W. Dolman the gentlemanly agent of the Mo. Pacific, at Gaylord, made a flying visit to the Metropolis of smith County last Friday. M j 1 i , Dan Smith leaves In a short Uma for Hastings, Michigan. Dan. enrolled him self In our Division, and .will read the Fbeb Press for twelve months. April at, 1881. price! paid byourmer- Smith Centra, The following are the chtati foi produce, etc.: WINTER WHEAT, . . . lotoji.oo NEW CORN, IS to toctt POTATOES ioo PORK, 3 $ h $3 BUTTER, choice, toe EGOS,. sc CHICKENS, per dozen,, , , . . ,fi.5 Dr. Marshall's Lunar Svrun Is partic ularly recommended for children. It is the most pleasant, soothing and affective cough remedy known. Call on your druggist and try a bottle ot It. It only costs 25 cents and 60 cents. FOR SALE. Two well matched sorrel ponies, kind and gentle, and one covered buggy with side springs. Inquire of E. M. Pierce, or at Stafford's Barn, Smith Centre, Kansas. " NOTICE. To all whom it may concern. Notice is hereby given that theun dersigned hold a chattle mortgage on the stock of the Keystone drug store, for $6oo. and all persons are hereby warned against purchasing the same, unless subject to said mortgage. I. w. stone, E. W. Smith. LIST OF JtJKORS. To the Clerk of Dirt. Court ot Smith Co. ! I hereby certify the following to be true and correct list of names of persons, drawn to seive as Jurors, for the May term of the District Court of said County for the year 1881: 007BT HOUSE. The County needs a court house, this is conceded. At the present time quar ters have to be hired for the County Clerk District Clerk, Register of Deeds,, Treas-urer,and Probate Judge,because the safes and other pharaphanalia necessary to the proper and safe keeping of the books and moneys, cannot be kept in the old shel dignified by the name of a court house If the Treasurers safe for InBttmce, or either of the other county safes, were placed upon the tipper floor, they would tall through. A house built of stone or brick after the general plan of a good business bouse can be built on the public square, for & bout $4,1)00. which would accommodate all the county offices on the ground floor furnish good accommodations for the District Court and Jury rooms up stnirs, and be a matter of pride and comfort. , Such a building would answer every purpose for the next ten years, and. then could be sold for its original cost, the county would save' thousands 'of dollars in rent and have a decent place to trans act their business in. ' . Let the County Board submit a propo sition of this kind to the tax payers, and we have no doubt about it being carried. MARKET EXPORT. At SHEARER Smith Centre. One trial Is sufficient to convince the most skeDtlcal of the Invaluable and un failing efficacy of Dr. Marshall's Lunar Syrup, for curing coughs, consumtlon. astnma, Droncnms, etc. tit it, oy an means, Price 25 cents and 60 cents. TO STOCK MEN. Wa bta nrennrAd to furnish noBterslo stock men on short notice. We nave just received a cut of a Stallion, the only one n the county. Prices to suit tne times. GREAT BARGAINS n Boots and Shoes, Hats and Clo thing, at the Boot and Shoe Store, Smith Centre. TO SCHOOL OFFICERS. Frank Finley is selling the only first-class Automatic school seat in use. Be sure you see him before buying. Address Frank finley, Phillipsburg, Kansas. THE BOSS SHOE. Those fine French Calf Shoes for Gents, just received at HERBERTS. IMPROVED FARM FC3 SALE. to miles east of Smith Centre, on Bitter creek. The swqr, Section $ Town3,Range n; 120 acres un der cultivation ; 40 acres pasture living water on same ; frame house 22x26. story and a half high, wel finished; cellar and cistern, cost about $700 ; good orchard started all kinds of fruit. Terms : Cash $500 ; balance and c vears time. Apply to S. W. HALL, Lebanon or Free Press, Smith centre. . tf David Ashton, W.N. flail, A. Courtright, Samuel L. Stevens, J. B. Griswold, Joseph Henry. Seal. E. Stevens, County U'f Dated April 18, 1881. Perry Beard slee, llugn (Jarter, r John Peters, J. U. Swayze, Wm. Afetihire, Geo. VanSiekie, ATTENTION! There will be a meeting of the committee on order of business, Old Soldiers He-union, at Smith Centre, at 2 o'clock i m. on Saturday April 30th. for the pur pose of perfecting arrangements. A full nttfindance is desired. , Said committee is composed of .the following gentlemen: I. W. Stone Centre. 11. J.inusiey uer mnn. John Walker Cedar. James John ston Harvey, E. Ps. Fowler Houston, ( ico W. Thomas Lincoln, It. It. Manchester Oak, Lair Dean Pawnee, Benj. T.Blainey Beaver. , , . I. W. (Stone, (jnainnan. EXAMINATION In compliant! with a request of the State Superintendent of Public Instruc tion, and for the benelit of those in the county wishing a Cadet appointment at the Military Acadamy at Vvest Tomt. will hold a competitive examination in my otilce on Saturday April 30th. eom- meneing at D o'clock a. m. There will also be a Teachers examin ation in the school house at the Centre the same day, the last until after the Normal. .Teachers wishing an examination should avail themselves of this opportunity. P. H. FlEMlXfl, Dated April 18th. County Supt. FARM F0 SALE. 120 acres of SDlendid land, 10 miles north of Smith Centre; 166 acres Homestead claim, and 160 acre Timber filing. 140 acres fenc ed: cood water; also 2 head ot caul. Apply to J. C. Rider. Or Free Press Office. SAW MILL FOR SALE Mi 1 or A STRIKING NOTICE! Xo need of going to Gaylord for furniture now. Shearer Bros, have located a branch store at Smith Centre, and will keep on hand a large and well selected stock of furniture, which they, will sell at living prices. Call and see for yourselves, at Frazier's old stand. SMITH COUNTY AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. The annual meeting of the Smith Coun ty Agricultural Society was held last Tuesday, April 12th. In pursuance of a call by the Secretary. On motion II. II. Springer was elected chairman and A. M. Corn secretary. The following otti.cers were elected for the ensuing year: G.M.Edson President, II. II. Reed Vice-President, A. M. Corn Secretary, J. R. Burrow Treasurer. The following Trustees were elected : Lair Dean Pawnee, Matt Duckworth Beaver, Sam. Whitmore Oak, Will Dixon Houston, J. II. Cline Beaver, and James Frazler Cedar. On motion it was resolved to hold the Fair on the. 0th. 10th. and 11th days ot September next. On motion II. II. Reed. L C. Uhl. and S. D. Cuiumings, were elected a committee to prepare a premium list. On motion the secretary was instructed to notify the executive committee by postal card, that there would be a meeting on the 3rd Tuesday 17th in May, and request their attendance. On motion the society adjourned to the 3rd Tuesday 171 hj in May. A. M. Corn, Sec'y THE ILLUSTBATED'SCIENTIHO NEWS. The April number of this Interesting and popular magazine is just out. Among the various subjects illustrated in this number is an engraving of the late Emueror of Russia s yatch Livauia ; a se rles of views illustrating wood working attachments for foot lathes ; Prof. Secehrs solar photographic apparatus, with six distinct views of the sun taken by this in etrument; engravings ot the boats and ap paratus used on .hake tiencva tor determining the velocity ot sound in water; a new maciime lor decorating enameled surfaces; engravings of several curious animals and objects in natural history, and an elaborately illnsrated article on Bee Culture, Every number contains thirty-two pages, "full ot engravings of novelties in science and the useful arts. Published by jjunn & Co., '67 Park Row. !Xew 'ork at $1.00 ft year, and sold by all news dealers. : I have a Portable Saw made at Zanesville Ohio, horse power, in good running der, with 2 log wagons, for sale or trade , Apply on the premises on Walnut. creek 15 miles North and 5 miles East of Smith Centre, or on the Free Press. G. W. Wilson. Judson P. O. CARPETS, CARPETS I BROTHERS, NOTICE. Land Office at Kirwin, Kama, No. . . . Marchibth, iWi. Vnilra herehv riven that the followlHU-named tettler hag filed notice of his Intention to make Anal proof in support of his claim, and secure final entry thereof, and that said proof will be made before the Register or Receiver at Kirwin Kan., on Monday, the and day of May 188:, viz: Frank Ktiser, , Homestead Entrv. No. a6i, for the ehf, seqr, S. 33, and whf, nwqr, section 33, township a, aoutt range 15, west, and he names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation 01 saia tract, viz; M. Leibolt, John Kelrchgosner. Ferdinand Abet lean, and Dennis Ryan, ail of GermantownP. O., Smith Co., Kansas. . T. M. HELM, Register. C. E.iMonell, atty. marasapraa NOTICE. Land Office at Kirwin, Kansas, 0. 9404. April 11, 88i. MniTr. 1. tiMwhv erlui.ii that the following-named settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and secure nnai entry thereof, ana tnat saia prooi win ue umuc Probatejudge, of Smith county Kansas on Saturday May aist 1881 viz: EDWARD R. NORTON, homestead entryNo. 975a to M M(lr cctiol 90 and whf, swqr,sec ai, town 3, south.range ta west and he names the following witnesses to prove h continuous tesidence upon and cultivation 01 wu tract, vis: K. K. Manchester, nenry C.G.Wheeler and William Brown, all of Smith Centre, P. U Smith Co., Kansas. , T. M, HELM, Register. Burrow & White attorneys aprnmayij J. L. T OCK UARRY! XVOCK WUARRY! Dalton wishes to inform the people of this county that he can furnish the best building Stone in the county. KApply to L. C. Axton, Agent Henry R. Stone is' now prepared to furnish money on improved real estate security at straight ten per cent, interest, no commission, and can get the money at once, without thevexacious delay of waiting for approval ot papers. tf NOTICE. LAND OFFICE AT KIRWIN, KANSAS, No. 9353. Mar.35t; itjoi. xr,..: io ),r.v. iin that the followinfr-nametl settler has filed notice of his Intention to make final Droof in support of his claim, and secure final entry thereoi, ana mat saiu i ... . -- Probate Judge, at Smith Centre, Smith Couwy Kansas on Friday the 29th day of April, i88t, viz; WILLIAM FORD, Homestead entry, No. 13810, for the seqr, ec- tion 11, iownslup 3, soum, n.iiKc and he names the following witnesses to prove his continutus residence upon ana cumvaiiuu ui ''samuef Henderson, Alonro Turner, Frank May. nd G. W. McNair, all of Smith Centre postnttce Sm.thConty,KansaS.TiMHEUI(Registei Burrow & White, attys. apnapray NOTICE. Land Office at Kirwin Kansas. So. 9354. Mar. 95th i8o. Notice is hereby given that the following named tettler has filed notice of his intention to make llnal proof in support of his claim, f nd secure final entry Thereof, and that said proof will be made before the Probate Judge at the county-seat of Smith county. Homestead entry No. 3943. tot the ehf, neqr, section 18, and w hf, nw qr, section 17, township at, south, range 11, west, and he the following witnesses, to prove his conUnuntw residence upon and cultivation of said tract, vizi J J Clark, R. N. Woodward C. Brown and W H. Nelson, all of Oriole P. O. Smith Co. Kan. T. M HELM, Register, Burrow. & White Attorneys. apriaprao NOTICE. U. S. Land Office, Kirwin, Kansas. N. 2338. March 23rd 1881. Notice is hereby given that the following-natned tettler has filed notice of his intention tomakefim pooof in support of his claim and secure nnai enxry thereof and that said proof will be made before the Probate Judge, at Smith Centre, Smith county, Kansas, on Friday, 29th day of April, 1881, viz: M. C. N ESTER, Declarary Statement, No. 9187 for the shf, seqr, S. 9, and whf, swqr, Sio, town 1, south.R. la.weat and names the following witnesses to prove hison-tinuous residence upon and cultivation of saia tract, viz A. Shirtleff. A. Blakcsley, James Mob-ley and N. Womer, all of Judson postoffice jn Smith Co:, Kansas. , T. M. HELM, Register. ' Burrow ft White attorneys apnap9 CANNON DRUGS, DRUGS, DRUGS, DRUGS, DRUGS, BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS, O. & ' C.'s Cough Remedy is pleasant to take. Children like it. It is unequalled tor cougns coias and croup. Sold by W. Cannon. There is nothing in which more good judgment should De exercised than in the purchase of a medicine for coughs and colds. To those who do not desire to . experiment with preparations of doubtful utility, we would say, "buy O. & C.'s Cough Remedy and you will get the best made." It allays the irritation and tickling of the throat, aids expectoration and opens the secretions. Wherever its superior qualities have become known, it is the acknowledged standard. It will relieve hoarseness or cure a cold in less time than 'any other preparation ever produced. Sold by Dr. W. Cannon. . per HEDE, hedge, hedce your farms. Good new seed at L, C. Uhl's Hardware Depot. Only 35c pound. German GvrArrH Cure Cures Catarrh; Try it. STATIONERY, STATIONERY, STATIONERY, STATIONERY, STATIONERY, BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS, DRUGb. DRUGS, DRUGS, DRUGS, DRUGS, CANNON.

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