The Jacksonville Daily Journal from Jacksonville, Illinois on October 10, 1946 · Page 9
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The Jacksonville Daily Journal from Jacksonville, Illinois · Page 9

Jacksonville, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 10, 1946
Page 9
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PHONE TO’** WA .il ADS rHE DAILY JOURNAL. JACKSONVILLE. ILL.. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10. 1946 PAGE NIXE BEST WAY TO BUY ASPIRIN * *o do u* thrifty - millions do- oay, m. J;***eph Aip rin for three reaftoii!*. 1 !*ur* .if money can buy (2) luj<t to ti t 3 K«ai economy. Dftssmi »St. Jowph AB'jinn, worlds largi'st »«*llor at lOr. .stive more on HH) tablet ;i m for 35o a* you nearly 3 tablets fur only lc. St.«Joseph ASPIRI -AYERSJ ISURANCE AGENC INSURANCE AGENÇY 70 6 FARMERS SANK BLDG 1 Specit il Lunchi ions Held Y/ednesday For l\ lacMurra y College Alumnae toria Seymour Dollear, Alice Luke- 1 Monmouth; Lucille Anderson Chapi Hartong, Frances Thompson1 man, San Diego, Cal.; Juanita Hubbs, Martha J. Morgan Svob; Gladys Cully Garrison, Mildred Hamilton Silva, and Margaret Lukeman Hofmann, all of this city. Chicago; Bea Dickman Swarm. Decatur; Jo Johnson Davis, city; Vir- MISS MAMIE BAILEY HOME MOVIES RENTAL LIBRARY Complete 8-MM T ravel-Sports-Comics mnae Day, for nearly eight hundred ■ graduates and former students of the college here for the Centennial sele- bration now in progress. Arrangements for the Alumnae Day activities were under the supervision of the Jacksonville MacMurray Alumnae Association. Mrs. Alice Wadsworth Applebee served as chairman of the luncheon committee. Classes 1876-1000 Mrs. Sarah McCoy Miller entertained members of the classes 1876 to 1900 at her home 1019 West State street. Miss Cora Graham, Mrs. Eva Mi Mamie Bailey, recently re- Davenport Gilham and Mrs. Gertrude Funk were the assistant host- We Indies, will be at the Church of < . Two members of the class of the N zarene, South main and 187G were present: Mrs. Mae Short Fr.nklin st’i -r, Thur day evening, Wadsworth and Mrs. Annie Hobbs Oct. 10, at 7:30 o’clock. The public Woodcock. A group picture was is c ordially invited to attend. j taken. .....—---- - ------------Present were the following alu- V.F.W. meeting tonight, mnae: Frances Virginia Melton, 7-10 n m Langley, Wash.; Frances Blackburn p* Campbell, Tuscola; Effie Balck Bax— ter, city; Mary Huntley Welch, Del |City, Pa.; Maria Seward Doyle, Raymond, 111.; Mary Henry Curtis, San Anselmo, Calif.; Lillian Gray Carpenter, St. Charles, Mo.; Anna Men cham Dinsmore representing her mother Sarah A. Jumper Meacham, class ’70, Lyons, Kans. Creomulsion relieves promptly be- Mary Ella Wright, Cofky For- cause it goes right to the seat of the gan, Okla.; Elizabeth Gregory Buffe, trouble to help loosen and expel olivia G. Dunlap, city; Mrs. germ laden phlegm, and aid nature _. . ..... __ . 1 . ’ _ to soothe and heal raw, tender, in- '• Siebei, city, Mrs. Lauia Ever- flamed bronchial mucous rnem- hart, city; Mrs. Loucy Seward Foster:’: s. 1 > sell you er, Raymond, HI.; Mrs. Millicent t bottle of Creomulsion with the un- Aienz Ledford, Springfield; Fidelia crstandmg you must hke the way it cnnto r-oUf • llM.-lv nllova th(» r*niicrH nr vrm nrr» >v v DllCk Is Santa Moilica, Calif., Mary Hitt Brown, city; Mary Kennedy Cary, Rushville, 111.; Mrs. Jessie A. Coleman, Palmyra; Maybelle Parrott, city; Myrtle Layman Hay, Mabel Clement Dillman, Hiilview. Sarah Metzler Riggs, Winchester; Rachel Stewart Miner, Winchester; Sadie Cross Darle, city; Mabel Me* Naughton^McDajrrid, Raymond; Luella Blackburn, city; Elizabeth B. Smith, Island Grove; Emma Burnett Calhoun, Franklin; Amelia Bourn, city; Isabel C. Baldwin, Milwaukee, Wi ; Blanche Scandrett Purl, Carrollton; Cora Gordon Graham, city; Eva Gillham, Gertrude Funk, Sara McCoy Miller, Annie Hobbs Woodcock, Mae Short Wadsworth, city. Jacksonville alumnae of MacMur-|Want Stewart, Urbana; Rose Ran* ray College were hostesses at son, City; Grace Roberts Davenport, luncheons given Wednesday, Alu- Relief At Last ForYour Cough Alexander; Nell Rives, St. Louis Mo.; Vera Benner Metcalf, City; Helen L. Horner, Kewanee; Marie Thompson Jaeger, Springfield; Winnifred Robinson Strawn, Waverly; La Vone Patrick Goodell, Madison, Wis.; Johanna Onken Munn, St Charles, 111.; Norma Perbix Davidsmeyer, City; Ethel Kloethe Partridge, Sullivan, 111.; Margaret Meek Mathews, Kokomo, Ind.; Margaret, J. Pires West, Chickasha, Okla.; Dorothy Westphal Biglow, Plainfield, XXL; Merle Mitchell Carlin, St Louis, Mo.; Marceline Armstrong Fisk, City; Gladys Henerhoff Meents, Kankakee; Mildred Applebee Hinderliter, Canton; Blanche Loveless Summers, New Berlin; and Lena Gummerson Graham, Columbus, Ind. The alumnae from the classes of 1941 to 1948 met in the banquet room After the luncheon a letter from the Dunlap Hotel with Mary Min- Ruth McPherson Tacker, ’31, South na Abbott as hostess. Barbara Bart- Lough, Indianapolis, Ind.; Cynthia ; ginia Baker Saxbe, Columbu -, O.; Knapp Henske, city, Charlotte Trent Mary Helen Lynn, Champaun; I ...\ Higgins, St. Louis, Mo. Johannaber Howard, Champ a a; Carol Knapp Galgeman, River ^a-v Kellogg Millaid, Chopin, I Forest; Martha Hopkins Salyers, De- ,sto°I)S> catur; Jacqueline Curry Nay, city; Barbara Albert Curry, Bloomington, Atkinson. city; Ma.jorie Grand Rapids, Mich. Bettyclaire Schildman, city; Louise Airica, was read to the guests. Those present were: Dorothy Wray McLean, Quincy; Ruth Ehrich Leah Kennedy Catherine L Rachel Thor Dickerson Heinen, lett Raynik and Sophie Lovekamp were assistant hostesses. Ind.; Peg Davis Shearer, Crawfords- BHmling, city; Janet Swanson, Chiville. Ind.; Sue Shea Stanley. Indi-:ca&°: Dorothy Bell Dayhuff, Gary; anapolis, Ind.; Emily McCullough !Doris Michael Beggs, city; Jean La- Sievers, Naples. thian, Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.; D;xie -------------------------- _ ^ , uuu, ivianuun, lvuiiö triceu, tien* Hart, city; Dorothy Giaham Negu^ tralia; Sally Mulberry, Minier; Kath- Alexandei, Ellen Oir Couitnc\, Chi- crjne Hunter Black, Decatur- El- cago; Cristien Bendei Comey, Elm eanor Werries, Chapin; Edith Smith, , Wis.; Georgianna S. Edens, Franklin; Kathleen Hempler, Johns;y, O.; Virginia Jamison Max- ton citv. N;inrv VnpW TTnlv<ir.lfv .uickly allays the cough or you axe o have your money back. CREOMULSION for Couchs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis WE SERVICE ALL MAKfcS MAGNETOS Catbuitaloti. 81109« A StraOc a A Elee- trie Moton Radiatola Spe«*t. U>in*!*ra. Welborn Electric Co. 232 COURT STREET y LOAN DEPT ,c tuLiOTT S tate B ank federal Insurance Co: CASH FOR FALL NEEDS $300.00 or Less x up the home, buy coal or eet unexpected expenses. 15 Months to Kepa.v S- W. Cos 8 io. 12035 E. Morgan St. Phone 263 IJ. M. Douglass, Mgr. (hisses 1910-1914 Members of the classes of 1910 through 1914 were yuests at the ome* of Mrs. Jeanette Hempill, 1033 West State street. Assisting the hostess were: Mrs. Robert Lang, Mrs. Harry Beaver, Mrs. Fred Hopper, Mrs. W. A. Fay, Mrs. G. H. Norris, Mrs. C. Sterry Long, and Miss Janette Powell. A brief program included: an- Classes 1919-1922 Mrs. Theodore Pierce entertained at her home, 1106 West College avenue, members of the classes of 1919 through 1922. Mrs. Pierce was assisted by Sara Deitrick Nickel and Marian Carter May. Thirty-five alumnae attended the event. Those present were; Mabel L. Weiss, Evansville, Ind.; Melba Hamilton Mercer, Canton, 111.; Geraldine Baily Cassidy, Table Grove, 111.; Edna Osborne, City; Avis Crowder Groniger, Mattoon, 111.; Mary Bishop Corbett, Pekin, 111.; Lorene Smith, Greenfield, 111.; Laila Skinner, Meadville, Pa.; Charlotte Siber, City; Peg Watson Cooke, Springfield; Ada Margaret Johnston, La Grange, 111. Louise Koehm Smith, Greenfield. 111.; Edna Metz Gnaedinger, Oak Park, 111.; Helen Blaisdell McKin- stray, Indianapolis, Ind.; Gladys Goodale Sperry, Aurora, 111.; Olive I a buffet luncheon was served and Engel, El Paso, 111.; Pauline Me- Betty Ann Brown Anderson and Grove Findley. v<.. v.r,gm.» 1 ton City; Nancy Vogler, University well, Canton; Esther Katz Franch, Mo Chicago; Bernice Wiley Garney, ’ 1 Buffalo; Marian P. Anderson, Smith Turpin, Lafayette, Springfield; Ruth Brotherton Knox, Harriet Holdrege, Thermopolis Bushnell; Pauline Frome Watkins,|Wyo.; Alice Osborne, Santa Fe. Rochester; Helen Magill Duffey, N- M * Mary Frances Pritchard. Rochester; Elizabeth Colean Henry, Kirkwood, Mo.; Jean Barnett, Bettv Taylorville; Lucille Moore Dempsey, k°u Stahl Rubinowitz, Jo Ann Ly- Greenville, Ky.; Marjorie Layman man and Mary Jo RoodhouWe. White Swartz, Minien; Marie A. Court- j Hall; Ruth Morrison. Oklahoma wright, Petersburg; Rhoda 01ds!c^y* Okla.; Nancy Way Gushin Samoore, city; Anabel Moore Sea- Luria, O.; Joy Hackman, Webster man, Peoria; Frances O’Donnell Groves, Mo.; Jessie Clark Schlrding, Bossarte; Frances Tendlck Tuxhorn, Petersburg: Patty Norbury Wentz. Edwardsville: Doris Rood house Chicago; Jane Hoefer, Dixon; Jean Campbell, Chicago; Irma Palmer j Wible Martin, Mt. Pulaski; Jeanette Johnson, Streator; Charlotte Van- Benz Garvin, Mascoutah; Amy Lou Ormer Cleveland, Mt. Carmel. Edwards Works, Seattle, Wash.; Lela Ferreira, city; Mildred New- Blanche Walter Thomas, Milford, man Blakely, Fairfield; Helen Gil- Julienne Biasi Dunn, Blooming- more Scheer, Quincy; Grace Fitch, ton; Rita Palin Nelmes, Smithfield; city; Irene Jones Verkler, Peoria: igaily Houston, Rushville; Jean Mil- Eloise Self Plouer, city; Margaret stead Campbell, Arlington, Va.; Worman Harshman, Pittsfield; Dr , Catherine Angel Potter, Dorothy Isabel Stewart. j Ann Qranier, and Mary Kay Har" desty Menees, St. Louis, Mo.; Mar- C lasses 1933-1935 guerite Sethness Lazear, Betty Man- The luncheon for the classes of ;old, Winnetka; Elizabeth K. Solem. Lucille Colean Gerhard, Pawnee; „ . . Lucy Strawbridge Uriah. Mt. Morris; *«r- Sheldon; Marynette White. Janet McLoren, Elgin; Eleanor °inton;. Marth’1 ^reetly Bu.h..z. Crum, city; Margaret Anderson, Chi- (jilii.ago. Doio*h> Pusb'.’ck F -a d. nncrr. San Francisco, Cal. Jeanne Tripp Brott. Galesburg; , Carol Knapp, Ruth Swixsler. He; ■ Mildred Hackman, Arenzville; Jan- Canfield, iola T. B-own. Luciile ith Anderson Nelson. Chicago; Mar- Chapman, and Betty Applebee. garet Viner Johnson, Litchfield; -----------------------------Sara V. Ritzinger, Kirkwood, Mo.; I _ . . , Ruth Funk McConnell, University! V.F.W. meeting tomgnt, City. Mo.; Ann Spink Dickinson, 7:30 p. m. Waukegan; Mrs. Stanley McCreery, Mason City. Frances Smith, Charleston: Mary Welsh Bairow, Urbana; Phyllis B. Whittaker, Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.; Mary Taylor Jarrett, Prentwood, Mo.; Mary W'illiams Hefner, Jerseyville: Ruthmary Miller, city; Elsie W. Johnston, Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.: Georgian Cape, Quincy; Shirley Longley, Aledo. Barbara Brewster, Alton: Miriam C. Allen, Wave ly; Ali~e Alexander, Chicago; Marie Johnson Winter, HEMMCtt C.rpudine r»tiev«! fasi b'causc it's tie; r -ra -I k» V_ id (M Vv is the home Qaj- park; Laura O. Gillen, E. St. of Elizabeth Capps Tliompson, 1018 Louis; Jane Lyman, Wheeling, W. West State street. Dixie Watkins ya . Alice Finney, Topeka, Kas.; Hall, Margoiy Mayhew Cody, Helen jcan Polmer, Winnipeg, Canada; rig it Lukeman, Eleanor Chapin,. joail Lukeman, Moline; Jo Ann Ox- an? ,H^e! ,Nun,es Pelerson assisted. jey Hoy, St. Louis, Mo.; Betty Krieg- shauser, Virginia Martin Porter, and; Elizabeth Rainwater, Pittsf i e 1 d; i Margaret Goebel rieary poured. Janet Holloway, Kentland, md.; I Hazel Rentschler Meyer, city; Margaret Bucklin Nichols, Peoria. Marie Wekter Cannon, city: Emma Phoebe E. Wilkins, Alto Pass; Flo- ouise Ruck, Mattoon; Betty Sul- rence oitman, Crawfordsville, Ind.;1 lenberger, Danville; Lorraine Strufe Maxine Ratcliffe, Detroit, Mich.:! rT,,m * ^wlRht, Natalie Hunter i_»f'tty Sinclair, Sullivan, Ind.; Marian ix11* «ml, Albor’ Mich ‘ Saddle,Knaizl Hall and Evelyn Tolpa, Gary,! Waters Henderscm, Vlrden; Jannette Ind. Marjorie BickneU Broshar, Birch Thimmig, Wellington, Col.;;Leballon> md.; Barbara Weersj Ruih Lawrence Clarke, Glenview; weeks, Madison,*Wis.; Florence Don- Eleanor McMurdo Walker, St. ElmoJlcy Herman, Manito; Norma J. Bu- Saiah Snell Clinton, Virden; Mar-!sen> Mt sterling; Virginia Cham- garet G Cleary, Urbana; Betty,berlain Busen, Versailles; Kathryn n v°i u/ :( erS0^11PitfSbUrgh, Pa *. LJtlcv. Vincennes, Ind.; Bonnie Bach ™ Hal1* City; EIizabeth Ferris, Madison, Wis.; Jean Kisner rhS?n ^ y: Eleanor Pitts, Bloomington. Ind.; Barbara enn ritv- tvtc I6! f °n, David" I Bartlett Raynick, Waukegan; Mary TnrM ' ’ , al^aie v Schneider, \jargaret Blackburn and Emilee Hess Bunker Hili Gehrin« | Brockhouse Knight of Virginia, if,* f Si, * ! Dorothy B. Vinsman, Louisville, Tpnnna R !0marv . lyauTx’ ottawa: ¡Ky.; Julia Hawkins Graham, Effing- v .‘l eyL ,)lcaf0, ^j0Ulse Eish- }iaIn: Joan Frable, Deerfield; Annaer Vauglm, Bedford. Mass.; Hazel j bclle H. McWilliams, Hillsboro; Mary Zr nPe^:son‘ Clty: ?°Tothy Fos“ Ann Freeland. Fowler, Ind.; Helen ____ _ __aii-i DnskelL Springfield; Louise r?nhprtson Holler Hick6rv NC’ ouncemcnts by Mrs. Fa>; and let- luncheon reunion of the classes 1923 Rickard Kumler. Waverly; Edith!sllirley Bachcr, Kansas City, Mo.] _ . v Vi »»rtiiryV» 1 00/3 f’nl am o >1 HT /-»n __ n r <* i ** Murphy DeBolt, Springfield, 111.. Helen Ii*win Hebei, Indianapolis Ind.; Zerita Schwartz. Cincinnati, O.; Anna McKinney King, Indianapolis; Helen Tombaugh Lohmann, Burlington, la. Capitola Beebe Batterton, Springfield; Myrle Hammond Rasmussen, Table Grove, 111.; Anne Ellis Rotruck; Margaret Towle Lawrence; Grace Haseustab Hashell, Royal Oak, Mich.; Winifred Keplinger Otwell. Carlinville; Mary Whiteside Young, Newman, 111.; Allee Marie Miller Carson, Kansas City, Kas.; Feme Haviiand, Danville, 111.; Marian Carter May, City; Sara Deitrick Nickel, Concord; Lelia Broad well Odell, Bloomington, 111.; Hazel Eari Pierce, City; and Margaret D?vison Ferry, City. WOODSON 8AJ FRIDAY, OCTOEER 11th Will have 50 vaccinated shoats, weight about 130 lb*. 20 native calves, weight about 400 lhs. Other usual offerings of livestock, hay, po 3 t*, ’umo s . etc. SALE STARTS AT NOON. WOODSON SALE €0. W. A. DOOLIN and MIDDENDORF BROS., Auct». O PERFECT arch shoes Classes 1923-1926 The home of Mrs. John Agger, 846 Grove street, was the scene of th^ from Glaays Johns Nelson of led Oak, la., and Arlene Hammell through 1926. Present for the event were: Mar- FONY’S DINETTE 1314 S. Main f Pasadena, Calif., read by Mrs garet Kessler Marshall, Salem, iemphill. 111.; Thelma Bennett Post, Takoma Those attending were- Ruth Tay- Park* > Audrey Layman Porter, sy S PR ED A ne» high oil content watcr-mix enamel for bathroom and kitchen woodwork, h ashes like a china plate. Goes on hke magic—even over wallpaper. Painters say it cats painting time in half. Practically no odor. Dries quickl'. Only $098 o Coilon (S quortf mliad) SI .11 a quart Specif This Week STEAKS CHOPS FROG LEGS FRIED CHICKEN TRY OUR SPECIALS! Banana Split iPttiß -J SPBED -7tat A mater-mix oil emulsion paint ot living rooms, dining rooms, 'edroomi — wherever a rich, uede-hke finish is desired. One ca: covers most surfaces includ- n wallpaper. Durable and wash- ubie. Dries in 30 minutes. Only *098 Jm r* ■ Friday and Saturday SPECIALS! • Fresh Cherry Pies I illed Rolls* and Coffee Cakes hot from the oven 8 a.m. to 12 noon • Daffodil Cake • Pecan Fudge Cake • Lady Baltimore Cake FRIDAY— Soy Bean Bread SATURDAY— Salt Rising Bread Butter Crust Bread BUNGALOW BAKERY 210 W. State Carl Polifka, Prop. 9 te c quart I »PPEO-Fkrt and SPRED-lwst«r rone is 11 beevt'fui colors Preferred by Decorotors 3 to 1 LaCrosse Lumber Co. Phone 192 V* alker Hardware Phone 275 Dependable Insurance He Write All Line? Including Life and Surety S^nds lor Beaver, Elkhart, Ind.; Lucile Gernnart Lang, Mishawaka, Ind.; Mary -Anderson, Macon, 111.; Janette C. Powell, city; Hazel Belle Long Norris, city; Fearl Jennings Stockman, Centralia, 111.; Rachel Mink Dunham, Pittsfield, 111.; Mildred J. Brown, city; Ruth Hamlin Wolf, Topeka, Kas.; Bertha Dick Van Val- yan, Quincy, 111. Lucille Allison Newbery, city; Bess Breckson Crawford, Madison, Wis., Ruth Patterson Hopper, city; Vera 1 omlin Swope, Mechanicsburg, 111.; Fthel Rose Purvines, Pleasant Plains, 111.; Helen Ryan Long, Pon- liac, 111.; Marjorie Grundy Ainsworth, Mason City, 111.; Mildred Weaver Gaston, East Liverpool, O.; Mary Ebert Scouleer, Pontiac, 111.; Geraldine Sieber Sovern, Bloomington, 111. Mary Lawson Dunlap, Madison, Wis.; Olive Mott Cantrall, Athens, ill.; Marie Lemmon Hoend, Quincy; I.ouise Miller, Mathena, Kas.; Fanny Matthews Colun, Pawnee, 111.; Kitty Goff Sinclair, Ashland, 111.; Ella ‘*lake Imel, Frankfort, Ind.; Madg Olmsted Albright, Indianapolis, Ind.; Ann Shaffer Cunningham. Georgia Johnson, Danville, 111.; Louise Gates Ec’dy, Jackson Heights, N Y.; Francis Frazer Drum, Miles City, Mont.; Zelda Henson Ferguson Springfield, 111.; Mrs. Ralph Dobbins, Springfield, 111.; Frances Freeman Hay, Marion, 111.; Ruth Stimpson Yingling, Wichita, Kas.; An- tiette Rearick Lohman, Ashland 111. Mary Neptune MeKinsey, Indianapolis, Ind.; Letta Irwin Shanle, Indianapolis; Lois Coultas, Woodstock; Florence Skiles Riley, Oak Park; Mildred Woodcock Leker, .r. inhat ton, Kas.; Laura Jones Simon, Boone, la.; Jessie Kennedy i»raverton. Granger, la.; Jeannette j j Taylor Hemphill, city; Abigail Pea* voy Reynolds, Los Angeles, Calif • Erma Elliott Johnston, city; and Emily Allan Fay, city. cjmith*1 Vv ca^land, city; Mary Joy Sue Read and Lucia Jones, Chicago; ^rnith, Chapin; Ruth C. Brown,; Valerie Kunze, Belleville; Lois Washington, D. C.; Mable Oder .Campbell Chandler, Miami, Okla.; ’in ~n'. Ann Rataichak, Springfield; Jean PlinSinan Aderhold, Al- Livengood, Peoria; Marye Belle Chicago; Louisa Weaver Berry, ton; Margery Mayhew Cody, city; Hart> Waukegan; ’ Marian Dober Wood River, 111.; Myra Chiles Davis, Arm* Wvnm —I Staunton, 111.; Winifred Potter Phesen, Quincy, 111.; Harriet Mc- Oomber McConnell, Harrisburg, 111.; Hazel Moore Martin, Greenville, Ky.; Irma Sturdevant Long. Gwendolyn Schroyer Ernst, Hess City, Kas.; Irene Fruit Herder, Elmhurst, 111.; Marie Luke Romine, Chicago; Beatrice Hasenstab Krafft, River Forest, 111.; Ruth Bishop Behrends, Topeka, in.; Grace Walker Wehner, Havana, 111.; Carol Roark, Greenville, Ky.; and Catherine Stephenson Parsell, Jersey ville, 111.; Kathleen Calhoun Hoffman, Pekin; Nettie Steadry Reusser, Normal; Blendine Smally Carpenter, Joliet; Helen McKinney Gear. Fort Wayne, Ind.; Ruby Hadsell Pruitt, Joy, 111.; Irene Mallinson Dobratz, Hutchison, Minn.; Ruth Hare Belland, Chicago; Virginia Clark Mortimer, Thermopolis, Wyo.; Virginia Harper Wade, Evansville, Ind.; Alice Hand Agger, City. Alice Larimore Evans, Park Ridge, 111.; Vivian Pieres Killlnger, Marion, Va.; Eleanor Dinsmore Willhoite, Rushville; Frances Griswold Tuckey, Champaign; Marguerite Watters Hills, St. Louis, Mo.; Avis Murphis Henson, Villa Grove, 111.; Ruth Fifer Davis, Indianapolis, Ind., and Miss Beatrice Teague.. MacMurray College. -----------Classes 1929-’30 Carolyn Hart Crawford was the hostess when members of the classes 1929 and ’30 met for luncheon at her home, 512 West Beecher avenue. Doris Jones Conant and Beulah Brant Sommers were the assistant hostesses. Attending the luncheon were: Mary Louise Senior Penwell, Pana; Helen Tompkins White, Springfield; Jane Alt Kilgour, Detroit, Mich.; Helen Terry Weler, Janet Jacob Butterfield, A^nstead- Pontiac; j Adams, Atlanta;’ Isabelle Butler Elizabeth Barnett Doyle, Peoria; Pfeffer, New Berlin; Sally Conant e en rig t Lukeman, city; Mar- underwood, Glen Ellyn; Elaine iam Hairghjrst Johnson, Batonia; Suzanne Schaeffer Corey, city; Cozy Green Biggs, city; Esther Dumas Meyer. Kirkwood. Mo. Schubbe Brown, Union, N.J.; Ganna Matkovic, Matherville. Ainy Cargill, Peoria; Jean Cameron Boult, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.; Nadean Hollman Heath, Clayton,;Betty Hasenjaeger Lockhart, Cam- w°Vt a1^ BurRcss, Aledo; Mary E. cjen; Betty Fry Hester, Urbana; Walker AppenzeHer, Mackinaw; Mil- Helen Cox/jean Vasconcellos, Char- dred Fulkerson Smith, city; Doro- lotte Eichar, ElizaUUh Craver, Kay thy Doland, Pittsfield; Mildred Rose p0tter Swain, Emily Rose Nichols ane, city. j Zeller, June Olney Bradish, Beatrice . I Nichols Ferguson, Frances Robinson, asses of 22, 23, ’24, ’36, *37— j Barbara E. Rogers. Frances Webb, Mary Kii ke Newcomb was host- Marjorie Hartel Benson, Carol Mc- ess to members of the classes of ’22, ciclland Chester, Jean Coonen, Jane Ann 24, 36, anCi 37 ller llome’ W. Wood, Cranston Laningham, 409 Woodland Place. Mrs. Hugh Sophia Lovekamp, Janice Bigelow Beggs, Mrs. Nell Larson, and Doro- Angel and Mary M. Abbot, all of thy C. Brewster assisted. Jacksonville. Present for the event were: Doro- The classes of 1927 and 1928 met thy Conover Brewster, Galesburg; with Mrs. A. J. Stewart on Mound Ruth Bonn Christoe, Alton; Vir- Road with Mrs. Lit a Holladay Dale, ginia Chance King, Palos Heights; I Mrs. Dortha S. Stapleton, Mrs. Mary Mary L. Stockman Moore, Benton; r. Wright and Miss Lois Stewart, as- EUzabeth Porter, Galesburg; Norma j slstant hostesses. Mrs. Lita H. Dale Cunninghan Awe, Danville; Doro-) flow from San Jose, Calif, to attend thy Freese Rose, Canton; Char- this meeting. louise Foster Ducy, Stonington;j The classes of 1900 through 1909 Mary Seaton, Seaton; Mary H. Nord- met with Mrs. Alice Wadsworth Apling, Champaign. pkbee at her home on Route 104, Mable Stijegel, Litchfield; Gen-i west of the city, eva Carver Willen, Blue Island;' ITS HERE W i THE SHOE YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR . . . onr Nationally Advertised Natural Poise Oxford. A combination of gabardine an^ kid. STYLE plus COMFORT All Sizes and Widths $6” EMPORIUM EAST STATE STREET Classes 1915-1918 Members of the classes 1915 |l through 1918 were luncheon guests at the home of Mrs. Paul J. Davlds- meyer, 296 Sandusky street. Mrs. Vera Benner Metcalf, Mrs. Irene Cox Butler, Mrs. LaVone Patrick Goodell, and Mrs. Margaret Meek -lathe ws. Wauwatosa, Wise.; Margaret Hop!per, city; Charlotte DeSelm Strasina, Kankakee; Mary A. Spelbring, Calu- net City; Mary Jane Barnett, Cape Girardeau, Mo.; Louise Tullis Stoudt, Chicago; Roberta S. Glover, Bloomington; Alma Lola Whitney Schenk, Springfield. Allieta Valle Mitchell, Benton Harbor, Mich.; Frances Phipps Spaulding, Springfield; Thelma Da- Dorothy DeFrates McQuerry, Evans ton; Dorothy Maxfield, Farina; Augusta Warskow, Centralia; Barbara E. Pleak, Springfield; Ester Purl Newbegin, Quincy; Velma Bain Iftner, Pekin; Hildreth Ashwood Classes 1939-1940 Centennial guests from the classes 1939 and 1940 enjoyed luncheon at the Country Club with Constance King Newcomb as hostess. Isabel Stoops and Nancy Way Gushman Barnes, Rushville; Hazel Quick' were the assistant hostesses. Hughes, Logan; Alice R. Waekerle,' The following were present: Vir- Chicago; Myra Jane Whitlock Wall- ginia Killene Moore, Granite City; ace, Celina, O. Ruth Bryant eKal, Areola; Mary Eloise Calhoun Lauterback, South Emma Keal Blackburn, Roodhouse; Bend, Ind.; Marian Moesley Gindra, Mary Belle Allen Hartman, Du- Evansville, Ind.; Doris Hamilton, Quoin; Marthalee Whitten Hull Alexander, Edwardsville; L e n or al Hillsboro; Amelia Rixmann Small ENTRAL INSURANCE AGENCY j. c. CO 1.1 ON Phone LÎU Professional Bldjj c- . . _ , _ ._ ,vis Search, White Hall; Helen Rose, Sy ini features of the program i Chlcago; Myrtle McLaren Joy, Cha- '' a ll,ulld r°hm letter sent from pin; Elizabeth Sterne, Quincy; . b..ent members of the class of 1916. Helen Newell, Seaton; Mildred Hart- O iuT cJasses passed pictures of sook jacksoh, Quincy; Lucille Voin< :i families and spent time rem- Shall Rose, Quincy; Betty Durr AldI: S( ,ng* rich, Pittsfield; Carolyn Hart Crawford, city; Doris Jones Conant, city; Beulah Brant Sommers, city; Fannie Selle Roe Malan, Ann Arbor, Present were: Grace H. Nickell, Milwaukee, Wis.; Winifred Burmeister Austbo, Red Falls, Minn.; Mary Louise Powell Mich. Jenkins, Bethlehem, Pa.; Irene Crumj M u r p h y, Denver, Colo.; Helene Classes 1931 -’3‘z Glenn Alford, Jackson, Miss.; Irene ! The reunion ¡Butler, City; Wilma Cox Sidle. Chi- fcago; Elizabeth Slaughter, City: V< ■ !c'n Dinsmore Nichol, Giiggsville; Kinnear Reno, Rockford; liMu>xne Allhon Busier, City; Ruth luncheon of the classes of 1931-1932 was held at the County Fair Room, Dunlap Hotel, with Frances O'Donnell Bossarte serving as the hostess. Thirty-seven alumnae attended. Kriege, Edwardsville; Carmen Dugger Kautz, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Ruby Bremecke Wray, Quincy; Estelle Cover, South Bend, Ind.; Ruth Wise King, Auburn; Gertrude Holmes Beggs, city; Dorothy Remley, city; Marian Munson Smith, city; Mary K. Newcomb, city. Class of 1938 Members of the class of 1938 were entertained at the home of Mrs. Harry Hofmann, Jr., 240 Webster avenue. Assisting the hostess were Mrs. E. C. Bone, Mrs. Jack Hartong, Mrs. Ivan Garrison, and Mrs. Helene Lukeman. Attending the luncheon were the following: Lillian Veslev Brooke, Riverside; Mary M. Puckett Patterson, Indianapolis, Ind.; Fejcla Tendick Bollard, Jersey ville; Ferol Krummel Appleton, Hillsboro; Mary Ellen Main Proctor, Lewiston; Mary Browning Clicnoweth, Decatur; Barbara Grigsby Ertel, Coatsburg; Marjorie McConnell Freese, Nappanee, Ind.; Eileen Kitts Bone, Oak Park. Doris Overbeay Harwood. Charles- | ton; Elizabeth L. V nson, Wakefield; Bcrnndine Jones Roach, Peoria; Dorothea Anderson, Moline; Lilliani Greene Coultas, Winchester; Vic-1 Nashville; Marian Hyney Green Nashville; Jerry Baer Aebisher, St Jacob; Helen Rhoade Canfield Peoria; Juanita Fordyce Easley Safety Authorities Predict 40,000 PERSONS May lose their lives in traffic THIS accidents YEAR WILL YOU BE ONE? Let us check your brakes, lights, windshield wiper, horns, tires, etc., for SAFE OPERATION. WALKER MOTOR STUDEBAKER DEALER 218 West Court Street First by far—with a post war car s, YOU’LL LIKE GREEN MARKED COAL , ML. li W alton * company - phohi 44 WHEN THE WEATHER CALLS FOR HEAT PURIFIED? Yes, made more pure by a special dry cleaning process— And dry cleaning is a superior method of cleaning coal—• Then each piece dust proofed with an enveloping mist of oil.

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