Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 11, 1891 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 11, 1891
Page 1
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ournaU VOI. XVI. LOGAffSPOET, INDIANA, SiTUEDAY HORNING, APEIL II, 1891 NO. 87. DUNLAFS Celebrated Hats S T I BEST M STYLES ADE, SPRING Now on Sale DEW ENTER. The Hatter. Spring Suiting; Spring Pants, Spring Overcoating. The nicest, prettiest patterns ever shown, just received at JOS. S.CRAIG' S. . SURE TO 8TKIKE. Miners Determined on Securing Eight Hours, STATE NEWS. Budg-et of Fresh Intelligence from Indiana Towns. If Thsir Demands Are Refused Great Uprising Will Be Inaugurated on May Day. WILL CURE ^. &WHOOPING CATARRH I-Hays So M ETUI HZ To TELL Vo u Some men talk in whispers; others have voices loud enough to be heard by the fishes at the bottom of the-sea. Some men are always telling you something in the strictest confidence and as a rule you have' heard, it before. That is'nt my way.' I have no confidential communications to make to you, and if I had I would not resort to printers ink for such a purpose.' I simply want you to know that my Hne of Spring Suitings, Spring Trousers and . Spring Overcoatings ' Is large and complete, arid that we are ready to serve you BAILKOADS BACK THE OPEBATOKS. PiTTSBUKGH, Pa., April 10.—The joint inter-state convention of coal operators and miners split Thursday and the fight for eight hours was declared by the latter. The miners opened the ball in .the .morning- by having- a special committee on hours appointed. The committee reported to the convention that it could not come to any agreement, and President Rae of the miners' union submitted the following: "First—That a reduction in the compensation of day labor relative to tlie reduction in hours will be allowed. 'Second—That we proceed to make a wage scale with the understanding that eight hours shall he a day's work alter May 1 without the operator's official. Indorsement, acd if it does not generally prevail within a reasonable time the miners-will not insist on its enforcement." The operators refused to grant this, and in wild confusion the operators adjourned the convention sine die. Col.'Rend, of Chicago, said after the meeting: "A strike, and a most serious one, seems to be ahead of us. If the miners of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania lay down their tools May Lit will paralyze the business. An immense number of manufactories will close down. At least 500,000 people are directly interested in the matter." The sensation of the convention was disclosed Thursday night. It was definitely stated by the miners that the railroads of the country were back of ;he operators in their fight against the eight-hour movement; that the fight vas not only with the miners .but would extend to the railroads also and .he sooner it was throttled the letter. Also that the eight-hour move mfght have some influence on the rates >aid for coal, and for this reason, too, he railroads were opposed to it. The iperators conceded that some western roads were concerned in supporting the fight against eight hours, but they denied that any concerted move had been made by the railroads of the country. A GREAT SCHEME. The United States to Build a South American Hallway—A. Party of Gox-ern- ment Engineers Sail from 2few York to Make a Survey for a I.Ine 3,000 Miles In Length Connecting North America ^sith the Southern Continent. NEW YORK, April 10.—The first material outcome of the pan-American congress to bring about a commercial amalgamation of the United States and the republics of South and Central America will 'have a practical demonstration at noon to-day when the steamship Newport, of the Pacific mail steamship line, sails for South America, carrying as passengers two.corps,of eminent engineers, thor : oughly equipped to make a survey for a railway system 3,000 miles in length and extending nearly the entire length of South America. The party will be absent for about two years. Each member of it has signed a contract agreeing to continue in the performance of his duties for not less than one "year. The salaries of the engineers will be paid by the United States government. The project which they have in charge furnishes the first instance of this republic, in its official capacity, going outside its boundaries to engage in the construction of a public work. Upon its success largely depends the future of Mr. Elaine's scheme to bring about a closer union of the United States and its southern neighbors. The proposed railroad or system of railroads involves in its construction the surmounting of natural obstacles which have hitherto been considered' unconquerable. If American energy solves the problem the, work of the engineers will stand forever as one of the great- est'monuments to 'engineering skill which the world has known. In May last President Harrison sent to congress a message recommending •'a survey of a route 'for an intercontinental line of railroad to connect the systems of North America with those of the. southern c<jntinent,.,to_.be con? ducted .under the direction of a'board of ' commissioners ' representing - the several'American republics." •'-'•'.. '..The steamship Newport will carry the surveying party to Panama, -where ,hey will take a steamship to Guayaquil, the principal seaport town in Ecuador,'»a'd thence they will journey over the Andes mountains .to the capital city of Quito. At a point near there work will be begun. One .corps ""will" travel, southward ;hrough Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, .;hili, and thence. into the Argentine republic, where . connections • can. be made with the num'erous existing railroad lines leading into the capital city of Buenos Ayres. Anothercorps.will'move northward through Ecuador and Columbia to the Isthmus, .of Panama: Each party will survey about 1,500 miles. Fonrfeen 1'eari for Killing Hl» Father. HURON, S. D., April 10.—Fred 'Eund- ey has..been'sentenced to ..fourteen rears in the penitentiary at. hard labor 'or the murder of his father, "Judge 2. C. Hundley, last June. Young Hund-- ey is oniy.lS;:years'old. IK the Law Valid? INDIATTAPOLIS, Ind., April 11.— An im portant change has been made in th legislative reapportionment bill since it was passed and signed by the officers of the senate and house, and'the changi may vitiate the measure. In casually comparing the enrollment and en grossed acts, Deputy Sheriff of State King discovered that Monroe county was not included in any sanatoria' district, and that Gibson county was not included in the list of counties anc districts entitled to representatives. The counties had been included properly in the engrossed • act, but when the bill was enrolled they were both left out A consultation of the state officers was held, and it was determined to insert the counties in the enrolled act Clerk Newkirk, of the house, wa,s sent for and was instructed to underline the names of the omitted counties, which he did. The republicans propose to test the matter in the courts. The defeat of the measure in the courts will revive the old law of six years ago. Or. A, K. Encampment. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., April.11.—The state encampment of the Grand Army began its session Thursday with an ad- 1 dress by Commander Stormont, in which he reviewed the history of the ' order and expressed the opinion that it had now reached its greatest growth. The reports of the officers were submitted, showing 1 - that there are now 529 posts with a membership in good standing of 25,173. . while 2,901 comrades are on the . suspended list. The amount expended for relief was S5.1GO. The charges of Dr. Wyeth regarding the treatment of confederate prisoners, at Camp Morton were denounced as false, and a committee was appointed to investigate the matter and made a statement to the public. The Woman's Eelief Corps continued its meeting and elected Mrs. Hess, of W abash, department president.- Two Children Burned to Death, WABASH, Ind., April 11.—Minnie Moore, the 7-year-old granddaughter of Andrew Moore, of Liberty township, this county, was burned to death Thursday morning. She was assisting her grandfather in burning out stumps, aud the breeze carrying her dress into t&e flames her clothing took fire and' she was so badly burned that death resulted soon afterward. The 1 flesh on her limbs and face was literally cooked. COLUMBUS, Ind., April 10.—A 3-year old daughter of Weston Vanarsdale o this city was fatally burned" Thursday her clothes taking fire while her parents •were in another room. Special Handkerchief Sale For To-Day, Mr. Wise on his recent trip to New Yojk was especially fortunate in discovering a few large lines of Ladies' and Gents' Handkerchiefs in the hands of importers who were very anxious to sell. He bought two or three entire Stocks at very low figures, and will to-day give the people a chance to share in our good luck. The entire lot will be on Special Sale at Wonderfully -'J Low Prices at WILER & WISE, No. 315 Fourth Street. Sure Death! Indiana Feach. Trees Uninjured. COLUMBUS, Ind., April 11.—The scare of Friday last turns out to have been merely a scare, at least so far as the great Clark and Jefferson county (Ind.) peach belt is concerned. Advices from the peach kings c£ Indiana, Dean Bros., and .other growers at Henryville, Otto, New Providence and Memphis, - Ind., state that no injury to "peaches can be perceived, and the only harm appears to be the checking of the blossoming for a few days. Undoubtedly some buds will drop off, but this, with the overburdened condition of the trees, will be an advantage and save some work in thinning the fruit. No other fruit was forward enough to be damaged. Forged Indorsements. COLUMBUS, Ind., April 11.—George W. Mitchell, who recently went from Crothersville to Louisville to engage in the shoe business, has been forced to assign. Liabilities, 88,000; assets less than $4,000. Among the assets is a note for $400 bearing the names of Preston Bider and John W. Hanacker, 01 Crothersville, as indorsers, which these men say are forgeries. 'The affair i.* likely to lead to serious trouble in court. Driven to Death by Shame. MABTrusyiLLE, Ind., April 11.—Mrs. John Oliver,, of Jefferson township committed suicide Wednesday night bj hanging. Her husband going to tha smokehouse about dusk found hex hanging from a beam. Her body was yet warm. She had tied a large handkerchief about her neck, climbed upon a chair and tied this to a rope suspended from above.. She then kicked the chair away'.' ' She bad told some of her family that she would kill herself because, of her 16-year-old granddaughter's downfall. Murdered fly a Slanderer. Ind., April 11.—At a late hour'W ednesday,'night John Walters, a stranger, shot Ed Beir, a 17- year-old boy, who lingered .in great agony till morning, when he., died; Walters 'escaped. The murder was committed because young Beir defended the name of a'poor young lady. The murderer has been located in the country and officers are now after'him. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., April 11.—The master and journeymen plumbers.have reached an agreement, the former to employ none but union men, wages to be 40 cents and 30 cents for plun»bers and-35 cents and 30 cents .for gasn'tters and 40. cents for steamfitters, eight hours to be a day's work. Nearly all of the master tinners have signed the schedule recently presented by the iournevmen. To Cbelroaehes, Rats, Mice, and Bedbugs. FISHER'S LIGHTNING EXTERMINATOR. At Ben Fisher's Drug Store, 311 .Fourth St. I WHISTLE FOR D., A. HA UK He has the goods and prices. Best Clock for the money. Best Watch for the money. Best Spectacle for the : money. Best work done for the money. No. 41O Broadway. Tlie Jeweler and Optician. D. A. HA UK. The onlr Safe, SurCt and reliable F1U ftr salt. " ~' * .Brand 1 la Hod and Cold metallic Xtfuu SvtMUaKanl ami Imitation. THE ORIGINAL AND GENUINE. Ladlo, uk Drugellt for CMOiater'l S*}liil> Diamond .Brand in Bod and Cold metallic boxes sealed Trlth bluo ribbon. Take no other kind. All pill* ID pulebMrd boxti, pink wrapper*, arc dk»crotlir«<iv?it«rf<IU. At Drugglm,or 4c. in stump* for particulars, testimonial!. »nd * l BcUcf_forJL»dIe»,'" ' * 30,006 Testimonials: tftnHe Paper. Sold fcj- all Local Drnxtfitj. — - „ (n later, Dj return Milk, CHICHCCTCR CHEMICAL Co., M»4I«>« g JOHNSTON BROS. .\ "Tlie Corner Drug Store." Johnston Bros, have removed to the Cor. of 4th and Broadway* ... " •' . "-••:.,!''':" f Strecker Building.) A Full and Complete Line of DRUGS ON HAND PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY COMPOUNDED:

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