The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on May 20, 1975 · Page 36
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 36

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 20, 1975
Page 36
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m 36 Tuesday, May 20, 1975 The Ottawa Journal Deadly exorcism A model citizen becomes a murderer By KEVIN DOYLE LONDON (CP) - Michael Taylor, a successful 31-year-old businessman, was known to bis Yorkshire neighbors as a responsible husband and father and a valued participant in community affairs. That was about a year ago. Now he is in a prison mental hospital, having bludgeoned to death his beautiful 25-year-old wife, Christine, and terrorized their five young children. He was later found by police wandering naked and bloodstained outside their village home and his subsequent trial at Leeds Crown Court became one of the most celebrated criminal cases in recent years. The Church of England has unwillingly been swept into the controversy and a whole range of occult practices covering exorcism, satanism and witchcraft are under searching public review. Taylor's trial, at which he was found not guilty because of insanity, began quietly enough until defence lawyers made a bombshell revelation that Taylor had killed his wife only hours after leaving a church vestry where local clergymen and others had tried to exorcise, or drive out, demonic spirits they believed were possessing him. The evidence Indicated that late last year Taylor and his v wife had joined an Innocent-sounding Christian fellowship group in their village near the mining centre of Barns-ley. At least one member of the group, however, was a worshipper of Satan and associated "evil spirits." Taylor became unstable and a friend took him to see Rev. Peter Vincent of St Thomas's Anglican Church in Bamsley.- Vincent and his wife Sally were joined by Rev. Raymond Smith, a Methodist, and his wife, Margaret, Donald James, a Methodist lay preacher and a friend, John Eggins. The group decided Taylor's spirit had been possessed by the devil and that they should perform the ancient Christian ritual of exorcism and purifi cation. , ; The methods they used are . unclear. In Protestant churches there are few hard-and-fast guidelines for exor-cism and purification, as there are in the Roman Catholic Church. But defence counsel Harry Ognall said the Christian Fellowship group was a collection of tormented people who fed neurosis to a stranger and within a few days had turned Taylor into a homicidal "In that condition he was subjected to grotesque and wicked malpractices posing in' the guise of religion. Had to confess "It (the exorcism) was supervised by members of two branches of the Church of ' England," Ognall said, "and he was made to confess sins of which he was innocent and was subjected to indignities which defy comprehension." , . Taylor had then felt compelled to kill his wife to expel some evil spirit he, believed was within her, Ognall added. Vincent was later que; tioned at length by the Bishop of Wakefield on the exorcism but the bishop refused to force his resignation, saying that he still has confidence in him, although bis action bad been misguided. Nevertheless, all exorcisms In the diocese were suspended while a commission of inquiry examines the practice and the Methodists have launched a similar internal investigation. The case, however, has aroused broad public interest and a seemingly endless series of accounts of secret societies operating all kinds of spiritualist practices have been appearing. v - Some are just an excuse for a, jolly, sexy romp. Others are more serious and some are deadly.- --- --- - in many cases, it seems, exorcism has been a valuable Computer linked in bid to fight kidney failure SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) -The computer, mathematical theory and medical science have joined in an experiment that promises greately improved treatment for persons suffering from kidney failure. Kidney failure occurs when the vital organ breaks down Nazism revival charged VIENNA (AP) Yugoslavia has alleged that Austria has engaged in "forced assimilation" of minorities in southern Austria, a charge Austria rejects as "unfounded" and "offensive." The dispute comes as Austria celebrates the 20th anniversary of the signing of the State Treaty restoring Aus-trie's sovereignty and independence. Yugoslavia charged Austria with permitting a revival of Nazism and with violating Article 7 of the treaty giving certain rights to Croatian and Slovenian speaking minorities. from a variety of causes and ceases its work of removing urea from the bloodstream. The result is a buildup of ..dangerous urea, normally eliminated by . the kidneys in a person's urine, which can lead to serious illness and even death. - The treatment today Is fairly simple, although time-consuming and expensive: Hemodialysis putting the patient's blood through a machine that removes the urea. Most patients are routinely put on an artificial kidney machine for six or eight hours at a time but now two researchers have found a way to make the treatment fit the patient exactly. The new method was figured out entirely by mathematical theory a series of extremely complex equations and programmed into a computer so that any doctor or nurse can use the information, whether or not they can do the mathematics required. Dr. Frank" A. Gotch, director of the hemodialysis facility at the Ralph K. Davles Medical Centre, said the new system also indicates whether treatmentis being given properly and whether any change in the patient's diet has bearing on his illness. The computer system automatically calculates how long and bow often hemodialysis treatment must be given to hold the urea concentration in the patient's blood at the desired level. . The mathematical eqdations were worked out and pro-g r a m m e d into a General Electric time-sharing computer network by Gotch and John Sargent, a young medical engineer educated at Cornell University. The computers in Brook Park, Ohio,- near Cleveland, store data on a great variety of subjects for patients in the United States, Mexico, Cana-d a , Australia, Japan and most of western Europe. The only equipment needed is a desk-top keyboard device similar to a teletype machine connected by telephone to the computer. A doctor need only make a local phone call to make contact After being given a variety of information, the computer automatically prints out a treatment guide for the doctor several sets of hemodialysis frequency and duration treatments. From these guides, the doc-tpr chooses the treatment he or1 she has found to be best for the patient. WithTippet-Richardson the nicest thing about moving is the move. Moving across town or across the continent. You have enough to worry about. With a new neighbourhood New schools. And maybe a new job. The lastthingyou need to worry about is the move itself. Sothinkof us first. We've had over 45 years of moving Canadian families. During that time we've come to be known as "the friendly movers". Because when your children ask us a question we answer. V, With a smile. And. when you tetl us about your favourite antique lamp. Wa listen. And give it a little extra care. Let us give you a free estimate. With no obligation. It'll be the best move you've ever made. f u,n nil "The Friendly Movers" 1209 Algoma Road. 746-1666 l1a Tippet-Richardson Ltd. Members of Allied Van Lints aid in helping to restore the mental balance of people who have become insane as a result of joining witchcraft so-; cieties. In others it has been useless or destructive. One girl, who models under the name of Barbara, told of ' being convinced to join a sa- tanist cult by her boss. Her initiation, she says, was a repulsive business. . Daubed with blood "I was daubed with blood ' and had to make love to ball a dozen dirty old men. Most of the g r o u p s activities seemed to be used as an excuse for sex." r Later she left the organlza- , tion but "my ' flat always seemed to smell musty; no matter how hard I cleaned the smell wouldn't go away." ft Barbara then had a nervous breakdown, spent three months in a mental hospital and finally was referred to Rev. Christopher Neil-Smith, a 54-year-old minister at St Saviour's Anglican Church in London, who carried out an exorcism and apparently restored her sanity. "As I perform an exorcism of this kind," he said later, "I can actually smell an evil odor leaving the person's body." Serge Kordiev, a SS-year-old free-lance photographer and his wife, Anne, were not so fortunate. They too joined a satanist group, went through the sex-filled initiation and Serge suddenly found bis business started making money hand-over-fist tW I ii 1 1 I V A I R Clwte Ntatordnrft Charge American Express But they soon became disenchanted, left the group and Immediately their fortunes changed. His business went . flat overnight, his daughter found a tiny coffin containing an effigy of herself and the next day was .nearly killed In ' a motorcycle accident Exorcism provided no relief. Anne Kordiev believed she was possessed by devils, bad several nervous breakdowns and finally killed herself with a drug overdose. ' Books, pamphlets and news-paper articles containing these and similar stories have proliferated since the Taylor trial and, whatever the final outcome, they have provided a chilling insight into a, segment of society few Britons knew existed. A Beautiful Way to be Comfortable . . . 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