The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 3, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1931
Page 6
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PAGE BI/YTHGV1LLE, (AUK.) COUllHK NEWS WEDNESDAY, JUN'H BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS •• TH* COURIER MEWS CO, fUBLISHERB ; .. 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAINES, AdyertUlug M»n»g« Bole K»tlon*l AdveitUdng Representatives: Th? Thoiuss P. Cl»rk Co. Inc., New York. fbiUdelphi*. Atlanta, DillM, San Autonlo, S»u Frwiclscb, Ch/cago, Si; Louis. Published Every Alttnioon Except Sunday, Entered « secona cltss mmiMr tt Uie port ofllce it BlytlwvUle, Arkansas, under »« of Congrsa October 9, mi. Served by the UnltW Ptes« SUBSCIirTIOX RATES By carrier In the city of Blylhevlllc, 15c per w«k or tfi.M p«r year Ui advance. By mall *ltliln a radius ol BO miles, $3.00 per Itti H.M tor six montlw, Ro for three months: by mall In posUl rones two to six, Inclusive, K.M per yett, In louts reten end eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. A Challenge To Business Money rates in America today are extremely low. This fact eonstiliitus a "great opportunity for business and industrial concerns, Init not, ninny will be able to takn advantage of it, according to Dr. Stephen 1. Miller, executive manager of the National Association of Credit Men. Following the 1021 depression, Ur. Miller points cut, there ,w;is uu abundance of cheap money. Big organizations, with high credit rankings, could and <lid take advantage of it. Most of the little fellows could not. Thus the extraordinarily high profits of tlic following prosperous years were largely reaped by the big fellows, who had borrowed at low rntes of interest and had (invested their funds in projects that later became lucrative. Hence, as Dr. Miller points out, cheap money today indicates a more keen competition when, prosperity returns; and the sninll business firm is more than ever under the necessity of 'gaining increased efficiency. If it fonts to do so it will be unable to ccm- iwt.e with the big firms that have bctin iiblc to (tike advantage'of cheap interest rates- Automobile Taxation With a view, perhaps, to comforting Arkansas motorists who pay -higher automobile license and gasoline taxes than those) of all but a very few of the American states there has Ijcen issued from Little KocU a statement of the high cost of owning an automobile in certain foreign countries. It might hnvc been added that largely as a result of these extremely high ta.xea the farmers and industrial and clerical workers of foreign countries get about afoot or on bicycles. In Europe and Latin-America passenger automobiles are luxuries enjoyed only by the relatively well to do. A similar, will prevail here if we don't slop piling up taxes. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Hitting the Speed ColdiilWS 'rf&V motor vehicle Inw ought to bo of interest to other states, ' if only because it succeeds in wiping out the small-town speed Imp. .This is done by n stipulation that motorists can go on about their business, after an arrest for a traffic violation, vijiUiout funiishiujj appearance security. Furthermore, the summons must specifically describe the offense of which they are accused. They need not appear for trial Tor five days after the arrest. Hero is a law well worth copying. The speed trap is an unholy nuisance; a bit of law enforcement that is not concerned with safety on the highways, hut that is simply a "racket." for the enrichment of cow-town treasuries. Colorado seems to have found a lino way of dealing with it. Laugh and the world lnuglis with you. Cry and you Jusl simply mli^ your makeup Co-op Handling Charges Seem Remarkably Low One of llif big draab.icks to co-operative marketing of ration In some instances has been the high per-balo coat of selling and murkcllrj}. Thut item always IncludcM the salaries of tho officers of the association, Hie field work nnd a do/en and one othes- Items of cost Hint enters Into marketing cotton. When the Mid-South Association was set up last year In Memphis, combining many of the members and some ol (lie officers of the Arkansas and Tennessee Associations working with the National Association known as tho American Co-operative • Cotton Association, ft flat handling charge) of J2.60 a bale or less was put in the conlruct. The Mid-South Association hns just made Us report for Hie your up to dale on the, cost of handling cotton this yew. The Mld-South's coats per balo have Ijccn, Including salaries, expenses of moving the office to Memphis, tho salaries and rciA. of receiving stations nnd alt of the things that go Into handling cotton, around 110 cents i>ev bale. Add to that then an estimated charjje o( $1 per bule for handling and selling In, the national assuclalion and you have; 11 total bale cost of $1.80 per bale Thnt Is decidedly below the estimated cost of 52.50 a. bale. That Is getting the cost of marketing _colton down to where 11 belongs mid we believe such a record as has been made by the Mid-South Association deserves the continued support und loyally of every cotton producer lt^ Arkansas. Not only have we been able tu set, a better advance for our cotton. It has been marketed and Is being carried tn u most economical manner. —Arkansas Farmer. Wlini his ac;ors are hams, snys tile olflce ,iagc, producer hasn't got. a show. losplfal in such a manner as to provide some privacy. When four >aticnts occupy one small ward, hey are able to save one the cost 3f nursing anil on the other costs associated with hospital care. TOMORROW: The cost of medical ti-eatmfnt. The Editor's Letter Box THIS CURIOUS WORLD "I've Ihted phone calls under amusements. Where would you put corn plasters—under the clothes budget?" NEW YORK Gilbert Swan War.ted—Bran Tickers (To the editor:) As it has been iucli ai long time since I have icard from any of you I will give an account of myself. About the last, letter I wrote this paper was In March, 1918. from Bordeaux, when I would five the killers to the- sailors down at Bas- •;aus (American douks in France) ind they would mall them in New York. That was when Hie Germans were making the drive and nil southern France was linsd with EOldlers. Many o( you remember good old Bordeaux down on (lie Oiionde. -Many will know what a hard (rip we had oil ships going over. 15 to 30 days oul and not even the light of a cigarct IQ show on the deck at night. 1 was the fust man from Mississippi county to liuid there but alt this is ancient luslcry. What I ivant to (ell you now Is I am down en thu river at Kosa with a 75- acre bcarj patch all to be picked and I want all the bean pickers I can get. There were 3-12 grass widows in Blythevllle Uc year of 1814. I have been counting on ihcm and all that have married again. I want them to bring husbands nlorjj. They can h while (heir wives pick beans, have several beats and lines. also want iBro. Hayneu and audill to pick. They used to my Sunday school superintend- it and choir leader. 1 guess they e still hangir.q aroui|J. I can ;e Charlie Gray and Jim Malhes they are sliU in town. Jim used i pick bananas and Charlie used ' lie around at the Mead Clcth- ig store. I would also like to ive McKcnzic and Saiumie Ros- ilhal if [hey are still in town WALKS A LONG /MO 12JSNS --OVEK. ROCKS WITH ITS iOMG SILL ... HENCE THE NAME • - C 0» ,NE\V YOUK, June 3. — When j as tho adventures of Scotty when Pcaccck Alley was the swankiest! he came-to New York. In . this Jane in all America, Tom Smith desert palace, the mules havc\val- «as clerk of the Waldorf-Astoria.! cts and th?re's a 5100,000 pipe or- New York was young mid carriages ; [;an to keep everyone in the prop- passed Inlly-hos on Fifth Avenue;. ?r frame of mine!—including the beau and belles waved as the trnt-1 mules. The music is relayed to flc passed and there was no traftic I the stables. "Back 30 y.Mrs ago, when I was uotcl clerk, the old Fifth Avenue cop whistles. Life must have been hillnUcly simpler. The leading role that most, actors prefer Is the one they get on pay day. An ex-motorcycle cop won the Indianapolis speedway race. Just as arty aulo driver would have expected. / An Ohio addressee lias Jusl received a letter from a relative mailed 70 years ago. Of course, no bill ever took that, long in the mails. A New England couple proposed, wed slnilcd on a honeymoon to Honolulu all in hours. Let's hope llicj return trip won't made via Hct«o. and lie The oilier night I met this Tom Smith, who "went west, youni; man" and came back as the olri- chil envoy of Pasadena, Calif., whero he is an executive of the Hotel Vistu del Arioyo. And he fell to telling tales of rtajr, when old New York was olci New York. And among his favor- He stories seemed to be on.: concerning the arrival of "Death Valley" Scclty, whose Manhattan cx- travngtincrs and plumjinss made front i»se copy across the land. » * • "It was about 191X1 that Scotty arrived in his famous private train," recalled Smith. "The story went that he was celebrating the discovery of a gold mine, but the whispering was that this was n press agent stunt arranged by the! Santa Fo railroad.' "He had mimed out two locomotives trying to break all castboutid records. A\ any rate, when he arrived at the hotel the first tiling he did was to order 44000 worth of scrambled eggs. "Naturally, when the order came i everyone practically fell dead. We haven't seen any clear explanation of the surplus of wool in the nation's warehouses this year, but nllsr lookius over some of those new 1031 balhius sulls that the c'rls arc wen ring we have our Biles'!. there. Bob Imagine, trying- to fill an order for $4000 worth of scrambled eggs! When lie was nshd what he wcnt-j Ami iliere wn: cd with tills huge order, lie said: known as "the house wouldn't put a cash register ,n the bar because they said it would Insult the bartenders. Their bar-n:-:n, the proprietors explained would feel this was a shadow over Ihcir integrity and would be hurt * • « "Today everyone here looks a everyone elro with suspicion. Tliej Irust each other to the tune o Iron-clad agreements with a staf of lawcis on hand. I've heard n lot since I canv-> back this Urn about the hotel depression in Ne\ York. Pardon me while I smile The trouble has been that lliey'v put up mor.3 hotels than anyon knows what, to do with. And, i seems to me. that the old colo and giair.c-ur of the city arc aboi gone. Too many people are tryin to cdsc into the limelight, and no many of them f^em to be havin much fim. "I ivas a room clerk at the ol Bcvrtholdi—and what a gay spo that v,-;is! It was the center of Li city's night life. Kid McCoy wji living there with liis third wif V/illiaji Jennings Bryan conduc cd Ilk pDlitical campaign fro OUT OUll WAY Fitzs'immons k;pt suite there. So did Leslie Carte Chappie Mora king of the pou 'Just give 'em to everybody in The j rooms." hotel. Send an order ID all Ihe; "I've «r?n him come In with rconis. I dcn'l want anyone hi tho! roil of Dills that almost blinded :id all that care to come. You an catch trucks at the bean lac- ory. Mr. Greill will tell yoi 11 about the place. Any families lat have tents can camp rlglv n the river, have; plenty o ater, wood, dewberries, Fish and losqultos. If you will write me ill come for you. Picking wil ast until frost. I will be ove QO5A BONHEUQ. WO/?£ AlEN'S CiOTHIMG, WHtt3 /WAKING HER FAH.OOS' MWAL. , PAIN7JNGS AT FAIRS',, AKiO O 19J1 EY NCA SCBVJCC OK. CHURCH EXCUSES \ .By Georjc W. n»rh«m— — Mother catnc to see us last week and as usual she asked me about my church. Mother has such old- lashioncd ways. She thinks a person should actually put the chinch ahead of everything in one's life. Nov.; I think th? church is all right but there are other tilings that must be kept up. Of course, slin did not say very much only she spoke about Sister and Junior ai(d wanted to know about was net lair to the children; that they were entitled to such traiix- ing as the church could give Ihcm while they were youny. I didn't tell her about how our crowd entertained. I'm sure It would be a shock as she is very old-fashioned I'm afraid I haven't quite lived up to her expectations and (he training she gave me. Mother is one of these people who I dees not believe that children should their training. So I just told h;r 05 sent to. Sunday School and that I did not think they \vera . Church, but should be taken by old enough to bother about their | the Father and Mother. That was religious training. I toM her that i the way she did it. She say:; ! nc day soo]\ and I \vill cc :is many as possible. Everything Is all O. K, dov,n at iosa. Crops (ire fine and everybody will get through chopping icxt u-cek. Bean picking will tnrt about the 10th or 12th- some of the best church people I knew hardly saw a church house until afUr they were grown. She (here are Mothers who can't go but it would be a rare CESC where neither the father or mother could this Editor. I am comiuy up to see ou pretty soon. Wish you would ise your inlluence to get Herman; true UP I'rVO ?k ami esi try to I £ fl id that could be true but that go. I kiiov,' all ^r;r—»;; ~rr«: | £", "S H^ „*.* „,. ^r. „ j day night it's hardly possible to and cantaloupes from Durant. ForjS" «P Sunday morning in time to fear this letter hits the waste! i e ^ ^c children ready for Sunday Tield to cent? down and used to sell them slrawbcr basket I will close. j SclKX " nnd if thcy mlss '" at il ' s T W. Eubanks. hardly worthwhile to lake them to | Rosa, Ark.' church. GUIDE ... COUNSELOR hotel to be hungry.' "And what a laush that yot. 1 hap- mere clc:k. The bar ran day and night, wit'.i five bartenders at work f.H the tiue. Mo, things arc not "Jus; a few mouths pened to be down In tho ticscrt Hie same.' country where Scotly has his; And yet, Mrrls liko myself have u castle— right cut !:i the : to so right c« getting out columns middle of nowhere. It's as stuuigc | about the town. Greater Efficiency Reduces Expense of Care In Hospital HY nu. Monuis nsnr.UN i:clilcir. Journal "f (hi- American Mulical Asscrialicn, and of Uy- Scia. the Health Slapi/uie The people of tlv Uuitrcl Slates nre not the only ones wan cerned with the fira<:-.i.-.l In the ccst cf medical > particularly with tr: <.\•:-: pital care. The pro'o-.-;--. ccniing the whole wc.-.'.c! The development o! 1-. i specialties hi mcdiciiv. • •: both fnr diaauosis an;! : : and above all the r,:\: ,:•. cr three workcre u-r '.-.::-. ual worker \vho wjs ir-.. ployod cxplair. a l.irs-- ;, increar.ed co^l. Recently, Dr. M. K ; ,;• ly«d the rcascsis t.M- :..-.• in the cost of ho.-piui ... many. He says th.r. i':.. scurciv. of rxp:nd:(iiie ::-, hospital are the <:UT.-.-. treatment, nm.-.ln;. .•.!..-.-, and the niainlaiuint- o: .., partment--. Thus the hosplt-.i! ih. • buy focd in Inice tf.,:,' stcrc It can catrr ;,. ; , than one \vhlch li.i; ;:•: tlercrcoM facihtir:. :.!,. Iric devices in the k:ii-'.. tho hospital to opcv.v., -A. | less employes than ;.-.,. ...cess.-iv: when the dish wash;:-.; -.rjctabli slicing, and simr-ar must be done by ha:-.; Tile cost of nurshg Is being r, duccil by group inisiug and I similar plans for riivding the service of one nurse :^nong several ! palirnts. Cleaning in, (he hospital • con- i demands a consldcrai 1 : number of •case I employes. II corners lare lounded " aiid ' of( -' " radiators are. properly rc- i-: ho5- -.- con- .'.'!.<. o! i:,uncr: .-if 11CC -I'.iucnt, ..r: iWO i'.illlVUl- ;-!v cmr: Hi: atn- • -c.iical . tuition ^;al dc- and if the builtlng Ls equipped with the cleaning- question in mind, a much smaller number of ward maids and orderlies can lie j used than in ImtltiitiaiU in w inch this point has not bien kept in Imind. ^fodcrn hospitais arc iH-inp con- blriictcd iic.rc and moro'-o»illi the Idea ol rfdiicins the n\inaer of workers aid in this way distributing the :cst. Palirntr- useri to be sensitive on tile subject of wards In luvptuls. Peep!: ol liie middle clas- wlio were not (\lremely Ircc with Ihrir funds lelt lhat in times rf illness they had lo make an extra ilfort in ord?r ti have a private iccui in; able to • -.! s and c:-.eaply clcc- thc hospltit. | In mo:len hor-pitals. aii-.niqc-i mcnls are -jeing made to care tor I two. three, or four patients in ij vcom cspchaliy adapted !or llie' puiposc w'ih sliding sci :cns so that almost.a maximum of privacy W hat is the best soap ±'or dishes, for woolens, for the toilet? How much is rib roast today? How much for the new shoes Billy needs? Where can I get rompers and sun suits for Mary? Can 1 afford new linoleum for the kitchen now? What about a new chair or two for the porch? An electric fan would be nice,, but how much does it cost? In this very newspaper you will probably find the answers to these and many other questions. Questions you must answer if you are to be sure of getting' the best value for your money, the most out of your weekly budget. Advertising is a friendly thing, ready to help you plan every purchase, to fit it to your need and your purse. As you sit at home reading the newspaper, study the advertisements, and make your decisions at your leisure, free from the bustle and confusion of the market-place. Consult the advertisement}! before yo« buy enable Is furnished at a minimum of i many | )>cnse. \ Large waris, containing Irom 10 ., 0!to W bsds. a-p r.ivv found only in pctedures! charity hosp:als, and even here I there is i te-.dency to build th?

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