The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1949 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1949
Page 19
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WEDNESDAY,'DECEMBER 7, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams ^ Lft RIA •—»•«• g» PtJeFfiR JdOT EX'ACTLV TUB OUVR(j=. „. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS _ Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople Hlgbett prlco paid roi CHIOKENS- uus Asn street CJrncpry 511 W JUn Private Rooms BeditKmi for rent. Ph. 2318. I2;7 comfoi table tx'droom. 1007 Ma nwi. Phone 6167. 12.6 pi: 12 : u Eiarooin. Gas heat. !'h. 2375. 12.3 pk l;3 Coni/ortable bedroom convenient to town, Men only. 310 W. WrtlnMl. 12.2 pH bedroom, close In. Phone 2!01. 12 ; 2 pk 12.9 Front bedroom, private entracne. Closeln. 622 W. Main. 12;2 CH !2 ; 9 1 bedrooms, Men only. Airs E F Uloniej-er, ph. 26CB. 11^6 pk 12(10 Notice Ercy Williams is no longed Connected with Riatcs Land iJPompany. 12-5 ck H LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION' FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free ol charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, ,6142, Blytlie- ville, Ark'. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. 11:21 pk 12j21 NOTICE users of Electrolux Cleaners FREE Inspection on - your vncuu... cleaner. Call Guy Wright. Phone 6US. Give her an Electrolux Cm Christmas. She'll 16ve it. You will too. 12 : 7 ck 12,9 COVER THE EARTH Complete Paint Service On (he Finest Line Available Sherwin Williams BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. W. H. "Hill" 1'case J. Wilson Henry Highway 61 South Fhonc 2131 rte CAMEO Virginia Teale Till: VI-OIIV: In v,-»,lcntI,. K ihr /.lllr.l.T ,,f Mj, rlin |.-,,|,i. r , i-|,,,rlle Hftl.iy ,-nflw Llpiin Sri'iihiuilr Smith. «-myli>y<-.l t.r * K lt, h l, in . ntvticit Ilrtljy nlioiir n cnnico 'Vhli-h 1-, a rltir In llir miinUr. lEclunil/tK in lltmnrV* !,r>n*r I liry 'I'-covKrerf .\.-ll 0'.\>ill, ivho ilr ^1 In xxr 'PHE amber Alight from what had •*- been Nel! O'Neill's favorite Chinese lamp shone down on the carnelian cameo, on the delicately carved outline of the weeping woman; the pearls and small diamonds surrounding the stone plucked the light and threw it out as a nimbus on the glass table top. Four men were staring down at the jewel. Chief of Police Peters spoke first: "Tom," he said quietly, "are yoir sure you don't want to see the girl and give back the pin personally?" Tom O'Neill backed away from the group and sank onto a squar- ish teakwood bench, he clasped his hands and v allowed them to hang loosely between his knees. "Take it out of my sight," he mumbled. "Give it to Nell's niece. She wanted it bad enough to kill Nell for it, didn't she? Well. Rive it to her!" Charlie Reddy took a step toward him: "Now look here, Tomi* He stopped speaking as Chief Peters gestured him to silence. "Tom," Peters put in patiently, "we've told you the story as we know it. the 'business of Mrs O'Neill's theft of the cameo—" he paused as Tom made a belligerent move. "Well, let's say her 'appropriation' of the cameo from her sister, who, as you now know, was Stephanie Smith's mother. It should be clear that the girl could not possjbly have killed her aunt The U me of death precludes that Mrs. O'Neill died in the middle of the afternoon. Stephanie was at the Three Wishes Shop all day." Tom's face was set in ugly, stubborn lines; he shook his head: "Take it out of my sight!" he repeated thickly. "Take it away or I'll throw it in the ocean! Give it to her, put it in her murdering hands!" Chief Peters hooked his thumbs into his Sarn Brown, belt and addressed the ceiling: "Squirrel cage." he grunted. "Two people stabbed. Murderer running loose. Town in an uproar. Sightseers all over like ants. Tcn-lfiousand-dol- Inr cameo getting tossed back and forth like a badminton bird!" He shook his head in disgust. Lansing Trotter, who had been sitting by smoking his pipe in silence, rose from his chair: "I'll make some coffee." lieddy sat down as Trotter walked from the room. Catching Peter's eye, he raised his eye^ brows. The Chief inclined "his head. "Tom," Reddy began, "when did you last sec Nell?" O'Neill shook both fists at Reddy. "Told you!" he sobbed. "Told you, yesterday noon! I left her here with Hagar Blair." He bent his head and his tears rained on the floor, "Didn't see her anymore. Not anymore." got up wearily ant! began to amble around the room. Though it was only a little past midday. Tom hnd the shades tirawn and the lamps lit. Strolling to the other side of the patio, Reddy paused at the door at Tom's studio then crossed the threshold and gl.-inced around the big room. Kough-hown, clay- spatlered shelves containing a jumble of glnzed and unglazed pieces occupied one entire wall. There was a brick kiln in a corner of the room, Heddy walked over and opened its iron door. Inside, resting on an iron rack, wore a pair of figurines about 12 inches high and nine wide. The contours, extravagantly block- like, seemed to represent stylized female figures, the heads were bent forward in a sleeping or weeping posture, lie touched one of them gently, it had a powdery surface. He knew enough about ceramic manufacture to judge that those pieces had been given only their initial firing. Bisque firing, it was called. He decided that possibly Tom had been at work on them when he received the news of Nell's death. Rambling through the ,sUidio, lieddy came upon a large barrel containing liquid clay. Experimentally, he dipped a finger into it—the consistency was like the cake liatlcr he used to sample once upon a time in his mother's kitchen. He wiped his finger on a clay-caked towel hanying over the edge of the barrel. He stepped back into the O'Neill parlor and found Trotter, Chief Peters and Torn' forming a close group. Tom was sipping hot black coffee, holding the cup precariously in both shaking hands. Peters looked up: "Charlie, no use both of us hanging around here. I want you to check up on Hagar Blair. Phone. Or belter yet. take a run over there. If Hagar's present, better bring her around to the station for questioning." * • •. CTEP11ANIE SMITH answered Reddy's ring almost before he'd taken his finger of! tjie doorbell: "I was looking out the window and saw you drive up," she* explained. "I'm so glad you've come —I tried to reach you by phone all morning. Dkl you go past the shop?" He followed her into the cheerful atmosphere of Hagar Blair's living room: "Yes. I was worried when I saw the place closed. We've been with Tom O'Neill all morning. Did Hagar get borne all right?" 'Of course I came home," a hoarse voice called from the front bedroom. "I'm here, aren't I? What's left of me, that is. Come on in and view the remains!" (To B« Continued) Lost ' Lost blllrolti with f29. Driver's Ltc- ]se and several other Important apers. Inez Hood. m. i BOX 16A. -Personal rnirty Dimme pnotosmuc .ertlc. S.TEEN-H STUDIO IIB-ck-lI Seeking Inlormatlon us to whereabouts of mr ulster. Ednx Jones. rtBU- guter or Charles W. Jones 23 Lnst henrd ol In 1329 Mrs Gcoroe M Fox 01S On* Knoll. Pontinc. Michigan. ' 12,7 pk 12,U For^Saie, Cars and Trucks Late model Plymouth sedan. a~^in ;arte lor equity in small home. Ph l65 - 125 pic 12 THE GRAVES CDNIRWr Real Lstate - Mortaaac Loans- Insurance OSCEOIA^ BLYTHtYIf 521 FOR SALE Concrele culverts 12 inch ^ <6 inch, plain ni rcenforced Also Conrrel* Building Klorlu cheap. er than lumbri (or barns cltirkco houses, pump hrtusrs. tcnanl hrmse.v tool slieds IV» drtlccr Call Ui foi (rte estimate Phone 601 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLD6. BLYTHEVILLE ARK • rhone, 3646 cwt2S25 , •Master Plumber- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc AD Work Guaranteed For 12 Months 53! North TOlh I'honc 61)01 ^ TUDEBAKER We Invite Your Inspection Of These Fine Cars OQ Ul o 3 H- VI Slmlel>;tlicr Commaiifk-r 5-1'assciiRcr Kejjal Deluxe—completely equipped Mill, overdrive ra- wy <lio, healer, while wall fires and oilier accessories. * I!) 16 Plymouth 2-d«nr Special — nice "< green finish, has radio and henter. This car is in excellenl condition and is very economically priced. I Mo I'onl 2-door—Y..II .Must sec this one. liodv IU is perfect, lijjht as a new one .motor is in A-'l shape, Rood healer. Only two people have owned it. Q See these and many more — Also some good Used Trucks. Chamblin Sales Co. Railroad and Ash ph one 888 S TUDEBAKER PAGE NINETEEN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOHSE1 BROTHER COMPARED ~K> WHAT rveseeu You TALKED us <nt> IT' - -THMKlN'OFSr CHRISfM AS/ i "The television set isn't working—funny, but I just told ' ' —, u us George I'd be glad to see almost anybody drop in!" PRISCIU.A'S POP liY AL VERM ERR ANOTHER NOTE FROM THE TROUBLE WITH YOU WHEN YOU'RE IN SCHOOL HIS TEACHER! NOW IT'S CARLYLE, IS VOU DON'T SOU SHOULD CONCENTRATE" , POP! 1 DO ALL. THOSE THINGS WHEN WILL ' ! HAVE TIME FOR STUDY? BE ALERT! INDUSTRIOUS! ^RSEVERI DILIGENT Mount injr Tension BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE ^•_ F . LIN T' I MOW GL/ \D ' AM TO NOW NOr /4 WORD TO MOUTE THAT r ENGAGED YOU TO PROTECT HIM. llt'S AtOEC NERVOUS THAN WEK TODAY BREAKFASTING .. ' - TELEVISION ROOM HERE.IHADCOOO IUCKXE5TERMY. AND 1M AIM ING TOPlAYlWSKfl OOT.' CAPTAIN EASY Safe, in n 1% Win BY LESLIE TURNER / ui! L ur S A V? AHEAD ' "OWEY. UK*. WDUDERF-UL NEWS, fZpcAT MV OAPI Iklf T'n V vrs.crAli I'M BO HAPPY Wv COUIDM'T Ht UAVE Vi;c duoi i* f^nrl t.. _--.._.._ .*- " Mwc SIMPLY GOnJUST SAIO UE *ASS,NHtl L\ O'JTf LAY Off/ W GENECA«L OOP>~r ,\ GIVE THE MOOVI^N X EOYAL JEWELS HAS ITS DISADVANTAGES OSS GUISED AS" :»i::::f.,..cfeffi!ertr/0-i HOOTS AND men uiinmi-: Phone 3075

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