The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 11, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, September 11, 1952
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOL. XLYIII— NO. 145 Blytheville Blytheville Daily Ncw« BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY SUPTEMRER H, 1952 TWENTY PAGES _— SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Stevenson Eyes 'Corruption/ McCarthy Is Question for Ike CAT»0!,fC SCHOOL OI'K.NS - The new Catholic parish school at 13th ami Ash Etreet went into use here for the first time this fall term with 72 students in grades one through eight. The 72 students attending the school are enrolled as follows according lo the Rev Amos Enderlin: first and second grades, 32 students; third, fourth and mil, grades ->6 students; sixth, seventh and eighth grades, 14 students. ' ' The new building i s of brick ami hadite block construction, with hadite block finH, - Bloody Night Fight Fails to Dislodge ROK's from Height r -i ^n^-'n ° rea (AP) ~ Th e Co!1 ' lm »»ists blanketed Capitol Hill with mortar and artillery fire today after failing m a night of bloody grenade and bayonet fighting to capture the Central Front outpost from South Korean troops The U. S. Eighth Army said Red bigr guns poured BP rounds a minute throughout the day at the tough | ROK (Republic of Korea) infantrymen who chased screaming Chinese troops from Capitol Hill at dawn. ZOO Dead Reds Seen Two hundred dead Chinese were counted on the mud-caked slopes after the swirling, night-long battle, the Eighth Army said. Another 300 were estimated, killed. This raised Communist casualties in the Capitol Hill fighting, which flared Saturday, to at least 2,SCO. The Eighth Army said South Koreans on' Capitol Hill killed or wounded 12 Chinese of a Red platoon which got caught in the open around noon today, U. N. B26s, using radar-aiming techniques, flew through overcast Ekies to bomb Red Western and Central Front positions. ROKs Slop Kciis At one point in the fight for Capitol Hill, ROK soldiers leaped from their foxholes and cracked ft Red encirclement. Some 2,500 yards to the west, the South Koreans held /irmly to positions on the south slope of Finger Ridge, where they withdrew Wednesday night after seizing and briefly holding the crest. The Communists grabbed Capitol west and east. ROK soldiers' charged down the slope and engaged them in bitter hand-to-hand fighting. A rainstorm broke at 2:1.5 a.m. and the Communists surrounded the hill in the wet and darkness. KOKs Cut Through Shortly before dawn, determined ROKs cut through the . Comiuu,, (lists on the north s!op8J t- '" Jomecl by reinforceme ' Eighth Army headqusH?r¥Wfd' that by 7:20 a.m. the ROKs had pushed the Chinese to the base of the north slope and once again were in firm control of the crest Elsewhere along the 155-niile front only small engagements were reported. Heavy rains last night and early this morning reduced Allied air blows. Cotton Crop To Be Picked In 'Earnest 1 LITTLE ROCK «P) _ Cotton harvesting is expected to begin in earnest soon hi East Arkansas. Extension Service agents said yesterday that some 5,000 bales have been picked in Lee County, with, yields expected to average about one half bale to the acre. Agents said rice harvesting in south Arkansas County is expected to begin within a week or 10 days. In Jefferson County, cotton still is blooming and insect damage wns reported to be light Boll Weevils and leaf worms have invaded Lawrence Coui;',y, o agents said control nie&su'ts »t -veeping damage down. Several counties ,' said cotton • (Courier N'CH'S Photo) Natural Gas Due Here in October — --"*.., *jj vjiituji^s Cjceschiii Arkansas-Missouri Power Company. Construction of the 10-inch transmission pipe line from Campbell Mo., to Blytheville is about 15 per cent completed, according lo M- Cze.schin. Unless there is a more-lhan-nor- mal rainfall or other unforeseen delays, this line will be completed during the week of Oct. 6. and shortly thereafter the gas will be turned on since the distribution system here has already been completed. ,Vork on the pipe-laying is ban- • ne on a 7-days-a-iveek basis, he said. II was announced that rale sched- Five Blytheville residents active in church ivorfc will be presented ,, 1K ^,n,nums ls grabbed Capitol ^™ S „«'""' | e j iscd . Standard Kill late Saturday and held it until 1 ma Z" ?,' th " °' blef " l . a 5ervico late Tuesday. inaugurating use of this version Five Active In Churches To Get Bibles Wednesday, U. N. artillery forced back a series of Red probes on the hill. At.7:22 p.m., the Eighth Army said, a wild, confusing battle erupted. Allied big guns cut down an initial Communist attack. Herts Forge Un Slope Two hours later (he Chinese hurled two companies against the ROKs with heavy mortar and artillery support. Finally a Red battalion — about 700 men — forged up the north slope. A U. N. Hare plane illuminated (he battle as South Koreans poured from their bunkei lo force back the attackers with grenades nnd bayonets. Again the shouting Reds advanced — this time from north Sept. 30. The copies of the new Bible will be presented to persons who have rendered "outstanding religious service" to Blytheville, according to the Rev. Harvey T. Kkid. chairman of the BiWe Presentation Committee, The community-wide service lo be held here Sept. so will climax Christian Education'Week, Sept. 28- Oct. 5. At similar services in 3.000 cities thrmiehout the nation, the revised Bible will come into use. The Rev. Mr. Kidd, pastor of First Presbyterian Church here, said individual. 1 ; or organizations wishin Cherry Lends Support To Democratic Ticket LITTLE ROCK (AP) - ,, u d ge F^ncis cherry, next Dcmcoratic governor of Arkansas barring an unprecedented upset, yesterday cho<e a political unknown for a major party post and placed himself squarely behind (he Democrats' presidential tidrel. »ill be somewhat fuel oil and about ing purposes mlThT , t , hn ". " """ »"<»"• one-third less than bottle gas If the schedules lo be submitted arc approved by the Commission " A lower rate will be available to customers (hat use natural gas for cooking said water heating or both ns * hcal "* Mr - Czctchln The lower "combination rate 1 will be offered because the use 01 gas for other than house heathr» purposes helps "level off" consumption cluting the summer months, which allows Ark-Mo to buy its gas re- 'How Far Will General Go In Support? NKW YOKK (Al>) — The landslide renoniination victory of Sen. Joseph I}. .\| c . Carthy, Wisconsin Republican, posed a question Uxliiy for Gen. Uwifrht ]). ],;i. sen _ Mower's presidential campaign slralcjfisls. U was how far to BO in support- mi? McCarthy's re-election bid 'Hie GOP presidential nominee Ims been lukewarm toward Me Carthy, whose .foes have accused him of "smearing" Innocent persons in his efforts to uncover Com- mnmsls i,, the government. McCarthy s supporters say his Com- mum.sls - in . government charges arc ac(s of palriolishi. "No comment," was all Eisenhower would say when reporters asked him at Idlcivitd Airport vcs- tei'day whether hc would 'back' the controversial senator. ™™ h ° WCl ' was returning from JUO-mile Midwest swing that he said convinced him (he voters want n change from the Democratic ad- muiis'rnllon in Washington. He declared In Indianapolis he would ask (he voters to support the Republican ticket from ton to bottom in the responsibility visit." Tnur Begins Sunilaj- The general will leave Sunday on another Midwest campaign tour The itinerary does not include Wisl interest of party every state I cousin. He said at Denver on Aug. .', of fuel during extremely cold weather, thus reducing (he "peak" toad on the Ark -Mo .system - . Cost of gas under the "dual-fuel" rain schedule, will average approximately one-half the cost of bot- tte! gas at present prices, Mr Czcschln said. % ~^i"i-,7i uji rtUjf. ££ that if McCarthy was renomlnated he would support him for re-election "as a member of (he Republican organisation." Bui hc told newsmen he would not give blanket endorsement lo anyone "who does anything r believe to be im-American in methods or procedmcs." In Indianapolis on his latest lour he gave his support lo another senator to whom he had been cool That was Sen. William E. Jenner of Indiana. , *' ike McCarthy, Jenner'has bit- designed terly attacked Gen. 'Ce^fge c '.J-d-to other I shall, Eisenhower's wartime chief and mentor. Eisenhower did not mention Jenner by name In his Indianapolis ^rate will be Truman Lashes Ike's Isolationist Congress' Plan Peace Is Paramount Issue in Campaign, Truman Tells Press WASHINGTON I* _ President Irnman salri today Gen. Divifjl.t p Eisenhower proposes „,, "Iso- atlonist Congress" and that won't bunt; peace. in a news conference, Truman into the denliril nomi: , Republican prcsl- inee's call for election of a Republican congress while of MIC time.? 0 *™ >S ""' We ' ssue If we elect a republican congress, it will be isolationist Truman declared. By way of emphasis, he cave permission for direct quotes around (he words "isolationist con- Press conference rules ordinarily forbid direct Quotation of the President. Truman opened his meetin" with reporters by reading a prepared statement in which he attacked what he called the "one party press" for Us predominate support of (be Republican ticket. But, be declared, he did not think it mattered | 00 much "what they do"wben viewed on past performances of the press. He said the metropolitan press in this country, as well as the big magazines, have become "big business" which has traditionally been Republican, Truman said that only 10.3 per cent of the 1,71)9 daily newspapers in the united Slates supported the Democratic ticket 194S and Cherry, whose Democratic gubernatorial nomination is tantamount to election in Arkansas, named an obscure Little Rock court reporter William P. (Bill) Bowen. as his choice for .secretory of the Democratic State Committee. And the Jonesboro jurist said flatly that he favors the election of Democrats Acllai Stevenson and John Sparkman as president and vice president, respectively. '•I thlnfc hn (Stevenson) can win too." said Cherry, who often was critical of the national administration during his successful campaign to oust Gov. Sid McMath, a favorite of President Truman. No Comment on Tc\as Cherry declined to comment, on She bolt of Texas Democrats to the Republican ticket, but said that he had not heard of any sentiment for similar action by Arkansas Democrats. The endorsement of the nations! Interest in state government Is that of a taxpayer. Job Is Non-Paving "It is a non-paying job to which the only return is satisfaction" commented cherry. "No one would want the job from a selfish standpoint and Bill has agreed to take i'' H ?-J" kcc P |I! ? wit! > our amateur my Liberty Cash Grocery Sold Hayti Man Purchases Super Marker Here The Liberty Cash Grocery at s speech but called on Hoosler Republicans lo "spare no effort" lo - --"- >-l III into HflCl (hat almost all the big circulation magazines preferred (he Repub- ican parly that year. The situation "hasn't changed much." he added. echoing slaienants made recently by Gov. Adlal B. Stevenson, the Democratic presidential nominee. Stevenson spoke similarly at a meeting of editors last week. Stevenson .said be considered, however, that he had been given Sec TKl/JMN mi I'a KC f. 'Whistle Stop 7 Tour Cheers Democrats LOS ANGELES (AP) - L.OV. Atllai Stevenson, cheer- oil by his first try at whisUe- slop speaking, prepared to- diiy to assatill the Republicans in one of their favorite campaign fields — (he question of corruption in government. font' issues""'™ are mcr<! lmpor ' electing Ihe next president. ° M '" However, he came into los 4n- (fdcs last nlRhl with the draft of a speech that will go into the Issue His campaign manager, Wilson Wyatt, said Slcvenson will examine the mieslion of a Town Hall appearance today. The Democratic candidate hi fo°r Trf ° n a "? lhor key address ed It will ileal witii his views'^ social security legislation Stevenson stirred a storm of ap- — he looked a little surprised by it, himself _ when he merely brushed the corruption charge In a back platform talk at Bakersfield yesterday. He said he was "tired of 111 tempered epithets, slogans about crime, corruption, cronies thieves nnd rascals." With a frown, he added: "Surely there must be something more Important for us to (alk about in this year of grace. 1952, when the whole world Is precariously balanced between war and' peace." Tar I Kcjoiner Issued In an earlier slop at Modesto, he whipped a tart, rejoincr at his OOP opponent. Gen. Dwigiit Eisenhower, for the accusations. "1 Ihlnk I have had a little more experience than he has," the governor said, "with throwing rascals out of government, because I have spent the last tour, years up the state of Illinois nfficcnt rascality you ever.saw, under a Republican administration In that state." Both times, the crowds responded with crackling reaction. Men and women alike shouted: "Attaboy. Steve. . . . Give it to Sec STEVENSON on Page 5 Fifth and Main Streets here has standing as politicians. He Is „„ choice for the job and I hope the I , r ° l ° ship of the store. Mr. Richnrrisor by Oliver Richard- ayti, MO., who is movin<* assume active manager" j .send lo Washington (heir candidates for senator (Jenner) and for the House of Representatives. Still another factor entered into the Eisenhower camp's study of the McCarthy question. Eisenhower intends 'to confer soon with Sen. Robert A. Taft of Ohio in an attempt to win active uuinpalprii support from (be man denlial nomination. Taft, who has I T<!lc l )hollc Company is being considered by (he state Public Service Cnm said he wants to know more about "'""""•-'-' Ihe general's views, is an open supporter of McCarthy. Although Eisenhower himself had no comment on the McCarthy triumph on Tucsdny, a spokesman at convention him. see fit to today This the convention probably will do, since It customarily approve-, the nominee's selections wiciiout opposition. Bowen was one of Cherry's ori"- Injil supporters. He worked for free in the judge's short-staffed headquarters before the first an undisclosed amount from R. B Bailey of Joncsboro. owner of several Liberty Cash stores In North- cast Arkansas and Memphis The store will no longer be affiliated the Liberty Cash j his headquarters yesterday rndi- be i calcd (he possibility of a statement for late' 1 - Nollling from the "Cu[f The situation appeared to be that there would be no "off-the-cuff" comment, but rather that the general and his strategists would . v . >v . ,j,.-, u |Mii|]:irv, c_ ji, . . and then took charge 'of personnel i "... C b ' IS "»<ws are in Cherry's expanded organization ? lc .' ?" d w .' n bc '"" for the second primary. date ' hc srlld - group, and will be renamed Richardson's Cash Super Market Mr , Richardson said. Plans for clian'-es iln the business are not yet'coin- a later PSC Is Considering' Phone Rate Hike Bond LIITTLE ROCK (AP) _ A 5000,000 bond filed by Southwestern Bell ephone Company is being considered by (he state Public Service Com- mi.sMon. The telephone f,r m wants to put a new S 2.3 million annual rat 8 Increase into effect Sept. 21 u;:ticr the bond. ™iri .h i. ?l.a1 due ' I P Selection •y. Surprise However, bis selection still was bunkers and foxholes I to nominate persons to receive these i Dcmocral >c ticket by Cherry erects i 5ur P risc to veteran political observ civ the o*tifl-n,-e n-i+h Rfhtrc cllnnlH cnli,.,i, ,v,~:_ !..„ a formidable barrier to n tlv flttatnnt i fiTS, Who had fxnprtrri mi«s>-..t, , Weather Arkansas forecast; Clear to partly cloudy today, Friday and Saturday. UTTI,E CHANGE Little temperature change, light winds. High morning humidity. . Partly cloudy ' Missouri forecast: with little change in ' temperature tonight and Friday; windy west i portion Friday; low tonight in the ! lower 60s; high Friday 86-82. Minimum this morning—64. Maximum 'yesterday—92. Sunset today—6:13. Sunrise lom'orroiv-5:-IO Precipitation 24 hours to 7am —none. ; Total precipitation since January: 1- (CO R I! KCTK1» —J5.00. ' Mean temperature mitivvay Wren h>Hl, and lo\vj 78. njp.Tii temperature September—74.2. This Dale Last Year Minimum this morning— 62 Maximum yesterday—S3 Precipitation January 1 ( 0 dale—{CORRECTED)— 34 ",[> Bibles should submit their nominations to him in writing. Other members of the committee are Dr. Alfred Vise, Ihe Rev. E. C. Brown. Mrs. E. M. Terry, Mrs. W. L. Green, .\f. S. Yales and Mrs. William H. Wyatt. to lure the GOP corra Missco Schools . Get $63,819 in State Allotment County Supervisor of Schools John Mnyes today said Misslssfnni County schools have received s63.81!l in state minimum budget aid. This grant follows a recent transportation aid allowance of $13,317, Mr. Mayes yaid. About $2.000,000 in state aid was given school systems throughout the stale. Education Commissioner A. B. Bonds sairt yesterday S1,42G.»1I of the money was distributed in minimum aid funds and about SfM.OQO in transportation aid funds MisMssippl County's minimum aid fund Grant was the second -~J "..,..1J ^ rmidablc barrier to any attempt ""- "-- state party into the The state convention Iraditionally follows the gubernatorial nominee's wishes. In selecting Bowen for party secretary, an important' but non-paying post, Cherry chose a man new !o slate politics as himself Bowcn never has held office, cither elective or appointive. had expected Cherry to name Harvey G. Combs. Little Rock attorncv and a veteran party worker, to the post. Combs held the job for 25 years before Gov. McMalli replaced him four years ago. Bowen would succeed Prank Newell, a Little Rock insurance exccn- wolgh the whole situation thoroughly before deciding on a course of action. | v Eisenhower's last stop before re- ' Someone's Face (urninfr to his New York regional' headquarters was WashtngUm. I objects, to a tele- Rprl bw .svs r make tbeir home in Biyih, live who was named Gov. McMath. Cherry also filed a list of his •• -- . . campaign expenditures with Secrc- Chcrry said ho tapped the «- lary of slate C O. Hall vcstcrdav year-old Bowcn because He is ,,n i He listed a total expend"ure ci amateur" politician whose onlylS4.500. Pioneer Levee Contractor Dies of Illness Former Top Revenue Official Indicted For Erosion of His Own Income Tax WASHINGTON i.v - Daniel A. i counts, could face a maximum pm- Bolich, formerly the government's I »">' of 25 years in prison and a No. 2 tax collector, was indicted j fine of J50.000. or both. However. the state, receiving today on charges of evading his own income taxes. The Justice .Department announced the indictment, by a grand Jury in Brooklyn. Attorney General McGranery laid (he granrt Jury had returned , died last nl^h f „ heart Memphis hospital. He .. --• "— ailment m •^ "' i>ir. Lonrani'c was a pionpnr Mh. «« ~en^fh mg with Tafl. Eisenhower also ad- Sec UISKMIOWKK on Page S MEMPHIS M>,_ A the store. check Smith Pledges Drastic Action After Voiding Five Divorces MARION. Ark. w _ Chancellor Leon Smith promised "drastic ac* lon " in some pending cases as hn convictions seldom resuinlhc maximum punishment. steppe,, out ,s Distant voided five decrees yesterday In a probe of an alleged quickie divorce racket. fonn'V" lnVCC « mst "'ction since; the Crittcmlen Coiintv^mirlroom 1000. he oppr.-itrd his own firm ami j hc tod found fJaerant abuse To ler Cn^TV P "! n " iI "" C Dri - Ark »™« - divorce law ver Contracting Company, whirl] built many levees in this area During the past five years he devoted most of his attention to farminR. He operated a plantation at _Houcshoc Lake, Ark.^. (Sec related slorj- on Page 5.) *•"- otwini j — fi ..»i*. i jui» unu iciuuien a with Pulaski five-count indictment agnmst Co- Sllar:o-7 *r- ^ni-f.-i«™ ,u_ .,...*-.. . revenue commission In the midst of ] L. " '^ uonrtax'Sr"' 5 "»•«'*-• i.T'" 1 """ Knows of No Bolich figured imnoruntlv in >ii Mr. 'K- for i | Bonds said 5216.712 In apportion-' fimrt aid this \\cok. be distributed elusive. vering the years 1946-50 "It's my advtcc*hal unless yon know what you're doing, don't do it. It's not worlh it, the chance you take." hc said. There were several Instances of scrutiny would have caucht " commented Smith, -"m the" future, I will investigate as often as nei-c;-- Uiifler Arkansas law. anv person must have been a resident of \r- kansas for at | cast M dav.= or Plan to remain in n ln .si.-.ic permanently to obtain a divorce. Newspapers have said that with a little maneuvering, an olit-of- slntc resident can rent a room to serve as a mailing address, file suit and head back home to await the decree. "It is appalling what a person will do when they decide thev want a divorce." Smith said. "Thev will si would guarantee refunds to Bell :i I customers if the rale raise Is denied s| or reduced. yj The .str^-rlnq committee's objection and Bell's answers: 11 The bond is unconstitutional because it u'ould confiscate money paw by (he customers. Bell said money paid in by customers is protected by Ihe bond. 2i The firm has not refunded all j the money paid by it? customers I under a 1MO bond, filed when the j iirni requested a SI.6 million annual (increase which subsemicntly was lowered to M.I million. B?!l saitl refund checks have been mailed to the cuslomcrs. T> The bond Is Inadcciinte Bell said tlin STOO.OOO bond will protect i customers for three nionlln. •t* Bell has not had eiioui:h c-xpcr- I :eiicc under Ms present rain scl'ed- j uli>, finally approved by the Suj prrmc Court in May. The firm said it. is earning only -j 5 IKr com on ir s invr.-lniTOt under I Cra!!'"'! r;irljrr lhj s the Inside Today's Courier News . . . Chirks nnrn .season t nrVM a( .Vnrlli l,i|t!p llofk Taps pla.v here . . . S p(, r | s . I'.isr 1?. ' ' - . . ilollanil .Veils. . . Pa^e . . . Wilson \c v(s . . . I'asif 2. . . . Society . . . IMRC -I.' . . . Markcls . . . ra sc 5. — •••• •"-'t<n«-tn wt — —.u.^i.. 01,1111) said inev wil perjury In which the defendant I tcs «lfy »nd get witnesses to'back LITTLS LIZ— Speeder Forfeits Bond Ray Young forfeited a $10 bond in Municipal Court this morning on ja charge of speeding. j Bolich was Ihe second ranking J official of the Internal Revenue Bureau before he retired. Congressional Investigators have also been looking Into his activities. The jury will continue ils Investigation. McGranery said. The testimony brought out,!, '"nan said today he does not cnimi!! other thines. that Bohrh! ,v, )' nlly f )1 ' c>s ' lre f ™ri the onw livi-tl tor 18 momhs in n |,o-' •,, , Ho ' ;so ""' was ever put on lei room paid for by Hcmv Cjruur-' '*' mt f -"i"lc v.hrn c.iimin j """" i i ho Justice r'rlLJ V ,H Shil l Bl ° n , mystcry "'• '"'^cmor " ?f: a j d ' r h ,°. rpruwd to ««>»»•" Truman nian. prosecutor Bob'ch, i, convlctedon .« five ^i^^^ twlce'T °' !10US ° Ulv<>5U e alors '| Jury In Brooklyn which returned i d" • there Dcpartnicnfs top tax 'Of !o!d at. his was divorced without even know- mg a suit for divorce had been filed, Smith said. His inquiry followed newspaper reports that a quickie divorce rackr-l. ralciHii? lo otil-of-stateis was UinnisluiiK i" Kast. Arkansas. Instances ol fraud being used lo ( obtain divorces has been vmcovcr- |-|ed In Crillcndcn, Potnsclt, Mlssis- - , onsc Mhsls- nere rcporls caudle | .sippi, Greene and Cralghead nr*M.ciir-d V^r, M „, ,,_ if,....- - . _ _ " • fi " c «* it tlicm «p on anythins. "This Is more appnhnjt than per- pclrating fraud on the com I." Divorces voided yoterday vifie: Irving Pressman vs. Frcida Pressman of New York: Julius Halior vs. Syd llaber; J<\.. ( .ph CiH'.hliH, vs. Rose Cocchiaro; Constance .M. I.each vs. Walker Leach: Laurccn C. Cheek vs. J. \v. Check charge of ux fraud pro uttons. ! put . If 93% of the work is being done by niochirws, why is every- oiSe so tired ot night? (m

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