The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1949 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1949
Page 17
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1049 Filipinos Don't Understand the Soft Attitude of U. S. Toward the Japanese BLTfHBVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 15y frank While MANILA, DM. 7. f,|.,-p liss! , se of "sit years since Pearl Harbor has failed io soften the hostility ol Hhpmos toward the Japanese hostility caused by i], e unprovoked attack upon nic Philippines and brutal oulrascs clurl.-.?' Ihe occu- PHUOH and liberiHiflii campaign. The feeling stilt is so strong thai tlie Philippines fordi-ii office reliably is reported to have recently served notice on General MacArthur it coiil.l not euarantce the surety of any proposed Nipponese trade jjf.'f-'.on. •_Thc Nov. 8 election of President Klipidio Qniir.o was. In a largei Scouts part, attributed to his null-Japanese altitude ami l;| s uiicompromLsitif; Negro Scout Group Plans Funds Drive stand (or reparations from the Nipponese. One of Quirlno's most effective device.- ij |,i s campaign afiainst Jo ^e p. l.amel. puppet president under the Jao.lnose. was exhibition of a ne'.vsreel shou'in:; Laurel In Tokyo parllei|)»t!i>R in formation of 'he Southeast Asia Co-Prosponty Knhere under the late premier Hide 1 -:! Tojo. l''ili])inos persistently ask why the United states has taken a "soft" altitude toward Jnp.-n, Score U. S. I'ulicy Many of them say the United Ktntes is making a hip mistake in George O'Rcar and Will Mos-s. Nt'oro Seoul Leaders from llythc- villc, and George Whileside of Os- ceolii, will direct a financial campaign among the Negroes lor the assistance lo Negro Boy The campaign plans were made at n mcciiuj. last night at Rosenvvald School al O.sceola. with Alexander Duncan, N«;ro field executive for the Eastern Arkansas Area Council conducting the nieeLng. No (|uola was set, but It Is hoped that adequate funds can be reached thiou;;h Neero church and civic or- finni/aiions to finance Ihe six ren- tsiered troniis in Mississippi Counly. rclaiir a field rcprescntaiive. and ''ic rs'cijio summer camp al Forrest Cilv. Mceilnpt with the Nearo leaders were: Herberf Siiippen. districl chnirmnn for Soulh Mississippi county; I.nuis George. finance for South Mississippi lo, democratize Japan and County: and Wilson Bohaninf. iicld Germany—people with an ingrained siilisi-rviencc to the military. They .st3om;]y criticise the snend- hiw of lar<re sums of American money to' restore the economy of a Iracle rival and the waivlnc: or reduction nf reparations for damage caused by the former enemy. In both cases. Filipinos theorize Ihiit Ihe United Slates Is motivated by a desire lo erect a bulwark against the spread of communism. But they quickly point to the rise of Germany under Hitler after de- mocraliz-illon efforts following World War I. Nor do they like the idea of Japan becoming the workshop of Asia. fjl Filipinos want economic sclf-suf- leprc.scnlaiive Lv. for Mississippi Conn- feifuaries Cecil L. Massey Dies; Rites to Be in Manila Fttnerol services for Cecil Lawrence Massey, 51. will be conducted »l 2 p.m. tomorrow at the Firs! -Methodist Church at Manila by Ihe Rev. p. w. Svvealt. pastor. Mr. .Massey. who had lived in COMMUNITY Continued from Page 1 Butrk, vice-chairman; C. E. Buck, regular member; J .U. Young, lirst aUu-muc member; mid G II. Galyean, .second allemale member Whlsp—LfRoy Carter, chairman, rliainniin; Nunnnti Hailey. aller- aiul delete; W. R. Bryant vice- nate delegate; W. F. Carter, regular member; l-Vank I- Noe. lirst al- Imijue member; mid T G MiIlU Ban. si 1 court alternate member. Lraclivillo—n*ib Shipley, chair- mini mid alternate delegate; V H. Jtihn.son, (ielcf.nte and vice chrn'r- niHii; .liin Bridies, membei; O. L. Swilmit. fh>a iitienmtc member; O. J. Hucter, second fiHenmte me.m- her. Yarbco ~ William Wyutl, clifiir- man; HileliTtl Bunch, vice-chairman «nd convention delegate; D. B. Abbott, alienmc delegate; Charle.s L'aiu'ston. regular member; Ilich- anl Hayne.s, alien™ Lo; and H. G. Matthews, second allcrnHle member Bowen—Malcom Gree.mvay. chairman tiiul delegate; Rnss Caldwel!. vrcr-cliaiunan- and ahernaie d?*!<*file; Jeiry Frankum, member; /William H. naspherry, first aiiern;Ue me tuber and Jim J nekton, second iUUrn;ite member. Bassetl Clunk's F. Elkm.s. chairman ami-delegate; J. M Speck, viee- chirman; Willie Jamas, second alternate member and alternate delegate; Jcc W. FelLs, member and Leslie Speck, Sr., first, aiternntc member. BurdeUc—Hays Sullivan, chairman; Tom Calli.s, viee-'jhairmaii; Hoi 1 is Jumper, member- C. F, Ton up- tins, delegate and Ihe alter- tme member; S. E. So?; raves. aUer- tiaie delegate and second alternate member. Carson Lake—F. P. Jacobs, chnfr- PAGE SEVENTEEN —Courier N'eivs 1'lnilo LIONS' HOAR—In charge ot noise-making activities »t tlie Manila High School Lions 1 basketball games this year will be the se.xtct shown above. They are (first row, left lo right! Sharlenc Hc.sler, Joan Perkins, Rosemary Lay; (second rowi Mary sue Uallard. Umbara Uonncr and Emily Dean Ilorscly. L i- ui[jiuu.s uiinc. economic sen -sin- -nn.-..-n:.>, «nu IIHU jiven in ,-, . , „ _ , , . ficiency. Thcv sav Japanese polill- Blytheville for several years al 535 Cn ™» Lake-K P. Jacobs, cliair- :al power sur'ely would follow trade i Luinei-nte Street, died last nieht at '"""'• Rlcl '»n' Crc.ner, vice- chair- iuprcmncy In Asia ' I ' (1 Blytheville Hospital after a I ma ": H - A - Segraves. delegate; C For such reasons. Filipinos do nol slK)lt illness. •'• Lowrnncc, Jr.. alternale delegate reconcile themselves to waiving rep- !le is .sinvived by his wife Mrs ami scmni1 aheniiUc member: Ales waiions for the rinmnze lliev <itin Beaulah Mnssev: a son .t w n.-v- G"h!e. inemlier and P. S., Mrs. Stick man Gives "Christmas Story" at Lions Club Luncheon Mrs. Lloyd Slickmon, In keeping with the holiday season, told members of the lilylhcvillc Lions Club a special version of (lie Christmas Story al the club's luncheon mcel- ing at the Hole! Noble yesterday. Guests other than Mrs. Stlrknmn included E. D. Sevaner and E H Beadle, bolh of Blyihcvllle. Approximately 5,000 trolley cars still operate in more than a score of American cities. College Credit Course In English is Offered A course In English, to provide three-hours college credit lo leach- ers and others wishing lo secure additional college credit, will start Thursday al 7 p.m. al the Blythc- villc Hi{;h School. The course is being offered Ihrough Ihe extension service of Ihe j Arkansas SI ale College at Joncsboro. and will meet tuo nlchis each week for .six weeks. Nights for Ihe class meetings will be determined Thursday. reconcile themselves to waiving reparations for the damage they still see atnnt them dally — damage ' "oWs Massey started Dec. 8. 1941. when Japanese planes began dropping bnrnbs here shortly after Pearl Harbor. Robbery Suspect Held; Another is Released Kent Rice ordered held to await Circuit Court action on a charge of robbery but a similar charge against William C. nice was dismissed in Municipal Court this morning. The two men were arrested Saturday night ami charged wilh the (heft, of 583 from Dee McDaniel in survived by his wife. Mrs. Mnssev; a son. J. W Re.v- . . Mrs. Laura C. Berry. a sister of Manila; and two brothers. Erncrl Massey of Manila mid Os-ar Massey of philmorc. Calif. Burial;ivill be in (he Manila Cemetery Oliver the direclion of the Cobb Funeral Home of Blythevilc. Blytheville Woman's Sister Dies in Florida Funeral rites for Mrs. James James, sisler of Mrs. Hissti He,.., of Blytheville. were conducted Sunday at the Baptist Church al Haine.s Cily. I'la. Mrs. James. 37. died Instantly Thursday after being struck by H Goble. member and F. S. Reese, first alternate member. Dyess — n. H. Humble delegate and first alternate member; De\v- ey Cox. alternate delegate and .--«•- ond iiltermite member; Mitchell Forrester, chairman; Louis K. Yatcs. vice-chairman and Leroy Cannon, member. Hatcher—L. E. ShcHon, chairman and delegate; W. H. 'lyre, vice- chairman and alternate delegate; G. B. May, member; Jimmy Keal, I'ir.sL alternate member; and C. R. Ferguson, se.~ot:d alternate member Etowah—Wilbur Wildy, chairman; Waller Melhany, vice-chairman; Lnwrance Woothird, member; Steve CockeJ llam, delegate to conven'Jon and fir-st allernate member; and Jame.s WcKMiiird, alternate delegate and second altei-nale inember. Joiner—J. W. Miller, chairman; Hoy Yeh'injilon, vice-chuiniuin iintl delegate: E B. Crtilcher, member; E. B. Chiles, Jr.. liist alternate, member: V. R. Smith, second alter- nale member and allernate dele- hos])ital. She was (he former Miss Jessie 'nicker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Tucker, also of Tampa. Survivors oilier than her sister, husband and parents, include Iwo sons- Jack and Billy James, bolh of Tampa. . Burial v,-as in Ihe Haines City ! Cemetery. yate. Reiser—C F. Ford, r-hairman and delegate; H. L. Vcasman, vice- chairman, vice chairman: Louis Wilbank, allernate delegate and second alternate member; and Frank Crews, first allernate member L'.ixora—J. A. Teaford, chairman; ! A. P. Worsley, vice-chairman; R. L. t Houck, convention delegate; W L. Hanna, allernate; A. B. Rozellc, member; Roy Houck, first alternate. and T. L. Stanford, second allcr- nale member. Milligan Ridge—G. I. Byrd. chairman; Ben C. Minion, vice-chairman; Anion Holt, member; rord Cainiiil. convention delegate and first alternate member; George Webster, alternate delegale and second allemale member. Osccola—C. U. Ayres. chairman; J. B. White, vice chairman; J- A. Cro^thwait. member; J. A. Pi!:p. convention delegate; I O. Crosth- , wait,' alternate delegate and lirst alternate member. Whitton—Albert Banks, chairman and delegate; Walter McDaniel. vice-chairman: Frank B. Dean, member; J. R.. Forrester, allernate i delegale and first alternate member; and L. C. Dcnlon, second al- lernaie member. Wilson—J. C. Ciillom, chairman; '. H. F. Oiilendorf. vice-chairman; L Trannam. member; W T. Bcall [ alternate member; A. L Greenwell. second alternate member and allemale delegate; and J H. Grain, convention delegate. A new wiggling plaslic worm has been devised for lishernien who hate to dig for bait. Second in Series Of Concerts to Be Given Tomorrow I'Vank FMwliin, concert basso, will arrive In lilylhcvillc laic toclity or eni'ly tomorrow, for Ills appearance al the American Legion Auditorium ;l ' 8 p.m. tomorrow. Mr Kdtt-inn l s being presented by the lllylheville Civic Music As- s'Kiation as Ihe second In five 1011- "ris planned for the associalion's secinui year. Followini? the concerl Mr. Kdiiln is to be honored at a recefitloti ;1L the home of Mr and Mrs Hllpert Ciiiflon. 1204 Wesl <;liicka- Miwbu. Officers and members of the board of directors of Ihe music associal ion will meet the voung artisl then. Mi'. F.dtvinn. u-no m;U lc his Town Hall di-btil tittle more than a year auo. has apiieareti in concerl and opera in lending American and Kujiipcan music renters, anil is noted for an uncommon Interpretive skill. The first major conflict In the young basso's life mme w |,en he wax forced lo l:e a choice between Ihe study of science ami music, lie has an Intense inter. cst in /oology- .especially spiders, reptiles anil such laboratry maler- inl--:i'i well as music Mis winning Ihe .Inl'lai-il seliolnrslilp l!ll|. o-,ss- ilby caused his choice to be music I ivestock NATIONAL -STOOKYAliDS 111 Dec. 1. M'I—(USDAi- Hogs i:i. r iOI): market 25 to SO lower than Tiles- day's average: bulk Knod and choice 150-249 Ib barrows and gilts 15.5075: top n.15 paid ralher freely for 100-220 Ib weights: mosl SSO-SIKt lljs 14.50-15,25: K10-HD Ib scarce; mosl- Iv 1:U>0-1S50: good and clioice 2711400 Ib sows n.OH-fil); tieavicr sows 11.75-12.75: mosl slags IIOO-I1.50. Cuttle 2700: calves 121)0: medium kind steers 221)0-2(1110: few medium and good heifers and mixed yearlings 2000-24.50; few good 'cows 10.00-50: common and medium heel cows H.?5-1551): canners ami cul- lers 11.00-14.00: hulls and vcalers steady: medium ami good bulls 17.Orj-IB.00; culler and common W 50-11] 00; good and choice vealers 27.00-34.00; odd head 2(i.()0; common and medium 17,00-20.00. COURTS Continued from Page 1 II. civil, criminal, chancery or probate, and the decision oj a majority of the judges shall be the verdict ot the court. Tliat this court o! three judges hold court in cuch county one week in each month, anil that during the fourlli week each j'id«e irlurn to his home county where lic- limy hold court lor the'lml of matters where H jury has been demanded, under proper notice or rule Kach judge to have the jurisdiction ol a circuit jud|>c or chancellor ns now provided by law, and In pro- bale mailers each judge shall he the 1'robale. Judno for hU home county, but where Ihe lilL'aul pro- lei's such matter may he pluci'<l upon the docket In regular order nud heard by the three-Judge court when .silliJiU '" -said county. Ill district* composed ol six ruiin- lii'i, Iherc would be a lerm c>! court in each county every two momh.s uitn one week lor Jury trials in j:uc)i county. In districts of nine ciitlil- Ui'.s. lerms of court would l>e every three monlhs, nud In (li.sfricls or 1'2 countie.s there'would rje 1,-im.: of court every four monlhs. I'rcsrnl .Indues to Serve Out Terms 'I'hiU in .sueh rcdislrictin^ ol the .•.tale, all circuit judrje.s ami ch.,n- cellor.s now elected iinrl .SCIVJIIB be ri Iallied Io serve out limn pr-,r]ii terms, and that such ju.-l.'i- ov ch.m- lellor be accredited to the comity where hi; resides or li, llir- siibili- vision In <l LSI nets eompAseu of more than (hrccr counties. That provision lie made for (lie elert'rn of all ;ui- ditional juices I hat ni'iy lie eituircd under the iedi.slriclin« if II be fiaiiul that such additional H.'.l«c.s aie required. That if the business it ony dlslrlct so created Is now or later becomes sreiUer than three lodges ran promptly handle, then In such district one or more additional Jud- B'-"j lie provided, such additional judge would thus provide for more That the term of office of such judges be six years, and he may be elected tor only two consecutive terms. That only one judge be elected each two years, so the court i would at all times be composed of I >cmc Judges with judicial expcr- I ience. That Ihe judge serving the I last two ol Ins six-year term bo I the presiding judge, and that he ; may provide for adjourned terms of coin i in I h<> district when It Is found : that the business of any county Is ! Kiratcr lhan the regular time allot- j ted lo such county, and full I'-nii is not required In other couu- li'-s of Ihe district. That the court may change "i venue lo another county of the , <IUu id upon proper showing that Ihcri! is .sufficient prejudice that an iuipfirlial jury cannot readily be Head courier News Want Adi TOKYO'S IITTLE "GIANT" - Mul K U fire engme, named Giant arc a new item on the Japanese market. Salesman -Mimefhlgc Sas;ik, shows oil his firm's product, a three-wheeled motorcycle wiln lire-lighting equipment mounted aboard The oulfit sells for about 51300. HERErrK! Give America's Finest Gift IEMLEY liicher!.. /K Smoother!.. Rs Mellower! The Most Practical Gift of All The World Book Encyclopedia Gives years of service Io (he entire family }f) Volumes 10,(Kin I'ajrcs 18,000 i'iclures, 1500 in niidiral color Simple enough for Hie third grader ycf advanced enough for Mom mul Dad Jiuill al a cosf of 2y 2 million dollars U'i of H childs lime is spent al school (he other !)1 ','„ is spent under home influence. Nine nut of ten parents report thai their children make hct- ter grades in school when using (he World l!o»k. Give your child a better chance than you had. For in forma) ion or a demonstration call 815 or 3753. Tri-States School Supply 108 South First Phone 815 Blythevilfe "Where All Kinds of Good Hooks Xre Sold' Protect Your Family's Health Expert PRESCRIPTION Service WOODS DRUG 221 Wesl Main 't Miss the Second Annual JAYCEE Gridiron Gagiesl Jaycees vs. Chick Seniors IN THE UPSET BOWL TONIGHT AT HALEY FIELD KICKOFF ADULTS 50?; r\ Football at its Funniest * Stars of Yesterday and Today * a * Football Set Back 20 Years STUDENTS 250 This Ad Sponsored by the Following Firms: JIMMIE EDWARDS 61 IMPLEMENT CO. Kurnil ti re Co. W. L. TAMKE Real Kslafe — Insurance G. C, P. C. (•'cuerii I Con I met Purchase C'oi-pnralion Your Massc.v-Hniris Dealer CITY DRUG 101 Kasl Main

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