The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 10, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 10, 1952
Page 11
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, SEPT. 10, iOARDIHG HOUSE — wirii M.j.r HM,|« UC> D^c£.ir^f^TlT^^^^BBHI^^^^^^^^^^^^^™^^^^~^^""^^^B^^^^_^— BLTTHEVTLLB (ARK.) COURTER <*= M FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Belt That Stuff" Phone 2089 Off ice & Bulk Plant—Promised Land For Vour Convenience WE FINANCE AUTO AND TRUCK REPAIRS Blytheville Motor Co. First & Walnut Phone 4422 ALFAIFA SEED New Crop OKLAHOMA APPROVED RETAIL 46c PER LB. NO WEED SEED BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. 1800 West Main St. Phone 856 Blytheville, Ark. <^~ry tne/Doua& •y EdM 6. Rob** </ r OUISE hated the thoughts that flashed through her mind, belittling the man with whom her life was joined. "It's because he knows I'm clever that he keeps me down," she told herself. And yet that was only partly JT"'- , , w ?? an '"neritecl impulse that led him to hold authority over his wife. That was the way his father had treated his mother. It didn't do a woman any good to have money of her own. It only encouraged her to start gadding . »>>?•"• "•° ok a t that silly Sadie k Gibson. She never seemed to stay ;* at home. Of course Louise wasn't a light woman, but you never could tell what might happen if she was given too much freedom A woman's place was in the home Louise could almosl hear Harry's voice proclaiming it: And the best way to keep a woman at home was to make it impossible (or her to get away f om it At first Louise had thought that Harry had to be careful of his money. She had been so eager lo cooperate with him and practice little economies, she had wanted desperately to help him, she had loved him so much. But she 'learned that it had all been so unnecessary—all her little sacrifices Harry had alwa s hart enough for all their needs. Allhuugh she had tried for years to yield gracefully to him in all matters, she had no't been able to crush the rebellious feeling in her heart. Even worship on Sunday had been spoiled. "Let your light so shine" was the signal for Harry Weslon lo take a dime from his wife. He himself put a quarter in the piaie. On Easter he gave her 50 cents. Louise scolded' herself for being supersensilive. She could sec that all over the church other wives were' gravely receiving bits of mov- for the offering. Sometimes the situation appealed to Louise's sense of humor. Il must se( " mighty. • « » FF daj there came a letter from Agnes Simpson, corresponding secretary of thr Mothers' Club of the school: My dear Mm. Wciton: As your two children attend Public School No. 21. per";,,; you wonlcl b« Interottutl In Joining tne Mothers' Clnh, We meet on the first Tuesday of each month In Room 2 on the first floor. The dues arc Ji a ye-Vr We should he most hnppy to have you become A member ol the clnb. Louise flushed with pleasure as she read this note. Anything that affected the children was of supreme interest to her. She was sure that a mothers' club would help the school and children to some extent. Besides, she would be glarf of the opporlunily to enlarge her circle of acquaintances. She was becoming desperately tired of Josie and Sadie with their narrow range of interests. Of course there was the annual church and an occasional sewing bee. Although Harry didn't care much abov going out, he did go regularly to Lodge on Monday nights, and once a year he toofc her to Ladies' Nighu Yes. she'd be very glad lo join the Molhers' Club. There \\jre dues, to be sure but Harry could hardly refuse her 51 a year if he saw how much iileasure it would give her. She approached Harry about the matter that evening when they had finished dinner. The children had been excused. Harry sat and smoked a cisar in apparent con- "Sh»l! w. pay the financ, company or th« doctor? M more important—«h« baby or tto car?" skin bought a brass kettle or two hatchets. NOTICE Your best investment on today's market is a well- built, well-located home. Johnny Morr Realtor & Builder 112 So. 2nd Phone 4111 THE ONLY GRAIN BIN WITH 6-PLY RIBS EVIRY 22V, OF HEIGHT FOR EXTRA STRENGTH EASIEST BIN Or ALL TO ERECT! •Stop in soon,. While w* sril) have famous -SIOUX- Steel 9 roin bins' DISTRIBUTOR Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 West Main—BlytheTille Phones 6S5G & 6857 - - iimn 111:1 tmuKcci a ci^ar in apparent con- t arm 304«mn!y hand it u, his | tenlmcnU He read the letter Uwt Louise silently handed him and grunted as he gave it back. "Waste of time. Just a bunch ol silly women —ho ought to be home loo) ! ng after their families." "But, Harry, it's only once a month. And they must do a lot for the children. And it's only a dollar a year." She was furious with herself to find her Jips trembling. She was actually pleading with her husband for a dollar. "No," said Harry loudly, "it's al! bosh. Just an excuse to gel out o( doing their proper work. It only leads to gadding about. A woman's place is in the home. Women's clubs? Bah!" Louise took ^.er trembling lips and despairing heart out lo the kitchen. \ tear or two might fall in the dishpan unobserved, but she wouldn't give Harry the satisfaction of seeing her cry. "Maybe lots of women do. gel more harm than good out of their clubs. I don't like the way Aunl Ella goes on. But I want a lillle freedom," Louise thought resentfully. "I'm no better than a servant here." She wiped her eyes on her apron. "I can't bear to quarrel with him." » * • "L>° OK ' m;lma! Sce what papa gave me." Ted interrupted her musings to show her a bright nickel. "Ted, how nice! What is it /or?" "It's my 'lowance. Because I'm going to school," papa's going to give me a 'lowance. Every week a nickel!" "An allowance," Louise said slowly. "Oh, -os, Ihnt's very niui." Ted ran off happily. Lo u j s[ . r( j. sumed- her dish washing thoughtfully. "An allowance for Ted because he's a boy. But not a cent for me because I'm only a woman only a wife, only a household slave" A blind fury seized her. Cups and plaies crashed to the floor will) a refresh -- racket. "I'll never forgive him," Louise cried as she vie' usly swept up the fragments. -There's nothing I can do about it; there's nothing I can say to him." Television- Ton ife, Tomorrow WMCT, Memphis, Channel 4 Wednesday Nighl September 10 6:00 Youth Wants to Know 6:30 Juvenile Jury 7:00 TV Theatre 8:00 The Unexpected 8:30 Dangerous Assignment 0:00 Dr. Pixinn 9:30 Film Peaturette B:-I5 Film Featurette 10:00 The Hunter 10:30 News • 10:40 Rocky King 11:10 Weather 11:15 News 11:40 Sign Off WARNING ORDER Iri the Chancery Court, Chicka- "*ba District, Mississippi County Arkansas. Amelia Anthony, Ptf. vs - No. 12,152 H. L. Anthony. Dft. The defendant, H. L. Anthony, Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days In the court named In (he caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Amelia Anthony. Dated this 23 day of August. 1952. Harvey -Morris, Clerk . By Laverne Ball, D.C. Claude P. Cooper, atty for ptf Ed B. Cook, atty, ad iitem, 8; 27-3,3-10-17 WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chlcka- sawba District, Mississippi County, Christine Harrell, Ptf. v s. No. 12,153 Busby Barrel!, Dft The defendant. Busby Harrell. I> hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Christine Harrell. Dated this 23 day of August. 1952. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Laverne Ball. D. C. C. F. Cooper, atty. for ptf. Ed B. Cook, atty. for ad Iitem. 8.27-9,3-10-n Children!; SHOES EXPERTLY REPAIRED H-flLTCRS UflUITY SHOC SHOP 171 W. M « I M ST. OUT OUR WAY iyJ.R. WHW*^ PAGE ELEVEN WELL.VOU DON'T GET ANV QUICK RESULTS BUILDlN' A SWIMMIKV HOLE IK THESE CRICKS. LET'S <SIT OUR. FENCE BUILT AROUND IT-- CUZ YOU KWOW J|S OME TKiesTy cow WILL TAKE A WEEK'S GROWTH OUT OF IT/ WHV, THE DOG HAS SET IT BACK AM HOUR AT LEAST/ *w?5tor^->., ^y&'i'.M,.^" - I i:Sllfc^iwi^s^^^fc HEROES ARE fAApg-UQT BORM £••;,!!.".',,'" <" i.n.rit by Reading and Using C««ri,r N«ws Classified Ads FRECKLES AND HIS FR1INDS A WHK BOARD ,' HOW UM- DISTIN61HS)I60 CAN & suy Sir? M WHICKLE BOAf® f PROVEN WHICKLE-S.) LARD SMITH FRECKLES M^ftOOSey SYLVESTER COOK MQR61U> MORTOM ALEX ALEXANDER Dl^hJ MCWETH'? OUR 140110: '/vo DtTes VJITH fKQVEfJ \VWCKLES /- S»V p%.|i ^P'i^ipsSSSWjgi. ^ -4ST FALL PLANTING SEED HAIRY VETCH, SEED WHEAT, BARLEY FES CUE AND CLOVERS NEW CROP SEED BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone 6856-6857 COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION SERVICE Otho Curfncr Over U years experience In Hie commercial -efrlgeratlon repair business assures you of expert sen-ice. Phone 2642 Fred Callihan Radio Service TO 60INTD -SPACE FKBISHTINGON <WV OlW. WITH OME OF YOUK ., THE MAK&-EARTH TRANSPORT,. *> |*£fce- PLANNING TO TAHE THAT SHOWS HOW SMART / ; -i HE 1-3.' IX j / ^ IT'S A S '•• '' CORNED )•-, ~~~ > BEEF ^ BONE.' •HXJ1«B KI8HT, RACK 1 CANT TA*6A G**JCE/rvE SOT-TO C«T THAT THE PL ACE TO 5A\gLL T^ LIKE A PDOL HALL W6 ^ L6TOURMAS. __,-• • IF VOU KNEW THIS y WHO' BOY WHO VW.S KILLED BKEMOWQ IM * / LEttME WISH?-? ,— { $ PN>ER EH? 0*Jg OF THE KIDS SPIDER (.AUGHT 1 VOU COM& W 2 SURB,I..,IKWOW &OWTT6P JUST WOW - HANS ONIO MY HAT P1D 1 HEAP "\ VOU SA.Y?4nre>0 LATE NOW, IT? SLOWED A.WAYf THAT CONTROLS TH' SjS^pi^/H^Si^'^Cj VA AIN'T -iWAULEElN NOTHIN' BUT AIR UNTIL I WEAK POUSH CLIrJKIN' ON TH' COUNTER, wo v SWVi fl VVi'ftM.VtSSt V SO "WiVA SIX Oti VOli

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