The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on May 13, 1939 · Page 9
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 9

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 13, 1939
Page 9
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SATURDAY, MAY 13, 1039. TQE OTTAWA JOTJENAL: "SALUTE TO KOYALTY. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY - CLASSIFIED DISPLAY CLASSIFIED DISPLAY CLASSIFIED DISPLAY CLASSIFIED DISPLAY CLASSIFIED DISPLAY J. E. Ritchie vV Used Csrs Fer Sale. . Is DeadinB.C 4? i; 91 i DON'T DELAY Replace your present car with one of our. thoroughly reconditioned cars. Buy car with - new tires, good clutch, .motor and battery. Something that will not let you down in the BIO PAEADE We have dozens for you to choose from. Here are. a few SAMPLES '30 Chevrolet Coupe ... '31 De Soto ' Sedan . . . $175 $265 "37 Chevrolet fljrQQ Coach ..... OOOO 36 Bulck 44 $680 $870 $548 Sedan 37 Bulck 44 Sedan. ... 38 Ford Tudor . . . ALL MAXES ALL PRICES PINKS Ltd. Cor. Sparks and Lyon St. Phone 2-7540 Attractive Automobiles At Attractive Prices , a?-;.-:. ; $99 2E,' ..1. $199 n cnxvRotxr T mia . 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Free zones in Rumanian porta will be granted to any British trade intereata desiring such faculties. - .Both Governments will encourage formation of appropriate or-ganlzaUons to be set up by business intereata in the United King dom and Rumania to inereaae trade between the two countries. In Bucharest it was reliably suited that an additional Cs.000,-000 will be raised shortly by private British intereata for indus trial development In Rumania and a third sum of equal amount would be used to establish a British-Rumanian bank and bolster the Rumanian currency in British markets. A searee cleee to the Eeassalaa a advance the new Brttisk es'eiiasaal. Britain is to refinance an abandoned Rumanian project lor a naval and commercial pert at Tap- auL near Conatania, the chief Rumanian port on the Black Sea, Aylmer Children . , CUres Union Jack The TOO Aylmer school children who have been alloted space on the grounds of Lieut. Colonel Stewart, on the Aylmer road, to view the Royaf procession on Fri day, will eech receive a small Union Jack through the gener osity of the Lieut. Colonel e Mrs. Stewart. ' - The Great War Veterans of the Aylmer branch of the Canadian Legion have volunteered to main tain order on this section of the Aylmer road, and they will be under tha command of their preal dent. Rev. B. S. Drew. Arrangements for : tha transportation of the children and teachers Is In charge of Chid of Police (X Dumoulia and Alderman T. L Pilgrim. Any person wishing to offer the service of their own car far this purpose is re quested to cocnmunioete w Chief Dumoulin ec Aldermen PU- If you're in the market for a Dependable Used Car, don't miss Ottawa Motor Sales' big Clearance Sale ' Buyers are enthusiastic about the amai-ing values to be found in a wide variety of used cars of popular makes. .' . There is a used car. bargain here to fit YOUR needs and your pocketbook! teTnnttslisttng-but-a great Used Car Values in this sale. in and see them all for yourself. EARLY for the best choice. Today's Specials AT BANK ST. LOT 1934 Chev. Roadster 365 Bumble Seat AT CATHERINE ST. LOT 1935 Ford Spt. Road. 465 Re-route Fire Apparatus For Duration of Royal Visit v Prompt response to. fire alarms by Na I station, located et the east end of Albert street by the Driveway, during the Royal visit has been ensured as a result of conferences held by Fire Chief J. J. O'KeUy with his deputy chiefs. Gray Burnett and A. Charbon-neau. Anticipating confusion resulting from large crowds in the vicinity of Connaught Square, Chief Nazis to Control Catiiolic Clergy VIENNA, May li-VP Roman Catholic Church authorities here were notified by. the Nazi party today that henceforth personnel changes In the clergy must be sanctioned by the party. The notice came from the Austrian party headquarters and the control measure for the moment applied only to the Austrian Gau (party district).- : Church officials interpreted the order to mean that party approval must be obtained for appointment of new clears, pastors and high dignitaries. The party alas Insisted on examining list -af candidates for theological schools and religious Orders, reserving the right to decide . who Is to study (or the priesthood or enter ad order. If the new rule were applied stringently, the party would be in a position to dominate- church policies. . Children's Aid Society ; Directors Introduced ' Mrs. Milton P.. Gregg. ' Louis Charbonneau, Robert Laurier and W. O. Strong, new members of the board of directors of the Children's Aid; Society, were Introduced at-the . regular:' monthly meeting, held at the society's office on Wednesday. J. P. K. Wal-lacav president, occupied the chair. Tha delegates elected to the Council of Social Agencies were as follow: To the Children' Division, Mrs. A. K. Eaton and Mrs. M. Jean Hbnshsw, and to the Family Division, Mrs. O. J. Deabarats was re-elected. . LIBERAL USED CAR ;..v WARRANTY WHAT A FEHUNO-nf sstisfaction K is to know that the car you are driving is ready to meet any tat It may be put to. .," u . THAT'S the story with all cart told by this company. No car is placed on sale until we are certain that It will five complete satisaction. EVERY CAR HAS been .thoroughly reconditioned, and safety tasted, too. A certified guarantee, goes with every automobile purchased. -EASY ALL YOU have to do your carIet us know monthly, and tha type well do tha rest. AT CATHERINE ST. LOT EAST OP BANK - -2 4120 5225 5365 5425 5455 5525 5625 t DEPENDABLE DEALER OlCelly has approved re-routing of Ifo. t'l apparatus In the event of Ores west of the Canal. Similarly, other stations must be guided by prevailing conditions. Lower Town will be protected by No. t and No. 4 stations. - .Pumpers will avoid breaking through police lines whenever possible and will not interrupt any of the events In which Their Ma-' Jeaties are taking pert. Royal Visit to Cost $500 a Minute MONTREAL, May U-Cf) Outreroont City officials estimated .today it would coat their municipality WOO for -; each of the 30 minutes the King and Queen would spend there shortly after their arrival here next Tuesday. Outreroont Ilea est the northern edge of Montreal ana ino nuysi yi invasion- vui peas through it before coauiuj I Ulio nonuwj pn7CT. The $10,000 voted by council will be expended on decor ations and special policing. Bought Stoles Goods Pays Pine of 150 Found guilty on a charge of receiving stolen goods from Juveniles, Louis Wilkin, 4S, of 23 Bull, man street, was fined ISO by J. T. McKinley, Judge of Juvenile Court, on Friday. After the con viction was registered, he pleaded guilty to tw other simitar charges and was allowed suspended at tence, being placed on probation for. two years. .. .. '.. . Mr. McKinley said that If chtl dren were to be prosecuted for steeling, the courts must protect them from pel suns who encourage them by buying toe loot. - Tour boys appeared on four charges of theft, one from a new home and three from parked ears. It was from them that Wilkins pur chased the goods. Two of the boys were allowed suspended sentence Snd placed on probation while the others were remanded to the Detention Home for on week for ' ' A i - 1 PAYMENTS - - la W am. an and m us with what you ran afford to pay , M ear yeu wauls prefer and 1931 CHEVROLET COACH 1933 CHEVROLET COUPE 1934 CHEVROLET COACH 193S DODOE COACH 1935 D SOTO SEDAN . Radio, Heater 1937 PORD DE LUXE SEDAN Freed Banker Plans to Sue Ceatlaaed frees Page One. shortly after the German annexation of Austria, The Baron, whose freedom had been delayed by complicated negotiation Involving hi prop erty in Austria, left immediately oy airplane lor zuricn. " Hie 1! SMtr lBsrtse. aaeat were eaenl en the as efceaWsT sC that aJwwafwalagasI bssyvaftst bs tare rsiaa adjatntng these .. ootnelod by lessees' Aastriaa Chaaoeller East vest Bchaseh-tgg, wke epparenUr still was' bald fas the large grey stone ksdldlng ea the Denes. It was understood that relatives In London and Paris Intervened In Baron Rothschild's behalf. Ofll dais were silent on theziatur of the settlement finally reached. Louis is a relative of Baron Eugene de Rothschild, who host to the Duke of Windsor vrhen the Duke came to Austria after his abdication. .Soon after, his Imprisonment in April,'. 1038, It Wa reported that the Duke pleaded with German authorities for his release The Baron's palace in Prince Eugene Straase In the day of the Austrian republic was the scene of bright social events ' cften attended by Government leaders. The palace now is occupied by a detachment ot naxis. Royal Standard To Make Debut Here - Never flown before In Canada, the Royal standard, which is the King's personal flag, will be seen in Ottawa frequently during Their MajeaUas' visit, flying from Government House while be is there and elsewhere during bis pres- Tft King's Regulations dictate that the standard be hoisted "on official buildings, forts and eo-cksjures, or en parade" when His Majesty la personally present, It bears the arm of England, quartered with the Scottish. Hon and Irish harp,' '- - ' ;, Persons flying the Union Jack from poles on their own property should lower the Seg at sunset every day -and xa is it in daylight only, Where the Union Jack forma pert of fixed decorations, this is notdoesa,, .......... Striking Design On Ogilvy Store ' Patriotic Peeling . Is Effectively v- Interpreted. - ' . i t The loyal spirit which animates the dtUens ot Ottawa, their joy in the opportunity of welcoming Their Majesties, is effectively exemplified in the beautiful decor-stive scheme ot the store ot Charles Ogilvy, Limited. The massive building on the southwest corner of Rideau and Nicholas streets has lent itself to the carrying out of a notable patri otic dressing. There are heraldic and symbolic motifs strikingly set out which carry the eye up to the surmounting Crown which typifies the Sovereignty, In tha centre is s Royal medallion in golden finish bearing the profiles ot Their Males ties, over it the symbols "GJt. VI" and an accompanying English rose decorative treatment. . The Crown is nine feet in height and a touch which has been great ly admired by throngs in the street ere the rays which radiate from it, . symbolizing an Empire upon which the sun never , sets. There srs panels Just shove the store front which Include designs of the rose, thistle and shamrock, the panels being supported by s shield bearing the Royal arms. Tha principal motif of the span drels on either side ot the central design is the maple leaf of Canada set into a border of roses and rasa leaves. On top of- the piers which are completely draped are lions rampant facing the Crown. The entire facade glows with the color of this Royal scheme. In the windows there are pictures of members of the Royal family. King George VI, Queen Elizabeth, Prin cess Elisabeth end Princess Mar garet Rose; of King Edward VIII, King George V and Queen Mary: King Edward VII and Queen Alex andra; and of the beloved Queen Victoria. The decorative arrangement wes designed and directed by A. J. Has- elgrove, " architect. I. Leopold Beeudry is the 'display manager of the store. Toronto Coroner Is Dismissed TORONTO. May I1.40 Dis missal of Dr. J. P. F. Williams as associate coroner far the city of Toronto was announced by Attorney -General Conant today. Without going into any details, the Attorney General Issued the following statement: "In law enforcement it la absolutely essential that there should not be even a suggestion of unfairness, partiality or hesitancy en the part of any official. With this in mind, and after careful consideration of the facts and much ot the evidence in connection with the recent Snyder case, I do not think it is In the beat Interests of the admlniatraUon ot justice that Dr. Williams should be continued as a coroner. Da. Williams was the coroner first called after an accident Oct 3, 1031, when Reginald Clements was killed efter being struck hy aa automobile driven by Dr. Warren Snyder, one-time University ot Toronto football star. Dr. Snyder, acquitted at his second trial on a charge of manslaughter, was ajsmlssed as coroner for Mimlco after his acquittal. Conyers Baker, 8, Hurt Struck by Car ' Seriously injured when he wss truck by S car on Buena Vista road, Rockcliffe, at 1130 e.m, Friday Conyers Baker, eight-year-old son of Mr, snd Mrs. Massy Baker. 464 Springfield read, was taken to the Ottawa Civic Hospital, where he Is reported to be suffering . from- head injuries and a possible fracture of the skull. The boy had returned from the ftebaaha Thursday Bight, and he was riding a tricycle to a friend's home to deliver some sea shells he had brought back from the Islands when the accident happened , p " - The ear was driven by Richard Manskle, 302 Aahbury avenue, according to Constable 8ydney Fish, snd wss travelling east ea Buena Vista road, when the boy, travelling In the opposite direction, suddenly veered directly In front of the car. Mr. Manskle took tha boy Into the home of Commissioner S. T. Wood, of the R.OMJ. Gauthier's ambulance took the lad to the hospital, where he was placed under the cere of Dr. Fred W. Jeffery. . ALL ROADS OfEN. - Despite Matarnaats- to the eon- there are many people still under the impression that all entrance to the city will be closed early in the morning on the day of the arrival of the King and Queen, Police Chief Downey said Friday. Ha had a letter from a resident . of Springfield, Mass. ssking how he would be able to reach the city. All roads will be open, the chief said. .-OPEN- SUNDAY FREE DELIVERY ; PA0U2S- v ;. . : . . . '. '- J 'east Tear Sapsfy Of ' 7RESH TILMS Th w-A if th bwt time) to uIm anap of ( Boyal viato 4xVswattafi. y u-Eco:.o:.iY 1 DRUG STORES I t.liaaa V '( SAKS. Cb QUSSH . , PRINCE RUPERT, B.C,May 13. O Joseph Frederick lUtchie 75, pioneer Canadian land survey- r and oil driller, is dead her iouowing a lenguuy illness. Born in Aylmer. Que. Mr. Ritchie came to British Columbia in 1881. He was associated with'-7 land surveys in British Columbia ' and Alberta and In 1884 drilled the first oil well in the Cardaton district of Alberta. Eighty thou-. sand acres of land surroundinsT the present town of Cardaton was . sold to Mormon settlers by Mr. i. Ritchie. . ' '" In 1889 he started the Ant hydraulic gold operation la South- arn British Columbia and five years later surveyed the townaite ot Rouland, of which he was one--third owner. , In tha same year he staked water rights for Bonning-ton Falls Power, now tha West Kootenay Power and Light Company. . ' He was author of the first print- ' ed map of Kaien Island and Simp-' seen Peninsula, now the city of Prince Rupert. , His wife and a son, J. Fred, Ritchie, Jr. survive here. ' Three. Brothers Here. He is . also survived by three brothers: Richard and S. F. E. Ritchie, both ot Aylmer. Que. and Robert Ritchie, of Ottawa. NOW IS THE TIME TO HAVE YOUR FUR COAT REMODELLED Oar gameiar V tor this 15 chsrse tor this COM' LSTC scxvica only lndudea our tlaaaaSWaaal 'Suarsnlaa for t aaaaons' extrs wear . . . Bervel Pnrd storage . . . and All Bisk trtauraneet Additional tur at nacaaaary at extra cost. ERVEL FklOIB FUR STORAGE Plus Alt KlU 1 tnauraaea Only . ... Why Pay Mare? Fkeae Day m Kiss S.M Divomun's 'I 3M RIDEAU STREET jj : fii0f -. SPECIAL ROYAL VISIT EXCURSION May 17 th LOW FARES Lea ring CawmwaU, IM turn. Standard TlzsMk , . Arriring OtUwa, at New Terk ' Central fraagbt e(Tlea . TJe a.m. Standard Tlaaa. Trains stop at all Inter " medlatt pelnts. Leaving Ottawa! Unieas ' Statiena 7.0 p. rsu Stauaalare Tiaae. ''. Special Lew Farea fear peri4 ef ROYAL TI31T , May 17th to 30tk : en aU HECl'LAR TRAINS Secure full particular - -- .. frenat Agents. ' - . Open Sunday , Free Clty-WM Delivery raoNB Mm ; Cohen's Pharmacy Car. Rides and Gasnberiaad CXCHTCIGHT : FevwdCsneSariss.; HARRY MASON ? Orssajissr jOMawa Stagle UBswapuryad Aaaoctaalen. cispuy c; Xefrlreraled Tee and BeMsea Lights Shi Iwst " $209 po Keje:p;!yC3.UI Car. Seat and Albert St.

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