The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1949 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1949
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

PAGE FOURTEEN Farmer Warned Of Slim Market DUIikc of Imports Making Selling of U.S. Produce Tough MEMPHIS. Trniv. Doe. 7. Ml — The nation's farmers pol n warning yMtcniay (lint they mo Roliin (o find it Inrri'tisliiKly (onuli ,t<> sell Ihftr products to (ho roM of (he world. This note of c'tinlloii ..finm Sun- Icy Andrews, n DruiUtmi'iit of ARrl- cnHurc foreign relations rxpcit— followctt close 1 iipnn other bad news (nun Rnliili '1'itft:. presiriinil of (he ('iniminiiiJ.v Credit t'mixji.'itiom The kiovi'tninent's fnmi to support liivm inlets Is nonrins I'xlniii.sllon. TrlKH, \vlu> Is nlsi> prinlikMtoM 'tnd niiukclliiK itlor. (old the fliinital Pvodwlion and Malhi'tinn Ailmliil<lralloii (TMAI rmifciviieo tint "we \\lll lime In he very e;irc- (ilt kit nuikhif! mMUloMitl priro .support rmniniliilpins. Then 1 nre rli'f- inllr limits us to what \vt> eini :if- f,ir.1 (o tin." Aiulrevvs, rifri'i'lnr of the depurt- nlenl's oHlre of furoi^u HKtieultntnl refill inns. .sriEii in nil uddress Ibnl Ihe world uiaiket is tu'tlmK harder lA'sell. 'I'lio rnr.iJuniH'iiUil reUMtn. tie sutd, "if Ilir fiiiM lh;i( we are mueh inure willing ti> sell In the world limn we ale \vill;nR (o liny from Ihe world. liitoniiUUmul trade. . . , Is n [\vo- \\':1f slieot." F (ARK ) COURIER NEWS British Honor on American Woman Who Is Still Giving after 34 Years WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1949 WAIIHHV ri:.M(l,i: ; Ne.vt to Hie (O,. Ihe Hi Itkt, B;IV O her - pli'lure o( Itio sun she save l-:n K lanil in U'orlil \V:ir II. BOWLES' NOMINEE - William BonVon of Sonthporl, :itnn'i\ i.s pxpcctiHi to bo limited by Con- nocttcot Guv. Chester Howies to Uic Stfnnto, replacing Kepublirnn Sen. Kaymoiul HMvhvin, who re- signet to accept a state position, lieulon, a former partner of Bowles in a New York adverli.s- ins firm, is an indencndent. Hi Julius- lluml M'.A Sluff rnrtfsimuilriif LONDON — INKA-- The bin silver clip on Mrs. Wuni'n Pearl's desk In London bears the simple legend: "To u ureat Auu'iinui— from I lie Hrliish S'eoiile." H was im'seiiteil the wblle-halr- ed. nentle-fiiced woman? its hS«h Irllnite to n foreigner hy Hoynl Princess Muiie 1/inise Iniiule (or Benornslly tlim oeuiin In 1915 uiul will go on. Mis. jvai'l says, "even When they liuvc lo wheel me n- ronud In a b:ilh-c)iuh." Her cenerosliy Is not confined to KKKliuul nlone. Now (HI. Mrs. Pearl was ttoiiiK ch:i:ltv work In the slums of New York before she \vns 'jn. Today .she Is connocloil «lth mure than !MM eliiiiihible uriinnl/niliui.s, about 100 of them in the U a. Friends oslimate the numey she lus speni [it] tlie nei-My runs Into tnlilions. .illho<i|!|| only she and her b :\ n k mnni\*!er knuw' tht- exact fiplne. And slie )i.» • helped raise intllloli-s more. In 1!!15. Mrs Pearl slid her bus- banri, H one-lime U. s emb:\ssuy o(ftrial tn l/iiiilnn. where on the lilisitanlii when It \va> torprtioed. Two -son? wrie Iftsl In I lie disaster, and she cunie b.u'k to Kn- staud deietinlnrit 10 dedicate her time ;\nd tnone>- to needy children. Although she bail planned to slay only five years, Mrs, IViirl has been lu Knsi:nnl ever since except for animal visits to Now York. "I am hKky," she snys "I w:is Ixiru with money and a s t \.|al [>o- sillon. lint ever sinre that fateful dny In 1015. | imve known somehow thnt unless I could share my happiness with those less priv- llcticd. f would net liui e satisfaction in my lite" nriiiK world War I she (iiwnced nnd oi-Kanlzcd :i lOU-tiuck Civil anilniliiiice outfit, lietween tiie f.\o xv»rs she became famous in London society for the Duties she nnl/eit for cliaiiiies. iniiiK World War n tmgedv struck ai-nlii. Her son Duncajt. n pilot officer with the H.A !•'.. wu s illed in nciioii over llriinin TliKt I'cond disnster o n I >• seemed lo liave spiined further nctlviiy, directed 5]ieolnlly fur war orphans and widows. She spent three hours dully packini; parcels lor prisoners of wiir. She mude daily visits lo hospitals. liiiiifniK Bills to the wounded, providing taxis for sol- dier.s Biiini! home on convulfseent Ifiive. Dm slie seldom left clues to her .Identity. "Over Hie years 1 hiue iilvon cinema slio«s. balls, parties' nnd (lied do/ens of ways o[ mistni; money for the pnor." Alie say>. "I suppose t have a f \H that wiiy. muylie lf» because I have kissed the Hlalucy stone. "1 am still nn American." she adds with emphasis "13ut 1 love England, and am in Ihe lucky position (o liuve roots liutli here nnd In America, where I h:ive a oiar- l it'll dauplUd." Hlie also has another Sim mw a prai-tichi.: lawyer in I omliin "M^xst ciifirity orKiuiixations have Officer Backs Charges of Atom Shipment CINCINNATI, D c c. 1— M'j-U. Col. J. D. McFHrliuid of CiJX'lti- nali, former en^lncorhig offk't'J for (ho Ala.skiin I3ivlsioix. Air Transpoi'l Cojniniuid, -said in an iJitej view here yc-sier<iny Hi A I former Ni^j. oj'fie ftnt^y Jordan "raisoc! coti- loi-nb!e hcl!" over shipmems of hi-sju'eted car noes t n KU.SMUMH from (he air base at Great Falls, Mont. Jordan has claimed atomic bomb t'j-ets nnd materials \M-ie shippe<l tu KiiSNfH In 1U4-1 and 1945. Col, Menu land, who said lie visited the ^^ol^ani^ field "almost eveiy t^o weeks" rteelarert IIP did not know -.vhetlaT Joitian's protesls lind an> r lhing to do with his Irans- fer from Ihe bast-. "Thoio v/ft.s an uproar Great mils alxmt letting KO throitfrh without Lnsiiectinn," Cnl.McFiirlanrt said. "But the »us- sin ns wanted no U.S. Army control over tlieir shi[>ment.s mui every time (hej'e wiis a hot di.sjnite. they trlpphonotl dlnxrL to Washington-- iinri \S\HI." Me empha^i/ed he hnd iievcj hi^rd Ihe Jinnies of for HUM- vicc- E'rcMciem Henry U'allace or the Laic Hairy Hopkins mentioned in connection with the shlpmenls, Col, McFartamt declared he knew Jordan "very well," had .<een lib diiiry in which Jordim nvoided Incidents of nniuspecicd Kiivsinn .shipments, lie expressed belief tlial Jordan "can Milxsiaiuuite cvcry- Ihiutj hp'.s said." the A lime or I wo with Jrii'iuls lluil lire true! ff/^lpa I HIS IS I'AKT Of enioy niplltnv old son^=, am! inriloxv Hill X Kill. Von loo will sini; tlie priii^es' of U ricli Kentucky fax'uritc as— ins HJ:AI> m:z/i:S—Pr«t suo- ble Iclls iicwsmc'i: in the county jail nt I,o.s AiiRrlos, Cnlif.. dial "there's a baaiiiK in my ln\ul. and it liurts in b:ick." IT \va.s his first interview since his nrrost last wok in [he sex slayinc of Linda GHuo.'t, (i. Wireptuitol. the transfer of fomciguty tii Dutch nrmv no longer -A ill have any duties in jiuloiir.MiL. Read courier Ne«s Want Ait S: Koliljiiis. Inc. - ICxclnsiixe Dislribului-s-Killle Kock • G5Se Grain Neutral Spinl Indonesians to Pick President on Dec. 15 JOG JAKARATA. Jnv:i. Dec. 1—' (.•I'j -.Mohiiinrct Il.illa, premier at (he Indonesian Republic, told I'nrli- j aiiieilt j-eslerday a national prftpar- nlury connniuee nnmcil to set up a ni-w j-oveinnif-nt ^vill choose a presiilenl nee. 15. 11 repartiecl us I ceilain that Pn-.sideiu Soekarno (xvill be li.inicd !o sncceetl himself i The rvuiiblli- Is scheduled lo bei conic part of the Uniled Stales of I Indonesia, sovereign though linked I to the Netherlands cro\vn, by tlie * end of (iii.s nioiith. Hatia lold parliament tlmt after Ijeconie used to nppcalinp to me [or funds, and uiosl of my friends hare become' used fo my appealing ;o them." she atlmius. "I rion't know ho\v much I have rai?ed. but 1 know it's not enough " At the • moment Mrs. Pearl is busy oisani/ins n bridge vmrlv to lie held sometime this November. She henelf does not play bridpe. but she will see to it that within j a week of Hie party a check of I more than IDOO pound i$38001 will SO to some charily 01 canizatiotl -sT "Step-down design invades lower-price field! Here's a sensational, new member of She Hudson family tlial costs you less lo buy . . . loss to drive! Yel ffiis new car brings you the thrilling advantages of Hudson's "step- down' 1 design, in beauty, room and comfort ... in tiding oualilies and safety! on pine — fi now. #o* ili^t rivo it yon dc>- rob^.sso^ Como in. VTV 11ns ^s; Available with Hudson's new SUPER-MATiC DRIVE ir. L.iri.. , ,.-, ... ^,...- V.,,,. ,r, J p(l-..i ^ i-^rt Of-v,« .!„.,: C A[ ^,,1,-;, j,.-,,^, ,-,: n-» I N/^siw,' l.^^Kfr ^r-.-,!,.^ ^..-v^t.ot, H,...: ( Mv^'^r i. ,. ,,, ; ., ; ^ ff ,^, flie vflll ., ; .. 0 ^, ... Wi . V-v.V: i\; vtv.,1 ,;, ; ^; x\i:l sr.isro Ann no- Mj;'hj \\M:" o«r is ;•> i .1 ; ..T; ;ii.r in^ivAf-cvi hy i do 5-ii-rt -prrrN^iv.s-^v oi tho now.'luth- Now... 3 Great Hudson Series URNETT HUDSON SALES South Lilly Phone 6991 Use Our Layawsy Plan A Smalt Deposit Holds Any Item Until Christmas • Futty I'oinfeo • Cotnpfef* weJe oulfil • Won't t>iea* <• Other Horirna- 'C s * hMUiy in her white sunn \veii<iins dress. Mohair -.v i?, swivol hoaii. nuwinjT 3 eyes anil Hshes. Com- ^ jiWie with gift box. |j .. .. from 2.45 »° 9.95 J? An exceptional value — an entertaining and educational toy for children. Size 24 5 i" ,, lone, 15»4" high. ' lea Party Time Thought For Parlor Trucking Jabs Trurk ,_ i Snoops Sparks I'hislie Ilncor r"&r YoL'flp A'.i'if'fjar.l He Luxe I'iaiio 3.98 f i'viVi'.Cs- ^ ith si.i: 1 \->\ or. N'IVV- ^o re-al—yet harn-jiff-f. Exsci r^riica of rtv.ricr; niver. Front w it e - fa - ible. Other Raccri ^$t Beautiful Console Combination 1 Value ot The Year! arx Electric Train • i con or> er.ji.^f • iO?" oval Iroci. • Compile H'.iK 7for,5forrr.if 1O°° Xfi^^vX^ 0 ^'^ Nnv^x^x^v.^. X 1.00 DOWN I K tn ,rf, «nt«/ 1 ^5 A WKK A ivonderful V.iy — R famous MRIX elwtric irtin ready lo roll, ll's &irihtnno-li-.o'kir,p — it's precision-buiJi -with oil 1 .?*! b?srin e? for ion j life. IMS fw Tr,-.)- 7o! 5 Holl Pull Toy BF Goodrich A Home All Their Own , . . With Furniture in Every Room! ^e K

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