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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 3

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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f- 7 777? rzrtffJii 71 rn 1 1 VTT rrrr ri 1 1 1 j-tx i.u rtt jttitttttT ft -tit I V- The Ottawa Journal THURSDAY, C0TOBER 29, 1933. The Third Pag) 7T Gpes Ottawa Printer Gift of Sight Blind Since Birth New Vista Born TVG Lafleur eorge -r. J' NEW VISTAS OPENED TO BUND sheets an hour roll off the press of i does when he George Lafleur. who has been blind since birth, shown standing at tht machine aa he Two-Deputy System Restored Transport Deputy Lessard Quits Post for Industry Tkt ralae PrtM. Ms lor ehinees among too Ofhclala of government trans- pnrtatlon agenclea were an- nounced Wsdnesday by Prime' Minister fit Laurent Jean C.

Lessard, 49. has re- algned as Deputy Minister of. Transport and chairman of the Canadian Maritime CommU- alon to enter private business. ahrt hlsreslgnatlon has brought bout these shifts: West Scaler Deputy. 1.

Carl W. West. i. director Casuil Jrvtc bseewn'n months. Maa MaclCeeMSe left'im senior deputy minister In erallv.

droa-tmentai admlnts- tratlon and special projects! way, John Baldwin. 41. ehslr- man of the Air TranSDon Board, becomes Deputy -ainia- ter for Air Sereteea In charge of elvil aviation, eontmunlca- twn and tneteoroiogieai mat-ten. He remains board chairman for the time being. I.

Louis C. Audette. 49. ber of the Maritime Commission, becomes Its chairman. He will be the )rst full-time chairman In almost three years.

J. Jt jppointed to the lis mree-msn memoersnip. at The reslenatlon of- Mr? Les- aard. who Is to rjewens vice- Tireaident of Standard Rillw.v Zgnlpment Manufacturing Company (Canada.

Ltd, In; Montreal. enecuvt at the Mr.MUL HA IM IU, IIHM M.I The new wlarlea of the a-' polnteea were not announced. oovemment reasons that with trooc elsewhere, who do not ir. Laaara nar oeen receiving ins war. hailed in Korea, year, Mr.

West vlcemen Ultra should be no Mr. Baldwin 911.M0 and Mr. more enUUed to gratuities and Audette 910,300. re-eatabllahinent credit than The ehanxea will restore a two-deputy syatem In the Transport Department which) fire- i ft i at Ul the eontroia accident. iwas rimnned a few veara sen when Mr.

Leasard tmk over the -j. services ji on the resigns- tlon of the air deputy. Mr. Lessard. a transportation! specialist, became deputy minister In 1M(.

moving up from the Job of director of the government's Bureau of Trana porutlon Economics. He 4s naUve of Oranby. Que. Reread In II Mentha. He Is the second deputy to 'leave the government service for private business In the last Defence Production for Job tr Mr.

West, bora near Camn- In the building of the modern wrllsnd ship nnal. He wss to rhlrn of eonatnvtlon on tha section overcoming the 1M- foot ascent of the Niagara escarpment Troops May Lose The Government Is ing witnaravai oi we u-a-oay lmf t' exemption for rnrfln imlM In (am "XJZ ud -n the I inOcrmanV. Prance. Korea. or Canada.

eneetlve Ortoher 91 all ment credit for tconos in Korea I an i I and Japan wlU be cut off. ta Pewlng ash and fire In get them. jdered a train near here yea- The tl-a-day Income taxjterday. ire year. Instead, waa 11 and the TOITKGEST rXHiBITOR When Ottawa Winter Pair offlelala heard that animal exhibited by Jsmes O.

Reynold of Win Chester. Ont. took eight prises In sheep elsssc they went to congratulate him, expecting to find man ot mature PRINTER. operates It. Both hands art on there is no danger of an iDamhwiam WM PIxMat Later, he became first super- inienrfent enelneer of the canal and In 1947 became director canal services here.

Mr. Baldwin, born In To-; rontn, has been chairman of the Air Transport Board since 1M. Before that he wsa a his- tory professor at MrMaater University In Hamilton and (assistant secretary to the Cab- net He also served In the external Affairs Department LmIs C. Aadette. Mr.

Audet. bom In Ottawa. of trie commission since It waa created In 1947. He prae- tled law In Quebec until 1939, during the war. Between snd l47.

he wss with the E- tamal AfTaira Detiartment He la a member of the Northwest Territories Council and of the MarUal Appeal Board. Tax Exemption hss applied to all niwincn ivw. No other serrlcemen receive mrnpUatv -rr thU JAKARTA. Indonesia. Oct! the laland volcano which set off tidal, Jen new series of eruptions.

REBELS RAID TRAIN. MOtrLMtlN. Burma. 6r.L 19 (Reuters I A band of 100 Karen rebels blew uo and nlun -'Viry i they found thst James O. youngest exhibitor In the i show.

Here ha is with Don Head, a Southdown which' was adjudged champion ram of (how. WMe Paste wiixi col TIM JWHl When Georije Lafleur stared at television screen in the living room of his Ovcrbroolc home and exclaimed, "Hey. look, it's a tree!" his parents were suitably startled. Not becaufe he seemed to have seen tre when in reality a male singer with outstretched arm was occupying the TV screen but because George Lafleur hou Id pretend to see anything at all. Blind 8lnr Birth.

")ny In thrflffew momenta Blind since birth, the well- 0n the night of June It. known 40-year-old resident of -My mnd seemed to go 25 Queen Mary road had Lafleur now recaJU. "It already many achievementa to wat the menUl shock of ex-his credit, but the discovery of perlrnelng slfht lor the first the power to see was not among t)me, WMt really until the them. next dav that I became enthu- It wss lust as though 1 had atlc about watching TV and suddenly stepped Into another tnrn i (Ues they he told The Journal. eouldnt pry me away from It." looking back to the first thrill rnt4 Ranch of slsht which occurred lour Btnnt lhjlB th months ago.

tv mwrifiiM He no longer looks at singer and sees a tree. He Is getting used to the way a man looks, a woman, a piano, cloud. Medically Verified. He Is, almost unbelievably but with verification of medical specialists, through the medium of television, clothing with the magic of real form the fantasy of what were formerly only thouehta conceived through touch, sound, smell or taste. He la seeing, on television, what he has never seen since birth sod still cannot see ordln- the fact that the first at- tempt to see In this way was planned, with the.

inexplicable hunch that the 'sightless sometimes have. Once Oeorge Lafleur almost, thought he could aee, dimly. for a few moments during an air flight, when the climbed abdve a storm. He had had a sudden impression of definable shadows and objects Somehow Lafleur began to think thst maybe Just maybe. for he hsd been well arquaint- ed with other wonderful phenomena such as radio And he knew his hunch was fnt When, after staring at several minutes lat June 18.

objects began to take shape, the black to separate from the white, and the all- consuming greyneaa to depart, th greynesa which had hitherto let Oeorge Lafleur dutlnguUh between nothing but night and day. rail-Fledged rrinter. TV, wonder that It Is for him arlly In the sightless depths transmission he might ex-srmind him. perience something by looking On the street, at the dinner, at TV. Onca ha thought be hid table, anywhere that he nor-' glimpsed the outline of glow-mally goes In his busy day, tag tube In a laboratory- oeorge Lafleur la still blind.

I farent when he looks at television. Then, curiously, and wonderfully, he sees. wm vork fof othf(. Demons The chance la neall be mhii Mr. Lafleur saye Dr.

Harold Courtenay. the oculist isooriousiy tested the optic nerves and muscles of the Overb rook men shortly after I exMTienee osl person In more than 10 million who 'can be helped by tele vision. wish It the doctor uuru, uuv 7. the sharp enntrasta between II" screen, and because of the peculiar condition of his eyes. lit la not through any miraculous power of the television picture tube." Keenly Interested In the in HK strange case.

Dr. Courtensy a pair has developed, with optlclsn foes Is which Lsflcur to w. focus the TV What Is It Like? Wh.1. 'l hsre lived 40-yeass without sight and then suddenly see? "My d'l Icullle. werent em 1 that tree i mean na ainger-on uie i see i iiv ii imini, mr hard to tell What that 'experience means.

I had no; Dreeoneelved mental Imitm nf a man or a veoman. a tree or a 1 seeing-, but I dldnt know what I wm aeelng. Other people had to Identify everything for Even now, after four months he consuntly see new like a dally game of "animal. i vegetable, mineral" In which someone ha to supply the answer for the object not, dreamed of before. Mind Went Nam.

"There have been a lot of he admit. i "I dldnt know there was so llttl difference In appearance between a man and a After all, they sound very dlf- ferent. I had thought there' would be much more physical difference." The' sudden transition from blindness to sight was some-! thing less than overwhelming: I I nl i Will Improve Club Houst no ta tui nU onlJ" At i7 ln.LA.'!L,t."1:"' "liObscene Word a full- fledged printer who can iut 9.000 aheeu an hour turn out Tumn'trrbrufr leading radio amaWura, has i.ivh tmim "lim flu the world ow by using the pcr short-wave equipment' which occupies almost his en' tire study. And there may yet be a marvel of ordinary sight u- now able to dUtlnguUh letters of the alphUet. greatly msgnmed.

But, that la his whole life since his eyes first aaw, a that, tor Oeorge ugreaUy magnified. 17 Wecf End Boys Enjoy 0BC Ue.ll'- Peirfu lunvwe tu iuiii One hundred and twenty- played gamea and vied for prixes Wednesday night at the West End Ottawa Boys'. Club, Hallowe'en party. The boya were divided Into three group which alternated from one activity to another the club ouartera. Jimmy Shier.

11. took the prize for the best costume; Klrby Brown, seven, won the funniest costume contest; Robert Dinnelle, nine, had the most original outfit; ana Brian CosteUo. II, turned out to be the boy most successfully dls- fulsed aa a girl. la charge of the party was club director Jack Jeffries, aasUted by James "Pop! But- cllffe. Ted Brooks.

Mr. John Cooper, Prank Workman and! Roy Carmody. preseni eiuo house, a larger lounge and greater locker facilities are among the i Rivermead Votes to Raise Capital Stock to $100,000 The Rivermead Oolf Clubl The directors will now pre-will attempt to raise the espi- Isent a bill to th Quebec Leais- ta! stork of the club by over latur on the stock Increase $30,000 following a special and dlvlakm of share. -meetlng of the stockholders in! lhe bm the th club South Hull quarters last night. PonT 'U ased to expand Voting on resolution of the board of directors to raise th eapital from 949.100 to 9100.000.

only four or the definite plan according to a stockholders present turned In club official. a "nor rote. President W. O. Bedrd pre- Th present 499 share.

worth; sided at the meeting. Diree-9IWI each, will be sub-divided tors present were: Donst Vlen into 1,000 shire of 1100 value W. Runge, Bert Mclnenly etch. land i. P.

McCaffrey. SEES FOR Oeorge Lafleur. 25 Queen Mary road, watches the television set- which has opened a whole new world to him. Blind since birth. 7 a as ACCPflfl Llls "OWCIIU Up a.

II I Into Heav They Did Ill IU riCUVcIl CLEVELAND. Oct tt.tP A grey-haired mother and her daughter stood on tht west third street bridge yesterday and the yoanger intoned part of the 139th psalm. "If I ascend up Into Heaven Then they started rising slowly Into the sky. The drawbridge was opening for a steamer on the Cuyahoga river? The daughter Jumped to river bank, and the mother clung to the bridge until It was lowered again. A spiritualist had advised the two to pray over water to cure the 67-year-old mother's speech Impediment, and the daughter, 32, told police she believed the "ascension" Im proved It.

CoiTieS Like Bolt 6 Shocks Listened An obscene word that went W. irrV" casting System Ik. Min, to two radlo'sUUon workers In Washlncton. the network an- nounced. I I The men were identified ea'the psrt time bus service.

i xi. ent nt the in persona i in biiu Kfl 1. ri at sUtkm WWDC. The Mutual System said both were Imme- dlately relieved of any ruture etrk BrotTfcm. broadcast from WWDC.

LewU had Just returned to the air after a break for com- m-U blurted out a word that startled listeners. At the time the word was heard LewU' waa speaking about his "wooden churches Am mmAm i i Wutton; Tto buT.dThuhe.t a new whlcT dermany. the network nelwork explained that an enelneer tn wuhinrtnn FIRST TIME. Begin Saturdoy IOTC Will Try i Buses in Rockcliffe The OTC will try all over urday over the following root: again that elusive compromise Prom Buawx and John along that will keep the people of Princess avenue to Usgar road; Rockcliffe happy and the along Usgar to Bttena Vista', on Transport Commission's Rock- Buena Vista to Acacia: along cliff operation out of the red. Acacia to Mariposa, and from.

Since the tram service to the Mariposa back to Princess ajid Buena VUU loop was dlscon- br Sussex and John, llnue October 19 the OTC has The 20-mlnute service In nun. rush hours will be from XI hour-only, five days a week bus upi hrimn the Rueni VUU loop and the Buiisex and John streets OTC tram turn, As a compromise between the reliable and regular, day-long streetcar service, and no sendee or any aina. me present m- terim bus arrangement has ratepayers win be held lo.rtls-barkflred In two directions, hit- eusa the transportation Drooling the Rockcliffe villagers In lent further. One suggestion the arches and the OTC In the already put forward In Che pocket i event that the OTC rontlnnea Beefs- and Business. ttmpt to rerve Rockcliffe la that the last nights meeting oi Rockcliffe rstepsyers.

held at, Rockcliffe Public Bchool. vil-! many at the rnmniaifiMi nf the fre. well-attended meeting that this quent long wait at Sussex and Jl.h. mrA lk Un ink k. k.

ti Tha rvrc Mtinlered with figures to show that from Mon- day ana moy last weex a total of only 637 used the OTC was sim the rev enue from me bj passengers ine onmi ww to 949 15. rrrr Willi. iiz t.ZrZ'ww i any business In busl- ness enpeclslly the Ottawa Transportation Commission at the present t. It h-rf mmrvtA in the beginning that the buaiYYI16ll L3T UlIS UvC service would be on a trial basis i am would represent the mini- to cut off a microphone 'cliff Village. on time and the announcer! Seven-days-a-weck half hour' did not realise his word would 'service 120 minute service at be broadcast across the eoun-! rush hours), from 7 in try.

HALLOWE'EN HI-JINKS mum transporUtlon require- menu for the vlllsgers. MM, suggested by Reeve Dwleht 'Crulkshank. and which will for the first time see buses drtvlne thmuoh ih. nnek. (until 11.30 n.m.

will beein Sst Veter Connor fleftt. ta nf mnxwavenue no mmynnier. Of 774 Somersrt rtreei, are doing their beat to get a bite tnt of lhe appl th west tod Club Hailowecn party last rughUl he thought he had no hope until ha discovered last June he rould see television. 'iDeenmiftN Wlt lwlel to a.m. and from 4.M m.

ii pm. nau- hour service will be In effect the rest of the day. Two Week TrlaL This service Is lo he tried for a two week period and If It does nov psy nmnrr merung oi the time of year lin UK niv 9U mm IIV trial. Winter or Summer, when riii mi nrini iwu wvaia to OTC Oeneral Manager David JPJrL JJ would give the eommlaalorl a Welch to the meeUng the P7 wnul wUii five aa- ts.A on yi ii I TGfi Mfifl 1(1 IlirtU imvu i ivn iiijuivu I ft I none seriously. .4 -I ku TI.M -1 .1 ll-H.

P.r IL" nd "nnd broadside aiw lm Uf snoniy arter two clock this morning, Th allowed to hom fUf treatment Civic Hospital, were: Mr. Lowry. who received a cut to the cheek requiring II 'stitchM to close. Desmond'Kennedy, of 1M Rochester street, owner of th late model car. who suffered bruises to the body and pril-sible Internal Inlurle.

Oordon Red more, 21. of Jit Rochester street, who ess riding In the reer sent, who suffered a iaelal laceration requiring II atltehe to do. A fourth paasenver Unu Kennedy, brother of th ear owner, who escaped unhrrad. Police said the vehicle proceeding north around curve when It went out nf control, skidded on sllppry lawn and hK the tree. ncrR DARJEEUNO.

India. Oci'H. (Reuters) Everest conqueror onerp Tenting left Her yesterday to reconnoitre the 1. 000-foot Kangpak peak In the Himalaya, which will be used to train mountain-climber. Tensing will head government sponsored moon- taineertng school to estso-lished ber soon.

1 Cosena. 11. nearly l4 tai game of cowboys na Indian hnrrlfled mother hmw cowboy Derek dangling Ifrom tree in a noose. Mid cut hjT dowTjust la Unu..

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