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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 6
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 6

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 11..193. Eastview Wars Against Ontario Over Right to Dismiss Officials Management Commission May Be Appointed If New Mayor Persists in Open Interference. THE OTTAWA JOtTRNAL pTT THE RECORD By Ed Beed I By I. ff. 8.) THE Eastview row has been called a "tempest in a teapot." But overt teapot crack and those close by are frequently burned in the consequent mess.

Similarly Eastview's plight, though small, is significant of a dangerous unemployment iituation. It is exemplary too of a cav when Democracy fails and the voice of the people is unwise. In a paragraph the situation is, this: Eastview's unemployed have elected a Council sympathetic to the workless; Council wants to dismiss its important officials: but Eastview is under the control of the On-! tario Municipal Affairs De-j Aartment and the department will not fire without fust cause; Council refuses to acceDt this "interference" and seeks hy petition the support of the town. TraaWe. But the Eastview trouble cannot, be even fairly summarised In a paragraph.

Council it In disagree- merit, efficlalf are distrusted, manjr will not work for relief, taxes are' not being paid and vagrancy and. nn or have distorted the little town across the Jtideeu river that the chances art not remote that the Ontario Government will Obliged to set up a commission to manage Its affairs if the Mayor and bis followers persist in their determination to oppose the Department Dr. A. DesJtoslers, ML. A.

for Russell, and number of Influential eiUxena, bar voiced strong disapproval of Mayor J. B. Char-ette's action. But before preaut-tag their views we should perhaps trouble and get some perspecti ve. Butvimr's financial position was growing rapidly worse up until May 1 1SU wben UM Ontario Government stepped in and took over its debts and managed as defaulting municipality under the Municipal Affairs Act Bsslle Martst, relief seTteer.

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I and many ef these rest their vetes ith the anemplayed a Ith the feeling they've set aethlnt te leer. The ftrevlnre has been paylnc IS pereenl at the relief reets ef the eianirlpallly. Ineladinr sdmlnislrsUea. a anUl last Keptctaber. Hiare thea the lawn has said far Its awn relief admrnlstratlea bat (Slant all the relief sseaey by (rank In aid frees the prevlnre.

A New CeeuMlL At the last election a new Mayor was choern. together with new reeve end deputy reeve. Seventy percent of the electoral list voted, and 0 percent, of the vote was by unemployed, of which Chsrles E. Collard is the recognised leader Mayor Charette gained 1.107 votes sxainst Donat Grsndmaitre. the previous mayor, and his reeves were liven comfortable majorities.

The New Council is: Mayor, J. B. Charette (Reeve in 134-19; 1 Reeve, Jaeeph Robert: Deputy-reeve. Thomas E. Leonard (Councillor IMS); Councillors: 1.

Stephen B. With ers (2nd term), I. Denis McShef- trey. J. David Gingrss 3rd term), 4.

Edward Lavergne. 9. Leo Cantln, Treffle Cousineau (3rd term). In the campaign several members of the Council intimated they would fire some of the town's employes, or at any rate would lower their salaries. Here are thoae for whose positions new spphcations were to be railed at lower salaries, for total saving of $3,000: Romeo Brain, clerk-treasurer, 12.100; J.

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Da thk aj Ua ktuna ml yeumM end yewcMt-drai and a the kaawt et tra putat nil rrmuneralion for work as relief officer): Victor Jolly and Albert Ber-ard. auisunts to Martel, $70 monthly. The Act's fewer. J. A.

Casault, tax collector, was told to to immediately. But If Council was not acquainted with the Municipel Affairi Art Mr. Begin was and he refused to leeve the town hall and advised hit confederates to remain et their The Act's clause in this re-speit which Mayor Charette and hu roJleeguet (with the exception of Councillors Stephen yithers end Devid Gingras who have opposed the dismiwali from the stert) seem to heve overlooked, resds: "The Department shslt have control and charge of the appointment and dismisssl of its the town's) officers, employes and aervsnts. end their power i. dutm.

sslsries and remuners- Uons." With the affair thus deadlocked Mayor Charette and Reeve Robert rushed to Toronto where they talked with R. J. Moore, aunervlior Municipelities for the Act Mr. I Moore told them, in effect: "You csnnot fire sny officers for oofiti-i csl reasons but muit show me documentary exidenre of inef-I firiency. go back Is Eastview and I "fry on with the knowledge the Department is trying lo help you.

not hinder you." Mayer Ineieient. Unfortunately Mayor Charettt did not appreciate the frankness and good sense of this advice. When he returned he told the newspapers he would carry out his scheme of dismissals despite the department He declared, moreover, mat applications for the positions would be celled for st last Wednesday nighl'e meeting of Town Council. Whereupon Mr. Moore packed his begs snd moved to Ottawa to attend this meeting, hoping to smooth things out quietly but determined If necessary to make It quite clear who was ia eharge of Eastview.

Mr. Moore got the lump on the Council meeting by having a chat with the mayor and several oi his colleagues Wednesday afternoon, a chat that must have been fairly forceful for nothing happened at the regular session of Council Wednesday night' Hundreds gathered around the little town hall expecting fireworks, but the thst gained admission to the U-foot square room for the Council session heard little worth remembering and the remainder outside In the cold just got their noses dirty against the window pane. But at toe end of she session Mr. Moore entered aha room and Indicated he would be glad to talk with Council informally and the hall waa cleared of aU but the press. MOORE PATIENT BEFORE COUNCIL With, laudable patience and painstaking care Mr.

Moore MM the rather ill-humored Council that a defaulting municipality within the Jurisdiction of the Municipal Affairs Act is under the control and eharge of the Ontario Government The official enlarged upon the old maxim that It ia the man who paya tbe piper wbo calls the tuna. This, of course. Is as it should' be. A town unable to manage Its awn affaire. unable to pay Ua creditors and unable to feed Its mkdents ia fortunately able to take refuge under the OrrtertoXJoremmenl; but when It takes that refuge tl arast expect to submit Its management as well Quietly and clearly Mr.

Moore then explained the Municipal Affairs Act: "It wouldn't be fair tor you to have our protection and not submit to some control, and part of this control Includes our insistence that no employes be dismissed without just cause. I have been shown no cause for any dismissals, but merely that for political reasons you would like change made. I And also that you have not discussed the problem with those you would dismiss and have thus given them no hence to mend their stays or restrain from such minor habile as you dislike." Continued Mr. Moore: "We've got to establish your name and credit have got to get down to business end work in the best Interests of the municipality. I ask you to take the chips off your shoulders and work out your own troubles without holding grudges." Na SlarvaMea Wages.

Councillor Lao Csnlin: Hut we went to ssve the torn $1 AM by replacing these officers with men at lower salaries and the Ontario Gov ernment la against us." Mr. Moore: "You But that in a very nice way. but sometimes we apend more money when we try to save. AM as ror lowering wie wsge of Mr. Begin ($2,100) I must first see your budget, but It Is not the nollcv of the Government to a no rove starvation wages nor to allow see-sawing among employes to lower salaries.

At this point of discussion of dis-miasina Mr. Begin. Mayor Charette leaned over and asked Begin for a cigarette. He got one. Councillor Cantln: "But Is not Mr.

Brain's salary the largest In Ontario ronildering the Site of the municipality?" f. Mr. Moore: "No, not nearly Mr. Begin: 'Til take $200 lees than the average wage of the clerks of all municipalities of the same slie." That seemed to settle that Caatra firsts eat. Councillor CanUn, hie voice becoming lees polite as each point failed: "When the Ontario Gov.

ernment came to power did It not fir a lot of people for the same resjon7- Mr. Moor laughed the Question away, ssying it waa out of, bis jurisdiction. Councillor Cantln took a gists of water and then began a recitation of general complaints against collector Casault Ha had been discourteous and severe, alleged the Councillor, and bad consistently used the singular "tu" Instead of the plural "vous" In addressing 'women. Mr. Moaret "Have; you spoken to Mr.

casault. wit a vt having him soften his attitude, at to hearing his aide of the story?" Councillor Caniia admitted he had not spokea to Mr, Casault, -5 -We always let his start arsl Captain Misses His And Must Continue the Chase Bad Weather Prevents Him Catching Liner at Ham burg and Vessel Again Forced to Sail from New York Without Him. NEW YORK. Jan. 10.

UP-Cap- taln Hani Kieff has missed bis ship again. The Hapag Lloyd liner. Reliance. to which Cant Kieff had been as signed as staff captain, sailed last mtftt on a world cruise without him, the second tame he bad failed to connect with the boat He missed the boat at Hamburi last week after his former ship, the Deutsehlsnd. had been delayed by bad weather.

Then he boarded the Europe for Its westward trip, hop Mr. Moore's rebuke was a quiet smile. Crawd Biwalsa, It was getting late but still a crowd pushed about inside the ad-Joining fireball and faces jammed against the windows. Mayor Charette rose, bis heavy glasses a little steamed by the heat of the room, and with a respectful but halting voice addressed Mr. Moore: "I am entirely dlssstisfied with the greet powers the department has taken.

We are the elected repreaentativea of the town but we have no rights. We cannot keep order this way. There's a lot of red tape to go through before we can even dismiss aa employ who la incompetent. I don't think it ia fair, but II the Government rule It that way well have to take our medicine. But I say now, I sin going to take this thing higher up if I can, I am going lo find out what the people at Eastview think and if necaesary take it to the Legislature wbea the anembers are sitting." A Flare-.

Mayor Charette then roused Mr. Moore's ire by passing bun Council'! motion that 1. A. Collard be paid $23 for lax-collecting aerviee nrom January I so January a. This ia the man Council would appoint tax collector in place eg Casault They named him at last week's meeting but he hss done no work, nor has bis appointment been approved by the Government Mr.

Moor abruptly threw down the request, adding: "Mr. Mayor, I believe you desire my confidence. If that ia so plesse do not attempt to iut over anything use this on mr. I isv never In sU my experience Seen so obvious a farce." Mayor Charette. moving away from the table towards his coat and hat retorted: "I have not much con fidence in you anyway.

I Intend to go higher with this whole affair." And the meeting broke up. Some of the councillor Indicated they wouui co-operate witn tne aepart-ment other were silent. There can be, of course, no appeal' to a ittiog Legtinture other than through the Department of Muni cipal Affairs, which Mr. Moore reo- Wesenls. Should he so desire Mayor Charette may appeal to the Muni cipal Board.

But prominent resident of Eastview are urging him so accept Mr. Moore's advice and in thii urging all thinking persons will Join. Otherwise Mr. Moore's exceptional courtesy and patience will have to be supplsnted by harder and mora oppressive measure. A Hew Attack.

Mayor Charette la now circulating a petiuon about Eastview. He teela if be get a great list of names to support his ess he anil be proven correct and it ia bis idea to take the plea to Premier Hepburn or whatever authority la ia charge at the time. of bis visit To this observer the peutloa scheme seems an aimless procedure. What if be doss get a long string of names to lua paper, would it pro cure anything? Hardly. The only thing that will get Mayor Charette the dismissal of his employe is documentary evidence that they have been Inemeient.

To any one who haa read the act It is plain that the control of hiring and Bring Is with the department either with the support of the people or against It In fact this matter was tiroueht up when Mr. Moore met the coun eillor. Councillor Lavergne intimated that if Council were to re- mun now and appeal to the elec- EDUCATIONAL. OPERATING ENGINEERING tasat Rsfrigeratioa, Internal Cos. bustio Power (Diesel).

Marin, Hois. hag aad TraeUoa Engineering offer pieadid opportuaitiaa foe ssea who are prepared to baeosse ceemUag its. I.U.S. training hts aaaa it the require) ante, tea tea lanATtaaai. senassreinma waste, eawwa, Lasrra iaf akaeaaas aasssss aasase ymm Otmm Sal leae he eaat hasp ap with Ship Again ing to overtake the Reliance In New York.

He was supposed to board the Reliance at quarantine last night but the Europe also wss slowed up by bad weather snd Hapag Lloyd officials decided to let the Relisnc sail without him. The Europe reached port today. Now Kielf must continue his chase. By taking a ship leaving tomorrow for South American ports, he hss a chance to catch up with the Reliance at Bahia. Brazil, on January W.

orate on a platform of disrnisssis they should be re-elected. Mr. Moore snswered: "I don't care." So what value is a petition? MXJt. Oagaesa. Mayer.

Dr. A. DesRosiers. M.LA. for Russell, unconsciously provided us with the best conclusion to this arucle wbea he declared: i "Mayor Charette and the member of the Eastview council are treading on very thin ire by their attitude towards the Departmentv of Municipal Attain' ruling, and they would be very well advised to adhere to Mr.

Moorej instructions. The Government will not long tolerate this continued Interference and refusal to recognise authority on the part of Mayor Charetta and others, and If ma tiers are not soon straightened out it la almost certain that a supervisor will be ap- pointed to administer the town's affairs. As 'for myself. I am definitely against council's plan to ducniss employes, -and I will do all in my power to prevent eny such action. "The Government at Toronto la quit cognisant of the situation in Eastview.

and ia aware that the whole thing is nothing but a 'grudge and based on promises made' during the election campaign. It ia my opinion that an attempt la being mad to tab advantage of the Ignorance of many unfortunates who ar on relief at the present asrie. and that certain members of council era playing on the sympathies of than people." Major G. A. Cosine, former mayor, stated be had "very, defi nite opinions concerning the eon- varsy, out oecnnea to vase them owing to his former political connections in the town.

He did say, however, that he considered the pitas in officials, and particularly Romeo. Begin telerk- treasurer) very efficient and that the town should eo-ooerste with the Government which ia "paying the piper." Britain Stands By Oil Embargo sr $. Adopted by Leatrue and i 8npport Often. LONDON, Jan. 10 (C.P.-Hsvss) Informed quarters said tonight Great Britain still adhered to her policy announced last month regarding imposition of an oil embargo against Italy.

The Government then made dear Britain would support an oil ban pnwioie inv aeague or nation oa- cwea upon it ana Britain had anew of support by League mem bers, should Italy retail! i by war- like The Laagu council Is scheduled to meet January $0 and It is understood there may be a meeting soon of the Lee rue committee of II consider the oil embargo. When the committee meets. It was predicted Chairman Augueto da Vasconcellns would ask for a report on Italy's present nil supplies, the consumption of oil In the war operations, and figures on prevent United State exports of oil to Italy. rvNEBAL or ms. lawienck.

Largely attended by relatives aad friends, the funeral of Mrs. Ja Lawrence, wife of Thomas H. Lawrence. Windsor avenue, who died Wednesday In ber Hod year, was held Friday afternoon from the Rsdmore Stewart funeral home. 121 Wellington sheet where service was conducted by Rev.

Russell McOllllvrsy. Interment took place at Pinecrest cemetery. Included in large number of floral tributes were pieces from Coulter's Drug Store; Ottsws Retail Druggists' Association, and graduates of class IUT. CJ. Chief mourners and survivor beside ber husband, were ber parents.

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