The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 18, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 18, 1952
Page 11
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?A(5E ELEVEN T»H>AY, JtTLY 18, 19S* FARM NEW Cotton Classing Helps Farmers Sell Their Crop Smifh-Doxey Service Available to All Improvement' Groups Judgment Needed in Weed Fight Weeds have no place In the home garden. They rob the cultivated plants of water, plant food and even space and light. Cultivation to control weeds is a necessary part of garden care. Bui the fight against weeds should be waged with judgment, says Home Demonstration Agent Gertrude B. Holiman. While it Is desirable to keep this surface soil loose, little is gained by hoeing or cultivating oftcner than necessary to control the weeds. Farmers have better bargaining PORW in selling their cotton "if they ^now the grade nnd staple leneth , . of each bale, according to Howard i I fire B Tr n !r'ri le C °" cSn <^i"g C Of- prepa"red C oni.v^hHurU^sUrri'nK ££• n Dc ". artment °< A "ricul- °< <he soil throughout the sum"," dire s Production and Marketing is required for most garden ^rons Administration. ) D(?cp cultivation is noTonh- hard Best and most economical way to 1 work for the gardener, but i i, »]." get, your cotton classed is to join j usually injurious to plant roots ' a cotton improvement group. Mr. Thorough soil preparation before Ethendge points out. | planting is (lie most Important £„ ims is a group of farmers organ- i in cultivation, it involves careful Ized primarily to promote the Im- i plowing or spading that completely --.t of cotton. When they organize, adopt a variety of cotton, file an application, arrange for sampling and meet certain other requirements, the group ts eligible for benefits of the Smttn-Doxey Act. These benefits include cotton classification for group members and a USDA price quotation sheet. Both »re provided without cost. Application forms and additional Information about Smith-Doxey services may be obtained from county agents or PMA cotton class- Ing offices. Applications from clay Craighead, Greene, Mississippi and Polnsett Counties, Arkansas should be Bled with the Blytheville Office M/ later than July 1. Deadline is Ktigust 1. How to Give'New look' fo Farm: Clean-Up Program Brings Safety As Well as Good Looks Miss Amy Kelly, Missouri stale etxenslon agent and member of the National Safety Council, suggests th(fe 7 things which families can do (o give (heir farm a new look- Clean up all rubbish, paper and othn- waste material | n the home ana in buildings. Oily rags and olr! paint brushes may cause spontan- cour ignition. Remove all oW metal equipment from barns, shops and machine sheds Useless machinery may cause falls and other accidents Husly metal can cause tetanus Voui scrap metal, badly needed for df'inse. will bring extra cash Ii all farm buildings fix leakv reefs, cracked chimneys, rusty stove uipe-. poor foundations, rotted sills, oui. -men as soon as the soil has! 2 "''' li ^ ntnln S rods - See that doors', fettled and is drv enoush after an wmdows - -weens and furniture are irrigation or ra'in. 11 ' « hn ,,w Jl "•• JMod repair. ' Time's A-Wastin'' and Planning Saves Housewife Many Steps turns and pulverizes the ton Inches of soil, Mrs. Holiman DI out. Then as soon as the Drouth Get Garden? Well, Plant Another COLUMBIA. Mo.—The family garden can recover about as quickly «s any phase of farm production after t drouth, according to clvde Cunningham, extension horticulturist at the University of Missouri And he points out that food production (or the family is an important Item 1 . He says there is still time to grow some food—plantings can be made .'n the disaster ureas as late as Sep- tcmoer 15. However, where there is moisture, plantings of crops ns sweet corn, green beans, carrots, beets and turnips could be made riant away. It will hurry sweet com" to mature If frosts come early but some consideration could be' given if an early variety. It will be safe .^> plant green bean.? up to Augustt 1. Average maturity dates are offered in the Missouri's' Plant- Ing Calendar Extension Folder No. 5 When soil moisture is available in lat« August or early September, plant cool season crops as carrots' beets, turnips, lettuce, radishes' spinach, kale, and mustard. If moisture is available, more than one planting of these can be made Be «ur» to use the hardy varieties of Virginia Savoy Spinach and Dwarf Siberian Kale so these can produce late during the fall season and go through the winter and produce next spring, Cunningham stresses. Some may have crops In the garden that survived but have not produced. If the tomatoes lima beans «weet potatoes, and peppers are still alive, give them some help- keep the weeds down, water If possible—they might still make > partial crop that would be varttt all the effort. If you are interested in additional suggestions, discuss your production problems with your county agent. firo/7er Chick £ rice Outlook Is Improving LITTLE ROCK. Ark. - if placements of broiler chicks continue, to serve as a cue to prices 10 to 12 weeks later, the summer outlook continues Improved. T. E. Atkinson economist for the Agricultural Extension Service, said today. Reports of the Crop Reporting Service indicate that weekly placements In Northwest Arkansas throughout June were lower than for the same period last year. This ctlt the early lead over fast year's placements in Northwest Arkansas to two and three-fourths per cent Increase for the first 27 weeks of this year. Supplies of broilers In local areas «eem to have considerable Influence on prices to growers. Atkinson It's Still Time To Make A Corn Crop with Funk's G244 FARMERS SOYBEAN CORP. No. IJroachvay Rl.vtheville ., ... It should j ightly stirred to kill weeds and to leave the surface of the soil =- a loose, friable condition It is a serious mistake to work the soil when t Is wet. This applies especially lo heavy-textured land which is li'kelv to remain full of clods and lump', the rest of the season if worked when wet. Sharp hoes or other tools used for scraping the surface or sweeps on wheel hoe.s or garden tractors are Ideal cultivating tools for the ear den. They make it possible to scrape the lop layers of soil and destroy weeds without polng deen enough to Injure plant roots poinled out. During the time of the severe price slump, Arkansas broilers were selling B t 2 to 4 cents under prices in the Del-M,ir-Va area, -.eoesfli- the Arkansas price has been 2 to 3 cents above that area A comparison of chick placements in the two areas shows that Arkansas broiler chick placements dropped relatively more than Del-Xiar- Vn placements. Placements in major commercial areas since April !9 have been lower than during the same period in 1851. he stated. The last week or two placements have shown some increase over the previous week, indicating that Arkansas mny have reached the low point of the year in placement,';. However, last year's placements remained relatively low throughout late August and September. Also the number of eggs in incubation on June 1 was 45 per cent less than on June 1 of last year, Atkinson poinled out. Read Courier News Classified Ads Repair broken or loose stair steps aru board walks. Remove nails jr.gged ooarris and other articles thai might cause injury to people or livestock. Keep your water supply sanitary and safe. Springs, wells "and cistern may need to be cleaned. Plan your water supply so that it will serve in case of fire. Remove dry brush, weeds and grass from along road sides ind near buildings. If this is done by burning, use extreme care. A fire that gets out of control can burn yni.r buildings and may damage yet:" neighbor's property. See that fire fighting equipment —t-and extinguishers, shovels swat- te.-s rakes, water containers ladders, hose, etc.—is handy and ready for use. - r WIfOS 4WAr WtlH ATLACIDE KILLS JOHNSON GRASS, BERMUDA and many other graites and weedi. Destroys weed roofs . , . prevents regrowth. In convenient powder form; easy to mi* for vie en a spray. C, Robinson Co. aldrin hifc... •\ \^ COESTHE Ami that's a fact! When weevils cat, touch, or breathe aldrin, they die a fast death. Just a few ounces of aldrin, in a dust or spray mixture, controls an acre of weevils. What's more, aldrin can be easily applied in any standard equipment. HOW TO KILL BOLLWORMS An excellent control of bollworm is a ready-mixed formulation of aldrin-DDT or dieldrin-DDT. Both mixtures not only kill bollworm, but also boll weevils, flea-hoppers, tarnished and rapid plant bugs, and grasshoppers. When low cost ia a primary consideration, use aldrin-DDT mixtures. Your insecticide dealer has dieldrln-DDT or aldrin- DDT formulations. Order from him today. For further information, write to nearest address below. aldrin . SHELL CHEMICAL CORPORATION f. O. Box 2079 Huuilon, Toxgi •tOt Williom-ORvw Building Allonto ], Qo. "Time's a-wash In'," snys Home Demomtralloii Agent, Gertrude B. Holiman. Time wastes too fast! Wher, DOES it go? Some goes while .vovi walk back to a place you Just came from. You return to get something you could have carried on the previous trip, when you came back empty- linnded. Some of it KOCS oy while you travel back and forth in your kitchen Iron) one piece of- eq'uip- niEnt to another. Some lime goes M.v while cnii turn, stretch and clinih to get things that could originally have been placed within arm's reach. Some time's a-wastin' when you use a tool not in good condition -such ss a dull knife, a n-obbly stool or one which tires you quickly because it is loo low 'for comfort. you Some time wastes when prolong a job by doing all of It wilh one hand when both could help Ironing can be done wilh both hands — Jusl as dusting washing windows nnd the like. Some lime goes by when you do unnecessary Jobs—picking up children's loys that they mi»lit gel up themselves, netting the family to share the load saves you time. It's a wise'housekeeper who becomes critical of her ways nl wcrkinp. Mrs. Holiman said'. The wise homcmaker doesn't scalier energy and waste time by trying lo BO In several directions at ! once. Those who accomplish most ' are more than likelv the ones ' who make a practice of planning. They hai-c lime for making plans, too 5 Jersey Cattle Field Days Set FAYETTEVILLE. Ark. - A series of five Jersey cattle field days will be held in five different sections of Arkansas during th» week of July u. The public is Invited.* The meetings are designed to provide information on 1 mnrorcd dairy practices, the Importance of I dairy type, and the value of a good dairy breeding program. The program will be in charge o! representatives of the American Jersey Cattle Club, (he Agricultural Extension Service, nnd the resident staff of the University of Arkansas College of Agriculture. Opportunity will be given for those in attendance to take part In classification judging of Jersey cattle. A tour of dairy facilities and pastures is also planned on each of the (arms where the field days are held. A tentative schedule of meeting places and dales follows: i July H—Joseph J. Elcan Farm.' Waldo, Arkansas. July IS-Tall Timber Farms Little Rock, Arkansas. July 16-R. M. Head Farm Brookland, Arkansas. July ll-unlverslty of Ark«nsa» Experiment Station Farm, FayeUe. ville, Arlt. July 18-Diamond Oror. firms. Port Smith. Arkansas. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY Phone 8151 ^^B^^ «•••«••• -^ OF McCORMlCK COTTON PICKERS WITH ANY OTHER! Model M-14 Self-Propelled $ 7008 35 Model M-12 Self-Propelled . n( _ X, M-14 Picker Attachment $497535 M-12 Picker Attachment $ 6872 50 Ton knon- the qaarrfy of McCormlck f«rni Implements—made by International Harvester. Xor compare the prices of (heir cotton pickers with anjr other make! The M-14 Picker (with 14 i-on-s of spimllrsl cnsis only S1008.35 mounted on a new Farmall "U" Tractor. The attachment alone, mounted nn your own "H" or "M" tr.icior Is priced at just SI07S.SV Similar];-, the .M-12 cotton pirker (with ZO roivs of jplmllrs) costs only $5330.88 mounted nn a new Farmall Super "M •• And (he M-12 attachment alone, mnunlcd on jour oVn FartnAll ",M" tractor Ii priced at just SfiJTZ.SO: IVe Invite you lo compare these prices with any make—anynhcre! SAVE Saving add up tart w ^ en yon m^-j,,,,!,, your cotton han-esl with a McCormlck cotlnn picker. Many'owneri report thai machine picking saves Ihrm S'lO to 510 a bale over hand picking; rtone on ntsrhy fartru! Thl» Inclinln a" costs: Interest on hutatmenl, deprecl.illon, repairs, and seasonal orerliaiil In adrtillon to 'url, oil and operator's pay. These spfpd.r machines pick clean, too. Trash is Ml In the field. Cotton plants and unopened br.ll» aren't disturbed. Drop In Ihr nrtl time you're In town. I.CI us show you why jour best Investment is t McCormick Cotton Picker! Outstanding Features • l^i ««lf-prop«ill8d-op,rated by on* man. • I' picJci bolh .Wei of lh« row. • Hydraulic power rahei ond lowers ln« picking unit and dismpslhe 750- pound capacity basket. • AH.r horv«ilin 0 , lh« pickar ctm b. r«mov»d lo free the Fcumoll troclor 'or olh»r work. 1 11 piclti cleaner than mony laborer!. ' II doosn'l damage unopanid belli or caUon planti. TO MO A with a McCORMlCK COTTON PIC DELTA IMPLEMENTS I INTCRNATIONAL-HAWKM *Uf* c jfR <7X«« 68o3 -» BLYTHEVILLE. ARK.

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