The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on July 9, 1934 · Page 16
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 16

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, July 9, 1934
Page 16
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THE OTTAWA JOtfBtf AE JOURNAL PHONES: QUEEN 6900 . MONDAY, JULY fc 193t Q. 6900 1 a , 1 m aa I 'V -I . I t It ANNOUNCEMENTS Birtaa. BOWDgN At the CettageHoepttal. June 17, ISSi, Mr. and Mr J. Bowden Inn IKa-ence M- Howert. a daughter. CBAWrOBD-ln Smith. r.lla J61 LlloaBll.l, on friday. Juno . eW. t aire. George A. Craarlord (iim babel Letsl. ean. r.oANT-wrLCH -On Sunder. July 1KM. b Vn. Archdeacon eMn. a Bertholomcw'e """."i'J? Beatrice, daughter r M'' "f,I Tnomaa Welch, to .slodek Ahielie, " sun ol Mr, and Mra, J. Grant, mitbhv.VFRRALL On Saturday. June . lM at McPh.ll Baptlal MaV T. W. Water.. tve- Vrt CSU .nd" .Si "r. V.r rail, to Charlee Mr. and Mr. T. A alrieet eon of H. Muriihy. BoUl of Ottawa. Ilea tin. 1 Aim At Perth. Ontario, on Sunday. iilTl lwT Howard A Blair, aon ol Mr and Mr.. Ala.. Blair. Perth. OaUrtaT aed reara. from lh residence ol hie father- Mr A Blair, on 'Tye.. July IS. t l o'clock Service at the nouat at 2 o'clock alandard lime. loVed wife at the late Henre. MorrU. rear. Fon.r.1 -rvat Bedmnre Stewart 'uo"',.i' HJ WeUlngton .treat. ,"J""?;. JiW 10. at 130 pa Interment at fenilirovo cemeteVy. C-J VAUGRAN-At Btchmond. Of, "f Sunday. July S. ISM. Annie Bennett, wife of Andrew Vauahan. Mth year, runerel Tliee. Jul. IS. at I 30 p at.. Standard Time to St. John's Anglican Church. Interment In the United Church cemetery. raneral IMrectara. OOERS. OEO. SL. l.m-W FJJIJ atreeu parlora,- ear. ii- funerala. Tel. Q. Saw aai Modem, ehargaa. w BURNET. GEO. B. a SONFuneral 1 "dlrors. 3S Somer-t Prlv.i. chapel. Inealld ear. Q. SI. A. B. WOTCB at SON. M Parkdale . venue. Sherwood M . JAMON at SON Cobourg atraeL . Funeral Borne, lis a. m : CEMETERY MEMORIALS I B. BROWN ANB SON. IM Boara 4 IBL EaUblahad latl. IkWB a STEVBNS. HI Bidaaa St B, ISM. AMUSEMENTS It AVALON "Death Takaa a HjUdaF,1 and "It Happened One Night." COLUMBIA Jean Crawford m "Today Wa Lrra." and "Strange Aavaa- ' tura." - 1 i . r rBANCAIS-BI( Dotrble BttL Lew Ayrea In "CrcaS Counbry CruUe.; aata Katharma Hepburn In "Spllftie." LAURIER, nu aton- ii--"7 ' July S-S-U only. -La Maaqua Qui Tombe," avao Jean Worm, and Tanla edor. alas Clark Cable la alaa la White. BEXT "MeaneW G.I la Town," ana "Charlie utana uraatew LOST AND FpUND FKMAl.K, whlta wire haired terrier. ' ion uai wen w " rV eoas ar q. 7M Local n. IOST. LADY'S WBISt WATCB-Whlla Sold, intuaia i. r. " Connor atreat and Bacanl Theatre. Km, jccwarv . . . 5 WATCR. WRIST, Ottm Xyatja. " Iwaen Lucerne Clieeea C. AyhBor L- Boad and Hull. Call S. ISeS. Reward. MALE HELP WANTED 3 t VOUNO MAN for bla and wr anaaeht poalllon. psly In i - MX. Moahar, at Hope Chaml TOUNO MEN dartrnia' S take W nleamanahlp aa their Ilia work. Beed - not mirchaaa axpcnMva cojiiaea. Wa wlU give you practical training ' backed br SS Team' aucccaaftil aell-tng experience and You wlU aera - While warning. . Writ Boa 4 Journal Otftce. - ' i . FEMALE HELP WANTED 3V EFFICIENT auMj. S4 weekly. 4. SBMW. MIDDLE aged woman for aummer cot- raminr or rour. wnia bnnk a t ' 111. Journal Office. SITUATIONS WANTED 8 S REFINED WIDOW dealrta poaltkm aa 1 houaakeepar lor two adulta, law S mile, from city. . f Tntrwn man with Urht ear, j celling experience, want! connection avlllng or driving, any. whara. Box J-ai. Journal Office. .PERSONALS 10 SCIENCE BAB BISCOTEBBB new ra-uef for Rheumatlam. Backache, Lumbago. Uaa Bumaeapa.' tow's Drug ' Store, SS O'Connor. , S4SS. . - A BOBBEB al large la Ottawa. Eaeras weigm ataaia Iran iw ju Charm. Reduce eaielr, eanelr and surely with Slendor Tablets. Harrl-aon'a Drug Store, as Bittern Bt gXKCTBIC BEFBI1EBATOBS to rent.' ai aa ne wa refund all money pain snaum rra mnai w ni,vnK Boberreon. fugle A Tllley, 151 . ZSS. FOUNTAIN PEN SBTS, larwe aalactkm Inemunenta. Lieu las Spark, at. .JS BEWIT Mmiiner Beretea jarea U B and troubta. TaL Q. SS - at MAPAMB a paASSTSTBTBi liaanla .ES village, pnona apwoaavavMiw. CZ - S14-4SS. - ananwa, a- - BCISWTIPIO MASSAbE ky . asent. Q. SOT. WANT AD. RATES ; easa fFrrB esBtaa. saserttena ,- . tea per aianl Uuertlena huertloo. , kaaerttona ' I wlUt as let llaaalSeg Mrer-wa alU glaslr a.teaS Oil. seme, a fom. m eaaaa eaeaa laa seiieeaM-rata, aaent ith aa alloeaaet f eaeeont jiaH cmua ss trfe altar IM o?t to mcmi tone. av ' fs eaiets4tat k teal twyoat tvatds perr mm fa el i na . !rrt t ef an Has for vc asMUeaal mm. rvrwrt vlr air kb5i2i eM.rn'tanej elea tt a w eetaeta irtBttna f tnirea. et, ss eemn a rVr. swa asittHS eaaaU Usrea eeeav . 1 -' ' -V BEAUTY PARLORS 18a LEABN BAIBDBSSSINO - Dmt end evening elaaeee. eummleeloo paid i.whlle learning, pnaillon JvupM; Jack a Beauty Culture Scnooi, SUM. Vrk. r t M A HINTS, ssir-ss-TSTBO - Ringlets. eombtrtaUceJIJOuPB- ABTICLESTOB SALE II rrsr mu A miss until Crees Corn and Buoloo Barree. at llarruon'a Drue Btorae. Ottawa and Narhole. Drus Storea. Waatboro. AS FT. or I1 AND r hemlock, bla prlcee. Inde- ... utf. tHMMl S DondVnt Coal Co. Ha A DAT paya loc genuine frlfidalre. rJnVealliatrour plan before buymi. Orma limited, lis Sparka. IMS BUYS new Claaale miniature (rand mad. by Maaon A HUch. e.tra-ordinary value; Urma arranged. Orma I-imilrd. 171 Sparka. W. A. BARF. Air Compreeeore. Cement Mixers Hoist.. Oradera, . lor aale or rent Jt. lHa. r.l VACDCM fl.EANERS' monthly. W Bank. 4 rentad, lass. BUILDING MATERIALS. AH kind. lumber, nardwood "oorms. abtngiea. Imul boarda. Bakal Broa- SS Booth S avTl CONNOR WASBERS Special actor. rebuilt. guaranlead low prlca. Currter-McKnlghl. . aw N MOWERS REBUILT, fuaran- iced, from S3 up Baker a. o ai LUMBER AND BUILDINO MATERIAL -Enormou. atock ol oaw awl aacond hand lumber, limber, a.w flooring, brick, beama. tplpea. anglea. etc. Specialty 1' lumber IIS W U.; guod quality ahlnglea. St M par M ipe-elal on Latha. El per M M Caller-man" Co, LW. S SfTS. B-yvtew Road. North ol wclungloa Bridge. Mill. SUPPUCS. belting. machlnarT. plpea, valve, enormou. atock at raaaonablo price.. M rerrnin St Co, Ltd, Bayvlcw Road S aBH. BADIO BAROAINS -Arw.trrr.cru. 115: Bparton. aao; rB"' ForVet Crwley. IJ: ophone. SM; M.rconl iort r1 Phllco . ahort wave. S93 Tcrma. Orma Umllad. Ill Spark. OAR DESB TBAYS-Baf. 11,00. Spa- ctal. i. 'v. BAND revolving, unity " Complete. iteta. una Autoarepniv Shoupallgnar" Invoicing Model Apply Journal Buatneaa OlBoa. Queen BL SILK COATS-Speelal. SSSS. Fumara, aa pan w WICKER BABT CABBIAUJ, reverj. 10 ie. gooa conujuow. ' Carlbtg. WANTED TO BUY 14 GOLD, SU.VEB. BEST Canada, aioom eve, "i cold, a 10 best woar." r,-"-;r- Churcn l-rut-iu, eww, GOLD AND SILVER MAkET-Hlh- a.1 pneea m inw.. GOLD ANB SILVER MAkRT-H irk- an pncea " ww GOLD. aiOHEST WORLD e-n ..- Churcn ,cMe, Sparka GOLD AND SILVER "C"Anojs SuaUed-'regf;',.- ai.P-menu. 104 Sparka, Room S aai'OND HAND olumbtng RtatcrHu wantao at one. . . r. 1 . a WE BUT OLD STAMPS. oora, all amaa. v nil, wrier "IU 1.10 Aiaert. comer pan. ' OIJ GOLD TOP PB1CES. Rlitaeal price paid In Yoar Haaw. Tl O 1I4S. DENTAL, JEWELLEBT. COINS "caontry reader, radiator pe.cela. or aea ua,' Cold Co. at Ontario, 1491a Bparaa SECOND BANA- 15 BIOBES PRICES aaaalg pulta. ladle draaaea. luxe, APARTMENTS WANTED U WANTED, email medern epartment ta centra town, wiu 1 y . . T " muat be .moderate. Apply giving detail, to Box J-ISS. Journal Olflca. APARTMENTS TO LET II BACHELOR. S chcetarSxdd. radio. Sreplace, S29. B. lataw. CENTRAL RACRFLOR APARTMENTS. completely lurnlahed. 4- SSSS ar 4. S1XL ' AMBAsSABOB - BtMina, apt. dally, monthly, prlcea. . tV TEH. rumlahed raaaonabla COPLAN COUBT. 4W Daly. 4 bright large room. R. S3S. . LtXIKING FOR A BARGAIN? Modern ctecino eiovv, 1 . -. - ie WENDELL APTS. IV) O-uUceatrr St. rumlahed. living room, bedroom. bath, klichanclta. 4 SW AT ONCE Choice apai ImumI ettaat W. R irtinanf. IIS Rent tree to K 1 ,n HMIriDM Apply Royal Truat Co. 4- SII4. WALDAMAB. 114 8oarraet. cor Corner. turnWted or unfumtahod. S rooms. attracUva. Immediate i au Tei te so i&siw. ROOMS TO LET BF.nsrrriNO boom, balcony, kitchen ette, private noma, w "- 4S4 M. - I ROOMS with baleony, llgni nouae- keeptng, reaaonaoia. o. comfortable room ta PJtvate home. prtTllegea. garage, would Kilt . gentleman, reaaonabra. C 43S3W aa a OMifn4ahla itaana Ing ahawar. gymnaalum. eafeterta. NICE CLEAN, bright ro Clouceatar near Bank. after 1. ' BOOMS AND BOARD tl CHMB BOOM and board home, anvuasea. ' LABOR, auigia. SUIT B awnuefiFcii, - Board eptlonaL Q STS7. Ones. Matlet eeer S aewil M ' baa. eaah euh ror. Whaa eharsrS aart af Houea etii aa SI aer umrtloe n MS aeaat tinea, aaek aMltlaoal eeral Ua. aa aall aa aack araat line el earaa. .oa vn eoun. i. " - aa tnaMtlaa. rrhla ataeeuot I la eaMuala ft lams at S1.I mtCL Z z .- . 1 vfuf ; a ta n a aneruea Mxreen aata Smtaa - BOOy ilAVB V9CI I ' iwui TT ts- - 1 5 1 y f f o -rui ew-okl 1 1 . 7, I e riaa. ' , I T. area atleaeerauaetse seeet-' ' OOVSM eMMtWit It wt MZJ aT " (TtZM 'S aT7 : Vt T Hlf afii "i - URl aTa I fL V ' r. JlllfNVTO a. aaalll aaaa aaa saaaaaMSS- I . ' I TMla I W A M aaaaBBBa I (1 IM 11 MkYr i i r J JL-. S a BV 1 ash stjT I I IKV - Basa- ZaTZ V in I M I IX aaTaSBBBBaS F f lSBV - , B mwmwwmmm aa gaear. v. ' I " . .-. Bl S si B- II II.Jl II I I'v I W 'T, 1 ' - LI I a. aa Ira I I - V 'V STT far- M I I W I I IV.. 1 H, m asasaaf si-'if 1 AUTOS FOB SALE 13 PONT1AC l COACB-Beal Buy Iowa. Plcard. Q. lax. . PC SOTO sedan, rune. look. Ilka new u- a-aA UM FORD COACB. eacelleirt condition, tti eaah. balance lit pat month. Stl Welling toa St. USEX ROADSTER, ml, t aide ejeuBt-Inge, Ilka now. C. M. BABOAINS IN OOOD OSSO CABS-Waal End Cerege. S. SIC BATTERIES. I'SED j. new 4 IS. Can wanted Malty 'a. SM WeUlngton. racvioirr mi routs. attuioc. enoaw wraa FORD UN STAKE TRUCK. Laval Motor Salee. Hull FORD COUPE. ISM Lfcetue. privately owned. Mr. Mleevea, 4 St. SMAIX SIX, Hub erd.n, goroV condl-Uon. cheap. S Itnw. WILL PAT CASH la. eaur uaed aai ' M Boarka .treel ' 1.J4 V-S Ol Ll'XR FORDOB. I.H0 mllea. Oravel. 4 K ACCESSORIES REPAIRS 24 AUTO FARTS, new. weed car. bought lor wracking Ttrce. Battarlea. Baker Brca, a aniaa. a en LEGAL 2 BEMP. JAMBS 1 Barrtater. Car let on Cbaaibara, U Sparka MacCBABIN, FLEMING AND gCHROSDEa, Tru.1 Bunding- a Sparka Q T300 WART. SCOTT. BELLET. SCOTT BOWABB-2U Blackburn Bldg. OBEENB AND JOHNSTON. Barrlatara BoUcltora, S3 Sparka 4 33 OICR. BUSSELL M.-Berrtaler. Victoria Bldg.. 140 Wellington 4 T33. PATENT ATTORNEYS Ma FBTBEBSTONBAUOB AND CO.-Pal. ent Solid tore. Victoria Bids- Ottawa BAMSAT COMPANY. Reglatarad Patent Solicitors m Bank. Ottawa 4. INI MEDICAL 27 DR. DELANEY. Eenlto urinary, dlaeaaea. 191 SomeraeL 4. SfSL blood AU polntmeniaj DI H AITBE Surgery, women, urinary organa. blood ll Stewart. R. S3. SPECIAUSTS 27a SKIN DISEASE CLINIC-utracrur Sabetla. Amwani rroiiMii ' - lology and Byphllologv. Montreal Unlvaralty. AppotnlmanL 4- Ha, DB. t. O. CORMIER. Platans ol the ye. aa cparaa. FOOT SPECIALISTS 29a BNAPP-AU loot troubwa. Hi Jack-aon Building. 4 STT. LADELPBA-Bpraln anklea. Uigrttwlng iuaT archea lop Metcalla Q. list I M. MaeMABON AU eooa invaiw im Bparaa M e, - : CHIROPBACTORS 31 OALBBAITH. , SOTerwrt Astnma. ack Trouble. TATEI. B.-S1 Adjuafnente. Bparka. 01711 X-ray. Arch INSURANCE 37 LOW AUTOMOBILE CLUB RATES Blooen atoaiey a. wow, , -- A. m. FITZSIMMONS, 117 Bparka, In-aurance. Real Eauta. Property Man- ageroenl DRESSMAKING 4f DRESSMAKING LadW, anlldren'a alleratlona oono reaeonaw R. FI17M. ICE FOB SALE 47a GERM PROOF ICR made Iron, filtered walae. utiawa anaxwi Ltd. R. Ii ' BUSINESS CHANCES M mu TO RENT ar aall In Amortor. fag houea or bungalow In, Otuwa. C. ajaJ w - SUMMER RESORTS S3 tAAB as B-tkiT grrtt.ta'aMj. ait irlctist Lak. (MOa WimaUlK. . nVaSaMISIWSBi nwa.a. Apply Mr. J. JBrqustm, R R. 4, rtlih. Bs.sjr.Tar 1H)INT rxcllfit 1 mil from Pvtawawa 8 la lion. Wrtta aft. faaaUTVia s-.wwwwb. sewsai nill RTKA D. Aleovo. OtWDCC. cotnforublc as?coiiiiaOdal4m. inoala wriiss, asjl. . PROPERTY FOB SALE 54 OWNER OUT OB TOWN offer. BulkV Ing lot at bargain. Compton. DID YOU LOSE ANYTHING OVER t THE WEEK-END tut i t , : ' - 1 . , " 1 . i f ... f I an laaaaaasssasas- i 1 ... .... , I - I II """IT . .--1 rTtrir TrvTTTiXT A T ' tdC Z. . '.-... - atla rx aTV ' A A I 1 I SaT iMbTH s? I aTm aV I f W tf . I. II FILUE THE TOILER. f - . Advance Payment. ... A,; :t: . Bv WextoveJ BUSINESS QARDS AUTO TOPS, WOODWORB RgPAIRSj I'PROI. ITER- inu comoar Aula ion, gag St 4 131 CHUUCAL, ENGINES BIN Q. NOTWKLa, a) MOPPBB, Conaulllng Englneera. Induatrtal Cnamlata. Ot tawa awctrw atng. is- ala, anted In New York. CLXCTKICAL CONTBALTOKB. BEAUDRT ELECTRIC. J) DAL- Houais -Wiring, repair.; aiactrk rangea. B. Oeja. - electbicaT M O TO malallatlon. repair.. W. SH u. aaij . "" ruaaiiaa, '. " TYrEwaiTiKg. IIMON - WBOLESALS FURRIER - UNDERWOOD TYJBITEBS aold. Guaranteed ramodellnB. repalra in repaired Underwood. Elliott. Fuher Queen .treat 4. SB. Ltd 4 US ' . - MACHINIST,. m.cnrMrT,in.S. McMULLBN-PERBINS, LTD. Mechla- repaired to Queen St 4 XU wa. ma aiak.ra. aaa iurtar w. TAXI SEKVICI. -j. TBOBNTON - TRUMAN. LIMITED L Auto keva cut by coda. 4. K41. oibson'S TAXI Zona rataa. Day and f 1 j - ' 1 11 night aervtca. 4 Sttt. office iurruaw. . . CHECRER TAXL ISO tonaa. 4- US ACME OFFICE SUPPLIES Royal Prompt, courteoua atrvlca. Typewrtura. rapalra, oflloa euppllee x ' 11 I 1 4 I78S- 11, WA8HER8 KEFAIK1D. PATTERN M ASUNO WASHERS, wrlngara, any make, ra- WOob "AND METAL pattern, made. paired Loweat price. J H Conoof chaapaat rataa. guaranlaed. a nstJ and Son. Lloyd St- S SUA CLASSIFIED DSPLAY CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Maaary to Lawm. Mancy to Laan. Household Loans $50 to $500 Central Finance CORPORATION - Uaaei Oanlalaa 'Gael Ivaervnlea taaae tada a Oafarla Oafy II SFASES STRICT TI4 Ottawa ClaeMc SetMHag MJ4 Consolidate Tour Debts Loans $50 -: $500 To Mlartad nan and women on aecunty ot houavnold rurnltur. or u you tiavo no luraitura. oa Uva tacurity ol two bioods icnin youx not McUy Cat,..fatlBl Moolkly atepvyowats Industrial Loan ck Finance CORPORATION ' Under Dominion Govarnmenl Supenrtalon. Loan, alao made lo realdenta ol Hull. Raoea 1st, Traaiparullaa Bldg. Car. Bldeaa aag Saaaas St. TaL Bldeaa ITSa. Borrow Confidentially I Loans of 150 to $500 to married people arranged In 24 to 48 sours, oo convenient repayment term. Our service is strictly ' private. Our charge, authorized by "Dominion Parliament, are Ah lowest obtainable to Ottawa lor thll type of confidential loan MrVtCfc COMB Bi ... WRITE . . .6 PHONE '; Loans made la Ottawa and Vicinity Only. the Discount and Loan corpn. OF CANADA IM Welling ten 8U Eaeaa IM, Victoria Bldg . Opea Till t pa far Bale. 125 HOPEWELL AVE. This ta your opportunity to buy that coay brick home, ell newly occur a lew. aim - j j. apactlon. Prlca only HON en aaay aa4 tawi-usata Broken It. H To Lot TO LET Dcirble homes in food localities at very reasonable rentals. The Wm. A. Cole Co. a Sparks Street The oldest bird, in the world were about the size of crow. The ''MAGNET that finds lost article in Ottawa lit- a "lost and found" ad placed in The Journal. It costi. a imall amount to recover your keys, watch, purse, dog, etc, and your Journal ad reaches 178,000 people. Remember, othfog is ever lost until The Journal fails to find it - . PRINTINO. MUTUAL PRESS, LTD OS Latuiter. A. B BaUoul. 4. HI. . . MILLER PRESS-Thoa. C. Millar. IM 4ueeS St. 4. SS. DADSON-MEBBILL PBKSS. "Maker. of Fine Printing.- 4. ina. Quautjr aervtca guarantaao. aea aparaa EVANS A BBBT. Lid Commercial octal printing, ise queen. 4. aaoe PBOOBESSIVB PRINTERS. Rbeppard . gi Macoonaia aw uuhum aveaua. 4 I'M NATIONAL PRINTERS. LIMITED - General prtnlere. Audltortua. BldaV. C. M7-50B. 1 Ksaping how In Ottawa or vtcMrylCanyvjumcABriionlMy rapoymsntit Younawd noothwr Mrcurily. Only husband and wits tlgn. 12 months lo repay. . e ' e Ovr raarfat, a.Hl.ila.d by Oaatfalaa tmttimmmml, ara Ike lewecf aatala-able la Ottawa aa leea. ef Mn Had. TeL t Iftt Aata rarts. AMERICAN AUTO SALVAGE Now Open far Bstisaa with com plena Line? of now and u4 parts and tlroa for all makes and modcla of cars. Alao Uydf aulie HoUl Oump Bodies.. 21 YORK ST. Aaxtnent lo Let. Shefford Apartmenta Mi COOrER (Next Meicalfa) We hare a very Umllad number of Apartments to rent for October lit If you ar desirous of loeattnf here, we sucxest that you caU In and see ua fWinedl-ately. All Apartments are n ftrst elssa condition and nave Pre tanvestic Hot Water and Friirldslre service. Elevator with attendant day and night. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Ceaa Car Bala, .Quality Used Cars - WEEK-E1TO SPECIALS " t- Ol4 Ttc New Prica 193 BUCK SEDAN $45 UM 1127 BUCK SEDAN $225 200 1M DODGE SEDAN $350 $3oe 1931 FORD SEDAN ,-. . . . $375 $325 1930 GRAHAM SEDAN, wheels $45 $395 1929 NASH SEDAN $425 $375 1928 PONTIAC COACH $250 $200 Year Fraaent Car aa Fart Payment : aaay Ottawa Motor Sales Ltd. USED CAB 4-JI-4SI Baak Street Mala Help Wan tad. WANTED District Manager by a Canadian Life Insurance Company. Salary and commission basis. Apply to Box J 49, Journal Office. W.C.T.TJ. Convention Of Orenville County Special ta The JetfraaL SPENCERVILLE, Ont, July S. The 48th annual convention of the Women's Chrlitian' Temperance Union ot Grenvllle county wss held in the United Church, MaimvUle. on July S, with slternoon and evenlnj Kisions. The sreildcnt. Mrs. Stanley Adams, of Mainsvllle. presided during both seuiona. being assisted by Mrs. T. B. Newman, of Spencervtlle. the secretary. The treasurer. Mrs. William Keefsn of Kemptville, reported s balanca on hand of 118. The devotional period In the after noon was In charge ot sirs, tttevj Higginion, ot Kemptville, after which reports were Ilea re rrora gu superintendent of departments from the Knowing gocieties: spen-eerville, Preaeott. K e m o t vl 1 1 e, Shanly snd Malnrville. The program consiited of readings by Mits Clayton, of Mainsvllle: Mrs. Dan Rooke. ot Preaeott; addresses by Rev. Mr. Bradley, of Prescott snd Mrs. James Rlddell. of Malnrville; musical selections- by Misses Evelyn Scott snd Dorothy Turner. Mrs. Fred Barton, of Preaeott, and Miss Ethel Adams, ot Mainsvllle, acted ss accompanists. The election of officers resulted ss follows: President, Mrg. Stanley SEALED TENDERS addraaaed to the undersigned, and endoraed "Ten der for alterations and addtUona to ntunga. etc.. puolle Buuaing, limmin. Ontario." will be received until II clock aaan (aaruiai eavlagl. rrieay. Jaly M, 1S34, lor altera Uon. and addi tion to interior ntunga in ina ruouc Building, Tunmlna, Ont. Flana ana epecincauon can oa seen and forma of tender obtained at the ofllcea ol the Chief Architect. Department of Public Work. Otuwa. the Supervising Architect. SS Adelaide Street East. Toronto, Ont, the Build-era Exchange. 1104 Bay Street, Toronto. Ont.. and the Caretaker. Public Building. Tlmmlna, Ont. Tender, will not be ceaaldered unices made cei the forma supplied by the Department and In accordance with the condltlona act forth therein. Each tender muat be accompanied bank In Canada, payable to the rder ol the Honorable the M In later of Pub lic Wonka, equal to 10 paroenc ol the amount of the tender, or Hearer Bonds of the Dominion of Canada or of the Canadian National Railway Company and It. constituent companlee. unconditionally guaranteed aa ta principal and Intereat by the Dominion of Canada, or the aforementioned bond, and a eertlfled cheque If required to make up an oaa amouni. , By order, N. DESJARDtNS. Secretary. Department of Public Works. Ottawa. July g. lSJt- CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Caaa Cars tmr Sale. Term DEPARTMENT C. till Male Help Wanted. Adams. Mainsvllle; vice-president. Mr James Ridel, Pltt.ton; Miss Kellock. Prescott; Mrs. Charles Mc-Guere, Spencerville; corresponding secretary, Mrs. Lome Merkley, Prescott; recording secretary, Mrs. F. B. Newman, Spencerville; treasurer. Mrs. A. H. Stirtan, Spencerville; IT. Legion. Mrs. William Keegan. Kemptville; superintendents of different department. Miss Ssdle Whitley, Spencerville: Mrs. James Whitley, ot Prescott: Mrs. C. J. Barker, Spencerville; Mrs. James Rlddell. Pltuton; Mrs. Fred Doole, Kemptville, Mrs. A. H. Stirtan, Spencerville; Mrs. Esrom Adam. Shanly; Mr, Charles Turner, Cardinal; Mrs. James Goodwin, Spencerville: Mrg. M. Harten, and Mrs. Fred Barton, of Prescott A memorial service was conducted by Mrs. D. Rooke, tor one member, Mrs. Isaac Johnson, of Prescott, wo hsd passed away during the year. The ladies of the congregation served supper to the delegates on the spacious lawn. v The devotional exercises of the evening meeting were In charge ot Rev. A. L. Sisco, of Cardinal, and the address ot the evening was delivered by Rev. Thomas Knowles, ot Iroquois. The service of song wss In charge ot the young people's choir, which gang two selections, with Cora Adams as organ ist snd Miss -Ruth Smith, soloist Others sssistlng in the evening program were: Mrs. F. B. Newman, of Spencerville, snd Mrs. Corr. of Mainsvllle. Report were heard from the courtesy committee by Mrs. Rooke, the resolution committee by Mrs. Wilson, of Kemptville. snd plan of work by Miss Jean Kellock, of Prescott A most successful convention waa brought to a close by Rev. Mr. Bradley, of Prescott Township of McNab - Mourns Old Besident Special to The Jearaal. ABNPRIOR, July i. McNab township lost a well-known citizen and s life-long resident In the death on Friday of Carl Frederick Runtz. at the age ot S3 years. Although he had been In ill-health tor aix months, hi death caused deep regret among his wide circle of friends in the district Born In Germany In 1151. Mr. Runts came to Canada with his oar- enta, when IS years of age. and had uvea practically all his life In McNab. He ..was married to Amelia Scheels in 1I7J. who d red rc eased him eight yeara ago. Surviving are two song snd three daughters: Ales of Arnprior . and Henry at Home: Mrs. August Kuehl. of Kitlaloe; Mrs. Charles Speaker, of Kitchener, snd Mrs. Lester Neil, of McNab. The funeral waa held today at pjn. worn nis late residence. v Dr. H.J. Keith Wins Majority of Award Special u The JearaaL ' PEMBROKE, Ont, July 8.-Tr Rose Show of the Pembroke Hort cultural Society wss held In th Tourist Information Bureau an proved Quite aucceaaful. with Dr I 1. Keith winning the majority the awards. - The following 1 a lilt of nrb winners: Claia One Scctlnn 1. Dr.' H . Keith. Miss N. Beatty. Mrs. W. 1 Williams; Section 1. Mr. W. 1 William. Dr. H. J. Keith. Mis t Beatly; Section S. Miss N. Beatt-Dr.U. J. Keith. D. Smith;, Seclio 4, Dr. H. J, Keith, Mra. T. S. Ban rand. D. Smith: Section s rir H J irik . . -- n ., l Dr. H. J. Keith. Mis N. Beatty. I Smith. . ia n. uca y BCClton i Class Two Section 1 n fimhi H. B. Johnson; Section T. Dr. H. .. Keith. The Fall flower Khw ,:n k held On Aueuat 2J1 Mi.. !-.... .. bf the Experimental Farm, OtUw. win do tne judge of the show aga: thi year snd one of the large entry lists in years I. anticipate, Laying New Tracks- Iroquois to Wale Special t. The Jeurnal. MORRISBURO. July (. Roarl I master Serviss of Cornwall i charge ot the work of laying 5 1 ni ,7- n a '' "e main liK of the Canadian National Railway between Iroaunle ur.i - miles of double track. Thirty-fivJ ;r . "-r "uu",c 133 laoorers an.l . K. a. V' ' '"" workin 7 , ir., re-arranging the " va.n. s anai ivitm ,h I new tracks are laid. The new track I t r",,""10 ,fveral Inches on rock ballast heH .nH 4t. ... I be of the ISO-pound type Instr. or the present 100-nniinH ;i n. I Job, to last until late Fall, i r ploying a number of lrwal m. k. I most of the work Is done by fori mer C.N.R. employes. The work 1 1 progressing at present Just east ol as n uwiai. HAVE ATTRACTIVE DISPLAY. I CARLETOM PI.Ari- T..i.. . I (SpecialJ-Membera of' the Carlil riace nonicultural Society ha I a i r "l,r,c"ve aispiay of rose l mer flowers in a window of a local . . I. u.,1. biiu ouipr aari K,,n.a ..ur. an aay Saturday and Saturl u.jr evening, mi waa the econ ..-ii.y or we season and was mad I for the Durnose of imMri-. k I Interest in the work of the local aaeuciauon. MORTGAGE SALE. Under and br virtu t.. I uiuiucc at the tim of sale, there will be offered by pitoi auction, subject to merve bid, ' urriCE OF. , THE WM. A. COLE CO, , Auctioneer.. S3 SPARKS STREET. OTTAWA. ONTARIO. - rnaay, 13th Day af Jy, an mj at U o clock noon IDarUcht Savin I Timer I BX A, COLB CO. AUCl a svo LLTIO, a THE KLLnwINfl nnDDrii-a. Aiat, amu BtNUUuAR thou rtriai I -yin and being in the Town! jhip ol Gloucester, In the County cl Carleton and Province of OnUrU I Hxrvas or irsVU OX land snrt niwmisrl FIRSTLY l The South Half of th I rear pan or un Number Seventer 1 in in inc aiunciion lenrsi nr in m, Townihlp of Gloucester. contatnLnsi . admeaaurement One Hundred Acre I o ine umi more or was. I SECONDLY: That part of Lot Numl ebtt xessnieen ui m tne junctio Gore of the aald Townahlo of tJlouct! ter being described as follows, that il w ia);.-s.uniii6riLiPiu on tne souins erly aide line of aald Lot EUthteen tie I beln also tin limit or side line hrl tween said Lot Eighteen and Nineteen-. I at a dtsUnca of Thirty-two Chair I Eighty-four Links from the allowincl i or roaa in rear or the said Junctio i Gora (being the allowance for to I between said Junction Gore and th I concession ol th said Townshi I frontlna 9n th Ottawa River): them I Westerly along the said Southerly .h! I line of Lot Etehtsn. Thlrtv-lw I Chains Eighty-four Links: .thenrl Northerly and parallel to the said I lowance for road m the rear of sai Junction Gore. Twenty -two Cham I and riv Links mora or leas to th I Northerly side Una of Bald Lot Elf Mo I being also the limit or aide line be! tween said Lot Eighteen and Sever I teen) ; thence Easterly along sai' I Northerly side line of aald Lot rich I teen, Tnirty-Two A.natna ana Eigm lour itnRs; mence Etoutneriy ana t allel to th said allowance for road rear of said Junction Gore Twvn! I Chains and Five LinKs more or less 1 1 th place of beginning, containing r i Hmtuurvmrnt oevcniy Acres ot more or less. AND THIRDLY: All that certain pari of Lot Number Nineteen (im m m i junction uore of th satd Town in 11 of Gloucester which war aranted b Ktncstorth Graburn and Chrlstophr I Grabum to one William Rowat by certain Indenture beatina date the 27t day of November. In the year of Ou I Lord 1ST and registered In th R'C I istry OfTlce for the County of Carieto 1 at Fifteen Minute after Two o'clx I In th afternoon ot th Ninth dav January. IB 73 as Number 1290. SAVIN' AND EXCtrJ-TTNO THEREOlJT much land lorty Feet leo't tn width ir th Northerly thereof and e 1 tending from th Westerly ltmtt of tH land hereinbefore deiitbed to be eon I eyed to th Easterly limit ther I and has been esUbltahed aa a Pub 11 J HUthway. I On th aald land is aald to be -.If I net a good brick house, large banl ana cow staoi. norse stanie ana other barns, cars re and mtlk-houie. TERMS OT SALE: Th Purchaser 1-1 nay the total purchas price In cast at th rim of th aale. Tha sale t b subvert to any right of evltttml tenants and subject to th MoTiemf.I In favor of th Aricultural Develop-1 merit Board of Ontario. I For further particulars and condl-1 uona o aate appiy 10:, THE WM. A. COLE CO. Auctioneers, 3 Sparks Street. OTTAWA, Ontario. MILLAR. WOWF. & HANNA, Solicitors for Mortgaeee. . . . M SoartT. Hlrt OTTAWA. Ontario. ValUQftB. "TUa-r -anirtha, a-eaeBia iimn iM aa.. 1 gfeaalo(4lita S'tinasrsrl MaW ' im u iVire. Card et Thanas and S Wiwrtiea. . ta mi snarls a wfe

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