The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on March 23, 1945 · Page 7
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 7

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, March 23, 1945
Page 7
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Minto Follies Proves One Of Gayest Editions to Date Admirers of Ottawa's, skating world filled up the Auditorium lajt night for the first performance of one of the gayest and most charming editions of the Minto Foil lei. It's a young world on Ice skates if last night's show Is any proof, with the average age of the performers in thir 'teens or less. Of course, the self-styled "old-timers" had more than a good deal to do with the success in training and planning, and even filling in where the man-shortage was acute, but they .preferred to stay in the background and it was the children who rang the bell. Biggest co-operative effort of the show was "Snow . White and the Seven Dwarfs", which brought In all the Junior members from the age of three In its flocks .of woodland creatures bluebirds, violets, fluff-tailed hunnles and crooked-tailed gray squirrels, and akunks whose white streaks-down their backs brought laughs of delight from the audience as soon jas they caught sight of them. Young Champions Star. Jane Kirby's skating at Snow White had a lovely joyous spirit, and tiny Patricia Mabee as the leading" bluebird was most birdielike. Pierre Brunet and Donna Pospisil. the 12-year-old U.S. senior pair champions, stole a food deal of the show wtih their faultless co-ordination which worked Just as well when they were Skating apart as when arm-in-arm. Their natural grace and dash seemed to show what it is the youngsters have that even slightly older skaters can no longer catch. High point of the evening for many of the audience was 16-year-old Barbara Ann Scott, the Minto Club's new North American champion. In her short pale Uut costume aha Was comnletelv at ease and sure of herself, so that the audience. never thought how difficult the figure she was doing might be but only how lovely she looked. The admiring silence during her graceful adagio dance was broken only by th whirr of a couple of amateur xnovie cameras. Another individual triumph for the Minto was Comedian Arthur Nelles, R.CN.VJL, formerly with Sonja Henie's show, with his seemingly uncontrollable knees and ankles and a tendency to tie himself into sorrowful knots. "Quartet in Cerise", also local talent, scored with their striking formations and sequin-covered costumes. Applaud Visitors. Visiting talent was' an impressive array. Blonde Gretchen Merrill, U.S. champion, in a silver costume, got a big hand for her pep and vivacity. Her adagio number showed a wonderful control on the ice. Noffke and Schu-bach (be an ensign in the U.S. Navy, spending his leave skating for the Minto) were perfect poise in their dance duets. Comedian Dick Nutter got whistles for his coy maiden, and gave the bunnies uuui niicu ub annual wciii sailing into their seats at the rail-edge. Dick Button gave in motion' with his daring leaps, while the -Young Smoothies", Hazel and Joe Sullivan, were just that. Things still must be said about the Minto ensembles and the J costumes wnicn gave so much to them- From the. opening "Alpine Carnival, (featuring Den-yse Choquette as a dainty Snow Sprite), with its green, orange and red Tyrolean skirts and shorts, to the final "Salute to the United - Nations" ending in a 'march of triumph, the key-notes were color and originality. The hoop-skirted and pantale-ted Blue Danube chorus looked most engaging and their waltz down the ice drew a round of applause. On a different plane entirely were the young jitterbugs who went at it with real vim and vigor, down to the smallest. Soloist Peggy Ram did some fast high-stepping. The Treasure Island number brought gasps when the lights - went out and feathered Nadine Phillips of Toronto was an effective Bird of Paradise. Vocalist Gwendolyn Smart and few "live" jitter-bugs added to the proceedings. It was the old,-faahioned "Blossom Time' though that took the cake. There aint nothin' to beat a waltz on skates. And. while a prd show may dispense with unexpected falls, there isn't half the enthusiasm or the fun there was last night. E. S. PROGRAM. A! Saunders ana His Minto Follies Orchestra Vocalist: Miss Gwendolen Smart; piano: Mr. J. A. Brisebois, Music Director of Minto FoUies. Overture "Selections from the Minto Follies of 1043." . Alpine Carnival "Alpine Memoriae", arranged by Aubrey Winter, elections from "White Horse Inn". Revellers Jean Smith. Marjorie Minnes. Marjorie Scott. Gerarda ltyaa. Evelyn Roberts. Judy Blades. Ann Lewi. Li la Shorey. Moreen Harden. Margot Boby. Jacqueline Ptnard. Dorothy McCallum. Desiree Gtrouaxd. Nancy wood. Ann . Moore. Doris - Adair, Asnes Gagnon, Olive Beauchesne. Dilly Thomas, Anne Ferguson, Frances Kilduff. Sylvia Seeley. Muriel Whyte. Esmee Girou-ard. Rosemary PelletJer, Anne Patterson. Naomi Aylen. J. Barker Smith. Ernest Wheeler. Harold Esmond. William J. Smith. Derek Arnould. T. A. R- Hughes. John Phil-pott. John Bell. Kang Chan. John Aylen. Victor Pinard. Ernest G. Pullen. Henri St. Jacques. Alain Pinard. Gordon .Andrews, Duncan - Smith. Reginald Wilson. Meredith Jarvis. Mitchell Dent. John D. Fer-Guson. Mugh Maclean. J. Bradshaw, Dougles Nelles. Hew Robertson, James McFarlane. Stanley Patterson. George M. BleaJtney. Mavis Daane. Joan Henderson., Julia Sully, Estelle Beaudoln . Helen McKlm. Dorothy Drew. Frances Sharp. Doris Packman LUa Worster. Ruth Mather. EN Me Wither. A Mildred Carver. Betty Vradenburgh. Lucy Grout. Edna May Moxham. Yvonne White. Janet Cain. Helen Clark. Roberta Bradley, Anne Wickware. Miriam Eherldan, Odette Rousseaux. Audrey Murray, Sally Kent. Grace Boyce. Daphne 1 Patrick. Mary Kelson. Melville F. Rogers. Ralph Crack. Norman Samuel. Charles A. Yeo. T. Walker Cluff. G. H. Fisher, Duncan Smith, Douglas Joyce. Y. L. Chen. Ken Blrtles, Murray McLean. Phillip Sherrtn. John Desbrisay. A. . Melville , Munro. James Davey, Ralph Harry. Charles H. Cummlng. S. H. McGulre. Noel Kirby. Gordon McLennan. C. Wesley Sheridan. Paul A. Bennetts. W. E. Murray, John Routh. J, L. Smith, Wmf. Jones. J. C. Brown. Conveners: Marjorie Scott, Gordon Andrews. The Village Jumper Donald Tobln. Snow Sprite Denyse Choquette. Belles of the Four Cantons Marilyn BaJL Eleanor Bowler, Andre Choquette. Connie Choquette. Camilla Cunningham. Betty Dexter. Helen Jean Fotherlngham, Barbara F 11 lan, Virginia Fleming. Estelle Harper. Cairine Hodgktn. Joan Jamieson, May Kearney. Pat Kennedy, Cynthia Kirby. Eva LopdeU. Kay Lopdell. Marjorie Mahood. Margot Merre-weather. Nancy Minnes. Pierrette Paquin. Peggy Ram. Sonla Swift, Mary Eleanor Th orb urn. Conveners: Mary Eleanor Thor-burn, Patricia Kennedy. Little Villagers Jane Kirby. Shirley Ann Read. Barbara Taylor. Judy Nesbitt. Patricia Ball. Louise Genest. Doreen Collie, Beverley Pearson. John Kennedy, Douglas Stoneman, Jerry Baker. Joseph Macdonald, Tommy Clalrmont, Donald . Cluff, Wlson Sheridan. Peter Scott. NOFFKE and Srhnbaeh U.S. National Senior Dance Champions, Springfield, Mass. Our Walts", Rose; "Liberty Bell", Sousa. Dick Nutter Comedian. Acceleration Walts", Johann Strauss. The Bine Danube "The Blue Danube", Johann Strauss. Marilyn Ball. Helen Jean Fotherlngham, May Kearney, Margot Mem-weather, Eleanor Bowler. Barabara Flllan. Pat Kennedy. Nancy Minnes, Andree Choquette, Virginia Fleming, Cynthia Kirby, Pierrette Paquin. Connie Choquette. Estelle Harper, Eva Lopdell. Peggy Ram. Camilla Cunningham. Cairine Hodgkin. Kay LopdeU. Sonla Swift. Betty Dexter. Joan Jamieson. Marjorie Mahood. Mary Eleanor Thorburn. Conveners Mary Eleanor Thorburn, Patricia Kennedy. Hasel and Joe Sullivan The Young Smoothies, runner-up U.S. Junior Pair 1945. The Skating Club of Providence. R.I. "Shine on Harvest Moon". Bayes and Norworth. Modern Rhythm "Little Rock Get Away", Sullivan and Zurke; "Basle Boogie". Basle and Ebbins. Solo Miss Peggy am. On the Dance Floor Betty Derlger, Louis Derlger, Lois King. Rudolph Brinstone. On the Ice 'Denyse Choquette, Doug. Stoneman. Jane Kirby. John Kennedy. Barbara Taylor, Jerry Baker. Mary Eleanor Thorburn. Donald Tobin. Pat Kennedy, John Bell, Margo Mereweather. Derek Arnould. Cynthia Kirby. John Philpott, Joan Jamieson. John des Brisay. Directed by Pierrette Paquin. Qnartet In Cerise Minto Skating Club. "Vienna Bon Bom". Johann Strauss. Andree Choquette. Connie Choquette, Nancy Minnes, Pierrette Paquin. Dick Button 1944 National U. 8. Novice Champion. 1943 National V. 8. Junior Champion, Skating. Club of Philadelphia. "Capriccio Itallen". Tschaikowsky. EXCERPTS FROM- SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS Selections from "Snow White". Churchill. Snow White. Jane Kirby: Prince Charming. John Kennedy. Bluebirds. Tm wishing". Leader. Patricia Mabee. Group I Elizabeth Abel-Smith. Katherine Ambrose. Isabel Bullis. Llse God bout, Mary Hart, Margaret Howard. Ann Johnston, Collette La vole. Jennifer Little, Margaret Mair, Susan Minnes. Helen parmiee. Jill Parker. Gail Rochester. Barbara Ross. Daphne lephens, Marilyn Silver, Marilyn Group II Bebe Anslln. Mary Ben jamin. Shirley Bethel!. Diana Boyd. Rene Bastlen. Pecry Burbldse. Diana Craig, Margie Clalrmont, June Clark. Beverley carnac, Shirley Duff, Joan Fasan. Marjorie Gamble. Judith. Har- S -eaves, Myrna Loy Harrison. Joan oward, Ann Hawkins, Janice Hes- lop. Marilyn Hughes.. Ann Jolly. Catherine Jevons, Barbara Joyce viiiwwii, uito avjw. 1 urn l m Jh. 1 1 wr wasser, Lorraine Lynch. Janet Law- son, can Murray. Patricia Maccar frey. Phyllis Milne. Heather Morris. sneiacn MCKenna. ciatr Merrtaen. joyc McLaughlin. Jan Carol Me Kenzie. Claire Newiands, Shirley OBrien. 'Marilyn Pickthorn. Mi ml Panet, Wendy Quain. Kerry Lea Robinson. Marilyn Richards. Judith A nit Roberts, Charlotte Stoneman, Margaret Mary Skelley. Barbara Jean stockweli. Marl Thorburn. Bernlc Thornton, Sheila Workman. Norma Walford. Mildred Wllhelm. Patsy Young. Directed by Ann Gillan and Cairine Hodgkin. "Some Day My Prlnc Will Come Jane' Kirby and John Kennedy; directed by Joan Henderson. "With a Smile and a Sung" Jan Kiroy. THE SEVEN DWARFS "Heigh-Ho": "Doc", Gerry Baker. "Bashful". Joe McDonald: "Grumpy". David Mc Lennan: "Happy", Douglas Stoneman; -Sneezy". Peter Scott: "Sleepy". Wll son Sheridan: "Dopey". Donald Cluff. Directed by Fat Kennedy and Joan jamieson. WOODLAND CREATURES "Whistle While You Work": Bunnies Dorothy Berry. Elizabeth Bruet, Marilyn Barry, Betty Castle-dine. Joan Cook. Margo Dancey. Betty Ellison, utuue uorman. Lorn cuiou Ruth HalL' Shirley Hobbs. Ruth Hutchison. Joan Isbester, Beverley Jones. Anne Kendrtck. Kian La Vole Sheila Moore. Mora McNeil. Rosemary Perry. Terry Seller, Louise Simard. Shirley smith. Squirrels Franc Ann Alcock. Pam Brookes, Barbara Brittaln, Nancy Cameron. Eleanor Crossley, Beverley Chipman. Jane Drummond. Barbara Gibson, Irene Goodwin, Eva Herlun. Joanne Home, Barbara Hutchison. Donalds Mutt. Suzanne La vol. Eliza beth McBurney, Phyllis Milne. Jean McKay. Patricia Nichol. Patsy Narra way. Joan Oram. Patti Peene. Joan Paynter. Bettlann Slemon. Margaret Tigges, Carmen Taylor, June With. Lois Wright. Mary Whitelaw. Isabella .Whiteside. Patricia Turk. Ann Vezlna. Directed by Margot Mereweather, Skunks David Bleakney. Tommy uiairmont. xtoDoy jarvis. toot h.t drtck, Brian Lew, John Read, Billy Slattery. Directed by Mary Eleanor Thor- Durn. Wood Violets "On Sonr" Leaders, Denis LaFlechc. Judith Net' bitt. Nan Armstrong. Shirley Armstrong, June Bingham. Betty Bush, Patricia Ball. Rosemary Desbrisay, Gail Baird, Edna Butler. Norma Baird. Doreen Collie. Helen Conley, June Cormaeh, Diane Connor. Diane Devo. Patsv DeU court. Carmen Desbarats, Barbara rerguKon. Margaret Fleming, Louis Genest, Michelle Genest, Barbara Grlerson, Catherine Grlerson. Barbara Hanna, Joan Hyland, Dorothy Harvey, Beverley Hutchison, Lillian Kittredge. Joan Kidd. Dorothy Kazsas, Mary Ann . Lyons, severity Mick. Joan mop? retoves -will NOT stain tlofliK. Pinnta Bathing, Utt in war and industrial plants tor skis irritnonL sold by rtiiaDii drn stem. EL e l! rr Aylen. Gretchen Merrill National U.S. Champion 1944-1943, runner-up North American championship 13. Boston Skating Club. Oklahoma Medley . Hammerstein- Rogers. Brunet and PospisU,. U.S. Junior pair champions 1944. U.S. NaUonal senior pair champions 194S, Skating Club of New York. Treasure Island "The Robber's Song", Norton; "The Riff Song", Romberg; "Don"t Fence Me In", Porter: Sea Chanties , selected. Marilyn Ball. Eleanor .Bowler. Andre Choquette, Connie Choquette, Camilla Cunningham. Betty Dexter. Helen jean roinenngnam, Barbara Flllan. Virginia Fleming. Estelle Harper. Cairine Hodgkin. Joan Jamie son. May Kearney, Pat Kennedy, Cynthia Kirby, Eva Lopdell. Kay Lopdell. Marlon Mahood. Margot Merreweather, Nancy Minnes, Pier rette .Paquin, Peggy Ram, Sonla Swift, Mary Eleanor Thorburn. Conveners: Mary Eleanor Thor burn. Patricia Kennedy. Bird of Paradise Nadine Phillips. Toronto Skatinar Club. Pirates jonn Routn, Alain Finara. John Bell. Donald Tobln. Arthur NeUet. R.CJV.V.R. Centre Theatre. New York. As the Beginner "Nelles Routine", special arrangement by Sam Schiller. Noffke ana schuoacn U.S. National Senior Pair Champions 1944. Spring field. Mass. "Meditation' from Thais. Massenet; "Sleepy Lagoon". Barbara Ann Seett Lady Champion of Canada 1944. 1943. North American Champion 1943. Minto Skating Club Th Army -Air Corps", Robert Crawford: "sweet Dreams sweetheart". Jerome. Salute to the United Nations "Longing for th Mountains", Arrang ed by Aubrey Winter. Poland Ann Gillan. Naomi Aylen, Betty Vradenburgh. Olive Beauchesne, noreen Mayaen. Kutn Matner, France Dorothy Drew, Dllyi Thomas, Agnes Gagnon. Gerarda Ryan, Leila snorey, Mary Lou McCrae A Charge Account Enables at PEOPLES You to Get the Glasses You Need without delay. .Phone for aDOointment. t$ utn to nr oat wh S UMITKOt 190 Sparks St.. 2-2623 Stilt far ahead f Sawply with Smith Bros, C4igh Dress Mc4aity. Buy nty what yaw ' hsssT sa's that nafahMr with bad eurh r- I m,V Ell m -ml A mmtm mm atlx $ 11 oauera Qasccj Kb a -ifc'S" 17' - r 4' Marilyn Ball. Eleanor Bowler, An- dree Choquette. Connie Choquette, Camilla Cunningham. Betty Dexter, Helen Jean Fotherlngham, Barbara Flllan. Virginia Fleming. Estelle Harp er, Cairine 'Hodgkin. Joan Jamieson. May Kearney, Pat Kennedy, Cynthin Kirby. Eva Lopdell, Kay Lopdell, Marjorie Mahood. Margot Merreweather. Nancy Minnes. Pierrette Pa quin, Peggy Ram. Sonia Swift, Mary Eleanor itorjenson. Conveners Mary Eleanor Thorburn, Patricia Kennedy. Minto Skating Club. Officers, honorary president. H. S. Southam: honorary vice-presidents. Hon. Cairine Wilson. Hon. Arthur C. Hardy. Bri -Gen. C. H. Maclaren. Col. C. M. Edwards, P. D. Ross, Norman F. Wilson, Frederic E. Bronson. President. T. Walker Cluff: vice- president and nonorary treasurer, Charles H. Cummlng. Directors. James Conyers, Ralph Crack, Donald B. Cruikshank. D. Roy Kennedy, Harold Osmond, Melville F. ''""cm. rhrles A Yeo. Club professional. Otto Gold., Giles Brewer. Ladies' committee: Convener. Mrs. T. Walker Cluff; Mrs. -Melville F. Rogers, Mrs. D. Roy Kennedy. Miss Doris Adair, Miss Betty, Dexter. Miss II "ftwm Av&vrfSj--' ''t.&kk M tmmmi ILi IS., 1 STAR AND FEATURE OF OTTAWA MINTO FOLLIES There is only one North American Lady Senior Skating Champion, and the Minto Follies' audience last night gave her a rousing ovation when Barbara Ann Scott, the Ottawa girl who holds that title, displayed her skill at the annual Follies show. Shown below is the lineup for the "Salute to the United Nations", one of the more spectacular displays of the show. (Photos by T. V. Little.) f Meath, Patsy McLellan, Sybil Mac- DonaJd, Margaret Mcvonaia, Mau reen Mccrone, Marilyn Mans-field. Sylvia Maclean. Beverley Murray, Beverley Morris. Francolse OUivier, Beverley Pearson, Pat Parkinson, Shirley Ann Head. Jane Rutherford, Betty Robertson. Ann Robinson, Gert Short. Frances Should Ice. Elizabeth Sheridan. Betty Ann Slattery, Barbara Taylor, Betty Ann Young. Directed by Cynthia Kirby.' Pierrette, Paquin. Nancy Minnes. conveners: Mrs. v. noy jtenneay, Alastalr MacTaviah. Joan Hender- son. Part Z. Blossom Time "Sons of Love". Schubert; "Stout Hearted Men". Andrew MacLennan. Ann Lewis, Walker Cluff. Olive Beauchesne. Mel ville Rogers, Mavis Daane, Charles Cummlng, Janet Cain. Ralph Crack, Joan Henderson. Charles Yeo. Estelle Beaudoln, Norman Samuel, Julia Sully. Mitchell Dent. Dilys Thomas. George Beakeney, Pinard. Muriel , Naomi Aylen. Alain Whyte. C. Wesley Naomi Whyte. Sheridan. Miriam Sheridan. John Bell. Nancy Wood. Conveners: Mavis Daane. Naomi eieium ivonne White, Janet Cain, Ann Moore, Ann Lewis. Dorothy Kazsas. Helen Clark. Holland Marsot Boby., bally Kent. Julia Sully, Esme Girouard. Rosemary Peiietler, June comacn. Denmark Mavis Daane. Nancy Wood, Muriel Whyte. Ann Kllpatrlck, Irene Goodwin, Kay Balfour. Norway Doris Packman, Judy Blades. Anne Wickware. Effle Wither. E. M. Moxham. Odette Rousseaux. Fliure of War Soloist: Alain Pin ard. "Ride of the Valkyries". Wagner. Battle f Britain R.C-AT. March Past". Da vies. John Routh. Andrew MacLeLnnan, John Desbrisay, Hew Robertson. John PhllDott. Berek Arnould. John Bell. Murray MacLean, Donald Tobin. convener Alain Pinara. "March Medley" Rite of the Four Powers. Olive Beauchesne. Miss Dilys Thomas, The Minto Follies of 19453 General chairman, Melville F. Rogers: vice- chairman. Donald B. Cruikshank treasurer, Charles H. Cummlng; sec retary. Miss Olive Beauchesne. Production: Chairman, Melville F. Rogers: Mrs. Gordon F. Henderson, Mrs. D. Roy Kennedy, Mrs.1 Melville sogers. Mrs. waixer ciun, uon aid B. Cruikshank. T. Walker Cluff Charles H. Cummlng. James1 Conyers, Harold Osmond. Alastalr MacTavisn Rink accommodation: Chairman Irwin Morgan: Mrs. G. E. Robertson, Mrs. Irwin M. Morgan. Mrs. Noel Kirby, Mrs. E. J. Underwood, Frank Choquette, E. J. Underwoods Jnninr Dtilrmin Mrt YY IVnv Kennedy; vice-chairman, f Alastalr MacTavish; Mrs. D. Paquin, Mrs. Go'r- aon . nenaerson. Mrs. Lawrence Rochester, Mrs. F. Choquette, Mrs. Beverley Thorburn, Mrs. John Mabee Miss Marie Genest. Mrs. T. N. Kltby Miss June Ferguson. t - Publicity and program: Chairman Charles H. Cummlng; Miss Estelle Harper, Harold Osmond, James Con yers. Properties, lights and decorations: T. Walker Cluff, Frank t Badgley, Charles Yeo. I Music: Chairman, Ralph Crack. Mrs. D. Roy Kennedy, Charles Yeo. ..Personnel: Chairman. Mrs. Warren Daane, Miss Naomi Aylen. Miss Mary Eleanor Thorburn. j Costumes: Convener. Mrs. Gordon F. Henderson: Mrs. Melville Rogers. Mrs. Donat Paquin, Mrs. Charles Cummlng, Mrs. Walker Cluff. Mrs. Beverley Thorburn. Miss Dilys Thomas. Costumes by Noel Anfouss; designs by Miss Jennie Parkins. I Tickets: Harold Osmond. I : Reception: Mr. and Mrs. T Walker Cluff. H Transportation: H. E. McLean. Entertainment: Convener. Miss Estelle ,Harpn Mrs. T. Walker Cluff. Charles H. Cummlng. I : . Stage management: Donald B. Cruikshank, D. Roy Kennedy. Controller of lights: William Hart-net t, Frank Bfldgley. I u Make-up: Miss Gwendolyn Blair. Ottawa Drama Workshop Group. Help The U&fi.Red Cross I began life on Karo. Right now I get Karo in soqjc way every day ... it makes so many foods taste better . . . and Doctors say it's good for growing children . . . 'cause it provides the quick food energy they need in their daily diet. How do I look, Folks . . . strong and healthy? Karo, the Syrup with the different flavour, wins friends and holds them. Order Karo from your grocer to-day. VNt O r THE FAMOUS PRODUCTS OF i The CANADA STARCH COMPANY Limited ks-s Fire Chief Charges Carelessness Causes 99 Percent, of Fires The chief cause of big fires In Ottawa, was delay in putting In an alarm, Fire Chief Burnett told the Ottawa Insurance Agents' As sociation at a luncheon meeting in the . Chateau Laurler Thursday. "Ninety-nine percent, of all fires are caused by. carelessness, the remaining one percent, by Chief Burnett said the fire department could not extinguish a fire until it heard about it and then traced the long delay between discovery of a fire and giving the alarm which investigation OFF THE RECORD THE OTTAWA JOURNAL, FRIDAY, ' MARCH 23. 1S4J. T had revealed In several fires in Ottawa during the past year. "If you are near a fire and do not see the fire department, pull an alarm box at once; it won't matter even if someone else already has", advised the chief. People should not, however, turn in an alarm any distance from the fire as the equipment would have to report at that point first. Miss Christina Drever entertained the meeting: with a Scottish and Irish monologue and C. Maxwell Taylor showed his colored film of the fire in Lans-downe Park last Fall. George Pcrley presided. David McCann Introduced .Miss Drever and. Murray Cleary, the speaker. Journal classified ads have produced results after other means have Jailed. "JAack'si M(Kerracher-wai:less LOOTED ! 1 By Ed Reed. "Just because, we can't get a paperhanger Isn't going to stop us, Is It, Henry?- 17-Year-0ld Maquis Killed 17 Nazis Says Maurice Desjardins The stirring story of how Cana dians were warmly greeted during their rapid advance throughout France, Belgium and Holland was vividly told yesterday by Capt. Maurice Desjardins,- Canadian Press army correspondent of French newspapers, at th Hull Rotary Club weekly lunch eon, at Chez Henri, capt. Des jardins, former sports editor of "Le Droit" prior to his enlistment three years ago, left the fighting front six weeks ago and Is now enjoying a furlough. Speaking on "A War Correspondent In World War .IF, Capt. Desjardins related some of his personal experiences. "I cam across one young Maquis, only 17 years of age, who had 17 notches on his gun representing 17 dead Germans", he ' said, "one for every year of his life." Through intimate chats with Canadian boys, many of them from Hull and Ottawa. Capt Desjardins found that all were homesick and anxious to get back. "They've seen a lot of country but they still rate Canada as tops." The speaker was Introduced by Herve Charlebois, and a vote of thanks wss expressed by President Dan Gasper. Mr. Gasper, chairman, also hoped for the speedy recovery of Mayor Brunet, who is In hospital for a physical check-up. Guests and visiting Rotarians, including a number of newspapermen from "Le Droit", were welcomed by Harry Palmer. 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