The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1949
Page 13
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1949 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARKJ COURIER NEWS PAGE THIRTEEN New FHA Racial Ruling Clarified Policy Won't Bar Owner f rom Picking The Tenanr He Wants 6—M't— aiili-dis- . WASHINGTON Dec The FHA says the new "nandjig or homes will not bar a properly ownpv from picking the tenant he wants, Nor will it attempt to control the owner In selecting thooscs lo sell buyer lf$he properly. The new rule is expected lo go into effect In about (30 days. It wil- bun federal home mortgage guarantees where written restrictive covenants are placed on record after thu effective date. The policy was announced last Friday by Solicitor General Philip B. Perlman, with the rmthortea- tion of President Truman. Confusion arose over how it will operate. In an attempt to clarify the situation, PHA Commissioner Franklin D, Richards sent explanatory statements to PHA field offices for their guidance. The aim, Richards said, it lo bring the government's policies in line with Supreme Court decisions that, although individuals mny he free to impose or comply with restrictive racial covenants, government suppor^ Ol covenants is contrary to the ijuulic policy and they cannot be enforced in cotrrt. Kxplaim Itiilts Richards salt! the new rules will: 1. "Apply only to properties on which racially restrictive covenants are filed on record after Hie effective date set. 2. "Require Hie mortgagor to cer- tifv that until the insured mortgage is paid In full or the contract of 'mortgage) Insurance otherwise terminated, he will not file for record any restriction upol) the sale or occupancy of the mortgaged property on the basis o( race, creed or color 03- execute any agreement, lease or conveyance which Se< these two flat Grant lavatories today—they're gleam- white —easy to clean~mad« of <]iial- porcelain enanie on cast iron—!IBV« lo operate D latest controls. We'll help you select a lavatory suited to your needs and make an installation to provide year* of trouble- free operation. DAV. 4-im. sktlf l*t\. Saif ti»- Dili- IHI CRANE RHOQILI. 6.1 frtuion. Diil-ctc fOttr Direct lift u-Jiti, Sht 20 MATURIS YOU'LL UKI HE US 7ODAY — fXfSRT INSTAUATION D "'" "PETE" The Plumber 109 Nurlh 1st Top Quality Hardware Is Worth Added Cost Slicking, sudsing or balky < and window* are allot the ti'.siilt or ;>oor liinges, latches and otl ware. Top-quality hardware Australian Customs Ban Cactus as Noxious Weed SYDNEY —dV)— Mrs. Mabel Whitney kept a cactus growing at icr Weimtley, London, house all hroiigh World War II. Bombs We* tlle.s off the roof, and made a ness of the garden. But B cac- Uls survived. ™ Mrs. Whitney, her husband N. J. Whitney, and their daughter Joyce decided to move to Palmerston North, New Zealand. They left London by plane and took a cut- E of their pet cactus with them But they had to say goodbye to their cactus in Sydney. Customs men destroyed the cutting as noxious plant. Cactus — prickly pear here — caused big damage to Australian farming and grazing land by its rapid spread. Two-thirds of Indonesia's 70-odd million people live on the lush volcano-studded Island of Java. imposes any such restriction upon its sale or occupancy. 3. "Require the insured mortgage to contain a covenant to the ^ami- effect which in the event of violation will give the mortgagee the right at Us opinion to declare the unpaid balance of the mortgage immediately due am : payable." But Richards emphasized thi rules will not: L Affect property on which res' trictive covenants are In effect prioi to the time the new policy goe; into operation. 2. "Attempt to control any ownei in determining what tenants he shall have or to whom he shal sell his property." 3. Affect mortgages Ursurcd 01 commitments issued prior to th effective date. 4. Apply to home Improvcinen loans financed under Title I ol thi National Housing Act -FOR SALE- This luxury brick home in an esrellciil localinn is for side onlv l>e- Ciuisc (lie owner is leaving (own and can't take il willi liiin. There arc few houses in lilylhcville comparable fo (his beautiful place, for here are some of Ihe fealurcs: ' Three Spacious Kcdrooms I'ivingr Room Dining Room Screen Porch Two FUU, Haihs Second Living Room (Or Rccrcaiion Room) Upstairs Finished in Pecked Cypress and carpeted Ten Closels Three Cedar Closets Reiulix Washer Plastered Walls GE Indirect Hot Air Furnace (Equipped for air-conditioning) Random Width Pegged Hardwood Floors Marble Fire Place Attic Fan Kitchen Exhaust Fan Insulation on Walls and Ceilings Asbestos Roof Curtis Woodwork Corbin Solid firass Hardware Copper Screens Outdoor Harhccue Pit Please call us if yon arc interested in (his home. We have several Rood prospects, but until a deal is closed this home is on the market. Shown by appointment only. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY CO. 213 Wesr Walnut Phone 2381 —Courier News I'hoto 4, NK\V YOUNG tiOMK—pictured above Is the recently completed home of i\1r. and Mrs. J. 11 Young localed on North lYanklln Street. The exterior finish known as "SKmckote," was applied much tlic same as plaster and cut to simulate blocks after application. The home has six rooms, including three bedicoms. a large utility room and double garage. The bath is finished in l!!c and interior walls arc of sheet rock, They have been painted with a flat paint which gives the el feet ol a >lasler finish. Close Check Needed When Buying House Before buying an old house, make sure It is structurally sound. The fohndation, the roof and the framing should be checked closely to determine whether expensive repairs would lie necessary. Settling of n foundation usually can be delected by plaslcr cracks tn Interior walls. Most foundations will have settled slightly, but this Is not serious provided the sellllng stopped after a few years. Big new plaster cracks, however Indicate that Die settling has not stoppen. Uneven floors, sticking doors and sagging door frames nve other signs of severe fmmdatloi weakness. From within the basement cheek lire foundation walls for cracks niitl tor dampness. An easy way to Inspect Hie roof Is to examine the underside o( Un- roof deck. If Ihe roof leaks, there probably will be water stains on the deck sheathing. Water marks and paint blisters on ceilings am: walls sometimes are caused by leaky roof, too. If the roof deck Is sound, the condition of the roofing materia on an old house is not of prime importance, because rerooflug is nol expensive. Asphalt shingles, which also add the new charm of color to an old dwelling, ordinarily can Be used for rcroodng without removing the worn covering. When inspecting the framing, look lirst at the joints. Light johil-s Indicate the framing Is flimsy throughout Ihe house. Check slllr for termllcs and "dry rot." Make sure framing is uallc-d prop erly. This can be checked in tin basement. If the cross braces between Joists nre ^nailed solidly, it usually can be assumed that nailing in other parts of the house also Is satisfactory. 'Rusty' Water Avoided By Checking Tank Heat Rusty hot water can be prevented by holding the temperature of the water in the storage tank below the boiling point of 212 degrees. In mast plumbing systems with galvanized Iron pipes or hot water tanks, there Is always some rust. It will remain on the sides of Ihe tank and pipe.s unless the water boils. When the water boils, lire rust is loosened and carried to the failceLs. In non-rusting types of plumbing, Real Estate Transfers Cluck.isawba District) H. c. and May Baker lo limco ind Lucille Byrrt. B5.fi5 acres in Seclion 20-lSN-flK, $20.00(1. T. H. ntirt Evelyn Bnhcr lo Joe Atkins, .all of Lot I of the Jolly Addition. 51,500. Carl and Mntilc Lou Nunnery to Josie Walker. 8 acres in Section 9-I5N-J3E, Jl and oilier consideration. Josic Walker to Maltle I.oii Nunnery, South 8 acres in Section Q- 15N-13E, $1 and other consideration. Hilly and Claudia Midrilcton to Jame.s E. mid Jimnita F. Mlddlcton. 40 acres In Seclion 10-HN-I1K, $11.000. Susan Moore to George and Alberta Drown. I/)l 2 In Block 5 of the W. W. Hollirjeler Second Additions 200. Arthur ami Bertha Church lo Jimmle and Willie Davis, 20 acres In Section 27-HN-8K, S-I.IOO. W. W. Cbcalhani and Kdnn Chealham (o Jimmle and Willie Davis, SE ! 4 of SE A ol Section M- HN-8E, SI1.000. Ed 13. Cook to Berry and Li/./ie Sterling. Lot 4 of the Larry's Four 11- Addiiion. $150. Oscar and Lcona Stevens to Ellis and NonlR PoLston, 40 acres In Section ' 22-14N-8B. S8.000. Willie and Mamie Younf; to Lillian Gullies, Lot. 22 of Block 1 the Brawley Addition. $1. Lillian Oiiincs to Mamie Young. Lot 22 of Block I of the Brawley Addition, $1 and other consideration. Joe and Geneva Atkuis to Willie and Cornelia Bcnslcy. Lot 4 of the Jolly Addition, In exchange of property. Willie anil Cornelia Beasley to Joe Atkins. Lot HO by 195 feet '-n Section IO-I5N-1IE. $5,000 and exchange of property. E. B. and Tlovcne C. David to Her.shel L. and Mildred Louise Croft. Lot I!) of Block 8 of the Paviri Acres. Subdivision. S800. E. n. and Rovciic David to llob- ert O. and Jessie Lee Bllrlml, Lot 18 of the Hlock 8 of the David Acres Subdivision, $800. J. E. and Evn Millard lo Hnwarri and Zora Phillips. I.ot.s 2.15. 23B and 237 of Block n of the original Survey of Manila, $400. Elma I, and Hnrold Biey to Artie de.siiite its slight additional ost, .say arcliitect.-!. They sugse.u that about 2':'» of the cost of th« house .should be spent for solid btas.s, bronze 1 , aluminum or wrought iron fiitiiiss Be sure Ihe equipment i.s solid nieiai and not steel which lia.s ocen clven a (InLsh to look like er Hard- Ulc rea) ,,on-, listing article. Heavy i msi luirdware is preferable lo I econoin- i jiiampcd pieces. Ihln, Head Courier Newt W«nl Adj Building Permits Fcr 5even Homes Sought in Week Applications for seven rr.sjdciitlu. building permits , v crc plural en Illc rUuiUK the past week In Die ollicc: of City Engineer Joe Carney. Estimated lotnl value, according In the applications, was $30,200. Two applications for permits lo move houses also were filed. One : peunit \vn.s for .remodeling, j Applications were filed by the followiuy: B. D. Ferguson, four and one- I naif room fnniie residence. North Denny street. $1.100 I.. C. Lucius, four-room frame. South ictli, $1.000. Ben Henry, mice five-room residences. Dnvid Acres. $5.500 each: two loiir-room residences, David Acres, SS.OOO each. Mrs. Harry Lewis, to move house from Fifth and Walnut lo !>nrk niul LJ|-o;uiway. Rooscvelcl iruglies, to remodel house on Nolan Street. Arthur \v. 1 .Ijiim, to move will romoln your famiVl MORTGAGE RETIREMENT INSURANT 0'oTccls Ihclr inlcres! hi ft. !.. K. OLD. Jr., Special I'hone SGICi — Illvlllcv THf PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE COMPANY Of AMERICA •OM* Off Id * •"•*** "• "**—- — >~- Tlny crecn plants grow Inside me. one-celled animals, using tip the waste |>as produced by tile animals. Tlic plant, in turn, produces oxyucn and sugar for the animal. Roper. K2 of Lots 31. 32. 33. anil of the Block "A" of Smith's Addition lo Leachville. $2,500. O. J. and Zlllah Kuetcr to Warlick V. and Emmn J. Brannum. Lot •I of Block A of the O. J. Under First Addition to Lcachvllle, $500. Max and Annie ' .uie Logan, Harold D and Marie D. Wright, to .. Olemi n. and Efflc HarrhiBton. Lol ofll!) of Block "K" of the John B. Walker Second Subdivision, $800. Iron in the water Is often deposited on lhe.<iic\r.s ot [)ipr-.s anci lank where it will remain disturbed, by Inkling water. Holding water ienipn tineas hclow the boiling poltn is a safety measure to avoir! scaling the hands. SOFT WATER? tfcrt's for J me.! yt Pur« Joy— that'i what it is! Shovrtrmg and bathing in toft water, we mean'. Such rich, cleansing lathtr. So refreshing: And how toft «nd in.oolh H ttccpi your ilcin. No wonder! Soft water leaves no wapjr fl| m to ilop up porcl, Irritate skin, or "use tmb»ira s ,mg roughness. It's practically • Iionu beauty treatment that helps keep you lovely. And it's ell yours—at the turn of * faucet —with • MODERN Water Softener In your home. See for yourself—come on in for full detail*. BUILDER'S SUPPLY, Co., Inc. W. H. Pease Highway 61 South J. Wilson Henry Phone 2434 Only 10% Down For Non-Veterans MISSISSIPPI COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY Developme WATER is your Cheapest Commodity - - - Use if Blytheville Blytheville, Ark.

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