Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 23, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 23, 1896
Page 3
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p.ii—'K"—;;;•;;••••' £•? • NONESUQ MINCE-MEA r makes mince., pics,. fruit >cq!:o., .and pudding .possible ,. oli,.i the.- I year 'rouud. 'Always frosu'.al-' fways in sc.'isoa. Always good, • that's the reason." Accept no •substitute. Sckl even-where. Send n»mi' nil..' -l.lri'** (or booklet. "Mr.. l'»ji- d tmik.^lvIni;. 1 ' by* noun] h u IltoMu" Ttrlu.r. I/ MK1IUKI.I.-BOFLE CO., «jrr«ou.c, .V \, STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGANSPOKT. IND. • *2OO.OOO J." F. Johnson. President, S. W. Ullcry, Vice President. H. J. Heltbslnk, Cashier. DIRECTORS. t. T. Johnson. S. W. Ullcry. J. T. Elliott. W. M. Elliott. W. H. Snider. Buy and so'l Government bonds. Loan Boney on personal security and collaterals. Issue sueciiil ccitltlcntes of deposits bearing ; per cent. Interest when loft one rear; 2 per cent, per annum when deposited six months. Bo*es In Safety Deposit Vaults of this tank for the deposit of deeds, Insurance policies, mortgages and other volluables, rented at from J5 to J:i5 r«r year. THE Munson Tjpewfiler Is a Good: Machine. JL htgb standard o! eicetlenoe. • MUM users of tlie "Munson" consider It THE ,BEST. You will flnil It a valuable assistaut In jour ot- lice. Address for particulars THE MUNSON.TYPEWRITER CO MAXUFACIUItERS. 24O-344 Went Lnko St.. Chicago, 111 SIX SIX. Special Train EXCURSIONS -TO- , Maxinkuckee Lake •'""' VIA THE VANDALIA LINE July ipth, 26th, and August and, pth, i6th, aard. Fare for Uie round trip $1.00. Train leaves VandoHa station at 0:5G a m. CHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER :-= ; N». 417 Market Street. Calls attended to promptly, day or *Centr«l Union and Mutual t«lephone». Office, No. 1C: Keeldence, No. 121. I L. G. PATTERSON Has opened a Fire and Accident Insur- ince office at 410 Broadway, up stairs, and Solicits » share of the public patronage. None but First Claa» dompanlei Repre- itnted. WANTED. nrTANTED-uOOO Acents Tor Biwaell's Rntho- Wrlz«l"L[VESOk'MoKLSLEIaDdHaBAKT" &> pages, elegantly Illustrated. Price only SI ou the beat nna che»i»e.st, und outse»»»" °«»>rj to per ccot to Anenls n»o '"t'litpBld.cr-Books Vow ready. Sav« time by sending CO cents In r ow reay. av« ainpa lor RII oniflt at once. JWdross, l.D. WOMTHINUHON & CO., .Harttord, Conn I Hammocks at your own price at Geo. rarrteon's. . . Subscribe for the Journal, 40 centi M- month. It is just vvliat you want; -tuc Smltb . [ose AttacbimcDit. Sold by J. M. a mm. S. T. McConncll -will lecture U)is after- oon at 3 o'cloclt at Mloliael's trnivor- ty. Subject "Ho-w to -Make Life a access." Adi Jiwited. Round trip rate to St. Joseph, $2; to ake Maxinkuekee, $1. . Train leave* andalia station every Sunday at 7 m. ••••'•.. lUiolawn i'ote nt Mr. Giffe's residence ils'-.evanjmg'by i ' : lih'e C. E.'sodety of-the list Brc&byitertan cliurch has been «rrix>tted;;lndciQiiltel!y, on' account of weather. • / . ; THE RAILROADS The Sale of the Northern Pacific Properties. TEST OF OIL ENGINE General News of Railroads Railroad Employes. and Tho form of hlto'postponed order eou- tl-rmliig the sale of the Xdrtihem raelili.- properties \viis piuson'tefl t.o Judge Juu- kinos by tho attorneys « ; t Milwaukee ytsterdiiy. The tirst sec'Clou, coniprWji.tr rive nvaiu lint, will bt sold for ?10,000.000, tiho injUilniimramount. ti.llO'wud by •Hie decree of siile. The second parcul will bitoj.' at Iwist .'fS.OOO.OOO and the third parcvl $300.000. These iimouuy, however, :uv not all Iliat tho purc-Iuusers will liavo to pay. .Tud.sre .len;;lucts ordered fh;i:itijes made in tlie form which will •furim-ili fimiplu pror.ecnu'1) to tlui; lor.illiOliU'rs who-have not cuiv.o into tlie reoi'^a,ui7.atiij>n ajriwiueut. They wi reci'lvo what wa^ -Hie market, value ( •thu bonds before the market was ail'iv od by I'he ri-o.rf.MniiziitUv.]. Tills provision w;is inserted by rhe cuun and t'.-.c pnrcha.sei 1 must a.sivt 1 to pay in adi fion to tile iiiniMnjil ainonnts such sin a* may lu"iieee.-wiry to pay tlie amount of irlwvi; claims. The jiul.ue alsu objected tn tlie hiiiinmjri- of the 1'firni which made r'.ie emirl hold rl:at tin- company had been duly nr.ianix.eil in coufonuHy willi t.lnl 1 laws of ilie Stale. Tlio I'drin UM.S (.•'aan.i.rcd so :is to present file statement ;>.< a recital and nut as a:i adjudication. Nuiaen-nis other cluinjio. wci-e made before tlie cinii't was sai.is lied. A FLATTERING SUCCESS. Promised for the Work of the Rev. Harsh. OIL K'N A test ol' Hie ,lnvo!\l'C>a liy C. 'I'ESTKD. locoinolivi \V. Ti'ivcotf-. of Hi^lv land. Cal., and biii.it at Une Brooks loeo- inotivo work.* for the Compfre.-vS Gold company, ol' Convene, A. T.. was made it few days iijro nn a strip of the Dunkirk. AHi-irliwiy Valley & rittsbnrg't; track. Tho road is sa-ld to liave the 1 ianie character of grades as tlio one for which the locomotive was built. Tlio tost was made, uude.r the supervision of the Lin-outor. and a number o/f cxperi- •nced railroad men wfio wrttiessed it pronounced it highly sfitfefnctory. It is claimed Unit tihe locomotive. Is specially ml to work in tunnels or in cities!, as 'it cmite no smoke or sparks. RAILROAD NOTES. The Ladies' auxiliary to the B. oC R. T., clewed ;i-lx»ut $35 on the supper fjivoa at the hall Saturday night. Tlie Vaudalla wllll nm excursions to Martiusville, Ausust 12, for .tlie state pow-wow o.t v *he Red Men. The rate wil! be $2.00 round trip. • • A singular aeeUleiit is reported as having oecurreil on the ^'est Higliland railway in northern Scotland. The track was distorted by tlie. expansion of rails, tlue to tlie excessive heat, as to cause a derailment ol the train. A marvelous piece of work was done in clumping the track of tlie Florida Southern, a braivch of the Plant system, to broad g-uage. There are 200 miles o£ track and in• order to make the chance- it was necessary to shift botli rails. The wboli; work was done in six hours time. The rates erf Uie post few days have Hooded Hie streams crossing the Vin- connes tivK-k and -hi places washed out some ballast, tUougli 110 serious damage to road-bed 'has occurred. Some streams are reported rimnJas bank full that Jiave not been M that condition for years. T.he Union Paclflc has broken away from the other roads on tlie condltloms faroiilng tflio sale of tickets to the annual convention of Western Fii-eineu, at Salt Lake City. Tlie Assodadon offered a rate of one .fare for tlie rouud trip, plus i?2 wiOhoiit extra prirJ.leges. The Uraiou Paolfic offers choice oC several routes west of Cote-ado common points, with stop-over privileges roturning. . The new wreck train recently fitted out by the YamTalia under Uie supervision of W. R. McKowi. jr., is'a model of Its kind, and its efficiency was shown when tho force ot men were clearing the debris at St. Louis. A living ear is attached .to the train, carrying all tho •necessities of Me. By the new system of b&Us and whistles, tile train can .be nigged oni't and prepared to start in four minutes. All the Clhrcfiffo roads dolmg a suburban business Have been compelled to anake .heavy outs in rates in order to compete with the olectric suburban fts. TJ«e Lake Snore and Michigan SoutiherD, wtolob. held out longest against any .reduc-tkm lias at last been obliged in fall into line and has made a.pencral reduction to all points from Its Van Buron'street station as far out ns waitings, Ind. To the latter poiint the fare is reduced tram 00 cents to 20 cents, and nfty-fouir-ride monthly tickets from !?9.50 to $3.40. A reporter learned yesu>rdny that tU'. 1 niaunscript of rhe (.-omlng ivork ot. Rev. W. H. H. Harsh, "The New Testament Church," .luis received the highest approval of .the f.h.rce schoLirs nolectt'd to exaiiiilue It. They are the Rev. F. Johnson, D. P., <>f die I>rvtoi'iy school of tlie CJhiCiiKO Theo-log-leal .Senilniiry, tlio Rev, .T. S. Gu-Wwiia.ni). D. P.. and the Rev. A, H. Strong! P. D.. LL. P., of the Roclics-ler Theological Somiauiry, of -New York. Dr. Strong has wriliteu J[r, Marsli: "I have cdnipieta! my ex- aimLnatloni of your woi'k, and'l wish to express to you nij- groa.t satisfaction w,'uli the thoroiighn(.¥.s a.nd ability of your .stotemeut ami ai-KiDiiont and its rivsiilts, Then; is abundant cviik-nop of U'sirnins:. but. yow froaihiiont.Is original. 1 nm inclined n> rliiiiik ymi iinvr written a iiTore plill0isi>plri.<-il a-uil complete ac- oouii'i of our Bnptiist systom of cliurcli irovornrnoni. tl'.iin has hitherto boon pro- iliu-i.ul (ilK-nisli in .--(1.111.0 minor matters' I ml!.'lit not .-i^rof with your c-ouclu- .>iii):ii.s. I ami itliul to be lit iinniiony \vilh yon In all iwiMitials) I hope if will ln> i<i>eoill!y pri-niod. and a.tfaiu a vi'i-y law i'.i:-i'ii,l:i'l.ioii. t rhank you TCI- Uie (ipm-i'uiiiiry of remli-iiff it. l'nu arc a i li-lu-rty to use a.ny portion of this ur/i' in iiiiy way ynn c.hna<e." Dr. S'l-.i-on^, ]>ivsidwnt of Rochester Tl.cirln.u'lral Si-iuinary, is c«o of Uu- foremost rliixi'lo^kM.I sclioJaw of ;lu? Uui.tO'l Piaros, HP iniiy ii-.-ciia'.'c ;h.e introduc- t.inii 10 tho woi-k. Mr. Marsh already h;i.« an iinso'',i'ci!kMl pi-oposi-tinn for the piibl'.catinii of tin; work. It will be is- .sued oirher Jin rhiladolphia or Now York, as soon us made. It willl «>nta;in nearly 2.000 ref oivnciv to auUmr.iities. It is imdorslooi fh.'i.t: 5Ir, Harsh nxpecl.5 To follow thi. wir.li Two otlher works. Tlie .Tourn.n with Ills many o-tl'.er friends, congratu liites him on hi* fine prospect of sneers as an aurlior. Cut Prices on Hats, 1=2 Off. The place to buy your Hats--Your Second Straw Hat. You known what you paid your Hatter for number one. OTTO KEAUS promises to Save You 50 Per Cent on Number 2. You know what you paid for your first Hat, 50 per cent less Means One Half Less. Maybe you think he don't keep the style and quality, you may use your old hat as a sample, and judge for yourself. Same rule on Tan Shoes-Regular Shoes at Bankrupt Prices. OTTO KRAUS "Of Course" HE WAS SARCASTIC. Wolverine Citizen Who Knew It All, or Thought He Did. Ins Drawings of AH Kinds Made by that POLIEC STATE WENT. June Report of Chief Morrissey of Arrests. Chief Momissey's report; for the o-f June shows eig-lvt-two arros ,ii:ee ui-ou anil mine women— for tilie foTlowinjj off eases: assault ant ba.ttery, 4; ciirrytos concealed weapons 2;-dnin-keumess, 3-1; li'ouselweakiiig a'u*' larceny, '2; public .indecency, '2; keeping JIOUM of M fame, '2; la.recny, 3; robbery 1; vngroincy, 5; violaiilng stock ordinance 1; aasoclatiiing:, .3; pros«tu,t!on, 7 ;, 3; Jumping on tru-iiiis, 9; affra> •2; imsnae, 1. The cases were ilteiwsed or as follows: Acquitted, 3; Cuetl, !.">; sealeuce suspended, 3; bound over to grand Jury, 2; dismissed amd dfeelia.r^ed, 2T; cora- ani'tted to comniry ,1ivll, 32. Number "of stlooms last report, 40. Opened since last report. 1. of dept. pay roll S 81.2.97 Pntottaj, etc -• ^•''^ Amount personal property reported stolon • 101 .OC Amount recovered ' C0.2" Fines collected for viofottou o>: •liq-uor law "LOO Amount cxf niou'cy i-ecalved for liquor licenses '• 3,418.74 Tool licenses ". I 27 - 90 City pound •••• ' ^ 1 -°° Total J3-572. The Journal lias a few copies of "Gold and Silver under the Constitution" a work containing all" financial"legislation' compiled, -by Eaad & McNall.v., Price 25 cents. . ."'',.' DEAFNESS CANNOT BE CURED by local applications, as they can- reach the diseased portion of the • There is only one way to cure deafness and that Is by constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused by an Inflamed condition of the mucous linlnjg of the Eustachian • Tube. When this tube gets nflamed, you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and when It Is cu- lrt'ly closed deafness Is the result, and unless the inflammation can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal condition, hearing will be ^os- ;royed by catarrh, which is nothing but an Inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces. We -will give One Hundred Dollars for any case of deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free, F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists, 75o. BAND CONCERT. The following '.Is bhe" pi-bsrain for the' Military banid concert, Friday evening, July 23£h. R. Cnimier dd rector. XI-a.rch J -"Cons*tellatioa" . ........ Clark Con-net Solo— "Tonnndo Galop, r. .Beyer Overture— "Day, Express" .'. ....Boos' Baritone Solo— "Buriinstaniam rdlto'' ....... ; ..... ... ____ ...... Carney.. Overtafe— "The ' Silver Wedding" . ' .......... "Sambo's rrdBc'.'". -, ....... '.;'... /.B.p'os "Cupid; Waltzes"'. .... . ---- Yandercook Selection— "TTa ng" ..... . . . Muroh— ,"Bombn£lo"._ . .,:'..."• • • '• Only -the sufferer knows the misery of dyspepsia, but Hoed'a Sarsaparllla cures the most stubborn, cases of this disease.... .. • ; . '..,...-.. : id di» :'o rh Sdiuu one wlw declines to si; lijime writes from- Dowa.dac, inider tllw daite O.L' .luly 10: "Ju yuilr [j:i[;tr of .'Inly K von >; bmh wM aad silver are full tender for a;it,v delit, public or priva;••.'. when yi: mnsitknov,- ilial our preswa d-i,<<]UJililii silver dulhir IB lojial tc-iKkr to only ti aiiwnnt. nf *">. "\VIiy ]>:'a(-tice Midi d • ee.pciouV A\'hy no-t irivo. rlie law in ii c'liitl'lvtyV Yon seen.i to !i::d it ieiK to K-ive 0.11 ly tluit pa-rt ;:hat ai your clicory. Such (llAhonealy is tastoful and it is bd.uir round out, we cam;m'un peoj)le a.re studyIUK matter tho.rong'hly tills year." It is almost incredible rlnu any on .hi this day, when. Liu; coinage laws a.r a-ccesstble to all who care to rrai; should write such a letter. Thu lute Oc«wi makes It a rule to a.iwwer al such lotters, Tlie la.w OL' lS.7>r; (pacsci by a Domoer;Mi'c'Cbi>i3vss) made stive a lejral tender for .?y. The law of IS"; repeated HaLs liimiitalion. but the law o 1S7S provided: That tihexG slui.ll lie coined, at the sev ural mints of rhe Uuttt-tl Srntes, si.lve doUiiis of the welfflit of 412'Xj fri'a.in; Troy of standard silver, a.s pi-ovidetl ii flie act of .Tan. IS, 1S37, on which shal be Uie devices and supw-scilpi-'on pr;; vided by sn'wl act: w.hleli coins, togethei wttii a.U silver dotti.rs lioroiofore coinef by (die•; Uivlited Stsites. ot H-Ue welglu and fluencss. sliaU be legal tender ai their uomtaal value fo^all debts ant dues, public and priva.te, except where otherwise expressly .stipulated In the contract. Tliis act was ver.ocd by President Hayes, but. was passed over his veto Feb. 2S, 1S7S, and became a law ou the same day. It 'has never been repealed (See United States Sra-tates-at-Large.) The correspondent may h-ave been misled or Imposed on by some one quot- Inc sectfuon 3 of the law ot June 0, 1S79, wliioli reads: Tlint the present silver coins of thfl TJuitcd States of smaller danoniluattan? than one dollair shall hereafter be a le Kill tender in suras not exceeding $10 In fuH payment of all dues, public and private. AVe repeat the la-w mnlces silver dol- la is legal tenider to a.ny amount and the smaller silver coins legal tender to tlie amount of $10.—Chicago Inter Ocean. WILL LOWER THE PENSIONS. To Che Editor:—I feel ! 't my duty to caill the :i*ten1)ibn. of my comrades ot' the G. A. K. to tlie fact tli-at tlie pla,tfon» adopted by the Democratic party at Glut-ago, K eiin-ied -to a, successful issue will cut our pensions one-half. All soldiers know from expeiionce wlwt a depreciated currency wllfflo In the neces- _-.i'Ias of Me. Wnat we pnoi- eoldioi's have to buy to feed and cloithc ourselves and famii'iio.s will double in value, but will the silver barons double our pen- ns? I fea,r not. Comrades, .think oC this matter seriously and don't let these political sharks fool you out of tho Irttle pension you. are now settim?. God knows it is small enough now. •mint we want is a strong dose of Mc- Ktuteyisui, Inatliug at least eight years, ind we need hnve no Tear but that we, wl'lili ail other American citizens, will be protected. 1 W. H, RIDBNOUK. (With an empty sleeve.) A CHILD ENJOYS The pleasant flavor, peutle action, and soothing effect of Syrnp of Figs, when n need of a laxative, and If the father r mother be costive or Dillons, the most gratifying-results follow its use; so that'it Is the best family remedy known and every family should bave a bottle. . . Insist on-having just what -you call or wheu you go-to' buy Hood's Sarsa- parUln, the One True Blood Purifier nerve tonic. ' • . • • BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Spry Block. Logansport Natural and Artificial Gas Bills due the Firs of each month, ten day's grace. All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Special—Low rates on heaters during the months of May, June f §July, August and September. First National Bank, Niagara Falls Excursion Thursday, Aug. 6,18p6 VIA THE Lake Erie & Western R. R. "Natural Oas Route." 0» Lopuisport, nt LOBinsport, In the State of Indiana, at the close of business. July 14, 18%. KKSOUBCK3. Lounsand discounts.. .-. ............... .. ....... J30i),745 02 Overdriifts, secnrod and unsecured ..... <,< /b B.I ' , tocks, securities, etc ............ ........ ....... - -' janklng-liouse.runiltun'.aiidllxtun's.. 18,000 (W DDR from NutlouiU Banks (not rosnn-e ,Krappo..... . heeks anil- other ciisli Items ................ i«Smni> Votes of other National B;tnk-s ..... ........ .. ]5,009 00 fraetlonal paper currency, nickels and ^^ AWFUL MoiffiT KKEIlVi IS VM*,V\7.-. 1)1) w-eme.....- ....... 00-74,03.'! 50 SeJlemptlon fund with C. S. Treasurer (5 n-rcont, ot circulation) ................. ", Total ...................... - .................... S63,SZ727 l.l.UllLITJKs. Capital stock piild In.. urnlusfiiiiU " -, Undivided iitolits, less expenses and jr. /W) (in Niltlon.-H ju;i.HK noil's uuwnnminm.. .Ir'Sv, .>a ndlvlchiiil doDOslis subject to check i^.--f •" toimmd certlllcates of deposl t j!>,jii^i Total.. u osolem true to the b r swear that tho .Dove suitemont of my . mid sworn to before me this 22nd A. H. BKISGHCKST, • W. T. WILSON. Directors. St. Joseiih is a most deligbtf al resort urins 'this extremely torrid weather. ^re for'tlie roumd trip, ?2.00. Train eaves Vindalia station :i.t 7:00 a. in. rcry Chamberlain's Cough, Remedy cures olds, croup and whooping cough. It is leasant, sure aod reliable. For sale y B. F: Keesllng, druggist. On Thursday. August Cth, 1S9G, the Lak« Eric & Western R. R. will run thler popular excursion to Cleveland, Buffalo ana Niagara Falls at the following very low rates, viz: „ Pooria * 3 --'? Blooming-ton «•*•> Lafayette '•"* Michigan City <•» Indianapolis *-~ Kate fro'm'ali'stations to Put-In-Bay and return, 14.00, With correspondlns reductions from Intermediate points. In addition to the above, the purchasers of Uitso tickets will be g-iven privilege ot special' excursion side trips to Lewlston- on-the Lako, including: a steam boat rldo on Lake Ontario, ior 25 cents. To Toronto and return by Lake from Lewlston, JLOO. Tickets o£ admission to places ot cpeclal interest at or near Niagara Falls, but out- sldo the reservation, Includins: toll over the International Bridge to the Canadian side, elevators to the water's edge M Whirlpool Rapids on tlie Canadian side. will be offered on train at a reduction from prices charged alter reaching tho DO NOT MISS This opportunity of spending: Sunday at the Kreatcst historical spot In «>e United States. Excursion will arrive at \lasK» Falls S:00 a. m., Friday, August ,, lS9t Returning, passengers can ) , e ^°J !la " s dav within the limit of their

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