The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1949
Page 11
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER «, 1948 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER PAGE ELEVEN THE NATION TODAY— Former Air Force Major Hurls Hot Charges About Atom Bomb Materials Delivered to Soviets Jly James Mnrluw •WASHINGTON, Dee. 6, WV—Here we \vcrc, having a kind ol nice, quiet, time, looking forward to Christinas, liiking a deep breath before Congress comes back In January, kind of relaxing, News wasn't much although every day one or two tilings happened around here and managed to squeeze onto the front pages of the nation's newspauers. » , A .couple of (he government's' financial experts get into an argument, or Secretary of state Acheson had something lo say about China, or former Congressman J. ^!rnell Thomas was on trial. But the great rush that goes on day after day wl'en Congress is around was missing. In short, we had no sensations on a day-by-day basis. Then al! of a sudden a former Air Force major, George Uacey Jordan. started talking about atom bomb material being sent to the Russians dining the war. Wallace Hack In (be News Then last night Fulton Lewis. Jr., radio commentator, said Henry althoiiKli almost at once we can sit back and watch a lot of men running for office right from the time tile session stalls. Until then, barring any. sensations, this place may be fairly quiet and peaceful. Maybe, r had to put the "maybe" in ilierc twice, since this is Washington. Wallace, former president, . — ,--overruled' atomic officials during the war and ordered atomic stuff sent to Russia. Wallace retorted: "Sheerest fabrication." Tins put a little pepper in the news in these purls, and more can lie expected, since the Boy's Curiosity Costs Him Christmas Gifts CHESTER. Pa., Dec. 6. <AP> —Poi weeks Daniel Clemens and his wiCc Helen. bought Christ ma.s pirscMib for their five children ami hid them in a bedroom cJo.-:et. yesterday, one of the children four-year-old Ronald, went, scouting through the house—trying to lind out what Santa Claus wa planning to bring him. j Suddenly, the child ran from the | house to his mother as .she was \ lumglng Ota some clothes In the Thfaf Takes Money And Safe Combination KRIOAI, VEIL, Ore., Dec. 0—f/Tj Union Pacific depot employes .••tin \vondcrcd today how much - a thief stole from a safe The thief opened the snfc by inn thi> combination found in a sli Ixix, Then lie took off with f rombmrtlion, N'"'-v mi one can open the sufe. Suiu WORLD RESCUE SQUADS FOR U. S. AIR FORCE — Wiesbaden, Germany, Is the headquarters of a now Airborne rescue unit being organized by the U. S. Air Force to sweep one-eighth of the world's air-lanes in searches for missing planes. Four flights of B-17 Flying Fortresses carrying neriM lifeboats will operate from Lagons in the Axorcs; Tripoli; Dharan, Saudi Arabia, and Wiesbaden. The map above indicates general areas to be covered from each oulpost. In addition lo B-17s, each rescue team will include one C-82 "flying boxcar" and a helicopter which it can carry. ., . --- -• - --- agg Un-American Activities Committee [jack j. ard now is taking a hand in the. ., Fire Mommy .- scveamcc | Ron . major story after being quiet a a]t j long time, and the congressional atomic committee is going .to dig around a bit, too. Whether anything conies of all tins remains to be seen. If not, at least it provided a brief -sensation. But it was President Truman, sunning himself in Key West, who \vas preparing some of the biggest new.s material, although he won't spring it until 1950. i He WHS beginning work on his. "State of the Union" message and his economic report, both of which he'll deliver to Congress when It tymef ''nek in January. : Readying for KJcrliflrT Then we'll really be off jto the races, since 19nO is an election year for nil 435 members of the House and one-third of the 96 senators, a situation, of which the President Is not unaware. He's a cinch to phis again for his civil rights program, federal aid to education,- a compulsory health program, and maybe higher taxes to keep pace with government, expenses. And, probably, once more he'll ask to repeal the Taft-Hartley labor act, Since the stand, taken by Congress — and congressmen — or, all these issues will have something to do with whether they're reelected in the fall of 1950. we'll have to listen to j. lot of talk in ipso and—depending on ho;v you look at K—n lot" c-I alibing for doing or not doing. But all that will get under way Mrs. Clemens summoned firemen who extinguished a bh</,e in the bedroom closet where the Christmas prc-sents had been stored. The pris- cllU<i ' howc ™ r . «'<™ » '"^l loss. j T1]c molUw ^^ Mn ,, m , n sllc ,, c _ licved Ronald ^started (he (ire accidentally as he lit a match to look into the um-ke^ed eUxiet. au\, on ujrfL win get unuer wnv on September after Congress returns in : January, I behalf of Jess>i With the Courts Chancery: M. E. KcetUiam vs. J. Fred Nuctt- ham, suit for divorce. Pauline Bcaslcy vs- Edward Beas- Icy. MI it. for divorce. Roselyn Mackcy vs. Howard Mitskey. suit for divorce. RnbtuL W. Dimittonib vs. Myrtle Uimscomto. suit tor divorce. Erich Scluicider vs. Susie Schneider, suit for divorce. Rosa Colcman vs- Willie Cotcmau. suit for divorce. Joan Elizabeth Bcardcti vs. William E. Bcarden. suit for divorce. Hazel .Kuykendall vs, Jerry Kuy- keiidsll, suit for divorce, Homer Webster vs. Hilda Webster, s\tit {or divorce CiruiH: W. K. Chttdrcss et. al. vs Uadlev K. Robins, suit to collect $2,857.35 oil account. Ellzobeth Williams, et al. vs. the Company, suit to collect 52.500 St. Louis-San Francisco Railway damages caused by faiiil acoidetU P n , ^Ple'Hber 18. near Osceola, on ie Williams, deceased Quintuplets Are Born In South America AIEDKLLIN, Colombia, Dec. 6— '/P>—Quintuplets—five boys and all in good health—were born several days ago to Maria Arroyave in the little town of Angostura. Repovt of the births arrived by tele;;lain from the mayor of An- (:o.sturn only yesterday- The quintuplets have been baptized Fcnnln, Uaniiro. Rodfigo, iVabor and Francisco. Their father'. 1 name Is Alfonso. The governor of the department <S::UL'> of Antioqnia ordered the mother and children brought from :heir town. 50 miles northeast ol :iere. to Mcdellin \vhcie thry arc :o be given the best medical attention. School Supervisors ! Will Handle Teacher Retirement Records Mrs- Tvftti R. Van Patten, secretary to John Maycs. county school superdsor, bs in Little Rock today obtaining teacher retirement record for Mississippi County teacli- rs. In the the records, jiloiie vith contributionsj have been reamed in Little Rock with the itttte Department of Education, but cctmt changes i" the retirement, lyslom provide for the records to >e compiled in county offices, Toscanlni Is Named Senator by Italians ROME, Dec. 6. CAP)—It's Senator Arturo Toscanini now. Tiie famous conductor was namec life-time senator of the Italtni Republic yesterday for his contributions to the world of music. President LuLgi Einaudi marie ilu apiJoinlmenL to the man who lef his native country during Mus- soHni's Facist dictatorship. Tosnunnj. born in Parma, Italy in 1S67, lived most of the time o his self-imposed exile in the Unitet States. Since the war be has vc turned many times to Italy to con duct concerts there. South Americans make "mate" lea-like drink out of. the leaves ' one species ol holly. Ask your Santa for a new FRIGIDAIRi Refrigerator with all these wonderful features Famous Meier-Miser mechanism with 5-Year Proleclion Plan Exclusive Double-Easy Quickubs Trays — come out at a flngai touch Full-widlh Super-Freeier Chest Full-width, glass-topped, all- porcelain Hydrotor Sliding Basket Drawer for eggs, small parcels targe, Multi-Purpose Sloraga Tray All-aluminum, rus'-proof shelves 3 types— 14 models Right now's the time lo start hinting for your new Chrislmas Frigidoire Refrigerator. But, before you do — come in and see all the new Frigid- aire Refrigerators. See the beautiful interior trim and all the latest convenience features of Master, D«- Luxe and Imperial models . . .' fhen start dropping hints al home! Adams Appliance Co., Inc. 20(i-20S West Main J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. Phone 207L Scli Defense Claimed n Fight with Jn-Luw TOLEDO. O.. nee. 6—(/r/—Harry MarhLski jiwnilccl sentence today )n a Common pleas Court convtc- ion that lie knocked his molller- n-law unconscious during a family argument. MarinskJ. who weighs 180 poiiuds, old Judge John M. McCalje *l a nenring: "Your honor. II was self-dc- ense." The molher-in-law, Mrs. Hav.el ripping, weighs ICO pounds. Murder Case May Go To U.S. Supreme Court -ITTLK HOOK. Dec. { '• Vniied States Supreme jliably \silt l>e usked to t hf ca ^r of Thomas IlJack, Litth- iiihrk mechanic convicted of killing a nur.^o after a night club pui ly. \V II. <ilover, attorney who iTM'iitrd niaclc ni his trial llt.m. m l> Circuit Court, said he would ask the hitfh tribunal to take up the case by Dec. 20. [Hack is scheduled to die In the electric chair Jan. G for tlie sfay- iim of Miss Ketty Jane McCti heie the nl^ht. of SejiL 23, 1948. Court rnp- Weather's Cm/ War Moves to High Plane CHICAGO. Dec. (i. lAI") — Tl: Ciyil war. which most of the nation thought ended in li-:G5. intn-ed up to a highei' plane today—the nation'.^ ftttnosphere. "It's the olci civil war between north and .south," the forecaster said in explaining the current mild '.veather over the nation. ".Soiuctimes the warm .southerner capture* the north, sometimes the northern cold air takr-s <j\'cr. Riylit now the southerner* have a temporary victory—ami there's nothing iu .sif;hl to change, the pU'lure." He n little—"noUlins really significant, a skirmish you might say' 1 —.snow or ruin for Wisconsin. Northern Illinois. Michigan. Indiana ami Minnesota today. Elsewhere he .said the contending force.s haven't shifted ijOMlion, which means another jnilci tiny. Rites to Be Conducted For Dormitory Fire Dead Niirmnu. Okla., Dec. 6. ItVl ~ Memorial son-Ices will he held a I he University of Oklahoma todn; for three students who died in Sat unLiy's dormitory fire. Services wilt rjopjin at 4:45 p.ra with members of the campu.s soive Offii-ers Ti-ainlnp Corps ant the ROTC Itrlng cqund psitlcl|)nl IIIE. Hurned lo ilcalh \vore Trie Slarks, Jr.. 20. Oklahoma City; j Sammy LnHuc. 20. Clinton. Okla., and Maurice Ahearn, Jr., 26. Kll- lini-.sKoHh, Conn. KiHlit of tlie 21 Injured remain hfisiiKiilimi. .Since the more than :)00 snrvlvnrs of the blaw [ost most, of l.helr possessions, they have been aided with l^lfts of clothing .and money to enable them to continue their ncliool- illR. Three Prisoners Tie Sheriff, Flee Jail at Lonoke I-ONOKE, Ark., Dec. K. JAI'I—A iiiin hunt was in full swing in Cc-n- iral Arknn.sH.s today for three |>IL^- i>ners who broke out of the I/myke County Jail after overpowering the sheriff and locking him In a cell The three men. identified as Robert Oshorn, la, Davenport, Iowa; Milton 1'al Ulecall, 27, njjuis- ton, Pa., and Billy Hyatt, :>a, Matthew, N. C., were awaiting trial for robbing a nearby Austin, Ark., scr- ee station. Sheriff L. Karl Jackson said the men jumped him as he entered their cell last night to feed the prisoners. lie .said they disarmed him, bound him with Mrlps of bedding and escaped down the stairs, Jackson .said tie managed to break the bonds and attract the attention of Ixmoke Ni(ht Mar.shal Ken lirantley. Jirantley used n wrench to force open the cell door. About 15 Arknnsa.s State iroopcr.s under the command of LI. II. R. Peterson Joined In leh search for tlie trio nlBlit. Bloodhounds from the Tucker PrLson Farm were on the scene early today. Fort Smith Man Heads Assessors Association HOT SPRINGS, Ark., Dec. 6-</P> — Charles Mankin of Fort Smith today began his second term as president of the Arkansas Tax Assessors Association. lie was re-elected to (hat post here last, nl«}it by about 25 county assessors attending the organization's annual convention. The meeting was lo close this afternoon. Other officers reclectcd are: Grover Gasldns of Wynne, vice president, and John W. HePriest of. I/moke, secretary-treasurer. The association approved a reso- liiilijn to standardize tax assessments throughout Arkansas. The members suggested following a pro- Kram set up by the Arkansas Tax Commission requiring all real and properly to be assessed at 20 per cent of the market value. Head Courier News Want Ada Death for Coal TJjesrs In old England, coal once was belelved to fill !bc air with poisonous gases ami, in IMC, the English monarch Issued & proclamation declaring anyone who burned coal would be put, to death. "I CAN EAT ANYTHING NOW!" So »r«t« R. w. WINDROW o< Hock dale, Tennesvw, a/trr «i&ig M, LONDON'S PRESCRIPTION . .'. At mxuleHuI oew kwo»*JA foe x«tiel W opsct stomach—g»i *CK]i<r . . . coflfti- pjtioa • *nd foully digestion, Many ulcer iufTcj«n ttnd ttlid i*c*a US. LONDON'S, - ,• '•*•• THY DR. LOWDOtrf l^WCWP. TION TOf>AY .'. . fnd «x for fo. sell -wh*l *o tn**ff ttcKm Imo^ Mbo*l (l\ij itlicl giving kyrnuli — PONT DELAY ... get k t»*a« W Bt. (.ONDCATS now u Every British seagoing craft of 1(100 tons or more lias to carry a (citified sea cook, by order of 'tlie Kiwlish Board of Trade- These men have lo pass three examinations before being certified. Marriage Licenses The following couples have obtained marriage licenses at the office of Miss Elizabeth Blythe. county clerk: El?,ie Lindow King of Blythe- vllle and Miss Frances Allen of West Helena. Auclle Mulllns and Miss Emily Bunch, both of Manila, Gerald G. Costner and Miss Anita Mae Swink, both of Manila. William Sylvester and Miss Relha Moody, both nf Blythevillc. Oregon has 31 mountain peaks more than 6,000 fcect high. The highest is Ml. Hood, 11,248 feet. W M H N nYOU FEEL WELL! STEWART'S DRUG STORE Main & Luke IMumc 2R22 Hlvlhcvilltt FARMERS ATTENTION! Announcing New Location of Gude Bros*. Slaughterhouse • SOUTH HIWAY 61 • Our new larjce plant is locnled on thY'ensl sid« i>f Sntilli lliwa.v lil near Hit Hlythuvillc I'V'rlili/.er Pliml. !!til not only <li> WK have more trucks and pens lo HcciJiiimiKlalc your animals. . .bill corn- pure our low (irtccs. Fur lings. . .only a cent a pound (live weiirhl). Calves killed fin- only the hide as our pi ict. We will l)iiy your csitllc so call Juc or Oi'val (Judo »L ;MSS. GUDE BROS. SLAUGHTER HOUSE South Highwuy 61 Phone 3458 Mere's why the New 1950 3ETTCR. IH STYUM6- willi nc\> ailvaiK-nl clpsign "Ciiaiojuizcil" intpiiora! oRiwtJG- EASC elrumcal pane fo-T-\ lie" in- l! vitli llirifly "l:.i.n.O-Mi- <'l.,r .mil [Mri-Hiumi: •Joiicli-U-MiHii; OM'i'lriM-'! eirrefi. in ttfii-iDuti& EASE willi "sicdi-IJiic" eii-iiiii^! BETTER, ffJ flfTTfij- M KOftD will. "Hi-\\iilc'' vi.-iliililyl BirrcK, IH RIOIH& COMFOKT vsilli "Cllflli<l"-n<)il" frolU fpriHjliu'', ''l.<nui«f-Hi-i(" foiiiii-nilincr seal ciisljioiiing! emtp, in wincz. f/'o with IIBW "ml lictlcr Kilicr. glas insulation! eerrefc IN nz-SAie. v/iu/e \vilh Mrroiiry imw innrc in (kiiKinil lliaii ever lictortl STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. Walnuf at First Street

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