The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 3, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1931
Page 5
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.IUXK n, ioai final mm OF t'l Augnslo Baron, Now 75, Mailo Sound Pictures in 1898 -"—- (AUK.)' TOUIUKH NRWS Recognition Is Atijiuste. Baron Whose Wci'l; Rroiiplil Nothing. I!V MIS'OTT SAKNntlllS N'CA Service Wrilrr I'AKIfi--Tli[> original inventor o!" l?.!k:ni- [ih huv.- ramnl r.-e o::e bo- '.".usr lie is hlinrl. and ciinnot hear •i'.c lifcause he hasn't t'ot the price tf admission. This is the tale of Ai.piisle lla- r''!i. a 'bin old man of 15 who Is •viii- hew in a hniiv for the dis- ''ilrd i;oor. Ilis b: r ! idea came to :ilm 35 years ao,n when the nioviin wtnrc business was an Industrial j >abe on tin 1 bottle, and now he sits j in the dark. li'-'oniiiK to fantastic la!cs of what has been achieved :ro;n his imnirniion. Tn 1R9S, whr.n the Iv.imiere Bro- !l:cr<j brsjan lo nrodi.ce their "nni- >M'>.'d iirtai-es." vague movements Pli:: M. the arrival of a train, the first French inoviri! picture. Au- [jusio nnrnn. engineer, 'musician, lip.lnter nnd n ••ruins at lighting effects, v:as working in n F.M'is il'.":afei- as an adviser on sta'e direction. I Til? "theater liar! jus 1 , installed in' ;hc lobby v.'hnr became hnown 2=1 -he slot machine, whereby -one j I'ould insert a coin, we n series of fihntograpns and hear accompany- • '••" music. " i Baron had teen thinking about e work of the Lumiere Tirolhers hen one :iieht he. casually put 10 ;i!iuu's in the slot machine and id a look. There wns no syn- ironixaticn, only the simple put- tofothor ol an image and innd movement. Hi-r Idea Born nut this stirred the Imagination the Inventor. He concluded thnt 10 fault with this new moving .cturc idea was that it had no oimU effect to make it realistic, o lie went to work. Tn the followhirj year, April 3, aron took out his first patent on system of synchronizing move- icnt and accompanying sound. On )ctober 8. 185?. he' got a German atent and on A'.rjust .23. 1POO. an Clerical! patent good for 20 years, /ilh his own resources he built, n Pnris suburb, what \vould now :f . as a stuciio. His ringing had, placed above! :ie movie camera, a cupola which ontained higlUy sensitive micro- hones of pram-carbon:;. A feeble ! urrent inodulatcti by these micro- hones wfis amplified by three suc- relays leading to th-e sound •foiii at one side. Sound was rcg-, 'tercd on an old-fashioned wax ylinrier. such as used by Edison i ills first phonographs, so that it vnehroiiiwd perfectly with the ac- icn of t!'? movie. In principle his system was very iitcli like that developed with uch startling success a quarter of century later. A Commercial Failure Aiifciisie Baron, now blind at 15. iieie is shown with Ilic apparatus »iih which !u> produced Hie fliM tuU- m-r movies, mar, than a <maru-r of a ccm.nry b;ta- ihey wcie devolfpL-d lor icmincrdal purposes. '.H ' has ?ecu, ui 1 even hoard, n -modern Globe Trotting Tunneys Return TODAY IS Sally Into Matrimony ovcniniont Will Maiiufjictiircrs lo Operate, for Reasonable Return. IMMTOIl'S X«ri!: This h (lir M'C'Uinl nf ;1 series <if M-vrnil ,sto- rii'S liy Kddnry Duli'hrr on hew Ulr I'llllnl Sialrs |>l,uu lu mu- Ijillzr its 111:11! immT ami imlus- Iry In (In. rvfiil of anuthrr i>v KUDNKV nirrciiri: N'i:A Servliv Writer WASHINGTON.- For Che paM several ye.irs of jiuaaMline the War Depaitmc'in hus ktm Mn&uy \o Ihe mir-iuion of uirlous Induslrk", tlielr \\artliiu' rcspDuslbllllies mul glvliif ihrin estimates ol the \v,ir- tlme itiMiKimis ot th; army mill navy un their jiiains. i'.wlely -15,000 large fncil- Itits luuc bi'en snrveyod. accordlns 10 thi 1 urniy's wiir 'plan? us Mibinll- tett lo i!'i- Wnr I'olleieb Commission. Dciinlle Insks lor emergency have been iisslgncil to each .selected plant. In oider not (o up^el nations! piudi:c;lon more than nc:es- iry ond to innintalii normal coni- icrcinl eonlacls on a reduced ba- Is, such tasks do not Involve more iian 60 per cent ol n plant's nor- cnpaclty. HKI.GIAN LAI10K NOTE On June 3, 1917. an memorandum |:respnt';d tt> the Uriltccl Ktntes coverninrnl by M. de Cnrller. the i3elgian Minister at W:u-hingloii, was made piiblic. It siinnnarized the Incts ot German rule in Bernini nnd CKplnin- «1 the enforced idleness of Helglan \\Grkinginen. Tlie niC'tnorandinn said ii\ part: "'I he depressed condition of Belgian industry is not a casj of accident causetl by tlie fcrc? of extraneous eircuinstances unconnected with the action of the German authorities; thes: authorities are, on the contrary, personally responsible. "Since the occupation of Belgium the German authorities... Ime put Into cllccl the plan worked out in August. 19H, lu Berlin, by Dr. W. Rathcnnii. (or the systematic exploitation of all the economic resources of occupied countries to the prolit. of the war orsaniKition. of Hie empire." Under the National Defense Acl. lie War Department points out. the overmuent can place compulsory rders with any iuciory ami Is em- xwercd lo requisition such plnuls s may reluso to ncetpl them. Han Advisory Council The war plans call for an "Ad- Isory War Council" to assist the (resident in carrying on the conflict. Besides the secretaries of wnr nil navy, this council would In- Inde n Director of Selective Scr- iee. Director of Wnr Industry. Dl- eclor of Public Relations and Ad- nlnlstralor of Labor. Here are (lie Tunneys, Polly and Gene, iiv New York after an sniil- Br.ron's first talking films were reduced In 1898 and could run >r four minutes, lie spent about 10,000 on this work and could not tf the support required to finance is experiments. He quickly con- extc-nded trip through Europe and ilie Near East. They ingly on the deck of their liner, and the former heavyweight champion nsticuffer declared he was still "in splendid shape and feeling simply Eicat." The two Germim police rto^s were bought- nbnnd and will Income guardians of the Tunr.fcys' country pla?e. Huyti Society- -Pci'sonal it . - , t ,1 thc1r cys ^ mt lh enough for her to have known , i tccted their ey?s against the harsh enough lor ner to nave Known ,'.; Mights of the studio. Baron refused these happy hours when he was to wear glasses. Ten years ago !iis( succeeding with his work. "But I sight be-san lo fail and shortly hope that my son will never t?- afterwards lie became completely: come an inventor." she added. j Baron's iriencis are now trying lie riends hy luild be done. . - - - - -. | Eleven of his machines arc now : lovingly nnd helps him us much as .exhibition in the Conservatoire : Fhn rari b >' giving piano lessons. Arts et Metiers. I B?ron still smiles cordially and ; . his achievements, cares for him j " Allflt" LlZZlS Floyd Dies Aiter Long Illness was more than 70 |ithni:t change of film. During lhe;ed that his brain war _ « -'liis did eminent service when of '.hr times and t!in! !:^ has at. years old b'.it did not recall tlie ox- •:itl by airplanes by taking ;, as! lived to know thai his great-act date of her birth. She wa.s the • cmrcs of enemy positions. An- idea v.-ns successful. l:o oniy adds: : wife of John Floyd, •her of his pho'.oi'raphic achieve-. "I am infinitely touched, but I can Mr. Harold Burress of Chicago arrived Tuesday morning for a two weeks visit with his mother j-Mrs. Mable Bnrress. .Mr. and Mrs Wolf Khourie hat as their guests Sunday and Monday, Mr. and Mrs. John Haddccl, and son, Albert, of Bcyntou. Okla and Mr. Alex Khourie and son Ernest, of Fulton. Ky. Gerald Yati-s of Slcele. Mo visited Mr. and Mrs. W. E Oat Cher, Sunday, nr. and Mrs. W. n. Llmbiugl for patent SOI . iville Monday. Miss Ernestine 'Lilcs is visit! her mother. Mrs. PatViie Lilss a Memphis this week. Mrs. L. R. Roland of Ntther lands and Mrs. Kula. Kab'a an children ol iiayti have ntnrne lioine from a visit to Jauestown. .Mo., where they were ctlled on account of the illness of tneir mother. Mr. Cecil Rrannuin retimed Saturday !iiornh$; from Sin Antonio, Texas where lie has ban with his sister who is <juite ill- Mrs. L. S. Graves o.' Huntingdon, Tcnn.. s visiting her sister, Mrs. PAfiR ma 1 . 1 .! the co.itisa-ior's profit Is reduced and there Is no temptation to pad costs us there Was .with the old cost-plus system' About ttfoo rc.wrre offlcers will br needed In a mnjor war to carry out lhc army-navy procurement program am) to dale some 2300 have been selected from nmoiiR eJtpcfl- enced business inon. nnd commissioned. The War Department has no den- nllc proiiam lor wartime price control, but It Is on record as op- , noshm "prlco-frcezlng" plans such ns that propose<l t othe War Poll. cles Commission hy Bernard M. i llaruch. I'line Burns In Air SAl/I' LAKE OITY, Utah, tUP) — V. M. onymon, United States murliic corps aviator, who visited his parents In Salt Uke recently, defcillird how his )>)i\ne suddenly burst Into (tames as he was «out- Ing Snndhilstiis In Nicaragua. He managed to brlnn the craft to the Ijioiind without serious Injury to himself. . . C.f t I'ulm Uif Books :' CHAl'BI, HILL. North Carolina, <UI>)—Throe East Indian sacred bcoks written on strips o( palm eaves imv; been presented to,the Jnhersity of North Carolina's It-' brary collection by Dr. W. I". Jncoeks. ol Colombo, Ceylon, a. native of North Carolina. The' :iooks are written In llhs Singhalese Sally Phlpps, cl movlelnml, shown nbou in her latest porlrnlt, nivJ Btnvdlct Gimliel,- Jr.. heir to a ileptirtinciii -store fortune. Imvc de- clured Hint they were "jnsL uood trleniis." lijit i«islslciit rumor has It Hint their nigiixeinent real name nmiaiiiii-cil soon. The screen star, whose liyrnccc Uentlcr, recently was drafted from ihu movie • to appear ui^ n Uroadwny s vitally essential list now comprises about 40CO articles complete for Issue. Cut Down competition Instead of throwing oiwn their procurement necessities lo competitive bidding, the War and Navy ....iv ugtiMiiig, t ;j t . >YLII iuui iinyy This Is part ot a general plan j Departments will bnso their -pro- I'hlch, according to General Doug- j curcment plans on allocation. Un- ns MncArthur. chief of staff, Is der this system planls arc able, to vould hnslen production In nny nlcr emergency. 'Hie army also has widespread plnns to govern hriiKillng of rnw unterlah In wartime, especially those not readily produced In this country. insed on a great Improvement on make some preparation uir 1917 position in that besides the '""' '•" "• ' ' keletonized framework of a cltl- !eu army cnpa|)lc of rapidly ab- orning the nation's man power, the inny now maintain"; Intimate con- acl. with the Industrial structure under a program which will enabb American industry promptly (o absorb our war recpiirements. Delay Li procurement ol neces- sary'inuniiicns nnd supplies, gusss- vork about the amounts ol supplies iccded which results in wasteful overproduction nnd serious shortages, improper distribution of the war production load nlony with congestion of transportation facilities. Inefficient use of resources. 1111- co-ordiimted purchases and unequal distributions of wnr burdens nre some of the things which the War Department, profiting from lessons of the last war, will seek to avoid In any big future conflict. The army's shopping list included -about 100.000 ditfercnt items in (tie World War, but the so-cafed I , for their mined by negotlntlon and through definite assignments exncl pre-nr- rangcniDiit for production of munitions can be obtained. Many articles required in war are not ordinarily produced In this country, so the Wur Department hns assembled a great collection of complete drawings and siMclflcn- tion for delivery to manufacturers who would otherwise have no prior knowledge of applicable production methods. To develop this form of war preparation constant experimentation nnd nctunl production Is ill progress at government arsmmis and laboratories. Tlie Wnr Department now seeks money from Congress for placing "educnttonnl orders" with fnctorlcs, use of which PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM iRrncinlli.-^ti-ff-SinpilljJrFjirj-jE ImpnrtBColornnil Beauty lo Gray Ami paded Jlatr Scotland Is operating Us first plant for'the production ot motor fuels from stele oils, and additional units will be built'this year. „ Its designs for reduction of wartime profiteering Is nn adjusted compensation contract, applicable to large construction pro- srams nnd procurement ot nou- coniincrclnl Items. Tentative cost schedules would bo agreed ui»n which.might be revised from time to Mmo. The. government would audit all accounts ns they arose and pay all approved costs of pcrtorm- nnco, plus n rnlc of six per cent a year on the value of the plant lu- vrtvcd.ln the cwilratt. Cnnlruclor I'rdlcrtcd : If the i.ompany rlocr the Job nt •ss tlin.n the revised estimate of ca;:j the gumi.nienl pays him soaie added cc-mpi'iisiulon. Hence, nllhouph the prtfll would be small t'.io coMirr.clor Ls rjunrnnteed against If t!ie cost e.i<ceds the esti- AFTER WEAKENING SICKNESS IP you nro run-down, or ratter from u weakened condition,—Ufce Canlut, a niwllclno used b/ women for uvcr flfly yc.ini, As s'our heallh nillirovc.i. you wilt uharo tlio mlhiul- asju of thoii.^inHls of othcri* wlio havt' prntsci] Cunlul for tliu bcnefiu they hnvo felt titter luklnfr II. • . -•' "I liau n upen of »k-kncu which left me vciry run-down unJ weak," wrllca Sirs. D. 1,. IJcckrwr, of EJHl- ton, Vn. "I W as rot alilo to do my housework.- I tichcil nil over my body, liy liuck nnd ililcu inivo mo a lot ol IrouMe. A friend of tnlno told mo to iry Curdul. I look It lor nvonl nionttiH unil I got utronB and well." Bold at all good drug stores. rl . H CARDUI Helps Women RADIO REPAIRS Phono 121-122 Louis Green -'julius Shide Menus to Fit the Pocketbook •ents was n can-.era capable of [ only repeat tliat it is too late to 1 A portable plant capable of dc- S a 360-dcgrce panorama \i:c- talk of me. I am ('eUim; old and' veloping I.COO.COO volts of clec- 'I ;isk nottiing except- when I die'tricky hns been constructed for , cr . A i ma ,„" Xc-.v Completely Blind that my wife will I-.? looked after.", testing the effect of lighting on | carMlhersville: 'till/ C. D. Stanfil and Eimlly. Mr. Charley Morpn and daugh- •iends at |But although his employes pro-: And she in her turn says it is' overhead transmission lines. Where 500 Lives Were Saved at Sea " : >."&' -"•;, ..., i. t "V~ -.' - i?-- v ^^: ±"*-'*m ^n^?i; *• rt A tv*-^-*? ^ ' .h ... ^^to>%^?i«^4 r ^ ,i- -* : ' •':•'* ^-K^fe ' '"*;«•<'!'4•••*'» •"'*' : yr 8! "" Vi Mrs Cecil Braiiium, who is attending Teachers'College at Cape Girardeau, Mo., spent last weekend here with 3r. Brannum. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dandy and son, Bobby, le.'t Friday for two weeks vacation at N'nshvtlle, Tcnn. Mr. and Mrs R. M. Morgan and children and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Austin ol ScnJnolc. Okla.. returned to their hmic Monday after a two weeks vist with relatives here. cd ship, the S. s. Harvard, might have teen watery tomb of 500 Memorial Day ^••auLitf.:- *> 01.>i-, »..v ^*. -J- *,«*• i.,iv.. t.L.^iit iiovt ',ci.ii 11:1; ^aitiy (OIllU OL OUU .WlEllUriHL UBJ •"- ! :aiils',s if it- had not been for a prompt rescue effected In a. foggy sea near Santa Barbara, •»'. by crews of government mine sweepers. Noce the rope ladders by which the passengers deluded when Ihe ship went on the rocks. It was near this point that seven navy destroyers .piled • up on the rock* in 19 23 \oth a loss of 22 lives. Hurt nig Causrs I'anic BRISTOL. Virgin!,!. IOPI — A small dc/, maddened with pain alter being jtruck by n car, dashed into .1 buiTAinj here, precipitating the cry o/ "mad dog." Women Inintei awl men rushed tor cover. One woni.'n returned with a rc\ el- ver but the injured doj had re- Uirncd tc) ranlty and the srare was over. Tl:c dog was nllowid to RO unharmed. Feeds Hens Polsin MESA. Arizona. (UPI ! - C. J. Wocd. f.iperliitendcnt ofjlhc University of Arizona experiment farm, was lorcid to issue a public warn- inj tha'. free wrasshoppV poison must not be used foj chicken feed after a Mesa woian killed her flock of hends by fejdlng them arsenic treated bran aril molasses obtained from the Univ/rslly farm Courier News Want ftris Psy, Sister M.iry How :il)init your fonil butljjet? Arc you ifcllint; (he maximum return from yciur investment in thrte mculs ;t ilsiy? Housewives who read SISTER IIAKY'S KITCHEN for advice in the preparation of meats are getting the henclit of n practical course in kitchen economy. Sister Mary .shows how wholesome, nourishing meals, pleasing' in their variety, can Iw prepared ;t( modest tost. A daily menu, practical discussions of foods, footl values and kitchen economics—these arc the things every housewife, young and old, can appreciate. Look for them daily in SISTKIt MARY'S KITCHEN in 'the Courier News. The Ladies Love It! This palatial mountain resort— 8000 feet up in the cool Jemez Mountains ol New Mexico— Every comfort that women enjoy— 5800,000 has been invested in this Little Switzerland to make it Ultra-modern in its accommodations i/ith luxurious appointments— Food for the Epicurean— Every known sport and entertainment— Reason — May 1 to Thanksgiving Day. at fcmcz Springs, New Mexico Write fat full infatuation tc • 155 EAST SUPERIOR 3TRMT

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