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Abilene, Kansas
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DEMOCRAT: EEKLY ..7 VOLUME 3. ABILENE, KANSAS, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1882. NUMBER i). OKI ON fc DAVIDSON lajstidi Kepresent tlie Continental, Watertown, Improved Farms, Stock Farms, And other good Insurance companies. Can give tbe farmers Detter and cheaper insurance on buildings and stock than any other agent In the county.

oillce qnThlrd Street. F. KK1SEU, M. Physician and Surgeon, Office in Augustine's room, Cedar St. residence Uatreet, last ol Buckeye Avenue.

1- ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Mrs. A. Zahnei is in our midst. Prepare for the M.

E. Conference. Naughty boys play marbles on Sunday. To-day the land meeting at Salina occurs. Dickinson county has but 5000 acres of untaxed railroad land.

Abilene has a good quantity of secret and benevolent associations. The Leavenworth and Salina road has reached the west line of Leavenworth county- The season of festivity is over, and the solemn Lent now claims the attention. It i3 well to have a time for everythtng. The smoke stack of the engine house is a half -blooded giant. It has not been hoisted yet, but is safely lying on the ground.

Some men would sooner pick up a loose board in the sidewalk and carry it home for kindling, than to pay a few cents for honestly acquired' fuel. Stock Ranches, Grazing Land, CULTIVATED LAND, RAW Oil WILD LAND. I represent Land Department of the Union Pacific Railroad as the sole andonly agent in Abilene. I have all of the lands that thev own in Ranee One in Ottawa. Saline A.O.U.

On Saturday last, Abilene Lodge No. 93, Ancient Order United Workmen was instituted in our city by Wm. R. Sheen, Grand Master Workman of the Order for the State of Kansas. The following are the officers for the current term: D.

W. Jacoby, Past Master Workman. W. II. Ei2holtz, Master Workman.

W. D. Volk, Foreman. L. Geauque, Overseer.

A. II. Paul, Recorder. Richard Waring, Financier. D.

L. Pisle, Receiver. M. V. Brillhart, Guide.

L. Lips, Inside Watchman. J. J. Miller, Outside Watchman.

Dr. W. II. Austin, Medical Examiner. Trustees, Chas.

T. Combs, Geo W. Bar-cus and R. B. Jacobs.

The Ancient Order of United Workmen was instituted in Aleadeville, Pa.J in 1868, and in Kansas in 1877. It is a social, fraternal, benevolent and protective society, guaranteeing to families or friends of its deceased members the sum of 2000, at a cost of less than one per cent, per annum. Kansas has been a separate beneficiary jurisdicton for the past year and the members have been assayed seven times of one dollar each to meet all death losses occurring in the State during that time. The membership in the State at the present time is about 3300 and rapidly increasing. and McPherson counties; Range One, Two and Three in Clay, Dickinson and Marion counties; and Range Four in Riley, Clay, Davis, Dickinson and Marion counties.

Of these lands I have several good stock farms for sale. I also desire the selling of several good stock farms. TjUltJUlill'S HOME, D. H. METZGAR, Proprietor, tor.

Cedar and South Second ABILENE, KANSAS. Good accommodations for man and beast at easouable rates. yT 11. AL'STINf M. "physician and Surgeon, ABILENE, KANSAS.

The delightful exercise of horseback riding is being indulged in quite extensively and to see a cavalcade of young people to gether forms a pretty and interesting sight. From indications we presume some of II. 1'KATHKK, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over Northcrart'8 Drug Store, Abilene, Kansas. our citizens will replace the wooden sidewalks on their property by stone, just as soon as the former "play out." We hope to see this the general disposition.

The next meeting of the county alliance will be held in the Christian church at Abilene, on Saturday, March 4, 1882, at one 7a K. BAKBEIt SUOP, Third Street? east ol Broadway, I Represent the Following Companies Insurance Co. of America Liverpool London Globe Phenix Company, Brooklyn, N. Y. AMERICAN FIRE INSURANCE CO.


o'clock p. m. Members of all the district alliances in the county are invited. Geo. Brillhart's fine, new brick residence, in the northwest part of the eity, near the school house, is rapidly being finished, and promises soon to be ready for occupation.

Geo. has a house of whicli ho can be proud and which will do him splendid service. To-morrow evenirg, Wendling will appear in the Opera House. Thursday evening, the Presbyterians hold a social at the residence of Jas. Culbertson, Spruce street.

And on Friday night, the Lutherans will have a Very little business was transacted by the court last week, the publishing of which would be of very little interest to our readers, as the most of the time was taken up in substituting papers that were lost in the late fire. No criminal cases were tried and but one civil case by jury, that of Iloyt vs. Knight. The petit jurors were dismissed on Saturday afternoon. The grand jury is still in seasion and will probably adjourn on Thursday.

Lightning was visible in the eastern horizon Lst evening. Married, at Carlisle, January 31, A TOO HACTSX guarantee satisfaction. Bgjji J. HCUHON llouse and Sign Painters.Glazers AND CALSOMINEUS, ABILENE, KANSAS. vy ii.

cox, Dentist. Offlce over Johntz Grocery Department, ABILENE, KANSAS. special attention given to tilling decayed teeth. Artificial teeth supplied at usual prices. 1 K.

A. jMIIXEK, A SKILFUL MIDWIFE, Ot ws years' lalthful study and expmlonce W. KlceT Kelereuees-Ur. Kelscr and Dr. hlrbih.

1882, by Rev. Neisley, J. L. Kruger, of My abstracts are noted for their accuracy, special care having been taken to mak them as full and complete as abstracts can be made aud none will bo found more correct-Farmers should, during the dull winter months, look up their titles. Many who think that they have good titles are mistaken, for deeds are often not worth the paper that they are written on.

My charges are reasonable and abstracts are guaranteed. IOIEY TO LOAN! At 7, 8, 9 and 10 Per Cent. Abilene, and Miss funny E. Brenner, of Cumberland Peuua. The Uuiversalist society have purchased the oflice building on Spruce street, between Fourth and Fifth streets, and are converting it into a neat place of worship.

A gentleman who hits made an exami Geoo He IFreeman nation says the report that the poach buds were badly injured by the recent cold weather, is a mistake, lie avers that un less they are frozen between this aud the ABILEFB, K.AISrS. month of April, we will have a bounteous crop of the luscious fruit. 1 he onus as yet are not advanced enough for the weather we may receive to injure them any, aud C. P. C.

P. C. P. C. P.

C. P. C. P. C.

P. C. P- altogether the prospects are good. social gathering at the residence of Jno. Johntz.

A young brother typo was displaying to the other employees of the office guess which one if vou can how Guiteau's rope would be adjusted around his neck. An interested crowd on the street was gazing down into the room, and, it is alleged, the young lady( representing Guiteau was so overcome on discovering the fact that a charming tableau was formed, which will not soon be forgotten. If you ask the actors anything about it, nothing but a blush, or a deep mysterious look will be the reply. On Saturday afternoon, a meeting of farmers was held in this city for the purpose of electing delegates to the convention at Salina to-day, demanding the taxation of K. P.

lands, and the following persons were authorized to represent this county: W. E. A. Meek, J. M.

Shepherd, J. II. Lucas, Thos. Dial, the Board of County Commissioners and the County Clerk. Buncombe niirglurioiiM.

Some clumsy thief attempted to force an entrance into J. G. Humaker's store last Saturday night about the midnight hour, but the night watch, seeing the suspicious figure he cut, frightened him away. The thief on plunder. bent attacked the rear door of the store with a gimlet, and intended, probably, to cut out the lock, lie didn't get much farther than boring through the wood twice, when the watchman, who was gazing from afar, with malice and aforethought, took deliberate aim with a revolver at the innocent citizen, and fired.

The thief disappeared in the twinkling of an eye and in addition to some extra maneuvers thus ended the thrilling and hair-raising attempt of a burglary on a dark night. Protracted meetings in the United church will continue this week. Prohibition F. B. WILSON, LAMD LOAN AGENT (Office over Post Office), ABILENE.

KANSAS. Improved Farms, Raw Lands, -AND TOWN PKOPEIITY. Money Loaned on Real Estate At ReasonaWo Terms. Hj 53 The "little red store is missing from its accustoufcd place iu front of Gillett's store, and the supposition rs entertained that it is now gracing some of our sister cities. Good luck to the outfit.

Does Prohibit You from obtaining for digestible purposes "City Pharmacy's" celebrated ABILENE BANK. Established in 1SJ3. Yeast omoressei E. A. IltKBBT, A farmer, carrying a basket of eggs, tried to steal a ride on a freight train, and when he came to want to get off, the train didn't stop, and so he jumped off.

The train wasn't going very fast, but he didn't understand getting away from it, aud so got slung several summersaults and stopped against a fence, with a wrist sprained, his clothes muddied and rent, and one ear pretty nearly torn off. lie got up and took an inventory of the result, and, in his despair, lifted up his voice and said: " durn the gosh durn luck, anyhow! Every gosh durned egg in the lot's broke!" U. II. LkobomO i. m.

Ushkr, Proprietors. 4 J. E. 1IKKIWT, Cashier We mnke collations, my and sell exchange on 53 a PS Thereby enabling you to successfully compete with your more fortu- uate neighbor, who, being up to the "times by using the above yeast, has turned out UU the prtuwimi ui iu is is iue case with stockholder, of F18nEB c0 Bankers. Such Light and Sweet Bread, Biscuits, Buckwheat Cakes or Rolls Wliyf If you will call at Uatisbrough's new photograph gallery on the corner of Fourth and Cedar streets, and examine his line collections of photographs of his own make you can readily see (why).

8- PENNSYLVANIA HOUSE Cedar Street, Abilene, F. H. Crawford, Prop. The produce market the past week lnw been very quiet and dull. Butter and egss have been rather scarce, and there was barely enough to supply the demand.

Other produce was about in the same position The prices quoted yesterday are as follows: Parsnips, per peck. 2.r.e.; eggs, 12Vc; butter, 20c; potatoes, chickens, "dressed, per lb, 7c; chickens, live, per 1.75 2.0': turnips, per 50c; flour, best, per 100 53 N. B. We would also suggest that you might make an improvement on those high prices which you are paying for Prescriptions, Drugs, etc, by fii st consulting the City Pharmacy before purchasing elsewhere. Yours DAY OB, WEEK ior consideration, BOARDERS.

I CITY PHARMACY, COXSUM i'Tl ON CUit Kl An old physician, retired from act ve practice having had placed in his bands by an East India Missionary the formula of a simple vegetable remedy for the speedy and permanent cure of Consumption, Bronchitis, Catarrh, Asthma, and all Throat and Lung amotions, also a positive and radical cure for general Debility and till nervous complaint, after having thoroughly tested its wonderful cmaiive powers in thou-a'ids of cases, feels it bis duty to make it known to his suffering fellows. The ri-cipe with full particulars, directions for prepaiing and use, and all nwcary advice and instructions for successful treatment at your own home, will be received by vou by return mail, free of charge by addressing wi'li stamp or stamM'd sclf-addreswd, to Dr. M. E. Bell, 11 X.

Calvert Baltimore. Mil. OPPOSITE THE RAILROAD DEP C. P. C.

P. C. P. C. P.

C. C. P. Jacob Kriiger, one of Abilene's young men, hied himself to his home in Cumberland the early part of this winter; and last Saturday morning he surprised his friends here by stepping 1T the cars ami introducing a lady as his wife. Jacob, it heeins.

had gone back there, got married, came out here, and has nnuiu his home in Abilene. We extend our congratulations, notwithstanding the shock he gave us for doing it up so sl', and tr'i-J he ami his bride may ever find tbe climate of Kansas balmy and salubrious, plenty of good cIuit, and become rii-h. yen, even as Solomon was. 1 I. iTe Iiiniiraiirc.

The Home Mutual Life Association of Pennsylvania ill grant policies for one and two thousand dollars, payable in ten years or at death. Good, sound meu wauled. No speculators received. For particulars and geueral information, rail ou Jaooh Erri Agent, Office with Dr. Austin, Abili-ne.

GEO. E. PARENTS CHEAP GROCERYSTORE 1H THE PLACE TO BUT WIT Staple and Fancy Gcceries! Glassware, llolloiwiire, PONT FAIL TO CALION ME! Andsreforyourst-t Short's Old Stand, on dar Street WtfMil Ji aiket price ralC for Pictures of bubie made in the twinkling of an eye under llausbrough'snew sky light. Hits every time. 8- RempmlMT lFinsbroirgh is not in the IVi gallery, but Rails under bis own name.

8 SUBSCRIBE FOB ii Cell at J. E. Boaebraka Hardware and get a need Catalogue and Calendar examine their Immense Stock of GARDEN AND FIELD SEZPS IN BULK..

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