The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 8, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 8, 1952
Page 12
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P*CK TWELVE Caudle to Appear Before House Group in 6th Day of Tax Probe Hw I V?DI> V TI «i i in r"u ii,,*.,- ...i.t.L. . BLYTHgriLLB (ARK.) COURIER By JERRY T. HAULCK WASHINGTON Wt — T. Lamai Caudle, who was Ihe govcrnment'.s chief tax fraud prosecutor unit President Truman fired him last November for "outside activities, 1 testifies today lor the sixth straight day before & special congressional committee meeting behind close' doors. Rep. Chelf (D-Ky), chairman of a House judiciary subcommittee which Is Investigating the Justice Dcparlment, said Ills croup i.s frying to determine what undue pressure it any is put on high officials by people both in and out of government — Including coi gressmen. His subcommittee, Chelf said, is trying lo fit together Ihe jig-saw pieces of cases handled by the Justice Department to determine what subjects will be aired at public sessions expected lo start next month. Caudle "Involves Others" The chairman said Caudle "hns involved others In the decisions ho made," but the group lias not decided whether there was an nt- tempt to influence Caudle's judgment when he was asfilstant attorney general in charge of tax fraud prosecutions. Chefl said 11 cases were discussed yesterday In a. six-hour Sunday cession with Caudle. Committee members saldiulne of these cases involved toxiraud investigations, on- Jy three of which were brought In public attention in the tax scandal probes of the past yenr. The subcommittee planned lo end its private questioning of Caudle today, bui. he Is expected lo be asked to repeat much of his testimony when the public sessions start. Chelf said other witnesses would be called for closed-door testimony but he would not name them. One was expected to ba former Atly. Gen. J. Howard Mc- | lars, which were worth more In Italian lira at thai time. The Truman letter to C'nudle was shown by n reliable source who declined to bo quoted by iininc. He said it would be given lo the Chelf subcommittee, which other things Is looking Intu Grath. Meanwhile, neither committee , members nor the White House would comment on a letter Truman wrote Cntidle 18 days before be fired him. In It Truman thanked Candle for an It>ll«n cigaretle case which the Justice Department official gave him on returning from a Euroncnii trip. "Thanks A Lot" DaUd Oct. 29, 1051, the letter Mid: "Thanks a lot for that beautiful cigarette case which you and Mr. D'Agostino brought me from Italy. "It Is nboitt the most benutiful one I have ever seen and I appreciate most highly your thoughtfulness. "Sincerely yours, Harry Truman." The President does not smoke. The letter was written 10 days after Truman had written Cnudle that "men like you" make It possible for the President to carry on. Caudle's dismissal was on grounds that his outside acittvi- ties were Incompatible with his official duties. Later Truman told a news conference that Cnudle would have been asked to resign even without the tax scandal Investigation then being carried on by the House Ways nnd Means Committee. This committee went into a practically free trip Caudle foot: !o Europe in tha summer of 1950 to help B wine merchant named D'Agostino maintain his dollar credits in Italian banks. Caudle fold newsmen during the Inquiry that ho helped Cnrmon D'AgoslIno press a claim for $30,000 which the New Jersey wine merchant and his father, Maltco d'Agostino, had deposited' in Ilalv before World War II. The bank's wanted to pay off In Italian currency at Ihe pre-war exchange rate ' the circumstances uster. of Caudle's A While House spokesman told reporter that the clerk who keeps records of gifts to the President \j;as not available. Ho added: "The President receives gifts from all over (lie world, nnd these arc acknowledged as a matter of routine," with a staff member sometimes signing (he President's tin me for him. Capitol Hill to Hold Moving Day Soon as Solons Eye New Desks Tiy DII.I.ON GIIAIIA M WASHINGTON t/H — It will soon be moving day on Cnpltu) Hill and (hose who have been there longest get first choice of vncnnl offices. About 10 senators nlrcady have bid for better quarters. Suites now available Include those of Ihe Inle Sen. McMahon (D-Conn), w!;o died In July, and Sen. McKcllnr (D- to Ihe choices. , . - Tcnn), beaten In ihc primary, and • ^..,,,, uiiiivt-u in ins primary, nnu taujue UKK western exposure Sen. Connally U3-Tcx), who didn't they're wanner In winter, bthc Nixon Flails 3 Democrats GOP Invades Large Enemy County for Talk Boston (/!>)—Sen. Richard M. Nixon, Republican vice presidential candidate. Invaded what is reputedly one of the largest Democratic wards in the country last night to Hull nwny nt three top-notch Democrats. Speaking In Boston's big Ward 1, Nixon's particular target,-; werc Democratic presidential candidate Adlal Stevenson, President Tru- mnn nnd Secretary of Slate Acheson. lie also took potshots at state- level Democrats, who hnvc never failed to carry the ward by wide margins in elections. He (old tha Itnlo-Amerlwm Voters League that the American peo- ile will be choosing "ultimate national suicide" if they retain advocates of the Trnman-Acheson pol- cy in the November election. Nixon asserted that if Stevenson 's elected "we can expect four more venrs of this same policy because llr. Stevenson received his education from Dean Acheson's wishy- washy Slate Department." He said thnt Dwlght Elsenhower, the Republican presidential candidate, lias "refused to accept the jremise that Achcson appeasement s the best policy we can get." 'ropressives Pet Backing from Reds NEW YOPK t/r>— Tile Communist wrty's Nati'iiml Committee has officially endorsed the Progressive party's candidates for president nnd vice president. In a week-end announcement, n Communist party spokesman said it would back Vincent ilnlllmnn, San Francisco lawyer, for president and Mrs. Charlotta Buss, New York Negro nnd former newspaper publisher, for vice president. The spotemnn said the party also would otler several candidates on Us own tickets In a number of states. Grandma Moses Is 92 EAGLE BRIDGE, N7 Y. (/p) — Grandma Moses was 92 yesterday. The spry little latiy whose primitive paintings have made her name ~~"' Jt : ~ »"*- "'" ^A^ii..»i S u imu a household word observed the and " le D'Agosttnos wanted dol- birthday quietly with her family. WSM Grand Ole Opry Show Thursday, September 11 NatlOlial 6 Bi 9 Days! Soybean Fun for All! Festival Portogeyille, Mo, — Sept. 8 thru 13 Tfiurs., Sept. 11 Direct from Nashville, Term. WSM Grand (He Opry Pr««ntf in Person GEORGE MORGAN and hit Candy Kids 2 p.m Adni. 5()c & 7Zc 8:30 p.m. Atlm. 75c & 51 Thurs., Sept. IT 6:30 p.m. Soudionst Missouri Grand Float Parade Friday, Sept. 12 S P. M. National Soybean Queen's Beauty Pageant 10 p.m. Queen's Ball •TACK STAI.CUP'S OUCHKSTUA ALL EVENTS UNDER TENT Sterling Crown Shows on the Midway all week run for re-election. Other nice loc'Jitions may be open after the Nov. 4 elections. Each senator gets al least n tlircc-room office. Then, as their seniority increases, tlicy try lor one or Ihe 30 four-room suites. Some of these have two lavatories. Per.snmil Ideysyjicrack's enter in- Some like western cxpo.snrcs; want to bo near tho elevators nnd (he subway car to the Capitol. Sonic want a view overlooking the Cnnilol; many like to lie close to their committee meeting rooms. The Senate Rnle.s Committee assigns quarters, which generally means that Chairman llaydcn ID- Ariz) does it. Hayden — who could have any pJacc he wonts — lins Ijccn at No. 131 on the uround floor for 20 years. McKellar had one of the best — facing woet, four rooms, two lava- lories, near the elevator. Oldest stay-putter is Sen. George (D-G.i). He tins been in No. 342 since January, 1931. McMahon had the only Senate office In iho Capitol building. It is near the Atomic Energy Committee, which he heuded. The majority and minority lenders also Imvc Capitol offices in addition to their space in the office building. Tho same seniority system riile.s on the house side. On Nov. 5 — day after election — re-elected members may file for new quarters, bidding for offices open because of defeats of colleagues. A month Inter — Dec. 5 — now members draw numbers to decide the order of their choice from those left. Moslems Marry In Los Angeles L03 ANGELES Wj-Two University of Southern California students who lived within a mile ot each other In their native Iran, but who met when they cnrne here to study were married yesterday. Mary Saghafi and Mortezn Ser dii, both n, of Tehran, were married in a Christian ceremony al- IhouRh they arc Moslems MONDAY, SEPTEMBfflP 8, 195J Rabbits that 'Wobble' Like 'Dachshund Dogs' Used by Science Rv CRAW f ARW jl^t, __i.j *LJ_. . . . By FRANK CAREY AP Science Xcponer ITHACA.' N. Y. (IP, _ Freak rabbits which can't hop but instead wobble like dachshund dogs are giving new aid in the study of certain human diseases and abnormalities. This was reported today at the opening of a three-day meeting of the American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) on the campus of Cornell University, one of the nation's centers ol biological research. "Instead of hopping like a normal rabbit, these rabbits have a shortness of upper limbs and a poor development of the hip and shoulder Joints which result in a peculiar undulating wavy type ot locomotion resembling that of the dachshund dog," the biologists were told by researchers P. B. Sawin and D. D. Crary of the Jackson Memorial Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Me. Explaining that the rabbits acquired their dachshund-like superstructures as a result of a "mutation" or change in certain heredity cells which normally make for run- of-the-meadow rabbits, the ecien- ia!d this: Because of their abnormality, the rabblta have been added to a menagerie of other animal "mutants" Atlantic Wind To Stay at Sea WASHINGTON wy-The Atlantic hurricane, although still dangerous to shipping, ceased to be a menace to the United States Coast today. werc clas siripd „« ••,,,,.„,,.!,><>" thtt A^L^UTS 'I! !"»™ r - £FSlc2* p.m. last night when the hurricane reached a position about 200 miles south of Cape Race, Newfoundland. At that time, the storm was moving between northeast and cast-north- ^ east at about 35 miles an hour. being studied at the Bar Harbor Laboratory in the quest for new understanding of such human abnormalities as epilepsy; locomotor ataxia, a nerve condition marked by disorders in gait; and deficiencies of the pituitary and thyroid glands. The researchers said the elongated rabbits of the no-hope tendency showed up as variants of a strain of New Zealand white rabbits domlcled in California. The unorthodox characteristics were classified as "recessive"— that , up In eveiy generation. The .strange mutation Is express- Visits Korea SEOUL, Korea Associate Jus- , — - tice William o. Douglas of the U. S. Supreme Court visited Allied air operations today and Inspected the speedy F36 jet fighters used against the Communist MIGs. i vs Hill/on,. for QUALITY ' and ECONOMY! V/CMtD'S URGES! SELLER AT td St.Joseph ASPIRIN ST.JOEEPJt *SPIRII Keep H handy. Easy to Blve. tablets are H adult dose. And children like the healthful orange flavor. ed In abnormal development c cartilage In various parts of the tx dy—and some bunnies even hr a deformed skull. The researchers said that In gei eral, the rabbits are being used i connection with hereditary studt of both normal and - abnora growth. "Hot Flashes" Stoppe, or strikingly relieved In 63-80%*of cases in d«ctors'teir * If you're miserable from the 4t ht' flashes," and accompanying irritabli restless feelings of "change of life"-! you may be suffering unnecessarily i *For..,m tests by c?oe(ors...Lyd"i '^ Pinkham's Compound and Table 'W brought relief fromsuchfunctionalK' I caused suffering to C3?o and 80% <re' • spectlvely) of the women testec : Complete or striking relief! Yes] Hesearch has proved these mec Iclnes thoroughly modern in action i has shown you where to look for reili 1 from those distressing, nervous «Q\i of sorts" feelings of mid-life "change" '• So...get Lydla B. Mnktiam'i Vegetabj Componmi—or new, improved Tablet' ' with added iron! (U'oiidcr/ul, too, for th functional pains of menstrual periods!! k *riu HIGH LIVING—This London apartment house appears to be standing on stills. Actually (he side view of the building shows two concrete walls which run the length of the unit, constructed through a British housing program. Tunisian Council Refuses 'Reform' TUNIS, Tunisia (/P) _ Tunisia's Council of Forty unanimously turned down last night Prance's proposed reforms of her troubled protectorate, They Bey (nominal ruler) had called the 40 leaders of Tunisian labor, Industry, religion and virtu-" ally all other pursuits to advise him what course should be taken concerning the reforms. The French propose to give the Tunisians a greater share of civil service jobs, a consultative assembly nnd more Internal autonomy. The Tunisians sny the reforms don't go far enough. France rules the protectorate under nn 1881 treaty. WHERE YOU FIND IT"-A Market Analysis will show you the way VVrll« . . . GEORGE S. AV,\YCo.>u>,vvY o . f . OU.WYU/V4- OTVAvyUAAVrtd Ctnl>ol Olv Uion tnjtnffrlaz SUg Chicago 6, III. Ellablilhld 19?S 95 Co«ip"e/e with ATTACHMENTS PLUS LONO SXTENSION CORD 2 YEAR WRITTEN GUARANTEE WRITE FOR FREE HOME ^ DEMONSTRATION NEXT WEEK vacuum ctnrcRs si:- 142* UNION AVf., MIMfHIS, TENN. Wlrhwrt obligation, I want • FREE Hom« Dernonitrallor fully B«ornnl«td REIUItT [LECTROIUX NEXT WftK NAME . . ADDRESS CITY __ 1 AD iro«r .D. AMrtu, — PHONt Ho._ JTATi i 5«Hl Spxifk I esu Of Machine - Picked Cotton Near Greenville, Miss., With CKERS LOOK WHAT'S BEING DONE NOW! .1$ The Four I.H. Cotton Pickers Pictured Above Picked 85 Bales, Week Aug. 25-30 IN UNDEFOLIATED COTTON! 1 GRADES HAVE BEEN RECEIVED ON 26 OF THESE .BALES — SUITS SHOWED ]ALES MIDDLING —Here's Still More Evidence— Another farmer who owns one col Ion picker has already picked 10 hales of colton in undefoliatcd fields this season. He has received the grades of 1<1 of these hales, which were graded SL5I plus. LOOK! Still another farmer started picking Aug. 18 and has picked 17 hales with (he mechanical picker in undefoliated fields — Results 17 Bales MIDDLING! DELTA IMPLEMENTS iv ~~ BLYTHEVILIE.ARK.

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