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Business and Professional Cards. Detroit Jlfiiis- Observing that you have no correspondent from this place, I will let you hear from us. Detroit and vicinity concur in the fact that The Democrat is a well designed and interesting paper. It is just what the people want, and no doubt many will be added to the already reasonable list of subscribers from this place. Married At the residence ofSam'U.

Henthorne, Jan. by J. A. Tilton, J. Mr.

Fred. Kilgore and Miss Annie Crnm, both of Dickinson county. In behalf of the many citizens we congrat Lap robes at cost at Worley At Wann's New Drug Store you will find -pure Medicines at eastern prices. Wnnw 1 i. vjjOlUltt iv.UUU ill COSwf Big bargains in winter goods, at Case's for 30 days.

Lamps of all kinds at G. A. Rockwell Closing out sale of winter goods at G. A. Rockwell Go's.

The Colored M. E. church people hold a festival' nt Lebokl Hall this evening. Ilazlett Heed have disolved partnership, Rijed retiring from the business. The "Kendle Kombination appear at the Bonebrake Opera House on Monday evening, February 2d.

It is reported that E. B. Link, formerly of Abilene, has struck it big at Leadville. The mine is said to be worth $100,000. The lumber trade of Abilene is again reviving.

Becent. concessions in freight have made it possible to successfully compete with Junction City. Sheriff Hoisington has published his proclamation, announcing that an election for township officers will be held on the first I1 air dealing, that is value for every cent bought at Goldsmith's. Rubber boots, the best in market, at Porter Smith's, for $3.25 and 3.50. The "Zulu," the best five cent cigar in market, at for sale at Wann's new Drug Store.

Highest prices paid for butter, eggs, tur- kies, chickens, lard, at G. A. Rockwell Co's. For Sale A well bred pointer bitch put, cheap for cash. Address Hahi P.

O. box 221. No hackneyed talk of "high freights" at Wann's New Drug Store. The most elegant line of glassware in the city, at Case's. Call on Babbitt Howard, the photographers, at their rooms over the post office, and examine their work before giving your orders.

First class work at low prices. Wright's Mary Stewart and Wild Olive-elegant and lasting perfumes, at Wann's new drug store. Buffalo robes at cost at Worley Spaug-ler's. Closing out in Holiday Goods at Upslww Son's. E.

E. II. B. Pinkhana Grocers will pay from 75 to 90 cents per dozen for live pigeon. Parke, Davis celebratted fluid ex-tracts and tinctures are sold in Abilene by II.

C. Wann, at the new Drug Store, fir3t door west of the First National Rmk. You will save from 25 to 33 per cent, by buying your goods at Case's. Closing out winter goods cheap. We have the only ffrst class stock of dry goods and groceries in this part of Kansas, and will sell goods as low as any one in the West.

G. A. Rockwell Co. The largest and most complete line of fluid extracts in Central Kansas at Wann's new Drug Store. For sale at Eastern prices.

Winter underwear cheaper than ever at Rothschild's. Ladies' misses' ami children's rubbers, at Porter Smith's, for30, 40, and 50 cents. Closing out some lines of goods.very cheap, at Case's. Every day people are surprised tut the low prices, and tlie quality of goods at Wann's New Drug Store. Burke Morgan, at their restaoarant, on the south side of the railroad, are prepared at all times to furnish oysters in every style.

A square meal for 25 cents. Give them a call. The reason Babbitt Ifrward have such a rusli at their photograph gallery is liecause that they do the best work done in Central Kansas. Rooms over the pot office. Bargains hi Fine Pictures-at Sewell's, as his Holiday stock arrived aiiter Christmas, and he does not know what to do wsth it.

A large line of Prang's Finist Panels and Flower Pieces, also some elegant Photograph Goods and Engravings. Highest market price paid ft tr country produce at Cafie's. Lumber at reduced prices, and plcniy of hard and soft coal, at Laney Warner's Office and yard south of Railroad track. 4t. Buy the farmers, lioot.

full stock the best in the State. Goldsmiths'' sola agents. Anything you want at AYorley Spane- ler's. For your latest styles and clieup uj'uTinerv goods, go Mrs. N.

A. Wells, corner of Cedar and Third streets. A large stock of fine overemtsi still on hand at the Abaline Trade Clothing Palace, where you ean buy a 25 coat for, as little money as yoa will have to pay other dealers for an iaferior one. Call awJ le con vinced. Those elegant and nobby hatsfiaie phunes.

and fancy millinery goods, at Mrs. N. A. Wells store, are not surpassed in this market. Call and examine for yotjrselvesy corner of Tlkird and Cedar streets.

Unapproachable bargains in white gocitls. at Case's. Meredith's New Book aaal Stationery Store is now open, next dewr to the First National Bank on First street. If you want anything in that line, or in the way of pictures, shades, fancy gwxH toys, novlties, fo and see liis large stock of new goods- at k)w prices. Remember that we are bmw closing out all our winter goods.far below their actual value.

J. 11. ASK. Fine felt hats, ostrich and fancy feathers. birds, ornaments, velvets, satins; Ac, cheaper than ever before at Mrs.

II. C. Junken has closed his soap factory. The concern failed to pay. Mr.

Hossington was inducted into the office of Sheriff Monday morning. Mrs. Col. Swaggart, of Newborn township, been quite sick for a week or more. Bart.

Simpson has commenced the construction of two houses on Fifth street, Ea End. Cooper Slough are about to bnild a twenty-foot addition to their barn on Broadway. The Itocky Mountain Silver Mining Co. will establish a bank at Decatur the coming spring. A movement is on foot to form a new county out of portions of Dickinson, Morris and Marion counties.

Dickinson county needs a new Court House. The present structure is anything but a credit to the county. Considerable local matter is crowded out this week, to make room for the report of the Commissioners' proceedings. A sneak thief, on Tuesday last, broke the copper bottom out of a boiler belonging to a party living near the soap factory, and carried away. Win, Welsh, the insane man, was sent to Osborne City last evening.

Welsh is a resident of Osborne county, and is sent there to be cared tor. Jno. Baxter, of township, has sold his farm on Turkey Creek to Fred Eicholtz. Mr. Baxter is going to move to Eastern Kansas.

The Meessrs. Goldsmith have purchased a beautiful safe from the Moslor Safe and Lock of Cinninnati. It is a very handsome piece of office furniture. Upslniw Son are about to build an addition to their store on Broadway. It will be 18x75 feet in size, and will be used as a furniture store-room, We congratulate our Lecture Association in securing such an Attraction as the in their lecture course, and feel assured our citizens will fully appeciate their efforts.

A protracted meeting is being hold at the Demming school house, in Buckeye township, by the Rev. Mr. King, of the M. E. Considerable interest is being manifested, and the attendance is quite large.

Prof. B. F. Griffeth, and one of Ohio'i fair daughters, passed through this city Sunday evening last, by the Denver Express for Ellsworth, where he is to engage in teaching music. From the complimentary notices paid Mr.

Griffeth by eastern "papers, we predict for him in the West a brilliant season. Mr. Gus. Sautell, son-in-law of our worthy freight agent, Mr. VanSant, who has been in dellicate health for some time past, left our city for Strawberry Plains, East Tennessee, on Monday last.

1 lie part ing with their many friends here was quite affecting, lie was accompanied by his wife. Mr. F. C. York, of Bavaria, Saline county, Kansas, who has been station agent and telegraph operator at that point for a number of years past, has been sent to Lindsburg to take charge of the company's interest there.

We congratulate the people of that thrifty, growing village upon the accession of so thorough a business young gentleman among them. We have received a communication from Newborn township which we are compelled to crowd out. It complains of the school teachers who have hitherto had charge of school No. 10, but speaks very highly of the present incumbent, Mr. G.

W. Swaggart. Our correspondent says that the school is now in better condition, and the scholars better satisfied, than at any time since the establishment of the district. The Gazette comes to us this week in a mammoth form, and presents a verv attractive appearance. It contains seventy-two columns, and is filled "chuck full" of interesting and valuable statistics, bearing upon theerrowth.

developement and business of Abilene and Dickinson county. The edition is illustrated with a large number of cuts, and will prove a very valuable advertisement of the resources and advantages of Dickinson county. We congratulate our neighbors upon the thorough and comprehensive man ner in which the gathering together anu compiling of the facts has lieen done. John Ludlow, who has been living on the farm of C. N.

Miller, seven miles south of town, skipped the country last week, and has departed for parts unknown, taking with him a colt lx-longing to Mr. Miller. Ludlow had lwught a horse from a Mr. Keller, on which the latter a mortgage. A brother of Mr.

Keller let him have another horse to work. He then came to town and tonight a wagon from Kerry to secure which he gave a mortgage on a crop of growing wheat, on Mr. Miller's farm, and on the horse lie had borrowed from Mr. Keller. This propperty lie also took with him.

His wife received a letter from him, dated at Salina, in which he told her that she need never expect to hear from him again. Steps have liecn taken to secure hisarrest.and it is probable that the stolen property will lie recovered. At the annual meeting of the stockholders' of the First National Bank, held at their office on the 13th the following named gentlemen were elected Directors for the en-Buingyear: J. E. Bonebrake, J.

G. North-craft, ('. Stevens, M. Nicolav, H. H.

Floyd, Thos. Kirbv. John Johntz. T. C.

Henry, J. II. Mahan, A. W. Rice, C.

B. Hoffman, J. B. Warfield, J. H.

Mulvanc, W. It. Dryer, and Benj. Mussor. The stockholders expressed themselves highly pleased with the success of the bank, and with its prospects for the future.

After the adjournment of the stockholders' meeting, the Board of Directors met and elected the following officers of the lmk for the current year John Johntz, President T. C. Henry, Vice-Prsident W. K. Dryer, Cashier; G.

W. Carpenter, Assistant Cashier S. II Itpnrv. Book-keeper. They also de clared a "dividend of five per cent, out of the earnings of tlie Bank for the past six months, payable on the first proximo.

Mr. al on STAMBAITUH HCK1), Altorneys at Law. 01-flce over Flint National Bank, Abilene, Kans. One member of our linn will be at the Allen House, Solomon city, on Tuesday ot each week, and at the Union House. EnteiDrise, on Monday of each ween.

i 'F. KEISER, M. Physician and Surgeon, Office over Northcraft's Ding Store. Residence Fifth street, east of Buckeye avenue. II OFFjMME PIICHCIS, ATTORNEYS AT LAAV, Abilene, Kansas.

Jlt. (JliO. A. I'HISF, Frederick, DENTIST, Pays particular attention to filling and arresting decay. All' the latest Improvements In Dentistry.

ArttUclnl teeth a specialty. Teeth extracted with but little If any pain. Office cor. Broadway and Second Sts. 1 F.

MEAD, Attorney at Law, Broadway, over Klrby'a Dank, ABILENE, KANSAS. Practices In all the courts of the State, tlons made a specialty. Collec-1 H. COX, Dentist, Office over Johntz Grocery Department, ABILENE, KANSAS. Special attention given to filling decayed teeth, Artificial teeth supplied at usual prices.

1 C'liAltK, Fancy Groceries, Stationery, Etc. Three doors east of Broadway on Third St. Abilene, Kansas. A choice stock of Candles, Fruits, Spices, Teas, Coffees, and general book agents. 1 jyeKILIill HOUSE, ENTERPRISE, KANSAS.

Number one accommodations in rooms and beds, and table supplied with the best the market affords 1 ARCH. McKILLIP, Proprietor. JABY HOUSE, A RABY, PiiOl'RlETOR. Good accommodations and rates reasonable. East of Buckeye avenue on Third street, 1 1 Abilene, Kansas.

0, K. HAHBEH SHOP, No. 2 Cedar Street, ABILENE, KANSAS. Shaving and Hair Cuttjng neatly and promptly executed at bed rock prices by 1 Z. T.

BUSH. HAS. K. KOUU, House, Sign and Scene Painter, ABILENE, KANSAS. All orders left at the drugstore of Northcraft promptly attended to.

1 QOTTAUE HOTEL, E. P. Pbopkietoh, Abilene, KniiNiiH. Best accommodations at reasonable rates. 1 ERCHANT'S hotel, E.

F. VANDERBURGH, Proprietor, Abilene, Kansas. Good accommodations at low rates. 1 IKS ANNIE IIOH Millinery ana Fancy uootis, SALINA, KANSAS. Santa Fe Avenue, one door south of Mrs.

Hedge-gan's. Having purchased my goods at low figures, will not be undersold. i -piUOTT SON'S Meat Market, East Third Street, north of K. P. Depot, Abilene, Kansas, ah unrts of choice Beef.

Pork, Mutton and Veal Steaks, sausage, Lara and Tallow constantly on hand. Call and see us. 1 J. BONNEI.L, Proprietor of Excelsior Bakery, ABILENE, KANSAS, Dealer In Tobacco, Cigars, Confectionery, etc The best of Bread, Cakes, Pies, Cheese, constantly on hand. -yyORLEY SPANJI-EH, Manufacturers of and Dealers in Saddles, Harness, Collars, Whips, ABILENE, KANSAS.

Repairing neatly and promptly done. 1 fVU RELIABLE MEAT MARKET, J. J. Miller Thompson, Proprietors, Corner Third and Cedar Streets, Abilene, Klin win. Rncmr Cured Hams, Fresh and Salt Meats, Cash paid torFatCaU UShwp, Hogs Hides and Pelts.

1 ptS. HANsBKOHai'M PLACE, Saloon and Kestaiirant, South Bide of Railroad, Abilene, Kansas. pure Wines snd Liquors and choice Alesnd Bwr always in Block. ftesh oysters served In every slle. pAKPKTER IIOI SK, 8.

CARPENTER. Proprietor. Kansas. Aioat, Tenns, Oue Dollar per Iht. Good brn aeeomuiobaUmw In connection wltn has it ulate friend Kilgore upon his success in securing unto himself so fine a young lady for his matrimonial partner through life, and the happy bride may well be proud of her choice.

Fred, will doubtless be as true to as iron and steel Which he shapes into many designs upon his anvil. 1 he heavy strokes and busy sound from the hammer and steady arm of our friend, wras early heard on the morning after the marriage. Fred, is industrous and bound to provide. We wish the happy pair 'prosperity. May their life be one of is the true basis from which happiness is derived.

The Detroit Sabbath School is prospering, under the careful guidance of the present superintendent. 1 he membership is increasing and attendance gradually growing larger. C. C. McKinney, one of the best teachers Dickinson, paid his friends in Detroit a visit on last Sunday.

Cal again. Charlie Lamb, of this place, agent for an Eastern Tea company, started East on last Tuesday morning. Now Mr. Editor, this is all we have to offer at this time, and if acceptable, will give you something else in our next. Rosewood.

A Card Reports have been circulated that I stated in a temperence lecture at Mt. Ayer School House that I had seen "Mr. Geo. Hoisington, Sheriff elect of Dickinson county, so drunk that he did not know which end he was standing upon." I made this statement from once seeing him, in Dec. 1878, on the sidewalk in Abilene when I thought he was under the influence of liquor.

I was not close enough to smell liquor, had no conversation with him, but I simply judged so from the manner in which he acted in walking, although be said nothing and did nothing unbecoming a gentleman. I now believe that was wrong in my statement and did Mr. Hoisington an injustice and take this means of publicly apologizing to Mr. Hoisington for my misstatements, which I then believed to be correct. I stated that while Coroner Mr.

Hoisington had put "saloon men upon his juries." Since then I have been informed that the Coroner has nothing to do with the selecting of jurors, but that they are selected by the officer to whom the jury warrant is issued. I am sorry that this injustice has been done Mr. Hoisington, and hope this statement will be satisfactory reparation. C. W.

Bagley. Abilene, Kansas, Jan. 3, 1880. I'lTNOIIIll. Samuel and John Cooper started for Missouri lust night.

J. M. Detrlek traveling correspondent ot the Kansas City Times, was in town Mr. Miller, the special agent of the Hartford Insurance Company, spent last Saturday In Abilene. Sam'l Northfraft, of Ellsworth Is visiting his brother, J.

J. Northfraft, in town. Fred BoLster returned home, on Sunday last, from an extended visit to Southeastern Kansas. Milton King, son of Dr. King, who has been spending a few weeks wit his parents, in Abilene, returned to his home in Ellsworth Tuesday.

J. E. Parker, representing J. K. Lee Bos ton, spent a few days In Abilene, looking after his eostomers, last week.

Doc McM asters and G. W. Williams started East last Saturday. Doc. will visit kls old home at Kocheater, and Mr.

Williams will spend some time at Syracuse. Their visit will be one of pleasure and business combined. Julius A. Howsky, who has charge of the store if Jake Kothehllds at Solotuon, has gone East, where he ill remain some weeks. F.

P. Looinls came down from Ellsworth, Tues day evening, and will remain here a week or more. I. A. Pressner, his kite partner, accompanied him.

Frank proposes to go out to Colraodo before long, and will try his muscle in the I'te county as soon as it is opened. Woman' TemiicruiMT i'lirintitui I'nlon. Tlie ladies of the city of Abilene met in the Lutheran Church on Tuesday, Dec. 10, 1879, for the purpose of organizing a Woman's Christian Temperance Union. The obiect of this Union is to create a universal moral sentiment against me saie anu use oi intoxicating liquors, and to impress upon the vouth of our day the crimiiwl guilt of selling i i Intoxicating lipuors as a bevrage and the fa un lamrer as wen as sin in utuimih; uh-ui.

'Wine is a mocker and sirong urinK is 1... raging wnosoever is iiecwveu uR-rcuy not wise." The followine officers were elected: Pres idents. Mrs. Rev. John Simpson ive-lres- ident.

Mrs. Rev. J. Kissell, Mrs. A.

Peters. Mrs. C. N. Miller.

Mrs. J. W. Hart, Mrs. J.

A. Nicholai. and Mrs. W. D.

Robb; Corresrjondinir Secretary. Mrs. Rev. W. II Snyder; Rectmling Secretary, Mrs.

Henry Harcer: Treasurer. Mrs. A. W. Rice.

A Vice-President from each church not here represented will be elected at the next meeting, which will be held in the Lutheran rhumb, on Thursday. Jan. 23, 1880, at 8.30 o'clock. The ladus are cordially invited to lie present. Mrs.

II. Hakoeb, Secy. Closing out hosiery, underwear, gloves, caps, very cheap at Cases. Physician's prescriptions a speciality, and I Ho a legitimate Ime business. Prices moderate at the New Drugstore.

II. C. Wans. In order to close up the business of the nl.l rlrni and reduce our winter stock, we will sell goods for the next thirty days at small advance on the cost price. Jiki Rothschild fc Buo.

the Tuesday in ebruary. The firm of Rohrer Keith has been dissolved. Mr. Keith continues the business the old stand, and Mr. Holier has purchased the stand of Ira Smith.

Messrs Babbitt Howard have placed a beautiful show case in front of their gallery, Broadway. It is filled with artistic speci-ments of photography. Elegant photos of Blaisdell's "Merry Makers" can be seen at Northcraft's on Tuesday, where reserved seats can be se cured without extra charge. The K. P.

Railway Co. offer $100 reward for the apprehension of the party or parties who placed obstructions upon the track, two miles east of Brookville, a short ime since. A mansard roof is to be put upon the Henry House, adding another story to the building. Messrs Robinson Bolster have the contract for the carpenter work and J. E.

Bonebrake for the tin work. Kenyon Robinson, son of Mr. Robinson, of the firm of Bolster Robinson, while playing with a revolver last week, shot himself through the hand. The wound is quiet painful, but will riot result in serious injury. A crowded house turned out to hear Theodore Tilton, Tuesday evening.

His lecture was well received. We have no space to make a synopsis of his remarks and can only add that the lecture was full up to his usual high standard. Quite a number of drought sufferers from Ness county camped just east of Smith's lumber yard on Sunday. There were six wagon loads of them, and we understand they were aliout town on that day soliciting aid. 1 hey were going eastward.

The following are the officers elected by Abilene Lodge, Knights of Pythias, for the ensuing term: H. C. Junken, P. W. C.

Davidson, C. G. Hawk, V. J. S.

Kelley, W. N.Hendricks, M. of W. L. Upshaw.M.

of M. O. Hemcnwav, K. ofR. Ogden, M.

at J. P. Quinn, J. Frank Smoltz, O. G.

We have received from Dr. L. P. Meredith, of this place, a copy of his little work entitled "Errors of Speech." It has received the encoiiiums of literary people by whom it has boon examined, and is especially useful to writers and teachers. The volume is handsomely printed and neatly bound.

The Christian Standard speaks of it as follows "We try to be careful in the matter of pronunciation, and flatter ourselves on our general correctness; but we had not gone over two pages of the Doctor's list until rap came the ferule, and we had to go to the foot of the class." A very difficult and successful operation was performed upon the person of Mrs. Wm. Bates, of Grant township, on Tuesday last. It consisted in the removal of a double ovarian tumor that weighed about fifty pounds. Owing to the peculiar nature of its growtli and its tenacious adhesion to the parts, the operation was rendered exceedingly formidable, and occupied nearly four hours, all of which time the subject was under the influence of ether.

The patient is now doing far better than could have lieen expected, and all the indications are favorable to her ultimate restoration to health. The operation was performed by Dr. W. N. King, of this place, assisted by Drs.

Anbright, Hodare, Hamilton, McMaiian, Meredith, and Mr. W. Jl. Birchmore, and will rank as one of the most successful and difficult operations ever performed in this country. "Blaisdell's Merry Makers," Swiss Bell Ringers and Costume Concert Company have been engaged by the Abilene Lecture Association to give an Entertainment at Leliold Hall, on Tuesday eveningof next week.

We are assured from press notices and exchanges that the company is an exceptionally fine one, composed of artists of national reputation, under the management of B. Blaisdell, who for wenty years was business managers of the old original Peak Family Swiss Bell Rimrors. From our personal acquaintance with Mr. Blaisdell, we are satisfied he would not have an inferior artist in his employ, while his long experience in catering to the public leads us to believe he will give us an entertainment that will he creditable to mm self and pteasing to our citizens. Reserved seats can be secured at Northcraft's without extra charge.

The case bf the State of Kansas vs. Henry C. Bovland and Reese McCurdv will come up for trial at the March term of the Dis trict Court. The crime charged against these men is one of a peculiarly atrocious character, and it is to be regretted that the provisions of the law are too lenient to secure the punishment of at least one of the brutes as he deserves. Mrs.

Emma Boyland, wife of one the defendants, is the prosecuting witness in the case, and her testimony, aseiven at the preliminary examina tion, shows that her husband not only sought to compel her to submit peaceably li th nnllntion of her person bv McCurdv. but failing in that, that he held her down while McCurdy attempted to commit a rape unon her. If this testimony be true ana there is no reason to doubt it for the brute who had married this woman, and pleged himself to care for and protect punish ment would I too severe. He is a mon ster. whose nature is so depraved that he rhould not be permitted to live in a civilized tnun unity.

her in I in Opera House lilock. Wright has remodeled his store by put-ting in a new front and a new stock of gottds, and is now prepared to furnish groceries as cheap as the cheapest hftusv in the cojtnty. He also keeps a full line of cooking and heating stoves, and his line of tinware can not be surpassed in the county. Call at hi store in Enterprise. Now is the time to get good ami genuine, bargains in winter goods, at Case's.

Berry are selling more goods than any one house in Central Kansas good reason why, they buy their goods in large quantities from ffrst hands. In Chicago, New York and Boston, which enables them to sell at such uniformly low prices. "All parties in-wan of good, reliable, cheap good, will find it to their interest to give them a call before buying elsewhere. bouse..

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