The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1949 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, December 6, 1949
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XLV—NO. 218 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS Aun H ™,.,..,,,.«™ _. Blylhevilte Dully News Hlytheville Courier Blylhevlllc llcrnlcl Mississippi Valley Lender THEDOMMAKT NEWSPAPER OP NOTCTIIKAgr ARKANSAS AND B QUTH E ASTM,ss orjRt ULYTHEVILLE, AUKANSAS, TUESDAY. DECEMBER G, above »b«e OOSNK "' SC —Courier News Plinlo esenlative E. C. (Took) Giithiiigs (center) is pictured r ^ . . an.s (mitcr) L , 1)lcturcd members of the Gosnell School Board and school officials when he visited the Gosnell High School tbi -morning. Ml , Gainings spoke to students there on historic landmarks ,„ washin B ton and the activities "' a « Ih f r T "' C Ca "' " C W8S alM SC "" 1l " Ctl '° S1)Mk a ' DC " a " (i WC ' St Rid « e sc "°o* l"«"W. Pictured Mr G hi r T (f T U1C ICU> >)0: "'" '" CmMrS a R ' lX>dbCttCr ' R ° SS CaWwc " ""> R- L- Maxwell Mr. Gainings, Board Member C. A. Moody, Principal J. E. Harris und Superintendent P v lucius . German Press Says Al!ies Seeking to Revive Militarism r.'l? A Ml^ulf tr>"T* r^ _ . I FRANKFORT, Germany, Dec, 6-wv—The West German press accused the Western powers today of trying lo revive German militarism with n "cannon fodder" army. The newspapers claimed the West wants an army of German ^{mercenaries" as a bulwark a- <S!(ainst the Russians. But nobody h a s asked t h e Germans whether they want an army, the newspapers said, contending that the German people are overwhelmingly opposed to German rearmament. Although Wester allied officials have announced publicly there are no present plans for rebuilding a German army, persistent reports have circulated that Western military leaders favor such a step. Yesterday, a sixikesman for West German Chancellor (Pre- mier) Konrad Adenauer said the Bonn government would agree mirier certain circumstances to form an army. But the spokesman declared the West German Republic was not taking the initiative in proposing siicfi a military move. The spokesman said Adenauer was "fundamentally" against German rearmament because she needs her whole power for civilian reconstruction. He added that if the Western Allies insisted, however. We.slern Germany would be willing to |. Blse all( | n,.,^. equipped by the United Stales to serve as part of a European army under a combined European command. Commenting on recent German press reactions, the U.S High Commission's press branch reported: " Thc German press comes to the sad conclusion that while Prussian militarism has died world militarism Is growing and nourishing. . . . 'The newspapers display sharp displeasure over what tliev call the nonchalance wilh which the western world takes into its calculations the use of young German manhood." said the press report. "Such a -cannon fodder' army is rejected as out of the question." The Dciitscllc Keitmig of Stuttgart said: "All suggestions to include West Germany in th c . Atlantic F'act were not made by a clique of German militarists but by foreign politicians ami professional soldiers. We do not aim at remilitarization or recruiting of a West German army of mercenaries which, in case of war, would have to sacrifice itself." Wilson Trustee Of Complamts J. .H. Wilson Crain. trustee fur Lee Company, said today Acting President of China Arrives in U.S., Seeking Only 'Medical Aid' • '''' . -. . -(,',- Tsmig-Jeii, nctiug president of fro -•• iiii'.cijo HJl.av l British Hong Kong on His way to New York. ^hat he information con'- j eari^hmLT flneerra ' cter »> U« »5rning the complaints voiced by lu, Lie n, ° rC <iaw "' he si>itl 89 Mexican farm workers, who [o obhiin P ' !p ^ EC ,' or ^ trip was yesterday .were in McAllen Tex., ! L°aeh ' 7V" 1 f " r " sever en route back to Mexico ate ! I "^ ^ nenl : He has been in having worked in cotton fields in South Mississippi county durins the fall. - ' In McAlleri, Tex .btnrday, the Mexican consul, I • .1 Yzaguirre disclosed that he . d forwarded to the Mexican Foreign office in Mexico Cily complaints which had been marie to him by the farm workers while in Arkansas. The Mexican consul said that the farm hands had been working for Lee Wilson & Co., near Hong Kony hospital.' Tiierc had been speculation in some quarters his trip wu-, to try to raise American aid to fight the Communists in china. The u S State Department approved his visit and granted him a diplomatic' | visa as chief of state. U. Jen Wang-Chih, Us military aide, said the acting president could mase no comment on political or military events in China of the past ., Wilson and complained they had not received subsistence pay for 20 days when they could not.'work and that on the trip back to Mexico (hey were not given food, and not allowed to make rest stops in conformity with their contracts. The workers also said they should have been taken to Rnmos Arizpe in Coahnila State, Mexico, rather than to Hidalgo on the Mexican border. All Joiner Firemen «5eat Off Threat Of Fire Disaster JOINER. Dec. 6.—Fire, believed caused from faulty electric wiring, ftrsl roved a tenant house occupied by two Negro families here Sunday and only quick work by Joiner's volunteer lire department saved this town from a second destructive fire in as many years. A year ago several business houses of Joiner were destroyer! by fire which is believed to have started in a similar manner. Ihe luiii.-e. occupied by Ihe Nrijro families, was located on Main Street and WTS adjoined by livo cafes. Thr cafes and several other business firms in thc block were saved by the firemen. I Jim McDonald is chief of the! Joiner Fire Department mid Bill' Ford is assistant chirr High School where few days because he was not abreast ot developments. Wang said Li was too lircd and ill for a news conference. Wang was shown an Associated Press story quoting Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek in Chengtii, China as saying Li had ben expected to return to China from Hong Kon^ to help cope with the Ccminunist'sit- uation but had left the country instead. Alter reading it Wain; said: "Dr. LI lert the country as the actins president of China and he is still acting president of China." Street Named Truman PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti, Dec 6 uri-lhe government of Haiti today Dec designated the main street of the! Mar b.c,n eiinial exposition grounds I M«J hero Avenue Harry S. Truman.". July '."'.]', Are Needed Sponsors of Party . The joint committee or Jaycces and Kinnntans, co-sponsors or the annual underprivileged children's Christmas Party, today issued another appeal for toys (o be used at the party for gifts. The appeal came from Charles Moore, co-chairman of the Jaycce committee, who asked that parents again cheek their children's stock of playthings for anything tha- might bn useo :is a drepnvn-.gLd child. Broken toys as well as good ones are being accepted. Mr. Moore salil 21 Floats Entered For Blytheville r s Yuletide Parade Competition is Keen In C. of C. Sponsored Event for Friday Twenty-one floats, children with pets, the Blytheville High School "ami, Christmas carols, and streets lisntcd with strands of multl colored lights, entwined wilh Chrislnms erecncry, are in readiness for the first annual Christmas parade to be sponsored by ulytheville merchants Friday night. Of thc 21 floals, 20 have been entered in competition for a s;s first prize, or a part of about $200 Prize money for the outstanding rioals. The other float, lo be prodded by the Chamber or Commerce will carry the season's royalty Santa Claus. Seven addition entries for the float compctilion were announced after noon yesterday. The Blytheville Ministerial Alliance, thc chick- asawba District Chapter of the American Red Cross and its Junior Red Cross chapter, thc Home Demonstration clubs. Ulytheville Klwan- is Club, Dud cason Post of the American legion. Company "M" O f the Arkansas Naltonal Guard and the Alpha Delia Chapter of Beta fcigma Phi have added entries In the event. Negroes Havc Four Entries Four Negro entries have been received, and they are eligible for prizes In either the open division or m the special Negro Division, whichever amount is greater. SIXTEEN PAGES . One Negro school indicated that the school's kiddie band would accompany the float in the parade Decorations were being seen throughout lilytheville today. Christinas trees were appearing occasionally in the homes, and the Cily Hall was robed in strands or lights early tills morning. The Garden club, sponsors of the Home Lighting Contest, said today that thc resident of Paul Pryor ir'D Chickasatt-ba, was the rirst entry in that contest. A complete list of entries should be available after thc Saturday (leadline for entries. Judging on that phase of the o e Christmas program is not scheduled until December 19 to 23. Ware/ Leaves Mu f -:den for WASHINGTON, Dec. 6. Angus Ward reported today that he ana" his American consulate staff have arranged to leave Mukden a with Ward by the Communists nr expected to board a train for" Ihe 100 mile trip to the North China port of Tientsin. Wards latest report was telephoned to U.S. Consul-General o Ed- t , nuind Clubb in Peipini; and relayed ,. lo the Slatq Department. Tile group of American officials and their families were under Communist orders to quit the Manchn- SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS £a/7 Head Intercedes In Coa/ Contract Talks NEW YORK, Dec. 0. W-Kobert It. you,,,,, head of ll,e Chesapeake and Ohio railroad, today ciHcrcd Die soft coal dlsmjlc In the role of •in Intermediary. .-, Young, n C A O spokesman said, at Ins Lexington Avenue offices wilh two leading operators' rcpreseii-ii lives and then left for a reported meeting elsewhere with United Mine Worker officials. The railroad spokesman said lu> did not know where the expected conference would Uikc place. Present at Young's office were George Love, president of Pittsburgh Consolidate Coal Company of Pittsburgh, and Joseph p. Routh chairman of the board of [he Pittston Company of New York, u holding company. Whether John L. Lewis, the UMW chieftain, would join Hie conferees later was a question murk the spokesman snld. He added: "We're hopeful something may come out of It. but frankly we don't know " He described Young's Interest in Betting the disputants to sit down and talk over their problems as stemming f, 0 m the railroad's position as the nation's "largest coal originating line." The spokesman explained that 10 per cent of the C & O business related to eon I and that It serves directly more coal mines than any other railroad in the United States. "We're anxious to get the railroad back working," he explained. In Washington, President Joseph E Moody of the Southern Coal Producers Association, told reporters that the New York meeting ot Young and some operators was ar- ra.iRttl with Hie full knowledge of other operators and did not Indicate any split, in their ranks. He said one of the lamest oner- atois in the Soutli, J. n. i^ailcls of (lie Island Creek Coal Company was represented in the New York talks. November Job Picture Called Brightest of '49 By Charles Molony looking up In November-even before thc^ri'that'"the Christmas' vile, season usually elves to employment. New figures from Ihe Census* " -.v,... Li,(; k_JClJ.^Ui tiurcau were welcomed by Sccrelary of Commerce Sawyer as showing that "the job picture in November was perhaps more favorable than at any previous lime IhLs year." Tlie figures, released by Sawyer laic yesterday, showed In brief: 00,554,000 Americans, counting 1,430,000 In the armed forces, had jobs good for one hour a week or more in November, even If some of them weren't actually working because or illness, strikes, vocations etc. The 59,518,000 civilian jobs In November reprcscnlcd a gain of 017,000 over October, allhough the total was 375.000 below November. 194B. when the boom was at its peak. Furthermore, non-farm employment, up 350.000 In November to a 81,540.000 total, was "back to Ihe' 1349 high recorded In the late summer months," the Census Bureau said. It added that November "recovered the losses" caused by the October steel and coal strikes. Unemployment dropped 107.000 in November to a total of 3,400000 _ although it was fairly near double of boomtime Seasonal Workers Boost Figures The reason that the expanding swelled the figures for joblessness. The farm ptlciire gave an unusual boost to Ihe November employment total by showing a 10B.OOO climb in November, usually n i farm work is dcclin- toys are takcii io the Trades I ri:1 " car>ital lj y 1 P-m. EST tonight I and Industries Shop at Blvthcvlllt i <8 B '"' Wwlnc sclay Mukden time) I Hipi, K.,h« n „ ,,____• . , All havc been virtual prisoners for they 'are In- n- spected antl repaired, if repairs are morc " lan a - VMr - w " rd " n<i r °ur needed. of j? ls .l'* 5 wcrc recently Jailed for Mr. Moore stated that parents having toys to donate to the party arr asked lo call Jimmie Edwards [•iii-inture Company and a truck will be dispatched to pick up the toys. The party will be held a few days before Christmas at the Jaycce Clubhouse on North Second Street. £'?, h Low Clttsc ' ™ 232 Sfofe Hospital Projects Will Total $10,500,000 LITTLE ROCK. Dec. 6. m — \ Arkansas soon will have S10.500.OflO worth of new hospital construction 1 ' under wav. I e oho to cost "v "''- 1 """™ Ule C °' llraCt S -December S, 1875. „"" """ "^asion for Miss Georgia Ann Bryant and Fdward -•regor of Milan, Teun. it was their wedding day 1 lirTatTb ,T" C MW " 1C CUrlnin f!UI on lhci ' r ™» »™ of 1 l"e. at their home at 828 Clark Street In BlythevHIe. *" at'theiV C r?onTvcs?e e rdav "'"^ '" Blylllcvillc ' half-century; »y ot their 62-member fam- SiW r dry . Bootk an<1 grocery delayed In October by heavy rains. On the general scene, not every Jobholder who wanted to work full- time— 35 hours or more weekly, as thc bureau reckons It—was able lo get on Ihe payroll for that long. The bureau estimated that 1,000.„ , . , - - - -~,*,...>iu.i 000 persons with patr-thne loixs order only last Friday and since has! would havc preferred and "cold linn f^l Hlcii^L-n nr «:«_> .... . . ... ""*< w«u,\. nave accepted" full-time employ- a month. Wart! was handed thc expulsion -der only last Friday and since has had to dispose of final chores under difficulties, including paying off his Chinese staff. From Tientsin the U.S. Merchant Ship Lakeland Victory LS expcclcd to take out the entire consulate group. Yuletide Gets Early Star! Posfmustcr Expects Volume fo Bo Heavier Than for 1948 Record Pastmaslcr Ross S. .Stevens opened the Yulclide season )„ iMylhevlllc officially today, and Issued his minim! appeal for early mailing o Christmas erecting cards and cift '' aRK " 8e :lll(i took olr - I' packages. landing at Great Pulls, he Mr. Stevens predicted lhat thl< season's volume, of out-gain would exceed by a co ulcer"! 'nf pieces of caliy. Christmas packages . were cancelled lo- piclure. for distant .,~ ...i.nCd by Tlmrq- lay. and all Yuletide parcel post should be on Its way by Decembe IS. Mr. Stevens said. rn regard to Christmas cards h , suggested thai they be mailed by December is, if gO |,, B „„(. Ol . u - h ,,,,: sas. and those for local delivery sliould be mailed at least a week before Christmns. Extra Clerks Trained Mr. Stevens said that prcpar itlani o handle the Christmas rush had begun with extra clerks i ;1 ,l car- ners being gained, r,, well as sort- iour »•»"'«» 3 ° when the bank.s fahert; i Rnd o -pe, (;i who say Federal Agents Crack Alien Smuggling King WASHINGTON, Dec. 6-MV-The Justice Department reported today it has cracked a Havana-Miami alien-smuggling operation and is rounding up 26 aliens slipped into Ibis country since September. Attorney General McGrath announced Ihe arrest of Iwo Grand Rapids, Mich., men in Miami. They are accused or flying the aliens into this country. i'hc accused men are Gaylord haxton and Charles cramton, both In addition, McGrath said, three or Ihe aliens have been picked un In New York City. He added lhat the Justice Depanment hopes to havc the others in custody shortly. New York Stocks 1:30 p.m. Quotations: Amer Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler .... Coca Cola '." (ien Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N V Central Int Harvesler National Distillers Republic Steel • C ' hf! All are federal, aid projects and the rour,!/ 06 , he gl " s showered r^nce'ablt^tr 1 '""«* ^"A^X?™ ""* ' ' ' ' I ' Mr - and Mrs. McGregor have great early marriages don't wnrk; and ir 7oth At 90 and 03 years olr!. a garden and a few chickens keep the couple's spare lime occupied. , Vacuum Studebaker Standard or N J Texas Corp J C Penney ..,. U s steel Southern Pacific .. 148 1-8 .. 74 1-4 .. 28 I -8 .. 31 1-8 .. 61 .. 161 .. 40 1-2 .. 60 1-8 .. 54 3-8 .. 10 .1-4 .. . 27 7-8 . . 223-8 .. 23 1-4 .. 123-4 .. 16 1-2 . 24 1-4 .. 54 1-8 .. 25 1-2 •• 43 1-8 .. 49 ment In November. Also, it said, about 1.500.000 persons with full-time Jobs «.-re forced on part time because of "slack work, material shortages, Job turnover and similar factors." Thc bureau's figures, always gathered In the early parts or each month, were taken by a sampling process the week of November 6-12. New York Cotton Dec. Mar. May July Oct. Open High L-iw 1:30 3020 3031 30215 3029 3020 3020 302fi 3026 MI9 3020 3013 .... 2373 5074 2501 2826 2826 2811 3015 2065 2811 ing tables being a'diicd He suggested that lo keep mail O r schedule the following rc K "la O n should govern mailing: <O Samps be purchased nl of need lo avoid last-minute crowns Unsealed cards this year n-miirc two' cent stamps rather than oil" -uul ""'-halt cents, which was the nip - year. ' ' <2> Revise Christmas ca.-d lists this week, and purchase card-. r-.rlv Russians Obtained Planeload of Secret Radar, Off icer Says N1CW YORK, Doc. 6. (AP)—Former Air Force Major L.COI-KC lineoy Jordan told today of ripping secret radar equipment out of four planes bound for Russia in the war IJIIL said a tilth with the same material reached the Soviet Union. Jordan told a news conference he snatched the equip- merit iroin four planes at the Great Falls, Mont., Air Hase l.ul another plane made it to Russia from Washington without stopping at Great Falls and balked him, he added. Hie former Air Force officer!-— lend-leasc supplies to Russia at Ihe Great Falls base in a war. lie lold Ihe news conference he found the Radar equipment, which lie never had .seen before, in a C-17 transport destined for the Russian:!. .Ionian said he telephoned his superior officer, u colnel Gitrillger, at Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio, and asked him about Ihe equipment. "Good God," Jordan quolcd alt- finger us replying. "Don't tell me Ihcy got radar equipment. Hip It out." The former oflicer snid ho compiled. Three other planes arrived en route to Russia with the same equipment, he said, adding In cauh case "f ripped out the radar." I'fflli I'liinc I:si"i]irs "General Arnold .Gen. If. H Arnold, then chief ol the Army Air rorcc) would Just as soon have given away his right arm us lhat radar," Jordan declared. However, a fifth plane look off from Washington with Maj. Gen. A. |. Vclyaev. chief of tile Russian I'mchasing Mission, aboard, Jordan said. "He got Into the plane." Ihe former officer said, "and I heard later that he dumped out in the Brass nt Ihe end ol Ihe runway all other imncccsary equipment and 1 ' took off. Instead of ..„ ... -.-JBt Pulls, he went on lo Russia and lhat's how I mlsscc him." ' Jordan said Ihe Soviet wou excee by -, co, s l.r) i „ , Kin Hint nf !.?«(, 7 bl " """'•' . clc ' 1!1 - rtllro fom '.Vii3lilti«lon wnsu, ,,' " !, of "'> t > c " r - when 500.000 ported In newsimner «tnH»« .,,.1 Jordan .snld ho had been asked by thc House Committee on UiiAmcrl- :- can Activities, before which he appeared yesterday, not to divulge the names of the mysterious "Mr. X' and "Mr. Y" mentioned In conc nectiun with the alleged shipment." of atomic materials. "I'm going to stand by that request," (he former officer said. "Mr. X" and "Mr. y" arc two official.'! of the Roosevelt admlnlslra- l f on alleged lo be connection with thc case. C'oimnlllcc dels Names Jordan said he had given Ihe records containing the names to Chairman John Wood (D-Ga) of the House committee. Wood told him, hr: salu. "they would Investl- Hate Mils mailer and would release .mean the names when ready." cord for mailing packages, rjmll has been set at 70 pounds, and must not measure more than ICIO Inches in length ami Blr , tl combined. Address should be repealed inside the r.ack- age In case or damage I,, transit In his broadcast remarks am Congressional testimony, Jordar mentioned Ihe laic Harry L Hop. kins, an ahle to President Roosevelt, as an expediter of thc alomic shlrimeiils to Russia. Close associates of Hopkins said I-'ullon Lewis, Jr., thc radio commentator who -interviewed .Ionian on the air last Friday, said yesterday lhat former Vice-President I'cnry A. Wallace also helped l< get shipments of atomic material: Missco Public Health Worker To Be Honored in Little Rock N, O. Cotton Dec. Mar. May July Oct. Open Hieli Low 1:30 .... 302.5 3028 3(»21 3026 3026 3020 302.1 30'« 3016 3016 3000 3010 2957 2%8 2355 2358 2817 1817 2805 2855 Weather .Arkansas fnrecasl: Increasing cloudiness and warmer this afternoon. Showers and turning colder tonight. Wednesday, clearing and colder. Missouri fnrccasl: Pair few light scattered showers east and south this afternoon ar.d southeast tonight. Clearing tonight. Increasing cloudiness and colder Wednesday. Low tonight, middle 30's. High Wednesday. <5-50. Minimum this morning—31. Maximum yesterday—GO. Sunset today—1.49. Sunrise tomorrow—6:54. Preclpilatlon 24 hours lo 7 a.m today—none. Mean temperature (midway between high and low)—45,5. Normal mean December—41.9. Mrs. Annabel Fill. North ftirs's- slppl County Health nurse who has been In public health work for 19 years will be one or the Ifi public, health nurses of Arkansas honored at a commemoration brrnkfa-il nt the Sam Peck Hotel In Little Rock Saturday moinimr. The breakrasl will be n part of a Ihrce-day annual meetliv •,! the Arkansas Public Health Awwhiion' Health Uii.ts at o.weola ami Blylhevltle will be , [r ls cd O n Ttmn- day. Fildny. nml Saturday In r,, ( j ( . r that thc personnel can attend ihr meeting. Mrs. Fill has spent 17 of lur 10 years of public health nurslnp in Mls.sis.sipp! County. The annual mrctln? will open at » a.m. Thursday, with registration. at the Robinson Memorial Auditorium, and Ihe welcome will be given to thc group by Ram M Was- scll. mayor of Lltlle Rock, then a program session will be conducted by Dr. E. J. Easlcy, prosli'-nl o( the Arkansas Public Health As-r,riatlnn" Speakers lo ditrlm- the three-day session will include Waldo Frazlcr. executive scrrelarv of Ihe Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation Herman Mnlsey, director of louchcd off a new Investigation of secret material allegedly obtained by Ihe Soviets In a broadcast last l.'riday. He charged Ihal the Soviet., ob- >... vu ^ „, ("hied uranium products in the ments of smicases by IM, s hn war and repeated the accusation crews in lend-lease plane-, a linos before n Conyre.sloual committee "" - — •-- - • • ''""ost yesterday. Uranium Ls iLscd In making atomic bombs. Jordan was expediting officer foi lo (he Soviet Union. Wallace Jlally denied [his. Jordan said at the news confer- -uce he began to question the shln- '""'- -' suitcases by Russian nd-lease planes almo- ,. 11)su ° n "^. hc wcrlt l« Cireat Falls "They seemed to be taking a :real deal of malcrlal through and began to press Washington," | lc , 'In my diary 'nil. 8. 1944. Ihr ! dale of J mius Jones. He's the one who denied he over heard of me. He sent me to Lt, Col. Robert H. Dohm C,°"t J Falls 25 ;,,!°'"' D " h " 1 C ''"" e ' to ^"/^^""^"'^" Housing Conf rad State Tribunal Asked To Force New Bidding Or. Blytheville Project UTTLE ROCK, Dec. 6-My-Two ArkHr, R " C l " n " 5 l °"" y nskc " 'he H, n Tfi & "!; rcmi! Court to forco the niythevllle Housing Authority o take separate bids for coustruc- overall bos, <" S "" »-. Act 159 requires that whifrr.. V.l|. mated cctll Is more than $lo~ooo separate w,is be .asked for coT structon, plumbing, , lra u, 1B „£, The Iwo firms appealed from Mississippi counly Chancery Court "smiKsal of their pctitlnn for an older requiring Ihe authority lo rcadvcrtlse the bids. Conlract Totals $1«0,'«0 Chancellor C. ,vf. Buck of Blytheville dismissed the firms' petition for a lemporary Injunction on the night. ot Nov. 29. the same date on wh ch a general contract for the project was awarded lo the Fra/er Construction Co. of Fort Smith. ' The contract was awarded on S1C0200 and included installation of equipment. hcatin K p], m ,|,| m - OIU , electrical work as well as construction of the 40 dwelling imlls and an administration building. , This court action, which is tantamount lo an initial l( . st o( tiln egality of Acl 159. may delay si"n- ing or ttic contract beyond 'the period required for submission of details lo, and approval [>v tho Public Housing Adminfslrat Ion's regional ollice in For I Worth. lex a 3. Officials of the Rlylhcvillr- Housing Authorily said al the time bids were opened that their inlci |>,et i- tion of ACI ir,n th;,t it up-lied only to such public roa-tnicliiin city halls, court lioirei and ii'rn- Har buildings but not to hoi^im' projects. CAB Sfudies Air oiifes Asked by Arkartsos Airline V \V INC, 10" De.. fi i API _ Ilir ( ,' Arron uilir.i Ro.,r[i -..d.iy U ml' All t >iu l i:iny to" operate an airline ."-ervico in .-ix .s!,r.': : - Tlic !v:lith Crnlral Air Tr. •• • •-' In i 1 > 1 1 < n I f 'In CAM for M itiu- in .Mrs. Annalicll Kill «»cror h ° ° WC ° ta! ^^ E ' °- cation at Arkansas State Teacbets AmbrOdC ' cli "« n»r.«6 at -lythcvlllc; Collefjc at Conway; A. E. Johnson. Wrs - Ma ?Sie Barblcrs of Osccola chief engineer of (he Arkansas "'»' Mrs. Norman Hunch of Blythe- «lfl e HiKhway Department: and ville. clerks; W O Stinnett dlr^t ' Arkansas or of Malaria ' ng st Cannon of Osceola. veneral dis' *."'B .iv.iii-.i, or.unon o, , cJ ?' C l n,1 Uc ," <! , from M(ssi «'P!'l invcsligalor; Dr. J County will inciiufc: Mrs . Fin> Mrs clin | cliin ^ C(JuntyJ - . 1 ' ' ' (••'id :owiv m tin- urea ll0 " b inj 'orm of schruiited u tiin vir itinn Under teims ol :Ls petition. South Central Air Trunsport would ojiei jte fcetlcr routes, not p-arallelins any csls'.im; ai:!;nc.s. but would i;c eo- ordinatfd with than' of major .i;r- llnc.s. This would provide direct .J.T- vlce for many town., and be'icr service lor others, the jietilion laid. The applic.ilion .-aid liie company cnn finance the projxxscci operations and has a^ailable necc>-.-ary em- ployes and shops. Uivtlirvillp On Uonle Ono or the four routc.s souaht by SCAT includes Illythcville as a stop. over. It is thc route from OSInhcma City to Memphis, wilh stops at Ofemulstce, Muskogec and Tahleqimh In Oklfilioma and Fayetteville, Harrison, Batesville. Jone-iboro and Blytheville in Arkansas.

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